Dell OpenManage Strategy

In this vlog, I walk you through Dell’s enterprise systems management strategy, and provide insight into our long-term vision.  I also discuss some of the current functionalities built into PowerEdge server management tools, and explain how our strategy differs from our competitors.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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6 thoughts on “Dell OpenManage Strategy

  1. Absolutely no offense intended towards Ed. But hey, Dell marketing people.. isn’t this blog named "Direct2Dell"  not "DirectFromDell" ?

    Seriously, Dell has a huge undertaking in convincing "us" that you want to change. So utilizing a blog that has been written up as Dells attempt to enter the blogosphere to dialogue with its customers, former customers, and potential buyers, isn’t a place to keep throwing product advertisements at us.

    If you want a blog to showcase your wares, create one. Call it Dell2U (DellToYou) or something similar. But please don’t confuse the tone of direct2dell by throwing everything you can think of onto this blog.

    By the way, I’m actually interested in Ed’s presentation of Dells Open Manage product line, how it compares to the competition, and how Dell is obviously seeking to establist a low hardware level communications protocol standard for remote systems management with API’s for 3rd party solutions integration. (yes, i get it).

    However, I was put out to see this here, where customers were recently providing direct feedback on issues such as the XPS 700 delays,  the T2300E switcheroo, and Dells new configurator GUI efforts.

    Stick with the dialogue topics. There are plenty fo them Dell can and should address. And, please.. leave off the direct advertising. There are better venues for it.


  2. I’m glad that you made this video seeing how this is one of the things that I requested through the Suggestion Box.  However nothing was really answered…we still don’t really know how the product works…didn’t see anything about the product, and the presenter used all acronyms when refering to the products…do the sales people know those same acronyms?

    He referencing using the command line…seriously…I don’t want to be bothered with a command line interface…it requires more training for the users and the training for those type of products tend to reference commands that only work in that product…the next product over may have a whole different set of commands that the user will need to learn in order to make full use of the system.  

    If I remember correctly Dell actually OEM’s all of this software from Altiris.

  3. What’s the best way to watch the streaming wmv’s in linux? Also, if someone from Dell is reading this, could you guys consider encoding to other formats as well?

  4. Please use the Ogg Theora video format. This format does not have license or patent problems and can be viewd on Linux computers without installing additional codecs. Thank you.

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