XPS 700 Now Shipping in the U.S.


I can confirm that we resumed shipping the XPS 700 to customers in the United States.  We do have a backlog of orders to work through, and we will do so as quickly as possible.  No update for the regions yet—hope to have an update early next week. 

To all customers who have e-mailed me to verify that the Customer Advocate team received your order information, I can confirm that they have.  If you have not received a callback, you will soon.

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34 thoughts on “XPS 700 Now Shipping in the U.S.

  1. That’s great to hear and I know it is the truth since a lot of people’s orders have been advancing and shipping. One question though, all the orders that seem to have shipped are equiped with 7900GS video cards. I have not seen any with the 7900GTX and I am afraid that there may be a short supply or some other issue. Can you provide any information on this?

    One other thing that bothers me is that people getting their orders in production and shipped are not the first ones to order. There are many who ordered in early June and others who ordered later that will soon have an XPS. I personally ordered in early July and got my order confirmed in early August. Is there really a "queue" that Dell is following? Because it doesn’t seem to be in any particular order.

    My last question is the following: Is Dell going to ship all of the Pentium D orders first, then the Core 2 Duo, then resume regular shipping dates after July 18th?

    Thank you for any information!

  2. It’s about time! I am glad these units are shipping, but Dell is not off the hook. Dell should not have kept consumers in the dark. I hope that Dell never makes these same mistakes again.

  3. I’m happy and sad at the same time.

    I’m happy as Dell informed us that XPS-700 production is happening. Well, we have heard something like this on July the 20th and yet here we are. So credibility has to be earned this time. I don’t trust you guys unless hundreds of happy customers report that they received the machines. What if Dell finds another "glitch" like the cooling one next week?

    Isn’t this announcement just to defuse the situation and growing anger and respond to the increasing media attention? we will see.

    The FACTS will speak for themselves.

    I’m also SAD as I live in Canada. It looks like that U.S. customers are far more superior than others and their $$$s are much more valuable than other nation’s citizens. Isn’t it annoying that altough Canadian orders are shipped from the same Austin depo/factory those orders does not seem to be fulfilled? Or the cooling "fix" that has been fixed in the U.S. is not fixed in Europe? Are Europian engineers incapable of taking a "copy" of the solution into their factory?

    I’m disappointed because of these factors.

    Dell does not seem to be honest and their media communication is more aimed to patch the negative publicity than address customer’s needs and treat them as they deserve…

  4. I hope Dell has learned from the XPS 700 launch and the mess that came about with it. Next time with a new system launch they might do it right, lets hope. We all do not need another fiasco like this including Dell. Everybody enjoy your new systems. hopefully I’ll get mine before the snow flies in Calgary. Mabey November?

    Cheers all……………………………………….

  5. The DOMINTO EFFECT: HOW TO STOP IT?  That should be the question that Dell and every highly inconvenienced XPS 700 customer should be asking. .I cannot stress enough, the importance of the drum that I have beating for weeks now, which is: We do not want YESTERDAY’S TECHNOLOGY AT YESTERDAY’S PRICES!  For a number of reasons Dell and US, the customer, have sailed into "uncharted territory". Has a major high end PC company, ever before been in a situation where the product release date (May 31), and product ship date (October 10) are SO FAR APART? It has been said that at least Dell has the Core 2 and the nVidia 590. I couldn’t agree more. That was THE big reason to continue with Dell after the Core 2 "Wait for the Call" fiasco.  No way would I buy a computer today with an nForce 4 board!! My concern is that as October rolls around, if the completed 590 is "about" to roll off the press, then that would be important information for a consumer to know. If Dell will be teaming up with Intel with the expected release of the new Kentsfield Quad Core CPU, then we need to know. If Dell has plans in October to add the Direct X 10 technology to the XPS 700 we need to know. And if Dell has any plans of upgrading the XPS 700 to a newer improved XPS 7XX, then Dell had better inform the WAITING customer. We need to know. As I see it, and believe me that if I see it you can trust that many do, Dell has two things to take care of before Dell can get the first edition of the XPS 700 moving without a huge customer fallout and a nightmare of public relations work. 1) For those that take the orders today-Dell needs to provide a hefty compensation. I mean a REAL one. Not some gift card to the Dell store! Pentium D customers need more then a gift card. Don’t get me started on that one! And those that accept the Core 2, shipping in October need a Real compensation as well. Good grief! That would mean that a customer literally could wait over 4 months for a promised computer, and all that Dell had offered them as compensation was current technology! I can’t believe I just typed that!  2) Provide those poor customers that ordered back in May and are now looking at an October ship date, the assurance that if NEW TECHNOLOGY is released by Dell within a certain time frame after the customer receives their XPS 700, that Dell will upgrade their computers FREE of charge. Many have hung in there with Dell after the first, Yesterday’s Technology at Yesterday’s Prices Battle, and the Core 2 was offered. (Although Dell has yet to provide one penny of compensation. See my often posted , THE UPGRADE WAS NOT AN UPGRADE AND THE GIFT CARD WAS NOT FREE.)

    But it is NOT even closed to being “fixed”.  Look at it this way. If I was in the market for a computer, say mid October, I would research what was not only available immediately, but also what is on the horizon. If a "finished 590" rather then the partially finished board that is currently in the XPS 700, was being released in November, then I would most definitely hold off on my order for a few weeks, and then make the purchase. If there was nothing on the horizon, for say 4 or 5 months, than I would make the purchase and live with the choice, not finding any fault with the computer company. (The industry changes drastically every 3-4 months) I would have the option like we always have that in 6 months I may want to upgrade. The issue for a lot of us now, especially those of us that ordered May 31-June, is that the carrot has not only been dangling in front of our noses, it has been moving around the track in front of us, just like a rabbit is moved in front of greyhounds on a race track. I want to be assured that I do not have to worry about the "yesterday’s technology at yesterday’s prices"problem again and again and again.  So I agree that most of us are very glad that Dell has chosen the Core 2 with the 590 nVidia. Agree 100%. But now it is about the TIME. We have followed Dell into uncharted waters, and the carrot keeps moving. For so many Dell customers there is yet to have been provided by Dell  a "comfortable" time to confidently say. "Ok, I am ready to buy, and it is MY choice, and I will live with it. Under normal computer buying circumstances the above logic would be laughable, thinking that a computer company should tell us ahead of time what their next technology will look like, but this is no laughing matter. For lack of a better word, I would say many Dell customers feel that they have been "USED" by Dell.  I want to be assured that I do not have to worry about the "yesterday’s technology at yesterday’s prices" issue AGAIN.  So I agree that most of us are very glad that Dell has chosen the Core 2 with the 590 nVidia. But unfortunately that domino has just bumped the next one!!

  6. I still have to fight to get a response to my questions from Dell. It has become like pulling teeth. (Mine) I would like to make a decision as to whether to wait for the Core2 which is showing some very poor error rates and a slower clock speed then the D processors. Other than cooler operation, I have not been able to learn why this processor is worth waiting for in the end.

  7. What about Core 2 Duo systems?

    No systems with Core 2 Duo or 7900GTX systems have gone "In Production". Is there another problem we are unaware of?

  8. Ummm… I want an XPS 700, but I’m going to hang fire for now after reading what gbakmars has just posted. I live in the UK, so I don’t even know how this will affect any order I may make. Is everything ok with the UK launch?

    Also, I noticed today that the XPS 700 customise screen had changed, infact, it changed again whilst I was browsing different configurations! I’ve noticed that the top line core 2 duo extreme (X6800) was removed from the list. I’m not 100% sure of this, but I could of sworn that there was an option for the 7950GX2 as well.

  9. Deadites,

    I have been "In production" for a few days now with Dual 7900GTX.

    It hasnt started kitting, but definitely out of "pre-production" and "in production"

  10. I am tired of hearing about people XPS 700 shipping or going through production. Especially when they ordered after mine. My original order was on 8 june, my computer has been "in-production" since last friday. It has yet to hit Kitting. I would like to know why, it has been a long wait, I just want my computer to ship before my kids leave for the summer. I have no desktop and my laptop will not run half the things i need it to run. Can I please have an answer? My last rep does not work for Dell anymore, I am starting to lose faith I will ever see thsi computer.

    Thank you

  11. magburner,

    All is NOT well with the UK launch. My order has been in Pre-Production since 14th June, with an est delivery date of 4th October. I’d wait a bit if I were you.

  12. How many systems can you crank out per week to fullfill backorders? If there are 2,000 pending orders (guess), are you pushing 500 orders per week "In Production" or what?

  13. How interesting!

    I ordered my system on June 16. My ship date is now 8/15. I have never received a call from the legendary upgrade team. I send emails to the senior service rep handling my account. Sometimes I get answers, sometimes I do not. I call and do paperwork for periods in access of an hour with the speaker phone engaged before talking to someone. So far, the most interesting fact that I have uncovered is that Dell offers an excellent vacation package. Senior sales staff are unable to answer technical questions. I assume that if the system ships without the upgrade contact and I choose a conroe processor, Dell techs will come onsite to install. Lionel has been doing as best he can under what appear to be very unreasonable limits.

  14. If the XPS is now shipping then why’s the delivery date for new orders still another 2+ months (10/25)?

    Read the Dell forums, don’t trust this PR spin.

  15. Dear Dell,

    I would like to know if there are any updates to International customers.  As an international customer who placed his XPS 700 order on June 11, 2006, I am eager to find out the details on the status of our orders.

    I have not received a call regarding the upgrade to Conroe from my selected Pentium D 960, though I have received more than three calls inquiring whether I want to cancel my order or keep waiting.

    I am concerned that this frequent revisiting of my patience (or lack thereof) is a way for Dell to ‘convince me’ to cancel my order and not a true verification of my will to keep on waiting.

    I do not know if there is in fact a legal requirement to confirm my desire to continued with the order; however, if I wanted to cancel my order I would have done some plenty a time ago.  There should be far more need to call me to give me a status update than there is a need to confirm my will to keep waiting.

    I will keep waiting for my system.  I believe in Dell; I believe in this system; and I got a super price.  For the cost, I could not get half a system from Dell’s sister Alienware.

    I would appreciate some further communications and status reports.

    Communication is good.  International customers are good, too.  How about some information our way?



  16. It appears several Pentium D orders are FINALLY going into ‘Production’, but what about Core 2 Duo orders? When will they enter ‘Production’?

  17. Can we get confirmation that Core 2 Duo systems are shipping now or have further problems been found?

    And why is there still a "stop ship" in Ireland/UK?

    Thank You

  18. My XPS 700 system went into production on July 21st but still had a delivery date of October 23, so I’m not sure I’d get too excited about your computer going "into production". I got excited on July 21st but once my estimated delivery date of August 8 passed and no update, I called Dell and was told by two different people that it would be October 23 instead. I cancelled my order and got a new computer that is relatively comparable within a couple of days locally. Yes, I would have liked to have the XPS700 instead, but I could not afford to wait until I had heard that hundreds had received their XPS systems in order to believe this latest PR babble.

  19. Dell,

    Can you please put the real X-Fi audio card in the XPS 700 instead of the de-tuned version that does not have features that are being promoted as part of the card?  

    We would like the real deal, as promoted…   The savings to Dell on the de-tuned cards cannot be that substantial given the nominal pricing disparity beteen the retail version and the Dell version on your online store.


  20. Knock Knock… anyone in at Dell??

    Many EMEA customers are still waiting… and waiting… and waiting. Does anyone care about us outside of the US?

    62 days of waiting and patience is running very thin. Do you want my money or not?

  21. Hmm think I have been misled. I have recently purchased a XPS 700 and was given a ETA of 22 August!!! both verbally and on my written confirmation.

    Yes, I was unfortunately ignorant to the issues which currently exist abd maybe should have done more research before ordering, but and a BIG but.. the sales rep assured me that 22 August was fine and there were NO issues outstanding. To me this is blatant misselling on the basis that just about every Dell source I have seen since discovering the problems has said at least mid October for new orders.

    Seriously considering cancelling….

  22. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hearing of people that ordered after me already getting their computers is really starting to drive me crazy….

    I ordered on June 6th….

    That feels like last year now !!!

    I should have just went with alienware//

  23. My XPS 700 finally arrived today. FYI, it was ordered on June 22, with a Pentium D 930 and Dual 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 7900GS. I took the gift card ($200) because my old computer has been pretty much dead since late June.

    Good luck to all who are still waiting for their systems.

  24. max1neo, XPS customers have not been forgotten.  I’ve been working on an update and will post as soon as I have confirmation.  

  25. to IGPOET: Most likely you won’t see it go "through" the production stage. It shipped after it’s been in the "In Production" stage after about 3 weeks or so.

  26. A few months ago, I finally decided that I was going to shell out the cash and buy a top of the line system (when the core duo chips arrived) and I was set on buying the XPS.  Unfortunately, this mess has really made me rethink buying one.  I’m not saying I won’t buy an XPS, I’m too excited to wait two months for my new computer!  I hope things get worked out for everyone who has already purchased and is now waiting for their XPS system.

  27. Battery updates daily?!!  How about an XPS update at least once a week.  Come on Dell, what about the core 2’s are they shipping or not.  Its not a hard question.  You need to TALK to your customers or more bad publicity is coming your way.  Honestly, I dont know how you can afford NOT to give us daily updates……………


  28. Well my XPS700 has been in the "In Production" stage for 13 days, no check on kitting. I have had this on order since June 8th, already got my callback, just waiting for computer now.

  29. Any chance of some news for a UK customer?  Pretty please…… all I want is the PC I ordered 2 months ago… is it really too much to ask?

  30. Well, my XPS700 order shipped in Canada, and I never did receive a callback from Dell, or the free offer to upgrade to the Core 2 Duo.

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