XPS 700 + Conroe Now Shipping


Lots of you are asking about the status of XPS 700.  Thanks for your patience.

Since last week, we continue to ship more XPS 700 units with Pentium D processors.  Today, we have begun shipping Core 2 Duo-based XPS 700 units to customers. We’re currently shipping these machines in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Mexico. We expect to begin shipping in Australia and Japan soon. Know there’s other questons… more updates to come next week.

Update: We do have a considerable backlog to work through for all units, especially the Core 2 ones.  Current lead times still apply.  Please be patient—we’re working to ship units as quickly as we can.

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82 thoughts on “XPS 700 + Conroe Now Shipping

  1. Commented about this in the old "Ten Questions" blog post, but I’ll repost it here since we’ve started a new one.

    Background:  Original order placed 6/12; cancelled/reordered 8/7 via "The Call".  At that time, my system went through Order Processing, and sat in Pre-Production through yesterday afternoon (8/17) sometime.

    Last night we saw a flurry of reports of Core 2 Duo XPS 700s being moved from Pre-Production to In Production – my own included.  Yet the date now listed for In Production is *also* 8/7.

    Why the backdating?


  2. Hi Lionel.

    Unfortunately we XPS 700 customers are no longer able to believe a single word that comes from anyone with even the most tenuous connection to Dell regarding these systems.  Way to blow through your company’s goodwill!  I would not have thought it possible, but that was before my XPS Experience.  Still waiting…

  3. So you have started shipping today?  No Core 2 duo customers on the forums have receieved an updated order status – we all sit in ‘In Production’

    Can you give us some proof that you started Shipping today?

  4. I don’t see my countery in that list!

    That dont make me happy please what about Chile?

    Latin-American customers count too!

  5. yea, what’s up with the funky order status page?

    Why are many, if not all, Canadian customers ordering the XPS700 not receiving calls like they were promised? Check out darknicht’s story through this link (scroll down half-way):


    What about the "proprietary" Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card? Why would CSR’s refer to Creative’s site when it’s not the same thing (no hardware DTS/Dolby capabilities)? Why must we be reliant on the software that’ll eat away at our cpu performance?

    Why aren’t orders being dealt with in order of when they were ordered? Quite a number of people are mentioning in the forum that they are being left in the dust.

    What about the promised nVidia 590 motherboard? Why is it not fully featured as orginally advertised? Can someone answer gbakmars’s questions like "Will the XPS 700 motherboard be upgradable to a new board?"

    Also, why do official announcements often come at the END of the week and never address the main issues? Many relevant questions are thrown left and right and only a couple are cherry-picked to be answered on Friday’s. Most of these questions generally ask for a real explanation for the delay, real compensation for it, and if we’re buying what we thought we paid for). And to add gasoline to the fire, new orders are STILL being accepted adding further stress to the problem!

  6. Currently it seems like all Pentium D with 7900GS video cards are shipping. I have not seen (according to people’s orders) any Pentium D + 7900 GTX combos. Is there any truth to this? Are you planning on doing Core 2 + 7900GS’s now, then follow with Pentium D + 7900 GTX?

    The reason I ask is because I obviously have the Pentium D + 7900 GTX’s configuration. I took this option because I thought I would get my computer faster. If Core 2 Duos are now shipping, I’m starting to regret taking this route and I would have gladly taken the upgrade. Please provide more information on the status of orders with 7900 GTX cards.

    Thank you Lionel.

  7. So, are we going to be able to upgrade the motherboard ourselves in the XPS 700 later on down the line, or is it Dell propietary? Gamers and enthusiasts want upgradeability, without having it to be propietary. Your subisdary Alienware allows that, I mean if you guys are building a gaming rig, let us upgrade it how we see fit, because after all upgrading doesn’t mean buying a new PC every year.

    The average end user doesn’t need to upgrade, so make your Dimension desktops and the lower end models propietary if you need to.

    So, please answer my question Lionel, is the motherboard propietary or not?

  8. I think most of us are confused about the Core 2 Duo. My web page says im in production but the automated says in in build. Something is not reporting right. Just a little FYI

  9. I already posted this comment on the "10 questions" post, but felt I should cross-post it here as it will get more exposure on a front page article.

    just got off the phone with my account executive at Dell Canada and it has confirmed my suspicions… regardless of what the Dell Blog says, Canadian customers are NOT getting equal treatment. I have a perfect example of why the offered "free upgrade" is anything but "free".

    I ordered the following system on June 16th from Dell Canada… XPS700 Red, PD930, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2649cdn before tax.

    I have been pressing my Account Executive since the Dell blog announcement to let me know if Dell Canada would be honouring the promised upgrade. Today he finally called to say that "Yes, I can offer you an upgrade to the ‘Core 2 Duo’ E6300 processor but I will have to cancel your original order and create a new one for you." When asked if my place in the processing queue would be preserved on the new order or if it would cause a delay his response was "Your order would be considered a new order and would be given a shipping date based on that." To verify I understood him I asked "It would be the same as if I placed a new order on the web today? If I take the upgrade I would go to the back of the queue?" His response, "Yes."

    So that answered my question regarding shipping delays… strike one Dell

    Thinking perhaps that I might just want the computer sooner, rather than later I asked "What if I decide to keep my current configuration (with my current place in line)? Obviously the system would cost much less if I were to order it today. Would I be compensated for the price drop?" He replied "Yes. I can give you a rebate for $200cdn"

    Now, I did my homework before getting on this call and I can go on to the Dell Canada website as of today and order a machine with the exact same configuration that I ordered in June. Dell Canada still offers the Pentium D930 in the XPS700.

    This is what I come up with… XPS700 Red, PD930, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2409cdn before tax.

    For the mathmatically challenged (like my Dell rep) that’s a difference of $240cdn from my original order. Great deal Dell… you make me wait 64 days and counting for my order then you have the gall to tell me that you are not even planning to drop my price to at least MATCH the current price?!?! You want me to pay $40 MORE than someone walking in today and placing their order? Is that $40 some kind of charge to hold my place in line?  STEEERIIKE TWO!

    Paying $40 for the POSSIBILITY of an earlier shipping date doesn’t really appeal to me, so I look into the E6300 "upgrade" option. Back to the website configurator and change the processor to an E6300 I get… XPS700 Red, E6300, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2509cdn before tax.

    HUH?!?! $2509? And they are charging me $2649? So they want to charge me $140 for my "free" upgrade.

    Thinking I must have mistakenly heard what he offered I check out the price of my system with an E6400… XPS700 Red, E6400, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2709cdn before tax.

    OK. That sounds like a fair deal. Dell takes a hit of $60 as compensation for making me wait 2+ months for the machine so far, and knowing that the price will fall at least that much before I will recieve it (remember I’m back at the end of the line if I take the upgrade).

    So I ask "Did you say the E6300 was the upgrade processor? That processor is only $100 more than the D930 and I am being charged $240 more than the current price for my order. Wouldn’t the E6400 be the appropriate processor to offer me as an ‘upgrade’ as it is much closer to matching the price I am paying?" He response was "No. We are only swapping the E6300 for the D930. I’m not authorized to do any other exchange." Strike Three!

    It was at that point I suggested he had better figure out a way to come up with a REAL way of rewarding me as a loyal customer rather than punishing me for sticking with Dell over the last two months. He said he couldn’t do anything without talking to his manager, and I graciously told him he had until Tuesday to get back to me with a REAL offer rather than the insult he already put in front of me.

    So, Dell Canada customers, I have one word of advice… Do your homework before you get your "call." That "free upgrade" could end up costing you a lot of money.

    If anyone from Dell is reading this, would you care to comment?

  10. Kong57, it appears everyone’s order says it is "in the build phase" when it first hits "In Production"; mine included.

    However, once it hit "Kitting", it changed on the phone status as well. Hope that helps.

  11. I have the same dilemma, the order status web page says in production and on the automated line it shows in build as well.  To piggyback HOJU statement: My computer is the Pentium D + 7900 GTX. Is this shipping later than the GS cards?? I have not recieved my computer and it was order on the JUNE 2ND. It is very frustrating waiting for this computer and not being able to get a clear answer from customer service or a solid ship date…..

  12. Lionel,

    What gives? My original order was on June 4th. I received "THE UPGRADE CALL"from Rick on July 24th and elected to keep the Pentium D 950 in order to get my system sooner. Come to find out the order that Rick placed for me was canceled the same day he placed it. I tried calling and E-mailing him to get the order status but I guess he dropped off the face of the Earth along with my order (I wonder why? His phone extension has been canceled also.) I found out through the automated status system that the order he placed for me was was canceled ( that actually worked really well for DELL because it ended up connecting me to a sales rep to re-sell me my canceled system). Now some rep gets credit for my Web based order and tells me he will have his manager expedited this for me ( this means as much to me as someone telling me "Ferry’s really do exist").Do I still get the $200.00 GC? I have been waiting 76 days ( my god has it been that long) for this system and now you tell me the Core 2’s are shipping. What happened to the Pentium D’s? The reason I did not upgrade to the Core 2 was because of the considerable delay for these. This system was actually a reward for my 14 year old son for getting all A’s & B’s for his last year of elementary. He was looking forward to a summer of "WoW" since our current Pentium 3 couldn’t handle this. Now you tell me to be patient again ( I am really getting tired of hearing this ) "We do have a considerable backlog to work through for all units, especially the Core 2 ones". What’s going on with the Pentium D’s. I sent all my pertinent information to the Customer Advocate Team over 2 weeks ago to make sure I was still in line for a June 4 order date ( where the heck is Rick?) but they have chosen to ignore me. I have been lurking on the the Dell XPS 700 Forum for thousands of posts and this Blog since it came out and have heard all the excuses. How about a little honesty if not for me but my 14 year old son (he is after all the next generation Dell customer *** maybe ***)

    IWANTMYDELLPC (*** Really ***)

  13. Hmmm if core 2 dou’s are now shipping and I still havent gotten mine shipped…

    been waiting since june 6th..

    can i upgrade mine to core 2 dou because if i would have known it would take just as long for mine to ship as theirs i would have picked it!!

  14. Any information available for those of still awaiting "the call"?  

    It’s great that some of these systems are finally making their way out to the cutomers, but there’s still other aspects of the process to consider.

  15. During installation of XP Home Service Pack 2.  Got msg: No hard drive detected. Computer has 1GB Ram.  160GB Sata HDD. 960 Processor.  Any idea?  No sata drivers on support.dell.com.  

  16. I guess I am new at blogs but it seems to me that they could take the many different threads about the XPS systems and consolidate them all into one big post.

    The unfoutunate thing about all of this is that Dell is not answering 97% of the questions. Really discouraging as I had come to respect Dell as the leader of the pack for windows pc vendors.

    Now it seems Dell’s idea of customer service is to pass the buck and confuse the issue with glamour and a facade of concern.

    I have ordered more than a few computers from Dell in the past and I always had my box in my house in 2 weeks or less now I am hitting two weeks and it is still in production?

    And as I stated and asked before in a previous post in another thread….

    If you folks at Dell are trying to amp up your customer service to regain lost ground this is probably not going to help much.

    Why not answer the questions? What the heck is the major malfunction with your assembly line, or purchasing dept, or WHAT??

  17. I’m in the same boat as many of the people here. Pentium D customer who has been "in production" (who really knows what that means) since August 2nd. Original order was June 27th.

    This is really getting rediculous. I have two more weeks of summer left before I go back to work and I’ve wasted most of my summer waiting for this computer. Give us what you promised please! C2D orders should not be going out before Pentium D’s! If you’re going to do that, just give us all an upgrade and be done with it. Also, can we please honor some sort of order in which these are shipping? why exactly are people with reorder dates weeks after mine AND C2D getting shipped out when mine hasn’t moved in a month? Most of us stuck with old technology because we wanted our computers faster.

    I know it’s selfish, but it’s unfair to all of us who were promised faster orders for keeping the Pentium D.

  18. Based on the entries on the Dell Customer Forum it is evident that the upgrade offer to Core 2 Duo processor is NOT EXECUTED in Canada.

    Lionel has the wording like this in his prior posts:


    Latest XPS 700 Shipping Delay

    Tue. August 08, 2006

    Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager


    To Dell Canada customers and EMEA customers that may not have seen my earlier comments: One of the main questions I’ve been getting in e-mails and Direct2Dell comments is this: Are non-U.S customers eligible for the Core 2 upgrade option? The answer is yes.  If you’d rather keep the Pentium D-based system you originally ordered, you may get your system sooner, and will be entitled to a special offer from Dell.  These will vary by region.  Just like in the U.S., a centralized regional callback team will be contacting customers. Please be patient.



    Since then we have evidences that Pentium-D systems ordered early July (qualify for upgrade) are SHIPPING without contacting the customer. This is a terribly huge shame.

    Why the desinformation? To keep us quiet?

  19. The only reason I ordered a dell is because of my company discount. Otherwise there would be no way.  I heard so much bad news about Dell and how they started to go downhill that I was scared off.

    untill I saw the discount I would get.

    So I ordered my XPS 700 a month ago, I dont even bother to check the delivery status anymore.

    good work dell :/

  20. My UK order has finally hit Production status today. I have had NO call about upgrading regardless of the fact this order was placed 67 days ago.

    If it ships in the next few days with a Pent D installed then matters will be taken further.

  21. Here is my customer experiance which was never posted before I am not sure why as I never used any objectionable language but maybe this time.

    I first ordered a XPS 700 system around Mid July. I always configure my dell online and then call up a sales rep to make sure all things are current and I get the set up I want.

    I called and, was of course sent to India. I had no problem understanding this person but they really had no idea of the nuances of the English language at some point in the ensuing ordeal I finally hung up and was getting ready to re-call sales when this younge lady called me back and asked me why did I hang up?

    I could hear someone in the background talking to her and figured they were coaching her but I could be wrong as it also sounded like a day care center with children squealing and making noise.(Do they allow them to bring thier families with them to work?)

    I just recentley gave my old dimension 8200 to my son who is in college and had not heard anything about any problems with XPS systems shipping.

    Caveat Emptor I know, but I let my guard down as I have had nothing but stellar performance from dell in the past and basically I trusted them.

    I asked the sales rep how long it would take to get here. I was informed that my system would go into production immediatley and would be shipped to my home in the regular 2 or 3 weeks no problem. (Now remember at this point in time the log jam of back ordered XPS systems must have been enormous but no mention was made of this at all)

    A week went by and I jumped on my other sons computer to check out my delivery date and to my surprise it had not even made it out of pre -production!

    I called and the sales rep I finally got ahold of informed me that the thing would not ship  until mid October!

    Now call me impatient but a quarter of a year to recieve a shipment of anything other than perhaps moon rocks or a refund from the IRS is totally unaceptable in my book.

    So I tell the sales rep that I would not wait that long and they could cancel my order.

    Later that night around 9:30 PM I recieved a phone call from dell asking me if my order was expedited and sent within a few weeks would I be willing to keep the order?

    I told the lady if she would call me tomorrow earlier that I would go over it with her as I was nearly in bed as 5 AM is my wake up. She asked me what would be a good time to call me back I informed her the afternoon she said she came on at 3 PM my time.

    I took the afternoon off the next day and waited and waited and never did recieve a phone call.

    I really was miffed about this as it just didnt seem like the dell I had grown to know over the years so I called customer service and was informed that the XPS systems are top of the line and so many people are ordering them that I should be content to wait patiently for the eventual arrival.

    When I pointed out to them that by the time they ever shippped it to me the hardware would be out of date and if they did not have the wherewithal to supply the merchandise they should not be advertising them for sale, they agreed but could do nothing to help me out. Too bad and so sad.

    But being a long time dell user I decided to go ahead and configure a different box. I set up an XPS 410 and then called up the sales dept and was to my surprise connected to an american person!

    I thought finally i will get going on my new puter now I am in the good ole USA………….dream on

    I set my system up with the sales rep and I informed him that I have a EVGA 7800 GTX KO ACS edition graphics card and my minimum system power supply requirements was a 400 watt and if i wanted to run in SLI mode it had to be a 500 watt supply,( but I am too old to worry about gaming like that and I do not do any real graphics processing at home) this guy named Ryan told me to please hold while he checked out the power supply for me a few minutes later I was told I’m good to go the system had a suffiecient power.

    Two hours later while looking at the specs of the new puter I had just orderd imagine my delight when I discover that the 410 only has a cheezey little 375 Watt power supply!

    So I called back and went through transfer after transfer for nearly 2 hours of on hold time and made it back to the same call center I had before! A girl told me oh hang on Ryan is right here next to me!

    Ryan informed me that he was given the wrong information from his tech support/ help desk he was indeed sorry and I know junk happens so I told him no problem lets just set up a box again.

    Then I was informed that in order to get a power supply that would support my graphics card I would need to order an XPS 700!!!

    I informed Ryan that I would order one but it had to be here within a month (and in my book a month is TOO long to wait anyway) He seemed positive that this could be arranged but at the end of my order he came back after placing me on hold again to inform me that I would not like his next bit of information as the shipping time would be the middle of October!

    By then I was really burned out from all the hassell and transfers of hours and hours all told and so I told him that I would place the order but if it was going to be even one day longer than a month to get here I would cancell the order.

    I was offered a crappy little printer (which i have no need for ) to make up for my troubles! To me that was indeed a slap in the face and a very weak way to appoligise for this travesty of customer relations and that they could keep the printer just get me my box on time!

    Now I sat around for a week and saw that indeed the 700 would never get here on time so I re-re-ordered an XPS 410 system and it has been in production (RIGHT!) since the 15 of August what a load!

    If it has been in production for 5 days do you think it might be in the kitting stage or somewhere? And even if you take off the days for the weekend (which you would think that they would have double shifts or even 24/7 to try and get these machines out to people) it should be at least started.

    Well this is the very last straw for me if this PC I ordered is not here in a months time as it said on my order form which has already been bumped up a week already I will be done with dell.

  22. 13rian: still checking on the DTS portion, but the SoundBlaster X-Fi that we use does indeed support Dolby Digital 5.1 at the hardware level.  What we don’t provide is the DD codec that Creative Labs supplies with the retail version of the card.  Why not?  Because we ship systems with the Sonic Cineplayer DD 5.1 codec. You will still be able to play movies in DD 5.1, just not with the Creative player.

  23. My order has been in the confirmed status since July 31st.  Come on DELL.  What is going on already.  Get with the program and "RAMP" these computers a little FASTER.  Enough Already with the "BE PATIENT LINE." It’s not working anymore.  Also, I think by now that we should be receiving DAILY updates intstead of this once a week GARBAGE.

  24. Lionel,

      Do you see a major issue here? Can we who choose to stay with the Pent D get an upgrade now, since it appears we are not really getting our computers built?

    Thank you


  25. Lionel,

    Thanks for the reply!

    Still, I wish you could explain to me why computer enthusiasts would want to to be dependant on software rather than hardware, wasting processor resources, but I’m afraid the only statement you’d be able to give is "for competitive reasons." I’m also curious why this little nugget of information wasn’t mentioned when purchasing. When performance gets a hit or upgradability becomes a factor, Dell better believe people will speak up.

    Certain enthusiasts will undoubtably notice this, as it has been first suspected with the initial wave (or ripple would be more appropriate) of orders going out. Why would Dell assume pc enthusiasts, and those who want what they paid for, want this kind of degradation?

    Most people would be glad to pay that little extra to get the FULL retail features, which we were led to believe we were buying. Alienware might be a good example. Not only do they put fully-featured parts into their system, they’re able to charge even more for the system just for the fact that it’s an Alienware system, guaranteeing to give the buyer what they want. There’s absolutely no run-around and that’s why they’re still in business (although now, part of Dell’s business).

    I’d also appreciate if you could address the numerous other questions being asked; such as, the dumbed-down 590 motherboard, international customers not getting "the call" or any type of "special" service for the delays at the very least, and how so few, if not ZERO, XPS700’s with C2D have been sent out last week (if so, there’s been so few that nobody on the forums nor this blog have reported anything).

    There may even be a new wave of dissapointment and anger with a lot of people, including me, who’ve reported going "in production" (on the 17th and 18th), but have yet to advance any further after more than what SHOULD only take 2-3 days for our systems to be ready to ship out (aside from some who were "in production" for weeks already). If that’s Dell way of trying to keep us from reaching boiling point, it’s effectiveness will be as helpful as trying to stop a burning building with a super-soaker. Basically, it’ll be taken as an insult to those of us trying to give our last bit of faith to Dell to get things in order, as well as something to show real promise for international customers.

    Even after this whole ordeal, the mountain Dell has to climb to overcome the battery explosions incident, as well as the other numerous problems gaining headlines, will become much taller and steeper than it already is (including landslides, rain, mudslides from the rain, wild animals living on that mountain, and all sorts of other random metaphorical difficulties). The question is how much more negative PR they want (your personal PR, Lionel, is safe though because you stepped up to the plate in dealing with us and being the middle man).

  26. Why are people that ordered their systems after mine getting their systems shipped, and not mine?

  27. Lionel,

    While a number of us take this announcement as good news, a quick look at the Dell XPS forum reveals that there is no order whatsoever to which machines get manufactured/shipped first.   I’m watching order after order go through production and get shipped with original and re-order dates well after mine (a month after in some cases!)  This is incredibly frustrating.

    The mantra that has been repeated often on this blog and in the forums is that the order that purchases were placed would be maintained…well its clear that that is just not the case. So please, take a minute and respond to this comment with some insight as to the order of production/delivery.  

    If you have to tell us that there is absolutely no order to the way these machines are being produced, then please do so, but I ask that you at least give us some indication of what is going on.

  28. I currently have a Dell XPS system and am in the market for a new one. I actually thought about sticking with Dell, but after reading these posts I think I will go somewhere else. It’s this kind of stoney silence from companies who think they can treat their customers with a cold shoulder that really shows me who I am dealing with.

    So long.

  29. Lionel,

    I think that everyone would be happier if you could give us an estimate of how many units have shipped for the Pentium D’s & Core Duos–compared to how many are still in limbo.

  30. It means nothing has really happened. If it was really in production, it would only be a couple of days befor it was shipped to you.

  31. I ordered the special on July 3rd, PD920, dual 7950GTX, and 24" LCD, later got the email and swapped to one single 7900GTX for less. then i got the upgrade call and changed to a C2D E6300, XP Pro 32bit, and my system is now in production. but nothing on kitting, etc.

  32. This weekend CompUsa featured an HP Pavillion M7680N computer with a 6400 Core 2 Duo for $1339.98. This was interesting because it was very similar to the XPS 410  I ordered for $1694 except:

    1.)It’s in stock-I can pick it up today rather than wait 1 month

    2.)My order has the 20" in display vs. a 19" LCD

        But the HP has 2Gb Ram vs 1GB, TV tuner card & remote vs None.

       wireless keyboard & mouse vs. a 2 button mouse, 500 GB hard drive vs 370.

    Boy – it’s sad to see HP beating the pants of Dell so bad!


  33. I give up on asking why. Dell wins, I am too tired to call or email anymore. I don’t even care anymore. In Production is a joke………….I am done with the comments, I will now go away silently. You Win

  34. LIONEL,

    Will PowerDVD work with the Sonic codec shipped with my PC?  Is there any way I can install the Creative codec to give US, THE CUSTOMER, flexiblity over which DVD player we’d like to use?

  35. I was wondering if dell wanted to shed some light on why people are getting the Nvidia 570 MCP chipset instead of the 590 advertised on your website. To find these out, they are using CPU-z. Can you shed any info on this Lionel?

  36. Lionel I have a question…  

    Please tell me if I am being unreasonable….

    I placed my order on or around the 12th of June…. after the 3rd delay in my order and before the C2D upgrade was mentioned I was ready to cancel my order.  The rep talked me into staying and offered me free overnight shiping as an incentive.  When I got the upgrade call I mentioned the overnight shiping and my rep ensured me I would get it.  When my new order details where listed the shiping was 5 day again,  I called my rep and again he promised me that I had nothing to worry about… regardless of what the shiping stated on my order I would get the overnight shiping.  So I trusted him.  (I like to think I can do that once in a while)  Anyhow, my order shiped and of course it went out 5 day ground.  I e-mailed my rep and the reply was because I hadn’t paid for overnight that I wasn’t entitled to it on the new order.  This made me furious.  I didn’t call Dell and ask for it.  You guys offered it as an insentive to stay.  Your rep also ensured me that it would happen.  He said his manager assured him that I would have it.  I don’t see why I should of lost the incentive.  I didn’t get 42% off like some people… I didn’t get the upgrade and a gift card like some poeple.  All I wanted was my pc and Dell to keep it’s word.  I resubmitted my request to my rep stating that arguement and that I do expect some sort of compensation.  

    Am I being unreasonable in this request?

  37. YES!!!!!!! finally shipped.

    XPS 700 E6600 Conroe dual 7900GTX.

    Good luck everyone

    Thanks for the updates Dell

  38. "Also, I think by now that we should be receiving DAILY updates intstead of this once a week GARBAGE."

    I’ve got 2 700’s on order.. I’ve been wondering why everyone wants a daily update, because then the daily post would say, wait another day.

    Then people would cry because the post said to wait. its not like Dell Has a magic wand they can wave to make all the 700’s show up at your door step at once.

  39. 18 days in the "InProduction" stage. That is a little rediculous. They can build a 5k square foot house in less then a week. I can build a computer in less then a day. I like this product, I will surely like it more once I get it. Can we push my box of the side and onto the production table. Or can you give me directions to the assembly plant, and I will drive down on friday and assemble it myself. I ordered on june 8th.

  40. I thought that everyone would get a kick out of this.  Take a look at the order page for the XPS 700.  It’s now up to Nov 1st ship date.  This just keeps getting more comical by the day.  What happened to the Mid October ship dates for new customers?  We all know what this means for all of us who already ordered.  We’ll be waiting a VERY LONG TIME!!!  This is SAD!!!!!!

  41. Hah .. all you people complaining about being in production.

    I placed my order on JUNE 20th and I am still "Pre_Production" lucky me !  Its nice to watch all the people who ordered after me getting systems.

  42. CacheSyntax and I would like to know if the motherboard propietary or not?

    August 19, 2006 1:12 PM  

    CacheSyntax said:

    …is the motherboard propietary or not?

  43. Order placed June 23rd. Today’s date August 22nd. At this point I still have not received a call from Dell regarding my order or the "promised" processor "upgrade". I just received my weekly "Your order has been delayed" notification with a new estimated ship date of September 11 (almost 3 months of waiting). This is the 4th consecutive week of receiving these notifications and I finally decided to cancel my order. I feel so much better now knowing I can wash my hands of Dell and their ridiculous lack of customer service.

    Good luck Dell in repairing your customer service image.

  44. For those that have been following my XPS700 saga, I have a small update to the story I posted in an earlier message.

    I just received a phone call from my account rep at Dell Canada. On Friday, he promised me a call regarding our last conversation by Tuesday, and he followed through on that. It is the first time that has happened, and it is certainly a move in the right direction.

    He explained that he had authorization from his manager to allow an upgrade from the Pentium D 930 to the E6400. He also made it very clear that according to Dell Canada’s internal policy for this upgrade they were not supposed to do it. The manager made an exception for me because I have been a very vocal customer in stating what I expected from a company I do business with. From what I could squeeze out of him during the conversation, it appears that Dell Canada has issued a blanket policy for this situation and it lays out exactly which processor can be swapped for another. I don’t know what any of the other lines on the sheet are, but D930 = E6300 (period). There is no consideration given to ensure that the "value" of your order is maintained. As we all know, prices for computer components fall over very short periods of time, and $2649 today will buy a very different computer than what $2649 sixty days ago would have bought. In my particular case, taking an "upgrade" of a D930 to an E6300 would have meant Dell would make an additional $140 off of me, rather than if I just canceled and re-ordered the same computer online from Dell today. Certainly not a well thought out strategy if the goal is to be fair to your customer.

    So, the D930->E6400 upgrade that he offered was the right thing to do in this case, and it appears his manager realized that and went against company policy to authorize it. I applaud the individual for doing that, but I have to give a big fat raspberry to Dell Canada for putting him in that position in the first place.

    Our conversation then moved to the topic of queue priority, and my account rep informed me that there was no way he could maintain my position in line. If I wanted the upgrade, the only way he could do it was to cancel my order and create a new one. I would be placed at the end of the queue and no consideration would be given to my original order date. I pressed him on that fact and explained to him why that was not acceptable and he placed me on hold to ask a superior if there was any way to accomplish what I was requesting. When he came back, the answer was still "No. I can’t be done." Although he would not specifically say so, I got the distinct impression that this was more of a problem with an inflexible order processing system rather than a policy issue. I really believe he would have honoured that request if he could have.

    I left the conversation telling him that I was not satisfied that the promises made by the Dell Corporation regarding the upgrades were being honoured by Dell Canada and that I appreciated what he had done up to this point, but I would continue to fight for what was promised. I requested that he email me stating the upgrade offer he made, and told him that it would be forwarded to Lionel Menchaca requesting a formal statement as to Dell’s stance on this matter. I’m currently awaiting the email, but I really don’t believe I will get it.

    Lionel, care to comment?

  45. darknicht: please do re-issue a comment with your order details and e-mail.  These will not be published.  Thanks.

  46. 13rian and others: Realize that there are a lot of burning technical questions.   I’ve been working on an update and will post as soon as I have details.

    13rian: Please do re-issue a comment with your e-mail (not to be published.)  Thanks.

  47. Even though the 700 has started shipping, Dell still has some work to do. At the very least is better communication with its customers. They are those of us that still want truthful answers regarding the real reasons for the delays and  we still want truthful answers to questions that were asked before. This isn’t going to go away as easily as sweeping dirt under a rug. This will hang on for a long while and I doubt that Dell can afford to have this tarnishing their reputation.

    One person tells ten friends, who tell ten friends, etc.

  48. When will we get this update?  It has been almost 3 months since I first ordered my system, and I have been in production for a week now after having 2 previous orders cancelled.  No one is giving us straight answers.  People who reordered their systems after mine have been getting them daily, YET I STILL SIT IN THE BEGINNING STAGE OF PRODUCTION.  DELL DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ORDER, OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN MY SYSTEM A LONG TIME AGO.

    Some guy ordered an XPS on august 12th, and HAS ALREADY RECIEVED IT.  

    How do you explain that Dell?  HOW?!?!?!??!?!??!??!?!?!?!??!

  49. If you are told overnight good luck with it. I was promised this and mine was shipped Ground 3 – 5 days.

    Package Shipped on 8/23/2006 Stage: N/A

    Status: On Schedule, 8/22/2006 5:59:06 PM

    Carrier: UPS

    Delivery Estimate: August 28 – August 30

    Sad part is im only 2 hrs from RoundRockTx. My chain has been jerked over and over since the day i ordered. I just hope Dell offers upgrades in the future for our machines. I bought this thinking i would be able to upgrade through Dell. It was Mary in the video that made me believe this.

  50. "Then people would cry because the post said to wait. its not like Dell Has a magic wand they can wave to make all the 700’s show up at your door step at once."

    I think by now that they need a MAGIC WAND! Call in Merlin!

  51. Lionel,

    Can you clarify if those that bought just the onboard sound if the Sonic drivers also provide Dolby Digital 5.1 support with the DVD drives?

    If so, is it the same performance as the X-fi Card?

    on a seperate but related question

    What market is Dell targeting with these sorts of product decisions?



  52. Lionel,

    I’ve posted a comment to this post already regarding the [lack of] order for the production and shipping of XPS 700 orders.  I am well aware that this post and the one2one blog in general are flooded with tons of comments, but I think that a response detailing what is going on with the XPS 700 orders isn’t too much to ask for.   As I noted in my earlier comment, I’ve been watching order after order that were placed after mine (both original order date and re-order date) and with similar (and in some cases, identical) configurations to my own ship already while my order sits in production.  I cant stress enough how frustrating this is getting.  So I ask you again, please respond to this comment or make a post with further details as soon as possible.  At the very least, acknowledge that you’ve read this and that you intend to follow up.

  53. Christopher, romills, and otheres: I’m working on making available more details and will post as soon as I can.

    Hoju: I did note your e-mail and comments.

  54. Lionel,

    I hope that my other comment was still submitted. I spent a lot of time writing it out.

    Just in case. I’ve been sitting In Production (without kitting, building, testing) for 10 days now and I have a Pentium D. Where’s that promise that those who stuck with the PD processors would get their systems shipped before Core 2 Duos?

    I’ve seen identical systems to mine (except they had Core2Duo) ship out before mine even hit kitting (which it still hasn’t). And what’s worse, they originally ordered/got the callback after me. How can this possibly be fair? I get the lesser product and I wait longer? My email is in my URL, can you please just get back to me to let me know if there is any problem with my order? I can’t take sitting back and doing nothing while others are getting their computers shipped out. I sent you an email before, which you probably did not read, but I know that you read these comments so don’t leave me hanging.

    I’ve been all throughout the Dell phone system, EPP, Customer Care, XPS callback team, XPS support, Sales, no one helped me in the least bit possible. I know you have more "access" than others, so I would appreciate something to be done. Thank you.

  55. Hey Lionel:

    What’s up with all of the ‘re-issue your comment with your e-mail’ requests that you’ve been making of some of the posters?  These people have asked you questions in a public forum and I think you should answer them in the same public forum.  There are people reading these posts who may have similar experiences and/or questions and would benefit from a public answer to these questions.

    Perhaps you’re more interested in shutting them up by offering them a little ‘prefferred treatment’…

    Pickle010, darknicht and 13rian:  I hope you’ll be keeping good old Lionel honest by posting here, any resolution reached offline…

  56. PIckle010: please re-issue a comment with your e-mail and contact info (not to be published).

  57. You guys have NOTHING on me. I placed my order June 1st!!!!!! I have had 7 delay calls and the "Call" to CONROE last week with a Nov 1st shipping date.

    Lionel? Do we really loose are places in line?

  58. Mike D.:  Saw your comment.  Sorry that it happened… we’re working to expedite a replacement order for you.

  59. Lionel,

    This is really disappointing.I believe Mike D (nothing against you Mike hope you get your second computer soon) originally ordered his computer on 6/29 and had it upgraded to the Core 2. My original order was 6/4. I chose to keep the Pentium D to get it faster. Its been stuck in production since 8/1. Now you’re going to expedite another computer for Mike. How about expediting the outstanding orders that were made in early June?

  60. Lionel,

    When can we expect you to post an update?  There are still many questions that need to be answered.  I’m sure you know what they are based on the many many MANY posts both here and on Dell’s Community Forums.

  61. I second all the previous comments about promised "next day" shipping. I had to call 4 separate reps over a period of a week or so to finally get my order fixed w/ a true "next day" shipping. The first 3 reps sweared that ALL XPS 700 would be expedited no matter what the shipping method said on the order status page (and by that they did confirm it meant expedited shipping! I even have such confirmation by e-mail…). Now we see some people getting their order finally shipped and oh surprise! their shipping method is standard ground… This is blatant lie in our face and is totally unacceptable!

  62. my system has been in production for over a week and it hasn’t moved…..can anybody tell me what the hold up is?

  63. Lionel,

    any comments regarding the fact that most orders have now been stuck in "production" status for at least a full week now? Is there any backlog of a particular model(s) of processor (e.g. 930D or E6300 is my guess here…) and if so how about giving these customers the option to upgrade to the next model or even better automatically offering this option "free of charge"? Or are we in for another major delay due to some "yet unforeseen" technical issues??

  64. I hope that QUALITY is not being sacrificed to get these machines out the door.  MikeD’s comment has got me a little worried.  Then again, that’s if I ever get my unit.

  65. Lionel,

    I see that you "noted" my comments and email. Can you actually help my computer get built and sent to me? What does it take? Why are people whose orders already shipped WITH a C2D more important than me? I haven’t even gotten mine into Kitting. Can you PLEASE do something. It’s bad enough people getting their orders before me, but now you’re only helping those that already got theirs before those that have nothing? Come on, how unfair are you going to make it…. I try to be nice and understanding but this has been too much, I don’t get how people function. It seems like the only way you can get something done is to be vocal and threatning.

    One last time, GET ME MY COMPUTER, WHY AM I BEING TREATED THIS WAY? I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO COMPREHEND THIS LOGIC. I want compensation, there should be no reason for this to happen, I was told everything was fine with my order, then why isn’t it moving at all? My hope to have it here by Friday is a total loss. You wasted my whole summer waiting for this and that is time I cannot get back. Wow, I will let everyone I see, even if I know them or not never to buy a Dell, ever. You don’t know how much this situation has affected me, but you will definitely see in a few years how this will affect you.

    Don’t censor this comment, it’s not very "direct" to hide these types of comments. I’m not breaking any rules and this is how I feel about the current situation. Can you just personally go to the Dell plant, ask them to find my order number and ask them to build it? Or just call them, I know how global companies work, there is access to all areas.

  66. Guys, don’t bother buying this system. I got mine and had a ton of problems and now Dell is replacing my system within 14 BUSINESS DAYS!

    – Side panel of case will no longer open

    – 3.5" Floppy and 13 in 1 Media Card Reader was loose

    – 13 in 1 does not work (BIOS nor Windows see the drive)

    – Installed Seagate HDD (purchased from Newegg) does not even get recognized by the BIOS

    – 4GB RAM installed, Windows only shows 3GB

    – X-Fi Sound Card only produces static / fuzz, no actual sound comes out of my Dell 5650 5.1 speakers (dianostics said the card was fine, nice!!)

  67. Joe Lowe,

    I have yet to receive an e-mail from Lionel or anyone associated with Dell since giving my e-mail, so I too am unsure what the reason for his request was for.

  68. Lionel,

    Thank you for your help and comments in the blog.  They are much appreciated.  

    Are there any news with regards to International Customers? We were hoping for some news "early [last] week" and there is still no news.  My system was ordered on June 11, 2006 and I am yet to receive a call back.  I have received various (at least 3) calls requesting confirmation of my interest to keep waiting and the last call explained that I would receive a call from a dedicated support rep within 48 hours regarding the update.  I am yet to receive that call and at least 4 days have gone by.

    Any news?



  69. Call me weird but I consider it a blessing that production was stalled. I ordered a Pentium D940 XPS700 in June, scrapped the order mid-August when the C2D was announced, and configured a new E6600 Conroe from scratch. Got it for an unbeatable price too, the sales rep must have been santa claus himself (or just drunk). Yes, I’ll have to wait even longer now – and I’m sure Dell will cater to U.S. customers first and serve us Eurotrash last – but I’ll manage.

    Anyway… anyone actually considering sticking with the old Pentium configuration just to get the machine a little earlier (maybe), um, why? So that you can avoid being first with the latest and instead be last with the oldest? The C2D beats the crap out of the Pentium D, runs on much less juice which means the machine will be more quiet and a breeze to overclock. The satisfaction of unpacking and installing the XPS will last 20 minutes, but the regret over going with Ye Olde Pentium D will last weeks, months, years… like coming home with the world’s most advanced 4:3 TV set on the day the 16:9 machines hit the market.

  70. Lionel,

    darknicht again; remember me? You were supposed to look into why Dell Canada was not living up to the promises you personally made on their behalf in this very forum. Well, they’ve broken another one of your promises. You stated in another XPS700 post that "we will not ship an order before contacting a customer to give them a chance to upgrade the processor." I’ve just received a call from Dell to inform me that my order has shipped, and it contains the D930 chip from my original order. There has not yet been a resolution to my "processor upgrade" yet Dell Canada decided to ship it anyway. Refresh your memory by reading my complaints further up this page, so that you understand why your company will now have to deal with a customer that is LIVID and will be refusing shipment of this machine unless something done immediately to set things right.

    You previously asked me to send you my order number and contact information, and I did that. I had assumed it was in order for you or someone on your behalf to contact me, but that has not happened. I’ve received no contact from you or anyone at Dell since then (other than today’s notice that the order has shipped even though I specifically told my sales rep to place it on hold until this is resolved). Was your request for my contact information just another Dell smokescreen? An attempt to publicly look like you care, while in reality doing nothing?

  71. Lionel,

    Please address this discrepancy between you and the XPS 700 Dedicated service team.

    You keep saying that lead times are accurate for those who took the upgrade to the Core 2 Duo processor and that it is a new order, and October 18+ is the correct shipping date.

    Cari Marota from the XPS 700 team keeps saying that we keep our places in line and the new replacement order will ship considerably faster than that (by end of August as was indicated on the original order).

    Who is right?

    Thank you in advance for a straight forward response.

  72. "4GB RAM installed, Windows only shows 3GB"

    Thats normal if you are using a 32 bit operating system. 🙂 The only way you can make windows show 4GB of ram is to turn off the pagefile in windows (really not suggested.) I suggest installing windows vista (which will be able to show 16 gigs of ram if your motherboard supports that.) I’ll bet your bios showed 4 gigs of ram, Unless its one of those crazy nvidia chipsets that displays only two. (not sure whats up with that one, the bios sees two and windows will see more)

  73. After my 2 reorder, can I get a real estimate on my ship date. Thank you, my original order was June 8th. Thank you Lionel

  74. Hoju, 13rian, darknicht: I do care and am doing my best.  Please hang on while I work through this.  Thank you.

    RCamara: Please re-issue a comment with your e-mail and order details.  

  75. I’ve been waiting since June as have many others. June 26th to be specific. Why will Dell not tell us where we really stand with our machines being built and delivered. There are way too many e-mails and phone calls and frankly I am sick of it. I have been waiting patiently and want some answers.


    Can you help clarify this once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Lionel,

    I would be happy to "hang on" but unfortunately Dell has taken that option out of my hands by shipping the system even though they expressly said they would not do so until this was settled. So, I suggest you "work through this" quickly as the clock is ticking. Should the computer arrive at my door before a resolution has been reached, then the shipment will be refused. I checked the price today and the computer they just shipped is currently selling for $440 less than what Dell Canada intends to charge me for it. I have no intention of letting that happen.

  77. Lionel,

    I would like to report a successful resolution to my XPS700 experience. It came down to the wire, but Dell Canada finally agreed to rebate me the difference in price between what they charged me for my order (the price of 3 months ago) and the current price of the system that will arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. While I can’t applaud Dell for the speed at which they handled this situation, I can commend them for coming through with a fair resolution in the end. In your company’s journey towards total customer satisfaction, this my be a babystep, but it is a step in the right direction non-the-less. Now, rather than being angry that my computer has shipped, I am excited. That’s the way it is supposed to be.

  78. Well, I ordered my system on June 12, never did get a phone call. Thanks to this web site, after many wasted hours, I was able to be connected to terrance at the Dell 700 support team. I had been initially told that my place in the production line would be honored. Yea, right!

    After reviewing the order, a new one was created and immediately placed in production status with a ship date of the first week in October. Upon reviewing the order sent to me, I immediately noticed mistakes. Upon calling to correct the order, a new order was created with a new ship date. The second order was incorrect and after correction, I am now being told of a ship date of November. After reminding the rep that I was not supposed to lose my place in the production line, he advised that he had no control over when production would take place. I am seeing people who ordered in July and August getting systems. While I am happy for them, I hardly think that this is reasonable treatment of a customer. The upside of this is that I will not wait until November to receive a system that I ordered in June. Dell has until the end of September to ship and after that, I will cancel the order. Sure is amazing, just when Gateway was circling the drain, Dell gave them this tremendous shot in the arm.

    Lionel, can you address the problems with the out of order shipping que?

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