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This morning, PC Magazine posted the results of their annual Reader Satisfaction survey.  Last week’s ACSI results showed that we are making improvements; PC Magazine’s results show that while our customers still have high brand loyalty towards Dell, our tech support and repair satisfaction ratings have plenty of room for improvement. Our numbers in those categories from last year to this year were basically unchanged. We are disappointed in that, and very disappointed that we did not receive a Readers’ Choice award for the first time in years. At the same time, many of the investments and improvements we’ve made were after this survey went to print; we will continue working even harder and look for improvement in next year’s survey.

In last week’s Q2 earnings release, we committed an incremental amount of $50 million to a total of $150 million for the fiscal year to accelerate customer experience initiatives throughout the organization.  We want you to know that we are making investments—both in dollars and personally by thousands of employees who are working tirelessly—to address the issues highlighted in this survey. We believe that our investments will pay off. We continue to chug along with the changes to make things better—some of them will take longer than we like but they are coming. We thank everyone who has bought from us before and who is helping us to get better by providing feedback to us on where we can improve.

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39 thoughts on “PC Magazine Reader Satisfaction Survey

  1. Well, from my experience, lying to and decieving your customers isn’t the best way to go about getting good customer feedback.

    Tell us the truth about the XPS 700, tell us how the queue is ordered, tell us what is going on.  Stop ignoring us and give us a GOOD explanation for once, and ship our systems.  It has been almost 3 months since I first ordered now, and that is ABSOLTULEY unacceptable.  I will never order from Dell again unless I see MASSIVE improvements.

  2. Laura,

    Perhaps part of the reason customer satisfaction is slipping, has to do with the lack of attention to detail so many Dell customers are experiencing.  Here is an example..

    My wife and I recently purchased two Dell E1505 notebooks.  

    We were interested in the Free Skins offer, after looking at the list of available Free Skins prior to purchase. You can see them here:


    However, after receiving our E1505’s, this is how many of the non-university logo skins are available, after selecting the designs theme from the dropdown:


    Correct, Zero.  And I know, you do not see in the image the fact that we did indeed use the drop down, to select the theme style we wanted.

    So, in other words, we see it as (yet again) an offer by Dell being made, and then not lived up to.

    Dells marketing/advertising people need to pay more attentiont o detail, make sure they can live up the enticements they present during the sales process, and most importantly, make sure they understand what they are selling, and describe it properly, or they risk making fraudulent claims and outright lies, which I have proven has been done as recently as the past 60 days.  

    I am working with Downs Deering and other people at Dell on some of the *many* disgustingly anti-consumer and unfair sales practices, as well as the poor support everyone at Dell is obviously working on.

    However, if even your most recent promotions are failing to be upheld, then I do not see enough of an effort on obvious and immediate details that are very easy to resolve.

    As a second example, I suggest you immediately modify the dell.com/outlet inspiron notebook selections that reflect the "integrated Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED HD Audio" under the "Sound Card column to state that is is a software only option The actual sound hardware is an integrated Sigmatel 9200, NOT a Sound Blaster Audigy product.  What is being listed as a "Sound Card" is actually a CD with software.. this is blatant deception, even if it’s just a "mistake" someone made.

    To be fair, one issue (not mentioned above) has been resolved, and a few others are "in the works". But, problems as obvious as the two above, should be handled within 2 business days. Not weeks, or months.

    Good luck with next years reader satisfaction survey. Even with the changes being made, if the same lack of attention to detail exists, I do not see better results in Dells future.


  3. Finally the magazines and customers are realizing the emperor has no clothes!

    I hope as part of the efforts to improve the customer experience that Dell is looking at the morale of the employee that must execute these great plans.  

    You can throw all the money you like at the problem, but if the cube dwellers are disillusioned and not feeling that they are valued then this is a lost cause.

    Any chance you could get Mort Topfer back?

  4. Exactly, even I agree to this.We will definitely succeed some day.We just need to work and keep on working harder and harder…..We started losing the game in the last year but we have made a remarkable improvement since that time.We of course have a great future in front of us.

  5. This should come as no surprise that Sony and Apple have now taken the top spots.  Dell wants to improve their customer service, yet countless consumers come to their PR blog to receive tech support.  So why is it so surprising to you Laura, obviously a link is missing, that link is English speaking technicians that are educated … you know, the ones that are fixing the issues that consumers are having right on this blog above and below me.

    Posted just one or two weeks ago, Dell posted that they have no intent in changing their customer service model and actually plan to further develop their overseas customer service centers.  Of course, Dell told us that the ‘experienced’ workers are in India, not in the U.S.

    Again, Laura … why is this a surprise?  It seems simple to me.  Dell cuts costs, moves call centers overseas –> approval rating and customer satisfaction goes exponentially downward.

    Maybe I’m the only one seeing this.

  6. I have spoken to a few people who have tried to use the Dell Technical Support or Customer Support by phone or e-mail systems and everyone has the same opinion.  Be prepared to be disappointed, be transferred to several people or not get an answer at all.  No one at Dell seems to be accountable for Customer Satisfaction.  The fingers are always pointing to another department

  7. Dell customer service is absolutely horrible.  Words cannot describe it.  Pathetic.  No surprise the company’s financial performance is so gloomy.

  8. To Dell Lied re Notebook Skins

    As far as I can tell, the first link shows all eligible skins, regardless of screen size.  And the 12", 14", and 17" design skins are still available — ALL OF THEM.  Secondly, the promotion does specify "While Supplies Last", which I take to mean, "First Come, First Served".

    It’s unfortunate that Dell ran out of stock on the 15" design skins, but I’d chalk that up to customer interest, rather than a nefarious plot cooked up by Dell.

  9. What do you expect?

    – You outsource your tech support to people you cant even comprehend – allthough some are pleasant on the phone, they do not understand you and you annot understand them.

    – Your quality control is awful.  If I could count the number of dead on arrival machines shipped to me by you.  Your return department even told me "you are no longer allowed to return anything to us in the future and we are noting that in your account".  Yes..blame the victim.  You shipped ME faulty products and have the nerve to tell me I can’t return them if they are damaged again?

    – Your computers prices are lagging.  When you run killer deals, price mistakes, and accidental multiple coupons, only then does your price become resonable.  For the most part, your machines are underequipped for the price you charge.

    – Customers have to pay tax because off all the stupid Dell kiosks in all the states.  When you have a presence in a state, you must charge tax in that state.  That used to be a savings of $50-$100 on computers which was a benefit to customers, but not anymore.  Another reason you are losing to competitors.

    – Your stupid "handling" charge on budget desktops and budget notebooks.  I love it when one week your budget system is $300 with free shipping & handling, but the next week it is $290 with  free shipping, but a $30 handling charge.  No offense, but what handling?  Your computers ride on automated conveyor belts and a box and packing materials costs about $1 for the quantity you guys order.  Its just another ripoff to your customers.

    – Oh…and one last thing.  Stop installing all the garbage bloatware on your systems.  All it does is bog down and slow the systems.  Don’t tell me it doesn’t as I have done my own tests (as well as countless others on the internet) that it does indeed slow down the computer.  I read the other thread on it, and have a post there which you dismissed.  In every forum I read, everyone talks about reformating and reinstalling Windows on their new system to get rid of all the Dell crap that is pre-installed.  If everyone’s complaining about it…then stop doing it.  This seems to be Dell’s recurring problem: Dell is not listening to its customers.  We have ALL told you what needs to be corrected, but Dell just doesn’t want to here it or do anything about it.

  10. How nice…

    I posted about *why* I think Dell earned such a rating from PC world and what they could do to improve.  Apparently the Dell PR team (a.k.a. Dell Moderators ) didn’t like my post and deleted it.  It didn’t use any profanity, or spam, or wasn’t off topic as stated that they may deete for those reasons.  It was posted 2 days ago, and mine didn’t show up though other people’s did.  The same thing happened in another post I made in a different thread.  Thanks Dell.  Take your problems and sweep them under the rug so others don’t notice.  Oh well, every other forum, blog, website, etc. all ready posts everything I said and most of the buying public are aware of how lousy Dell is…hence, why your ratings are tanking.

  11. Patton,

    First, I never said or intimated that there was any nefarious plot. I said there was a lack of attention to detail, and mentioned how "if" their most recent promotions aren’t being upheld (intimating that while they’re planning on long term strategic support improvements, they still need to look at what’s going on in front of them right now),  then I do not see enough of an effort on obvious and immediate details that are very easy to resolve.  All this has to do with a lack of competence and foresight, or communication, on the part of the marketing channel.

    Second, how do you know *all* skin designs are still available for all 12", 14", and 17" Dell notebook models? You haven’t presented any proof.. and a friend who purchased a 17" model says when he logged in to to the Dell skin redemtion center recently, there were very few skins left to choose from (he mentioned about 10), compared to the 25 or so he was told he could choose from originally. The two he was interested in were not available, so he received a credit for the skin instead.

    As for the "While Supplies Last" statement, it was NOT stated through the links we were directed to, which Dell removed from their site in the last 48 hours. Do you see a "while supplies last" stated anywhere in the images above? No? Why? Because they didn’t have one in the flash animation that showed what skins were available to chose from during the purchasing process. Perhaps they had one in in the contest link, but that was not the link we had been directed to just to see the skin choices.

    Also remember, some people (regardless of your opinion about them) do order Dell product by phone, and only refer to URL’s (the website) when a Dell rep specifically points it out (such as the case with the skins). If you assume every customer makes their purchases the same way you do (perhaps following every link on the website, reading every iota of small print, or print linking to another portion of the site), then you would be leaving out a significant number of Dell customers from your assumptions.  

    Oh, and when a Dell Sales rep tells you "…we will certainly have the skins you want in stock, you do not need to pick one now." well.. at the time, there was no reason not to believe them.

    Thanks for your comments, and I will say that Dell is now offering us a suitable alternative, which I will discuss further once it goes through.



  12. Steven: Your initial comment was not deleted.  Concerning outsourcing, wanted to make sure that you are aware of Downs Deering’s post on the topic.  If you are still facing return issues, please re-issue a comment with your e-mail and I’ll have someone look into it.  Thanks.

  13. It took 45 minutes of ‘chat’ to go from ‘why is my attempt to extend a warranty on the Internet responding with cannot process the request now — try again later’   to a statement by Deepth that it can’t be extended because of a ‘5 year rule’

    ….and this reponse was only after I suggested a copy of the chat (extremely frustrating in its "communication") be sent to Ms. Bosworth [before I made that suggestion at 30 minutes — Deepthi was suggesting I call the Warranty Department]

  14. Networks: Please re-issue a comment with your e-mail (not to be published), so that you may be contacted.  Thanks.

  15. Just a few quick comments:

    Regarding the “skins” issues, I have forwarded this information to the teams that do the advertising.  They were very appreciative of the feedback and are looking into the details.  I think they will be able to learn from this and make improvements going forward.

    Steven: you had quite a few very good points, and the good news is we are working on aspects of all of them.  In fact, your post has helped us launch a pretty healthy conversation about the “shipping & handling” fees and what confusion this might lead to.  No answer yet… but it certainly has us talking.

    As always, I want to thank each one of you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback.  It may not always be obvious that we are working on issues you bring up, but you are definitely helping us find things to look at.

  16. DL: Great news and thank you, thank you!  Turns out that you found an error on our outlet website.  


    As a second example, I suggest you immediately modify the dell.com/outlet inspiron notebook selections that reflect the “integrated Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED HD Audio” under the “Sound Card column to state that is is a software only option The actual sound hardware is an integrated Sigmatel 9200, NOT a Sound Blaster Audigy product.  What is being listed as a “Sound Card” is actually a CD with software.. this is blatant deception, even if it’s just a “mistake” someone made.

    CANDICE from Dell SAYS:

    I wanted to update you on the sound card issue raised on our blog.

    …We just finished changing the mod on all the Inspirons to include the words “Software Edition.” It now says “Integrated- Includes Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED HD Audio Software Edition.”   Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention.  -Candice

  17. I find it interesting that most of the problems Dell have come from their poor customer service.  Yet we haven’t seen any posts about steps Dell is taking to improve things.  (Outside of the comment that the most knowledgeable reps come from India).

    Honestly, I’d like to know (as well as several others obviously) how Dell is planning on making the customer service portion of the customer experience more pleasurable.

    So far, it seems Dell only comments on the blog to follow-up with customers that have issues.  I haven’t really seen a post or follow-up addressing the comments and concerns of customers without problems.

  18. I keep reading these blogs and commenting because I have such fond memories of the "old Dell" that took on IBM and enlivened the PC consumer marketplace. Despite the awful treatment I personally have received from Dell in the past couple years, part of me keeps rooting for Dell, hoping that the old Dell will rise from its sleep and banish the amoral galoots who have hijacked the company.

    I keep looking for signs that Dell gets it, really understands what the customers are saying.

    Talks of surveys, metrics, and other intelligent  but bloodless corporate efforts haven’t convinced me the Dell’s course has been corrected.  If Dell is going to thrive, it will need to win back the consumers ("Consumers" actually influence corporate buying in our professional lives,  Dell!).

    Thank you for the blog and this amount of human content.  I suggest "investing" in consumer relations by being unreasonably generous in your repairs/warranty.  I think that would pay off (I have no outstanding service issues myself, but live in fear that I will have to call Dell India if my notebook fails again.)  

    I hope Dell senior executives read these blogs, because their customers are trying very hard to tell them how to make the company successful.

  19. I just made this experince with Dell:


    On Sunday August 27th, I ordered a Inspiron 640m Dual Core laptop at the Dell Kiosk in Sherway Garden Toronto. Shorty afterwards I got an e-mail acknowledging the order. Until now Friday September 1, I haven’t received any order confirmation. Today I called the Kiosk again and left a message that someone should call back. They didn’t within 2 hours. So I called Dell Support and there they told me that they have only a order for a laptop cover and a printer and the rest of the order  was canceled. How can they cancel half of the order? Unfortunately they told me that there is nothing they can do to help me and  I need to call the Kiosk again. After several tries I could get hold if Gwen at the Kiosk. She promised to check what happened and call me back. Haven’t received a call after 90 minutes I called back again. She promised she would check it right now and call back within 10 minutes. Now again 2 hours later no call l back… I’m very frustrated  about the service and treatment I’m getting here. It seems nobody is really interested  to solve this problem. When I ordered the laptop I was told that I will have it in 5 -8 business days. Now after five days gone I haven’t even get a call back to tell me who screwed up. My daughter starts university on Tuesday she expected to have the laptop by then. I really would like to escalate this to Dell’s management who is responsible for this part of the organization. If this is the way Dell treats his customers than this will be the last time I order Dell products.

  20. Joachim: sorry about the frustrations.  Please reissue a comment with your e-mail and order details (not to be published).  I’ll have someone look into this.

  21. Once again, this is merely a portal for customer complaint resolution.  Dell has no intentions of addressing the issues/questions that have been asked here.

    Lionel, I urge you to address the comments and questions from users on this board that do not have a computer issue.  If this blog is a venue to reach out to the community, do so.

    Meanwhile you can find some coverage I’ll be doing here:


  22. eRock: Thanks for your comments.  Though it’s fair to say that several Direct2Dell readers may disagree with some of the content within our Customer Experience-related posts, we are trying to communicate incremental and longer-term improvements in this blog.  

    I would ask that you review some of Laura Bosworth’s and Downs Deering posts on CE-related issues. We are trying to include tangible details on areas where we’re focusing.  Is there room for improvement? Of course, and there always will be. That said, many of the improvements we’re making today won’t show tangible results in the near term.

    Are there specific topics that we’re not duscussing that you’d like to hear about?

  23. I must say that it is a complete joke that Dell could even suggest that they are making improvments in customer care or customer service.

    After spending the past 6 weeks attempting to get a working laptop I’ve given up.  I have been promised so many things over the past few weeks I wouldn’t even begin to know where to start a rant.  I broke down and requested a refund – which Dell does seem to be pretty good at anyway.  They always seem to be happy to give refunds but can’t get the service right.

    I have never dealt with such terrible service as this!! I put this out as a warning to anyone considering a Dell…. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!! I would recommend http://www.hp.com – I can guarantee one thing – It CAN"T be worse!!

  24. I used to buy Dell PC’s and recommend them to others, but no longer.  My parents bought a Dell, and the communication issues with the offshore tech support render the “support” ineffective.  Similarly, a friend recently bought a Dell and went through all manner of hoops to get the rebate she was promised at time of sale.  My work notebook is a Dell, and has had its motherboard replaced, as well as its LCD display. 

    None of this bodes well for the long term health of Dell.  They would do well to remember the example of Gateway, who was notable for tech support issues and the negative effect that had on sales. 

  25. Greg R,

    Trust me, it can be worse, much worse. Even when the customer service speaks your local English dialect and understands the problem.

    You don’t want to hear the horror story I experienced with Averatec.

    Averatec’s actually the company that caused me to take no more BS from any other company, due to their anti-consumer policies, manufacturing defects and lack of willingness to provide realistic warranty service. I gave up and just shelved their laptop, never to recommend them. I should have filed against them with every agency possible and sued them dor my money back. I just didn’t have the time at that point, and I think that is what they counted on.

    At least Dell, with all their problems, will eventually honor your refund, or replace your hardware. I don’t exactly disagree with you, but I have experienced recently the willingness of some people at Dell, to work on the issues everyone knows they are having problems with.


    Good Luck,




  26. eROCK: In a second response to your comment,
    something else I wanted to share.  While reading another thread, I saw
    one of Laura’s previous comments here where she answered this
    better than I did by linking to other posts where she and other Dell
    bloggers try to share some examples of both incremental and long-term
    Greg: Sorry to hear about the troubles you had trying to get a working
    laptop.  I hope you give us a chance to provide better service by
    continuing to be a Dell customer.  If you and other Direct2Dell readers
    need help with a specific isssue and want to bypass the comment
    moderation process, you can send an e-mail directly to our Customer Advocate team.

    Lastly, we’ve finally implemented an optional e-mail field to the
    comments area.  Your e-mails will never be published.  Most
    importantly, it provides us a way to contact you directly if you use
    that field whenver you comment.

  27. Jeff Jarvis suggested I share my own Dell horror story on this thread.

    In short, I couldn’t play games on my Inspiron 9300 laptop due to a stuttering problem; any game, even old ones, showed video freezing every few seconds. A lengthy post on the Dell forums (where I made many posts trying to track down a solution) goes into the specific details and troubleshooting steps:


    Anyway, I also emailed Dell support, whose only response was to tell me to run the onboard diagnostics software. Since that passed, the only option given to me was to try their paid software support line. I didn’t want to do this since (a) I was certain it was a problem with the laptop and not with any particular software, since _all_ games were showing this behaviour, and (b) they couldn’t even tell me how much I was expected pay!

    One particularly choice exchange between myself and the support person was the following:

      Dell: “I think the games are just not meant for this system.It may be a compatability issue as these systems are not meant for gaming. Dell have made a notebook specifically for gaming, called XPS notebooks.The inspirons shouldn’t really be used for gaming.”

      Me: “The specs of the machine on your web site specifically mention they can be used for gaming:


    Can you explain why you think “the inspirons shouldn’t really be used for gaming if you actually market them as such?”

      Dell: “When I said this machine shouldn’t really be used for gaming, I meant if you were using this system for games only, it wouldn’t be
    appropriate.Obviously, this is your system and it is totally up to you how you wish to use this.”

    After 2 months of asking questions and searching various forums, I finally found a fix for this problem on this page:


    “By default, Dell sets all their hard drives to “power saving mode”
    which keeps temps down, saves on battery, and might even prolong the life of the drive. This also makes the drive much slower and for gamers it causes stuttering as every time your pagefile needs to be accessed the HDD must turn on and start spinning. For those of you that want your HDD running “full speed” the way it should be, Notebook Hardware Control allows you to adjust the power management of your HDD, letting you run your HDD the way it should be, full blast and stutter-free in games.”

    The given fix indeed worked, and games are now totally stutter-free on the laptop. Thinking I was being helpful, I mailed the same Dell support person about this.

    Instead of getting a thank-you, I got the following email:

    Thank you for your email.

    […] Dell do not advise their customers to follow the advice they receive on forums or these type of hardware sites as the people who give the advice are not Dell qualified Technicians.

    Dell have not been having problems with this issue in particular.The system was set up this way it is to prevent overheating issues, etc and for power saving reasons.It would not be advisable to do what this website is telling you to do as if you change bios and system settings, this may harm your system and we would not be able to help with that as you took advice from a non-qualified Dell Technician and this would be classed as user damage.

    This is your system and it is your choice what you wish to do with this, but as a Dell Technician I would strongly advise you not to do this.

    I’m just flabbergasted. No apology about the fact that it _was_ a hardware issue rather than a support issue. Just a head-in-the-sand that the problem  doesn’t exist for anyone (“Dell have not been having problems with this  issue in particular”). She uses the line “As a Dell Technician I would strongly advise you not to do this.” which is laughable considering the complete lack of technical aptitude she has displayed during the entire conversation.

    I’d love to hear from someone else in Dell if this is a typical user expierence.


  28. Paul M.: Thanks for sharing.  Glad you were eventually able to find a solution that works for you.  I can see where you’re coming from.  That said, as a company we aren’t going to be able to support freeware or third party applications that allow users to change hardware settings on our systems.  There’s just too many variables, and there’s no way we can test these kinds of apps.  The reality is that some of these apps may push hardware beyond what its designed for, which can damage certain components, or worse, create a safety issue.  That’s why many of these types of utilites have warning disclaimers.

  29. Lionel, if you’ll pardon me for saying so, supporting third-party apps isn’t the issue here. The issue is that Dell is selling a laptop with a hard drive misconfigured so that it stutters with games, yet markets this laptop as good for gaming. When approached about the problem, Dell claim it’s not a hardware problem and try to get users to pay for software support which is useless for their purposes. _And_ support claim contrary to your sales literature that you’re not meant to play games on it at all! Can you deal with any of those points for me?


  30. I agree with Paul Maloney on this issue.  There are steps Dell takes to reduce heat in some models of their Inspiron line, that in my opinion, would have been uneccessary if the notebook had been properly designed. 

    For example, the Inspiron 6400 / E1505 can run intolerably hot on the right ride when using optimal performance settings (in bios) for the hard drive, in combination with a 7200 rpm notebook drive. I believe the cause for this is the lack of a heatpipe or other cooling method beyond airflow, along the right side of the notebook, to draw the heat away and towards the fans. 

    Numerous Dell reps/techs have told me that the air cooling in the notebook is sufficient, but experience tells me that when notebook drives run hot for an extended period of time, they tend to fail early.  This isn’t a defect in the drive, it’s a lack of proper cooling in the overall notebook design, in my opinion. I can’t leave the notebook on flat surfaces that can be marred by heat greater than a cup of coffee, as it will discolor them.

    My solution is to use a notebook cooler underneath, and this makes a world of difference, but the cooling should have been sufficiently self sustained as not to require it.

    Overall, I like the E1505, and I’m willing to deal with using the notebook cooler at all times. But, I would have wished that a second right-side heatpipe had been implimented in the E15xx the same way it had been in the E17xx’s. (or at least some other effective right-side cooling method)

    We all already know the poor response current Dell phone reps/techs tend to give. Dell says it’s being worked on. So, I won’t harp on that issue now, but it would be nice if sometime sooner not later,  they wouldn’t blame the customer for not choosing the right notebook.  It’s a lousy way to upsell.



  31. I fail to understand the problem here. I have bought from Dell since the early 90’s (4 desktops, 3 laptops). The most recent an Inspiron 6000 about a year ago. In that same time span, I’ve also purchased a HP Pavillion, IBM ThinkPad, a Gateway and a Toshiba. The Gateway and Toshiba systems were returned due to poor product quality and I replaced them with Dells. The HP & IBM units are still in limited use, but I will never return to either company. Why? Dell has provided far superior customer and technical support experience. None of the other above mentioned companies could even come close. Dell was fast and accurate with their resolutions to all the issues I presented to them, the most recent being last week. I can honestly say that my experiences with Dell are actually better today than they were in your heyday of the 90’s. If it is something I did, then I don’t know what it was. Maybe it’s because I have been taking my nap regularly (ha-ha). If you’re indeed setting customer & technical support quality as a primary area to improve, then I look forward to an even better and pleasing experience.

  32. Quoting:

    Thank you for your email.

    […] Dell do not advise their customers to follow the advice they receive on forums or these type of hardware sites as the people who give the advice are not Dell qualified Technicians.

    Dell have not been having problems with this issue in particular.The system was set up this way it is to prevent overheating issues, etc and for power saving reasons.It would not be advisable to do what this website is telling you to do as if you change bios and system settings, this may harm your system and we would not be able to help with that as you took advice from a non-qualified Dell Technician and this would be classed as user damage.

    This is your system and it is your choice what you wish to do with this, but as a Dell Technician I would strongly advise you not to do this.

    End Quote

    I would have to agree with paul, and point out some things.

    The Dell Support specialist / Technician that told you the above should be Sacked, the Unit that you have purchased from Dell Should be fit for purpose and be able to handle all functions programmed into the unit; this includes changing of bios settings.

    You should reply to this technician stating that it is your System you have paid money for it and it is not fit for purpose, nowhere in the T&C’s did dell mention that the User (being you) is not alowed reconfigure their unit to suit their needs.

    As in the above gentlemans name, Dell Lied.

  33. Paul: My sincere apologies for not following up.  I take responsibility for the slip-up.  Will see what I can find out and will let you know.

  34. Hi Michael,

    The irony is, it’s not even something as “radical” as a BIOS setting that is changed. I’m disappointed that Lionel didn’t respond further to my points or, indeed, my email to the Dell customer advocate has gone unresponded to. The best I can do is ensure other Inspiron users know about this fix; that is, do Dell’s own job for them unpaid.


  35. Whenever it’s time to buy a new computer, I always think of dell. The experience on the site is strong — product features and pricing is clear, and there are great customization optoions. And the computer usualy arrives quickly. 

    However the experience of HAVING a Dell has always been subar, and I’m going on my 4th one (2 laptops, two desktops).  They’re poorly made.  I never feel a sense of quality when using one.

  36. Paul: My sincere apologies for not following up.  I take responsibility for the slip-up.  Will see what I can find out and will let you know.

    Hi Lionel,

    I was wondering if you’d heard any more information in the last month about this problem?



  37. I am not surprised about bad results. Your policy of advertising one system on the TV but only having it available for a few seconds on the internet is devious in the extreme. Then putting on an ill informed call centre operative in india who slips in a £100 extra without making it clear is terrible. If you advertise on the TV make sure the computer is available at least for all the time between 2 adverts on the same day.

  38. Hello there!
    When reading over the comments I couldn’t help but wonder why Dell doesn’t offer its home users what it offers its small business users, and thats the ability to pay for North American based tech support.  On your Small business site you offer it as “Gold Support,” and I for one was very tempted to purchase a computer from home from that site because of this(I couldn’t because I was shopping with a coupon code)… anyway.. I would have paid extra to have this level of support!  Or why not take a cue from Gateway, and offer North American Based support standard for all computer bought from them?

  39.  To gain better reviews provide drivers to all products in a SIMPLIFIED format on the driver downloads page, and make it have a long optional text file which explains everything, installing, common problems. 
    Dell don't make us go to Asus and lookup Lenovo to get inspiron 6400 drivers, just because you wont provide 64 bit ones for windows XP.
    *I hear an applaud*

    PS. Put back all the Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505 Windows Xp 64 bit drivers that were removed from support . dell.  thanks…

    Third party drivers are nicer anyways LOL.

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