Sneak Preview: New Online Configurator

Today we launched a sneak preview of Dell’s new online configurator. It is currently only available on our Canadian site and only on the Inspiron 9400 and Dimension 9150 products. Users can toggle between the new icon view and the traditional list view depending on their preference (see the link near the upper left of the page).

For those of you fluent in French, you can check out the configurator for the Inspiron 9400 and Dimension 9150.

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56 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: New Online Configurator

  1. I really like it, but one thing I would change is to position the "go to Next Component" and "previous component" buttons so that their position never changes, I hate having to chase a button across the screen.  

  2. Why do I have to have McAfee, Yahoo & Corel software installed?

    Nothing personal against these software vendors though in some cases I already have my own ‘preferred’ software that I own or subscribe to as a service and the ‘bloat’ and hassles of this ‘pre-installed’ software can be of great frustration and is quite often the first task after purchasing a Dell machine is to "Un-Install’ the ‘Bloatware’ that you have shipped with the machine.

    It would be great to have a "None" option for this part of the configuration also.

  3. After I try both, unfortunately, I like the old one: fewer clicks, scrolls, steps, so the whole order and configuration time is faster.

  4. Very nice. I like it! The old way of configuring a system requires too much vertical scrolling. No negative criticism yet. Any idea when this new configurator will be used with the other systems?

  5. A vast improvement over the previous configurator interface. However I do not see the "recommended" signs that the previous one had for specific choices, which I thought were helpful. Instead you show comments like "increased storage" when one switches from one HDD to a larger one….not quite that useful, is it?

  6. Why do you keep making your site worse?  The old configurator was so much better – being able to see all of the options for each category on 1 page was good.  It made it easier to get the exact system you want then go back and check it later.

    Stop adding pretty gimmicks and lose the forced segregation.

  7. Honestly, I hate it.

    Instead of letting me see all the options I’ve selected and the various prices of said items all on one page, you want me to click through thirtysome pages, wasting even more of my time with page reloads when I have to go back to see what I picked for some other component instead of just being able to scroll up.

    I think, not that you really care, that this is a complete waste of  your resources.  You need to fix your SIGNIFICANT customer service problems before you start "fixing" order processes that weren’t really broken in the first place.

    But apparently you’re too busy patting yourselves on the back to notice all the comments pointing out what you need to fix if you want to retain customers.

  8. It looks nice but I think it is less streamlined.  Now, to change a component, I need to make two mouse clicks (one to select the category and one the option) and rescan the page (with my eyes) to find what I’m looking for.  With the old method, I would scan the page and scroll through the components, selecting my choices.  The old method also didn’t require a page refresh.  It may seem minor, but the extra click, refresh, and time it takes to rescan the page seems counter-productive.

  9. It is very nice. For those who prefer the old style, it’s still there, click switch to list view.

  10. I don’t see why the older layout couldn’t be preserved with just a few tweaks. All you really needed to do was make every other component section highlighted with a blue bar (blue obviously because that’s one of Dell’s colors) and have that table of contents in the new version tacked under the price window from the old one that follows you while you while you vertically scroll the configuration list (simple text-based links to each section would do just fine for me). How much easier could it be?

  11. I think French need to be improved! (be careful I am a French living in France and not in Canada…)

    Only on the first page, in 2 minutes I have notice pb:

    – "CHANGER POUR LISTE/ICONES" does not mean anything "PASSER EN MODE LISTE/ICONES" has more sense

    – "Aidez moi choisir" should be "Aidez moi à choisir"

    – "Inclus au prix" should be "Inclus dans le prix indiqué"

    – "Coeur double" is very strange, even in French we say "DualCore"


    JM Paris France

  12. 1. The “help me choose” link should either be renamed or a second link specifically stating “option/component specfications” should be added. Or, perhaps call it “More details about this/these option(s)”

    2. You still offer the confusing terminology of “integrated Sound Blaster Audigy HD audio Software Edition”. Most people purchasing hardware nowdays consider the word “integrated” to mean “hardware built into the nmotherboard.” Yes, I’m sure it can be used otherwise, but this does not change a common usage of the term and an easy point of confusion for consumers. Also, the hardware audio chip that IS integrated is if I’m not mistaken, a SigmaTel audio controller? NOT a Creative “Sound Blaster” product? The actual Sound Blaster product being the *software* suite and enhanced software audio driver.

    3. I also think you should add a “basic system specifications” link into the configurator, on every page. So people can look at the various ports, and other basic, non-optional specs as they go through the purchase process. I know I would appreciate it.


  13. I like it. Much eaisier to toggle views when debating what and what not to add on. Dell does need to get rid of the unnecesary software add ons though. Those are quite bothersome.

  14. I *really* like the new layout.  For those who do not like the new layout because of the perceived excessive clicking, on the right side is the list of the components.  Any of the components are clickable.  

    The only minor issue I can think of is that it does not display well in 1024 X 768 monitors.  Other than that, great job!

  15. Looks very good. Especially the clear product images of accessories like the monitor, keyboard and speakers. Configuring the system is also much easier now.

    I hope to see this also for DELL Poweredge servers. I think it can help a lot in configuring options like RAID levels and choosing the correct hard drives.

  16. I love the new configurator compared to the old version.

    One thing I really like is when you select an option, it shows you a picture of what that Monitor, Video Card, etc… actually look like. Some of the options on the 9150 did that and others did not.

  17. This is pretty nice. It lets you see the components without having to search all of to find them.

  18. The new configurator is very cool

    (The price of the laptop was a little steeper than I thought though 🙂 )

    Why is the cart not integrated into this whole scheme – it looks like the same old boring one 🙂


  19. Nice! I think this will go a long way to help the customer experience once launched in the states. The one complaint I hear most is that our website is not user friendly- this should clear that up quick.

  20. I like it! I especially like the component icons along the bottom of the screen. It makes going back & forward much easier.

  21. IMO, that’s an improvement over the previous version of the configurator.

    One improvement that I think is neccessary is moving the icons at the bottom of each tab to the top of each tab. Placing them at the bottom of each tab is not intuitive at all, and I did not even see them until I switched tabs and noticed that they changed. I would bet that some users would have a hard time noticing them, or understanding what they do.

  22. I think the new configurator is a step in the right direction for Dell’s online sales. While I don’t have any huge gripes about the current configurator, I think the new one will help people that aren’nt so computer orientated with making the right decisions for their new system. I think the videos are especially helpfull with this. While the videos are great, I think some of them go into a bit too much detail, but still are helpfull. Overall, I think it is great.

    The one VERY big problem I have with the new Dell website and the way you order and look at systems, is how you go about STARTING to configure them. I want to be able to go to, click on notebooks/desktops/servers, whatever I want, and then select the system that I want and confgiure it right away. Now, I have to go to the area that I want, lets say notebooks, then select the kind (entertainment, basic, XPS) and THEN select the actual system, AND THEN I have to click YET ANOTHER TIME to actually get to the options page. Now, aside from the fact that it takes almost 5 clicks to get to the actual system and the config page, I then have to select a config. to start with. I want to be able to get to a system page, and click CONFIGURE, not "Which one of these systems would you like?" I WANT TO BUILD MY VERY OWN SYSTEM. I don’t want to have to pick a pre done configuration that I then have to RECONFIGURE that to my liking. Come on Dell, let the customers that know WHAT THEY WANT configure the systems THE WAY THEY WANT RIGHT FROM THE FIRST CLICK!

    Maybe this way of doing things helps some people, but it does not help me. I hope that Dell can look at this and think about putting a one click configure button for each system so I don’t have to reconfigure a preconfigured system. Keep up the great work, and keep working on the website and you will get closer and closer to perfect everyday in my book.

    -CR Hiestand

  23. Alan Said: "I’m confused by your terminology.  You say people assume integrated means hardware integrated on the motherboard, then you say the computer has an integrated SigmaTel audio controller.  Well if it has an integrated audio controller, I think they used the term just fine…"

    Alan, the point is that yes, it has an integrated audio controller, but they sold one brand of integrated audio controller, and substituted it with another brand, with less functional capabilities.

    And many people are experiencing problems with this issue.

    So, Dell sold the system with an "Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy" Sound Card, not an "Integrated Sigmatel 9200", which is what was delivered. Also, Dell said the Sound Card functionality included 5.1 digital audio output. It doesn’t.

    The end result is Dell sold one model/brand of hardware, and supplimented it with another upon delivery, which has less functionality than what was promised.

    As for the consumers, the average purchaser today knows more than those that were in the market 10 years ago.  The Sound Blaster name has been around for a long time, and the Audigy branding is attched to numerous hardware products in and out of the PC/notebook, including USb devices and external multichannel digital surround sound speaker systems.  So, many "average consumers’ do know the Sound Blaster Audigy branding, and those that don’t know hardware, usually make their list, and present to to someone who does for an opinion.  

    The end result being, the words "integrated" with the brand "Sound Blastr Audigy" denotes to most a Sound Blaster hardware product "inside" the PC/notebook, and that is what their purchasing choice is based upon.  

    Also, many of those same consumers who made the purchase, are finding out that:

    A) When they download "Sound Blaster Audigy" drivers for laptops, that they don’t work. This is because they don’t actually have a Sound Blaster Audigy hardware integrated audio controller.  It causes them to spend time on otherwise uneccessary troubleshooting, and other headaches.

    B) The systems with the Sigmatel 9200 audio controller Dell used have a great many limitations, from 2-channel only (no 5.1 which every Sound Blaster Audigy product has), to the systems being incapable or not configured without hacking the windows registry to record sound from the "stereo mixer" or "What you hear".  

    This is why the disclaimers need to be more prevalent and understandable on the Dell website, or the wording completely chaneg, not to mention the same information given to people by Dell phone sales.

    Does that make it any clearer Alan? You’re also welcome to E-mail me if you have more questions about this issue.  I’m currently trying to find a fair resolution with Dell, as I’m a Dell customer for more than just these two notebook computers with this issue.

  24. I think there should be 2 configurators: 1 for people who  like to know all the details and have more technicall knowlege, and one for first time users that just want to buy a PC.

  25. Sorry, didn’t mean to hit a sore spot with you.  

    I’ll be honest, I thought it was a great idea, use Sound Blaster software to add more features to the basic integrated audio on portable computers, I never even thought they had somehow put an Audigy card on a portable.  When SB finally creates an integrates sound chipset, every computer manufacturer will be screaming it out loud and clear and it will cost more than $25.

    I see why you think it is deceptive, but it really isn’t because you can’t buy any portable that I know of with a hardware Integrated SB Audigy, only sucky integrated audio or less sucky integrated audio with SB software.

  26. This is a welcome change for Dell in Canada. The site looks very nice and user friendly. Good work.

  27. DL,

    I’m confused by your terminology.  You say people assume integrated means hardware integrated on the motherboard, then you say the computer has an integrated SigmaTel audio controller.  Well if it has an integrated audio controller, I think they used the term just fine.

    They also included the work software.  Yes, most average consumers of computers have no clue what integrated and software mean and all they focus on is Sound Blaster Audigy, but I don’t want to have to read through some big fat disclaimer every time a confusing name is used.

  28. Hrm. Doesn’t seem to work with my Firefox. Does it need flash or something? I don’t install flash on my Firefox install as it’s too annoying.

    I think it -looks- cooler than it actually represents a change in the right direction.

    I’d like the option to use either and/or switch modes if possible. But that’s me.

  29. I like the idea of the new online configurator, although I’d love to see something for more "Advanced" Users, where a number of items are on a list, and they can be clicked, then a Dell Computer which can hold those components will appear.

    For example, having "Multiple Video Cards", "Serial Ports", "2", "3", "4", "5" bays for additional drives, etc, etc. I find myself looking for those features when I’m purchasing a new computer, but it’s so difficult to find which Model offers those options. Having the customer choose the advanced options and then pointing them to the correct model will really make it easier for the more technical customer who knows exactly what they want, but have no idea where to start..

    Also, I’d LOVE for Dell to not include the software add-ons, such as Google, McAfee (or Symantec, or TrendMicro), MusicMatch Jukebox, etc. I frequently purchase Dell computers on behalf of my clients, and the first thing I do is remove most of the software that’s already been installed – pretty much the only software that I keep is the CD-Burning software, the rest is just bloat and I notice a significant speed increase once these programs are removed.

  30. Nice job. Definitely friendlier than the old system. I think my Mom might actually be able to order her system without help now!

    You really need to move the icon bars to the top of the tab view. I completely missed it. Also, why on earth are video cards considered accessories instead of components?!?

    Why not add descriptive text explaining what advantages one component has over another, for instance "nVidia Card: Better 3D performance", or "7200RPM drive: faster access to your data". Just give non-technical people a reason to upgrade – without wading through help videos.

  31. "The end result is Dell sold one model/brand of hardware, and supplimented it with another upon delivery, which has less functionality than what was promised. "

    It says it is software.. I really don’t see the problem with it. Except some people can’t read.

  32. Alan,

    I do agree with you that the Sound Blaster Audigy software may have value for enhancing stereo speakers on portable computers.  I’ve noticed the difference myself, although I believe what I notice most is heightened volume, and basically the effect of having enabled a software based equalizer with some audio filtering. If the default audio on a system is so weak that simple non-hardware, software manipulation of the audio makes such a difference, then it should be included by default, not as an extra. Otherwise, what is the purpose of having a hardware audio DSP if its performance is so poor?

    Which leads me back to what you said, which was:

    "I see why you think it is deceptive, but it really isn’t because you can’t buy any portable that I know of with a hardware Integrated SB Audigy"

    Unfortunately, when a manufacturer rep tells a potential customer that what they will be getting is a hardware integrated SB Audigy, and the customer speaks with a second rep, and a technical support rep from the manufacturer of the product, then there is no reason for the customer to disbelieve it.

    So yes, it really is deceptive when being told directly that you are getting an "integrated Sound Blaster Audigy Sound Card", and when the product is shipped, you end up with something else.

    It doesn’t matter if the product doesn’t really exist, because the issue is that the buyer has to rely on the seller for direct product information, when dealing with a manufacturer direct product.  No other company can say with authority "no they don’t really sell that", and with the PC/technology industry changing and revealing new product lines on an almost daily basis, it is unreastic to assume the average consumer can keep up.  Many products do not show up on various manufacturers websites, that are sold through systems integrators and no where else.

    So who is to know, other than the manufacturer, what they do and do not sell?

    Also, when you see something like this:

    or this:

    where it specifically states that the sound card is in the family of Sound Blaster Audigy.. yes, sound card, card being hardware, not audio software. Then there is no reason to doubt that what you will receive is what it says.. an "Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced HD Audio" Sound Card.

    What it should say there is "SigmaTel 9200 Stereo Controller" which is the actual truth. Because that is the hardware actually received.

    Now do you understand why it really is deceptive?

    Oh, just as a side note, this is interesting.. Creative (the Sound Blaster people), are mentioned in the following article from 2005, (if only I had read it prior to purchasing)…

    "Creative Labs Inc., father of the Sound Blaster PC audio acceleration standard, got the embedded audio effort started. The company builds a Windows-based portable media player and has a merchant chip subsidiary in the former 3Dlabs acquired about a year ago.

    Creative, Nvidia and three audio software companies are initially driving the new audio spec. "This amounts to an opportunity for silicon vendors to create a single embedded audio accelerator. I believe it creates an opportunity for us at Nvidia, too," said Trevett."

    Here is the URL if you are interested:;jsessionid=LL5BYY0FO2SKMQSNDLRSKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=166403311

    as for hitting a sore spot.. perhaps. It always makes me sore when people don’t comprehend how others are being deceived. Although, I’ve found that they almost always end up experiencing it themselves sooner or later.  Which is why I try to help resolve these issues when I find them, for myself, and others who have been similarly caught up in the same issue.  In this case, there are many, as I’ve received a fair amount of E-mail on the subject after posting my semi-blog about it, and there are others similarly confused by the issue who have complained or questioned on various online forums.

    Until Dell gets the chance to change the wording everywhere a buyer would look to make a purchasing decision, I think the message should be spread. It benefits Dell, as they won’t have customers receiving a good product, only to feel dissappointment, frustration, or anger over a single (and in my opinion important) component of that product not meeting the stated specifications.

    I know I wouldn’t appreciate ordering an ATI x1400 video card, then receiving a Joes generic chipset 1400X, and a CD with software for "enhanced video" acceleration software. Would you?

    Remember, not everyone may be as experienced as you are with what is and is not available in the market. The idea of Caveat Emptor, or "let the buyer beware" is not always realistic, when the buyer does do a modicum of due diligence in researching a product and is still deceived. I’m not interesting in getting into the conumer protection law issue, but there are reasons they exist.

    And Caveat Emptor was a phrase popular in ancient Rome. Which is a society that no longer exists.  

  33. Oh, by the way Manish.. I do like the new site design better visually.

    But, I find it more difficult and time consuming to click around to compare my options, which is easier with the old configurator style.

    Not a bad idea to be on topic occasionally!

  34. The language of "list view" might work better as "Advanced Configurator (list view)" or "Experienced Customer View" or some similar connotation.

    And, the Icon based configurator as "Easy Purchase Mode" or "Non-Technical Buyers Mode" or some something similar.

    I say this because most of the non-technical people I’ve interacted with in business are still unable to comprehend the simple options under the "View" menu of windows explorer. So "list view" means as much or little to them as "icon view."

    Just a suggestion. Not one I think is exceptionally important.

    More detailed and more easily accessed system/component/option specifications on each page of the configurator would be more important to me, and most experienced purchasers.

  35. It seems that one problem is that folks are missing the overshadowed "List View" link just above the system image.  Clicking this link actually addresses a lot of the concerns brought up above.

  36. I like the tabbed layout, but I like it when you click the "use list view" option (similar to the regular way used at Dell now).  It is much faster that way, then clicking each component and selecting, which is too much clicking to order a computer.   I do not see anything wrong with your current configurator, so I don’t know why you would want to change it.  Ya know….the saying goes…"if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it."  I would keep what you have which works perfectly fine.

  37. I like the all-in-one-page listing because it allows me to compare 2 product configurations/price. I often try to build the same machine starting from different offers, because I always end up with one 10-15% cheaper than the other. So keep the option to have the full list, or otherwise I will revert to call you again to find the best offer.

    I will give an example. I did it again yesterday with a Latitude D620. Start from here (, and using the 2 offers (L08621 and L08622) try to configure the machine to use a 2.16Ghz proc with Intel graphics, 2G RAM, no Business support, no Complete Care, a 60 G 7200 rpm disk, 9 Cell battery, etc…

    Offer #1: 12264 NOK

    Offer #2: 13989 NOK

    For the same machine… Can this be somewhat explained in a future post ? How do I know there isn’t a better offer that will lead me to a better price for the same configuration ?

    And as pointed above the French translation seems completely broken.

  38. I find the new configurator as "better".  However, I hope every available component (software or hardware) in online configurator will have:

    1.  Help me choose or that videoclip. Example:  The sound option does not have that "help me choose".  Please check your Dell forums and other website’s forums… many users are asking whether the Sound Blaster Audigy is worth to get or not.  Describe also that the notebook has Sigmatel so user’s will not be dismay to see it after receiving the product.

    2.  Again, kindly provide "none" option in every component in the configurator.  If Dell is willing to sell a machine without a hard-drive, if Dell allow users to choose "none" for external floppy drive or backpack which is somewhat useful than trial software and if other Dell location can provide "none" option… I see no reason for Dell USA or Canada to not to be able to provide "none" as option. Let the buyers choose what they want to install.  Make every software you want to add in the configurator if you want to earn but give everyone a freedom to choose what they want to buy.  Remember, they visit to buy a hardware not a software.  Nothing wrong with trial or OEM versions.. the problem is .. some buyers prefer not to have it installed.  So please.. provide "none" in all components.


  39. I like it.  I think the new interface is much better at leading non-experts through the buying process.  Power users will probably want to switch back to the "list view" – and by definition such users will be able to locate the button to do so – as long as the option is there.

    One suggestion: If possible, get rid of the page-level scroll bar.  The tabset already sizes to fit within the page, but all the legalese following it causes the page to overflow.  I use the scrollwheel on my mouse and once I’ve exhausted the scroll height of one of the inner scrollable regions, the page-level scrollbar is activated and I get a pageful of legalese.  This is really mostly a problem for the "list view" mode which isn’t the default, so it’s not a killer – but it is annoying.

  40. The site definitely looks prettier but I found it to be too much clicking but I´m sure I will get use to it. Personally it is a non issue.

    For me what gets me irate is the perceived lack of information and deceptive practices which is provided by Dell. Using the customization of the XPS M1210 as an example here were a couple of things which I found were confusing to down right deceiving.

    • The HD sound software has been mention.

    • Currently the “free upgrade” is to a DVD burner, but researching this laptop for the past month this was always a free feature.

    • All screens in the M1210 are truelife (according to message boards) but it is only mention that it is truelife on the A/V package.

    • Your warranties do not contain enough information about what each warranty is, and what each Dell warranty jargon means. Just circumstances were one maybe better to have than the other.

    • Your video card mentions that it was 256 Mb, but you should have specified that only 64 Mb was dedicated the rest was shared.

    • Dell Bloatware is a major concern but since all your competition has them I suppose that is bearable. Personally an option not to have it would be acceptable.

    It seems that almost in every case mentioned it does not make Dell the most honest of businesses and that Dell is trying to get even more money out of uniformed customers. Whether these are real concerns or not is up to Dell to decided this was what I found personally aggravating.

    But I believe the first step for Dell is to see what it is to be a Dell customer. Try order a computer on line, try to order it on the phone. Pretend to break something in the computer, or spill coke on the latptop, do the responses which Dell CSR gives you are acceptable as a company. Chances are the frustrations and the satisfactions which you get from the Dell experience is what the customer are feeling too.

  41. you should make it look as if the part flys in to its area of the mother board as the hummer configurator  does when you add exterior parts

  42. I have been looking all over to find an area where i could voice my concerns and i was so happy not only to find this section but to see that it wasn’t just a bunch of whiners with nothing to say.

    it goes without saying that dell has a good array of quality products and that thier approach towards lean inventories is one of the worlds best. however in the same breath i have to tell you that i have just done the unthinkable (i talked my  daughter out of buying a dell notebook, she has recently become a realtor and haveing already steered her into an HP desktop system, she now see’s a need for a laptop as well. and again i told her not to buy the dell because 1. customer technical service is awfull and trying to order online is just a pain. actually when i told her that if she were to buy a printer and needed replacement cartridges, the only place t buy them is from dell ( have you tried to buy a simple ink cart from dell on line recently) i am a purchasing agent. this morning i attempted to buy 5 blk and 5 color cartridges on line with my preferred customer account, first of all prefereed is a joke but it does sound nice. at any rate i wasin the website for a good 15 minutes, and gave up when i was in checkout and it told me my acct# was invalid. i then called my sales rep david, he told me that my acct# was only good if i were in my corporate site??????i finally ended up ordering thru david in which he made a mistake also and blah blah there i was 40 minutes later having finally finished what should have been a 2 minute experience. our company no longer buys dell printer equipment for this reason. we do continue to buy dell laptops and systems etc. but oinly because we have internal staff to fix them. otherwise i would have to depend on some person somewhere in asia that i can not understand and ends up givingme wrong. as to the latest pole in the article of customer calls are down for technical help by like 5.3%. did it ever occur to you that this because people like me can’t deal with the frustration, so please don;t give your self a pat on the back for improving customer service until you have valid data. if dell could implement "lean" initiatives into thier customer service and web ordering, they would be way out in front of the pack. you have not listened to my vents in the past so i don’t suspect this time will be any different.


    Hans Schavemaker

  43. Manish,

    Looks like great work!  Much better for novice users. The challenge is how to message the choice between old and new… the current seems somewhat subtle. Are users clicking on it, or toggling back and forth? (that is before it was posted here! 😎

    The list view on the right with highlighted choices is a great compliment, showing continuity with the changing panes.

    Good stuff,


  44. OK, here’s a lovely thing (NOT). If you build up a system in the Home section and add it to your basket and then go to the Small Business section and add another item to your basket, the Home system has been deleted.

    The rather odd and antiquated system of segregating between sectors forces the user to move back and forth in order to check various specifications (especially because the configurator is missing one vital component – a show ALL option – I want to see ALL the monitors available and all the graphics cards etc).

    If you can get both of these issues sorted the Dell purchasing World wil be a much better place indeed.


  45. I found the configurator to be quite easy to use. In fact, the availability of pick and mix options were the only reason I purchased this PC. I am now typing to a Dimension 9150 & it works well.

  46. I agree with Alan about the audigy sound card thing, havin had  PCMICA Augigy and loved it and found this new laptop not having PCMICA I paid £20 to upgrade expecting the chip set to be ‘turned on’ , the installer even showed a picture of a motherboard chip with audigy on it.  What I bought was software which doesn’t add anything, and I still can’t hear the input into the computer from the headpphone socket – not good for recording, or had ASIO driver improvevment or any accelerated sound performance.

    Not impressed – this type of advertising is illegal.

  47. I think the new style configurator makes the choices very clear for first time buyers by segmenting the options. The choice to use the old style list is clearly labelled.

    What I am less happy about is the inability to build a PC the way I want because of the limited choices available.

    For example, on the Dell UK site:

    A Dimension 9200 with a floppy but no media card reader – No

    Want 2 HDD but in dual HDD configuration – No, only RAID0

    etc. etc.

    To make matters worse, the offerings aren’t even consistent.  Go to Dell Italia and both of the above are available, but other options aren’t. (not really an option anyway because you can’t choose the localisation of the operating system)

    If you phone for the spec you want,  the price quoted bears no relation to the cost you would expect.

    Please incude an option to completely customise a PC to the customers needs.

    Pre configured PCs have their place, but not for everybody.

  48. I have purchased a notebook from dell.
    the sound card is sigmatel 9200 too.
    and I can’t found any driver about this card for linux.
    how can I do , no driver provided by dell.
    But I buy it with a linux operation system.
    they seems not to provide it as my wish.
    I am so dissapointed now!

  49. i have inspiron 6400 and i have a problem with the sound card does not working with Asio4all driver becuase i am using cubase with vst there is a a abig latency while i using the segma tel of dell

    would you please tell me waht the alternative to make cubase work well with vst and have a selution with the latency



    hani wahbi

  50. I tried ordering 2 computers over the last week and their “customize it” section doesn’t work with Firefox 2.0.  I buy about 10 computers a year and bought a poweredge server from them a few years back.

    There site looks nice but when they quit following the w3c standards and use Microsoft extended features they end up losing sales to people who do not use Internet Explorer.  Maybe they should spend less time patting themselves on the back about their site and worry about making their site work, especially in the sales department.

    I went to their live chat sales person and told me to try Internet Explorer. I told them no and I guess I will take my business elsewhere. I am not going to call as three out of four times I get a person who has such a bad accent I can’t understand them. 

    Microsoft is a company not the standard.

  51. Why the 9400 notebook in china doesn’t have the choose of nv7900 video card???? ask the sales,no one knows when have to sell…..

  52. The SIGMATEL Audio issue vs SB Audigy is all too real for me. I will not buy another Dell unless I can look at it, and touch it first & see if there is or is not “Stereo Mix” for recording. I just configured what would be a great Laptop at Dell & looking at the sound, checked the SB Audigy link (trust  me, all too familiar already with this one). SB Audigy claims mixing capability, but under Integrated audio is the key “X” meaning nothing… hmmm, guess what nothing from SB Audigy either, the mixing is for listening causually. There is no “Stereo Mix” recording capability.

    That’s what I use a computer for. Recording Audio. Tunes. If you unload SB Audigy to try and troubleshoot this missing “Stereo Mix” on your brand new computer… Forgetaboutit, you will never get it back, at least not for days and weeks. I live without it… oh, you think Dell support will help at this point. Dell support in India, “Plug in the speakers”.

    $200 in extra audio stereo equipment later my new Dell computer does what my old one had built into the original SIGMATEL audio. This is really wrong, and needs to be corrected. I will not buy anything until I see this is working as expected. Too bad :(((

  53. i am very technology inep, so naturally when my sound randomly stopped working i paniced i dont even know if this is the right place to ask for help but im desperate please help i tried all the troubleshooting sugesstions but i still have no sound i dont know what to do..

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