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Dell’s View on iSCSI


There is a buzz in the storage industry about iSCSI (Internet Small Computer Systems Interface), which is the protocol that transports SCSI commands and data over an Ethernet/IP network. As a result, we’ve had some requests for practical guidance on planning or deploying an IP SAN using our Dell/EMC CX3 UltraScale storage systems.

In response, we recently posted this paper that discusses the factors that must be considered with regard to host and network configuration, as well as the choices that can be made with storage system replication and performance.

In this video, Travis Vigil, who leads our iSCSI product strategy, debunks some of the myths we’ve heard in the industry about iSCSI.

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For those of you interested in even more background, I also interviewed Travis in this podcast where he sheds more light on iSCSI and its advantages.

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