Dell to Offer Ubuntu 7.04


In February when Dell launched IdeaStorm as forum for customers to contribute ideas for product offerings, we received overwhelming feedback that customers wanted Linux on desktops and notebooks.

As part of an overall effort to update our Linux program, today we are announcing a partnership with Canonical to offer Ubuntu on select consumer desktop and notebook products.

Update: These systems will be available in the coming weeks to customers in the United States. Update #2: 5-15: This blog post was erroneously unpublished last night. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

This represents another step in the overall enhancement of our Linux program:

We recently launched a Linux community board as another way to help our customers to get help they need to augment things we’ve been doing like supporting Linux mailing lists.

You can also find the IdeaStrom update in Ideas in Action section.

In this video, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth talks about why he started Ubuntu, Linux adoption rate trends, how previous barriers to Linux adoption for mainstream users are improving, and more.

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659 thoughts on “Dell to Offer Ubuntu 7.04

  1. Great! Simply graet!

    I hope to use in future only free (as in freedom) drivers.

    Give me a full-linux-compatible notebook DELL 😀

     (Thanks a lot Canonical)


  2. Congratulations!  I’m very impressed by how fast Dell has moved on this issue.  I was hoping to see pre-installed linux by September, but it looks like I won’t have to wait long.  I’ve been postponing my purchase of a new laptop since I heard of this initiative at Dell, and will be among the first in line to order an Ubuntu laptop.  The fact that I’m writing this on a Dell inspiron 6000 running Ubuntu 7.04 flawlessly is ample proof that Dell is capable of delivering Linux-Ready laptops.

    I hope that you will offer an ultra-portable laptop with a Flash-based harddrive option.  Who me?  Picky?

    But don’t worry, even if you don’t offer all the options available for Windows right away, I’ll take what I can get with an eye to the future.  I’m eager to reward Dell for advancing the cause of free software and for the chance to vote with my dollars. I’m sure that the financial success of this first Linux offering will quickly lead to a broadening market.



  3. Ya se cual sera mi próximo portatil 🙂

     Gracias!! así es que se hacen los buenos negocios!


    Please offer this on all yours notebooks!!! WORLD-WIDE!

    I win in saves for use FREE OS and you win an ETERNAL CUSTOMER.


    Thanks Mr. Dell! 

  5. Great news! Now you can save 2 seconds on manufacturing time by not having to put those Windows stickers on! (and we know that 2 seconds is a lot of time on Dell’s assembly line)

  6. Well.

    I need a new computer.

    I found the company from which I’ll buy it! 🙂 

  7. Ubuntu’s a good move for dell.

    I may even pick up a desktop later on.


    But any Ubuntu powered laptop has to come from System76 for me. They’ve been supporting Ubuntu on home and portable computers for the longest time. Not to mention the awesome customer support.

  8. Great move on the part of Dell.  I have been using Ubuntu for several months and love.  It is a great operating system and should receive more public attention for all the quality developing that has been put into the operating system.  If you have high-speed, go ahead and download Ubuntu.  You can try it to see if you like it.

  9. so how is this going to work, are you going to stuff it with crapware toolbars and such?


    in my case id be interested in buying, cos i know the hardware will work with linux, but will u fill it up with hidden partitions and such that automaticly restores the default installation that is impossible to get rid of ?

    unless i can format the harddrive 100% and install myself i wont be buying anything 

  10. Thank you. I’d be glad to resell my current laptop and buy a DELL notebook to run Ubuntu on it.

  11. Congratulations Ubuntu! Congratulations Dell!

    Posted from Dell Inspiron 640m, Kubuntu Feisty Fawn

  12. Yay!

    This is great!

    I have one concern though…

    Will Dell advertise this offering everywhere and make ordinary people really want to buy it, or will Dell make Ubuntu available to those who want it, and not advertise it that much (in which case ordinary people won’t know what it is and therefore won’t want it)?


    (and I find it a little ironic that there’s a button at the top of this text box that says “Paste from Word”)

  13. When will these linux machines be available in Canada?  Are there any plans to sell them there as well?

  14. Wow, that’s simply great! And that the choice is Ubuntu is even greater. If I need an own labtop for my new job, I would buy a Dell. The Latitude D420 would be my first choice.

  15. What I’m REALLY looking forward to is an Ubuntu pre-loaded Dell laptop optimized for Compiz/Beryl 3D desktop.


  16. Great decision, congratulations to Dell and Canonical!

     Please consider making the Linux pre installed PCs at least a little bit cheaper than those with Windows. Otherwhise a lot of costumer might think “Why not paying the same and get a Windows license for free?”

  17. Good news. I want to be able to buy Linux pre-installed – and Ubuntu is my favourite distro.


  18. I’m looking for a new laptop, dell is one of my preffered sellers but I dont want to pay a windows vista that i don’t need.

    Moreover Ubuntu is my prefered OS, I think dell have done a good move.

     Come on guys!


  19. Well I am looking for a JOB and as soon as I get one I am saving up for a Laptop with Ubuntu from Dell, So I can surf around my house and in the garden smoking a Cigaret. I will be putting SmiplyMepis on depending how it works but I will use Ubuntu if it works better.

    I will give Ubuntu a spin anyway.

    Well done Ubuntu and Dell. This will help all the Linux Community as a hole!

    we need this option in the UK as well, other wise I am gonna have to wait a wile I guess


  20. I am the MD of a UK SME that is migrating wholesale to open source, and I’ve been waiting for Dell to make this decision.  Its excellent news for all those business users trying to migrate away from Microsoft.  Choice is what we want.

    I certainly shall become a new Dell customer as a direct result of this decision.

     Dr Steele

    MD – Mercian Labels Ltd


  21. Such good news…

    Dell gets my vote for actually listening to it’s customers.

    The ability to buy a desktop or laptop without paying for an operating system that I do not use is a big thing. The Windows tax was always unfair. It’s great to see a company offer an alternative. Ubuntu is a great OS to start with. 

  22. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    je vais enfin pouvoir m’acheter un ordinateur portable!!!!!! 

     merci merci merci!

  23. I just bought a Dell laptop last year with XP pre-installed.  Will Ubuntu be available for download with integrated Dell drivers pre-installed? 

  24. Hooray! Can I send back the three Precision 390s I bought last week and get them with Ubuntu installed? I would save me from the work I’m doing right now.

  25. Great news!  Can we expect to see Dell advertising their new OS choice in commercials?  I hope so, I wouldn’t want to see this endeavor fail simply because nobody outside of Linux circles knows about it.  You would be the first PC manufacturer to tell consumers they can now choose which OS they get on their new computer.

    I think that a great number of people would like a non-Windows OS, but just don’t know such a thing exists (outside of Mac anyway, and people don’t like Macs for other reasons).  It seems to be a standard saying from computer users that they “hate windows”, showing them that Dell offers an alternative would at least grab their attention, if not their wallets.

  26. Its amazing and instopable!!!

    Congrats to every1 how work hard to make this posible.
    soon or later every company will sell cheaper pcs with linux preinstalled.
    Dell is 1 step forward and winning cosumers.

    thanks Dell and thankz Mark. 


  27. Its amazing and instopable!!!

    Congrats to every1 how work hard to make this posible.
    soon or later every company will sell cheaper pcs with linux preinstalled.
    Dell is 1 step forward and winning cosumers.

    thanks Dell and thankz Mark. 


  28. So, has dell mentioned a pricing scheme for ubuntu?  Obviously it cannot be free, espeicially when dell will have to support it… that doesn’t come free.  They cannot give it away free, as they are planning on developing drivers for it, it still costs money to flash the drives, publish media, and tech support.  I doubt they can install it and just deny all tech support questsions.  Even Windows comes with tech support.  So..  Will Ubuntu be any cheaper than Vista Home Basic?  I bet a lot of people will be surprised at the… lack of price difference between the two setups.

  29. This is a great move. I purchased my first Dell about 2 years ago and love it. I’ve tried several flavors of Linux and Ubuntu was the only one my wife liked. That’s when I realized this might turn out to be something big. My next PC will be a Dell with Ubuntu!

  30. Amazing, just amazing…..

    I’ve been using Ubuntu for the last months, and i’m sure it’s really going to happen….


  31. Great News,


    When I can purchase a pre-install linux setup from Dell I will be straight online to order.


    Chris, UK 

  32. This is sooo great.

    I wish everyone who want to use Linux will by from Dell.


    And I also wish you start selling in Isral.



  33. What about businesses willing to put their systems in, say, a Windows NT domain? What about 64-bit systems (i.e. AMD64) which need to run 32-bit-only software? In my opinion, this distribution wasn’t a wise choice, but an impulsive decision. You probably haven’t read my last comments…

  34. Congratulations for this notice!!!


    Now I going buy a Dell’s laptop to me.



  35. Thanks Dell. I am emotional, tears roll down my eyes.

    We are going to spend the next 6 months, coding like crazy and contributing code.

    I am doing this with 15 other coders, we call this the Dell-Ubuntu Marathon.

    End users …here we come. 




  36. Awesome!

    It’s the start of a huge step today for making the world more open regarding contents. Congratulations Dell!


  37. Glad to see this announcement from Dell.  I missed the part where Dell asked for input – so I am not one of those who asked for Linux on Dell products.

    On the other hand I am about to the point of buying a new laptop.  (Not in a hurry – I can wait to see what Dell will do.)

    I finally switched my primary desktop over to Linux not too long ago (Ubuntu was really the enabler).  What caused me the most grief was getting drivers and configuration going to drive dual 24″ Dell flat panels.  Did install Linux on a laptop, briefly, but backed off after driver trouble (video glitches, no wireless support).  Vendor support for Linux drivers is sometimes weak.

    What I hope to see from Dell is a set of hardware with excellent driver support under Linux.  I do not care so much that Linux is pre-installed.  I do care quite a lot about the quality of driver support.  Hopefully the Dell folk can select hardware and work with vendors, so that a laptop from Dell will work very well running Linux. 

  38. I applaud Dell!  Next time when someone asks “what type of computer should I buy” my answer will be Dell!  Dell+Linux marks a HUGE step towards advancing the desktop!

  39. I can’t describe my happiness……It’s ubuntu ….. finally we can buy ubuntu pre-loaded Laptops 🙂

  40. This is great news!  I intend to purchase a Dell GNU/Linux system for my next computer.  Please keep your commitment to use hardware with libre/open source drivers whenever possible.

  41. PLEASE make them available outside USA as well, and do include at least some business laptop models. (I’m typing this on a Latitude D600 that’s never ran anything but Linux since it left the factory, now running Kubuntu 7.04, and we’ve ran various Linux versions in several Latitude models with very few problems so I know it isn’t too hard.)


  42. Way to go, Dell!  Lionel, you must love posting on great steps forward like this.  Dell made history today.

  43. This is great news. I was happy to see that Dell will offer Linux with their PCs but I’m even happier to find out that it’s Ubuntu. I already have 3 Dell computers (2 laptops 1 desktop) running Ubuntu. It will be great to have computers shipped with Ubuntu with the great support that Dell offers. It’s easier to install Ubuntu on all my Dell computers because there is no need for a resource (driver) CD that is required for Windows.

    Thank you, Dell

  44. Congratulations to Dell for taking such a bold and correct move. No other major computer making company has taken such a decision as of now, but soon after seeing the great finiancial results of Dell for next fiscal year because of this move others will soon follow or rather have to follow to be in the game.

    My next laptop will be from Dell.

    I was looking to buy laptop from IBM (T60p) , format the hardisk get rid of windows and install Ubuntu on it. But now on my new Dell I don’t have to do it. Thats Great..!!! 

    Please do it whole heartedly and not just for the sake of doing it as most computer makers promise but no one does it actually.





  45. I’m so happy as a Ubunteros who plays with my lovely Dell XPS (not so easy, but so interesting). I’m really exited for a dedidated Dell support (drivers, parametering,..) Sure that I will monitor Dell website with impatience.

  46. Fantastic news!  Since I  have been running linux on my dell ever since I got it I cannot welcome this more than anything else. I hope edge cases will also be solved by the community this creates (such as cooperability with dell docking stations; currently you are not able to hot dock for instance)…

     Thanks Dell!

  47. Please make it cheaper than windows and support all the great range of desktop and laptops which Dell has. If the pricing is equivalent to windows then most household users will buy laptops with windows installed and they wont get opportunity to use Ubuntu.

    Users using different distros of linux, please dont get upset by this move atleast we have one computer maker supporting linux fully.

    Down the line in few years we can see linux everywhere on desktops and laptops and this is possible if computer maker supports linux so that common user dont have to worry about hardware and drivers.

    Linux is prime time ready even on desktops and laptops except in some of the areas like drivers, if Dell-Ubuntu can take care of it and other hardware compatibility issues with linux, we are sure we will see linux everywhere ….  

    In future I want to hand my Kid linux system and dont want her to get addicted to Windows. 







  48. Good option for users that need microsoft platform is offer a Ubuntu Feisty as base system and if the customer wants, a Windows XP virtualized with qemu or virtualbox (with a good and easy interface)


  49. congratulation, this is a really smart decision. I’m proud to announce that my next laptop will be a DELL

  50. For those who recently purchased a Dell w/ Vista preinstalled and want to check out Ubuntu, Ubuntu is available for download for free at .  Most users will probably want the i386 desktop version.  You burn the image onto a CD and start your computer up with the CD inside (make sure you have your BIOS set to boot from CD before your hard disk)  This is a LiveCD, which means you can actually boot up and use Ubuntu on your computer without making any changes to your computer (Windows will still work fine).  You have the option to install after you’ve checked everything out, so it’s risk-free.  Just to pass the word on in case you didn’t know.

  51. I am glad

     congratulation for these news

    I use dell and windows xp

    my next computer will be dell  linux

  52. One suggestion, one request:


    The suggestion is that you mention which version of the linux kernel supports all the hardware in each ubuntu system – the reason being that proponents of other distributions will know whether they can get it to work. I use Ubuntu, but I know that a lot of people don’t. But just buying an Ubuntu preloaded computer is like a badge of compatibility with most linux OS’s out there.


    And the request is one echoed further up in the thread – PLEASE make it available overseas! This time New Zealand! 

  53. My desktop died on me 4 weeks ago, I bought a headless machine from PC company in the UK. If I had known earlier I would have bought Dell.

    I will buy Dell in future simply because you are giving me exactly what I want to buy. No checking up on graphics cards to see if they are compatible or finding some piece of hardware on my machine won’t work, e.g. winmodem or card reader. I know I can buy a machine that will ‘just work’. Whats more if Ubuntu works then virtually every other Linux distro will

    I simply go to your website. Pick the laptop/desktop I want. Problem over. This is a win-win situation, good news for Linux and a good business decision for Dell

  54. This is such good news! This hopefully is the first step for the hardware industry to recognize Linux as a populair alternative and because of that they will code drivers for Linux (Ubuntu)… maybe even open source 🙂

  55. OMG…this is really good news.  I will be getting myself a notebook next year, and you know I shall be looking into Dell so get my next notebook.  Thank you so much.

  56. Dell, this is the best decision I’ve seen made by any computer company in the past 5 years.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    You’ve got my dollars. 

  57. Wow! I have been using Ubuntu for about 3 months, and it is so much better than dealing with Windows’ outrageous prices and problems. Hopefully, this will help show Windows users that that there is hope!

  58. This is great news for the open source community in general.  It will be interesting to hear about what level of support they will allow for Ubuntu.  Hopefully, other linux distributions will get a renewed sense of vigor and respond with even more enthusiasm.  Way to go Ubuntu!

     As always, you can already get free tech support using IRC, at, channel #ubuntu.


  59. I am long time Dell desktop and laptop user running Ubuntu on my desktop. Its a great combination for trouble free computing without paying an arm and a leg.

    Hope to see these in Canada soon cause I plan to replace my desktop soon and would prefer to buy Dell again without the M$ tax (taxes in Canada are already very high!!!).  I will have no hesitation in recommending Dell with Linux to my less tech savy friends n family.


    Can´t wait until they start shipping it to Mexico (or I can always go across the Border to pick it up). Great move DELL, you won´t be dissapointed.

    Please make´em fast, we´ll be waiting, but don´t make us wait that long.

    I´ve been a DELL costumer since long ago, and with that move you guys made, I´ll doubt I´ll never leave you.

    Thank you DELL (hope you put that “Ubuntu Ready” sticker on you´ll machines.)

  61. Micheal, Isn’t great to breath fresh air again. This your greatest idea since your concept for building computers. I have been using Ubuntu since Hoary and I just fell in love with it. With moves like this you will remain one of the best competing producers in the world.

  62. Dell,

    This is great news. I am done with Micro$oft. My very expensive XP Pro license (legally bought) accused me of pirating and being a thief. WGA is like a Satanic possession. I couldn’t get anyone at M$ to help. The only help offered was extortion in the amount of $149 to get my license running. It would constantly reboot and all my calls to M$ would get routed to India to someone named “Shawn” or “Phillip” or “Catherine”, who I couldn’t understand and who could offer absolutely no real help. I installed several version of Linux on drive trays on my homebuilt AMD dual core, NVidia SLI, dual monitor PC and they run great! No more viruses, adware or annoying popups. No more disloyal PC phoning home to Big Brother and downloading WGA virus/spyware. No more loyal customer being treated like a thief. Thank you Microsoft for giving me no choice but to dump your junk! I love Linux, especially, Ubuntu, Mepis, 64 Studio and Mint! All of my homebuilt PCs are moving to Linux. All of my laptops are moving to Linux. And that accursed XP drive that rebooted constantly? I wiped away the Micro$oft filth and it now runs Feisty. Dell, if you listen to your customers, that is 90% of the sales battle. I can see light at the end of the tunnel and it is a Micro$oft funeral pyre. Micro$oft, I’d ask if you’re listening, but I know you’re not.

    I will buy from whoever is honest and sells me what I want. Wow, what a novel Idea!


  63. One small step for Linux……one giant leap for Open Source Software. Who am I kidding, its a giant leap for Linux as well. Cheers!

  64. Great !

    Last time I bought a laptop, Windows was bundled to it, so I had to wipe it out AND to pay for the license I didn’t need…. Now I will know where to buy 🙂

  65. Catering to the vocal minority.  112 congradulatory posts at I write this.  What does that tell Dell et al about the level of response to the Linux announcement?  Not very good in my opinion

    I am in the process of recording current Dell prices on all computer configurations that I currently purchase.  I WILL NOT pay extra for my computers just so Dell can appease the vocal minority.

    Is there a Linux Tax?  Yep, you bet there is.  Why?  Because the profit margin on Microsoft & Adobe software products as well as all of the shovelware that is loaded on a computer does help keep selling prices low.  Remove the profit margins from these products, and Dell will be forced to raise prices to assemble a computer and load it with a no-charge software.

    Bottom line, it is a Linux tax, and I will NOT pay the Linux tax.


  66. My only questions:


    1.  Will it be offered worldwide (in my case – Australia)

    2.  When will this finally happen (this has been gossip for so long, but when do I go and buy one) – I want one before June 30 if at all possible (laptop that is).

    3.  Will you make it obvious that you offer it – aka easy to find, or will it be buried away in the dark recesses of your site on the slowest server?


    If these questions are answered satisfactorily, my $$$ will be coming Dell’s way very soon. 

  67. I am going to buy a Laptop (i don’t know exactly when) but if there will not be any other companies which are offering GNU/Linux my new computer will be a DELL.




    Ekril Berem 

  68. Fabulous! I disagree that the pricing HAS to be lower than a Windows machine. Don’t forget, the price for the computer with a basic OS is just the start!

    For my use, I need the following software (Canadian prices): MS Office $426, Corel Photo Album $76, Paint Shop Pro $133, Easy Video $60, Trend Micro Internet Security $50 (plus annual updates), Hot Dog Pro $120, MS Publisher $229, Quick Books $100. I use FREE equivalents of all of these and am happy with them. Savings = &1,185. All of these will come with Ubuntu or be easily downloaded all for FREE. For the average user, Ubuntu on a Dell will represent huge savings.

  69. Great move, Great pcs, Great distro, you couldn’t choose better distro for desktop users!

    Dell user since ’01, next desktop will be dell+ubuntu for sure.

    Please train your customer-care employees (particularly italian ones!;-)

    Thumbs up for the move!


  70. Outstanding choice! I wasn’t sure if you guys had it in you, I figured Novell to appease Microsoft. I am truly impressed.


    I am going to do something I have never done before, recommend Dell systems. 


    Please, final request, make it easy to *find* your Linux systems, and when I am looking at a spread of your systems make it *easy* to tell which ones are running Linux.

    Don’t stick them off in forgotton part of your site.

    As an example try dumping “Linux laptop” or “Linux system” in the search bar of your front page and answer  if the results would help a person actually looking to buy one of these systems (hint, right now it doesn’t).



  71. Excellent!!!

    When we will have the models and prices? 


    We need begin to save money for that 😉 

  72. I am very, very pleased by this decision. I am willing to support Dell in every way I can. I believe strongly in providing consumers choice.Thank you for making this decision.

  73. Great move! I’ve been running two Ubuntu computers along side two Windows boxes and a Mac – all on the same network without issue for some time now. Ubuntu is such a logical choice, the time has come.

  74. I am already a Dell customer and I think we are the witnesses of the beginning of a new era.

    With all my wishes for success and prosperity for both Dell an Canonical, thank you very much!


  75. Dually thank you, for for all your work. I work in a K12 environment and LTSP is our future. I was uncertain if Dell was going to be part of our future. We are finally getting servers without the 2003 Std server sticker, price tag too, on them. It seems that broadcom is catching up too! Dell is still double charging us on the desktops VLK + OEM XP Pro, be a little nicer to K12. We may be looking at another vendor, oops our bad shouldn’t have purchased that $20,000 and counting VLK! Well at lease we still saved a couple thousand on our last round or servers.

  76. Great idea !

    Welcome to the future !

    Configure it well and you’ll have no problem !

    what is needed: codecs

    3d acceleration,

    flash for 64 bits,

    My documents folders

    inject Amsn, picasa

    camorama,jre java




    and offer crossover pro and you’ll have a solid rock.

  77. it ‘s very important decision from age is becoming for linux desktop.we are all with UBUNTU.BRAVO DELL

  78. Jack Ripoff: It’s a pretty safe bet that if someone has such unusual needs, they’ll either get one of dell’s RH servers, or do it themselves.

    I get the impression that this is targeted specifically at the common user, not the odd case where someone has special needs and chooses to go with an OEM.

  79. I just now decided to choose Dell Ubuntu XPS desktop  for my next computer.

    Congratulations to both of companies for this great decision!!! 

  80. Ich hätte nicht gedacht das ich jemals einen Dell PC ordern würde. Aber wenn der Ubuntu Dell nur halbwegs meinen Ansprüchen genügt bin ich dabei.

  81. I just hope it is supported on my new Inspiron E1505 and 1501 that I just bought!!! 

  82. This is wonderful news, and good business, giving your customers more choices.

    Ubuntu 7.04 is a great OS, I use it on several Dell machines.

    Good Job Dell !



  83. Congratulations Dell for this wise choice. I have been using Ubuntu for a few weeks now and am very impressed. I have always considered Dell a puppet for big business (chip maker and operating system) but now think they are putting the interest of the people first. Let me again applaud you and put me on the list of potential customers for the first time.

  84. It’s me again. 🙂  Last post was in Michaels new laptop thread…  Then I was saying how I want to buy your products, but have to stay in business. 🙂  Absolutely Thrilled to read this today.  But I still need dates, prices and SKUs.  I bought three new desktops today.  They were whitebox with known supported components, as I had to install Ubuntu myself.  When can I start to order?


    PS: Jack Ripoff…  I have no problem with AMD64 or NT Domains.  Perhaps it is an operator error. 

  85. Great Great Great.

    My congrats to the Ubuntu team for having a great distribution and Dell for having the courage to be the first in starting this Open Source revolution.

    Options are always great.



  86. That’s great! New Era is beginning today, PC’s users were expecting this great news from Dell!

    Bravo Dell.

  87. Thank you!

    About free vs unfree drivers: Will you mark models will work using only drivers?

  88. Yes, we’ll publish which drivers are necessary or optional for use on our offered systems, including which are Free and which are closed-source.  Expect the closed-source list to be very small.


  89. Our Ubuntu support channel has been absolutely run down today, with all the «Have you heard the good news!?»-messages. But that’s quite ok, this is news I can listen to time and time again, over a significant amount of time. Surely, this is the Greatest Summer Hit of 2007. Congratulations to Dell and Canonical, Ubuntu and the Linux communities in general.

  90. I hope that Dell will offer Ubuntu on  Inspiron 6400 because I have just  ordered it.

  91. Great choice, of course when I’m going to buy my first laptop in few months I’ll choose DELL!!! 😀

  92. This is awesome news. I have always liked Dell hardware and support. I am very happy to see a big named company like Dell making this kind of move.

  93. But still no Vista Express Upgrade.  Can we ship our machines back to you guys in order to get new ones with Vista?

     Also, Dell has long supported Linux usage in the server market – that’s why up until this Vista Express debacle we’ve always chosen Dell for servers.  Though now that Dell has demonstrated superior customer service and relations, they won’t be having us buying from them anymore.

  94. Congrats Michael.  I knew that you would choose the long term goal over the short term.  This is the best way to start the turn around at Dell.  With some other careful business decisions and calculated risks, I can see a path for Dell to return to the top of the PC retailer market.  I can see a methodical approach to regaining market share for Dell, I would like to share it with you.  You have my email.  Again, congrats on the good work!


  95. I’ll going to buy a DELL notebook pre-installed with Ubuntu when they come out. Just make sure you choose hardware that has open source drivers.

  96. Congratulations to both companies, Dell and Canonical, for making this happen.

    I’d also like to express gratitude to Richard Stallman, the Free Software Foundation and all the many people contributing to the creation of Free Software who have made this result possible.


  97. 😀

    Ubuntu is a good choice. Of all the options, it’s the best suited for the common user.

  98. Michael Robinson: as far as I know, flashplayer is not a “special need”. It is, however, very troublesome to install on a 64-bit Ubuntu system. Well, at least it was the last time I checked. If something has changed, please correct me.

    Lee Sharp: most users do. It’s far more easy to set up a SUSE or Mandriva box on a Windows NT domain than an Ubuntu box, because they have specialized tools. But, as I said before, this is my own opinion. I think this is targeted not only at the Linux expert but, as Michael Robinson said, at the common user as well. And if the common user is not able to install the software he needs as easily as he does on Windows, then Dell Linux boxes won’t be attractive at all…

  99. Great news!! I’m looking forward to purchasing my first Dell Ubuntu XPS desktop as soon as they’re available. Thank you, Dell!

  100. I hope that you won’t exclude the business class computers (Latitude and OptiPlex) from this deal. I, for one, prefer them to the consumer grade machines when it comes to reliability and support.

  101. Way to go. We are a small Linux Consultancy based in Hyderabad, India and have been twiddling our thumbs on the edge of mass Linux adoption in corporates here. I think this will open the floodgates.

  102. This is definately the way forward – no vista headaches!  Well done dell… just please stand up to whatever pressure Micro$oft place on you!


    Surely the start of the revolution – other manufacturers will be sure to follow.


    Thanks also due to Mark Shuttleworth and the Canonical team for producing a distro worthy of the mainstream.

  103. I love Dell for this! Will customers in Europe also be able to buy Ubuntu-Dell-PC’s?

  104. I bought my laptop a year ago, and I have been working with ubuntu since then, congratulations you both, I bet it will be a great team. As far my words for dell, now you only have to offer (NOT FOR BUSSINES ONLY) some of your laptops and desktops, and you will be on fire, everybody need and want to have a better machine, with free OS, this way everybody could afford to have one or more + Great Ununtu OS, easy and fast, and beautiful. = Great Team

  105. I would really like to emphasise how important it is to me and to many other people that wherever possible (or better still without fail) a computer like this should use hardware which supports truly free software. Not a distro with binary blobs and firmware (like Ubuntu), but truly free (like gNewSense). It’s all very well having a distro which installs on a computer which doesn’t have 100% free drivers available (i.e. 99.99% of Linux distros), but if you’re actually making the computer then there’s no excuse for it to need non-free software, binary blobs, etc, to work.

    I understand it might not be possible to do this to the fullest extent, but please use 100% free software compatible hardware wherever remotely possible. We want to get out of the grasp of proprietary hardware and software which doesn’t respect your freedom, not pushed further into its clutches unawares.

    If you haven’t done so already, perhaps you should read some of the articles from and, particularly

    I think it’s great that Dell is going to start selling computers with Ubuntu. I think it would be even more great if Dell truly recognised the ethics of free software, made all of the stands, and offered computers which don’t need any proprietary/binary blob drivers, but which can run on truly free software.

  106. Thanks a lot!!! This is perfect, but, when you will get this potion in southamerica?



  107. Excellent news, I just hope that this will be available in the UK as well as the US!

     Come on Dell, sponsor the LUGs in the UK and really promote your product over here!




  108. I am one of those dell customers who uses Ubuntu, and it’ll be great when I plan to get a new laptop next year 🙂

  109. Well done, excellent choice, been using Ubuntu for a while and am very pleased with it. Great to see it as an option for more Dell customers.

    Couple of questions which may seem in some ways obvious but I just would like confirmation:

    1) Will there be a price difference between MS/Ubuntu shipped machines, there should be I know but am just checking!

    2) Will Dell and/or Canonical be offering telephone and/or web based support for new adopters?

  110. Excellent.  Provided they have what I need, my next computer may yet be a Dell (my i8600 is going out of extended warranty in about half a year).  I will try to find ways to support your Linux efforts while still supporting other, longer-running linux efforts (I’d mention the computer vendor’s name, but I think you’d not like me to, so suffice it to say that they’re pretty well-known within Ubuntu for shipping all models with Ubuntu).


    (As an aside, I think you mean “IdeaStorm” not “IdeaStrom”)


  111. Oh, I just remembered.  Currently, BIOS upgrades are only available using DOS (FreeDOS works fine, but it’s still annoying to have to keep a FAT partition and a Boot CD around).  VBIOS and firmware (e.g. DVD drive) upgrades (at least for my i8600) are Windows XP ONLY, which don’t work with FreeDOS nor Linux.  This latter problem really really annoyed me because until I upgraded my VBIOS, opengl didn’t work at ALL on my video card.  To fix it, I had to back up my hard drive, install Windows XP, upgrade VBIOS, re-image hard drive.  This was EXTREMELY annoying (not to mention nerve-racking because I had to wipe my hard drive), let me tell you.

     How will BIOS/VBIOS/firmware upgrades be handled on these machines?  It’s a critical question to me, since I don’t plan on

  112. Excellent, my Dell Laptop is already running Ubuntu and I was waiting to buy an expansive macbook for my wife… I’m going to wait a little longer !

  113. I will buy a Dell with ubuntu installed on it.




  114. i cant wait to see the hardware offerings.


    please make sure to tag the open source drivers 

  115. This is great!!! i will send my HP laptop and buy a new dell. Thanks Mark and Michael for this!!!


    I love Ubuntu!!!



  116. Excellent news!  I look forward to seeing the ordering options on your website.  I’ll probably be good for five to buy this summer…

  117. My next computer will be a Dell. You just gained a customer and saved money on OS licensing at the same time.

  118. Thank you dell. By offering linux, you have gained me as a customer if I buy another computer, and my support. When people ask me who to buy their computer from, I will reccomend dell. Through offering linux on your computers, you have proven that you will listen to the requests of your customers, which I believe makes you 100 times better than any other major computer company.

  119. Well this is the best news in a long time. Dell is definitely a serious contender now for my next notebook. Being using Ubuntu for 7 months and can’t stomach going back to Windows.

  120. This is such a great news. I wish all the best for Dell to be succeeded with Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux. You’ve made a right move, Dell! 😉

  121. Thank you! I hope this will also lead to better driver support for those of us already using Linux on our Dell systems This action has greatly increased my personal opinion of Dell, and I intend on recommending these systems. Good job and congrats!

  122. Matt: I have heard of a framework for managing updates, although this exact one is news to me.

    However, the existance of the framework does not imply its use.  Are you stating that these notebooks will use the aforementioned upating system? 

  123. Joseph:  yes, we intend to use firmware-tools to do the BIOS and firmware updates on these products.

  124. This is the best news I have heard in a while.  I will now defiantly buy a Dell as my next computer some time next year.

  125. That’s awesome!!!

    Thanks to Dell and Ubuntu team (especially Mark for being such a great leader) for making this happen.

    I can’t wait to buy a dell laptop with Ubuntu 🙂


  126. Wholehearted congratulations, but why no “Buy Now” option? 😉 A link to a page of your product showcasing the new feature would be much appreciated!

  127. Wow, thanks Dell!

    This is a very clever movement, you’ll get lots of customers…

  128. This news is truly inspirational! What can I say that has not already been said in all the comments before mine? Thanks to DELL for having foresight, thanks to Ubuntu for providing foresight, and thanks to the billions upon billions of lines of code written by the contributors that make open source what it is. This is an honor to their commitment. Like it says on the box … Linux for Human Beings.

    Have Fun!


  129. Way to go Dell. You have just made a very wise decision and I’m sure you have also gained many new customers. This is excellent news for the Ubuntu community and also an excellent method of promoting Ubuntu.

  130. Now that’s some good news that you don’t hear every day. It was about time somebody did it.

     The next laptop has to be a dell with ubuntu.

     Good work Dell.


  131. Great news,

    I have been a Dell and Linux user for a long time. I’d love to buy my next machine with Ubuntu preinstalled!

  132. This is great….  it makes my choice so much easier.. I’m gonna buy a new laptop on a couple of months and it seems it’s gonna be Dell 🙂

  133. this prepares the road to a hardware logo like :
    linux ubuntu 7.04 ready.

    )drivers for the whole hardware – hot for IT PROs
    )simplified preinstalled oem distro with 4 clicks to a ready desktop.
    -hot for Linux newbies
    )DX10 graphic card – hot for gamers
    ) a white design style edition – hot for mac movers
    )multisync / pocket PC Support – hot for CEOs

    this is right step to millions of costumers.




  134. But Jack, how many “common users” are running an NT domain?  It takes a bit of specialized knowledge just to do that.  But if you are, there are quite a few HowTos on it.  And for 64bit, you can install 32 bit Linux, or a 32bit “jail” to run misbehaving apps.  I do, however, admit that this is far from trivial.

    The truth is that there are many favorite distributions, but few are as simple for the home user.  On the Ubuntu forums, most of the people having the most trouble are “experienced” Windows users.  The home users with no computer experience are usually just amazed.

  135. I’m from Argentina and I’m an Ubuntu user, I need to buy a new laptop and I don’t want to pay for Windows when I’m going to format and install Ubuntu on it. I hope we have this available in my country asap.

  136. I wish Dell PCs with Ubuntu came to Brazil soon :).

    Thanks for this wonderfull new!

  137. Wow, very exciting news dell.  I have easily switched over 10 people to Ubuntu and 100% of them have thanked me for it. Time for dell to do this on a much larger scale.  Wonder what Apple thinks?

  138. This is a slight improve to the current situation, but as I understand it, one will still have to buy an OS with a new computer. Do you have an estimation of the price reduction for a customer who would choose Ubuntu instead of Windows?


  139. Actually Madtux was the first out of the gate with this idea. They have had an offer for Linux pre-installed for a while now.

    Vector linux is one of them.


  140. Hola Dell, esta es una super noticia para mi, tenia penado comprar una portatil, y ahora se que tiene que ser una Dell, yo uso Kubuntu y estoy muy feliz con el, he estado convirtiendo a algunos amigos de windows a linux, y no ha sido dificil, ya quiero empezar a recomendar y a enseñar sus nuevas portatiles con Ubuntu  preinstalado.


    Soy de Ecuador por si acaso. 🙂 

  141. I purchased a new laptop a month ago.  Had I known this was coming I would have waited.

    However, I have to give Dell a lot of credit for giving me a rebate on the cost of the Vista license.  No one else is willing to do that and I bought a Dell specifically for that reason.

  142. Way to go Dell. I hoped that we would also have a choice of selecting a distribution with KDE desktop, like Kubuntu. But I understand that it is more expensive to support two desktops so you had to chose one. And if you will go after hardware, that has open specifications and open source drivers then it is no problem to switch to another distribution if a user wishes as all the support would be upstream in Linux Kernel project. Thank you again Dell for supporting Linux more then other hardware vendors. Be sure this has just put you on top of the list of my preferred companies to buy laptops and desktops from.

  143. ¡Felicidades!

    First of all, thanks to the GNU/Linux community and the Free Software Foundation. Since now, I will buy from Dell. And remember: HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY.

    I have no problem in paying for the best software, but keeps it “libre”. Thanks to Canonical and Dell (I hope that Dell does not forget customers who live outside USA).

    An Ubuntu-gNewSense user from Barcelona.

  144. Congratulations DELL.

    Hope this news is also valid for Swiss market! I am eagerly waiting and watching from Switzerland.

    It will be great, if DELL can also talk about their plans for outside US market.

    Thanks in advance.

  145. Do you know if Dell Linux Pc’s will be sold only in the US or also in the world ? I am from Italy and would like to know that. If affermative, it seems i will be a new Dell and a new Ubuntu user (actually i am on Fedora).

    Ciao !


  146. Por fin…

     Yo estaba por comprarme un Lenovo T60P por su soporte para Suse 10 y ya con lo de Dell / Ubuntu espero por mi nuevo Dell.

    Gracias DELL!

  147. Bravo, Now please don’t ghettoize your Linux box, like you did with
    the Freedos machines. If bundled with all the software a person needs, including games, tax software, WINE .etc preinstalled, this could be a hit. Anyways, glad you listened to customers. Bought HP last time, but next may be a Dell.

  148. Excellent news. This is one of those first steps that actually break a frontier and allow reaching  further. Congratulations both to Ubuntu & Dell.

     I guess this is going to be one the highlights of the Seville Sumit 2007. Hope to see you all in Seville (Spain) :


  149. I’m looking forward to buying a new laptop with Ubuntu installed.  I know lots of people that mostly use their Laptop for the internet/email.  Ubuntu would work just as fine as MS Vista.  If Dell actually gave the User the Chioce like (*) MS Vista  (*) Ubuntu (-80.00),  you would fine alot of people buyign the Ubuntu laptop.   Dell will probably keep the Linux laptops on a separate page though, so you won’t see the cost savings as clearly.  I hope that Dell is passing on the savings to the customer.

  150. This is fantastic news! Thank you, Dell, for giving consumers a choice, and for choosing free software.

    Please keep in mind, however, that Ubuntu is not a completely free distribution. Ubuntu includes proprietary software, drivers, and codecs directly within its repositories. While Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical has announced a completely free version of Ubuntu is in the works, it’s not here yet. However, a fully free distribution based on Ubuntu already exists: gNewSense. Because it’s based on Ubuntu, it is 99.9% identical. The 0.1% that’s different is proprietary, which shouldn’t be used, anyway. As a user of gNewSense, I enjoy the freedoms and the features Ubuntu users do, but without any of the restrictions of those freedoms that come with proprietary software.

    Since Dell has complete control over the hardware that’s put into its own machines, Dell has the ability to commit to exclusively using hardware that has free drivers. While any effort to help the average consumer regain their freedom is celebrated, a complete move to freedom is strongly encouraged.

    Thanks again, Dell! I’ll most likely be a dedicated (and new) Dell customer in the future. We’ll see what happens with Dell’s hardware/driver decisions.

  151. Hi,

    Great news. Should you provide this service in France, you can count on me to recommend Dell systems with Ubuntu in the future. Hearing the community is the way to go. Contragulations ! 


  152. We have used Dell servers with Linux in our business for some time. However for desktops we have been more likely to vary our purchasing to other sources, this would help keep us loyal to Dell for desktops too. It would be good to see Dell place some pressure on hardware manufacturers to OS their drivers and perhaps get the more powerful 3D desktop environments on Ubuntu to be shown to outshine ‘others’ out of the box…

  153. Hi Dell,

    I’ll certainly be sending you mymoney, come the Ubuntu laptops.  I really want an Ubuntu laptop and I need to upgrade computers anyway, and Intel Core 2 Duo would be really nice.  Anyways, it can be a hassle to research these hardware + Linux things sometimes.


    Thanks again (and please please please use Intel graphics and wireless cards…no nVidia or ATI, I hate their drivers and YES I have experience with them.  I’d personally only use them if they were free open source drivers)

  154. Jack Ripoff:

     The Flash is really Adobe’s problem– they have the source, they don’t release a 64 bit Flash, then we’re all out of luck.  But you see, this is why free software is so good, because it works on any archicecture (and this is where the Flash replacements Gnash and swfdec come into play– yes, they run on 64 bit)

    in any case, there are solutions for that, nspluginwrapper or using a 32bit firefox instead.  Konqueror works perfectly with 32 bit flash BTW, it’s a   Firefox bug that it doesn’t support 32 and 64 bit plugins because it doesn’t separate the processes as Konq does.

  155. Congretulations,

    great news, as well for Dell as for the open source community!

    I hope it ‘ll be soon available in Europe (Belgium) too.

    Can’t wait to buy a new DELL with UBUNTU,


  156. Please, please, do not forget, that there is Kubuntu with the KDE Desktop Environment as well, which at least in Europe many people see as more usable then Gnome. So it would be great if you leave the people a choice. On a hardrive there is more space then on a simple CD.

  157. Good Move Dell,

        You have gained one more customer, just when i almost lost all faith in DELL, i will definitely recommend DELL to all my colleagues who ask me for computer advice.

  158. I purchased a HP nw8240 last year upon which Ubuntu 7.04 is happily running. If Dell continues to sell Linux boxes, Dell can look forward to my business in the near future.

  159. ¡Viva Ubuntu GNU/Linux 7.04! No merece la pena Güindou. Un saludo. Un español.

  160. This is just about the best news this year coming from the US – just think: A combination of superb hardware and software.

    Hardware you have to pay for – and don’t waste your money on low quality and expensive middle-men or go-between-people AND then the finest Open Source software, this world has ever seen. For free – since this is the idea behind Ubuntu, that it is free in more sense than one.


  161. This is great news! I believe it’s a huge step for IT in general, but it’s gonna be hard. I am sure that a lot of problems will arise, but we’ll manage to find proper solutions. Don’t expect a revolution – Ubuntu is still young, but it has a great future ahead. We just need to keep working on it!


  162. I wonder what Dell will say to customers who bought Dell computer with Ubuntu when they try to listen to an audio stream (or file) on the Internet which needs Microsoft or Real codec. Those codecs aren’t part of Ubuntu and Canonical doesn’t support them (security updates). Maybe Freespire/Linspire would be a better choice.


  163. This is absolute great news.

    As a long time Linux user, I’ve been somewhat afraid of recommending Linux to family members and friends due to the lack of hardware support one may find with some devices. Dell backing Linux this way will minimize any possible problems.

     That being said, I will definitely recommend Dell and Linux on any new purchases family/friends will make in addition to Dell (running Linux) being my next laptop.

    Congrats to Ubuntu, Dell, and the whole Open/Free Software community. This is a superb and smart move.

  164. Its an excellent decision by Dell & Ubuntu. According to me only problem need to resolve on Ubuntu is complete support to Voice/ Video Chat (gTalk, Yahoo Messenger). Then everything will work fine. People will definitely migrate to Ubuntu.

  165. As some posts have mentioned, support for business class laptops with  Ubuntu would be great. The Latitude 400 series are an excellent combination of power and mobility… Would be disappointing if they got left out from Dell/Ubuntu support.  just my 2 cents. happy to hear this news from Dell.

  166. “These systems will be available in the coming weeks to customers in the United States.”: So, what about the other countries?

  167. I hope to see Ubuntu powered Dell laptops in Europe too! I will switch to Dell without second thoughts!  

  168. it’s really a good new !

     i hope dell will use nvidia cards for ubuntu ( you know why .. )

    what about Europe ? is it gonna be long before we ‘ll be able to order a dell with ubuntu in ?

  169. GREAT Decision!

    I’m about to buy a new notebook, so having the possibility to buy a notebook with ubuntu would be great.

    BUT I live in Austria/Europe and I would strongly appreciate to be able to buy my ubuntu-notebook via

    Please follow this strategy straight forward!

    Sincerely, Michael

  170. This is great!  I bought two computers in the fall and the first thing that I did was take Windows out of them.  Now, Dell computers will work “right out of the box” rather than having to spend an evening cleaning up the hard drive.

     I use Gnucash for my bank account and Open Office Dbase and Spreadsheet look more like the Microsoft Office Professional training that I got than the Microsoft Office 2007. With Linux, your software keeps udating until your hardware falls apart.

  171. EXCELLENT!!!.

    Now i know i’ll have a DELL’s laptop in the future. I’m from México so i have to ask the same Santos did. Will DELL provide this great option in Latin America?. I hope they do.




    ¡Saludos desde Tepic Nay, México! 

  172. NOW, the WOW get DOWN.

    The world will change with this action…

    thnks for all Dell and thnks Mark…

    Pode cre agora fudeu tudo de vez…



  173. Thank you Dell, I never bought Dell before. But now I will buy a few Dell notebooks for every one in my company as we mainly use open source software. Great strategical move!

  174. Haha. Just got a 1501 (with ATI graphics, how fun is that?!) My next laptop will definitely be a Dell, and I’ll recommend everyone I know to get a Dell computer, so that even if they want to use Windows, you have guaranteed hardware support on Linux!



    when will this option be possible for Dell Europe?


  176. Way to go, Dell!

    Finally the hardware community is recognising the power of Ubuntu.
    Finally some response against the MicroFsoft monopoly.

    Please honour Mark Shuttleworth and make your Ubuntu supported hardware available in SA as well.

  177. Exciting times… I can’t wait to pull up Dell’s website and see something other an Windows listed on the operating systems configuration screen. I have been thinking about this since 2003…

  178. way to go dell! good job, lets hope that soon enough the game industry will turn that way too…

  179. I think this will score big in Linux adoption in the enterprise. I do like Ubuntu alot, I just later on they include other distros like OpenSUSE.


    – Brian Scott

    Sr. Network Engineer

    Consolidated Micro Services, Inc 

  180. Thank you !

    In hop that the operation will be exported to europe.
    Congratulations !

  181. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !
    It’s about time to have a free alternative. 

  182. This is great, but I would like to suggest that Dell stress
    the need for adopting open standards for multimedia, instead of using
    proprietary codecs, as this has been a severe problem.  If people cannot play their video and sound,
    they will rebel.  There are the legal
    aspects, as far as licensing goes, but also the difficulty of installing the
    codecs.  With an OEM like Dell, surely we
    can get open multimedia!

  183. I hope the initiative will soon extend to Italy!

    Ho trascritto/sintetizzato in italiano l’intervista di Mark: leggi.

  184. Regarding Flash, you can use the 32 bit OS version of Ubuntu
    and have no problems.  If you elect to
    use the AMD64 build, you can use Automatix to install the 32 bit version of the
    Swiftfox browser, with the Flash plugin, plus others, like Real audio, Adobe
    PDF, etc.  This requires little
    effort.  You just use the Swiftfox

    All of this makes me hope that we can get into free open
    source packages for multimedia.  Sometimes you can do certain things easily,
    while in other circumstances you cannot. 
    Let’s not rely upon companies to restrict their code or make it unavailable.  There should be clear worldwide standards for
    computer code, so we can all share info. 

  185. Really good news – I hope very much that this will be available in the UK, and soon. The cost of Vista OS upgrades is absolutely eye-watering over here, and this really should create a great opportunity to create a great value alternative.

    I suspect the chance to get a complete set of hardware that is known to work out of the box with Ubuntu will make the decision a lot easier for many potential users.


  186. THANK YOU

    Hoping the Latitude D620’s on the list of the ones offered first. 

    I’ll buy a D620 with Ubuntu the first day it’s available. 

  187. very very great.
    My best regards to DELL for this great decision that, it’s a very good things to know to have an alternative, one of the best alternative.
  188. Great news, but how long do i have to wait to get the Ubuntu notebooks in europe?

  189. I’m going to buy one, just because it has linux, especially so because it’s ubuntu!



  190. omfg, I hate people who make those long *pauses* in speech. This guy is awful communicator.

  191. Absolutely buying a Dell as my next laptop.  Remember Dell, geeks set
    the trends in computing – remember how they flocked to OS X years before Apple got big?

  192. Hi. Beautiful, DELL exposed laptops with linux, the great system operative, the major system, already is time for empire of open source world.  Thanks all everything. Regards.

  193. Peh.  I’ll stick with industry standards, thank you very much.  “Ubuntu” indeed.

  194. And here it comes…

    It was just a matter of time before Linux made this dent and it has. Soon, most vendors will follow Dell’s path.

    Linux Rocks, Ubuntu rocks much better and Dell makes it real Rocking..



  195. I am very excited, I have never thought of Dell before this, now I am sure my next Desktop will be Dell.


    Thank you everyone 

  196. Thanks, Dell. And congralutions for the community for creating demand for this change.


    Yves Junqueira

  197. Cool! Dell + ubuntu = new era of Open source!

    I was glad to read this article 🙂

  198. This is great news indeed. I’m so looking forward to purchasing a XPS system with Ununbtu 7.04. I would have preferred Fedora Core, but I’m just as happy to have Ubuntu on my laptop also.









  199. Is dual boot available, vista / linux in 1 machine?  I will use vista for my current photoshop projects and linux for everything.

  200. I’d be very impressed if Dell would help get their Lexmark printers supported with Free drivers. For me, there is no substitute for free drivers.


  201. Awesome news!!!!!!!!!!! Ubuntu rocks and so does DELL now!

    Thanks for all the people involved on this, this is awesome for the Linux community, I’m looking forward to buy a lot of DELL laptops with Ubuntu 😀


  202. Good news!  I have been using Linux for 2 years almost.  First SuSE and now Ubuntu.  I hate laptops preloaded with lots of trial stuff that I don’t want.

  203. I would just like to say “Thank You” to all the folks at Dell and Canonical who have been working on making this a reality!

    While Ubuntu is a darn good Linux distro, Gentoo is still superior 😉

    May I ask, why no news about Open Office? it is the second most voted suggestion on Ideastorm and Ive not seen any news about it… May be Canonical can package there own version of Open Office and sell support for it on Windows and Ubuntu?

    Tom Wickline

    Respectable computing – Linux/FOSS

  204. Great news!! Sweeeeeeet!!! Thank you Dell!!

    (I want my Ubuntu brand new desktop :D)






  205. Simply great !!

     U’ve made the right choice!!!

    The “linux” community is proud of Dell !!

    I can’t wait to buy one of your notebook !!

  206. This is excellent.  Dell, this is a great move and I hope very positive for the overall Linux community.  My hopes coming out of this are simply: awareness of Linux, more hardware support, and Linux versions of commercial games and applications.  Although there are some great Linux alternatives, some people may need specific apps to do their job.  As for the first, too many people think if they use a PC or buy a PC their only choice is you know who.

  207. I live in Europe. If I can choose Ubuntu, my next laptop will be a DELL !!!

    Great idea!! Thanks to care about geeks linux users. 

  208. I want to know how much is this ubuntu/dell notebooks.

    I hope the difference in cost with windows/dell notebooks will be so much.

  209. Wow! That’s incredible! Please Dell, don’t forget about customers outside US, I’m a mexican ubuntu user, and it’s a great OS, with incredible power and reliability, also very easy and customizable, this is your best decision ever!!!!

  210. Good decision,

    but today i hear that Dell will offer Linux only in USA. :-((

    Please remember  the “old” Europe is a big market full of smart users. A lot of them are searching for a usable non-Microsoft system.

    If you fear the support question, offer PC without OS (but make drivers avaiable)



  211. This is the great news so far for this year. Please have an icon on desktop to enable 3D effects. So that new linux users will get stunned by the power of beryl.

  212. I hope at some point in the future the Ubuntu option will also become available on Dell laptops elsewhere in the world. I’d certainly be interested. Guaranteed hardware compatibility is really worth it, and not having to buy software I don’t necessarily need would also be a plus.

  213. This is great news! If you offer this in Germany anytime soon, my next laptop and desktop will be from Dell.

  214. Great Dell!

    I was awaiting this news from ubuntu 6.06 that I installed last year

    My next and 2nd laptop will be Dell!





  215. This is wonderful news!  I can hardly believe it.  Thank you Dell.  You’re doing a good thing.

  216. So my next laptop is gonna be a Dell! Definitely. I was thinking of getting a Mac for a while, but I guess that all changed when reading this.

  217. I really can’t wait to buy an ubuntu dell notebook here in the uk. I’ll also be buying one for each of my kids.

  218. I will buy a dell with Ubuntu.  Great decision!!

    I hate Windows!!  Windows = very expensive, very slow to startup, very slow to shut down and some programs take forever to load!!

  219. Seriously, I never considered Dell as an option before, but now it is on top of my list.

    Waiting for it to happen in Europe too! 

  220. Hi,

    I think that’s a very good news for a lot of people around the world!

    For example, I’m using Ubuntu on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400) since one year ago and I’m very satisfied with it.
    When I bought my laptop, I also bought MS Windows Media Center because I didn’t had choice.

    Maybe, if Dell sold computers without the Microsoft’s licenses, the price can be more attractive for the students who need a computer…

    Best regards to everybody.
    Sploutch, from Switzerland.

  221. Wicked! I wonder …

    Will they offer kubuntu?

    Will they offer a dual-boot?

    I just bought an inspiron last week, and put kubuntu on aswell-as xp, so i can use either. I guess that’s not the point of why they’re offering this, but hey it works for me 🙂

    impressively the [k]ubuntu 7.04 installer comes with qtparted, which you can use to re-size the windows partition, making way for [k]ubuntu plus a shared fat32 partition 🙂

  222. Bravo!!!!!    This is a big step to the humanity 
    Thanks DEll, Canonical and Ubuntu for make this real

    I hope the next time when we going to Best Buy see a Dell-Ubuntu.

  223. Here’s a marketing/selling method for you guys.

     For example:

    1) Dell laptop costs $500 + Ubuntu is FREE  = Customers’ price is $700 (Dell’s profit is $200)

    2) Dell laptop costs $500 + Windows XP/Vista costs $500 = Customers’ price is $1100 (Dell’s profit is $100)

    Customers SHOULD be willing to pick choice 1) because the customer ALWAYS wants the lowest price.  Plus dell earns more $ through method 1).  A win-win-win situation.  Dell wins, Ubuntu wins, Customers win.

    P.S.  Ubuntu has all the parity features of Windows XP/Vista (automatic updating, automatic hardware detection,, screensavers, themes, etc.  And if you have ever used Ubuntu you know it works much better and faster than Windows XP/Vista.  Ubuntu beats Windows XP/Vista in these 2 areas.

  224. If I’m allowed to purchase this in Australia, I’ll be buying one and will be suggesting it to others in my family.


  225. I have bought a Dell Precision workstation for my company,  which is running Kubuntu extremely well, and am looking to purchase other systems from Dell for running Kubuntu. This announcement shows me my trust is well placed. The support from both the technical and sales staff from Dell here in Germany for running Linux on Dell hardware has been excellent. I also appreciate not having to pay the Windows tax! I look forward to more systems from Dell designed for and shipped with Ubuntu Linux!

  226. Woooooowwwwwww, I don´t believe!

    Now, my next laptop to be a Dell.

    But please, offer Dell laptops with Linux in Brazil too!

    American peoples have money enought to buy a Microsoft Windows License, and we (brazilian) don´t have money to buy a Microsoft License!

     Best regards,

    Renato S. Yamane

  227. Excellent  move, DELL ! Bravo!

    And yes make it as soon as possible available in Europe, too. For some time I was searching to buy a laptop and now I know from who I want to buy.


    Thanks DELL!


  228. I have Toshiba notebook with Vista but I will get another Dell notebook with


    Thank you

  229. I’ve bought 2 Dell Laptops and both are working under Ubuntu now.

    I’m glad now:)

    But i have one question: what about win-key look? Pinguin or Ubuntu logo?

  230. Another rocketing comment count, but I’m not too excited. Why not?

    This post tells us:

    a) Ubuntu is the choice. Fine, pretty popular.


    b) The timescale is still “the coming weeks”, suitably vague and non-commital, and even when (if) the products arrive on the website, guess what:

    c) They are only available to the US.  Spanish speaking nations of the world, you now have a direct2dell all of your own. Perhaps you can use it to discuss all the products you can’t buy.

    The rest of the world (ie me in the UK) is still stuck with Windows Vista. Not being able to buy a Linux PC is all the more frustrating for knowing Dell are going to let some customers do so.

     I’m going out to buy some parts to build a PC.  Dell, you have completely ignored all the comments asking about the rest of the world (you only even thought about the non-US customers on your “XP available again” post because I mentioned them). You have lost my custom.   Thanks for nothing.

  231. If you really want to take the Bull by the Horns and ride the new linux desktop revolution you got to go global Dell. Wakey. Wakey. This is the consumers revolution !


    Great move ! 

  232. Great. I need to buy a new notebook, if your models will be soon shipped with Ubuntu I will surely buy a Dell. I hope this will lower the price since we don’t have to pay the license for Vista.

  233. Great! Just hope you’ll make this offer in Europe as well. Then I can replace my aging Inspiron that I already run Linux on with a new one running Ubuntu 🙂

  234. I don’t agree with some people’s point that Dell will have significant gains in PC sales with the adoption of Ubuntu on select systems. Most people buying computers for non-server uses would probably stick to windows (because linux is not a popular os, and has the reputation as the os for programmers and hackers). However, as Ubuntu’s gui continues to catch up to that of windows, more people might seriously consider switching to it in the future.

  235. Bravo ! 

    Ubuntu is a great choice.

    Please offer Dell laptops with Linux in France and in Belgium  (Europe) too !


  236. This is great news for me. Installing linux on Dell machines would much easier. I am a dell customer and will remain as Dell customer, since they care about their customer needs. Thanks Ubuntu! Thanks Dell!

  237. I am a customer from Mexico. When will we be able to buy a Dell with Linux Ubuntu? I want to pay for the hardware, not for Windows Vista. In the options section where you can cutomize your PC, you should be able in ALL models to choose Windows or Ubuntu.

    See you and thanks for listening. 

  238. Great Move !!

    DELL, you’ll be back Nr. 1 !

    Great choice picking ubuntu !

    Now, try using only open source material 

  239. Great!! Since the time I started using Linux, Ubuntu has been my distribution of choice, actually I run Ubuntu 6.06 LTS on the server that hosts ,among other services, an e-learning system(moodle based) at Newhorizons Computer Learning Centers Lusaka, Zambia.

    Hats off to the Ubuntu team. I salute Dell for realising that GNU/Linux (and FOSS) is the future.

    I am really looking forward to the day this offer will be available to Zambia. I hope that all African governments embrace FOSS, Zambia this is the way to bridging the digital divide. 

  240. Like Mihai, I too am looking for a laptop(non MS)and have been holding off for the new Mac OS.

    I have Ubuntu installed on the desktop. 

    I could wait a little longer for a Dell with Ubuntu coming to Australia.

    Please email me Dell.

  241. I already use Kubuntu on my old Latitude C810, now it’s time for my new Dell Linux laptop! 😉 (in Italy too, please!).

  242. I know who I’ll by my next laptop from.  I refuse to pay for Windows again ( and again and again and …) especially if I’m not using it.  And Ubuntu is my Distro of choice I’ve been running it since 6.06.  Of course I’d been happy with any distro they choose.   As long as it’s not windows.  Not like I couldn’t of installed Ubuntu myself. 🙂  Even if it’s not cheaper at least Microsoft doesn’t get my money!!!

  243. awesome move. please make thos ubuntu dells available in europe as soon as possible!

    may the market reward you! 

  244. GREAT! i want to buy a DELL + UBUNTU right now in Italy!!!
    Thanks to Dell and thanks to Canonical…

  245. I am going to put my money in my mouth and talk…..


    Dell send me an email and tell me when!!! 

  246. I’ve had my (non-techie) wife running Linux on our Dell Inspiron 1200 for 2 years, without a complaint. Didn’t have to do too much tweaking to get it to work well. Everything but wireless (we’re using an old Windows-only card with ndiswrapper) worked out of the box, including suspend.

    It’s also nice to see now works with Firefox on Linux too.




  247. Fortunately Ubuntu already runs smooth on Dell computers. If you haven’t tried it yet, do so! You will love “beryl” and thank yourself that you didn’t spent money on Vista.

  248. I’m with the majority here: Great move!

    I do intend to get myself a laptop at some point, and one that ships
    with linux pre-installed would definately get my money quicker than any
    system with Windows.

    Now to wait for Dell Ubuntu systems to be supported outside the US (Canada, in my case.)

    Personally, I have no issues with using non-free drivers from manufacturers that support linux (such as nvidia). Open material is great to use where possible but if a company will provide native linux support for their hardware, one mustn’t ignore those efforts.


  249. Great news!!

    I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 and very much satisfied customer.The only thing which I was upset was not so good performance of Vista Home classic which came with it.I would try Ubuntu7.04.


  250. this is big &great news/

    It is the begining of the end of the “microsofts” age.

    Every one will remember that “Dell” was the first to pick up the glove and to bring ubuntu into common use.

    all of of my comps from now- will be “Dell”s

  251. Hoorah Mike Dell, its about time someone stood up to Microsoft!  I think someday this will be known as USER INDEPENDENCE DAY.

  252. Darn!  I just purchased a D820, deleted the XP that came with it and installed Ubuntu (6.x and upped to 7.04 last week).  If I had known I’d have waited a couple of weeks with my purchase.


    Nonetheless, good move, Dell, and congrats Ubuntu!

  253. I am very excited about Dell/Ubuntu as business partners. Great for the
    end-user! I already have 4 Dell PCs at home and plan to purchase another in 2 months.


     Happy Consumer

  254. Great news, congrats to both companies, I already have a dell poweredge raid 1 server running ubuntu, and I am very please with thr results


  255. This is good news! I will remember Dell when I buy my next computer. I look forward to seeing these new systems become available in Canada.

  256. I’m curious if these Ubuntu installs are going to carry along additional software that runs on Linux or will Ubuntu systems be with just Ubuntu and nothing more?

  257. it`s great that Dell offers Ubuntu.

    But I´d like to  buy it in Germany? I hope it will be possible soon.

  258. As others said, my next laptop will definitely be Dell, with Ubuntu preinstalled of course 🙂

  259. Felicitaciones!!! 

    Es una gran noticia!!!

    Con esto se empiezan a  superar efectivamente el problema de compatibilidad con el hardware.

    DELL y UBUNTU se convierten de esta manera en una alternativa muy seria a ser considerada por los estados, instituciones públicas y privadas y centros de  educación que a nivel mundial y gran escala están migrando  hacia el Software Libre.

     Con esta iniciativa DELL toma la delantera con la distribución de Software Libre para escritorio preinstalado (UBUNTU) lo que le da un importante posicionamiento en este segmento de mercado.

    El que golpea primero, golpea dos veces.

  260. GREAT! Great! great!

     Can we have support for aircard based internet connectivity – especially for such laptops (dell) that have expresscard slots only (Many popular – asian – telecom gaints support pcmcia based aircards).  This will really help both dell and the linux community – the basic business laptop is all about having roaming internet connectivity. Hope the right folks are listening on this.

    Congrats! Yes, I intend buying a ubuntu dell laptop……..


  261. Simply one word, GREAT!

    Thx Dell, we’re waiting for laptop and notebooks with Ubuntu on board even in Europe asap!! 

  262. You should go all the way and make an Ubuntu-themed laptop. Something browny, earthy, Africa, durable.

    Theme it! We dont need more computers that are

    -apple gray/white/black


    -panasonic gray black

    -crazy barbie purple pink


    No, instead give us a soothly themed laptop, with soothing africa colors that can blend in anywhere. Go way apple on this chance, hook up with some gr8 designers and just leave out som ports. 

  263. Its always good to see that some companies listen to their consumers, and they adapt to their needs. I wish real succes for this DELL initiative.

    Thank you DELL for showing to the world that freedom of choice is not a dream.


  264. This is great News, indeed!

    I wonder how long it will take that we can get those machines in Europe?

    I asked every single laptop producer in my country if there was a possibility to get a MS-Windows free machine. “Nope”, was the only answer.

    Since years I wonder how I could get back all the money I was forced to pay for a useless, pre-installed MS operating system, going back to “Windows Millennium”.

    Dell is doing the right thing, listening to its clients. We want machines which have a software – interface to its hardware, aka drivers. Lack of this  is exactly what people prevent from switching to Linux, due to “my WLAN is not working, nor does my card reader or special key”

    Or the other way round: Linux users were extremely careful which hardware they should chose so that it fitted their needs. Dell pioneered this. 

     Good work, and spread the News all over the world”


  265. I’m getting my first laptop within the next few months. I knew I wanted Linux, but have almost no experience with it. I’m intimidated by installation, support, etc. like many other Windows users, but now Dell will be offering exactly what I want. Please let us know when these machines will be available. I look forward to owning one.

  266. I have never purchased a Dell, and never thought I would, but I will be buying an Ubuntu pre-loaded Dell as soon as they are available. Not that i need any more computers, but this move by Dell should be supported by all who can. Thanks for being ahead of the curve Dell. this is a great day for All linux users and Dell.

  267. People have the right to choose which system they want in their personal systems, so that’s a great new for the Linux community!!!

  268. Great news!  We’ve been using Dell PC’s and  Laptops for many years at work (and I have at home, also) – they’ve been great machines, and the few times we’ve needed tech support, it’s been outstanding.

    I’ve used a number of Linux distros over the years, and have been using Ubuntu (and Kubuntu) since 5.1 – it is outstanding.

    I’m a computer specialist for a government agency, and we are finally starting to implement Linux for on the desktop for specialized applications (we’ve used Linux servers for a number of years).  Eventually, Linux on the desktop will not be unusual.  Linux is great – it brings back the fun in computing. 

    Good Move !  I will continue to highly recommend Dell  

  269. In the beginning there was darkness, a MSy MSy place it was.

    Then the light was DELLivered.

    Long live the DELLivered light.

    Can’t wait for Ubuntu SP2 for free ofcourse.


  270. Lo dico in italiano, perché è bello condividere notizie così belle che aprono veri spiragli di progresso, e non solo (come d’altra parte è necessario) vantaggi commerciali.

    Mi congratulo con la DELL e con Mark Shuttleworth, la prima perché coraggiosa e lungimirante, l’altro perché ha scelto di non stare a godersi i suoi miliardi in pantofole, ma ha deciso di condividere con noi un po’ della sua fortuna.

    Thanks for your great job.

  271. What a great news !

    Although i’m a Fedora user, I think this is a special happening to all Linux comunity. Ubuntu is a good distro (yes, Gnome is a pain, but there is Kubuntu …) and Dell has a good machine, so the user finally will have choices.

    Hope this offer came here soon in Brasil.

  272. Great choice! Will Ubuntu-loaded Dell laptops be available in Hong Kong? I will definitely get one!!! (especially if it is a XPS series)

  273. Hey, when are you going to send these PCs to Manila Philippines?? Im interested in buying your Linux PC!

    There is an organization here that supports Ubuntu. We’ll be thrilled to have a PC dedicated to Ubuntu.


  274. I’ve never been a Dell advocate in the past, but I will probably buy one of these machines, just to see how it turns out. As a former tech assigned to over 200 dell gx260 and 280s, roughly half of which had overheating issues (thank god for big tubes of AS5), I’ve never considered purchasing one for myself until this moment. And I am in the market for a new laptop, this HP is just plain junk. My only question is, will this hit the front page of when they start shipping?

     And FFS people, it does take a couple weeks for them to actually install Ubuntu on enough machines so that they can start shipping! Be patient, they’re overwriting Vista as we speak! Not really, the machines are probably fresh off the line, but the thought of overwriting a couple thousand vista installs in a few days gives me the warm fuzzies 😀

  275. Bravo Dell!! For Start the New Era.. Really Nice.. The new pcs comes with Ubunt GNU LINUX distribution.. I think is a really cool and friendly distribution for Users like me not experet and Absolute novate in Linux..:) BUT I HOPE THIS GOOD NEW Be soon avalaible for Desktops and Laptops for Latin American Marquet Concret to México, is WILL BE SO? AND i hope some day Linux Cand Configurate and detect the Internal Modems called Win Modem I used .. Ubuntu and My clon Pc and all is detected nice except My Agere lucent Winmodem:(( I still use the antique sistem dial up modem for Internet conection.. so Sad I can’t configurate this modem for Conect to the net.. wheN at least can get conect to the net.. Definitivly I will left Windows.. and Will Move to Linux.. LINUX IS FREEDON.. and I hope NOW START THE UBUNTU ERA.. lol windows Vista is REALLY BAD.. so I hope the new dell with UBUNTU BE AVALAIBLE SOON FOR LATIN AMERICAN MARQUET AND CONGRATULATIONS DELL FOR CHOOSE UBUNTU OF fact I think is best that Vista!!

  276. Great news!!! Any ideas if they will offer laptops that have a dual boot (would love to have ubuntu installed – but still need Windows for a few apps).

  277. Un grand Bravo a Dell et Canonical. j’utilise a present un laptop dell + Ubuntu 7.04, mais j’attend avec impatience celle qui sera livre par DELL (Compatibilite materiel – Logiciel Oblige).

    Une tres grande initiative pour nous pays d’afrique. Encore un grand bravo du Cameroun.!!!!!!!! 

  278. Hey, greeeeeat news, but don’t forget European people. We have no chance here to acquire a “no windows” laptop anywhere 🙁

     So, keep on moving! 😉

    Congrats from Basque Country.

  279. Hi!

    I find this step as a wonderful step into future!


    BUT PLEASE do the same for all the European users who are really fascinated by this idea.

    Best regards to both DELL and CANONICAL 

  280. I am just one of those folks itching to get a laptop guaranteed to work with Linux all the way. No more fiddling with Broadcom 4318 chipsets or missing out on 3D support completely due to the lack of open source SiS drivers – it will just work.

     I respect the decision to keep WINE uninstalled, as well. It really is incredible to see a genuine move to Linux, not “cheap windows.” And in any case, Synaptic is incredibly user-friendly.

     Ubuntu has been very good to me, and I’ve ditched Windows 95%. This deal puts in the other 5%.

  281. I’ve been holding off on buying a new laptop until I heard whether this deal would go through, so I will buy one of these the minute I see the review that says everything works including wireless, suspend/hibernate and resume. 

     Some thoughts:

    Make it easy to find the Linux offerings, and don’t put the “Dell recommends Microsoft Windows” thing on those pages! 

    Put a “Designed for Linux” sticker on them.

    Make the laptops look cool, for example the lid should have a special logo along with the Dell logo, like a penguin.  People will buy stuff just for the coolness factor.  I personally don’t care about the 3-D Compiz stuff, but for the coolness factor, all the systems offered should support that as well, since that alone will increase sales when people see it.

    Besides Linux aficionados, these systems will be great for the noncomputer-literate people who just want to do email, web, and basic stuff without worrying about viruses and spyware, and don’t want to buy the $$ high-end machines needed for Vista – My 72-yo mom is using Mepis and has NO problems whatsoever – So don’t forget to direct your advertising to these customers as well.

    Waiting anxiously to buy my Dell/Ubuntu laptop!


  282. great

     This is great news,,, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

    My new laptop is definitely gonna be a DELL.


    thank u DELL 


  283. I would like to know when will DELL Hong Kong to provide Ubuntu for Desktops and Laptops.

    I am planning to buy one!!!


  284. This is great. I use Ubuntu on my laptop and I love it. My brother plans to buy a Dell machine, I have told him to check compatibility with Ubuntu.

  285. thank DELL




    I would like debian but it is a good beginning


  286. I think this will be great for both Dell and Ubuntu. I would also like to see this available in Canada. That is right I said Canada.

  287. Excellent… i just can’t believe that!!!!… thank you DELL, i’m using Ubuntu on my Inspiron E1505 and works great. my next DELL laptop will work even better.

  288. “Ubuntu is making great strides toward making Linux
    good for the desktop. There are others out there that one could argue are doing a fine job…PCLinuxOS, Suse,
    Mandriva. However, when someone hands a new Linux user a disc, most likely it is Ubuntu or TheOpenCD. Are you doing
    that person a favor? I don’t think so.

    Ubuntu isn’t a distribution that is set for any new user. The average
    user wouldn’t be able to tell you how to clear a cache, let alone what spyware or adware is. Don’t think I’m right?
    My wife asked everyone in the office where she works why they don’t use Firefox as a browser. None of them even knew
    there was something called Firefox that was an alternative to IE. And that’s just one part of open source. Imagine
    what else they haven’t heard of!

    The average computer user does not possess the technical expertise to drop to
    a command line and issue commands…nor should they be asked to. Yet that is exactly what Ubuntu demands to allow its
    users to do simplistic things such as surf the net.

    For example, say that a webpage requires JRE to display
    correctly. Windows and IE offers an auto download or manual with double click install. Many distributions of Linux
    come with Java already installed. For Ubuntu…you have to drop to a command line and sudo to install it. What new
    Linux user is even going to know to do that? What new Linux user is going to feel comfortable doing that? Of course,
    let’s say that the new Linux user is sporting a nice Ubuntu 5.10. That’ll fix that sudo stuff right? Wrong.
    Automatix be damned
    …you still have much command line stuff to do.

    Needless to say,
    until Ubuntu can provide an experience that is only one or two clicks away, it will forever remain second best to
    distros such as PCLinuxOS and SimplyMEPIS. It simply cannot compete against distros that work right out of the gate
    for new Linux users. Remember, new LINUX users…not just new users in general.

    In closing, if Ubuntu works for
    you…that is great. I’m glad you’ve found a good distro. Ubuntu works great for me as well. As for my
    mother-in-law, wife, sister, uncle/aunt, etc…when they decide to give Linux a try and I want to really showcase how
    easy it is and how fantastic it works…you can bet that I won’t be showing them Ubuntu.”

    “The good stuff aside, I had a number of problems with this release.
    Fiesty Fawn was supposed to make multimedia easier. Strangely enough I
    ran into some difficulties with multimedia, as well as with some of the
    other new features.
    Here’s a list in no particular order:

    1. Firefox does not have Flash installed by default. This
      strikes me as odd since so much multimedia content uses Flash.
      Shouldn’t it be installed by default? Why should the users have to
      install it themselves?
    2. My Nvidia drivers were not installed by default.
      Initially my desktop resolution was only 1024 x 768. I was able to
      download the drivers easy from the Add/Remove tool but, given that my
      video card has been around for ages, Ubuntu should be able to install
      the drivers automatically for me.

      After installation and a reboot, the Nvidia drivers still
      weren’t working: I could not change the screen resolution to anything
      higher than 1024 x 768. At that point, I gave up. Yes, I know that you
      can edit config files, etc. to get them working, but frankly I don’t
      care. I have no desire to spend my time trying to fix something that
      should simply work.

      Remember that this version of Ubuntu is supposed to be a
      desktop version. Who wants to fart around with video drivers in this
      day and age? I know some people will not like hearing this, but this
      problem turned me off to this release of Ubuntu.


      Compare this problem with Ubuntu with Windows Vista which
      easily detected my video card and installed the Nvidia drivers so I was
      able to access a higher resolution right away (though I did have to
      change the resolution myself). I loathe Vista on a number of levels,
      but in this situation, it beat Ubuntu by a mile.

    3. When I popped a DVD into my computer, Ubuntu did
      try to search for the appropriate codec. However, I was not able to get
      the DVD to play.”,1697,2124101,00.asp

    Believe me, you’re really making a big mistake by bundling Ubuntu…

  289.  Never owned a Dell before. I’ll go with Ubuntu on my next computer. Microsoft just lost a lot of customers with their latest move.  I look forward to doing business with you. Guess you’ve heard the phrase, no guts, no glory. Nice to meet a company with the guts.

  290. Jarbas, I’m sure you can find those kinds of problems with many Linux distributions. But don’t worry: if anything, Ubuntu being shipped on Dell computers will only push Canonical and the Ubuntu community to further enhance, develop, and make compatible an operating system that is already very functional.

    I wonder if it will ship with Beryl. 😀

  291. It’s about time that Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc) finally get some attention!

    I’m soooooo happy that this is now happening! 😛 

  292. I am a European Dell and Ubuntu user and I am really happy to learn that great news, but I also would like to know if it could be possible to have these Ubuntu computer in Europe. I think that Europe would be a market as interesting as the US one. Europeans feel as much or even more concerned by open source software than the Americans (as we can see for example by the Firefox market share).

  293. Ubuntu ? Debian clone ? Yes, that’s very good news. Hardware ? Well, I hope  users will also benefit when talking about hardware. Why ?

    Look at some hardware tat can work with Windows only. They’re soft-hadrware hardware. And with Linux ? Well, I guest  the hardware Dell will choose for Ubuntu will have to be fully “hardware”. THat’s good news, and I hope it will be better for users too. Finally real hardware… 😉 

  294. Great news, and what good timing.

    I was about to shell out £1000 on a new laptop for my Daughter & myself to replace a Desktop system which has Linux Red Hat / Suse on removable hard drives for dual boot option – I do not want to loose this option.

    Will now wait till Linux option available on new laptops in England – come on Dell.

  295. I am actually now thinking of buying a laptop of dells, where as before I would have built one

    Way to go dell, You surprised me, and with this attitude, I will support and promote your product! 

  296. You have my email. Let me know when the Ubuntu units are ready to ship.

    The greatest challange for me as a relatively new Linux convert (90 days windows free) was getting all the various video formats to play properly. Epson had a driver for my scanner, but it was an RPM file, which I converted to DEB with Alien (over the heads of mainstream folks).

    So when hardware OEMs provide drivers and all the video/audio works out of the box, Ubuntu has truly arrived. My 72 y.o. father is willing to try Linux because of all the fits he is having with viruses and spyware grinding his PC to a crawl. If he could use Quicken on Ubuntu, he’d order today!

    The market for Ubuntu may be bigger than you think. We will soo find out.


  297. Great Dell, nice move . I’m into Linux for years now and i hold in esteem Ubuntu. Dell+Ubuntu=Wonderful. I can’t wait any longer

  298. I’ve been using Ubuntu since January when it was either reload Windows and all of the programs or make the change. I’ve been surprised at how easy it was to make it work. Moreover, I love the things it allows me to do. Looks like I’ve got a Dell in my future!

  299. Will Dell support GNU GPLL translations for distributing laptops/notebooks where federal law requires to be all licenses on official country language (e.g. Russia)

  300. I have an older desktop wich I installed ubuntu on. Will it be supported now?

    Re: Codecs missing: Ubuntu does not include some codecs because they are not open source. As far as Nvidia card is concerned, the help files walk you through it. Why they don’t have it configured automatically? Not everyone has Nvididia, and they might want it different.

    I’m quite happy not to have had to install a new driver for my printer, scanner, ethernet, or sound card.

  301. Great News!

    I have save some money for a new Laptop. When will be this option available for Germany?

  302. Be advised, Ubuntu 7.04 does not support dmraid (fakeraid) required for nvidia nvraid systems. Many systems shipped by Dell use nvraid..

  303. Dell, PLEASE offer your Linux alternatives to the world!!!!

    I know for a fact that you will get HEAPS of your Linux sales from places other than the USA.

    I will immediately be buying a Dell Linux laptop for my overseas trip the minute they become available in Australia!

    Please consider this!

  304. thank you so much dell, i am a linux fan through and through.  you cant imagine how happy htis makes me.  i really appreciate this move.

  305. Crucial point for Dell is to make customers satisfied with its new Linux PCs offering AND
    vendors providing full and free documentation. Otherwise, the the hardware might not work with a next Linux version in case the vendor no longer supports his proprietary driver!

    If this will be the case – a great initiative! 

  306. Great, now Linux users that uses Dell don’t have to pay Micro$oft any more  🙂

  307. Are you able to give any indication of when your Ubuntu computers will be available for people outside of the US?

    I notice there are lots of people from other countries who are anxious to get a Dell Ubuntu laptop. I’m one of them, as I will be able to buy a laptop at the end of this year, and at this stage it looks like it will certainly be from Dell, providing I can buy a well-priced Ubuntu laptop in New Zealand.

    So please give us some sort of idea as to when these computers will be available in other countries.

    And while I’m writing a comment, please make sure they’re cheaper than Windows PCs – not just for my benefit, but for the benefit of all those who will be more likely to switch from Windows to a GNU/Linux system because of it.

  308. Great!  Now when I get my next laptop, Dell will install Ubuntu for me! 🙂


    Powered By Ubuntu! :) 

  309. Congrats Dell and Ubuntu. I’ll certainly be interested in these machines when the time comes to buy new hardware.

  310. The OEMs are the only ones with sufficient power to pressure the chip vendors to release their documentation!

    we don’t want your source code and we don’t want NDAs. All we want is
    the complete documentation of your hardware so we can build our own
    stable and maintainable opensource drivers!

    If Dell wants to let
    its customers satisfied with its new Linux PCs offering, it MUST make
    vendors provide full and free (both in the sense of freedom – i.e. not
    under NDA – and in the sense of price) documentation. The rest
    (hardware support and opensource drivers) will come along.

    Cast your vote
    for free hardware documentation!
    Dell’s Linux PCs offering will be
    completely useless without proper hardware support…

  311. This just in from the AP:;

    “Dell Inc. has agreed to work with Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc. under
    an alliance the rival software makers formed last year to make it
    easier for the Windows operating system and the increasingly popular
    Linux system to work together, the companies said Sunday.”

    Sorry, Dell. This is a deal-breaker. I will not, after all, be purchasing Dell PCs under this deal. You can rest assured that many others will be making this same decision thanks to this pact you’ve made. It’s a shame, because I was really looking forward to doing business with Dell. 

  312. Bravo!

    I knew this was going to happen.

    My next laptop will definitely be a Dell with Ubuntu GNU Linux of course on it.

    Can’t wait, please hurry up for Africa, Europe, etc…


  313. I’ve never purchased a Dell system although my Mom has recently. Personally, I’d rather not use Dell hardware, but I’m seriously rethinking my position simply to encourage greater adoption of Linux. If I purchase such a system, it’ll be a laptop with an nVidia integrated chip with an AMD 64 bit microprocessor. Personally, I don’t need a multiple core processor and I want to keep the price at $700 or less. I’ve finally decided to switch from a desktop to a laptop for my main computer and choosing Ubuntu will help keep the price on target. I’ll interface my Palm handheld devices  with  my laptop so it’s so long Microsoft.

  314. I have worked in Dell and first they offered AMD, which was a great move. Cheaper chips, more money. Now they’re offering Ubuntu. Again, another great move.


    As far as the support goes, refer customers to the ubuntu forums and actually tell the average joe about what IRC is and what can IRC do for you in terms of support. IRC channels would then become flooded. Lol.


    Anyway, as always good decision.

  315. If this is available in Europe when I will buy my next computer, that will be the first Dell product I buy. =)

  316. Finally ,it’s happened!

    One that is a great computer manufacturer (personally I own two desktops from Dell ) other, a fine distro who makes Linux  more understandable  to every one.On those two Dell desktops I’m using three Linux distro ,one which is Ubuntu 7.04 ,two others are Simply Mepis 6.5 and Mandriva 2007.Having a vision of those three distro Ubuntu is the most user-friendly, is why Dell chose to work with Ubuntu.But Ubuntu is still not perfect.For people who are new to Linux ,my advice is to download Automatix2 from theirs web side program will make running Ubuntu like M$  Windows with all plug-ins.By the way Dell’s boss Micheal have this program on his personal computer at home running Ubuntu 7.04.

    Thank you Dell for listing  your customers. 

  317. Hey Dell,
    have you seen this new video of a librarian installing Dapper Drake LTS in 15 minutes on her used library computers?  I think this is the kind of viral (yet honest) marketing that can win Ubuntu over.  Are TV advertisements really anything interesting these days, I think not.;

  318. Thanks Dell. You have gained another customer.

    My curent computer runs ubuntu and i was looking at getting a laptop and i want shure which one to get. but i now know it will definetly be a Dell.



  319. Dell I just want to say that I would love to order this.  Since it’s only in the US I guess I’ll have to wait for it to migrate around the world.

    Or you could just ship it across the border to Canada and I’d be happy.. 🙂 I’ve never ordered Dell before so it would be a first experience. 

  320. I read this story on May first and have been checking the Dell site every day to see if it’s “real” yet. I can’t wait for this to happen. I’ve been checking out Ubuntu 7.04 on an older machine I had…I love it! I can’t wait to be rid of M$ forever. KUDO’S to Dell! I sincerely hope that Dell gets bombarded with orders and makes the rest of the PC world (hardware and software) sit up and take notice.

  321. Thanks Dell, that is great news!

    We are in Europe. When do you plan selling these PCs in Europe?

    Why don’t you start selling from Europe instead of US?




    Technical Support

    eeos uk ltd

    Company No. 05765416





  322. Hearing of your decision to support Microsoft’s effort to contain Linux is disheartening.  Of course, just offering SUSE on servers alone isn’t deserving of condemnation, but it does sow caution.  I may still choose to buy an Ubuntu laptop from Dell, but only if it is -significantly- cheaper than the equivalent laptop with Windows – otherwise I have no way of knowing where the traditional extra fee for pre-installed Windows is going.  And if my money is still going to Microsoft despite my choice of Ubuntu, there’s simply no reason to buy from Dell instead of System76.

  323. I just found a Latitude D620 and Ubuntu installed first time with simple questions. 

        When will Dell offer Ubuntu on new computers in Canada?

    (Have you heard of serious freedom issues raised by Vista?

    I just found a very interesting site at


  324. By god, this is a move for linux being released in the public market.
    Hopefully a better alternitive for vista (I think so)
    For now we’ve just had redhat on servers, but this is a user friendly OS which should be amazing to get new comers!


  325. Great, now Linux users that uses Dell don’t have to pay Micro$oft any more  🙂

  326. Esto tenia que suceder tarde o temprano!

    Felicidades por la evolución!!!

    Felicidades por escribir la historia de la computación!!! 

  327. Ubuntu is a very well done and easy Linux Distribuition, and is a great idea that a firm like Dell decide to sell his products with Ubuntu…

  328. So how does the new deal with Microsoft and Novell affect your relationship with Canonical, which was only first announced a week ago on May 1. One could only assume that Mr. Shuttleworth is or will be very upset. My view is that offering two different distributions of Linux will do nothing but confuse the end-user, IMHO you are doing a great disservice to to potential and existing consumer-oriented customers by casting doubt on the viability of Ubuntu as a solid alternative operating system to Vista. Here it is only one week later and we find out that Dell’s mada a seemingly contrary agreement with Microsoft and Novell. Surely there will be a lot of controversy following this latest annoncement from Microsoft just yesterday, May 7. What are we supposed to believe?

  329. I wish other vendors would do the same. HP – need to wake up and do the same. PLEASE

  330. This is awesome news!

    I’ve been running Ubuntu 7.04 (and 6.06LTS before that) on my Dell Optiplex GX270 at work and everything works smoothly on this Dell hardware. The new “Desktop Effects” look great on the nVidia (proprietary) drivers.

    My mom needs a new PC badly and she will be recieving one of the new Dell’s with Ubuntu. Even for a “recreational” user, she prefers the interface and loves the fact that she doesn’t have to worry about spyware/malware/viruses!

    Based on this announcement, I expect to order a Dell laptop (..with Ubuntu, of course!..) in the next few months.

    Good choice, Dell!

    Now, WHEN will these machines go on sale? I’d love to order Mom’s before Mothers Day!


  331. One more “way to go!” After using Ubuntu, I will never go back to Windows. My next laptop will definitely be a Dell.

  332. So can I put Ubuntu on my 2 year old Inspiron 1150 laptop? It has SUSE 9.2 but I never really liked this version – and it was problematic to install because, as it turned out, this computer wasn’t Linux certified (I hadn’t realized you couldn’t put Linux on just any PC). There was a huge issue with compiling the endis wrapper, and more twists and turns I can’t remember now. But everyone likes Ubuntu and I am very tempted.

  333. This is a great day for the consumer.  When we have choice, we win.  Consumers need interoperability and standardization combined with a diverse marketplace.

    I have been in technical support for many years and I have often recommended Dell, ‘They make their computers the way I would build one from scratch.’  Now, with the offering of Ubuntu installed from the factory, Dell will be my only recommendation.  Even if someone chooses a Microsoft Operating System, at least with Dell they have the option.

  334. I hope that Linux on Dell could be available in Europe soon.

    I like KDE, but Ubuntu uses Gnome, this is my problem. I would like to use KDE. 

  335. I don’t think this is a good idea for Dell. What SYS Admin is going to rollout Ubuntu 7.04? None. Watch Dell on the Yahoo Ticker, and you will see.

  336. I installed Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty) on a Dell Latitude D620 and can’t get the wireless to work. The machine boots and recognizes a broadcom chipset, and even creates an eth1 device but output from dmesg is very disappointing and indicates failure to load drivers. Has anyone installed Ubuntu successfully on this particular machine?

    This is what dmesg has to say:

     [ 3930.128000] bcm43xx: Error: Microcode “bcm43xx_microcode5.fw” not available or load failed.

    On a different note, I’d also like to extend my congratulations to Mark and the entire Ubuntu team for partnering with Dell to get them to Ubuntu on their machines. For my particular business, (all Linux based) it will definitely make buying and configuring machines easier to do since I won’t have to grapple and muck around with device drivers any more.


  337. Man, i want a dell now.


    Hey, we also have a cheaper note w customized ubuntu (xubuntu) to save memory? 

  338. Thank u 🙂 gracias, obrigado, merci, danke schön, grazie,…¿when in all the world? i need linux ON laptop…

  339. I think this is a great idea. Dell being the worlds #1 computer dealer and Ubuntu which is probably the best and most secure linux operating system I ever used. Maybe since Dell is now working with Ubuntu, they can actually get Dell computers into the school system and actually teach kids what Linux is all about and the impressive futuristic features that Linux overall has.

  340. This is a bad move!

    I’ve got bills to pay.

    Please continue to sell my bloatware, please!


    Only joking. Fantastic news!!!!

    When will this be available to UK buyers.

  341. we’ve been waiting so long for this to happen.. 

    i’m gonna buy a new Dell laptop as soon as it will be available in Italy

     ubuntu was the right choice to make this step. 


    so.. move on Dell.. i want a brand new laptop 🙂 

  342. Been running a Dimension 8100 with Ubuntu since 12/05. Built 3 pcs to run Ubuntu. Bought a brand-x laptop a year ago,  put in new hd , and installed Ubuntu  on it. Dell is back on the radar again. Good news indeed.

    JB,Ubuntu since 4oct05 

  343. I am so excited!! Ubuntu is an amazing operating system. GREAT JOB Dell! I will be buying a laptop from you as a result of this!

  344. Bravo, Dell !!!

    I work with both Apple and PC. I can tolerate XP, but Vista is really too ugly a monster; there are tons of reasons why it’s a complete non-option. I was considering switching to Apple only (although OS-X is getting a bit overloaded with entertainment programs; for my work, I like a minimalist system). After I’ve read about the news from Dell, I’ve finally forced myself to overcome my fear of Linux, and installed Ubuntu on my old Thinkpad (after another series of malfunctions in XP).

    Ubuntu is a beauty, and the installation was easy. Even getting the network card etc to work “only” took one day (my first time ever). With Dell offering Ubuntu instead of Vista in their sortiment, I am seriously considering purchasing my next computer from them. Previously, I saw Apple as the only option.

  345. Almost two years ago, I had to buy a laptop and went with a Dell. At the time, the only reason I was considering buying from another maker was that Dell didn’t offer laptops with Linux (and without Windows), and I wasn’t sure if the hardware I was getting would be stable/usable under Linux.

    Now, this is a no brainer. This is great news for everyone (well maybe not for Microsoft).

  346. Bravo!

    I’m from Italy, please open up to the rest of the world.

    As soon as it will be available I’m going to buy _and_ redirect many friends of mine that are looking for a PC.




  347. Great news. Many thanks to all of ubuntu.It all ready works great on my older dell computers.I hope to purchase the new computers with Ubuntu.

    Yeah! 100%Dell/Ubuntu going forward ->   🙂 See you in the future!

    One great product-Os.You be the ones to build it.




  348. I’m very happy to read this news. I only hope Dell go quickly and offer it’s products not only in US but in Europe too – mainly in Spain 😉


    Congratulations to Dell and Ubuntu team!

  349. First off: That’s a great opportunity for you and your customers.

    I hope that us Europeans will in the near future be able to get these systems, too. I believe that the market for Free Software is even greater in Europe than in the USA. In my opinion it would be a bad idea to exclude the rest of the world. Bad for you and your customers.

    Still, thank you for providing and testing Free Software on your products.

  350. I am from Singapore, and has been a Ubuntu Linux daily user cum advocate since its second release. Today, with Feisty and Beryl etc. Ubuntu Linux is totally awesome, and as curious people looked on with, “ooh”s and “wow”s, they will now notice too that the effects are running on a DELL laptop.

     Please sell Ubuntu-driven Dell systems in my country too, because I am waiting to buy the wonderfully small yet powerful XPS.

  351. That’s great news!!

    But in Europe? I know here (italy) is possible to get a refound for having windows pre-installed, this is workarund and honestly a pain.So why should i pay for an installation I can (and want) do by myself?

    Why is still so difficult to get a Dell with no systems installed?

  352. But remember, despite someone’s comment on the contrary, the price of the GNU/Linux preinstall has to be at least symbolically lower than the Windows Vista preinstall, with a clear explanation that GNU/Linux comes with many applications that would cost hundreds of dollars and are not preinstalled with Windows: Firefox, OpenOffice, Gimp, Beryl,  Evolution, Mplayer, VLC, Totem, Thunderbird, Mysql etc., possibly a thousand -dollar value! And the the ability to download and install many other valuable applications free of charge: Apache, PHP, Postgresql, etc. out of 20 thousand program repository.

    This is the way to attract the attention of the cost-conscious computer buyers. 

  353. This is a great move and will hopefully send a message to other hardware manufacturers that Linux support will help them gain customers.

    When will we be able to buy Dell Ubuntu in South Africa (home of Ubuntu)?


  354. Hello 🙂

    I am very happy with this news!! – I hope to get one new dell computer with Ubuntu here in Portugal – Europe.

    I  also am waiting for  Open Hardware  and LinuxBios 🙂 😉

  355. Great News!!!

    Congratulations for making such a unique step.

    I hope you extend this marketing  program to Europe soon (Greece too).

     A lot of people waiting for someone to offer something different.

  356. I can’t wait to see feisty on dell laptops in France.

    Please, do not forget Europe,

  357. To all those calling for KDE: just install the kubuntu-desktop package from the terminal or in synaptic. As soon as that finishes you’ll have KDE packages lain right over the existing base system.

  358. Cool,


    Please make this available to Quebec, Canada and I will buy a Dell.



  359. I love Ubuntu more than any other distribution, its the 1st one I tried but its still my favourite. This is the best news I have heard in a long time but I hope that Ubuntu becomes available in Europe.

    Please Dell make it happen!

  360. This is a Good Thing ™! A pity that you spoiled some of this good carma by making a questionable deal with Microsoft and Novell though… But still, it’s more than other verdors are willing to do. For me, the most important advantage of Dell is the possibility to buy a laptop without windows, or at least it would be if Dell would offer the same in Europe (where I would actually expect a larger market for Linux than in the US, btw).

    But what I was saying is that most Linux users are quite capable of intsalling the OS themselves, so if you don’t want to actually preload a Linux distro selling laptops without any OS will do just fine. In fact, we buy all our Dell servers that way. So please : hurry up and put laptops without the MS-tax on sale in Europe!

  361. Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU DELL!!!!!

    I never used open source software because it was free, I use it because it’s better. Security, stability and reliability matter!

    I am buying a “Dellbuntu” as soon as they are available!

    p.s. if my 5 year old can use linux, then I’d hope an adult wouldn’t find it too difficult 😉 

  362. All the best for this worthy endeavour.

    Can you blog about your plans for India some time? 

  363. Great news… I really think Ubuntu is leading the way on Linux, and now, Dell its going to make this even better… No more patch, no more virus, no more spyware, spamware… Welcome To Linux!….


    Make this available worldwide… ´cause Mexico its into Linux too….

  364. Well, all I can say is “Congratulations to Mr. Shutttleworth, his great team and to Dell for moving ahead with natural evolution”, I bought my Dell 1501 couple months ago and didn’t even bother to accept Windows license agreement.

    The question is: Will Mr. Gates consider to develop his own ms-ised version of Linux… I mean clearly sooner or later best goes over worst and the fact is, yes, you’ve got the cash, but people is in the end who choose the machine… no marketing will save you out of openoffice by Sun, not office by my dearest unknown Hindu code assembler.

  365. I never used open source software because it was free, I use it because it’s better. Security, stability and reliability matter!

  366. Great! I love ubuntu and dell. i’ve already installed ubuntu on justice people’s party member desktop and some laptop. they love it. i hope dell will produce desktop and laptop with ubuntu in malaysia. -sorry if my english no very good –

  367. I want Dell + Ubuntu laptops in India ! Will buy for my whole office !




  368. Congratulations to Dell and Canonical! This is the best news in a very long time.

    I own a Dell desktop, now running XP. I also have a HP laptop with XP and Kubuntu. My daughter uses Kubuntu only, on her old laptop. Her next laptop will surely be a Dell if the Dell+Ubuntu config becomes available here in Norway. Please make sure it does!

    I work for a big organisation using XP only. I keep telling my colleagues about Ubuntu and they are getting curious. I think the future of Dell+Ubuntu could be bright.

    An idea: To attract Windows users, I think KDE (Kubuntu) is a closer match than Gnome (Ubuntu). Somehow, make it easy for users to get KDE.

  369. Thanks many Dell for this way. I hope to see Dell PC + Ubuntu also in Italy. Thanks

  370. Like almost everyone else here, I am thrilled to hear about this.  I will certainly keep Dell in my thoughts for new computers.  I’m also hoping that since the m1210 is still being sold, there may finally be a easier solution for getting my webcam to work!

  371. well just to add my support of this, a brilliant move and a massive step for ubuntu, i personally are very excited about the prospect of a Ubuntu Dell Laptop! bring it on!

  372. Well, this is certainly something that makes my day.

     But it’s not because ubuntu ships on dells that I now actually like dell, but jsut because they have linux on dell’s.

    Ubuntu’s a great distro, but distros like arch, gentoo, and slackware are much better.

    And before people flame me because those distros are “too hard” for linux newbies, well, dell could always ship instrtuction booklets with dell’s that have these distros on them, that explain how to use these distros, etc. 

  373. I have had a Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop for a few years and have been very pleased with it.  I was always weary about switching to Linux, but when I heard that dell was offering Linux on new systems in the consumer market I thought that the time had come to make a switch.  I figured if Dell thought that the Ubuntu distribution was good enough for their computers, it’s good enough for mine.  I downloaded Ubuntu 7.04 and installed it right away.  I had no problems with anything except the Broadcom wireless chipset drivers that Andrew mentioned above.  That was easily fixed with a simple bit of research on the Ubuntu help forums and a quick download.  In regards to ease of use and all around functionality, I think Ubuntu beats Windows XP hands down.  Good job Dell.  And to all of the rest of you out there who are nervous about making the switch, go ahead and do it.  It’s a huge leap forward.


  374. This is awesome news. It is great to see a large company like Dell take the initiative to make a move like this. Hopefully now I will be able to buy a computer preinstalled with a distro other than Linspire’s garbage.

  375. Awsome news, I’m using Fiesty in my desktop and it’s superb. I’m also going to buy a Dell Inspiron 1501 notebook and hope to use ubuntu in that too. So I think I can be assured that I won’t have to face any problem with my lap + ubuntu.

     Congrats. Go ahead.

  376. It is really great move. I have being using Ubuntu in my Inspiron 5100 for a long time. Ubuntu is a great operating system for home use as well as for my research work. Also it is a good combination… “Dell with Ubuntu”… You can imagine… Still I am using my 4 year old Inspiron 5100. With Ubuntu I hope I can use it for another 2-3 years.

    Great work Ubuntu as well as Dell



  377. I was just wondering. Would there be an option for it to be pre-installed with Windows/Ubuntu dual-booting? I would use Ubuntu only, but I gotta have my gaming fix. There are just too many good games that are not compatible with WINE (Cedega, and CrossOver included.). I also don’t like paying monthly fees(Cedega).

  378. If Dell offers Linux option on the relatively inexpensive options, then I would be quite keen on holding off for one of them, rather than settling for one on the market that according to Linux forums does quite well with Linux. Wonder if HP (another supporter of Open Source software) will start offering relatively inexpensive Linux approved notebooks before Dell does.



  379. I really don’t need too much technical support from Dell, but having hardware that is known to work with linux Kubuntu is enough to make me consider buying a Dell soon. I hate buying complete computer systems from the stores, never know what components are inside will work with linux – and this weeks offering may be different than last week’s. It will be nice to have an off the shelf  system I know will
    work. On the other hand, Dell is in for a lot of extra work when the windows users start trying Ubuntu systems  and can’t find their usual Microsoft icons.

  380. Please can anyone from Dell or anyone advice me when they launch this in Spain ?


    I will be the first one to get a brand new Dell with Ubuntu installed. Please let me know

  381. Great news, thanks to Michael and Dell great move. My next laptop will be a Dell ubuntu.     

  382. Outstanding move, hope it works for both Canonical and Dell.

    Only by making this offer internationally available will the real benefits be seen (Dell sales, Ubuntu penetration and customer satisfaction). You know the real numbers/buyers are outside the States!!! Please, as MJ said, “Heal the World, make it a better place.”

    An Aussy Linux fan, Ubuntu user, Dell owner… and word-of-mouth promoter if you play your cards right 😉

  383. I’m going to buy a Dell notebook preloaded with Ubuntu when they come out, so long as it ships with a decent Nvidia video adapter.

  384. Glad to hear the news. I’m thinking about setting up my Inspirion as a dual boot with XP and Unbuntu, but would prefer to buy an inexpensive desktop with Unbuntu pre-installed.

    I’ll be watching for the Ubuntu-Dell systems.  

  385. Great,

    Now I know the new PC brand I’ll get 🙂 sure DELL!  DELL rules…


    Bad that in France they don’t have latitude anymore… only Inspiron, don’t like it…



  386. This is a bold and exciting move for the computing world. More people will now have greater liberties with their computers. I applaud everybody who has made this day possible, and finally become a reality.

  387. While this is good news in general, Ubuntu and Dell have a lot of work if they think they’re going to ship this out to people and not be flooded with hardware compatibility problems.  I can’t even use my new Dell 24″ monitor on the 7.04 live cd properly, it doesn’t recognize the resolution. 

    How can Dell offer this to people if it doesn’t recognize their own monitors and they have to searching for drivers ?   This is just one piece of hardware, what about the rest ?

  388. Great step in a great direction! I hope Dell not only offers Linux but also promotes it like it does Windows.

  389. Hi,

    I was about to order a linux laptop from m-tech computers and since i’ve heard about this initiative my next laptop will be a dell. I hope the top of the line XPS notebooks will be available for purchase in Switzerland soon with linux preinstalled. I love you Dell for making this decision and for listening to your customers. You just gained a faithful customer.

  390. This is good news. However…
    1. Will they be available outside the US (Australia/Europe/UK)?
    2. Will they have Tux or Function Keys instead of Windows keys?

  391. I was just doing a search on Dell for Ubuntu and laptops, and I don’t see anything yet. 

  392. YEEEEHAAAA ok ok, now when this service comes worldwide i will buy myself a Dell with ubuntu.. i already have ubuntu on all my devices including my mac. It’s just great dell, thx thx thx so much. Since i’m working with ubuntu for already a long time, and i’m doing much in the community, i really love this. thx

  393. This is very exciting, but we will see what the reality will be. You know, big companies…

  394. Hi.

    Wonderful. The 6400 I’m going to order also offers a HD with 160 GB. That’s big enough for a dual boot.
    Anyway I will try OpenSUSE first. But the Linux commitment definitely helps on deciding to buy DELL.

    Thank you!


  395. Great move, I was going to buy a apple to put Ubuntu on, but I think now my problem of looking for what laptop to buy is solved… it will be dell with ubuntu, i hope ubuntu will be installed on the laptops with intergrated webcams.

     Clever move and congratulations!

  396. I hope that Dell will support Ubuntu on Inspiron 6400 🙂

    They should provide distro for the existing users.


  397. OK then, I’ll hold on my good old Dell laptop that has worked so well all these years (except for glitches quickly fixed by your amazing support team) and will wait a couple more months to get a new one… with Ubuntu !!!

    I was actually planning on putting Ubuntu in my computers but it’ll be great to have it coming from factory… welcome the future! 

    I didn’t deal that much with Dell in 2002-2004 so I guess I was lucky not to have interacted during those darker times hehe.

    good to have you back Michael.

  398. Great, Now the rest of the World!

    Being a Worldwide Company Dell should not delay selling Ubuntu (Linux) preloaded Equipment also outside the USA, as I understand this giant leap does not yet reach across the border.

    We would really like to be able to purchase an Inspiron with Ubuntu Preloaded our current residence in Thailand now!

    DELL, Please push it further!



  399. I will gladly buy a Dell/Ubuntu laptop!

    But – ONLY if wireless connectivity works right “out of the box”.  No struggling with ndiswrapper, modprobe, kernel recompiling or any of that nonsense.  

    A laptop without wireless is pointless and basically worthless.  BTW, I have never found a wifi adapter that works with with Ubuntu on my Toshiba laptop (and I’ve tried many).  So I will wait until I hear that wifi works perfectly with “no assembly required” before buying.

    A word to the wise: hardware compatibility is absolutely crucial to the success of your Dell/Ubuntu experiment.  Take your time and get it right the first time.  You may not get a second chance. 

     Good luck.


  400. I will gladly buy a Dell/Ubuntu laptop!

    But – ONLY if wireless connectivity works right “out of the box”.  No struggling with ndiswrapper, modprobe, kernel recompiling or any of that nonsense.  

    A laptop without wireless is pointless and basically worthless.  BTW, I have never found a wifi adapter that works with with Ubuntu on my Toshiba laptop (and I’ve tried many).  So I will wait until I hear that wifi works perfectly with “no assembly required” before buying.

    A word to the wise: hardware compatibility is absolutely crucial to the success of your Dell/Ubuntu experiment.  Take your time and get it right the first time.  You may not get a second chance. 

     Good luck.


  401. Can’t find proper words to congratulate Dell for this move.


    Just like valent before, I am a KDE adept so it would be great to see Dell offer a choice between regular Ubuntu (Gnome) and kUbuntu (KDE). 

  402. woo yay, was going to buy a barebones laptop as I hate paying for a windoze disk I shall never use.

    well done Dell, I will definately look at this, the easy option is now the affordable option.

    (all I need now is a decent linux pda / phone)

  403. Whoosh! A lot of comments here already, but I just can’t be silent. Dell just got another customer! As soon as I see Dell+Ubuntu laptop I’ll buy it right away. The Linux community has waited too long for someone to make this step.

  404. Great hear that Dell is moving to that direction, I’m here actually because I’m using ubuntu in a Desktop without problems, but I’m trying ubuntu in my Laptop Dell Latitude D610 and wireless is a nightmare definitely drivers is a must and publish them in Dell website, all the fixes for hardware used laptops sold the last 5 years.

  405. Personally I’ve installed a number of Ubuntu Linux on Dell desktop in a Software Training Institute.

    This was done by partitioning the existing harddisk without any problems.

    The GRUB was by default to Ubuntu. If any user/student wanted Windows to be default, I would make the required changes in the “menu.lst”file to have that option also.

    Ubuntu so far is a great OS distro for users. Thanks to


    for the venture and gratitudes to

    Ubuntu team

    for their marvelous efforts. 

  406. Great,

    my next notebook will indeed be Dell. I live in Italy: I hope that the market of the Ubuntu systems will be extended in Europe quite soon. I look forward for Dell dealing with this awesome choice.

  407. With the latest Ubuntu distribution, I was able to take my dad to Panera Bread and show him how to connect to any wireless network, whether it be unsecured, WPA, or WEP.  I also got him hooked up with the Sprint aircard, took a tiny bit of configuration, but it worked.  It’s getting easier and easier.  I have to say that Ubuntu was quite a bit easier than Windows XP in connecting to wireless networks.  Now I just have to look into graphics acceleration.  Basically, the whole key to getting the wireless working in the latest version of Ubuntu was going into the /etc/networks/interfaces file and commenting out everything not having to do with the ‘lo’ interface (putting a ‘#’ character at the beginning of the line).  After that, the network manager worked without hiccup.

    I’m anxiously awaiting Dell’s introduction of that laptop with Ubuntu – I keep checking back every couple of days.

  408. I have been running Ubuntu on my Dell Latitude 500 for quite some time now. Congratulations to Dell on the wise move.

  409. As with others – you’ve gained another customer,  Ubuntu is my favorite distro, and dell my favorite gaming computer.  Although, at the office, it’s always a kick to whip out Beryl in the middle of a presentation…  Just hearing everyone go “whoa – what the…..”

    Now please hurry up and start advertising which models will be available with Ubuntu 🙂

  410. Great news!!!

    Ubuntu is a good distro (but Fedora is my favourite) and any Linux distro that makes it into mainstream computers will beef up the Linux assault on Microsoft. Hopefully, other manufacturers will follow suit. Microsoft, this is the beginning of the end!

  411. I was surfing on Dell’s home/home office website today, and I noticed
    that the e1505s no longer have the option of having an nVidia graphics
    card.  Removing that option is not a very good move because
    nVidia’s Linux support is still light years ahead of ATi.  Please
    consider putting the option for nVidia cards back!

  412. i wish that my dell latitude d520 is included in the list for supported ubuntu laptops


    thnx dell !

  413. I’ve just had a very frustrating time on the phone with Dell (UK)
    sales.  My question was simple.  Please can you tell me when
    I will be able to buy a
    Dell notebook with Ubuntu Linux installed
    rather than windows.  Also which models will be available. 
    The nearest I got with three different people was one guy who said in a
    couple of days.  However, he then went on to say that windows
    vista would be installed; clearly misunderstand completely.  A
    search on the Dell UK website provides no information what so
    ever.  Please Dell, sort this out, give us a clue when and what
    you are going to offer.  I would like nothing better than to buy
    from you a notebook with Linux pre-installed.  If you are going to
    offer this then please get on with it.  Otherwise I can stop
    wasting my time with you and move on to other options.

  414. It seems that tomorrow (24/5/2007) inspiron 1505 and dimension e520 will be available with pre-installed ubuntu 7.04.

    Lets see the prices…. 

  415. Sad, that Ubuntu isn’t American, and therefore not submersed in the evil economy and coorporate control that we are.

    Bad move Linux, choosing THE most evil PC manufacturer in America to partner with 🙁 

  416. Brilliant move Dell!  Ubuntu is sure to please those seeking to get away from customizable windows OS’s!



  417. Dell,

    This is simply amazing.  I never thought I would see the day when Linux would become a heavyweight and get preinstalled from a big player.  I looked all around for a feedback E-Mail or something similar but could not find it, so for the moment I’ll have to leave a comment. 


    Thank you so much 

  418. Mike, are you freaking kidding? Or maybe you just live in some alternate reality where Ubuntu has any choice at all which OEM it goes to. Personally, I actually want Linux to evolve into a viable windows alternative. It’s now being preloaded on the most popular oem retailer of computers in the world; I’m pretty sure that’s ridiculously awesome. You can continue to be a purist off in lala-land while I celebrate in the real world.

  419. Two thumbs way up!!  At last Linux in the shape of a fine distro
    like Ubuntu, makes it into the major leagues. Congratulations !

  420. I’m seriously considering getting a Dell after this move, but the one thing that’s stopped me from getting one of the laptops has been the weight – any Ultra Light Ubuntu Laptops? (what an acronym, ULUL!)

  421. The so-called entry level PC offered by Dell is a monster compared to what I am using now (AMD Duron with 512m ram)  I am wondering, is it just me?  My current system will not use much more that 400m of RAM when I am scanning at 1200 dpi and I have a music player open.

    So is there a practical reason to have 1gig, other than when running VMware?

    My ole PC was choking on Win98 when I worked it hard, so retired it for almost 2 years and loaded Ubuntu on it on a lark. I found that my lame PC was suddenly quite adequate. The Dell $599 PC as configured, would probably SCREAM. I would love to hear reveiws when someone actually has one and can put it though the paces.

    In the meantime, I am saving my nickels for a Dell.

    Just one thing Dell, configure it to play everything (wmv, ra, swf, dvd out of the box)  I can do it, but it is kind of a PITA. 





  422. yahhh, ive been pimping ubuntu to all the people i do webdev with…..some of the new comers to webdev now want to buy ubuntu machines from you …


    running a webserver/databses server and all the rest as well as a 3d desktop without sweat really made them weak at the knees.

     but i cant find the purchase page……is it ready yet, can i buy them in adelaide australia?

  423. Fantastic!  I think some of my doubts about Dell have been cleared.  When will Ubuntu computers become available in Australia?  It seems that there is a demand for these computers down under, and I want to see them on the australian store.

  424. I’m still waiting on the credit from the “open source” deskop I just returned. Trying to install Ubuntu on a computer with only an onboard floppy and CD ROM was stressful, to say the least.  The so called “Free DOS” was not free … unless major stress is healthy.

    I’ve now installed Ubuntu on a locally built desktop … and  found  this  site  on line. I’m still looking for a laptop.  I will now put Dell back on my list of options.

     There are many corporations that are destructive to the planet and  many think Mircrosoft is at the top of the list. It’s certain they have contributed greatly to the anger and stress in the lives of computer users. I’m glad to hear Dell is not owned by Microsoft.


  425. When will Dell actually respond regarding the availability of Ubuntu in Australia and other parts of the world???

  426. I’m still waiting on a credit from Dell for the “open source” computer I returned. The “Free DOS” was not free to me —  for I spent several stressful days trying to make it work. I had to pack the computer up so  I wouldn’t be tempted to try and fix it.

    I installed Ubuntu on a locally built desktop computer and was  amazed to find this site on line.  Maybe I was too hasty in giving up on Dell. They build great computers. The only problem with them are the operating systems.

     I’m still looking for a laptop and will now put Dell back on my list of options.

     I was beginnig to think Dell was owned by Microsoft.

  427. Thank you Dell and I promise that from now on that I will only my Dell products in the future.

    I feel that this is an important move that can promote computing to everyone regardless of age, race, background or disability

    In the future I will turn to Dell because of this move

  428. Ubuntu, it is another operative sistem or a compiled based-debian named ubuntu? (not original)

    Ubuntu is falling like M$ is full of holds. I like Red Hat EL 5. more hard and excelente support!!!


  429. I am checking dell web site , can not find any PC offering with ubuntu. Gee I can’t wait for that .. Hurry up ..

  430. Hey guys, this is the best thing could happen. Now, people will have
    the chance to know what having a real professional software in their
    hands means. I got a small company, but all the cumputers here use
    Ubuntu and I must accept it was the best choice in all my entire life.

    Congratulations guys. 

  431. thank God I may not have to buy Vista bloatware for our upcoming
    round of desktop replacements. will get a laptop/ubuntu system first as
    a demo to gain management’s endorsement.

  432. Great news. Long overdue. I will defer my PC replacement until the Dell Ubuntu machines are available. I will never buy another PC with MS pre-installed. Why should I pay for something I will never use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  433. Hi All,

     I have a Inspiron 610m Laptop and I have Ubuntu configured and installed on it as well as Windows XP. I wish Dell could cater for the Asian Market as well, Malaysia, India, etc. I am looking forward to Dell catering for malaysian users to purchase these new systems as well. Hoping to hear some positive feedback.

     Can’t hardly wait….

  434. Great. But when? Singapore is waiting. Linux on Dell will save us from falsely jacking-up Microsoft’s figures just because its pre-installed (and immediately wiped!).

  435. Use already on a inspiron 9300 for over 6 month ,update to 7.04 one month ago and it is making me cry of joy,so many software free. Had vista ,so hard to get working,so i flush it. By the way ubuntu saw all hardware ,sound ,wifi,graphic,ect. Up to now no anti virus and  no bugs came in. What can i said,bravo keep the transfer to ubuntu.

  436. I’m a newbie to Linux but I believe that it is now time for this O/S to
    leave the computing back-waters. Dell not only gets big brownie points
    but will also promote Ubuntu as the Linux of choice.

  437. Linux is very matured OS in all case. In desktops lack of professional support or carelessness of companies like Dell made Linux feel as a Hard to use OS among lot of non-techie users. I say it is late move by Dell

    I wish to have Dell’s Linux Laptops in India.

  438. I love this idea. I hope dell will offer this configuration in other countries like Greece for example…

  439. Great !!!!

    but guys, you can get a dell preinstalled with windows and install Ubuntu yourself, or just wait for it to come to the rest of the world. BUT why is dell only offering this to the US only??? Why US only??

    Need to think about this…..

  440. It is good news if you live in the US…I believe this is a political ploy for the FTC to say see we sold linux but no one bought it….because Dell is limiting the market to the US only…..I have asked this question to Dell sales in canada and they are completely ignoring the issue…..

  441. I hope it is available in Australia as well.

    I asked a Dell saleperson whether I could get a laptop bundled with Ubuntu at one of the Dell direct store in Sydney yesterday, and I was surprised that he did not even know what Ubuntu is …)

  442. The reason why Dell has made this US Only is so that they can iron out all the wrinkles in their home market first before making this development global.

  443. Dude im getting a Dell (when i have money)

                                               Ubuntu inside



  444. Hope this reaches Australia soon – hinge has broken on my old laptop so I will very shortly need to buy a replacement. I’m kind of delaying and hoping that Dell Australia will start distribution before I buy one. Emailed Dell sales in Aust about a week ago, no response yet 🙁

  445. Let Freedom Ring!

    Congratulations to You for your  decision. Now you are not selling sugar water. Any new deals with Microsoft will loose me as a new customer. although I plan to buy Dell as my next laptop there will be enough time to see the real character that You have because MS is going to slap you around a bit. Hang in there, You can change the World.

  446. i am a computer repair tech by trade and a lot of my customers have dells and they dislike dell becouse of the hassles with windows xp and hardware issues me myself i have an hp and tried ubuntu like it but theres one problem is there any way to get windows software aka games to run on it and make driver updates easer the by using the terminal in ubuntu if so then my next business computer will be a dell one other thing i forgot to add thanx for offering amd instead of just intel

  447. Is it true that linux based DELL comps are going to be costlier than their windows counterparts…If this were true I will be a big loser because I have already ordered for a DELL N-series laptop… 🙁

  448. I just asked an online Dell Tech Rep if the E1705 Inspiron laptop could be purchased with Ubuntu. I was told that only the E1505 is offered with Ubuntu. I don’t see why the 17″ monitor laptop can’t run it if the 15″ monitor laptop can.  I was told I could load it myself, but there is no warrantee if I do so.  I’ll wait and see if this situation changes anytime soon.

    Some better news is that the XPS 410 can be purchased with Ubuntu, and I just bought one last year.  🙂  I was told I should have no problem if I install Ubuntu on that myself.  I’m going to download it tonight and install it this weekend.

    Kudos to Dell for giving the marketplace what it really wants instead of what MicroSoft dictates it delivers  Thank You!

  449. I am keen ony purchaceingLapTop with Linux OS. ThankYou Dell for taking initiative in providinh Linux Os based Laptops.

    But, Does dell provodes Duel OS bootable Laptops (WixXP & Linix both).

    If yes can any one suggesy me the recommrnded models, for user in India?

  450. When you configure a Dell Dimension E520N with Ubuntu, the last step is additional software packages. Interestingly it offers &quot;PC Tutor: Learn Windows Vista and Office 2007&quot;. I think this is not compatible with Ubuntu and 😉

  451. I own a DELL XPS M1710 notebook last summer (for both work and pleasure, obviously).  After seeing an Ubuntu / Beryl demo video on YouTube and now reading this announcement, I am very anxious to make the switch. 

    Will you support Ubuntu with XPS M1710 drivers?

  452. I just saw this post & video.. good choice by DELL…

    The video ended & I was just scrolling down & looking at the comments. They were not ending.. Finally, I got here all the way from top.

    I don’t know whether these many comments exist on any other post.. But I  feel, this shows the awareness of people about UBUNTU.. Good decision by DELL..

  453. I just wanted to say that I’m really impressed with Dell for taking this decision, I guess it’s time to change my HP for a new Dell laptop (needed a new laptop anyway) I’m an IT student and we have been playing with VMware and Linux distributions and I have liked Ubuntu and Fedora a lot.

    Will you be offering your Dells with any other Linux distributions?

    Either way well done! you got a new customer 🙂


  454. Next time I purchase a computer it will be from you because I believe in what you are doing. I know I can (and have) install Ubuntu myself without having to buy the computer from you.

     To package Ubuntu is a gesture of integrity and I respect that.


  455. this really is a great thing. reading all these comments i had some toughts about them:

    1) most people are really happy with this anouncement and so am i but few of them think et a pitty that dell chose ubuntu. i think this is because ubuntu is the most popular distribution so most of the costumers will be used to the the way you work around in ubuntu.

     2) some of those guys said that they want to stick to windows. well there mad (sorry).

    3) i think that the dell team really has to think about what is  in these comments. they’re very interesting.

    4) as for myself: i work around in linux for about a month and had much problems cause i wasn’t used to it. i have had a lot of distro’s (pioneer, SUSE, mandriva, fedora, dsl, elive and ubuntu) i tought the best was ubuntu but i hate the gnome desktop so i took  kubuntu instead.

    5) some comments said that they wanted style. i think thats a good idea. hope you will consider it.

    6)  one last thing for the ubuntu team: i work on the dutch translations for gutsy gibbon and i downloaded alpha (tribe) 2. maybe you should improve userfriendly gui and make the step from windows to linux a bit less big for new users. you’re all doing a great job (dell, canonical and everyone who wants to try it out).


    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  456. Ubuntu strikes me as similar to windows 95 in design  as i have just downloded  it for my old p.c at home since i have just upgraded to something called vista..Hmm.  <<<WHY IS IT NOT  RELEASED IN AUSTRALIA YET >>>  i suppose it wouldnt work with lotus notes, would it.

  457. Good  on  you  Dell  and  congratulation Mark  your work will  be  well  rewarded  i  myself  have used  and  tried  many  different  makes of computers  i  liked    your   operating system when   i  tried  it  and  hopefully now  we  can  get  drivers  for  software  that   our  computers  use  i  myself  build  computers and im glad  so  Glad  that Dell  has  seen  your  potential may this be a  day of  rejoicing  for  all    cheers   Hira  from NZ

  458. Hi, I’m very happy about the move to include Ubunt!  It’s about time people had a choice on the OS they want to work with!

    I’ve established a Dell account for our company and have been using the dell servers I’ve purchase to run Feisty on it since the early part of 2006.  I’ve been running Zimbra, SSL-Explorer, BackupPC and LAMP to name a few Server Services running on a couple of Feisty boxes without any problems.  We now have Enterprise class services running for a mere fraction or close to $0.00 of what would have cost bucko-bucks if we had a M$ Windows Server Environment.  Oh, I do have one NT box running file and authentication services and all workstations running M$ Win XP Pro, but that’s about it.

    I love Ubuntu and couldn’t imagine how I would do my job without it!

    Ronald Arenas

    Gateway Industries Inc.

    Dir. of Sys/Network Services

  459. I agree with most everyone.. thanks for building a box with Linux. I also use Kubuntu and am wondering if it possible to get the K desktop on a Dell, or can I upgrade myself?

     Thanks for not bowing down to microshaft!

  460. GRIPE!

     I just saw today that Ubuntu 7.04 is in fact being offered on the Dell webstore.  Why haven’t I seen any advertised offering on their flyers which I receive in our Corporate HQ?  Why is there no campaigne to sell more Ubuntu boxes.  Is this just for interested Ubuntu Linux users and hobbyist  who accidentally find out via web search that Dell is now offering systems with Ubuntu 7.04?

     Why such a low or near to NO INTRODUCTION of the new OS being offered?  How will people know that it is in fact being offered?



    Can Dell put at least one hint of indication that they do have Ubuntu on the main page?  All you see a link in “Desktops” for “Open-Source Desktops” then it offers “FreeDOS”.

    And even when you try and customize a PowerEdge Server there’s no Ubuntu offering, only M$ Windows!

    I find this a bit unfair!  The general public doesn’t know its there!


    Ronald Arenas, Dir of Sys/Network Svcs  / Gateway Industries, Inc.

  461. How can I do to buy a dell’s notebook whitout having to buy any Windows, and if it is possible with Ubuntu already installed? I am in New Zealand.


  462. Great move!

    I hope that possibility will offer  in the rest of country’s!

    You know, I am Italian ……………………………………….

  463. I just received my new Latitude D830 with Vista Ultimate OEM. Now I want to install a linux distro (Ubuntu or Debian) but it seems to be impossible. When I search on the internet I don’t find a solution. As Dell seems to create the opportunity to choose for Ubuntu I suppose they can deal with the bug in what seems to be their hardware drivers. Why can’t they communicate and publish the solution to create a dual boot M$ Vista + Linux???

    Shame on you Dell !!! 


  464. OK, OK, great all those thanks to Dell for his offering.

    But now: where is that hell of ubuntu so I should download it yet?!


  465. A good idea but its october.Still waiting and very very still waiting. Cant wait forever. Get it happening while Vista is crapping out or the boat WILL BE MISSED.

  466. Restoring a broken dual boot can be done using an Ubuntu CD.  This is if Vista or XP has been installed after a Linux installation, or the Linux GRUB OS menu is gone.  For anyone interested I do have an iso that can be burned to a CD.  It is a command line GRUB boot restorer.  I made this using Ubuntu 7.04.  A tutorial online showed how to make a GRUB CD.  This option is much faster.  Booting off the CD takes 5 seconds.  Restoring the broken GRUB menu takes another 10 seconds.  Do not let the command line scare you.  You only need to know 2 or 3 lines

  467. As posted on;

    Ubuntu can be installed on a Canadian Dell 1501.;

    have followed the instructions on this website to get Ubuntu
    installed.  Wi-fi has to be configured manually and this website shows
    how.  I have a fully functional Dell 1501 with Ubuntu setup with some
    of my own customizations.  Anyone who needs a hand can leave a message

    Some problems currently noted.

    Hibernate and sleep do not work.  Only buttons that do work are Shutdown and restart.

    Cannot get Compiz to work properly. Many users have gotten it to work and many others have not.

    Update: Ubuntu 7.10 now allows the Wifi to be installed using the restricted drivers manager.  Command line is no longer needed for installation.

  468. I got a Dell inspiron 530s. I installed ubuntu 7.04 “remasterarized” by Dell and it worked almos perfectly. The only thing that is not working is the 1680×1050 widescreen resolution for the E207WEFP monitor. I got maximum 1280×1024 but it not cover completely the screen.

    Anyone has faced and solved this problem? I would appreciate any help.



  469. This may help in allowing you to change your screen size×1024-on-ubuntu-with-ati-radeon-mobility-x1600-555602/&nbsp;

    You will have to open a terminal and enter this command

    sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

    NOTE:  Linux is case sensitive.  X11 has a capital X.  xorg is a lower case x

     I hope this helps. Make sure you make a backup file called xorg.bak.  If anything goes wrong, you can use this command to overwrite the file.  This is if you are stuck on the command line.

    sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.bak /etc/X11/xorg.conf


  470. To create a dual boot system, you have to first shrink the Vista partition and make a Linux partition. You also have to have a swap partition.  The tool you are looking for is GParted.  A Linux-based open source partition magic tool.  This is a livecd.  Copy this the same way you would copy Ubuntu on a CD.

    1.  Download an ISO burner to burn to a CD if you don’t have one already;

    2.  Download GParted (Latest version is always recommended);

    3.  Burn GParted to a CD

    4.  Tutorial to use GParted (Found this.  Looks good);

  471.    I bought a Dell long time ago, recently got stole.   I wanted another one, but with Linux.   I got some trouble finding the site at the begining, but I am glad we have that option like in another countries.  

    Thank you!

    P.S. I belive it needs a little more advertisment!!

  472. an inspiron 6400,with  a few options

    UBUNTU is really happy on it

    and me too

    everything ” open”


  473. Good news. I have been using Ubuntu on my Sony laptop for a year and a half and, despite some reservations about the laptop itself, I love Ubuntu. When this Vaio ends its life, I will certainly consider replacing it with a Dell. 

  474. Hola !!!

    a pesar de que todos escriben en ingles, podrían decirme como arreglo totos los problemas que se me han presentado para instalar ubuntu 7.10, me envía un mensaje de error de microcode….., antes instalé la versión ubuntu 6.10 y no puedo conectarme con la inalambrica.

    Dado todo lo anterior, por que DELL no genera una versión de ubuntu compatible o que solucione todos los problemas que se generan en sus computadoras ??

    Saludos a todos y VIVA EL SOFWARE LIBRE!!!! 

  475. Great now when i buy a new pc ill have what i want and only that, and when i want it i can just go download what i want when i want for free most of the time.

  476. so, if i buy a omputer with u can send me the software for free?????

    but send it to me in a cd nt installed…..


    tks for your respond 

  477. Given the fact that India has a piracy level of 75% free and open source software will not only help to develop this country but it might become the future of a free and innovative culture. Great if Dell India could be one of the forerunners to provide hardware which is fully supported by Linux (Ubuntu).

  478. It's really great to know that Dell's selling Linux supported computers.

    I mean, I don't care if is it Ubuntu, Fedora or whatever, it's good to know that your hardware is 100% linux-compatible, last year I've bought an HP laptop just because people told me it was more Linux-friendly, with GeForce based cards and such (I already knew that dell were selling ubuntu-based computers, but since it was not here in Brazil, bogus..). The software that came means nothing for all I care, since I'll download the latest version of open-source software right after my computer arrives

  479. Selling Ubuntu laptops in belgium to would be a very good step. I would immediately buy on!

    When is support for belgium coming?

  480. Two weeks since our small office migrated to Linux (13 new laptops, 5 new desktops); 2 PC's running XP Pro.

    One more lost opportunity for Dell in Canada. (all our servers are Dell)




  481. Is it possible to get a DUAL boot Dell notebook / laptop with both Ubuntu and Windows (XP preferably, or Vista otherwise)?  I am interested in the XPS M1330.  It would be cool to be able to dual boot this… 

  482. It was impossible to order a M1330 with pre-installed Ubuntu in Austria. Our neighbours in Germany *can* order ubuntu-notebooks exactly how we would need them.

    And the second thing: Even on the website it was hard to find those ubuntu-notebooks.

    I thought Dell would make our live easier, but helps nothing, when we cannot buy those things. 🙁

    Anyway I ordered an XPS M1330 with Vista, have to delete Vista and install Ubuntu.


  483.  Thank you for the option but bring it to Australia.  I won't be buying another PC until it comes either without an operating system or with Ubuntu preloaded.

  484. When I updated my PC 2 years ago, only 2 things stopped me migrating from MS/Win to Linux OS – finding a vendor that sells a PC with Linux loaded and no Quicken for Linux. I hope Dell will be selling a Linux loaded PC in Australia when I replace mime in about 10 – 12 months time,  Then I will migrate from Quicken to Quasar (or other) as I won't wait for Quicken beyond then (& I have used Quicken for well over 10 years.)

  485. Well It's nearly a year after this announcement and I am still waiting for my opportunity to buy a Dell with the Unbuntu upgrade, I have held off on the purchase of a new laptop for this upgrade to be available. It seems a pity that Dell Australia is ignoring it's potential customers. I wonder how much longer I can use my 710m that is already running Ubuntu while waiting for a new laptop. I don't want to waste my money buying yet another windows licence I won't use.

  486. People have the right to choose which system they want in their
    personal systems, so that's a great new for the Linux community!!!


  487. Dell; please give us Ubuntu on XPS laptops in Australia!!

    I'm going to be getting a Dell XPS M1530 in the coming few weeks and would love to get this with Ubuntu, not likely though in the timeframe that I have 🙁

    If it wasn't workable, you wouldn't be selling this option anywhere; why the slow rollout of the product? – so many people want a major vendor to sell laptops with Linux pre-installed.

    Just don't cave in to Micro$oft pressure….

  488. India, India, India!! When is Dell going to wake up to the demand for Ubuntu laptops in India??!!??!! That is a prime market for Ubuntu laptops; more people will buy if they can avoid paying the Microsoft tax – and save themselves the headache of installing and configuring all the hardware themselves. Why is the India-specific area of the website bereft of ALL Ubuntu-preloaded models?

    Or at least give us the freedom to buy, without any OS preinstalled, the same models that you're selling in the US with Ubuntu; those of us who're geeks will go the extra mile and install it ourselves!

    Why is Dell so focussed on providing Ubuntu only in the US, and ignoring the pleas from the rest of the world to provide them the same?

  489. Dell with linux pre-istalled, sounds good!.

    Available in India, sounds gr8.

    So, Mr Dell will you going to make it TRUE ?.

    Lets see, pls don't be baised…User must have freedom to choose (provided option are there).

    Good luck.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Ozman,Delhi, India.

    "You must be the change,
                                        You wish to see in the World."
                                                  -Mahatama Gandhi

  490. I am disgusted and outraged by the fact that Dell is shipping their Dell Studio 15 with Ubuntu preinstalled and NOT VERIFYING THEY TURN ON before shipping them out. When my first Dell Studio 1535 arrived and would boot up to the "white screen of death" as it has come to be known, I figured they could just send me another and it would work right out of the box. When the second was delivered, it also had the exact same problem. Then I started looking on Ubuntu forums and found that the majority of people who bought a Dell Studio 1535 with the Intel chipset are experiencing the exact same problem.
    Here is a thread on Ubuntu Forums where the subject has been discussed at length.
    The following are just the people I have found on the forum with this same model of laptop and same issue.

  491. continued.
    wonderbriefs, lilleprechaun, TallMatthew, grettir, sunscoolsu, Carambole, romandas, 361jim, pwhitt, Ubugreen
    Now this looks to me like evidence that Dell is not actually turning the laptops on before shipping them out. This is an outrage. Dell has offered to refund my money. Rather than refund my money I want Dell to publish a report stating that they have revised their testing practices and are actually making sure that Ubuntu works on each and every laptop before sending them out.
    So I'm just curious, was this on purpose? Does Dell have some secret dealing to try to turn people off of Ubuntu? Or is Dell knowingly sending out defective laptops to force users to purchase the $250.00 Ubuntu support from Canonical?
    Well Dell, what do you have to say for yourselves?

  492. Wide range of OS is a right way to satisfy the customer, however, Linux and Ubuntu are good to use on Web Hosting (Live Host) servers mostly, but not for local personal computers, where the OS should be an easy interface between human and mashine. Linux is a powerful and stable platform for one of Yellow Pages online servers, serving the huns yellow pages for huge people at once. At the same time, I don't imagine how to find a person or how to find people who look forward to get Linux or Ubuntu onto their home PC.

  493. Persistense, reliability – one of the main targets for OS evolution of servers as well as workstations. Ubuntu is the right way.

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