Dell XPS 720 Red System; Details About the XPS 700 Exchange Program


Today, we’re launching the air-cooled version of the XPS 720 red chassis in the United States and Canada.

More importantly though, wanted to take a few minutes to shed some light on what customers can expect from the upcoming XPS 700 Exchange program. Lots of you are asking when we will launch it. Unfortunately, I can’t have specific dates I can share at this point, but know that we’re working as quickly as we can to ensure that the XPS 700 exchange program is a good experience for all of you.

Update, 8/13:  The link for the XPS 700 Exchange Program is now live: 

Now for the details: 

XPS 700 customers are entitled to the following:

  • Hardware Kit at no charge

  • Option for in-home installation service at no charge

  • Option to purchase the QX6700 quad-core processor at 25% off of the Electronics & Accessories price

XPS 710 customers are entitled to the following:

  • Option to purchase a hardware kit (price to be determined)

  • Option to purchase in-home installation service (price to be determined)

Hardware kit details:

  • XPS 720 motherboard

  • Front panel I/O assembly

  • All required cables and mechanical assemblies

  • XPS 720 Resource CD

  • XPS 720 Owner’s Manual

  • XPS mouse pad

  • DTS solution

  • Installation techsheet

There will be much more information to come. Soon we will publish pictures of the parts in the hardware kit both on the blog and in the Dell Community Forum. We will also publish a vlog where we will walk you through the actual upgrade process, so you can see exactly what’s required.

Lots of folks here know how important this is to many of you. The reality is that this is a very complex process for us to implement and we’re taking the time to do this right. We’ll keep pushing forward.

 In the meantime, thank you for your continued patience.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the update Lionel. Honestly I was hoping for more information on when this program will begin. My power button has broken although it is still useable. I’ve been waiting on having it fixed as it would be via in home service and I would rather have both problems fixed at the same time. Hard to arrange time off work, etc.. Is there any truth to the theory on the forum that the priority for the XPS 700/710 upgraded motherboard is lower than that of filling the supply channel with the new XPS720? Is the long wait due to supply problems?

  • Anonymous

    Yessssssssss i’m so excited i’m gonna be XPS 720 Owner soon

    Thanks Lionel for the update

  • Anonymous

    Thxs Lionel, things are coming on nicely. One other thing, do we keep the old 700 mb or give it back (o ya exchange ((giveback)) ). Well keep up the good work and keep us updated :).

  • Anonymous

    I love this! I am excited and can’t wait to have a quad core machine soon! Along with cheaper RAM these days, I am psyched.

    Dell is taking care of their XPS customers really well here.  

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all the support!

    Keep coming the info!


    Thanks a lot! 

  • Anonymous

    it would be nice to distribute it in France with ubuntu…

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Pat: To answer your question: weeks, not months.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see this getting closer to being implemented.  I know you can’t give specific dates but are we talking weeks or months?

    I know some a really eager to get this, and will likely find a way to complain, but I’ll be happy to get the upgrade, whenever it comes.  Considering the box I will have after the upgrade will be equivalent for the most part to what dell sells for mega-$$$, I think I can’t complain too much! 

  • Anonymous

    Why no option to purchase the Q6600 Quad Core?  That processor is much more reasonably priced…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the update guys.  However here are some suggestions that you may want to look into:

    1) Allow us to purchase the H2C cooling unit and have it installed at the same time as the motherboard.  Provides us with another upgrade and provides Dell with some $.

    2) Allow us to have a choice between QX6700 and QX6800, it looks like we can only buy the 6700?

    3) Provide the improved power button in the upgrade kit, the power button included in the XPS 700 is pretty bad and I still need to call to get it replaced – replacing it at the same time as the motehrboard saves Dell from sending another tech out for this issue for people who call in for motherboard replacements.

  • Anonymous

    Ok great!  Now how long until I can request a self install kit?

    BTW, Thanks for the update Lionel

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Lionel for the update. Quick question, could we install an Dell H2C system upon the MOBO upgrade? If yes, what would be the best way to buy and could we also get a 25% discount on the chiller?

    Also, would we also be able to purchase the QX6800 Quad Core processor at full price if need be (if no discount availalbe)?

    XPS 700 X6800 Black Tower 



  • Anonymous

    WOW, a whole 25% off. Hmm, just checked newegg’s price and they still beat you even with the discount (along with several other vendors)! That 25% off discount is the same amount as the price of the 720 board we’re suppose to receive for “free”. Why not just have the 700 users trade-in for the 720 for free and you can reuse that hardware for the 730… The exchange program was promising when first announced, now its just rubbish…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Dell,

    Thanks for the brief update.  I would like to request information regarding the i/o panel.  I have had to replace the i/o panel on my xps a couple times.  To do so, the i/o panel has to be separated from the adhesive shiny plate that has the glassy black effect, (the plate that surrounds the usb ports, headphone ports, and microphone ports).  Will the i/o panel come with this shiny adhesive plate or will we have to reuse ours?


  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Andrew: The kit will come with the shiny adhesive plate. You won’t need to re-use yours.

  • Anonymous

    Cool thanks for the update !



  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much for the info, and it looks great! Im really excitied ^_^ The only thing I woud gripe about is that we only get 25 percent off the QX6700 processor, that thing will still be like 900 bucks+ Way outta my budget, is there anyway to get a discount on a lower quad CPU for us poor folks?

  • Anonymous


    any plans for those of us in Europe to purchase a 720 on slightly more level playing field?

    Would be nice to get Vista as an option, and pay less than $1400 for an additional 2 MB of RAM! (based on spec).

    Looking forward to buying one as soon as Dell treat us a bit fairer on this side of the Atlantic.

  • Anonymous

    This new information is welcomed, and I’m glad you are taking the time to do this right! I think you would help settle the anxiety of a lot of people here if you would set up the registration so we could just sign up for it, and not worry about it anymore. A lot of people are concerned that they will miss out on getting in on this. I would like to be able to know that I’m covered, and quit checking this board 5 times a day for updates.

     It doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal to set up a registration where we could just sign up for it and wait till you are ready to implement, I also go along with the suggestion others have made about upgrading the video card while doing the upgrades. It could help pay for this with another source of profit for you, and we could get it all done at once. A little discount on the new card wouldn’t hurt either.

     Please consider this option in addition to the quadcore option.

     Thanks for your attention!

  • Anonymous

    The current QX6700 price from Dell E&A is about 25% higher them many popular online retailers.  I’m pleased this option is available and hope the price comes down a bit before the exchange program starts.

  • Anonymous

    Lionel, thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to the new motherboard as I am sure many others are as well.


    Keep us posted

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for the update, are dell technicians still going to be avaible to come onsite to out homes do the entire replacement.

    Plus will we have to completley reload windows from scratch for example “Windows XP Pro” of will we just have to re-activate our PC’s since a major hardware component has been replaced?


  • Anonymous

    Not bad… thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I am looking forward to the exchange.  What I would ideally like to see is:

    – ability to choose another processor as part of the kit (e.g. Q6600 or QX6700)

    – ability to add a cooling unit into the kit

    – ability to add another 8800 graphics card

    This would basically enable us to move from a std. 700/710 to a 720 H2C…hopefully at an attractive price given some of us only just purchased recently (710 in April for me) and paid mega-$$$ for the system.

    If you wait too long with this (i.e. more than 2 months), you may have announced the 730 and everyone will be asking for that mobo with options…

  • Anonymous

    My Guess is because The Q6600 cant be over clocked*.  only the x6700  qx6700 and the qx6800 can be over clocked.

    Also do we know yet if the H2C unit will be available to us?

    and what if we have a mb problem in the future will we still get the 720MB or will we ghet the 700/710 motherboard?

  • Anonymous

    Chris – That’s a good question.. I am sure its 720 MB for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Will our Dell warranty be extended or renewed after this upgrade?

  • Anonymous

    I would also like to see the option for:

    1) The QX6800.  If this is not an option I will just buy it through NewEgg instead.  If you make the price competitive and allow us to buy the QX6800 I will buy through Dell instead so I don’t have to install it.

    2) I would love the option to add the water cooling.  This would allow me to overclock to the max and it probably an option that I would choose if it is a few hundred bucks (say $500 or so, I have no idea how much this option really costs).

    Lionel please consider the above.  It looks like a few people have already requested these options.  Thanks again for the frequent updates.  I love my Dell already but this upgrade will rock!

    Final confirmation that this will be for ALL registered XPS700 owners including refurbs.  I didn’t see that mentioned in your update (I bought my XPS700 from the Dell Outlet and it is under warranty until November).


  • Anonymous

    My previous comment has still not shown up. (Yesterday, 10pm)

    Is this due to moderation delay, or was it rejected due to the seriousness of my complaint?

    Michael Fraser

  • Anonymous

    I’m still very pleased with the exchange program. Thanks Dell and Lionel!……..and I am still VERY curious about the liquid cooling….asking for the fourth time. I have seen a great deal of interest in this as an option. 

  • Anonymous


    I forked out the $$$ for the X6800 and would like an upgrade option to the QX6800.

    Can you please look into this?

    Judging from some of the other responses on this list, I”m not the only one.



  • Anonymous

    Actually the Qx6700 is faster than the x6800 as the qx is quad but i do get your point about that.  The price for the quad should be based on the proc we currently have IMHO. 

  • Anonymous

    Lionel, I do appreciate all of the input. I do need to respond with some thoughts.

    I have previously mentioned a 700/720 simple exchange. Such a process does seem elegantly simple to me. Dell still owes me $250.00 in rebates associated with this transaction. I still suggest that a credit be available for the purchase of other Dell equipment. The rebate issue is separate from the Mobo issue and will not go away. I just structured the purchase of an XPS laptop and was willing to make the purchase if I could deduct the owed rebates from the price. I was told that this could not be done. Perhaps I would like to purchase the MOBO upgrade and credit the rebate cost to the purchase. At any rate, it would seem that it would make sense to avoid writing checks if possible. You have a large group of loyal customers trying to work with you. Don’t you think it is time for Dell to think outside of the box? The 700/720 exchange would eliminate on site tech time, substitute inventory reduction for negative cash flow and credit to purchase would also accomplish much the same goals. At the rate we are moving on this issue, the 720 will be last years news before Dell puts boots on the ground.


  • Anonymous


    The program details are final.  If you want the H2C, but it from Dell Spare Parts.  If you want the QX6800 or the Q6600, but it from Newegg(if Dell doesn’t have it.  It will not be part of the exchange program.  This program is due to the false advertising on the XPS700 as well as Dell’s desire to listen to the customer and provide us an upgrade path.  Video cards, CPUs, sound cards, RAM, HDDs, and H2C can all be purchased on your own.  The mobo could ONLY work if Dell built one that was swapable into the XPS700 case.  Thank you to Lionel and Chris and Neil and everyone else at Dell for keeping our systems from being dead ended so young.  I look forward to this starting in the next few WEEKS.  Finally.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Please allow us to get the H2c Unit as we didnt have the option when we bought it!!!

  • Anonymous


    I think making the H2C available as an option would be great! I was not available when I bought my XPS700 (showed up along with the XPS 710, NVIDIA 8800 and Vista upgrade option about a week after I pushed the button)

    Also, back to the QX6800 issue… those of us who purchased the X6800 spent a lot more money on our CPU’s than those who didn’t. the offer that’s available to us is no better than what is available to everyone else.

    While I appreciate that Dell is even making an upgrade path available, I’ve started checking pricing outside Dell to do a little comparison shopping, and the QX6800 is available in a lot of places for the same pricing Dell has the QX6700 listed for.

    Pricing on the QX6700 seems to be about… hold on to your hats everyone…. about 25% less than what Dell is listing it for. <GASP!>

    So… just to wrap this up, those of use who actually spent the extra $$$ for the X6800 can purchase the lesser proc (QX6700) at the same price we can get the QX6800 for outside of Dell…. Hmmmm…. Yay customer loyalty!

    While I applaud Dell for taking these steps, me thinks we’re a wee bit short of making this right for those of us that shelled out the most coin and want the higher end proc.


  • Anonymous

    Good news Lionel. Thanks for the  update and will keep an eye on the blog for the registration link.

    I do agree that if the registration process could be started I could register and wait and it would be easier for me 😉 …but am sure you guys are working on it.

    Would also like to be able to purchase the water cooling – not at a discount but would be nice to be able to have it fitted at the same time as the new mobo. Would this be possible?

    Once again, thanks for the info. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Pointguard1122, would you please provide a link for buying the H2C cooling system? Thanks in advance…

  • Anonymous


    I am not sure that questions regarding what can be bought and installed such as H2C are unreasonable. Dell sells these parts and makes a profit. Perhaps it would be a good idea to sell the parts and do the install at the same time as the upgrade? I think that everyone is just trying to make the best of a really negative situation. Also, if my memory serves me correctly, there were sound card and video card issues as well as the mobo. I don’t believe that the upgrade issue is “closed” as you mention. There are various outside forces involved that may or may not affect the entire situation. Another factor that you must consider, the rebate situation. As I have said before, has nothing to do with the upgrade issue and is a contract between Dell and its customers. I will be glad to deduct mine from processer upgrade, another sytem purchase or a check. I will not waive this compensation. I also believe that the previous poster is correct in pointing out that the price used for buying an upgraded processor should reflect industry pricing. Many people inside and outside of Dell worked very hard to get to this point. Why spoil this success with nickel and dime procedures? The only thing worse than taking a bite out of a shiny red apple and finding a worm, is to only find a half of one.

  • Anonymous

    Hi everybody.

     I just found about this exchange program so I would like to clarify couple things. Could you please give me a hand on this?

    1. Can I just replace the motherboard so I will be able to replace processor later when I will be ready financially?

    2. Whoudl it be mandatory that all work will be done by Dell or it could be just a kit and actual work could be done on you own?

    3. Could I have replaced my E6300 with E6600 paying the difference or buying E6600 from Dell and have it installed at the moment of exchange so my warranty will not be void?

    4. When the actual exchange will starts and how I can register for this exchange?

    Thank you in advance.

    P.S. You can answer with email. It would be even better.


  • Anonymous

    Per my comments above, I have still received no response, nor has anything regarding my case been said or progressed.

    Lionel, can you please let me know what went wrong with my order?  And where it all leaves me now?

    I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole, with no hope of knowing by what esoteric rules my new environment operates.

    Michael Fraser
    Still no results

  • Anonymous


    The reason I say that the resolution is a done deal is becuase all of the things you guys are asking about were on the table.  The decision has been made by Neil and Mike.  I agree that the quad upgrade is a terrible “deal” at best.  It hink it is nothing more than a way for Dell to disguise getting some of the money back they are losing in this deal.  I also agree that the rebate or giftcard needs to be paid immediately to those who were promised it 11 months ago(myself included).  I am continuing to contact people at Dell to hopefully get this resolved.  Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but the plans for the mobo upgrade are finalized.  I believe we will see the sign up start in the new few weeks(hopefully sooner). 

    You will have to Call Dell Spare Parts as spare parts are not sold online.

    1. yes
    2. no, you can do it yourself
    3. I believe only the quad purchsed with the upgrade will be covered by Dell.  You can always but the CPU from NewEgg and get a warranty.
    4. hopefully soon

  • Anonymous

    Lionel- Don’t you think this is becoming a little ridiculous? I understand that patience is a virtue, but come on, how much patience can you honestly expect from high end PC buyers? Dell has the means to do this exchange by now….so let’s get going already (please).

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Pointguard: My apologies for not responding until now. Our engineering team is working to understand the issue. When we have more information to share, we’ll post details here and on the Forum.

  • Anonymous


    J. Harris’ issues seem to be pretty widespread.  So far, there has not been one example of SLI enabled beating SLI disabled in either Vista or XP.  The highest score I have seen posted was just around 13000.  Dell’s Marketing Manager has stated that this system (720H2C) scored over 20,000 and was in the top 20 of all time.  That would truly be remarkable, but sadly actual performance has failed to live up to advertising.  We would all appreciate it if you could have some of the XPS guys look into it and test it there.  Perhaps even post some results Dell is getting from systems ready to be shipped.  Lionel, I appreciate everything you do with this blog.  I especially apreciative of Dell’s admission of mistakes.  BIG MOVE. 

    Please start the mobo exchange ASAP so we can all test the new mobo.  Thanks Lionel.


  • Lionel_Menchaca

    J. Harris: Sorry you are having issues with the system after installing the NVIDIA drivers. Sounds like we need to look at the CPU as well based on what you describe.

    I’ll ask someone from the Dell Canada tech support team follow up with you directly.  

  • Anonymous
    Lionel – hi from Toronto.  Well, I just got my 720H2C yesterday and I’m having some major issues.
    One of the first things I did was install fresh Nvidia drivers…even with the most current drivers (video/chipset/storage) for my pair of 8800gtx’s, I’m only getting a 3dmark 06 score of 12000, with SLI DISABLED!  The benchmark won’t even finish on SLI mode – it crashes the system and reboots.
    At the shipped 3.73ghz overclock (Intel QX6800) the system hung once too; its been fine since I dialed it back to around 3.2ghz.
    I ran it through a bunch of benchmarks with Sisoft Sandra and it did very well on those; the Raptors hum along nicely…but the big issues of course are the detrimental performance of SLI against a single 8800gtx and what seems like major stability issues at the shipped overclock.
    I’m sure you will rectify this but in the meantime, and most ironically, having 2 8800gtx’s is more of hindrance than a luxury.  Let alone the overclock issue.  Lastly…my Nvidia temp/volt panel is showing my cpu voltage as RED, despite my efforts in even underclocking the CPU.
    A quick read of the Dell XPS forums indicate that others with your new system are experiencing the same performance issues.
    Lionel – PLEASE HELP.  I’m sure the last thing you guys need at this point is for all your efforts in righting the 700/710 debacle right to go down the tubes due to ongoing problems with the 720!
    However…I have faith.
  • Anonymous

    Please have an option for us to upgrade H2C, also like above question, will the warranty be extended or renew?



  • Anonymous

    Thanks Lionel.  I don’t doubt for a moment that Dell won’t make this right.



  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Michael: I’ve done a lousy job on follow-up and I really apologize for that.

    Also, orry to hear of the issues you’re having with your XPS 710. I will have someone from the Tech Support team contact you soon.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously my approach was flawed.  I can clearly see that J. Harris has requested support in a more friendly manner.  Allow me to re-phrase my earlier posting in the hopes that I will get a similarly expedient response.

    Lionel – hi from Toronto (yes, same area).  Well, I got my XPS710 in February, and I’ve had non-stop issues ever since.

    One of the first things I did is call support to inform them that they shipped the wrong PC with parts missing.  Unfortunately, the only response I got is that my order was cancelled internally due to “an issue with processing” and that a new order was raised.  Wow – too bad they didn’t bother making sure all the parts were there!

    At the shipped configuration, the motherboard doesn’t properly support the video card (nVidia 7950GX2), performance is dreadful, and disabling SLI doesn’t decrease performance because the bottleneck on the insufficiently-provisioned PCI-Express slot is so severe.

    I ran a series of checks and benchmarks, but at the end of the day, the Ageia accelerator card is just plain not there, and the performance of the system lags horribly behind that of systems with properly specified motherboards.

    I sure hope you’ll rectify this, but in the meantime, having a 7950GX2 is more of a hindrance than a luxury.  It produces more heat, takes up more space, and costs substantially more than a card which would provide equal performance in this chassis.

    A quick read of the forums indicate that others with XPS700 and XPS710 PCs are experiencing similar performance issues and complaints, to the point that a motherboad (and other parts) replacement program has been established.

    Lionel – PLEASE HELP.  I’m sure the last thing you guys need at this point is for all of the efforts we have yet to see regarding the 700/710 debacle to be further disclaimed by those still waiting for actual action to occur!

    I had faith.  However, after so very many calls to tech support, and so very many months spent debating what should be an open-and-shut case, I find it hard to believe that any remedy will ever surface.

    (JH, please forgive the plagiarism)

  • Anonymous

    Based on the date and Lionels answer to when we should hear the release of the hardware kit, it should be no later than june 14 plus 8 weeks.

    So august 14th should be the latest date.

    Like others i for one will go with the self install option, and would also like to get the H2C cooler unit.

    Even if the cooler is not part of the upgrade kit, it should be sold from the parts dept and info on tech specs, connections and requirements should also be posted on the DELL Support section of website and or forums.

    PS: just curious but lets assume this offer doesnt exist; shouldn’t xps700 owners be able to buy a nforce 680i BX intel sli motherboard from manufacturers/retail stores that would fit?

    even if it mean making minor physical changes to the casing the motherboard should fit ritght?

    and the cable connections are standard/universal? pwr, usb, sata etc..




  • Anonymous

    Yes please let us have an option to upgrade H2C Cooling unit


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I have asked this on another post but had no reply, so I will try again,

    Where do users stand whose machines are no longer under warranty???





  • Anonymous


    Thank you very much for your reply.

    I appreciate that you responded, and I wish I had not been as bitter nor as unpleasant as I was – my overall experience has seriously embittered me.

    I know that you are not to blame for any of what I have gone through, but you were my very last hope – not even the customer support email links came back with a response.

    I hope that your efforts will generate more response than mine – thank you again for the reply.

    Can I safely provide any other useful details relating to my purchase?

    Michael Fraser
    Hoping again

  • Anonymous

    Lionel,  My xps 710 red is about 3months old and I have been asking, but not been able to get an answer from Dell Tech support.  My software and N-tune all indicate a 570 mobo, but all documents/ ads, ect say its a 590 mobo- so whats the deal?



  • Anonymous


    Looks like I’ve hit another dead end.

    The woman who contacted me now has an out-of-office notifier on her email accounts, seemingly at all times, and has not attempted to call despite asking me to confirm my address and telephone details.

    Bizarrely, the comment I posted a few days ago on this thread regarding her contacting me as a result of your efforts, my thanks for that result, and the transcription of my first email and response with this woman has not appeared on this site.

    Is it normal for every Dell rep who gets involved in my issue to simply stop responding to me?

    Michael Fraser
    Wondering what the heck is going on?

  • Anonymous

    He he, hello again…

    I know that dell is stretching to give us a hand…

    And we are pulling the whole arm instead.

    It’s good to see that dell is making an effort  to help us who think we where tricked into buying a system as a next generation system, which wasn’t…

    Anyway as a xps700 buyer, I was wondering, you mentioned we can have the free motherboard upgrade plus a 25% off the purchase of a Quad Core processor… will this include the QX6800?

    And finally, will the H2C cooling system be for sale?

    I hope to hear a answer soon…


  • Anonymous

    As an owner of a XPS 710, I want to be in a position to install Corsair Dominator Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM after you install the motherboard under Dell’s upgrade program.


    Is Dell using Corsair Part Number TWIN 2X2048-8500C5D in the XPS 720? If the answer is no, please provide what Corsair Part Number you are using?  


    Are you using Corsair’s Dominator Airflow Fan in the factory supplied XPS720?


    In reading an article by Tom’s Hardware, they note “Corsair asked us to use EVGA’s nForce 680i SLI motherboard for testing, as many other motherboards aren’t capable of supporting the new high-speed DIMMs (yet).” That article is found at Is the Dell supplied motherboard capable of supporting the new high-speed DIMMs such as Corsair’s Part Number TWIN 2X2048-10000C5DF?


  • Anonymous


    I have submitted request for an upgrade.

    But I did not receive any confirmation email.

    Also i am not sure what sould happen now.

    When I should get the replacement MB?

    Could you help? Thank you.


  • Anonymous

    Lionel, with the 720 upgrade program underway has there been any movement on making the H2C cooling unit available for retail sale?

    I’d buy it if it were available.