Latest XPS 700 Shipping Delay


While ramping production, we recently discovered an issue with the installation of the cooling assembly which could affect system stability. Though it’s a rare occurrence, we made decision to delay XPS 700 shipments worldwide because of this issue. We’ve identified the problem, are implementing a fix, and plan to resume shipping very soon. Once we resume shipping, we plan to work through our backlog of orders as quickly as possible.

For new customers, we’re quoting a mid-October ship date. For customers who ordered systems previously, we are currently communicating lead times up to 4-8 weeks out from today. Estimated ship dates depend on several factors, so I can’t provide more specific timing than that. This does not mean that all customers will wait up to 4 weeks or more for their order to ship—we’ll make every attempt to ship customers’ systems prior to the estimated ship date.

To Dell Canada customers and EMEA customers that may not have seen my earlier comments: One of the main questions
I’ve been getting in e-mails and Direct2Dell comments is this: Are non-U.S
customers eligible for the Core 2 upgrade option? The answer is yes. 
If you’d rather keep the Pentium D-based system you originally ordered, you may get your system sooner, and will be entitled to a special offer
from Dell.  These will vary by region.  Just like in the U.S., a centralized regional callback team will be contacting customers. Please be patient. 

I’d like to apologize for the delays and the frustration they have caused our XPS 700 customers. Moving forward, we’ll communicate details that will impact ship dates both here and on the Dell Community Forum as soon as we have the details to share.

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62 thoughts on “Latest XPS 700 Shipping Delay

  1. Would anyone care to comment on the fraudulent advertising that the X-FI comes with DTS/Dolby Digital codecs/processesing/etc while watching movies/playing games, and so on.  There are numerous posts on the Community Forums in the XPS section, detailing how the OEM version does not have the features it promised.

  2. I wanted to keep my 950, but your reps wouldnt let me.  It is supposedly no longer available.  I am surprised to hear Dell just up and threw away their old processors.

  3. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear it wasn’t anything with the motherboard or other components causing the problems.

  4. Int. buyers of XPS 700 with order date JULY XX can get the update o the offer? or only the < 18 JULY, i ask this for the NEW DELAY on the orders based on cooling assambly.


    A Latin-American DELAYED XPS 700 owner…

    PD: My Sales Rep. not have any idea of the offer and the upgrade, remember the Latin American users COUNT TOO.

  5. Lionel,

    Thank you very much for an update, many people have been waiting for this!

    In addition to the main XPS delay issue, I would like to direct your attention to the following problem (mistake in a way how X-Fi was initially advertised):

    My original XPS 700 order states the following:

    Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ XtremeMusic (D), w/Dolby® Digital 5.1  

    My updated order reads:

    X-Fi PCI Sound Card

    The ad mistake is corrected now, but I ordered the card having very specific expectations (on-board support for DTS and DD encoding are my requiremens).

    Would you mind addressing this issue?

    Thank you in advance,

    XPS Customer

  6. Lionel,

    Hi I ordered on June 29th and I am leaving for school in one week.  I got the upgrade call about 2 weeks ago and I took the giftcard for the sole reason of getting my computer before I left for college considering I had 3 weeks left of summer at the time and actual computers were being shipped so I figured I would have plenty of time and I would just upgrade later on with the giftcard and it would be worth the time and effort of installing the Core 2 by myslef becusae then I would not have to come all the way back home to get my computer.  Now that there could be another 4-8 weeks becusae of the cooling issue would there be any way that I could swith from getting the giftcard to Core 2 becuase it really doesnt make sense for me anymore to take the giftcard and install it myslef when I still will have to come home from school to get my computer because what is another couple of weeks for the Core 2 when im already up there and that would save me the hassel of trying to install the processor myslef which I am a little bit leary of trying to do myslef.  So if you could please contact me back it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Paul

  7. Glad to see the reiteration of your comments regarding Canadian and other non-U.S. customers. My question would be – has this information been conveyed to Dell Canada and the other international arms of Dell? Because if you read the comments on the blog and on your forums it seems like some Canadian customers at least are getting a very different message from Dell Canada reps.

  8. It just seems like every little issue is just now showing up. There were 2 people that have received their XPS 700’s (that I am aware of). Does this mean they will have to send it back to Dell in order to fix this problem? This update doesn’t help anything at all, we already know there are delays and everything from the motherboard to the case design itself is being speculated on. Instead of 4-8 weeks, just say 1-2 months, it sounds more credible.

    I took the giftcard option because I saw that 2 people already got their computers and I assumed I would have some Summer left to enjoy mine. I guess I thought too highly of Dell’s competence. I don’t know how your engineering staff works, but where I work, rigorous tests are done over and over again until we are sure the product is well designed and ready to roll out to customers. Obviously you cannot test every possible aspect of anything perfectly. But to have to delay everyone’s shipment due to these issues that keep coming up is just ridiculous. I’m not saying you should give us faulty equipment, but issues such as these should have been taken care of before the XPS 700 was even give n the go-ahead to be advertised.

    Now I ask, what is the actual problem with the XPS? If you’re going to keep "updating" us with new issues, I doubt anyone will ever get their systems. From the short history of the XPS, I fear that if/when the computers actually get shipped out, new issues will be found and you will have to be asked to send it back.

    I cannot understand how a company like Dell can have so many issues with a product with all the resources you have. Sure it may not be your top priority as it is not your biggest market. But I am sure you can find a few people in there that can get things done.

    In all honesty, I would rather just have my computer now and I’ll fix whatever issues come up because waiting on others is not something I enjoy doing.

  9. This makes me glad that I cancelled my order a couple weeks ago. Dell…nothing good to say about them…

  10. You expect us all to wait?  I think a video card and monitor upgrade might the time fly right by.

  11. There needs to be some sort of compensations for, out of the mouth of Lionel, "the delays and the frustration they have caused our XPS 700 customers."

    The Core2Giftcard was not a real compensation but simply a market value adjustment. DELL needs to start being responsible for their mistakes and to the XPS700 customers. A simple sorry is not going to make up for ANOTHER 4-8 of frustration those delays will cause.

    Going by the rate of new delays being introduced (almost new one every week), there probably going to be more, and DELL expects to cover each one with a simple sorry?

  12. Griffy208: Regarding your inquiry about the Pentium D950, we transitioned to the new Core 2 Duo processors becuase they offer better overall performance vs. the higher clock speed Pentium D processors.  The reality is that the the Core 2 Duo E6600 outperforms the Pentium-D in many performance  tests.  Dell has published our own results (see middle of the page and the footnotes at the bottom); and if you want third- party validation, Anandtech has some pretty compelling results.

  13. If I placed my order on August 1st, am I a "new customer" who will receive the system in October, or an "existing customer" who will receive their order in 4 – 8 weeks from today?  Thanks.

  14. I am a Canadian customer and was within one hour of calling Dell Canada  and pulling the plug on my XPS 700, I was growing tired of the corporate 2 step I received from Dell this past weekend I was going nuts.. Then Tuesday I got an email from a person from the Canadian Dell  "Jay" saying that yes "WE" Canadians will get the upgrade that the Canadian callback center is not up and running just yet, that it will be up and running soon to call everyone . I guess Dell Canada works slower then Dell U.S.A if that is possible.

    So I’ll hold on until the end of August and see what happens up here in Canada. Good luck to the U.S customers I hope you get your XPS 700 soon. I don’t thinks us Canadians will see the systems until Christmas time.

    Cheers Peter St.john

  15. I am with you cpb0213, i can cancelled my order a week ago and ordered from some one else. I will be getting my Core 2 Duo in about 5 days… Not no 4-8 weeks, thats just funny. If i would have stayed with dell and IF the system was shipped in 4 weeks it would be about a 88 day wait for a case. thats all that is different from what i just ordered, a case. to all the rest waiting for this, is a case worth this?

  16. I got my call about an upgrade of gift certificate. I opted for the gift cert as to not delay my shipment. However the new order number shows a shipment date of late October.  That means about 4 months from when I frist ordered!!!.

  17. Hi Paul Ouellet, please send another comment with your order details, including your e-mail, and I’ll route your info (not to be published) to the team.  Thanks in advance.

  18. Lionel-

    I take it you are disregarding the posts on the X-Fi, and aren’t going to comment?

  19. One question about the XPS 700 delays, what caused the delay between May 30th and July 20th, assuming the cooling issue wasn’t discovered until July 20th?

    That is nearly 2 months where systems were not shipping (except for 2 confirmed systems) with no explanation as to what was causing the delays.

  20. Am I supposed to be satisfied with this blog update? Cause I am not…

    How am I supposed to know when the guys at Dell are telling the truth and when they are not? Is the current problem really with the cooling? I do not trust you guys anymore…

    Dell should be giving us daily updates. Not this bimonthly nonsense. I want to know what is going on with my order.

  21. 2 1/2 hours and 8 transfers– and I’m still pretty sure I don’t have the upgrade…Everyone seemed to agree I was entitled to one– but no one seemed to be able to do it themselves.  I just spent $75 in my wasted time.  PLEASE Help!


    Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager, thank you for giving that 3rd party link regarding the 950 vs the conroe.  Very informative!

  23. This is last chance saloon time for Dell as far as I’m concerned. If shipping doesn’t start big style before the end of this month then I’m afraid Dell can kiss my ££ goodbye.

  24. I read a post where someone was saying that at least Dell has the Core 2 and the nVidia/Intel 590. I couldn’t agree more. That was THE big reason to continue with Dell. No way would I buy a computer today with an nForce 4 board!! My concern is that as October rolls around, if the completed 590 is "about" to roll off the press, then that would be important information for a consumer to know. For example:  If I was in the market for a computer, say mid October, I would research what was not only available immediately, but also what is on the horizon. If a "finished 590" was coming out in November, then I would most definitely hold off on my order for a few weeks, and then make the purchase. If there was nothing on the horizon for say 4 or 5 months, that I would make the purchase and live with the choice, knowing that in 6 months I may want to upgrade. The issue for a lot of us now, especially those of us that order May 31-June, is that the carrot has not only been dangling in front of our noses, it has been moving around the track in front of us, just like a rabbit is moved in front of greyhounds on a race track. I want to be assured that I do not have to worry about the "yesterday’s technology at yesterday’s prices"  So I agree that most of us are very glad that Dell has chosen the Core 2 with the 590 nVidia. Agree 100%. It’s about the time. The moving carrot that makes it a bit more dicey. Now of course some may say, "Well walk away if you don’t like it." and "You accepted it so live with it." And there is some truth to that. But walking away becomes harder and harder when you have a lot of time and energy invest, and the excitement has  peaked a number of times. Some have no big time, $ , project, etc. invested and it may be easier to wait or easier to walk away, But we are all at different places and it isn’t quite as simple as it can be written in a post. Hence the title of the thread.

  25. Recieved a call from a nice lady named Brittany.  She got the processor switch completed in about 10 minutes.  Finally.  Thank you!  She upgraded me to the Core2duo 6600– which in all honesty, is a heck of a generous free upgrade from the Pentium D 950.  Now lets see if it will ship before october…:)

  26. Hi Lionel, A lot of the XPS700 customer had to ‘downgrade’ their original configuration with SingleDuel 7950GX2 since DELL currently has this option taken away for some unknown reason. To me this is a huge disappointment since it was one of the main reason to purchesed the system.

    My question is, if by chance DELL works out the 7950GX2 problem and re-offers it again for XPS700 within the current 4-8 week waiting period, will those of us who had to downgrade be able to re-configure to our original configurations again. Thank-you

  27. Chris, you said:


    Chris Konczak said:

    Recieved a call from a nice lady named Brittany.  She got the processor switch completed in about 10 minutes.  Finally.  Thank you!  She upgraded me to the Core2duo 6600– which in all honesty, is a heck of a generous free upgrade from the Pentium D 950.  Now lets see if it will ship before october…:)

    You by chance didn’t get Brittany’s extension did you? I still have not heard freom anyone concerning the upgrade or gift card and as I said I placed my order june 30.  🙁

  28. John Moors I ordered from gateway, it was the Gateway FX510XG slightly modified, I ordered it on 07/28/2006 and it just shipped today (8/9/06)

  29. My original XPS 700 order states the following:

    Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ XtremeMusic (D), w/Dolby® Digital 5.1  

    My updated order reads:

    X-Fi PCI Sound Card

    Is there a differance and if so, why?

  30. Chris;

    The Mac Pro is more comparable to the Dell Precision 690. Here is a pricing comparison of the two using the following configuration (not that I would personally recomend this configuration, it was just for comparisons sake):

    (2x) Xeon 5150 3.00GHz

    2GB RAM

    250GB HDD

    16x DVDRW

    nVidia Quadro FX 4500

    Dell Precision 690: $4,801.00 USD

    Apple Mac Pro: $5,249.00 USD

    That’s not much of a difference in pricing, and if you’re going to be using it for Windows only, you’d be better off with the Dell. Although I wouldn’t actually use that particular graphics card unless you were doing CAD/CAM type work, as it’s a high end workstation graphics card optimized for OpenGL.

    Here is a record of the configurations:

  31. Dear Readers,

                        As a technician and also a member of the testing team involved in the development of the XPS 700, I have had the pleasure of working on this system when it was first available and also watched in sadness, when we found a few simple things that needed changes. These changes are required not because they effect the system, but mainly because, we do not want simple things to cause, what a few people may refer to as a "stir". We have seen a minor problem with the fan assembly that has been corrected at the factory and the effect of this change results in a lesser noise generation with a very high performance cooling factor.

                                           What, I realize at this point is the fact that, as a customer many of you have been waiting for this system to be received at your doorstep and a delay such as this is not condoned nor encouraged by us within the company. But, in certain circumstances, we are forced to take a decision that causes a delay such as this, because we believe in implementing the best available technical practices with a system. I will however, standby the Dell promise that this is a very high performance system and comes in it’s own class.

                                            Many system builders have definitely started shipping the Core 2 Duo based systems, however one important consideration that I would take will be about the application stability factor that is associated with the same. To simplify the above, any software that runs on a computer, be it a game or a word document or a movie or just anything, these softwares where created to work with one processor and with the dual core processor, the same applications will find a problem, because the application is not sure, which processor to take. Real performance will only reflect when the whole operating system and software is optimised for this technology and at Dell, we are working in this direction, to ensure that our systems, go that extra mile in being optimised for this purpose.

    Your’s Sincerely,

    A Dell Technician.

  32. I have a XPS 410 system ordered with the 6400 processor. Are there any issues with the deliveries of this system?

  33. XPS700 looks juicy but Mac Pro beats it. It doesn’t offer SLI (like XPS does) but it sure has everything else better than Dell and it’s a Quad Core (with some Juicy Graphics card as BTO). it ships in 1-3 days with standard configuration (this period extends depends on your BTO options). I used to buy  XPS computers (for 2 generations) and Now I find Mac Pro to be more of a value and power. I initally ordered XPS700 when it was first introduced but cancelled my order when it started to delay for more than 2 weeks. Dell should really appreciate you guys for all your patience. I hope you get your XPS700 asap and enjoy the summer.

  34. I am amazed at how long you folks are willing to wait for this computer, which as one person wisely pointed out, is the same as every other similarly configuered PC with the exception of the case.  I personally wanted to purchase the DELL XPS 700, hoping that the new C2Duo roll out might mitigate any delays in production that had been occuring, but ultimately ended up buying an excellently configuered PC with a better price to boot from Alienware.

    I am sure the Dell folks won’t mind some of their customers defecting to one of their subsidiaries.  Honestly, price an Alienware Aurora 7500 with a comparable Dell XPS 700 and you will see what I mean.  The Alienware PC is much cheaper considering the free upgrade to the 7950 geForce card, and most importantly, you will be able to enjoy your computer much more quickly than you ever will by getting an XPS 700.

  35. I am really dissapointed with Dell. I won’t consider an XPS 700 because I can’t even get service -with an in-home 3 yr contract- on my  Dell 400 XPS. Come to think of it!, I can’t even get customer service to answer the ph. I think you have really put profits before loyalty………

  36. Gift Card … what gift card I haven’t heard anything about it. Will someone please explain it to me. I ordered my Dell XPS 700 on Jun30. I ordered it with the 965 Extreme Edition Dual Core processor, will I be able to get the gift card and upgrade to the X6800?

    And BTW .. St. Prophet … who did you finally order from? I’m interested.

  37. Why does it take 4 weeks to "ramp" production, once a minor issue is fixed (such as the cooling problem)?

    From all the cancellations, and people switching their orders to Conroe, seems like we should be at the front of the line again.

    How do you know were previous customers (cancelled and reordered with Conroe) and who are new customers?

  38. I ordered my system on June 22, with an estimated ship date of July 31. Then estimated ship date was pushed back to August 7. Then to August 14.

    Then I read yesterday that things will be delayed up to another 4-8 weeks. Agh!

    Then today I check my order on Dell’s web site and see that it was shipped today. Huh? …okay… "Left Hand, go check and see what Right Hand is doing."

  39. This is what I want Dell to hear from me after reading about this new delay:

    I took the gift card because of the first major delay with the system.

    I would like either another gift card -or- an upgrade in my video hardware to make up for this second delay.

    Folks, our graphics cards are becoming just as outdated as those Pentium D processors. I personally paid about $1500 for my system. In its current configuration, it will not be worth $1500 in another 4-8 weeks.

    EVERY XPS customer deserves another gift card and/or some other upgrade (i.e. graphics, sound, RAM, monitor, etc.)!!

  40. I got the XPS 700 call and opted for the $200 GC while keeping the Pentium D. I was told that this would avoid delaying my shipment. However my new ship date is OCT 20th.  Thats nearly 4 months from when i first placed my order!!!.  Also I wanted to know if I can get my EPP discount adjusted as I actually qualify for a better epp discount that I initially got.

  41. I have purchased three Dell’s in the past (1 desktop and 2 notebooks) and have never been disappointed. I like the performance, life and everything about my computers. In fact I am a happy camper. UNTIL… (is there not always an until?)

    I ordered on July 3 a Dell Dimension with DuoCore processor. The ship date was August 2 and while it was a bit longer than I usually waited I liked Dell and therefore decided to wait. So I waited, waited and then August 2 rolls around. I called support and the response was, "I need to talk to production." I received no answer waited a couple of days and called again. This time I received an update and I would have to wait until the end of August, but nothing was sure.

    At that point I became annoyed. So I decided to look around and thought, "hmmm, maybe somebody else has a DuoCore computer." Looking around I saw that many of the smaller computer shops had no CoreDuo’s and were waiting. At that point I thought, ah, a production problem at Intel. But I decided to visit my look super store MediaMarkt. In I went and I saw that they had 20 models to choose from (Acer, and HP). I saw a model, picked it up and paid for it. Then I cancelled my Dell order.

    My point is that up to now I was a very very content Dell customer and I still don’t regret my previous computers (last purchase was Jan this year). However, Dell, you made me think about looking at computers from other vendors and that is a bit sad.

    While the wait was a reason to cancel it was not the real reason. The reason I cancelled is because in the two months I would have to wait for the computer my configuration would be outdated and I would have probably paid about 10% more than your competitors. The computer I bought from Acer was about the same price, with more Graphics RAM, and triple the harddisk space.

  42. When I learned that the delivery was delayed I called Dell customer service (No one contacted me). They blamed the delay respectively on a shortage of Core 2 Duo processors, strong demand from all those students going back to college and the fact that I ordered "a high end computer that had to be very carefully built".

    This Blog is the first time I really understand what the problem is.

    I consider myself a loyal Dell customer, having bought nothing but Dell computers for me and my 2 sons for over 10 years. However the ineptitude of Dell’s customer service and the delay in shipment made me cancel my order and buy from a different vendor.

    My suggestion would be not to run the assembly line commercial for a while.

    This incident, plus the fact that Dell refused to equip their high end PCs with the Dual Core processors from AMD (which were clearly superior to the old Intel Dual core processors) make me think Dell is loosing it’s touch with what made the company a winner. I’d suggest selling your Dell stock if you own any. Very disappointing.

  43. Lionel:

    I received my call a week ago and took your offer.  The person I spoke with told me the Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Bundle “was no longer available for XPS700 and I would get an upgraded G-15 bundle at no charge.”  I said OK, thinking I had no other choice.  However, yesterday I found out the Bluetooth IS AVAILABLE from your sales department.

    To make matters worse, they shipped the G-15 keyboard today!

    If the Bluetooth is really available, I would like to keep this on my order as being cordless is a important purchasing consideration for me.  Can I return this other keyboard and get my Bluetooth Bundle?  I sent a email to my rep but have not back from her.

  44. Dear Dell Representative:

    Can you please comment, to the extent possible, on why there appear to be some distinct variances between the OEM components you use in your system builds versus the retail components?  From a perception standpoint, it appears that Dell de-tunes the retail components (e.g., the X-Fi sound card issue re Dolby Digital; certain motherboard limitations such as the lack of dual ethernet; other variances between your marketed motherboard and the anticipated retail versions).  I would like to think that there is a logical reason behind any variances that have absolutely nothing to do with cost containment; however, I am unsure.  From a customer’s standpoint, we want our Dell system components to be equal to or better than the retail versions.  Many of us either used to, or still "build" our own systems, so we unserstand the difference between and among components.  

    Thanks for any commentary.  

  45. LIONEL,

    I have recieved the call for the Core 2 Upgrade.  I did indeed switch over to the Core 2.  My old order was cancelled and a new order with order number was placed.  The problem is that THEY FORGOT TO PUT IN MY SECOND MONITOR THAT I ADDED!  I have been trying to call back that extention for nearly a WEEK now, left a message at least 3 times and I have never recieved a reply yet.  Please advise on what I am supposed to do because if these systems indeed really start shipping by next week, I may get the short end of the stick!!!

    If anyone else have any alternatives, please do tell!

  46. Thanks St. Prophet … I looked at the Gateway FX510XT and yes with a few changes it looks pretty good. It has a ship date of 8/18. Now what do I do? I have never heard from Dell concerning my order and the offer to upgrade or get the gift card, and I can not get ahold of anyone there to even talk about it … So after owning 4 dell’s maybe it is time to move on.

  47. Ok, I am on my 3rd system, i ordered the first time on june 30th and then got the upgrade on august 2nd and  then that one got cancelled for some unknown reason, now my system is coming somtime in october. This is really sad because now I don’t know what to do. I have put so much time into getting this computer, my cell phone bills have been enourmas from staying on the phone with customer service. I ordered the XPS 700 to get the freshest and best components out there because i will probably have this computer for many years but now i feel im getting an out of date system. What is going on with the X-FI sounblaster extrememusic because i know thats what i ordered, is that what im getting or is X-Fi PCI Sound Card somthing different? Is my  256MB NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS going to be out of date?

  48. Delivery date now shifted to 4th October.. so much for prioritizing old orders. I have been in Pre-Production since 14 June and not heard anything from Dell.

    Still waiting for the upgrade call. Customer satisfaction is way down. How long till the Ireland manufacturing plant gets the news that they can start shipping again?

  49. can we get a focussed thread that targets Non US/CA consumers?>

    Seems us poor cousins in Australia and surrounds can’t get any XPS action out of Penang.

    There was a news item in the local Sydney press here about 8 weeks ago indicating that the XPS700 would be sold locally, but there has been nothing said since. Patience is still holding (as a stockholder I have faith).

    The market growth in Asia is believed to be greater than anywhere else – pls help.

  50. Is Dell going to address the X-Fi audio card issue?  Perhaps consider installing what was promoted as opposed to the de-tuned version.   I would have gladly paid the extra $10 for the real deal.

  51. Get This — I ordered a stick of RAM for my Dell — and even that has an estimated ship date of more than 2 weeks out!!!!


  52. I find it amazing that all the largest players in the custom computer manufacturing industry are perpetually “crying wolf” when it comes to delivery of their systems.  I would prefer not to be given a delivery date, than having to see the estimated arrival date come and go again and again due to the incompetence of the company.  If you are unable to meet your own benchmarks and deadlines, WHY NOT STOP SETTING THEM FOR YOURSELF.  Don’t promise that which you cannot deliver.  It makes your already shakey integrity even more quesitonable, and kills any credibility you have left with the unfortunate souls still waiting for you to fulfill your own promises.

  53. On Friday night (Sept 28th), I ordered my first Dell computer, a Dimension 9200 desktop.Today, I started reading about all the delays, and it really worried me. I started to think about cancelling. However, my order has now been shipped, a whopping 1.5 business days after my order. Awesome service!

    I’ve known a lot of people who love to bash Dell, but I can honestly say that I’ve never had the sort of crashing/blue screen and other instability problems on Dell computers I use at work, that I’ve experienced on many custom built clones at home.

    Before buying, I looked at HP. Best Buy has some seemingly great deals, but on looking deeper, I discovered that the machines are pretty basic, often with only one slot free! No thanks!

    So far, I’m very happy with Dell.

  54. I am running a small business and required a decent Vista Laptop to use in the day to day running of the business.

    I ordered a Dell Latitude on 29th August.  I was told it would take 8 days to build and deliver.  ‘Great!’ I thought.  8 days later, the money was taken from my bank account, so I expected to see my shiny new laptop very soon.

    Nope!  I called the Sales advisor who told me it would take another 8 days.

    Nope! 8 days later I checked the Status page on the website and it said delivery by October 4th.  I called the Sales guy and asked why there was a delay, and if they knew about it when I ordered, why was I not told.

    He replied that the Screens were the problem, and that there was a delivery of screens coming in this week (22 September) and that he was going to ‘fast-track’ my order  He was sorry for not telling me when I ordered!!!

    I received an email from Dell to tell me that the delivery was again delayed until 8th November., so from order to (potential) delivery of nearly 2.5 months!

    Dell have been earning interest on my money and have produced nothing.  By the time I get my laptop, most of the technlogy will be obsolete!!

    I feel I am being Fobbed off and Ripped off by Dell.

    I used to rate Dell and have always recommended them to friends and family, but I will no longer do this.

    As a small business I am losing money for every day I am without my new laptop!

    What are you going to do about it Dell? 

  55. My Dimension 9200 arrived today, 6 business days after I ordered it, and it had to get from the US to Canada during that period. Thanks Dell!

  56. I too am a business owner and ordered my Dell XPS M1710 on October 16th.  ESD was October 25th.  Perfect, until they told me my new ESD was November 1st.  That was ok, I can understand back orders and delays, I’m in the service industry.  Received a phone call, my new ESD is now November 6th.  But wait……..I received an e-mail saying that due to shortages my new ESD is December 4th.  I would be out of business if I kept using those excuses.  I think I’ll travel south of the border and see what my options for a new system, at least I know I’ll be able to take it home with me.  Ontario Canada

  57. You think you’ve got it bad. I ordered an XPS 1710 on september 26th. I was told my ESD was 22.10.07. I then saw that it had been delayed to the 16.11.07 so I have been waiting since then for my laptop. I was informed today that my order has now been delayed to 03.01.08! So much for ‘ten day orders’. If there is a problem with the screen then give me the option of changing it so I can finally get my laptop! I have been patient but this is just ridiculous.

  58. I ordered my XPS 720 on Nov 4 and was told Dec 4 for delivery. Ugg. but on Dec 4 i get an email saying Dec 11!  What?  They didn’t know it would be delayed until that day?  What is everyone else buying?  I need another optoin.

  59. I ordered the Dell inspirion 1520 notebook computer red Dec 10, 2007 for my wife annivarsary; all I have receive from Dell so far is delay notices, rude customer service agents and no explanation has to what is causing the delay.  Today is January 15, 2008 and the only thing I have receive from Dell is two notice telling me my order will be canclead due to mail order rules and the second saying my order has been canclead! I guest this leaves me no choice but to try Toshiba or H/P. Thanks a lot Dell!

  60. I know exactly how you feel. I am getting the same run around. They offer great deals and you order one and all I've received is delay notices too

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