Continuing Our Work with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation


I was honored today to be selected
to serve on the Congressional Black Caucus
Foundation’s Board of Directors
. Dell has a long-standing relationship with
this organization; we regard
its work and mission as vital to our nation’s legislative process.

I am looking forward to continuing
Dell’s support of CBCF initiatives like AVOICE—African
American Voices in Congress. It is a Dell-sponsored online library that
documents the contributions of African Americans to our nation’s political

I also
realize that I have a huge void to fill with the loss of our friend and
confidant, Thurmond Woodard. I will work to continue Thurmond’s legacy with the
CBCF. The mission of the CBCF is to identify opportunities to develop future
leaders and promote collaboration between today’s leaders to affect positive
and sustainable change in the African-American community.

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11 thoughts on “Continuing Our Work with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

  1. Best of luck.  You will do well to represent Dell and the African American community.  I am very proud of your accomplishments.

  2. Congratulations, Kevin. Your strong leadership skills will prove to be invaluable to the CBCF.  Continue to make us proud!

  3. Congratulations, your acceptance of this appointment is another admirable demonstration of how you continue to lead by example by making time to integrate community involvement into your very busy personal and professional life. You are an excellent role model.

  4. Congratulations Kevin, I know that you will do a great job handling the responsibilities of your new appointment.

  5. Congratulations, this is indeed quite an honor – best and encouraging regards to you as you prepare to step into this new responsibility.  We’ll follow your progress and impact with great interest; perhaps we’ll be able to take key “leadership-development learnings” from that organization and apply them at Dell. 

  6. Congratulations Kevin!  I wish you the best of luck on your new appointment and am confident that you will continue to be as successful as you have in the past in the various roles you have taken on. 

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