XPS M1330: What’s Going On?


Since my last post, many of you
made it clear that you want us to share more details about what’s going on with
the XPS M1330. I want to
apologize for the frustration that these delays are causing you. I understand
that no amount of explanation is a substitute for shipping the system, but hope this helps address some of your concerns.

Right now, we
are focused on shipping as many systems as we can. Currently, we have worked
through about 10% of our backlog and will focus on improving this going
forward. Despite our best efforts, we may not be able to ship some orders
before the original estimated ship date we gave you. In those cases, Dell will
be contacting affected customers to let them know. Details will vary by region.

you order a system, the estimated ship date factors in our best currently available information, including the number of orders in front of you and the
availability of parts. It should not change unless something impacts one of
these factors. If that happens, we will contact you.

Lionel mentioned in an earlier post, we have found the production ramp more difficult than we expected—let me take a few minutes to
explain the process. Before we begin shipping products to customers, we build a
sizeable number of units to test our manufacturing process and to help flush
out any issues that may impact our ability to build in volume. These test
builds are a fraction of what we expect to build at full production. Once we
start building a larger number of units, we may see issues that pop up in only
one or two of them, but which require larger volumes to reveal themselves.  Since it’s hard to tell if the issue is an
isolated one or if it will affect a large number of units down the road, we
investigate each one thoroughly. When that happens, it slows our build process.  

example of this is the painting process. Right now, Tuxedo Black is the only
color that is consistently meeting our quality standards. That’s one reason why
some customers are getting their orders before others. The finish on the XPS  M1330 is similar to a custom paint job on a
car, but with one additional complexity—on a car, typical viewing occurs from
several feet away. With a notebook, the typical viewing range is much closer…
sometimes a foot or less. This requires a different level of attention
to detail.  Why do I bring that up? There
was no problem painting hundreds at a time. 
But as we increased the volume, otherwise manageable factors like dust
contamination caused our successful yields to decrease.  Adding to the complexity, the Crimson Red and
the Pearl White colors require more coats of paint and more touches to create
the finished product—that means there is more opportunity for dust

this ultimately results in fewer finished parts from the paint line than we
expected.  You may have noticed on Dell.com
yesterday we discontinued the Pearl White color. The reason is that we are just
not able to produce the kind of volumes of high quality product that we need to
support demand. It takes about 5 coats of paint to get the appearance we were
looking for.
We are working to ship white units that meet our standards
to all customers who ordered them, but those may be the last of the units using
the current process, as we continue to pursue alternate methods of producing
high-quality white units.

part shortages also hold up our ability to ship products. The most obvious
issue is one mentioned in earlier posts-the LED backlit LCD display. First off,
it’s new technology, and that means there are fewer suppliers available. Bright
white LEDs provide the backlight for the LCD instead of a fluorescent tube. It results in a brighter display that offers
better color reproduction, is thinner and lighter, and draws less power. This relatively limited supply base combined
with stronger than anticipated demand-the number of orders has simply exceeded
our expectations-has  contributed to the
delays. Our vendors are ramping
production as quickly as possible, but these displays continue to be in short

committed to shipping these systems as quickly as we can. Once again, I’d like
to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and your continued

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  • Anonymous

    Too little too late from Dell. 

    I cancelled my $2,500 m1330 order yesterday on my lunch break, and drove directly to the Sony store to pick up their new 11.1 inch TZ-170.

    After months of waiting for my Dell, I can gladly say that my new Sony is in hand now.  My only regret is that I didn’t cancel my order earlier.


  • Anonymous

    I ordered 4  around July 1. 2 black w/o LED, came this week, one red with LED, shipped today, and one white w/o LED. The first three arrived well before the esrimated delivery of mid-august and late august (red with LED). I understand things are not goin as well as hoped but I am very happy with the service I have recieved and communication through this blog. I am hopeful the white will come soon, but understand “stuff” happens and it must be cleaned up. Good luck in the fine tuning and ramping up of production on this exquisite product.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you only comment on xps and not inspiron’s. We are having problems as well. i ordered my inspiron 1520 on june27 est. ship july 16  and it did not ship was recommended by dell csr to cancel and reorder i did on same day july16 est. ship now aug 2 well it didnt ship got a automated call on that same day now est ship is aug 28. Oh and by the way i was it told it was the lcd shortage yea right. But you continue to sell products you do not have.  Are we just supposed wait around forever for our laptops by then they will be so outdated.  another frustrated customer                                           

  • Anonymous

    OK, so I get it. These systems are delayed because of blah blah blah delays to “new” LED screens (Sony has had them out for how long now?), and because apparently painting has suddenly become tricky.

    To summarize this update: We’ve shipped 10% of the backorders, and uh….we’re trying. honest.

  • Anonymous

    I recieved my unit today. I had ordered on June 27th. They bumped my est. ship date back to Aug 3rd from July 29th however it ended up shipping 1 day early on Aug 2nd. Although I am so far happy with my unit and every time I spoke to customer care they were nice I can’t help but havea bitter taste from this whole thing.

    I was told that I would be contacted on 2 different dates which never happened, it took dell 6 days to reply to my email in which they didn’t even answer my question, and the delayed update here on direct2dell.com.

    If anyone is curious my unit is black with a T7300, LED LCD, BT, wireless N, fingerprint reader, 120gb HD, 1gb ram

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t these all things you should of thought of before you started selling it and marketing it?

    thanks for the honesty finally but really there is no excuse for selling a product you don’t even know how to build yet???


  • Anonymous

    I am one of the lucky 10% and I have to say that this is the kind of post we have been looking for the past month. Thank you Alex.

    For the first time we actually hear some details about what is really going on, and not just the standard PR blurb about the process and quality checking. The quality of the system is very important, and the fact that you are taking it seriously is appreciated. By myself anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking as someone who ordered a Black/LED M1330 on June 27 with an ESD of August 1, I feel that being contacted August 1 and pushed back four weeks to August 28 does not reconcile with the statements in the post above.  Black should be no problem, so we can rule that out.  As far as the LED goes, with years of experience as a Build-to-Order manufacturer, Dell should have very close relationships with suppliers and visibility of parts availability, so it should be very clear at the time of order if there will be a shortage of parts, and any delay should be foreseeable much earlier than 5pm on the ESD, and should be a delay of days not weeks, if any.  Furthermore, the ~8,000 posts at NotebookReview.com show that similarly spec-ed systems ordered after mine have been shipped and received already.  Certainly the post above is more specific than earlier ones that were corporate platitudes, but it still doesn’t quite reconcile to the facts.

  • Anonymous

    Please address what will happen to customers who ordered a 4 cell battery and the premium nVidia card. Will we get these orders? Why was such an obvious oversight committed before a launch?

    I ordered a 4 and 9 cell battery and I’m reading from other customers who had their orders cancelled. Again, I feel as if this is just another issue that will put me on the cancelled or further delayed camp.

    Also, what is the reason for not allowing customers to order a 9 and 6 cell battery. This is highly unusual. Please explain this, as such, this has only exasperated the problem with your 4 cell ‘recall?’.

  • Anonymous

    I personally have expressed my frustration here about the lack of information provided initially by Dell regarding the delays in shipping this notebook.  That being said, I find it extraordinary that the Dell folks are providing these forums to interact with their (huge) customer base, and really seem to be listening AND responding (in a professional manner here, and in action with respect to the IdeaStorm site).  THANK YOU Dell, from at least one customer, for this, and for your commitment to providing a high-quality product.

    NO, i don’t work for Dell.   

  • Anonymous

    It’s at least good to see that these delays aren’t resulting in compromised quality.  I’m still patiently awaiting my red unit and will continue doing so (my ESD isn’t until Aug 23rd).  Looks like a great product, thanks for the update.

  • Anonymous

    Alex this is basically what i was waiting for (probably that applies to others as well). At least this sounds believable of whats going on and at least i can perfectly see the issues and it gives me a better understanding of why i’m sitting here for weeks on end with a paid bill for a product i haven’t seen. The informations so far have been more of a “vaporware” company so far then the ones of a renowned Computer manufacturer. Thanks for this.

    On a sidenote, even if it won’t effect me, please introduce a process to change orders after they were made without cancelling. All “compensations” i have been offered so far (a bag, a printer, a warranty extension) would have required that i cancel and resubmit my order, which i’m not willing to do, being a customer who ordered on 06/28 and i need that machine by 08/27 at the latest for a trip. Reordering would shed all my hopes of ever getting this in time.

    Thank you, are there any news if EMEA has commenced producing the M1330 in red by any chance?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this information, but I guess you lost a lot of customers.

    As I already mentioned in a earlier note, I ordered on July 12 and cancelled on July 14 (because of the downgrading of the processor).
    Still waiting for my money…wrote an e-mail and phoned at least three times. Every time they said sorry and that they will send a mail for confirmation of the call…still got no money and no mail confirmation…3 weeks gone now.

    Unfortunately there’s no notebook as good as this one. Have to wait for something similar.

  • Anonymous

    I am happy i am one of the lucky 10% my estimated date was Aug 13th, but when i changed my ordered it turned to Aug 22nd, but my order has shipped, i have gotten my tracking number and can’t wait. The reps have been very helpful. Can’t wait for the system 🙂

    If anyone wnats to know my specs are 2.0 ghz processor, 2 gb of ram, normal screen with 2mp carmera, my laptop is black, with nvidia video card

  • Anonymous

    Quick question: Not that I care, I’m getting a black. But why do other models such as the 1520 not have problems with white in mass order. Surely the more mainstream 1520 is getting more orders then the xps m1330. They must paint these systems in the same manner as the 1330’s.

  • Anonymous

    Alex, first thank you for the update. It is all starting to make sense & I am okay to wait if I know why. However, as Nick said I too ordered a black LED display on July 1 & have not received my order despite many others with the same specs ordering weeks later now receiving them. Also, I am concerned that my order will be held up or cancelled because my spec allowed a 4 cell battery & now the same configuration shows that this is not compatible (why, i don’t know). I have called and asked CSR to be sure that it is okay, but they don’t have a clue & just read back my order!

    Anyhow, I like the openness of this Blog but I just wished you could set up a special 800 number with trained reps that understand the issues with the M1330 & to help all of us.




  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

     Nice update!

    Keep Them Coming!!!

     Thanks alot!

  • Anonymous

    I got an e-mail notification saying that mine was shipped yeserday. I checked my Status and it said it was shipped with a tracking number. It was be here shortly.

  • Anonymous


    Thank you for getting the consumers message and telling everyone the truth.  You should know that the majority if your staff in customer relations is not doing that.  You should have that issue fixed if you want the bleeding stopped fast enough.  The communication from Dell to consumer is just absolute disorganized chaos.

    The downside to your truthful explanation is unfortunate.  It shows that Dell completely mismanaged this entire release and process and continues to mismanage it.  If I was a consumer I would be concerned about the quality of the product, or worse having to call Dell support after receiving it and going through this process to order, wait, get lied to, be treated poorly, and have their money held for so long by Dell without getting their product. 

    It is also important for you to know that the majority of the Executive Escalation team are some of the worst culprits in the botched process.  When you reach most of them, they communicate like robots with no information and force you to look elsewhere for solutions.  I personally got all the correct information from the team in El Salvador and if it were not for them I would not have waited 5 weeks thus far.

    After 10 years being a loyal Dell customer, I gave up today and canceled my M1330 and purchased a Fujitsu Lifebook.  I can honestly say that just based on my experience the past 5 weeks with Dell, and comparing it to my one day with Fujitsu, I can’t see myself ordering from, or god for bid calling Dell ever again.

    Good luck personally and thanks for keeping the consumer informed directly.  They deserve to hear from you daily at this point.

    Life is short and the human element in all this situation is missing….Dell is completely wasting so much time from peoples lives during this process and I bet many won’t forget this.  I won’t.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks you for your honesty.  My only question now is, why are users who ordered in July getting their laptops before those who ordered in June?  How does the order queue work?

  • Anonymous

    1520 delays abound as well.   Ordered my system Jul 7/07 and delayed three times since.   Today, Dell has effectively given up projecting a delivery date for fear again setting expections they can’t meet.  In this regard, I’ll applaud the honesty. 

    When following up, I was originally advised the case was back ordered, today I’ve been told it’s the chassis (may well be same parts).    Regardless, shame on Dell for going to market with such hype only to disappoint so many customers.    Besides frustrating its customers, Dell shareholders s/b furious, the company is missing the prime back to school market!

    All in all, an execution disaster for what’s suppose to be a world class company. 

  • Anonymous

    Alex thank you for the update to start. I do have a few questions though. for one why are people with newer orders getting units much earlier than people who ordered in June, and more so directly on the 26th? Second, does Dell have any future plans to compensate the loyal customers from day one? Not on a case by case basis (since some CSR’s are just plain robots, though my executive support team member is great). Anyway I’m currently awaiting my two m1330’s as they have been in boxing for a few days and am eagerly awaiting them, even if its past the ESD.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered on 6/26, black with LED, still haven’t recieved it or been notified about a delay. Apparently 10% of their backlog isn’t the first 10%. So much for first come first serve. I’ll not be ordering another Dell, infact I think I’ll go retail so it’s in my hands, which leaves Dell out twice.

  • Anonymous

    Great update , I think this is what the original DELL culture was. I feel dell did a great job telling us the problem.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my system on the 29th of June. It is a black system with the original screen. My ESD is Aug 14th. I’ve been calling for about 3 weeks and it is still in pre-production. I’m starting to worry. I need this for school and based on the information that you gave, the system I ordered is not experiencing the manufacturing problems. I too have concerns about the individuals that have ordered after the initial orders receiving their orders first. This seems a bit unfair. How will the individuals that ordered initially be compensated for this?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the update.

    Most of us have a pressing need for the unit (not to mention that it looks to be a great machine) and these updates go a long way (for people like me) informed.

    I too would appreciate these at a greater frequency.

    Thanks again for the update.


  • Anonymous

    Any chance of getting one of these with Ubuntu?

  • Anonymous

    How about some information on the Inspirons and their delays? It would be nice if you touched upon the delayed 1520’s 1420’s and the 1720’s.



  • Anonymous

    I am wondering why the Intel Wireless N card is not available as an option in Puerto Rico. It does not seem fair, in my opinion. My estimated ship date for the Dell XPS m1330 is August 31, 2007 and could get to its destination between Sept. 6 – Sept. 20. I find this very disturbing. Hopefully, it will get to me sooner or I might have to consider other options. I already started graduate school on July 31, and really need the laptop ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    The delays in shipping have created an extra problem for the 1330.  When it was first announced, it was both new territory in the sleak design and state of the art technology.  But there was one tiny problem before the shipping issues cropped up …

    For the first time, a dell was costing MORE than the similarly equipped VAIO (in this case, the SZ), once you configured them with the same equipment.

    I have owned many Dells, but it was a shock to find a machine that takes such naked extra profit from build upgrades.  The $600 figure to upgrade from the minimum hard drive to the 32 GB SSD is a debacle.  And this debacle just got worse, as the new Toshiba (Portege R 500) just launched with a 64 GB SSD upgrade option — for $550.  Double the space at a lower price — sorry, Dell, but there is just no excuse.

     In short, thanks to shipping delays and what looks suspiciously like a little greed on Dell’s part in pricing the upgrades, the truly high end 1330 is already moving to obsolete.

    Truly, truly disappointing.


  • Anonymous

    I’m greatful that you have finally released the details to the delays.  It’s great that you guys have finally got some notebooks shipped and I’m thankful because I ordered on July 24th and got it shipped August 1st so I’m the lucky 10% considering I ordered tux black case.  The reps were nice in answering my questions (except for one which cut me off) but generally I’m satisifed.
    However, after knowing the reason for the delay I feel it just shows that dell is very unorganized as a large organization.  I’m sure you guys have released notebooks for years and so you know the processes to a mass production with experience.  How is it possible that Dell releases these notebooks for consumers to purchase before running these “mass production tests”?  If the laptops aren’t ready for an actual order and dell would already like to see how many people are willing to buy this unit, the best way would be allowing consumers to “pre-order” their laptops.  This way you guys get an estimate on how much parts you need and tell them in advance that there will be a long wait.

     You explained that LED is new so there’s going to be shortage. Wouldn’t you guys expect that this will happen?  If so, why didn’t Dell order more parts in advance?

     Although nothing can be changed now, but I sure hope that Dell will improve this issue in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, it’s great that Dell is explaining the situation about M1330 but what about all the people who order Inspiron 1520. Many of us order in early July (including me) just to get it on time before school. Now most of us, see a huge delay all the way to aug 28. This is unexceptable. And why are the color lid having so many delay such as blue, pink, and red. I want to know what’s going on and why it is taking so long. The color lid isn’t even painted on, is it?

  • Anonymous

    First of all, thanks for letting us know a little about the build process.  But, what I really want to know is why you are painting your notebooks in an old abandoned building.  At least that’s where I imagine your factory, since you put so much blame on the dust.  Why not hire someone to clean the building?  I’ll do it if the pay is good…

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a Inspiron 1720, Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 July 15th, and still no system, projected delivery is Aug 29, i did order “Spring Green”.  

    Might I make a suggestion, Painting with a acrylics or oil base paints needs extreme control over the painting environment to have a constant finish, why not Power Cost the lids.  Power coat is extremely durable and does not have the issues that the other painting methods have and you can produce it in large quantities.  Just a thought…  And just trying to get my Laptop.  PLEASE!  Take my money… Sound kind of funny to beg a company to sell me something…

    Powder Coating

    Coating where a
    powder material is coated onto a surface often using electrostatic
    or compressed air method. The applied powder is usually heated to
    its melting point, after which it flows to form a smooth film.

    Thanks Keith 


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the update Alex.

    I would just like to say one thing: some of you people that ordered the XPS 1330 really need to grow up. You asked for a more detailed update and you got one. Is that not what you wanted? Is this how you act in the real world? What would happen if your boss or your clients saw you acting like a bunch of kids who didn’t get a chocolate bar when you went to the store with your mother. Do the more patient and mature crowd a favour; go to the local store that sells baby supplies, pick up a bottle and drink from it. Stop wasting our time with your temper tantrums. I came here to read about updates with Dell and the product i’ve ordered, not to see a bunch of adults carrying on like thay belong in day care. If you want to be treated like adults you need to start acting like one!

    One other thing. A lot of people seem to know that Dell is very disorganized as a large corporation. If you’re so smart about running a company such as Dell than go start a business instead of coming here and trying to tell them how to do their job. But don’t say too much because you might give away the secrets to being the only company on earth that doesn’t experience downtime from technical difficulties.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder we’re not getting our notebooks… Dell’s firing everyone who’s making them:

    Dell “to cut 8,800 jobs over next year”

  • Anonymous

    What type or sequence are you using to send the laptops, becouse i have heard in forums people that ordered after me and already have recived their m1330 they have my same specs. , with this i am talking for all the people that ordered before themi ordered in mid july but there is a ton of people that ordered before me and people that ordered 20 to 25 of july already recived their computer, just today my order was bumped 3 weeks, i hope this secuence is including all the markets, I am in Latin America and have not heard any people reciving their m1330 down here.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Alex, I appreciate the update. This is the sort of thing we’ve been wanting to see from day one. It’s been a long time in coming, but later is better than never I suppose. It’s good to see that the purpose of this blog hasn’t been lost over the years and for a company like Dell to get communications out to us is good to see.

    Of course a post itself isn’t going to ship out M1330s magically – but the effort you’ve been putting into communications needs to be commended. There are still some who are unhappy with these updates, but I’m honestly not sure what else can be expected at this point, in terms of communications at least. Of course, I can’t say I’m terribly pleased that I was mislead in the first place about system availability, but at least you’re trying to make up for it. Most other companies wouldn’t be this open.

    It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t until mass production that the production issues were caught. Although it’s understandable that early production didn’t reveal these issues, perhaps that’s something to learn from for the next product launch. Start full-scale production of the chassis before the launch – no need to guess what hardware configurations customers are going to order – it seems like most of these issues were with the chassis itself and not the components that go into them. I’d imagine a slight inventory build-up would be worth circumventing this sort of situation in the future.

    So keep us notified of any additional developments. I’ve been in contact with someone at Dell and notified them of another concern, and perhaps the next topic should address the order queue issue – why some are getting their laptops built and shipped before others who ordered the exact same specification system (down to the lid color) much earlier.

    Thanks, Charlie.

  • Anonymous

    @Mike F

    obviously you havent had an order in since june and havent had 3k removed from your acct been lied to over and over and and still don’t know when if you will recieve your laptop.

    so where do you get off?

    Actually its YOU that looks like the the biggest blow hard of anyone.

    I’m sure you will get many reply’s that reiterate that.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered Jet Black Inspiron 1420 on 7/25 and I was wondering why do the people who ordered 5 days later than me with the same specs got theirs earlier than me? My ESD is way in mid August. This is totally not fair at all. Many of the customers need their laptops really soon because a lot of us are first time college students buying their first laptop. Come on dell..



    thanks for update though, appreciate it very much. 

  • Anonymous

    Finally we have a real update: I would have read such a post at least 3 weeks ago.

    I’d like to know if that 10% includes people outside U.S.: I still don’t have news of XPS M1330 shipped in Italy, for example.

    My order (tuxedo red with WLED display) was placed on 29th of June, estimated ship on 20th of July, delayed to 14th of August but my notebook (already paid) is still in pre-production stage.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the system on the 28th of June (if i recall correctly) and the scheduled date for my tuxedo black, with lcd system, is the 28th of August. Now Mr. Gruzen, I whole heartedly understand it must be a difficult job to hold employees and suppliers accountable, but ultimately your customers and shareholders will be holding you accountable. I’m a consumer, how is partial to the Dell brand and in general the Windows platform. I must say as a consumer and a follower of the tech industry, I wish you best. However, if your ultimate goal is to maximize profits, minimize customer turnover, and better compete with Apple, Sony and IBM, these events can not repeat themselves. You need to have a production cycle that is months in advance and take the supply risk, as opposed to having hundreds of angry customers commenting on your post. Now it comes down to supply chain management, and clearly your years of experience have not shown in this case. 

    In my opinion, Dell needs a new mission statement. One that promises to deliver a superior product, that does not necessarily need to be the first to the market, but is guaranteed to be shipped within a week of order and is definitely ready for delivery (in whatever configuration) as of the date of announcement. I believe that if you set the goal, you’ll develop the process across the board to achieve this goal. Personally, as a past shareholder, this is what I demand from my company and is one reason I’m no longer financially invested. Please set a new standard of innovation and excellence that we expect from the Dell name.

  • Anonymous

    @ Henry Eng above

    It’s not just the XPS M1330 or the Inspiron 1520, the whole Vostro line of notebooks has the same issues. There’re people at the Dell Community forums who have been given estimates of 4-6 weeks of delay, no explanations given. I, too, ordered on the 19th of July and have been given an earliest shipping date of 10th of August which I already know cannot be fulfilled. I will be cancelling my order as soon as I get a reply from Dell cust. service regarding my case. Something weird is going on here, danger Will Robinson!

    @Mike F. above

    Some people here need the computers to work and cannot accept delivery times of 4-6 weeks nor see your order being delayed time and again without any kind of honest explanation nor concern from Dell. This is far more extended than you might think, if you can live without playing WoW for a few weeks that’s fine, but business consumers cannot afford to receive this kind of treatment.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sheding some light over this story! I agree with Joseph above when he’s saying that he has no problem waiting when he knows why. Or almost… I want my laptop, but this made it so much easier…

     And my compliments to this boss-Alex this time. Last time he made me angry, but this post was good! It felt honest and I hope it was… Keep the information coming and I hope you get more understanding from your customers…

    And get me my laptop 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hi, for those people who are lucky enough to recieve the delivery can they please tell me the quality and performance of this system XPS M1330? this is because I’m now concerned that my order will be of lesser quality and performance as I’m afraid Dell will conpromise on quality due to this massive back log. The last thing I want is to get a faulty system after paying 1000’s of dollars.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dell for a wasted summer of waiting.

     Canceled: Dell XPS m1330, years of Dell customer loyalty, and many referrals to friends

    Ordered: Sony SZ650 N/C


    No, $100 coupon, Next Business Day shipping is not enough to compensate for feigned silence, hours on the phone with Indian tech support, and the productivity lost without a laptop arriving.

    Nice one.

  • Anonymous

    Although I’m not at all happy about the delays (ordered 7/22, EDD is ~9/11 to 9/13), I’m glad that there’s FINALLY some meaningful information and some more transparency as to why.

    One of my previous groups at work dealt w/this type of problem to some extent (we did the software, but not the hardware)  One VERY popular model of the product was in extremely short supply for a long while.  To ramp up production isn’t as easy as just turning a dial to 11 or anything.

  • Anonymous

    Per Scott’s comment, I doubt there are many, if any instances where Dell is purposely shipping late to those who placed their orders early after their product announcement.  Perhaps Scott ordered his in white or red – and we know why those are slow off the line or perhaps the LED display which are also slow coming out ?

    Come-on Scott – get real – I doubt a late delivery of a laptop has ruined your entire education.  If this bothers you that much – wait until you get out into the real world and start working……

  • Anonymous

    mm yes tx for the update,,just got informend that they have delayed my order further

    Order date:  2007-06-28

    Delivery date: 2007-09-06   what a joke

    i will cancel my order 

  • Anonymous

    Well, my edd has also been postponed twice, but I prefer getting a property quality assured product than sending it back. I must add though that inadequate inventory and not fulfilling on committed delivery dates is not  good business, and definately not what one would suspect from Dell.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered XPS-M1330 June 28th.  Delivery quoted was July 17th. Dell then changed that to August 7th. Because of that, I cancelled the order.

    I was telephoned by Dell and persuaded to re-order on the basis they promised the laptop would be delivered by the end of July. I said OK, I will ONLY order on that basis…i.e. DELIVERY BEFORE END of July.

    It is now August 4th NO LAPTOP. Dell now quotes 17th August for delivery. Somehow I am not convinced that even that will happen….

  • Anonymous

    So theres no problems with Black or CCFL screens?


    Right well I orderes mine on the 30July with thise specs and its not here on the 4th August… Thanks

     Come on theres obviously more to it than what your saying….

  • Anonymous

    Does getting the LED w/ webcam delay more than getting it without?

  • Anonymous

    Production problems happen … waiting until 5:00 on the est. shipping date to inform the customer that you will be over 4 WEEKS late is very very poor practice.  Dell must have known this delay was happening before this point but it leaves the college student purchasers in a terrible bind.

    How can I possibly wait until the new est. ship date now that I know Dell has no problem waiting until that day to tell me there will be another delay?? 

     Looks like a cancelled order and a different computer for us.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve ordered 42 XPS M1330 systems.  The first batch of 2 systems are supposed to ship this Tuesday on 8/7/07.  I ordered between July 5 and July 12.  I’ve also contacted Customer Service and they said they would expedite my order.  These are supposed to ship NBD.  I ordered a red model with an LCD screen.  An explanation posted above is plausible if your running your business out of your garage, but what is even more upsetting than the delay is the response by Dell.   I can’t seem to understand why a company can’t tell its customers days or even a week before delivery that it will not be able to meet EDD.  I have already waited a month for these units.  I will probably wait a few more weeks but this debacle shows you how not to handle public relations and customer service.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Dell for this update – the reasons were all plausible.  Keeping customers informed is a must do for any compnay who wants to continue their success.  Hope you will use this debacle as an inflection point to improve your processess going forward.

    Customers have a right to be annoyed and many of the posts reflect great comments, but a few are hilarious.  I guess they are on quite a few double-jolt cola drinks or whatever.  One would think Dell killed the family dog or whatever. They certainly don’t have a clue on the inner workings of any company. As a buddy of mine pointed out – some of these folks have got to be road rager. I noted a few posts by names which said over a week ago that they had cancelled – yet they continue to rant and rave.  Their jsut jerking Dell’s chain. Thanks for the morning laughs.

  • Anonymous

    OMG.!! I checked the status this morning and my system is in delivery.

    Thanks Dell.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my 1330 on June 29th, with an Estimated Ship date of end of July. That got delayed till 8/2 so I figured no big deal right? I sign on today and it now says 9/4…a computer I ordered on JUNE 29th is now set for SEPTEMBER 4th? with absolutly no notification, I got no phone calls or emails anything. In fact, I called Dell yesterday and when asked how come my order status is no longer available the person lied and replied “oh it’s probably already been shipped”, which, we know is an absolute lie to get me off the phone. I go to college the 24th and was DEPENDENT on getting this computer before as stated but no somehow early orders are pushed to the end. Thanks for ruining it Dell.

  • Anonymous

    Got mine yesterday.  Worth the wait!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Alex. We (I) appreciate this type of open & honest communication. I am sure there are many lessons to learn from this & as a shareholder, I hope it doesn’t repeat itself. As a customer, I want my M1330 :)!

    As someone suggested, this debacle is serious enough for Dell to set up a hot line for customers with open orders on this machine. Please give that some consideration because frankly your people are either lying to us or just don’t have a clue. They have made this situation much worse.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered my black XPS M1330 w/ the T7700 on July 27th got it on August 2nd. (Impressive) Booted up for the first time and it sounded like an F-16 taking off. After three calls and 3 and a half hours later; will have a tech fix visit my house to fix the exhaust heatsink and fan.

    I wondered how difficult it would be to test noise levels to search for anomalies while running burn in tests?   

    Layoff 8,800 employees? I bet that will make the board of directors and their stock options happy! As long as Dell or any other American company continues to spend money on lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians while divesting in customer service, quality control, and your own employees. You’ll always be a shell of what Dell once was.    

  • Anonymous

    If the Pearl White was fine when being sprayed in the hundreds why not offer it at a Premium price. If the customer really wants it, they will pay for it. Especially If you continue to be open with your customers and they know why it’s at a premium and understand they are not being taken for a ride.

    Customers that don’t want to pay the premium can still go for the black or red finishes. 

    What with the delays and now no white option I think I will be opting for the Sony VAIO SZ691N instead, Saying that I will be back to look at your offerings when it comes to replacing the Sony.


  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the comments. Finally someone at Dell is talking to the customer. However my White xps m1330 has been pushed back delivery wise too far. I’m getting a Mac Book on monday.

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice that someone finally provides some insight on what te problem is, but the overall execution is awful.

    1) One month after sending the M1330 to reviewers, you start taking orders. No word of any possible delay on the web or when ordering by phone.
    2) Fingerprint reader not available to order from web, T7700 available.
    3) Got an ESD of mid july, standard 10 – 15 days.
    4) A few days later T7700 is removed from options.
    5) ESD gets pushed back to july 30, no notice. System in “preproduction”
    6) Got a call saying that system would leave factory on july 25. (didn’t)
    7) ESD gets pushed back to August 30 (total, 2 months)
    8) White display no longer an option, added SSD option, though
    9) Same configuration is now €200 more expensive .
    10) Customer support says that the delay is due to CPU availability.
    11) Cust rep agrees to send a list of possible “compensations”, never got anything.

    As you can understand, it’s difficult to believe anything right now.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, the update was indeed very informative and i understand what is going on. However, one large question still looms in my mind. How are you going to compensate those that have been waiting and waiting and waiting?

    I placed my order on the 6/28. The ESD was 8/2. Obviously, dell didn’t pull through and when i called them yesterday the csr told me the new ESD is 8/20. From today’s update it seems though that date won’t even be met.

    When a business has erred and the customer suffers as a result, customers are usually compensated in some fashion. For example, when you go to a restaurant and you don’t get your food in a timely manner, the manager will usually throw in a free dessert or an appetizer. I think similar philosophy should be in order. Considering those that ordered early won’t even get the “$150” bag, i propose that we get a discount of some sort. 10% seems pretty reasonable to me. I only ask that you address the issue and do what is logical.


  • Anonymous

    First off, thanks for the info. Cant wait for mine to arrive… 🙂 i am just thanking the good lord that i picked black.


    But i have to agree with so many people here… Dell you’ve let yourselves down a bit here… such a great product, real chance of grabbing a lot of laptop customers back from other brands (sony/hp etc), only to let them down again… 🙁

    I’m sure most of us will stay loyal. but for how long… 

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mike F.-

    If you don’t like reading other people’s point of view, stop reading the comments.  Read the update and leave.  That sounds pretty simple to me.  I don’t need to start my own business to understand that.

    Additionally, if nobody ever commented about these types of issues, nothing would improve.  What you don’t seem to understand is that we’ve paid real money for our purchase – hard-earned money in many cases. 

    You’re right about one thing though.  We do come here for updates but this is really the first communication from Dell with any real information.  With that said, what did it update?  They’re having issues?  Really.  We didn’t know that.  Thanks.

    A real update is one that details the issues, gives hard timelines as to when purchases will be shipped and provides specific phone numbers for individuals impacted by the delays.  Thus far, that hasn’t happened.

    Going forward, I’ll say what I want to say and you’re free to go on with your life believing everything in life improves without needing to voice opinions to affect change. 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, great! This is the kind of post that we’d been looking for–I really appreciate the honesty! Hope progress continues well.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, Dell, get your act together.  I’ve been a loyal customer for years, and I ordered on July 20th (ish).  Of course, the ESD is August 20th, but based on these forums, I dont even know if I’ll get it then….and I am absolutely fed up with the Customer Service and lack of explanation as to why I can’t get a 4 cell battery (got the nVidia card) and a 9 cell.  LET CUSTOMERS HAVE WHAT THEY WANT.  And please, ramp up production, you have to realize that XPS customers are your highest margin suckers….so you delay production at the risk of losing them all to competition that is on top of their game.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered on June 27th with an ESD of Aug 1st that has been pushed back to Aug 14th.  Tux black, normal screen, nothing that seems to be on back-order from reading here and other blog sites.

     It is beyond aggravating that people who ordered in mid-July are receiving their unit before someone who ordered the laptop in the first few days of release.  AND they receive a promotional offer.

     I need this laptop before college and they have a funny way of setting the ESD only a few days before I leave.  In other words, I would cancel the order if I knew for sure that it wouldn’t be here in time.  But with the chance that it does come on time, I’d be foolish to opt out now.

     All of this aside, I would really appreciate a formal personal e-mail drawing out all the reasons why my system is being delayed.  But apparently, notification of an ESD push-back is something that needs to be hidden from customers.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hearing a lot about the XPS M1330, but what about Inspirons? People are waiting for those too.

  • Anonymous

    Ordering my 1330 on June 10th, I was informed during the ordering process that it would be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. Failing to ship my order prior to their own specified deadline, I promptly cancelled my order after 51 days of waiting, incidentally that is 9 days after I anticipated receipt of my new 1330. Shelling out $2,000.00 for a laptop, I expect the company profiting from my IT needs to be better managed. I am glad to see that Michael Dell has returned to lead his company, without him they have failed miserably. As for me and my order, maybe you will see me in 2 to 3 years, when my new HP laptop needs to be replaced, by then though Dell may only be making HDTV’s or just selling Sony’s.  

  • Anonymous

    The last few posters indicate they cancelled and are awaiting ‘refunds’ ?  Dell typically does not charge a cc until the product is shipped.  My current order for a 1330 will be my 7th Dell box and they have never charged my account in advance of shipment.  What kind of card are you guys using ?  Also – your implications that Dell may be pulling a scam – come on – you know that isn’t the case here.  They may have fallen down in customer expectations on this one, but stealing your money is not their game.  Fine – give you biz to Sony or Toshiba and when you have an issue – good luck in getting it fixed fast and you will be getting less for your money overall.  Dell’s service is the primary reason I stay with them year after year.

    As for the 1330 naysayers – a friend back in NYC got his delivered on Friday in red and he says it is everything Dell said it would be.  A great device.  I also hear that despite the startup hastles and major irritations, this product is fast becoming one of their best launches ever in terms of revenue. Sales are ramping up not down even with the negative comments here.

  • Anonymous

    We should be glad at least one of management is here explaining us what is going on. We know unexpected delays can happen and myself have some orders on hold but I’m being patient.
    I remember few years back Dell worked around clock to beat strike on the west coast and they did an incredible job. I’m sure employees in Texas and across pacific are working hard trying to get orders shipped with acceptable quality.

  • Anonymous

    For those have their ESD changed multiple times, I can very well understand it is frustrating.

    I spend a lot of money on dell buying desktops for company to TV for my home and I can tell you I had best ownership experience of any brand. I get multiple Dell boxes delivered at least twice a month and yes some gets delayed.

    You may able to go pick up any laptop at Bestbuy right now but you would not get the same level of service with other vendors. Is sony going to ship me a new hard drive next day over air if I have hdd problem? Not that I’ve seen not at least in Canada. I know paying and waiting for your purchase is most painful part of Dell but ownership experience effectively negates that wait.

  • Anonymous

    I hope all these canceled orders get my XPS here sooner….

  • Anonymous

    Ordered morning of the 26 June…still waiting.

  • Anonymous

    Well, maybe I spoke too soon in an earlier post. I ordered on 7/23 (black, T7500, lcd). Est ship date was 9/4 from the beginning up to this morning. But now (8/5 evening) it says “shipped”. They’re working Sundays! (Or maybe they ship it from Asia, where it is now Monday. I don’t really know.)

    DHL doesn’t recognize the tracking number yet, but that’s normal. It seems to be on its way 2 weeks from the order date!

  • Anonymous

    hmm am I the only one who thinks that this update is also a lie?

    I mean, Dell isn´t doing anything with the parts. They get them delivered by a different vendor who is assembling them in thousands.

    Dell is only putting them together. 

    So there shouldn´t be a color or dust problem, otherwise what will hapen if those parts get broken in few months.

    Will an engineer come on site and paint it for you? 

  • Anonymous

    ^ I 2nd that! ^

  • Anonymous

    I cancelled my order today and am awaiting the refund so I can spend my money at Sony.

    After having the delivery date change multiple times (17 july -> 30 July -> 8th Aug -> 17th September there was no way i was going to hang around no matter how good a unit it may be.

    Also what is with Dell CS, after I asked to cancel surprise surprise I was transferred through 6 people over 45minutes before someone would actually cancel it, one girl even tried to convince me the unit would ship in 3 days… yeah as if anyone will believe those lies at this stage. 

    All in all, my first dell purchase becomes the worst IT purchase I have ever made and also my last Dell purchase. 


  • Anonymous

    People that got changed to NBD shipping method, don’t be too happy. Most of the people still shipped via DHL ground no matter what your shipping method is when you checked on the status website.

     I ordered on 6/26, got delayed to 8/3. A CSR tried to makes me happy by changing my shipping method to NBD. Order shipped on 8/3 via DHL ground. Called DHL and fastest they can deliver is 8/7. NBD? yeah right!

    Anyway I just don’t care anymore this will be my last purchase from DELL. But just let everybody knows about the supposedly “NBD” upgrade is a hoax, don’t count on it if you really tight on time.

  • Anonymous

    I got mine a while ago. Red colored but no LED, just the standard  w/ webcam.  

  • Anonymous

    Nice that Dell is throwing in the Timbuc2 Messenger bag to try to appease their customers – but they claim the bag is a $149 value.  I checked out the Timbuc2 Website and they don’t have a Messenger Bag – Medium in Black – with a retail value that high.  Can someone from Dell explain this ?  I hope you are not jerking out chain.

     I would hope Dell considers upgrading some other components on their shipped 1330s to those ordering so far – a larger drive or whatever would  be nice and cost you only a few bucks in reality for some good PR.

  • Anonymous

    To “Mike”: Yes, the paint problem is probably not happening in Dell’s own facilities. Dell is just repeating lame excuses given to them by their supplier.

  • Anonymous

    My experience so far has been positive.  They haven’t charged my card.  Haven’t talked to anyone in India.  Sales rep was upfront and courteous (thanks Chandler!).  Still haven’t seen anything else out there at this price and with the features I ordered that I like.

    I’m with everyone else who would rather be patient and make sure Dell gets me a great, high-quality product, than to have them rush things to relieve a back-log.  In fact, I’m hoping they don’t send my unit out TOO early, as I’ll be on vacation next week.  A little early…that’d be peachy 🙂

  • Anonymous





  • Anonymous

    My original order was placed on July 13th but then canceled and placed again on July 25th.  It shipped out on August 3rd and I should have it by the end of this week.

    Thanks to everyone who canceled their orders so that I could get mine sooner!

    No I’m not happy with the delays, but it will all be worth it when I have the m1330 in my hands!


  • Anonymous

    So much for all orders will be shipped by the stated delivery dates. I just got a new email through for my order from 10th July stating Delivery on 09 AUG 07. I just checked with my sales rep and they say “The delivery time if
    what I have informed you on Friday, no more changes..still middle of

    Middle of September !!! So count yourselves lucky if you get yours before then.

  • Anonymous

    From reading these comments, I see a lot of upset Inspiron customers that would like some answers as well.  I ordered my 1520 on July 9th only to have my ship date pushed back to August 2nd and now August 28th.  My case color is Ruby Red if that matters. 

    Don’t you understand that some of us need these computers for school?  I start law school August 20th and now its too late to order a computer from another manufacturer and get it in on time.  I see that one Inspiron orderee was promised free next day shipping.  Why isn’t that being given to everyone who has experienced these ridiculous delays?

     We would like some answers…now!

  • Anonymous

    I too would like to thank Dell

     at first i was really excited about this laptop and was willing to wait for it..however the wait and BS has grown beyond reasonable and i have now gone from the worst to best purchase ever..a brand new black Macbook..yes i will still sort of miss the M1330 but the Macbook is very impressive and i have it in time for when school starts..maybe 4 years down the road when I’m out of college Dell will have this laptop ready to ship…too bad cuz i really like the m1330, everyone does..but Dell screwed this one up real bad..So thanks Dell and let me know when (if ever) your really cool laptop will be available

  • Anonymous

    I’m afraid there is little more content in Mr. Gruzen’s latest post than in his previous post. Except for the specific 10% number, everything is vague. People don’t want to know what the general problems are; that’s just excuses (we have no way of verifying the reasons given anyway). What people care about is specifically when they’ll get their m1330, why their orders were canceled, or why their specific laptop is delayed when they didn’t order white or they ordered in June. No answer is ever given for these questions. So this blog is just a way of blowing people off, of reducing the load on customer service..
    I ordered 7/23 and was given an est ship date of 9/4. When I check status, this date is unchanged, But if I configure a new system today (8/6) with exactly the same specs, I get an est ship date of 8/23. What gives? (I won’t hold my breath waiting for a specific answer.)

    P.S. At 10% a week, it will take 10 weeks to catch up with the backlog, not counting any new orders placed during those 10 weeks.

    P.P.S. We’re being told to check status, but the estimated ship date is never recalculated.  

  • Anonymous

    To Bob,

     Uhhhh, I used a Citibank Gold Visa …..  and according to my statement  it has already been charged (late july) very close to when I ordered, my M1330 is nowhere in sight (in fact still wedged firmly in “Work-in-Progress”) and I probably won’t have my notebook till late August or September or … more likely, in spite of assurances by the CSR’s, they will kick out my EDD and I will cancel immediately.

     This may be a Dell Asia-Pacific thing but my card has been charged already, well in advance of the machine being built let alone shipped !!! 

     This is why I will have to ask Dell for a for a REFUND and why Dell will have been enjoying the interest on my money (and no doubt a lot of other peoples money) without supplying anything !

  • Anonymous

    “…as we continue to pursue alternate methods of producing high-quality white units.”

    So, you’ve stated that the people at Dell are “pursuing alternate methods of producing high-quality white units.” When will the new “white” for the XPS m1330 be available? (Don’t really need an exact date, just an approximation. For example, a week or a month.)

    Can the people at Dell put a premium price for the color white. I’m willing to pay more money, for the color white.

    And also, let’s just say that I buy a Dell XPS m1330 in the color black. If Dell comes out with the new “white,” is it possible for me to ship my XPS m1330 back to Dell and get a new “paint job?” (I ship my black Dell XPS m1330 and receive it back exactly the same condition that I sent it with all the programs and everything, but in the color white.)

    I’ve contacted Dell Customer Support twice, first on Friday and the second time today, Monday August 6, 2007.

    I called them regarding the discontinuation of the color white for the Dell XPS m1330. The only information that they gave me was that they’ve received an e-mail stating that the Pearl White has been discontinued. They couldn’t inform me of when the color white will be available again and if it’ll be available at all. I also talked to the manager and he told me the same thing.

    I really want them in white and I need to order a laptop ASAP as I’m heading for college by the beginning of September. If Dell is unable to produce these laptops in white, I may have to resort to buying a Sony Vaio.

    I really want a Dell XPS m1330 (love the sleek design and everything), but if white isn’t an option, I may have to buy a laptop from a different company.

  • Anonymous

    M1330, black non LED.

    So my order date was Jul 5 2007

    Est del date Jul 31 2007

    Revised del date Sep 6 2007

    Actual despatch date Aug 3 2007.

    Looks like they hit the panic button at the start of august !!!

  • Anonymous

    I am not one to usually complain and get frustrated, but I am not happy right now!  I ordered an Inspirion 1521 on the 18th and originally had a ship date of today.  I talked to Dell a couple of times and both times they told me today was my ship date.

     Today I chatted online again and they tell me my ship date is now the 28th!  I’m not terribly surprised after all the stuff I’ve read on here, but I’m not happy.

     My biggest problem with all this is the inaccurate and incomplete information I keep getting.  Delays I can understand.  They don’t make me happy, but I can somewhat understand.  But keep leading me on only to have it pushed back I don’t understand.  Isn’t the whole idea of customer service to give them a later ship date so that if it takes that long they aren’t really mad, but if you can ship earlier, then great?  So why don’t they tell us something?!?!

  • Anonymous

    I have been patiently waiting for my xps m1330 and will continue to till my estimated shipping date of August 22.  However, I have heard rumors of problems with bluetooth and I ordered my system with the 4 and 9 cell battery option with a nvidia graphics card.  I would like to know if either of these are going to pose problems for my system.  I ordered the 29th of June and need my laptop before i leave for school on the 25th of August.  So if you would please address these two issues.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the clear explanation. This is exactly the kind of clear and honest communication which will continue to set you above the competition. After mulling it over, I placed my order for an XPS M1710 today. Thanks Lionel and everyone who continues to inform us about what’s happening on a regular basis.  

  • Anonymous

    I am still a bit miffed as I ordered the Black Cover and I didn’t order the LED screen and my system still hasn’t shipped.  I ordered on July 23rd and it’s now August 6th.  My estimated ship date is still the 20th of August despite the fact that none of the “impacted” deal with my order.  I will only be satisfied when I receive my system.

  • Anonymous

    I love you guys!
























    no, not you but all those who made an effort to comment on dell’s most ridiculous mistakes, which unfortunately apply to me as well.

  • Anonymous

    Alex, let us know of some updates on why the Inspirons are delayed as well. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Dell, I still don’t understand why there is not a big fat message on your website that says what this problem is.  I had to go google “dell screen backlog” to even find out that thousands of other people were having the same problem I am.  I ordered my 1520 on July 9th.  After having the Estimated Ship Date moved three times (finally to the 28th of August), I finally called and they said “We’ll ship it in one day instead of three to five.”  Where do they think that improves any situation.  That’s just causing them to pay extra shipping.  I want a discount if I have to wait twice as long for my computer to arrive.  I’m going to college on the 17th, and won’t be back home for a month.  How am I supposed to do school work for a month?!!!!  I can’t believe such a well-respected business would continue to sell (they’re still selling them) computers they don’t have parts for.  Good job on dropping the ball on your loyal customers Dell.

  • Anonymous


    I ordered a spring green inspiron 1520 w/GeForce 8600m 2gig etc.. ($1250) on 7-13, esd 7-20, then bumped to 7-27, then 8-3 then 8-28. Another poster on another forum ordered the same exact specs (color, video and all) on the same day and has already recvd it. yet another poster on dells forums ordered it weeks before mine and was told long ago late aug – early sept. Why such a vast array of different esd’s on the same system??

    I canceled my order today. I am thinking that the difference between me and the one who recvd the laptop already is I went through the employee purchase program (which is a sham btw, you get only the specials which the public gets). My company has switched from Dell to HP

    (5000+ employees)

    Don’t but the load they are trying to pass onto us about ‘industry-wide’ LCD shortage as all of the other manu’s are shipping within 1-2 weeks of the order. It’s not an industry problem, it’s a Dell problem and Sony, Lenovo, HP, Gateway and others truly do thank you Dell!.

    So Dell, tell me, why is it that the lady with the same specs got hers last week but mine is (was) still pushed out to aug 28th, while the guy that ordered weeks before us was pushed out even farther and knew it weeks before we even ordered ours??????? My gf was sooooo upset when I had to cancel the order for the laptop she was going to use for the biz she started 8-3-07. The color matched her logo color. I don’t think she will be forgetting this one for a long time.

    I bet you tipped all of the shelves holding your stock of 15.4 LED lit LCD screens, smashing them all and then telling us it’s an industry-wide shortage.

    If you had told me all of this when I ordered my system I would have a much different view of Dell right now.


  • Anonymous

    Just wondering if Dell is actually officially offering some form of compensation for the lengthy delays? ive read so far from a few customers who have had their problems compensated either with extra products or an upgrade of some sort. Is this only done through endless complaints?

    I called the Dell customer care today and all they told me was that it was an unfortunate delay, it is not in their policy to do compensation seeing as this is a worldwide problem, that they are sorry and they would understand that i wanted to cancle my order! this seems abit unfair so to speak if some customers are getting compensated and some are not.  

    Seeing as my order like many of you guys have been pushed back up to five times now (i ordered 5th/7), some form of compensation would do alot to ease the frustration.

  • Anonymous

    FYI…after speaking w/ a CSR i was told the LCD screens are in, the latest cause of delay is the 8x CD/DVD write drive.  It currently has a lead time of 10-15 days…this laptop is becoming a cause of major headaches.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t this same thing happen with the XPS700???

  • Anonymous

    Well after finding out how far behind Dell is on orders for the M1330 I canceled my order.  They had already charged my account so I’ll have to work to get that credited.  I have bought 4 notebooks in the last 3 years from Dell and have never had this awful of a delivery time.  Even when I bought a new one right after release. 

    I’m going to give Apple my business this time around and try out a MAC.

  • Anonymous

    I got an email from Dell.ca
    support saying that the backlog is 15 days. They have been able to solve 10% of
    it, meaning only 1.5 day. THAT is disappointing.

    Also, keep in mind that the
    value of your laptop is going down every day, but you will have to pay the full
    original price ! 

    Just one example, the price
    of the Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 CPU only has loosed 10% of its price between July
    and August (according to Nextag price history). The price of an entire laptop
    is usually down much faster, due to competition, obsolescence, etc… Do you
    think you’ll get a 10% price reduction when you’ll receive your laptop? Guess

  • Anonymous

    I believe the base price for the m1330 was like 1049, then a week later its sitting at 1240 or something with a ‘free messenger bag’.  whatever


    So i ordered a red/led m1330 that is to be shipped tommorow, i guess thats not going to happen?

  • Anonymous

    http://www.timbuk2.com/tb2/products/messenger/laptop-messenger  the medium bag is only $110, the large is $120……..not sure where $149 value is coming from.

  • Anonymous

    I called CS today and asked whats going on with my order, she says that they are now waiting on the LED screen. before they said cpu , videocard . palmrest ect ect. but now only LED. perhaps there is hope.

     and yes i orderd the red one 🙁

    ESD    6 September 

  • Anonymous

    @Mike F 


    I call them as I see them. the whole problem with your INEVITABLE come-back which will be “me too”,  is that…. nobody else is backing you. lol

    unless i missed some fan-mail in there somewhere??

    you were best advised just to disapear like that which a decaying mushroom disappears back into the earth. 😉



  • Anonymous

    I received my black XPS M1330 yesterday …. two weeks later than promised, but i guess that is better than many.

    to all of you who are waiting, let me just say that it is WELL worth the wait. i have had many laptops over the past 20 years, starting with a Kaypro II way back in the 1980s and including many Toshibas, and this one ranks right at the top. 

    the screen is gorgeous, the audio and video are great and the keyboard is outstanding — large and fast despite the compact size. the CPUt is snappy w/ 2 GB RAM installed and i am very impressed with a lot of the little things, such as the ExpressCard remote, the WiFi Catcher, the stylishness of the packaging and the fact that the AC adapter is nice and small.

    meanwhile, it’s totally insignificant in terms of performance but i was delighted to see that the box was printed with a cool but subtle design, much like an O’Neill or Billabong t-shirt, that just said Dell is finally thinking about making things beautiful and not just functional.

     i have a lot more to explore but just wanted to let Dell and the others reading this blog know that it seems like a great product so far.

  • Anonymous



    首先是发觉在dell的全球客户中,中国用户的利益受损最重。dell的美国用户只遇到了xps M1330的部件短缺问题,定购insipron14/15系列的所拖宕的日期不太长。而在中国,居本友会的不完全统计,从7月15日至今,已订购insipron14/15系列的用户,参加调查的216人,只有62人拿到了产品,仅占总数的28.7%,有些用户七月初订货,被告知出货日期要延到本月底甚或下月初。

    其次是发觉dell的网购流程退步了,我是8月4日下单并通过网上支付付了款(Order Reference No.28717***),dell拖到今天才给确认且没有进入生产序列。而五年前的那次网购却是3月6日确认,8日就装箱出厂了(注意3月8日同样是周末)




  • Anonymous

    I ordered my M1330 on 7/12 with a ESD of 9/2 and just got word that it shipped today! So, Dell is definitely ramping quickly and thus the original ESDs are very conservative.

    Thanks for the great update, Alex. I’m greatly looking forward to receiving my M1330.

    Those of you that are curious, I ordered the T7300, Black, LED w/ webcam, Nvidia 8400.

  • Anonymous

    I debated ordering a red M1330 for 2 weeks. I should have just placed the order. I finally ordered one on 8/4, and my ship date is listed as 8/28. That’s a loooooooooooooooong time.


    I seriously hope they don’t try to bill me before it ships. I’d be on the phone in a heartbeat.


    It’s a shame that there are delays and that there are so many stories as to why. Not a good way to keep their client base happy. Hopefully these messages will be taken seriously and they’ll get it together and seriously ramp up production.


    If my date slips (or if I just get tired of waiting), I’ll go the route of some of you, and cancel as well.



  • Anonymous

    I love all the Gonzos who are suddenly experts in supply chain for manufacturing products in volume. Don’t forget their accumen for demand estimation in the market place.

     I like the communication. Good detail. Do not give away the farm to needy customers who whine for free product simply because orders are delayed.

     I ordered my m1330 July 16. I guess i’m out several weeks. ESD 9/5.

     Red / LED


  • Anonymous

    I ordered my m1330 on July 4th

    Crimson Red, 2.2ghz, Nvidia, 160gb hd, no led, 2.0mp cam…

     was supposed to ship on August 2nd, but has been delayed to August 14th.  I’m leaving for college before then, what am I supposed to do. 

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Dell, 

    what are you doing???? 

    selling product that you don’t have. 

    are you insane???? 

    it’s cost your money to pay for your employees and also cost the customers who already placed the orders.  so pls stop selling it until you are ready.

    i ordered a white led on july 3rd and est shipped on aug 23rd.  after i read all the comments, i started to panic and going to cancel my order because i do need it by the end of aug.  if i don’t have a unit by then, it will cost me more than a price of a unit.  i am going to get a vaio and hopefully see Dell in next four years. 

    good luck to you all guys… 

  • Anonymous

    I love it!  I was hesitating on ordering due to the backlog but after reading the comments and realizing that us latecomers are actually getting laptops earlier than the poor saps who have been waiting for 2 months, I figure what the heck.  Maybe after I get it, I’ll ebay it back to these suckers and flip a quick profit. 


  • Anonymous

    Rob said:

    ordered my M1330 on 7/12 with a ESD of 9/2 and just got word that it
    shipped today! So, Dell is definitely ramping quickly and thus the
    original ESDs are very conservative.



    Ooh, Rob, this gives me hope. What color did you get? Maybe it will be sooner rather than later (although I have a feeling you are the exception).

  • Anonymous

    After reading the different posts and speaking to a Dell sales person at a local kiosk, I went into panic mode.  I Order my new baby on July 7 Crimson Red and received an ESD of 8/6.  I called this morning, the ESD, and was told by the automated system that it was in the Boxing Stage.  That was really a general term so I kept calling back until I could speak to a person.  To my surprise she not only checked my order, but assured me she would call me back by the COB today with information.  To my surprise, she called with a tracking number.  It pays to be patient.  My last experience with customer care waas a nightmare and resulted in a filing with the BBB for poor service and a total lack of caring and understand of the issue at hand.  I am glad I gave Dell another chance. Thank you Dell for improving you Customer relations.

  • Anonymous

    I am in Europe and I ordered my XPS1330 late June. Estimated delivery date is currently 21. august.

    When I called Dell last week, they were nince enough to give me a $190 discount on the system. Since I decided to do a wiretransfer immediately after my order, the money for the laptop is already in their account though. I hope it won’t be too much of a hassle to get the refund through..

    Had I known that this was a preorder situation, I would probably have ordered a different laptop and I am pretty sure I would never have paid in advance.

    I’ve been pretty happy with Dell up until now, but this experience is a bit dissapointing, I must say.


  • Anonymous

     If you can find a similar laptop in terms of size, feature and price , go pick one up right now and stop complaining. Last time I checked, Sony laptops were at least 200-300 overpriced for same content.

     I can see you are losing money everyday for not getting your laptop but even after the depreciation, you are still paying less for Dell than other brands. Look at HP. their pricing is ridiculous. Only time they come close is when reseller puts them on a huge instant and mail in rebates on value models.

    I looked at Toshiba Portage R for previous laptop and it never went on sale, was $500 more, and outgoing model compared to what I bought (x300). Before that I had a compaq laptop which miserably failed in several aspects. Since then I don’t buy anything other than Dell.

    I hate waiting and I have $3000 worth of items still hasn’t shipped (it is not m1330).  If I ordered m1330 and got into this ugly situation, yes I would pound hard on dell and get compensation of goodies rather than going with other brand.

  • Anonymous

    I voiced my opinion about some of the comments on this site. Yes, some of you are right that I don’t have to comment or read other comments but I choose to.

    I think the majority of people that read my comment and got upset, missed the message. Especially the one that called me a blow hard. I don’t care for names; they’re childish. My point is that alot of people are throwing names and acting like children over the whereabouts of their system and should grow up. I agree that we should be compensated or given honest answers but to accuse the people with the answers of lying is a bit much. Yes you’re right that in the real world these actions from Dell won’t be tolerated but the attitudes of the customers also shouldn’t be. Get angry, get upset and question Dell. Just don’t act like children about it.

  • Anonymous

    @ Axel

    Are you on crack?  Price out your system again and I guarantee it will be the same price as when you first ordered.

  • Anonymous

    I had ordered a 1520 on July 5th, with an estimated ship date of July 24th. It has been delayed each week, and today I was sent an e-mail that it would not be shipped until August 28th. Although I am supposed to be receiving the lo-jack any day now. They have upgraded me to free next day shipping (After calling, I was not offered it)

    I am extremely disappointed. I need this system for my college courses. My previous laptop has died on me after only a year (never buy a Toshiba) and I have been without a system through my summer courses. One of the reasons I decided to purchase from Dell was because of the quality product. Also because of the fast shipping and processing time which at this point is laughable.  I fear I will not have my 1520 in time for the fall semester.

    For a college student, purchasing a $2200 computer is a big deal. I would like to thank Dell, for making this a truly disappointing experience and nightmare.

  • Anonymous

    Just cancelled my Inspiron 1520 which I ordered on July 12th. Definately can’t wait forever for something as simple as a notebook.

    The price of a Dell may be cheap but definately not worth the wait for months. By the time I would have received it, porbably it wouldn’t have been worth the price also.

  • Anonymous

    I just contacted Dell about my order and they gave me a 10% discount payable when the order ships. They still deducted the cost of the system soon after the order was placed but at least I feel a bit better.

    RCBOB, You really think people would make up the fact that they were charged early just to rant, your wrong, Dell CS say they always reserve or take funds at the point a system goes into production. 

  • Anonymous

    When will Dell support WindowsXP or WindowsVista as a customer pickable option? I see a couple of the Vostro products allow this…..Why not all product offerings?

  • Anonymous


    (BTW, that ‘small’ interest amount you refer to, it adds up quick when you consider ‘all’, not just 1, account) 

    You are wrong. My account was charged weeks ago, I just canceled yesterday.

    Quit trying to minimize this situation. Consumers have 3 tools available to them to deal with manufacturors.


    Word of Mouth (which you are trying to negate here, thanks)

    Purchasing power.

    All: Ignore comments like this that are trying to minimize the impact this is having on you. You keep utilizing the tools available to you as consumers to deal with this company.

  • Anonymous

    While I have bought from Dell numerous times in the past, my most recent experience from the 1330 is a joke. Never have I had to wait this long for a PC to ship. Seeing as this is the first time I’ve seen the blog posting, I was even more infuriated — I’ve been calling customer service every other day for the past two weeks to check on the status of my shipment, and all I’m ever told is the same info I can see on the website order status.

    The other day, I was put through to the “auto mechanation” department or something to that effect. I was told by the CS rep in that department that  the reason my xps 1330 was delayed was because the processor, dvd-rw drive & graphics card were all on order, and wouldn’t arrive for 20 days. These items are NOT the LED screen which is mentioned here in the blog posting, but rather core parts of the laptop. So either someone is lying to me, or Dell has really messed up their entire production process. I have never heard of a company the size of Dell being out of stock on the essential parts of a laptop. Wasn’t it Dell who patented its work-flow processes?

    The least I would hope for out of all of this is that the people on the phones would be informed of why the delays are occurring, as I, and I’m sure many others, get even more frustrated when people who actually work at Dell have no idea what’s going on.

    Sadly, I will most likely be canceling my XPS order, and buying myself a Sony. I start law school next week, and cannot wait for Dell to get its act together.

  • Anonymous

    Why cant Dell customer service direct people to this site if they are scared to give out the information themselves? I have been waiting since 11th July for a white LED, so I guess I have got little chance of getting it by the 29th August (Originally 7th August). Previous experience of Dell, I have been using them for over 10 years, was good but this 1330 debacle really has made me think  about using them in the future both  personally and professionally. I cant believe a company the size of Dell cant foresee the kind of problems that have been reported, LED supply and painting, is the no R&D?

  • Anonymous

    I placed an order on the 11th July, original delivery date was 7th August. On the 1st August Dell took the money from my bank account and on the same day changed the delivery date to the 29th August, but that couldn’t be confirmed! Surely this is not legal, money should not be deducted from peoples accounts unless the product has at least been shipped or better still proof of delivery has been made! I despair that Dell cant cope with this situation and thats sad from such a large company that I have had faith in over the past few years! I expect considerable compensation not only for the money being deducted from my account but also for the delayed delivery, I hope other people get the same and its costs Dell in their pocket, thats the only way things will change.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my m1330 on 11 July, and i havent yet got it. I’ve sent an email to dell where I told them that I wanted a pricereduction because the computer now is cheaper then when I ordered. They calld me todat and said that they probably should be able to do that but the have to check first. So i recommend all of you to contact DELL to get yor computers price reduced!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have ordered my M1330 on 17th of July. After 3 weeks of waiting I got a phone call that my laptop won’t arrive before 4th of September BUT dell gives me a printer for that…Hmmm 60AUD printer, that makes my day… My order has been canceled without any notice and a new order has been placed by a representative. The new estimated date of shipping should be 14th of September. 2 months of waiting…. that is a JOKE.. Why do the representatives call you and tell you that you will receive your system within 2 weeks??  After spending  almost 3000AUD I would expect it to get the laptop withing 2 weeks??? This was my first and the last order with dell. I should have bought the MBP I guess.

  • Anonymous

    For those ranting on about Dell charging credit cards as soon as the orders were placed – you obviously don’t have a clue on how finance works.  First off, Dell has a policy not to charge until something ships.  Why ‘some’ of you were charged early makes me wonder whether Dell erred or if you are just making it up so you can rant.

    Reality is that if Dell or any come for that matter – charges your card early – simply pick up your mobile and call your credit card issuer and object to the charge informing them that you did not receive the merchandise.  They will readily put that charge on hold and you won’t incur any interest charges. I’ve had to do this several times over the years with my Amex and Visa and never had an issue.

    As for Paul London – give us all a break – I doubt the interest charged on your funds by the card company since July is a few $ and not $$$ as you indicate.  If they are – either you are a real bad credit risk and our rate is off the charts or you are dealign with a loan shark.  

  • Anonymous

    To everyone stuck in the XPS M1330 fiasco:

    I had owned Dell computers for 10 years and have had some delivery/customer service issues in the past.  I have also owned one Macbook Pro and one Fujitsu Lifebook in the last 3 years.  I ordered the Dell XPS M1330 June 28th and got the same run around all of you are getting including lies, cancellations, worthless CSR’s and Executive Escallation reps, different pricing, rebate offers, etc.  I cancelled last week (and still don’t have my Dell refund on my credit card as promised). 

    ANOTHER OPTION FOR YOU:  Instead of only bashing Dell, I searched international CNET.com and ordered the Fujitsu Lifebook S6410 for $2500 US from MLN.com.au in Australia (same price I paid for the Dell).  It’s the same size, weight, and specs and is available in Europe too.  I owned the older Fujitsu model for 3 years with great delivery, customer service, and zero problems.  This is a much better purchase than the Dell in my opinion.  I paid MLN.com.au to ship internationally to the US and completed the transaction in less than 1 week.  

    It’s your decision to cancel or wait.  I felt like Dell stole my money, held on to it, lied repeatedly, and now is still holding my money well after I cancelled.  Just like finally letting go of that old relationship, I instantly felt like I was free and doing the right thing when I got the Fujitsu.  In my opinion, this Dell launch was botched and they know it, and I was personally concerned if the unit came with a problem that I’d have to deal with Dell again….not in this life.  I got bit by that dog already.  The more people that cancel, the better chance Dell won’t arrogantly try this again.

    Good luck everyone with your decisions.  I hope this doesn’t just complain and that it helps too….I feel everyone’s frustration and for me, now it’s over. 

  • Anonymous

    Next day shipping… they inform me they recieved the case (flamingo pink) and it should ship within 2-4 days…


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I was wondering when will the xps m1330 become available with a Core 2 Duo T7700 option for the 2.4 Ghz model, and when will you guys start supporting blu-ray on this machine since the HDMI is quite useless if your not going to support blu-ray.


  • Anonymous

    I just checked my ordering status (which I’ve been doing everyday since i ordered it) and dell has upgraded me to next day shipping. I think this is great because I haven’t called and complained because I didn’t order my system until july29th and figured I’d have to wait months anyway.

    Thanks Dell.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who purchases a customized Dell understands that the product does not actually exist when the order is put in.  But what has irked me with my 1520 purchase is the way you keep stringing out the delays one week at a time.  If I had known the delay was going to be over six weeks from the outset, I might have happily chosen a different Dell model.  Now I will cancel my order and purchase from a different manufacturer.

  • Anonymous

    to A. Stern…

    i am in the same boat as you, i start up law school next week. And was told of the processor and dvd-rw drive, but not the graphics card.  I imagine they didn’t wanna tell too much.  I only hope I get my laptop in time for exams……

  • Anonymous

    I just talked with a customer service rep. Apparently the only issue with my 17″ Inspiron is the LCD cover (red). Also got upgraded to next day shipping. Don’t see how a LCD cover = a month delay for my laptop.

  • Anonymous

    If Dell has a policy of not charging credit cards before ordering, then it has not applied to me and my colleague (UK). Both credit cards were charged 2 days after the order way back in June. If you have a URL for it, please share so I can point it out to Dell CSR.

    The reason I personally did not contact the credit card company until today is because the CSR would always say the order will ship “soon”, the status is “broken”, etc. each time I spoke to CSR.

    After asking – today – for status and compensation (it was supposed to ship today) I was told – more or less “I don’t have a firm date, take it or leave it”. So I am cancelling.

    As for interest on the card – some people may not have the funds to pay in full at the end of the month, thus get charged.

    And being credited back a large amount – after you already paid as I did – is a hassle – unless you use all the credit; for some reason credit card companies – at least in the UK – don’t want you to be in credit and insist to send you a cheque for the amount. By the time it clears it will be over a week.

  • Anonymous


    I don’t get why you or the reviewer at PCMag for XPS M1330 (where I also read the statement) think that HDMI is useless without the Blu-ray. HDMI is only an all-digital audio/video interface and for me, it’s the perfect solution as I like using a 1920×1200 resolution on a 24″ LCD monitor. Analog D-Sub connection would be bad as it tends to start losing quality at any resolution higher than 1280×1024. As for a DVI-D port, it would be too big on an ultra-portable laptop such as XPS M1330.

  • Anonymous

    All you lucky people who can’t wait to get your hands on a M1330!  You think the pain is about to end now that you are closing in on your ESD?  Hahahahaha….the REAL PAIN begins once you get it!  The rushed production reeks of quality issues.  Check out the latest review:


    Starts with a Blue Screen of Death!  Ends with the reviewer quickly packing it up and selling it on eBay.

    2+ months of waiting for some of us and this is what we get!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I just calculated the price for an XPS1330 on the Dell website.

    It seems that after the $190 discount the price now just corresponds to the price I would have to pay if I ordered the same system today. For the same price as my original order two months ago, I can now get a better processor…

    Does anybody know any good alternatives to the XPS1330 besides Mac? I will cancel my order with Dell today and get a different laptop ..

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my black-cased m1330 in June and it was pushed back to late August, so the whole red-case cock and bull story doesn’t gel at all. I canceled last week and now am still trying to get my refund, it seems the Finance Department and the Production Department both have something in common, and that commonality appears to be they are both DELL.

  • Anonymous

    I hope you guys at DELL are following the live event

    over at APPLE. Thats how a product launch should be.

    And i bet if you buy one of the new Imacs, you wont be

    getting a 3 month delay slapped in your face.


  • Anonymous

    how long does the “kitting” stage last?

  • Anonymous

    Well said Mike F.

    It is fine that people want to express their opinions but some people truly need to learn to have a little patience.

    I ordered a sweet tuxedo black $4,400 XPS on June 26th and it just shipped yesterday (over a week past expected 1 month delivery date), but getting upset at Dell wouldn’t make my life any better.  Once the laptop gets here it will all be water under the bridge 😉

  • Anonymous

    To everyone that is frustrated with the delays etc……It’s definitely worth it!  This machine is SWEET!!

    I’m glad I held on and waited for delivery (which was sooner than the EDD on Dell.ca) because after seeing this thing in person, I would have kicked myself for not getting it!

     To those who jumped ship and bought something else……Thanks for speeding up the delivery of my m1330 and enjoy whatever it is you bought!

  • Anonymous


     If anyone can help me by answering my question, it would be greatly appreciated.  I checked on August 7 at about 12pm on the order status of my system – it was in the kitting stage.  I then called the order status number at about 2am on August 8th and it is in the boxing stage.  When can I expect to have my system (I am on Next Business Day delivery).  Is it at all likely that it will be here by friday, because I leave for college on Sunday. 


    btw: my system is:

    2.2ghz, red lid, no led, 2.0mp camera, 160gb hd, Nvidia card…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This is a HUUUUGE FIASCO for DELL

  • Anonymous

    sending this a second time,  apparently Dell’s servers can’t handlle the number of comments they recieve.  Not surprising, since connecting thru Dell Chat or phone seems impossible.  at one point yesterday, as I moved down in the chat queue, the expected wait time  doubled with each increment.  tried phones – 30 min on hold, no answer. This am, I connected to chat, but the Dell person never responded.  sent an email 6 hours ago, no response as yet. Tried Chat again now – queue is closed.

    in my case, ordered a inspiron 1420 on July 20, ESD=8/7.  On 8/7, received “1st” notification of delay – ESD now 8/16.  My Account order status still shows 8/7.  This PC was for my daughter , who leaves for college on 8/16.  Based on other comments here,, I assume we can expect more delays.  We will shop local stores for a HP ,Toshiba or Sony in next few days.  Looks like it won’t be hard to find one, and then we will cancel our Dell order – assuming I can contact  someone at Dell .

    We had ordered a printer with the PC – received it’s ‘2nd’ notice of delay today.  Looks like it will automatically cancel if I don’t respond – that seems like a good idea.

    BTW, i have been a Dell PC buyer and Dell Stockholder for ~ 10 years.  I will also plan to dump my Dell stock at first opportunity.

    Oh well – aside from the order delays –  would be interesting to hear if Dell is really doing anything ( besides laying off people ) to improve their customer support.

  • Anonymous

    orderered a red 1330 w/o LED and 2- 9 cell batteries on 6-28

    first orginal ESD 7/30

    second 8/6

    third 8/15

    actual status- fed overnight shipping for tomorrow 8/9


    boxing 8/7

    shipping 8/8


    aggravated but excited…

  • Anonymous

    I gave my money to dell on Jun 29.

    I had to wait Sep 13.

    I pretend someone at dell contact me and apply a sort of refund.

  • Anonymous

    Should I change my color if they can’t get white right?  Should I go with black or red?  Will it speed the process?

  • Anonymous

    i have just had my order pushed back giving an EDD of 24th Sept from original EDD of 10th Aug!!!!!!!!!

    However, i have just had a call from a CSR who says he has just called the manufacturing plant and they expect to have my irder ready for despatch to the carrier in the next couple of days.

    at last, a CSR who is looking after our interest.

    He did also tell me that there was a glass shortage due to an earthquake in Africe destroying most of the glass for the screens. either that or someone pushed the rack over with them all on!

    lets see if it arrives next week

  • Anonymous

    Paul and Paul London


    I can assure you I do not work for Dell now or in the past – in fact I am happily retired.  I spent 6 great years at Visa before moving on to Microsoft so I know the electronics payments game quite well.  It appears you are in the UK and if so Dell does indeed have a different policy for the UK.  In msot of the world, the standard policy for Amex, Visa and MC should not charge before an item is physically shipped.  The 1330 will be my 7th personal Dell device and the longest wait I had to endure was 4 weeks and I never was charged on my card in advance of shipping – ever. 

    Perhaps you put this on a debit card versus credit card ? If so – YES the funds are charged when the sales agent runs your card and your account is charged at that point.  For credit – the ‘reserve’ the agent talked about is perahsp the following: – when you use a credit card an authorization is made against your current available credit limit and your ‘open to buy’ on that card is deducted accordingly.  However – NO monies are actually charged until the vendor sends in the actual sale request.  If no sale ( shipping in most cases ) does not take place within two business days – your ‘open to buy’ limit on your card is set back to what it was previously.

    I agree with you that Dell blew it with this launch, but stuff happens. They always had one of the best parts provisioning/manufacturing processes in the world – someone has strayed from their model.  I’ve been to Round Hill several times and their manufacturing plants are really world class. 

    I buy mostly Dell because of the value/price point and superior at home service.  Also a friend was lucky to get a very early delivery of a 1330 – it is indeed everything as claimed – that is the only reason I am enduring this long of a wait.

    Hope all your woes are handled shortly.

  • Anonymous

    To Mr. Another Option,

    I agree with you.  Fujitsu brand is one of the top high end but too bad that few models are available here in the US.

    After i ordered the m1330 since June 29th and now i have to keep my fingers cross so tight afraid that they will either delay or cancel the order.  I may go ahead cancel it myself.

    I am going on a trip oversea next month without a laptop but plan to purchase a Fujitsu S6410 over there with a three years world wide warranty (i just looked at fujitsu groble website) just go to the store pay the money and pick one up without waiting forever like DELL.

    Another option is new SONY VAIO TZ.  only weight 2 pounds.  and availabe now in tha US without waiting for two or three months.  The price may slightly higher than m1330 but if you have to wait and see the deprecialtion drop day after day.  i think, is better off to get the unit that availabe now.


  • Anonymous

    To give dell some creidt.  They have missed my  ESD by a few days.  They contacted me by phone the day before EDD and said said they needed a few extra days to ship 2 laptops that i ordered.  They both are LED Red M1330.  I have never had any problems before and they have succeded in keeping another customer.  They have also made some consessions (Timbuk2 bag or upgraded to complete care)  Thanks again.  I’m very glad i decided to wait patiently and not cancel my 50+ M1330 order with dell.

  • Anonymous

    Where do I get my updated shipping info? I mean the site never updates so do you get it via email? Do I have to call and ask?

  • Anonymous

    This is an asian experience with ordering M1330.

    I ordered my machine on 29/June and was provided with Estimate Delivery Date on July 10. But in reaility, I didn’t receive the machine not even until August 1. During the waiting period, I received so many calls and numerous explanations regarding the unacceptable delay (the explanations was given out of my strong protest and arguement, not willingly given by Dell Asia). It seemed that Dell is patiently waits for customers to automatically to cancel the order out of impatience. Up until August 1, Dell’s tracking system still showed my delivery date is July 10, which is absolutely ridiculously. Finally I decided to cancel the order and get my money back from my credit card issuing bank (I wonder if you guys in the States have to pay for the machine right up ordering the machine). Anyway, I loaned Dell about US$1,5000 for a whole month without receiving any interests or compensation. OK, this is my first fault.

    My second fault is that after cancelling my original order, I ordered another M1330 Led white color at Dell’s booth in Taipei Computer Application Expo becasue the sales representative told me the manufacturing process is back to normal now. Another nightware began, after I placed the order, I received calls and emals for Dell Asia and asked (or persuaded) me to give up the order. The reason is that they can’t expect the delivery date and simply can’t supply the white led machine, not even the crimson red can be guaranteed. Even if I chose to change the order to black led machine, the situation won’t be any better.

    I guess today Dell Asia is going to cancel my second M1330 order. The only kind word they said to me is that why don’t you wait another late September (when will be a better time to order M1330).

    This is what happening to me. I have decided not to complain to Dell nor let M1330 the word disturbing my mood and normal life. Bye Bye Dell, I really think you should take a bow and step down from the IT stage.

  • Anonymous

    Original order date of July 13

    Original order canceled on July 20

    Replacement order entered July 27

    Ship date of August 3

    On Vehicle For Delivery as of right now! 😀

    Sure beats the estimated delivery date of August 23rd!! 

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo, I get to wait more than a quarter of a year on my computer. Not on a preorder item, but one that was supposed to be in production.

    No one even contacted me about this delay. Worst service EVER!

  • Anonymous
    On 7/18, ordered an Inspiron 17′ Laptop, 2.2 processor,  with an estimated ship date of 8/1/07.  Then found out a friend who ordered hers on 7/3 – still hasn’t received hers.  On 8/2, mine moved to be shipped 8/28.  I also talked to customer service via online chat who assured me on 8/1 that it should be shipped no later than 8/3/07.   Hmmm – even after express my concerns, customer service didn’t say it would be an issue. 
    This is completely unacceptable.  It is almost like a bait and switch. 
    My order has been cancelled with Dell and an order for just about the same laptop placed with HP with a guaranteed delivery of 8/10.  Had Dell been honest from the start, I never would have ordered it as I knew I needed it for a trip. 
    Dell has lost a previously  loyal customer over this and HP has won me over. 
    By the way, my disatisifaction regarding this issue has been posted on several forums to warn people about Dell’s lack of customer service.

    Ha – my new computer shipped today and is scheduled for delivery on 8/10 – just as HP said it would! 

    HP Pavilion dv9500t customizable Notebook PC

    • Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
    • Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo processor T7500 (2.20 GHz, 4 MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB)
    • 17.0″ WXGA+ High-Definition Ultra HP BrightView Widescreen Display (1440 x 900)
    • 2GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)
    • 511MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS
    • HP Imprint Finish + Webcam + Microphone
    • Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Network Connection and Bluetooth(TM)
    • 240GB 5400RPM SATA Dual Hard Drive (120GB x 2)
    • LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-RW with Double Layer Support
    • HP Expresscard TV Tuner for Windows Vista Notebooks
    • High Capacity 8 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
    • Computrace LoJack for Laptops, Three Years
    • System Recovery DVD with Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
    • Microsoft(R) Works 8.0
    • Roxio Creator(TM) Premier v9
    • HP Home & Home Office Store in-box envelope
    Y’all have fun with your Dells and the completed disregard they have for their customers.
  • Anonymous

    Today Dell moved my ESD to 09/26, three months after the order
    (06/29): three months to receive a notebook that I’ve already paid. No phone calls from Dell to explain what’s going on.

    Dear Mr. Alex Gruzen, do you really think that this is an acceptable behavior? I don’t  think so.

  • Anonymous


    You’d think after 200 mostly negative and disappointed replies to the first post about this matter and then another 176+mine mostly negative and disappointed replies to this follow-up post that there would be a lot more information, appologies, etc. from the powers that be at Dell.  Not just about the computers that are not shipped (which aren’t just the XPS m1330’s, but also the Inspirions & Vostros as well,) but the utter lack of customer communication and customer service.  And how come this blog only mentions the XPS m1330’s when there are other systems that haven’t shipped and are back-logged as well?

    After the enormous internal miscommunication, unshipped products, premature credit card debits, utter lack of customer service, downright lies (how else to explain 7 different explanations from 7 different representatives at Dell about my computer delay) and the downright disrespectful behavior toward thier customer base, how are they going to be able to rectify this and stay in business?


    I recommend that everyone (including myself) contact the Better Business Bureau (they have chapters for on-line and your city/state,) then contact the FCC with your complaint, then contact each of the websites that have given the Dell website an approval, award or recommendation.  Maybe then they won’t be able to pull these shenanigans much longer.

    One last question: Why isn’t this blog on the Dell.com website so that first-time costumers like myself can read the information before making a purchase?  It took me 3 hours of phone calls and 8 visits to the website with “live talk,” and searching for complaint addresses and/or hotlines before I stumbled upon this site.

    Unappologetically Frusted!


  • Anonymous

    you’re right, it *IS* a sort of scam. Take it from someone in the know, this
    is a very common practice with manufacturers of goods with a lead-time.
    Collect as many orders as you can before people realize there is no
    product available. Then inform the customers you’ve “hooked” that there
    is a delay due to “particles in the paint”, or someother such nonsense.

    this moment in time, Dell can charge a premium for the M1330. Another
    two months down the line and they know they’d have to drop the price
    dramatically simply due to the fact that other laptop venders will have

    So, the “scam” is: charge them a premium NOW, delay manufacturing the
    laptop for 2 or 3 months, at which point the competition are selling
    the SAME specs for 30% cheaper. However, you have already sold your
    laptop 2 or 3 months previous to hundreds of thousands of pissed-off

    I work for a high-profile manufacturer who has played
    an almost identical game and it works because very few people cancel
    their order – no matter how long you make them wait. Very smooth Dell!

    PS: there is no point being upset with Dell Customer Services. They will be as much in the dark about the situation as the customer. This “practice” would come from upper-management, not Dell telephone personel.

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone, if Dell will not give us answers here is what i have gleaned from their website.  I created 2 other orders and reviewed the “Preliminary Ship Date” Link for a description and low and behold a few answers….. Not good ones but ones that have been evaded for many weeks.  This is not secret info you just have to be nosey like me…

    The First is for the one I Ordered the Inspiron 1720 


    Preliminary Ship Date Details

    Preliminary Ship Date Details

    Order Processing Time 1 days
    Build Time 8 days
    Longest Option Delay 12 days
    Impact to Preliminary Ship Date (up to)  21 days
    Preliminary Ship Date1: 9/7/2007
    Typical Order Stages
    The following diagram represents the typical stages that impact the delivery date of your order. Delays in your delivery date may be experienced due to delays with selected options or by the shipping method chosen during checkout.
    Build Time
    The estimated number of days to build your Inspiron 1720.
    Selected  Item  Build time
  • Inspiron 1720 8 days
    Options that Impact Inspiron 1720 Ship Date
    Below are the available options that could delay the ship date of your Inspiron 1720. Of any options that you have selected, the one with the longest delay time will impact the ship date. Option delays are not cumulative; selecting two options with four-day delay times will only delay your ship date by four days, not eight.
    Selected  Delay Time*
     System Color
      Espresso Brown 12 days
      Ruby Red 11 days
      Midnight Blue 12 days
  • Spring Green 12 days
      Flamingo Pink 12 days
      Sunshine Yellow 8 days
     Video Card
      Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 7 days
  • 128MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400M GS 3 days
      256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT 3 days
    * Excludes weekends

    Preliminary Ship Date Details

    Preliminary Ship Date Details

    Order Processing Time 1 days
    Build Time 15 days
    Longest Option Delay 9 days
    Impact to Preliminary Ship Date (up to)  25 days
    Preliminary Ship Date1: 9/13/2007
    Typical Order Stages
    The following diagram represents the typical stages that impact the delivery date of your order. Delays in your delivery date may be experienced due to delays with selected options or by the shipping method chosen during checkout.
    Build Time
    The estimated number of days to build your XPS M1330.
    Selected  Item  Build time
  • XPS M1330 15 days
    Options that Impact XPS M1330 Ship Date
    Below are the available options that could delay the ship date of your XPS M1330. Of any options that you have selected, the one with the longest delay time will impact the ship date. Option delays are not cumulative; selecting two options with four-day delay times will only delay your ship date by four days, not eight.
    Selected  Delay Time*
     LCD and Camera
  • Slim and Light LED Display with VGA Webcam 9 days
      Slim and Light LED Display with no webcam 9 days

    OK so, the M1330 does not offer the other colors any more so that information could not be gotten, but from the Inspiron order you can see the lead time estimated for the colors very depending on color….

    Let me ask a question, If all you people got this type of information timely would you be as upset and bashing Dell…Its just a question…

    Oh and i am still waiting on my 1720…..  But at least i made myself a bit happier,  anyone else?



  • Anonymous

    So here is the info on the Inspiron 1420, looks like Color and Screen is the issue here…

    Preliminary Ship Date Details
    Order Processing Time 1 days
    Build Time 12 days
    Longest Option Delay 8 days
    Impact to Preliminary Ship Date (up to)  21 days
    Preliminary Ship Date1: 9/7/2007
    Typical Order Stages
    The following diagram represents the typical stages that impact the delivery date of your order. Delays in your delivery date may be experienced due to delays with selected options or by the shipping method chosen during checkout.
    Build Time

    The estimated number of days to build your .

    Selected  Item  Build time
  • Inspiron 1420 12 days
    Options that Impact Inspiron 1420 Ship Date
    Below are the available options that could delay the ship date of your Inspiron 1420. Of any options that you have selected, the one with the longest delay time will impact the ship date. Option delays are not cumulative; selecting two options with four-day delay times will only delay your ship date by four days, not eight.
    Selected  Delay Time*
     System Color
      Espresso Brown 2 days
  • Spring Green 8 days
      Flamingo Pink 8 days
      Sunshine Yellow 2 days
     LCD Panel
      Glossy, high contrast, widescreen 14.1 inch display (1280×800) 7 days
    * Excludes weekends
  • Anonymous
    Looks like Color and Graphics card on the Inspiron 1520
    Preliminary Ship Date Details
    Order Processing Time 1 days
    Build Time 9 days
    Longest Option Delay 8 days
    Impact to Preliminary Ship Date (up to)  18 days
    Preliminary Ship Date1: 9/4/2007
    Typical Order Stages
    The following diagram represents the typical stages that impact the delivery date of your order. Delays in your delivery date may be experienced due to delays with selected options or by the shipping method chosen during checkout.
    Build Time
    The estimated number of days to build your Inspiron 1520.
    Selected  Item  Build time
  • Inspiron 1520 9 days
    Options that Impact Inspiron 1520 Ship Date
    Below are the available options that could delay the ship date of your Inspiron 1520. Of any options that you have selected, the one with the longest delay time will impact the ship date. Option delays are not cumulative; selecting two options with four-day delay times will only delay your ship date by four days, not eight.
    Selected  Delay Time*
     System Color
      Espresso Brown 5 days
      Ruby Red 11 days
  • Midnight Blue 8 days
      Spring Green 11 days
      Flamingo Pink 11 days
      Sunshine Yellow 6 days
     Video Card
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 2 days
  • Anonymous

    Thank god i cancelled, and now after alot of hassle

    have managed to get my money back. sadly the interest was not

    covered, and i cant be bothered to keep nagging the useless

    CSR’s about it any longer. Im glad I’m out of this mess,

    and i’ve learnt to deal with Dell the bad way. Costing time and money.
    Im also extremely happy this is going to be the last time ever i’ll post anything on this Blog.

    I’m off to the Apple store….

    Good luck to all of you who are still waiting.


  • Anonymous

    Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!!!

     I just got my M1330 today and it is beyond expectations!!!

     It is sleek and everyone here at work wants it BAD!!!!

     I can’t believe that anyone canceled their order, what where you thinking??!!!

     Thanks Dell, you made Christmas come a few months early!



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I agree with some people saying that we should stop somplaining bashing Dell. The only action we should (must) take is:

    -cancel the order
    -check for the refund if the payment was already processed.
    -Go and buy another brand since in the upcoming weeks more and more options are available for ultraportable laptops

    Sony SZ6 with LED but without HDMI
    ASUS U3 with LED and HDMI and eSATA

    I am sure that in september more options will be available (IBM, Acer, LG, HP, Compaq….), and I am sure you will be able to get them before you receive the M1330 you ordered in june…..2007.


  • Anonymous

    I can tell you that both my colleague and I paid with credit, not debit, cards; upon calling the credit card issuer, they confirmed the money was taken, not reserved: if it were just reserved, I would not have had to pay the full amount at the end of the month. 

    The manager of our salesperson who admitted that the order won’t ship this month – even though ordered in June 28. While other people (here, other sites e.g. Notebook Reviews) reportedly got £100 or $200 compensation – no such luck for us.

    I think cancelling the order is the easy way out for Dell; so I’m going to write a registered complaint letter to head office to see whether anyone there is interested in hearing about the experiences of their customers and whether they will do anything about it.

    Hopefully someone understands the value of keeping customers loyal and happy; compensating them (since they cannot fulfill the orders) is a small price to pay in order to maintain the goodwill, free marketing, testimnonials, etc. they are providing.

    How much is 1 testimonial worth? Or a referral? How much does 1 upset ex-customer that switches to the competition costs?

    No matter how good your product is, once you lose the goodwill, trust and respect of your (ex)customers, you’ll be in trouble, no matter how big you are.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the update.  You mentioned that Dell would contact us if the order was delayed.  My order has been delayed twice, the ESD is approaching a total of two months delay.  And yet I haven’t heard a peep from Dell.  Oh wait, I did get one call the day after I placed my order because I miss-typed my CC number!  ‘on ya Dell 😉

  • Anonymous

    At least the order status page used in Switzerland is getting updated – just checked and in the last hour my delivery date has been put back by six weeks so I cannot guarantee having the laptop ready for an essential business trip.

    I guess the problem is with the red paint 🙁

    With regret I’ll be cancelling and reordering early next year. What a poorly managed product release.

  • Anonymous

    This is odd…I am starting to see posts about folks receiving their 1330’s but on the boards there are few, if any images being posted. Normally when there is a new product launch of this nature we would see a ton of images being uploaded as folks receive their new gear. Anyone seeing the usual flood of write-ups and photos? If so please point them out.

    Why is it that those who ordered early are still waiting and those who ordered later are supposedly receiving theirs? I am starting to guess that the order system is a mess…not a comforting thought. I ordered June 5…ESD is and has always been August 22. As I understand it the online status is not being updated at all so as far as I know I could have been canceled last month!

    No communication. Posting a short “mea culpa” on this blog is NOT communication. It has done absolutely nothing whatsoever to relieve the concerns of Dell customers. Look at this blog…the responses tell the story. We are told to trust the online status yet it is totally incorrect and never updated. We are told many conflicting stories, depending on who we speak to of course. If one were to put it all together one would have to believe that there is no LEDs, keyboards, readers, frames, lids, paint or CPU’s available for this non-product.

    I have been a Dell customer for many years as are most of my clients. Based on this situation I need to re-think this arrangement. Dell’s customer service has become a joke and now their engineering is questionable as is their supply chain and CS. This is not an isolated incident but rather it seems to be indicative of a much larger problem. Who would have thought that Dell would end up like this? The leadership in this company is suspect at best. I wonder just how long their “great pricing” will keep them in business? At this rate I can only imagine that it will not be for long. Perhaps Mr. Dell will get it back on track…who knows?

    We have heard the excuses and we have heard the promises. When all is
    said and done what we are left with are the excuses. The promises are
    meaningless and have become lies.


  • Anonymous

    29 june -> 27 sept…you’re pissed me off enough now.


  • Anonymous

    Ordered 6/28 Recieved August 8.  OHH MEH GAWD THIS THING IS SEXCEEE. It’s well worth the wait.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting for my 1330 like everyone else and I was glad to see the ordering debacle was getting some attention – albeit small – here on this website.  However – this particular thread has dwindling value.  We need more updates directly from Dell.  It it one thing to vent then again it appears it has attracted a few posters who must be road ragers given their commentary.  I suspect some are not really even Dell customers, but perhaps plants by the likes of Sony – which btw – is considering SELLING or DROPPING their computer line in 2008.   Thanks to the majority for sharing their individual cases.  The smoke will clear and hopefully we’ll all be happy with our purchases soon and even thought I’m not pleased with Dell right now – myself and probably 99% of those posting here will be lining up to buy their next device from Dell as well. Sorry – but CS in almost any business has vanished.

  • Anonymous

    Oh well,

    Firstly let me say congratulations to those who have their M1330 notebooks and are enjoying them. You are the lucky few and I trust you enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

    Alas, for me it is no longer an option. I have cancelled my M1330 Order (around $3400.00 AUD total, yes the spec was pretty high) this evening. Maybe I’ll delay my purchase till DELL get their act together (December’07? January ’08?) and use a borrowed notebook till then, Maybe I’ll just go with other manufacturers Santa Rosa based notebooks in the 13,3 – 14.1 inch screen range available now or the newer, faster, better ones available soon.

    Since it seems to be fashionable to descibe what fouled up here’s my story (for the record) in case someone from DELL is interested in fixing any of these problems for future clients or actively trying to stop this kind of release foul up happening again.

    – Ordered mid July (2.0 GHz, Red, 4GB RAM, WLED screen, all bells and whistles)
    – Credit Card charged in full immediately (yes folks, I was charged immediately and I have the bank statements to prove it. This was not a “reserve” or “hold”, it was a charge, and before anyone asks, it’s a Citibank Gold Visa card ….. so not some wierd debit card or loan shark sourced financial instrument).
    – Delivery date established early august.
    – a few days later, added a spare power supply and batery to the order. Didn’t know (and wasn’t told) the order would have to be cancelled and re-issued if I did that but it was, hence another 5 day delay.
    – Dell Cancelled and re-issued order as well due to the bluetooth mouse and keyboard combo I wanted being re-numbered in their ordering system.
    – EDD reported on DELL Order tracking page now August 16th (hmmm)
    – a week passes, after reading a lot from this site (and others), getting a bit nervous, credit card interst adding up for purchase I haven’t received. CSR claims it will be here in second week of August. CSR changes mind about this estimate during next email.
    – The Next Day, EDD still reported on DELL Order tracking page as August 16th (hmmm)
    – I Ask CSR again when it will be here, story changed now to late August, possibly September.
    – The Next Day, EDD still reported on DELL Order tracking page as August 16th (hmmm)
    – CSR refers me to her manager. I Ask CSR’s Manager when it will be here, She states probably not until early September. She offers some token compensation (a whopping 2% discount) that could be paid some time after I receive the laptop. I point out that while I appreciate the offer, it’s not even going to cover the credit card interest I’m being charged during the delay on the money they’ve already taken .
    – The Next Day, EDD still reported on DELL Order tracking page as August 16th (hmmm)
    – I ask original CSR’s Manager if there are any updates. She changes her mind on the compensation and offers a massive 4% discount conditional on the notebook being delayed till the latter half of september (if it arrives September 14th, they’ll pay nothing). this is for an order they took payment for in JULY !!!!!

    During this whole time I’m getting differing stories from Dell via this forum and the CSR’s as to what the heck is causing the issues. Everything from Paint problems, general “glitches”, Screen supply delays (isolated to Dell, SONY, HP, Apple and Fujitsu don’t seem to have too many issues), Heat issues, ordering system allowing incompatible battery options, lack of palmrests, lact of fingerprint readers, lack of CPU’s, design faults ….. the list is endless !!!!

    I give up. Order cancelled. Was going to wait till August 16th to do this but the CSR’s Manager tells me this won’t happen, so the reasonable conclusion is there is no point waiting.

    No Notebook computer is worth the agro of dealing with this kind of botched product release, bad information, CSR’s who don’t really know what the heck is going on and CSR Managers who expect me to be happy with this kind of treatment.

    So, Again, congratulations to those who have won the Dell ordering system/service lottery and received their computers. I’ll put my purchase off a while longer, learn some patience, explore other vendors and see what comes along next.

    All I can add is thank the good lord this wasn’t one of my time critical  office machine orders. If they can screw up a product release and an order this badly I don’t think I should really risk my job or any of my clients businesses and take the chance of relying on Dells ability to provide an order in reasonable timeframe.



     P.S. if this is read by a DELL employee interested in actually looking seriously at these issues and requiring further details (like the CSR and he Managers Names, order numbers (all three of them) and email transcripts) email me back, I have provided my email address with this submisison.

  • Anonymous

    @ Jack E

    You say that people are “supposedly” receiving their m1330’s…….what purpose would people have to lie and say they’ve received theirs when they haven’t?  Sounds like you’re a tad jealous.

    If you want to see some pictures that I have in fact received my m1330, let me know and I’ll put some pictures online.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a black M1330 with the 9cell battery. GUESS WHAT IT WOBBLES ON A FLAT SURFACE.  The base is higher in one corner…probably due to the battery.  Upon closer inspection, the aluminum hand rest was warped on the bottom left corner and the top and bottom along the mousepad.

     I’m not impressed with DELL’s quality control

  • Anonymous

    How about commenting on D430’s.

    I am feeling like an idiot for waiting a whole extra month for the D430 to be released instead of ordering a D420 only to now have my order continually delayed.

    It is one thing to ask me to confirm I still want my order after you delay me over and over again, but another to ask me to confirm it without being able to commit to a shipping date.

    Also why have the order status say “In Production” … there’s no way you have been “producing” my laptop for almost two months now!  Just say its pending!!

    How much should I bet that by the time my laptop is actually in production  and or shipped that the price on the laptop will have dropped and or you will finally be offering LED screens on the D430.

    That Sony ultra portable is looking better and better!



  • Anonymous

    Well, after reading the blog, and the comments, I’m really not surprised. I ordered my laptop on Friday, July 27 and was given the expected arrival date of on or before 08/16/07.  Which was fine.  I talked to several coworkers who had previously ordered (in the last two weeks), and they already had their laptops, despite the given time of three weeks or more before delivery.  I also ordered a monitor for my desktop and a wireless mouse.  Those were given a further out delivery date of 08/30/07. 

     After having to cancel my order that afternoon because the customer service rep put in the wrong chip (AMD Turion TL 50 instead of Turion 56) and spelled my name wrong and my address wrong, I was starting to get slightly agitated, but it was my first time ordering a dell so I was willing to give you guys the benefit of a doubt. 

    Surprisingly, my new monitor along with lojack and optical mouse arrived the next week, way ahead of their appropriate date.  I was happy and took my purchase home anticipating the same with my laptop.  On Friday, a week after the order I called to see what the hold up was.  Like I said, first time dell buyer and a wee anxious about it.

    Got the company line of its in production and a number that identified me, I’m sure as a problem child.  Have since gotten two phone calls back telling me more of the same that my computer is in process, before I finally got someone to tell me that there are certain parts that are on backorder.  Thank you!  Now…I don’t mind waiting and have even given up calling and will just wait to my scheduled delivery date, but if I get the company line next Friday, which is when my laptop is supposed to arrive, I’m going to take a harder line.

    I work in retail and I know what its like to offer something and then not be able to deliver on it.  Its not pretty.  I hope Dell is taking a really good look at all of these comments and learning from them and maybe throwing a bigger bone, than a bag (while supplies last and you’re already out), and stop throwing salt in the wound by offering sad excuses.  I can guarantee you next week, I won’t want to hear that its in production and you’re backordered on a part.  I’ll want to know why and how could a company that makes millions on building computers not see this this happening?  Its August, its one month before school out.  Even I know how to plan better than what is seems you guys have for the Back to School crowd. 


  • Anonymous

    Dell wake up !!!

  • Anonymous

    Ordered my *black* M1330 on 6/29. Estimated ship date at that time was end of July. Later it got pushed back to August 3rd. On August 3rd, I called Dell who said that it would then be shipped August 9th. That same day I got an e-mail indicating that it would be pushed back again until August 28th. I called Dell and talked to CP Huffman, a customer care representative who said he would get the order expedited so that it would be in my hands by today (August 10th), as I needed it before Monday (Aug. 13th). After not hearing back from Mr. Huffman and calling today to confirm that it was not shipped yesterday, I canceled my $2900 order and will be buying a MacBook Pro tomorrow afternoon at the Apple store near me. Dell has lost another customer for good and I will be sure to tell anyone who asks about this inexcusable fiasco. Dell, if you treat your best customers like garbage, you cannot expect to stay in business for long.

  • Anonymous

    I understand fully ramping up production and hitting snags.  Happens to me as a small business owner.  The most upset customers that I have are ones with whom we fail to communicate.

     Dell has failed miserably.  I have initiated two conversations, but have not ever been contacted by them.  I am expecting a call on Monday . . . we shall see.

    I just need some communication.

  • Anonymous

    ordered a 1521 on 7-11-07, shipping was delayed twice. finally recieved it on 8-11-07.  Same day that i got it the screen fried!!!!!!! so now i had to call csr and have them send a replacement. they said it would be 15 business days!!!!!! what happened to expediting it since i already recieved it.  I was upset about the delay, but if i had known that if the stupid thing would break on the FIRST day, i would wait another week to give them time to get it right!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I ordered 1520 on July 20th, plenty of time for the next college semester. My order has been pushed back est. Aug31-Sept 4.  This puts me in a real bind for school.  I never was notified of the delay.

    I have been a loyal Dell buyer for years. (my first was 486 33mhz machine in 1992).  I have only bought dell systems and the company I work for buys 10’s of thousands of them.

    I wanted to cancel my order but frankly I couldn’t find a comparable system for the price. I need that system…..

  • Anonymous

    To everyone contemplating canceling their order…..If you absolutely need a machine and the m1330 won’t arrive in time, then look elsewhere.  If you can wait for your m1330 to arrive, it’s worth it.  This machine is amazing!  Everyone I’ve shown mine to has been blown away by it and a few have even placed an order for one regardless of the time they’ll have to wait to order.

    It’s an amazing machine and I am extremely happy that I waited for it to arrive!!

  • Anonymous


    can we know exactly what date will you start to deliver our xps m1330?

    we are waiting for a long time…

    hope dell can deliver it quicker for xps m1330 for red and white color.. 



  • Anonymous

    The M1330 definitely gives me a case of sweaty socks, but the show stopper for me is the screen size. 13′.3″ is absolutely fine for a notebook in this class, but I desperately want Dell to offer this model in a mid-range portable with  15.4″ (1440×900 res). Top that with a 17″ model and I’m sold. Until then, the 1330 just isn’t for me.

     How about it, Dell?

  • Anonymous

    Well in europe (germany etc.) the first XPS M1330 models arrived at the customer sides, but on every M1330 which was configured to include the fingerprint reader, the FP is missing. A buddy of me ordered three M1330 with the embedded fingerprint reader, now two XPS arrived and both were missing the fingerprint reader!

     So why didn’t Dell ask or tell the customers first that they don’t have the ordered fingerprint readers build in, before producing and sending out the notebooks?

    I also wonder how Dell will handle to integrate afterwards the missing fingerprint reader?

    Any comments from Dell related to those send out M1330 configurations which miss the fingerprint readers and how this will be handled are welcome!

  • Anonymous

    I just wish that the Dell rep who called hadn’t been lying to me when they said my order would certainly ship on or before 8/13. As of today, 8/13, I was told it would now ship 8/20, all without a warning or a change in estimated ship date on the order status.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an Inspiron 1520 on July 17, and it was supposed to ship today.  But, I had also asked it to notify me when it has anything change about its progress.  To this day, I have yet to receive anything regarding progress, and I have to always type in the information to check it. I find it very annoying that color alone has very well screwed me out of a computer for about 3 weeks longer.  I start college on August 20th, and this college requires a laptop, and now I can’t order another one or change my order, since it will take me even longer…

  • Anonymous

    I think its a load of crap. I already waited 13 days for it to be shipped and was very excited of getting it before i go back to school. But just today i get a email saying the estimated shipped date is now 8/20/2007. Then i have to wait for it to arrive which will take another 3-5 days, so now i wont have it before i go back to school. I am very upset with dell and may cancel my order. Dell is a rip off!!! Hope they lose alot of business.

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable. I placed my order a few days after the introduction. I changed my order because Dell told me the processor I picked was not available. That pushed back my order a few days but I got compensated for that. So far so good. However, I my EDD became 16 August. Dell insured me that this was just a standard indication but that I would get it faster. And now they have pushed back my order to 28 September! That means over 3 months! Please Michael Dell, you cannot call this a Build-To-Order company. And don’t blame the paintwork or anything, even I could paint it faster. By hand.

     I never wanted to cancel, but I think you just made me do it. My business is not going to survive the absence of new laptop any longer.

  • Anonymous

    While Dell is advertising it’s “Back to School” computers they are failing to tell students that they will not be able to receive them before they go back to school.  While in some cases students can go a week or so with out a laptop, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so.  I really wish Dell would have told me that there would be a large delay before I purchased one.  To be honest I wish I would have ordered one from a different company had I known but now that I have spent money on this system and heard that people are not receiving refunds in a timely fashion I would rather wait.  Thank God that my friends who ordered from HP, Sony and Apple have received their computers so that I can borrow theirs until dell can ship mine.  I will never buy from this company again.  They have already caused so many headaches and I have yet to receive my machine.  It makes me wonder how much worse it will be once I receive it and they drag their feet again if I have a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Concerned Student: They didn’t tell you because they wanted the sale. They obviously KNEW they had a manufacturing pipeline/bottle neck issue…yet they kept taking orders. It’s called GREED and a lack of concern for those of us who have paid out relatively large sums of money.

     Dell is a joke and all their talk of “Customer Service” is just that: CHEAP TALK. Any company with REAL consideration for its “valued” cusomers would have made it crystal clear during the order process that you should expect HUGE delays. It’s called honesty and I think the lack of honesty from Dell is the MAIN cause of the furey and anger you see in our posts here.

    I hope you get your laptop soon, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my notebook on 7-9-07.  It was suppose to be shipped by 8-9-07.  Due to my “color choice”, it has been delayed by 3 weeks (I can only hope).  I also was never notified, I just happened to check my order status on the web site.  I will be heading off to college without my notebook and will not receive it until a week or 2 of attending classes.  If I would have known this in advance, I would have gone to best buy. 

  • Anonymous

    I have just checked my order status by phone. I was told that my order has been built (August 14th) and it will be delivered by September 14th. It doesn’t correspond with the info I see on the web site. But cool… does it mean that dell sends a swimmer to Australia with my M1330 in the backpack? That’s 1 month…. hmm maybe he will make it. I have ordered  June 17th.

  • Anonymous

    everything back to normal…

    dell is back again…

    nice job dell!!! 

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion Dell should take some money off for the terribly long wait on
    the XPS M1330. Even if it was only 5% or so off, it would certainly be a nice
    gesture to the customers who were so inconvenienced.

    Why not surprise us with some money off? We should not have to ask. This
    would be a great way to say “we really are changing.” I myself until
    recently hated Dell (due to tech support experiences with India)
    and would have never bought for my company. Recently though,I read alot about changes
    at Dell and decided to give them another chance with the advent of the XPS M1330. 
    Please convince me that I made a good decision.



  • Anonymous

    this is getting out of hand, I am from Australia and there has not been any promotions for M1330 and the day I order it goes up $100, so I’m guessing I am paying $100 for extra waiting time, now I have to wait even longer. Don’t know if I can deal with dell ever again?

  • Anonymous

    I really appreciate the communication from Dell.  Big business creates bottlenecks; intelligent people understand this.  I am glad Dell feels it is important to give their customers all the information behind the delays.  Because of this, I will continue to support them with my business. 

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for the promised calls (3) within 24 hours of customer service chat (the most recent 5 days ago).  When someone says they will do something, and then don’t, that is called a lie.  Since this happened 3 times, it must be policy.  I simply don’t care what reasons Dell may claim for the delays.  I have no reason to believe anything anyone claims at Dell.  Oh, and as for the comment above about getting some money off, I was promised this twice–once of 75 and the second time for 100.  Again, lies.  Dell can promise all it wants and offer endless explanations and apologies, but the simple fact is this:  you offer a product for sale that you do not have.  You know this, and yet you continue to take orders.

  • Anonymous

    I really appreciate the communication from Dell.  Big business creates bottlenecks; intelligent people understand this.  I am glad Dell feels it is important to give their customers all the information behind the delays.  Because of this, I will continue to support them with my business. 

  • Anonymous

    Ok there have been some unforeseen production delays, but how come there wasn’t any concurrent delay in billing?  I propose some form of rebate or gift certificate be offered to all those who have been inconvenienced by the delay.  Another idea would be for DELL to contact all of us and offer free upgrades to those willing to take a delayed delivery date thereby smooth flowing the overall delivery debacle and building good will with their customers.  Shame that I have to think of that and not the leadership of the company.

  • Anonymous

    I dont see how it takes this long to build a laptop???? I think im going to cancel my order, i am very unhappy with dell..

  • Anonymous

    Ordered mine July 4th, estimated delivery Aug 23, called and complained and they told me it will be expedited due to my overseas research work coming up, nothing yet, but now the delivery date is gone all together. Best of all it is a black one with new led, but then I hear others have gotten them and ordered it after me. Well, Aug 23 comes and no laptop will be time to go with Sony or Asus as folks recommend. Don’t get me wrong I like dell, my current one is 5 yo, but this is a pain.

    Just venting


  • Anonymous

    @ Marcel

    There is *NOTHING* appealing about the looks of the U3!  The m1330 wins hands down in the aesthetic department.

    I’ve shown several people both pics and they they continually choose the m1330 for it’s looks compared to the U3.

    I guess I should say thank you to you however……canceling your order probably got me mine faster! 🙂

    Enjoy your UBoat……I mean U3!

  • Anonymous

    This is all fine and good for the consumer product line, but I was always told Dell’s business line, the Latitudes, were available on much shorter leadtimes.

    The D630 is a mainstream business model without “gee-whiz” features like LEDs or custom paint… So why is it going to take more than a month to ship Latitude D630s?

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Inspiron 1520 on July 18 and the estimated ship date was August 01. They called on the first and said it was backordered and would not ship until August 28.  I have read some of the postings and noticed that many people have waited up to three months for their computers. Usually waiting would not be a problem as I am a very patient person, but I dont know if I can do that now. Considering how I ordered this computer for school and I start school August 24, and I have to move states, this it is a problem.I am a mechanical engineer major, so having a computer is necessary. I would have cancelled my order a long time ago but they did not tell me how long it was going to take to fix. If anything they told me that the time shipping would be less. I just want to get it and out all of this behind me.

  • Anonymous

    Like most who have posted here. I am very frustrated with this ordering and delivery process.  I ordered an M90 Precision Workstation (This is a high end Laptop assembled to my specific requirements) as a replacement for a Dell M60 purchased more than 3 years ago.  Because that unit performed remarkably well and because the warranty service was very good, I decided to buy the upgraded version of the same unit. 

    This was a custom order, so I anticipated that a delay may be foreseeable, but I did not expect the original order to be canceled by Dell.  I only discovered this after reviewing my order status online and although the status bar revealed absolutely nothing, I clicked on “View My Orders” and saw that the order had been canceled.  I immediately contacted the CSR, who was also surprised by this action, particularly because the software portion of the order had been received already.  

    I was not aware of the thousands of delays to Dell consumers at that point, so I authorized the CSR to resubmit the order on 8/3.  This resulted in the ESD being moved back about 3 weeks.  The original order date was 7/20.  The original ESD was to have been 8/7 and is now 8/27.  The CSR informed me today that this date is still valid despite the delay being tied to a later than expected delivery of the LED screen for the unit.

    At this point I will wait until the estimated date for shipping because the M90 (based on my experience with the M60) is an exceptional unit.  If it appears that the date cannot be met, then I’ll consider alternate options and possibly cancel the order.  I’m reluctant to disassociate from Dell because I have been a loyal customer for over 12 years having purchased many computers for my architectural business and have never experienced a significant problem until now.  I can only hope that this will be a minor issue because it has not yet become an unreasonable delay for me.

  • Anonymous

    Now 8 days to get a dell outlet unit shipped–not to me, but actually sent out of dell.

  • Anonymous

    I think its almost hilarious at this point. I didnt even order a laptop or a desktop and my order is still delayed and i was referred to this page.  So since most of this does not apply to me i really would like to know why they decided that this would answer why a non system order is still delayed.

  • Anonymous

    So I ordered mine july 27 and the estimated ship date was aug 9, when can i realistically expect this system to come in?

  • Anonymous

    I just ordered ^^my^^ customized ruby red Inspiron 1420  yesterday….. I leave extremely far to School august 18… whats gonna be of that?

    Sony is really starting to look tempting 

  • Anonymous

    Our house ordered TWO inspiron 1521s in july, you would think that would insure plenty of time for delivery b4 we left for college, but guess what… like so many other disillusioned dell customers, ours too wont be here in time, either.  We have purchased from dell many times in the past with far better results, but this is just insane. Most frustrating is lack of communication from dell.  Hopefully they will offer all of us something to make up for the inconveniences.  Production delays are always possible, but good consumer relations are a must, especially in extreme cases like we all have been experiencing.

  • Anonymous

    ALLLRIGHT! More news for me!

     I ordered 12th July. ETA was originally the 7th of August. Which then became
    the 9th. Which then became the 13th. Now it’s “To be advised.
    Please check this site at later time. For further enquiries please e-mail: APCustServ@dell.com.”.
    And THEN a rep posts on a forum, “add 4 weeks to delivery”. That’s NEXT MONTH.
    AGAIN! You have GOT to be kidding.

    What an complete, woeful debacle. The only call I’ve gotten
    about the whole hopeless mess is from the kiosk rep who I ordered through, who
    called to inform me that I was eligible for a $100 refund, which I took up.
    Which ALSO hasn’t shown up yet.

    I’ve also sent two e-mails both containing an order number
    asking for a please explain. I
    ‘d swear that this was the
    Duke Nukem of laptops if I hadn’t seen one of the damned things at the

    A fervered Dell supporter, no more. As much as I like to
    hear “HAHA, you’re STILL waiting for that?” – I’ve had a

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is knocking to Dell for taking people’s money. I don’t get it. Other than Debit Cards and specific other situations, AFAIK your typical consumer using a credit card as the purchasing instrument is NOT getting charged at order time.

    I have not been charged, even though I ordered 2 weeks ago. I expect I will be charged when the order ships.

    Also, when I placed my order, it gave an estimated ship date, which, so far, is accurate.

    I understand the frustration of people who ordered very early in the game and kept getting silently postponed, but for those who ordered recently, Dell did not charge your card, and they told you upfront when your order would ship.

    I do feel that if the order gets further delayed past, say, a month, that an email notice from Dell is required and some compensation would nice.

    Also, the warranty, especially in a weeks-long delay, must start, at the earliest, on the ship date, not the order date.

  • Anonymous

    As a first time Dell customer, I cannot emphasize how disappointed I am in deciding to order from Dell. I’ve had all kinds of laptops and computers in the past, but never bought Dell. Now that I made a decision to buy a Inspiron 1521, I’m totally let down even before I have the laptop. There is no real way to find out what is really happening.  In all my years of working with companies like Dell, when something like this happens, it usually means the Company is getting ready to go bankrupt.  This is especially disturbing.  Has anybody checked the skuttlebutt on the stock of Dell?

  • Anonymous

    After two e-mails, I received a response from AP Customer Service. Their reply?

    Thank you for contacting Dell Asia Pacific Customer Center (Dell APCC).
    I apologise in regards to the delay in your order and I acknowledge the inconvenience this delay has caused to your goodself.
    There is a shortage in parts for your order and we are currently working with our vendors in resolving this issue.
    Your order is pending production and the estimated delivery date is: 6 September 2007

    “Pending production”, ie it doesn’t even exist yet. Yeah, I ordered nearly 6 weeks ago.

    GatonNinja, seriously.. go the Sony. If this is any example, your 1420 will take TWO MONTHS to arrive. If someone wants to order, seriously, save yourself the stress – find another vendor, or wait a few months. If you don’t wait a few months before ordering, you’ll kick yourself. Prices will either drop in the meantime, or you’re going to have to wait 2 months anyway.

  • Anonymous

    My tech-savy son decided the XPS M1330 was what he wanted for college.  I got great service and advice from a Dell sales professional on July 2, with an estimated ship date of August 23. The computer  actually shipped  about 2 weeks early, and is  a gem.  I hope Dell’s future service and product quality continues on this path.  Many comments seem to fault Dell for not anticipating how well this product would be received, and suggest a preference for  rushing the production and testing process in lieu of quality control. This “fast food drive-through” mentality is pervasive in our society, but inappropriate in this situation.  I applaud Dell for apparently not sacrificing quality and reliability for a quick buck but a slow death.  CHILL- wait a few days for a unit that you’ll use and enjoy for several years, as opposed to a “lemon” that will only make you miserable day after day.

  • Anonymous

      I hope with the long delay in production and shipping of these laptops, that Dell realizes their warranty should start on the actual SHIP DATE and not on the order date of the computer.

     An order date warranty would be depriving the customer of five, six or more weeks of coverage.

     This would have Dell throwing gasoline on an already very bad situation.  

    Hope you’re reading this Dell.  Are you willing to compensate your customers for warranty time lost, because of your miscalculation?

    My future Dell purchases will depend solely on how effectively you respond to this current debacle. 




  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the explanations and the “interesting” dialog.  If nothing else, I’m amused by the candor in the blog.  Simply put, I ordered a desktop system and a laptop.  The desktop arrived quickly and works well.  I am still waiting, however, on the laptop, but it hasn’t been too ridiculously long. 

    I appreciate the fact that you take pride in the quality of the painting, so that will appease me for a while.  Since the estimated ship date is past, it would be helpful to have that field updated once in a while so I don’t wonder “When do you THINK you’ll ship it?”  This causes the customer a lot of concern about whether you have a clue about the ship date or not.  Please update the est ship dates to show that you actually intend to ship it at some date in the future.  Seeing only the date in the past (which was missed) doesn’t really answer any questions other than the fact that you missed the shipping date. 

     Still “standing by” in San Antonio…



  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Inspiron 1520 on July 14th, with an expected ship date of August 14th. So, it was supposed to ship today… Unfortunately, I got a voicemail today saying the new expected ship date is August 28th.

    This is not good. I am buying this laptop for school, and my first class is on August 29th. You can bet I will be on the phone with Dell looking for a free upgrade to overnight shipping (already have the best warranty). If they can’t upgrade my shipping, I will likely cancel my order, and buy a used laptop off of eBay.

  • Anonymous

    Start firing people.  I’ll be happy when I see VPs out of work.  I had to take a dell outlet machine, thinking I could have it in 48 hours.  Want to know the ship date for a machine already built?  The 22nd.  It just gets worse. 8 days to box a unit.

    Phone support–wow, finally got through–is unintelligible. But, alas, she told me she was “doing the best she can with English” since it was her second language.  Like Dell’s best, it isn’t good enough.  The mistake Dell makes is that might care why they are failing when all we care about is getting the units we bought, and yes, paid for.  I do have some interest, however, in knowing that someone, a VP I hope, gets fired over this.  It won’t hurt them financially, but they would have to live with the shame.  Oh–forgot, Dell has no shame.

  • Anonymous

    Unlike most people, I hold customer service in very high regard when dealing with a company.  A great many people are content with poor CS as long as the product is superior.  Well, I ordered a Inspiron 1520 through the EPP program.  I actually did manage to shave off some $$$ and customized a $1900 system (retail) for around $1450.  So I went ahead with the purchase on July 19th and received confirmation on the 21st.  When I checked my order status the next day to get a delivery date I was expecting something in the first week in august because I was having a custom laptop constructed.  Two weeks should suffice for that.

     8/13 was the ESD.  3 1/2 weeks to ship the unit.  Having dealt with many vendors regarding the sale and construction of desktop and notebook PCs over the past ten years, anything over 2 weeks is excessive.  So I contacted my CSR which was a waste of time.  The language barrier between us was unheard of for a CS department, and I had to keep repeating myself which didn’t seem to get me any closer to an answer.  After two weeks has passed, I contacted them again and wanted to know if there were any backordered parts.  I was told that there was a delay on the blue microsatin finish.  I’m sorry, but you never tell a customer there is a delay on a paint job for a computer.  No where on the order forms did it suggest that certain colors may create delays in shipment.  I was told for a second time that my order would be expidited and that I would be upgraded to NDS instead of 3-5 ground.

    On 8/11 I called once more just to assure myself that things were going well.  For a third time I was told that they would expedite my order and that “we are sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience on this matter”.  On 8/13 I received and email from the first CSR I spoke to, Sunil Kumar, informing me that “we are sorry but your order has been delayed” and that “we are not sure about the exact reason for the delay”.  My new ESD was 8/28.  This was a time sensitive purchase and as I’m leaving on a 8am flight on 8/16, this was unacceptable.

    I contacted Customer Care again and spoke with Shashi Goud who assured me that “the has been escalated to my case manager and he will expedite this order”.  I said that doesn’t work..”I need this by 8/15, this Wednesday”.  The response “I’m sorry sir but we’ll expedite your order so that it arrives to you as soon as it can for your convenience.”  My convenience?  I’ve already been inconvenienced.  Three weeks alone is excessive to wait for a computer shipment, let alone have it delayed.  After informing him again that this was not acceptable, I was told that his supervisor would be contacting me within two hours.

    After I failed to receive a phone call I contacted Customer Care again.  Yet another Indian answered the phone and informed me that he cannot guarantee me that my order will arrive by 8/16 and he does not wish to give me false hopes.  I informed him that if it’s not here by 8/16. I’m not accepting the delivery.  I said “I’m sorry but you have to understand there is a delay in parts due to shortages all over.”  I replied “Then why are you accepting orders for products you don’t currently have and can’t construct…and why aren’t you informing the consumer about this shortage so they may make a more educated purchase?”  His response?

    “I’m sorry sir but you have to understand this isn’t just affecting you.  It’s affecting a number of customers in the industry.”

     Whatever little book he was reading from…I’m sure it didn’t say that.  A cardinal rule of Customer Service is NEVER compare the customer you’re speaking with to another customer.  EVER.  When someone contacts a CSR, the last thing they want to hear is, in not so many words, “Deal with it, it’s happening to everyone.”  I dont’ care about everyone, I care about my system and my needs regarding that system.  I’m concerned about my order and it’s completion and shipment, not about the 1000 other orders that are backed up.  I’m calling because of the problem I have, not the problems other people may or may not have.  As I’ve read on this forum, some people are fine with the delays, however there are those of us who are not….especially when we are used to prompt service and delivery, as well as good communication between myself and the CS departments of the companies and venders I deal with.

     So I told him to cancel my order.  He replied “I’m very sorry I assure you that your order will be expedited.”  I replied, “Will be?  You mean it hasn’t yet?  That’s strange because it’s been expedited three times already….and it’s still not flagged as such?”  I told him to cancel again, and it took 5 minutes for him to finally cancel the order for me.  There really isn’t anyway short of a 50% discount on a purchase along with free overnight shipping and a case for the unit that I would ever deal with Dell directly again.  I’m currently researching Sony and Toshiba notebook PCs but since I won’t have a notebook available by the time my flight leaves, I’m in no rush now.

     I’ve informed my company about the matter and have recommended that any and all future business be taken to a different company.  Currently we run Dell systems exclusively, however with some work I’ll hopefully be changing that.  Running in excess of 150 touch screen terminals and each of our company departments running off a Dell mainframe as well as 30+ floor terminals and 200+ office terminals, that’s a large number.  I can’t guarantee that the company will look into my proposal to transfer business when it comes time to upgrade out systems, but it’s definitely a start.

    I had a funny feeling something was wrong when the original ESD was over three weeks away from the order date.  But to push it back after an already excessive time without true compensation, is just bad business.  Now, instead of offering compensation for the delay and poor CS and recouping some of a $1500 sale, they lose the entire sale.  Of course, it’s no sweat off their nose since they don’t even process the order for construction until all the parts are accounted for.  The only thing they’ve lost, aside from the sale itself, is paperwork.

  • Anonymous

    This company is such a joke, I ordered an inspiron 1501 on the 9th and their expected ship date is AUGUST 31TS!!! Get the hell outta here this system dosent even have and similar components with the xps model. 31st HAHAHA  I’m really thinking of going with sony, their models are alot better.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Dell m1330 (red cover) on 7/6. The sales guy told me I could expect to receive it on 8/6 at the latest. Last week customer service called telling me that she was “afraid I have some bad news” and proceeded to tell me that shipping was postponed until today (8/14). Taking a look at my latest order information shows my laptop shipping delayed another week to 8/21.

    Talk about frustrating!

    I spoke with a customer service rep yesterday because I was pretty certain they were going to delay shipping. I call the 18004339014 self service status report daily to find out where my computer is in production. It’s been in the “build” stage for two weeks which tells me it’s probably waiting for a non-defective crimson red cover or one of those scarce LED screens.

    So, I’m thinking I now have two choices:

    1. Wait it out until my laptop ships or they cancel my order altogether

    2. Cancel my order and buy from a competitor

    I’m favoring option #2 because no matter how fast & light the M1330 is, it’s just not THAT special. So I’m looking at what the competition has to offer.

    I can also say that I now feel about Dell the way I feel about United Airlines: I will avoid them as much as possible.

    When I was speaking with the customer service rep yesterday, I told her “Please don’t say ‘thank you for choosing Dell,’ I just can’t handle that today.”

  • Anonymous

    Update:  Advised last night to cancel and reorder for a third time.  With the new, new, new, new ship date now 6 weeks beyond the original date and 8 weeks beyond the order, I give up.  There is a language barrier, I think.  To customer service, the promising of action and not delivering is not considered a lie.  Perhaps it is simply “Dellspeak” in the training video.

    I also don’t know what is meant by “I’ve certain tools of this regard to address this issue” means.  I suspect it means the agent will do whatever is necessary to end the customer service session and move on to the next completely dissatisfied customer.  As for the comment above by the customer who is amused by the “interesting dialog” in this blog, please report back in a month–on your desktop, of course.  You will not have your laptop.  You will, however, have paid for it by then.


    To Gruzen:  you are not a reporter.  You are VP of the Consumer Products Group.  Do something.  I’m surprised you still have a job.  You are a failure.  By what measure do I judge you a failure?  Your post should have said this:  this is a disaster, and here is how we are going to fix it.  Yet, you continue to sell products you don’t have.  I saw a commercial on TV last night advertising THE SAME PRODUCT you can’t build.  Now, what sort of business collects money from people for products they don’t have to sell?  What kind of VP has a blog to report on why you have delays?  Do you think your post would produce anything other than the comments posted above?  Are you really that naive?  Why do you still have a job?  You should step down–that would do more to satisfy customers than your magnanimous posturing in your “live from the front it is Alex Gruzen” blog.  At least then someone else would be in charge, and since it can’t be any worse than with you in the role, why not take that chance?  It would also signal a symbolic change at DELL.  If you are not the lead on this issue (but on this matter’s regard I have no tools to implement do you want 75.00 and a carrycase, to use your customer service speak), then why did you post at all?

  • Anonymous

    Lets try promoting this to get visibility to this issue.


  • Anonymous

    Dell starts manufacturing in India

    CHENNAI: Dell’s first made in India computer rolled out of the conveyor at its newly established assembly line at Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, here on Monday.

    The first locally manufactured desktop was handed over to Infosys Technologies, one of Dell’s largest customers in India. The Sriperumbudur facility, in which Dell intends to invest $30 million over the next five years, now has a single assembly line, with a capacity to roll out four lakh units per annum on a single shift basis.

    While the company can operate upto three shifts, it also has enough land at its disposal to set up additional lines to achieve its production ramp up schedule to roll out 2.5 million units per annum over the next few years. “We have commenced production today at this facility, which happens to be the third in entire Asia-Pacific region and Japan.

    The Sriperumbudur facility is also our third plant to go on stream this year, with two others in Brazil and Poland,” Mr Rajan Anandan, vice president and GM, Dell India told a press conference at the plant. “This facility is very strategic for our operations in India and it will help in reducing the lead time for delivery by 40 per cent – 50 per cent. It will also help in reducing costs and we will pass on the benefits to the customers, as there will be meaningful reduction in prices,” he said.

    The first desktop was handed over to Group Captain Deepak Sinha, vice president – CCD and Mr R N Koushik, AVP – CCD, Infosys, in the presence of Mr Kip Thompson, vice president – worldwide facilities and Mr K Y Yong, GM – Manufacturing Operations, both from Dell.

    “We have put up the facility in just a short eight months and it is great day for manufacturing and technology in India,” said Mr Thompson, who was earlier instrumental in launching Dell products in the country. Addressing the gathering, Mr Yong said the new facility has come up over 1.1 lakh sq ft of built up area. “We have been allocated 50 acres and we have plenty of space set up addition assembly lines. In addition, 100 acres have been allocated for suppliers and we intend to establish an eco-system comprising many of our 90 vendors present globally,” he said.

    While Dell formally selected Chennai, which according to company officials got the nod due to the presence of a sea port and an international airport, in September, 2006, it announced its intent to start operations by July this year.

    “When we started operations at Penang in Malaysia and Xiamen in China in 1995 and 1998 respectively, the facilities were of the same size as in Chennai. However, they have since expanded to very large capacities and we expect the same to happen here too,” Mr Yong said. Dell has an overall market share of 6 per cent in India. However, it has established around 30per cent share among large corporates. It has recently entered the banking and financial services segment.

  • Anonymous

    yea thats great and all….but if dell tells you what the ship date is then changes it the day of your ESD, and i have to go to college in a week or so and tell me this, what good would your sons laptop do him if it arrives after hes left for school

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday I received an automated phone call from Dell informing me of a
    delay in shipping for my Inspiron 1521. I ordered it on July 20, it was
    originally supposed to ship on August 13, and has now been delayed to Aug 28.

    I am disappointed, but as I am not on a severe time crunch, I will live. I’ve
    been limping along with my old Inspiron (ca. 2000) that is hanging in there by
    the skin of it’s teeth, and an additional ten days ain’t gonna kill me. (The
    amazing longevity of my original Inspiron is one of the reasons that I decided
    to get another Dell, btw.)

    However, I have to agree with many of the above posts – especially from the
    students who have school starting soon – that this is really frustrating. It
    would seem very apparent to anyone who has ever dealt with customer service of
    any sort that:

    a) an immediate notification with explanation should have been sent by phone
    and e-mail,

    b) some sort of compensation (preferably a credit of some sort, or a free
    extended warranty/service agreement) should be offered, without the customer
    having to cancel and re-order to get it,

    c) billing should not begin until the customer’s item has shipped, and

    d) warranty should not begin until the customer’s item has shipped.

    A few simple steps – people might still be frustrated, but hopefully not
    angry and canceling orders. And I would be more than willing to take a back
    seat to a student’s order if Dell would offer me some compensation for the bump
    (airlines do it for overbooked flights, why not a manufacturer?).

     ~Verde in the Jet City

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Latitude 630 through my university book store and the ESD was today.  I received an e-mail from the book store trying to explain the Dell situation that many rising freshman are in right now.  The university has not published any ESD’s whatsoever and have instead decided to inform us of the locations of all of the on campus computer labs.  It is safe to assume that I will not have my Latitude by the time that classes start on August 27th. 

    There are so many things wrong with this situation that I cannot even begin to express everything.  Dell, as a consumer with 50 years of buying power (see comment above), you need to pray that I go senile at an early age.  The lasting brands are those with strong standards of quality associated with the brand.  I have been underwhelmed by the situation at Dell right now. 

    Furthermore, I know that other students out there will agree when I say that I did not pay a hefty chunk of change out of my own pocket to use the on campus computer labs and pay for printing at these labs. 

     Advice to future students, unless the bookstore has a magic deal, cut out the middle man and opt for cash and carry. 

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, another pissed off customer. I ordered my dell inspiron 1520 about 3 weeks ago and recieved a call TODAY the day it was suppose to arrive that there was a delay setting it back to august 28th. It was suppose to have arrived today as i already said so that i would have time to transfer all my files from my desktop onto my laptop BEFORE I went to school. Now it’s going to be shipped to my house a week after class starts and I’m going to have to ask my younger brother to transfer stuff onto it and then mail it to me costing me extra shipping charges. Thanks Dell! You rock! You probably have the worst customer service in the history of computers. Stop saying that you have award winning service. Who’s giving out these awards anyways?

  • Anonymous

    What a Farce!  I ordered a 1420 on 7/27 and was told it wold be expedited for delivery on 8/7. When I did not get an email confirmation and called back in, the customer number had changed and the order was then planned for shipping on 8/20.  Ordered with the computer was a the AIO printer and Lojack, both also delayed.  Excuses have ranged from  shortages of LCD screens, shortages of processors, poor paint colors, etc.  All very interesting, but why was I then able to call Staples and order a Sony Vaio CR, same exact config as the 1420 for $300 less and get it in 3 days!  I then went to the Lojack site and downloaded the software in 15 minutes!  I will buy a printer off the shelf – unlees of course the LCD, processor shortages or bad paint jobs delay my decision!  Dell is on the way OUT.  As someone who has bought over 30 systens in the past 25 years it has been a good ride, but like all good things, the end has come.  Micheal got greedy – left the shop to the bean counters and now it has been ruined.  Suggestion: go find another supplier and maybe Dell will be forced to wake up or down with the rest!  Do NOT put up with their blabber and excuses – as consumers we can and should demand good service or let them fail!

  • Anonymous

    Actually got through on the phone.  I had to switch agents after I didn’t understand a single word spoken by the first, only to find more of the same, an agent “doing the best she can” to speak clearly in English.  Can it get any worse?  Into the second month on the order, and the most recent request to cancel my order and resubmit creates an INCREASE in price of more than 200 dollars.

    My last post did not make it up–perhaps it was too critical of the VP himself?   I did not make a personal attack.  I criticized his performance.  I violated none of the rules listed below.  He has failed to address this issue.

     Here is the summary of my experience:  broken promises, rebates never posting, poor grammar in customer service chat that radically altered meaning, and unintelligible phone support.  Orders for the 17 inch laptops are now estimated for mid-September.  With no clear answers and so many broken promises, where do we point the finger?  We point it at ourselves.  It is our money, and we can spend it anywhere.  Hopefully, someone will understand what this means–to lose a great number of customers, to lose freshman entering college (not me, but they represent 50 years of purchase power each), to lose those of us who can buy products on a whim–well, multiple the number of customers by the number of replacement products over a lifetime and you begin to see the power of just walking away.  What is a lifelong customer worth?  100,000 each?  These are not the concerns of those who want to point the finger–such as the VP and ourselves.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice ….  Well, I’m done being a fool.

  • Anonymous

    Having production delays is one thing but being told that things would be “ok soon” just doesn’t cut it with me either. I canceled my Inspiron 1720 laptop(supposedly they have no LCD screens for the 17″ size) and went to Best Buy and bought a TOSHIBA… too bad so sad Dell.

    My desktop is great but this recent debacle makes me think twice befor I would order a laptop or much else from DELL

  • Anonymous

    Direc2dell.com is a joke… They’re NOT reading any posts here anymore…

    Dell don’t care about our custom, they are a HUGE company and clearly feel that despite the further damange to their reputation this debacle has caused they’re going to continue showing contempt for the customer.

     Yep, the Customer Service is a joke but they only do what they’re told by management, who are given a policy by Senior management.

     I spoke to a CSR at an IRELAND call centre who tells me that UK business enquiries are now going to be routed to them instead of India in an attempt to promote a better flow of information.  Its great that you can now understand what the CSR is saying more clearly, its still rubbish that Dell’s policies mean NO COMPENSATION UNTIL YOUR ORDER SHIPS!!

    Which means they DO NOT CARE about keeping your order.  Bravo to those people who’ve cancelled and gone elsewhere!  My shipdate is this Friday, it WON’T be met…  I’ll give it until then, then I’m going Macbook…

     I’ll run XP under Parallels or Bootcamp and have to put up with the extra 0.4Kgs of weight!  Hardly a deal breaker considering that by Friday I’d have been waiting over a month and a half, and that’s not even as bad as some poor people have had to put up with!

    As customers, we can only hope that cancelled orders will HURT their pathetic company, and that they will continue to get hurt by their shoddy business practises… it won’t happen of course, most people are sheep but hey, one can dream that customer power will win through right?!

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone actually received an Inspiron 1720 Laptop from Dell yet?

    If so what was the actual wait time and more important do you notice any quality issues? 

  • Anonymous

    We ordered a inspiron 1521, that was to be delievred on 13th of august, now pushed back to 28th!I am extremely frustrated and taking my buisness elsewhere

  • Anonymous

    After first ordering my 1420 on the 26 june i am still waiting, I was force to reorder after my order was cancelled by dell, had i read these problems        before reordering i would have had second thoughts. I will keep my fingers cross in the mean time.

    I also had problems with a salesrep that did not return emails. I live in the caribbean and long distance calls are expensive.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered an Inspiron 1420 on July 11th.  Ship date was pushed to August 28th for delivery by September 4th.  Wow, excellent customer service.  Will have to cancel my order after reading this blog.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an Inspiron on July 17 th, it was due to ship on 8/6. I  was never informed that the ship date wouldn’t be met. No call, no e-mail, dell.com still shows the 8/6 ship date.

    I had to call them to find out that it was delayed until 8/27  , I  got the total run around from customer service. Production and shipping delays happen, but there is no excuse for not keeping your customers informed.

    What lousy customer service, it should be a major embarrassment  to Dell


  • Anonymous

    Ordered July 18th..told August 1st. So…it comes September 1st…hopefully. School started today. And I have no laptop:( BUT HEY! I got the sling and the mouse I ordered! THEY WORK GREAT WITHOUT MY LAPTOP!

  • Anonymous

    Just for your information. Placed my order on 8/1, EDT on 8/22. Today I’ve received a “late shipment advisory” pushing the EDT to 10/3.

    The system i’ve ordered is an XPS M1330, Tuxedo Black, with CCFL display. Normal configuration.

    So, be patient is the only thing I can do now…

  • Anonymous

    So, the order I placed 7/29 that was to be shipped 8/8 has now been pushed back to 8/22 (previously pushed back to 8/15), I fear that on the 22nd it will be pushed to the 29th and I’ll be sucked into an endless spiral of being addicted to predicting my new extended ship date and I’ll never get my computer. It’s not a laptop or a LED backed LCD issue, I ordered a desktop Inspiron 530, the monitor already shipped and arrived 3 days after I placed the order. I’m not new technology but still being jacked around. What is up with that??? Wipe the dust off my machine and please ship it to me!

  • Anonymous

    So i got my official phone call from India….the 2nd estimated shipping date is for August 28th (ordered on the 22nd of July…original was August 14), but the dell representative said in broken english “your order WOULD NOT be shipped before August 28th”. So why is that my new estimated ship date….they might as well tell me that my new ship date is December 1, 2007 that way i’ll be excited when I receive it, instead of me becoming more frustrated when my order is delayed again on August 28th. Thus it better ship on August 28th or Dell needs to do a better job in their estimated shipping dates.

  • Anonymous

    I understand there are issues that arise in every business that sometimes delays the shipment of a product.  However, it would be nice to learn of these issues when they arise and not when you hope to see that something should be shipped out.  It would have been nice if an e-mail was sent to everyone who ordered the product on the day this entry was posted.  It would have been nice when checking the status of the product to see that there were some delays in getting it out in a timely manor.  If you are trying to get people to return to you as a customer in the future informing them as soon as these issues arise would be a nice gesture on the part of customer relations.  Right now I’m not worried about not having my new system in time for something as the one I am replacing still works with some minor frustrations from time to time.  However, I am a little concerned that you chose to not mention the issue even existed to people until the day they were expecting to see their units had shipped.  Bad business practice?  I’ll leave that up to the opinions of others.  Bad judgment on the part of customer relations?  I just might possibly be that way.  As long as what I have for now runs, I am not canceling my order just because it’s held up for another two weeks.  I am not one of those who absolutely have to have the laptop right this week and cannot afford to cancel the order because of monetary reasons.  I’ve been patient since the end of last month, another two weeks isn’t going to kill me.

  • Anonymous

    I would not have purchased 3 new computers if I knew ahead of time

    that I would have to wait 2 weeks for the items to be built…I think

    dell needs to compensate the purchasers for their problem…

    why didn/t dell tell us about the delay before we purchased not after…



  • Anonymous

    Why are customers notified about the delays AFTER they put the orders in. If Dell is so focused on being honest and open with their customers tell them about your problems before they put in the order.

  • Anonymous

    To Jerry

    What planet are you living on or do you work for DELL? 

  • Anonymous

    Just FYI to all the guys complaining about Dell, they were really nice to me and were very honest. I bought the XPS M1330 about 2 weeks ago and it arrived today. I had the WLED also so I dunno what you guys are whining about but patience is needed.

  • Anonymous

    I can sort of understand the delays related to specific production issues, what I can not understand is the delay on my outlet purchase.

     My understanding of the Dell Outlet is that these are machines that are already built, and were returned, refurbished, returned from lease, etc.

    Why in the world would I get an estimated ship date of more than three weeks from date of order when the item already exists and is in a warehouse somewhere?

  • Anonymous

    My boyfriend ordered me a laptop in the middle of july it was supossed to be shipped the 8th its “still in production” my laptop didnt even have anything added on or built in on it and i cant get a hold of anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’ll toss in my $.02. I ordered a m1330, mostly decked out on 08/07, as a replacement to a very defective m1210 I bought back in April which was sent back. Luckily it seems I am a big fan of Black. My new m1330 is the T7300/2.0, 2gb DDR-667, 200gb 7200rpm HDD, WLED w/ webcam, Next-Gen N card, biometrics, nVidia 8400, and the 6-cell battery- not to mention a few extra accessories. EDD is set at six weeks from the order date, 9/18, which I can tolerate- to a point. If I log in anytime between now and then, and something has changed, I will not hesitate to call and find out why. As I said, this is a replacement to a totally defective unit from before, that has already cost me a LOT of productivity time (I work in IT, and it’s been difficult not being mobile). This was purchased with corporate funds allocated to me, and HAS been fully paid for in advance. I am excited to get my new system, I just hope it works 100% better than last time. It was a real disappointment, and almost cost Dell another customer, as well as many referrals. Has Dell made any mention yet of compensation for all the delays incurred by these other customers? It would only seem fair to toss an extra bonus of reasonable value there way as a sign of good faith. I wonder how long it will take before someone sparks up a class-action for this, considering last i heard Dell was still fighting that situation against a previous Inspiron model (6100 I want to say). Pick up the pace guys, you’re losing ground in the industry quick. As irritated as I have been in the past few months over my troubles, I would hate to see a company I [used to] respect go under. Sony is for fanboys, Mac for the trendy, Dell for the realist. Not knocking Toshiba, mind you. Good Luck to you all!


  • Anonymous

    Obviously this problem was going on BEFORE I ordered my laptop but there was ZERO indication of it and the “Why is my order delayed” link did not pop up until the day of anticipated shipment and it had not yet been shipped. If I had known there would be a delay, I would not have ordered the damn thing.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an Inspiron 1521 on 7/17.  The order was canceled and I only found out about it because I checked my order status on 7/25.  I had to argue for 3 hours to get the order reinstated at the original price.  Estimated ship date was 8/8.  I checked on 8/8, new shipping date 8/15.  I checked on 8/15, new shipping date 8/22.  I have never been contacted nor given any explanation of the problem.  This post only explains the M1330.(I only found this post by accident.)  Dell has a lot of explaining to do.

  • Anonymous

    Like many other people on this board, I ordered a Inspiron 1520 notebook on July 23rd with an estimated ship date of August 9th, plenty of time before I leave for college on the 17th. On August 9th I got a phone call saying that my order was officially back ordered and would ship on August 28th. Besides the fact that I am inconvenienced because I won’t have my laptop during the first few weeks of college, I am worried about Dell’s ability to ship on August 28th. From reading several other’s posts, their ship dates are also now August 28th. If Dell couldn’t handle all the volume the first time, how are they going to finish all these back ordered computers and have them all shipped on August 28th? I am skeptical.

  • Anonymous

    I posted earlier about never being notified about delays.  Now I happen to be looking over my order and see a link that states if I don’t consent to the delays by the nest ESD my order will be canceled.  Nice…..what a way to run a company.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I was just confused as to why it was taking so long for me to even get my notebook in the first place.  This really puts it into perspective.

    I have been very happy with the customer service at Dell so far and I am patiently waiting for my unit to come in.

    Also, for everyone who is ungrateful for this kind of support and updates, you are being very unkind.  They explained in the update that you can only test so many prototypes before putting items on the market AND IT IS TRUE THAT MORE PROBLEMS OCCUR WITH LARGER QUANTITIES.  So either, sit down and shut up or go somewhere else.

    Oh, and if you do not know how to type, and are bad at committing more than the occasional “typo” or “grammatical error”, please at least read over what you are saying before you post it.  If a customer can not read it, how do you think the busy people at Dell are? 

  • Anonymous

    Why does it take 30 days to manufacture an of-the-shelf Latitude D630?
    The response from a Dell rep in India(?) is that the delay is due to an industry wide parts shortage on the screen display.I talked to an HP rep and they are not experiencing any shortages and a similar unit  can be shipped  in 72 hours but it is more expensive. (Dell offers a discount to the University community). Pending a response from Dell on my request for expediting my order I will decide whether an unfinished  cheaper unit in Dell’s factory shelf is better than an HP on my desk.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, my black, XPS 1330 with LED isn’t due to ship until 9/21, but I got my Timbuk2 bag today. I’ll wait for the quality and be patient.  I knew that I had to wait for a bit, but all the reviews for the system are very good..

  • Anonymous

    Come on Dell!  I too ordered
    a back to school laptop on July 17th. 
    First ship date was 03 August, then in the afternoon of the 3rd
    I got an automated voice message saying it would be delayed and a New ship date
    of 28 August.  A lot of 28 August ship
    dates out there!  You’ve got our money
    now please make good on your promise.  We
    could have all purchased from Circuit city or Best Buy or some other
    electronics chain but we chose you and it is your responsibility to deliver
    when you SAID you would.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a 1520 on 8/13, not too long ago.  My estimated ship date is 8/30, which I can deal with since my roommate will have a computer I can borrow for the first few weeks of school.  However, I will have to say that the moment my ship date is pushed back as the general M/O seems to be, I will not hesitate to cancel my order and take my business elsewhere.  I understand supply constraints and so on, but when you are advertising Back to School, people generally want them before the semester is half over, much less before it starts.  Here’s to hoping that my post was simply blowing smoke, and you’ll get me my laptop on time!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think that Dell is a little bit rubbish here, because a friend of mine ordered a XPS 1330M on 9 July, the order is stucked on pre-production.

    Delivery is estimated for 3 October.

    Please give me a break, i pretty sure that my friend will obviously cancel his order and i think that Dell is in wrong way. They could test their material before going live on their website.


  • Anonymous

    I have this love hate relationship with Dell at the moment.  I’ve loved Dell computers for the longest time and finally, I bought one for my academic program.  I was soo excited when I ordered it on the 19th of July that I actually wanted it that week!!!  But, obviously knew that wasn’t possible.  I had and ESD of Aug. 9 but it wasn’t supposed to arrive until the 16th or 17th of Aug.  Because of their delay they mentioned, I had them upgrade my shipping to next day.  Once Aug 9 hit, I received an e-mail saying there was going to be another delay… this time till Aug. 28!!! This is an outrage!  Though I love Dell computers, I think it is nothing short of irresponsible that NO ONE in the company anticipated this.  There are people at Dell who are PAID to do this… hope they get fired!  Anyways, because I really like Dell’s quality in their products, I don’t know how much longer I should wait, should they delay it any further than the 28th!  Well, I hope everyone gets their systems soon!!

  • Anonymous

    You only waited 2 weeks…hmmm. Must be ’cause you are a Dell fanboy.

    they were really nice to me and were very honest“…wow. All that and special delivery too. Why am I skeptical? Tell the truth, you work for Dell, right?

  • Anonymous

    Most of this talk concerns laptops. I’d love to know what their desktop building process is. I ordered a 531 desktop on 7/25 from a Dell kiosk in the mall. The scheduled ship date was 8/9. Seemed kind of long, but I was willing to wait. On 8/9 I get an email stating it won’t ship until 8/16. What? The day it is suppose to ship they just discovered that they are missing components? One of the 8 Dell employees I spoke to mentioned that the monitor was not in and that 10,000 systems are on back order for this! They didn’t know this before the ship date? They probably knew this the day I ordered. My order was then escalated to the “Priority Team”. This apparently is a losing team, as when 8/16 rolled around, I get another email saying it is now scheduled to ship on 8/23! They trying to string me along! Not for long, though, as I canceled my order and will go to one of the myriad of local PC stores and pick up something, definitely not a Dell!

    And believe me, I will tell everyone I know that Dell has no idea what customer service is.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Inspiron 1721 on 7/14 and all in one printer/fax/scanner. The first ship date was 7/26 for both items. That got moved to 8/3, again both items. That date was pushed back to 8/28, both items. I was told it was because I ordered the color spring green for the lap top. My questions that no one seems to be able to answer: Why am I waiting for the printer? Why did Dell charge my Dell charge account that I am paying interest on for over 6 weeks (that is if I get the computer on the 28th) but do not have the lap top or printer? Seems they are cashing in on me!

  • Anonymous

    I just canceled my order.  For those of you who think that the “whiners” are waiting 2 weeks then complaining, read the above posts.  It’s more like 2 months and still no product or explanation.

    I will order again, maybe around November, once the backlog has cleared, and I’ll probably get different pricing then too.  Who knows, maybe cheaper, maybe faster CPU, etc.  I’m sure the prices will change between July and November.  Luckily, unlike some of you out there, I don’t need this notebook urgently, but still find it cool enough to hold out before buying another one.

    Good luck to all those still waiting!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even order a computer…I ordered a Zune.  They have an estimated ship date of 12/17!  Website says usually available within 24 hours.  I think 4 months is pushing it!  I’ve called twice and nobody there ever knows anything.  Repeat after me….”I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” 

  • Anonymous

    I also am very frustrated with Dell! I ordered my laptop on 7/20 with a ESD of 8/13. I called on the 13th and was told there has been a delay with a new ESD of 8/28. I see alot of orders with this same ESD, and am wondering what allows Dell to believe this day will actually be the date they will be able to send outh somany computer. Are these going to be so rushed that the quality control will then suffer? Or is this just a date pulled out of thin air to string people along for another couple of weeks, anly to disappoint them once again?

    Dell should have been upfront about the problems so people wouldn;t now be questioning everything they are being told! Dell has damaged their reputation big time with me and many others!
  • Anonymous

    Like wise for everyone here — big concerns. I ordered a 1420 — initial ship date august 9th — pushed to August 28th. My concern is that I count 25+ people! on this board saying their ship date has been pushed to August 28. What happens on that day — the flood gates open at Dell?? Somehow I doubt it. I only wish I knew now, for certain, whether that date will be met. If not, I am going to cancel and order a HP system. I will feel stupid for not canceling the Dell order earlier however. Certainly Dell has lost any future business from me and I am sharing this displeasure with friends and colleagues.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell, I’ve been in PREPRODUCTION,YES thats PREPRODUCTION ( they haven’t even started to acknowledge my order’s existence for over a MONTH. College starts in 4 days and it looks like I’m going to have to wait my turn on a library computer like a god damn shlum to do my work until my non existent computer arrives.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a m1330 w/red case and LED display on July 2nd and have an ESD of August 20th.  It’s the 16 at 9pm and my status is still pre-production.  I’m not feeling too good about this and feeling quite a bit worse as I see there are some folks getting extras with their’s.

    And this experience will certainly have a bearing on how my future orders at my company go………..I hate to say that, but this experience will certainly not be forgotten very soon….whether I end up with this laptop or not. 

    I’d also like to see another update from “Alex”.  It’s been almost 2 weeks since his comments.

  • Anonymous

    Well today is the ESD for my 1420.  I ordered 7/13 and did see a delay notice due to my choosing the upgraded display.  I don’t notice any changes to my order page yet today, but the link that led me to this page was there yesterday.  I don’t have high hopes of getting this laptop by the 25th when I go to my conference, one of the main reasons I ordered when I did, even though if it ships today as it is supposed to I would have it early next week.

    So now I need to decide if I want to cancel or keep on waiting.  Hmm. 

  • Anonymous

    … and the problems continue.  This has to be one of the worst launches that any company can do.


  • Anonymous

    I have been waiting 2 months now for my Inspiron 1521.  Like so many of you all, I placed my order at the beginning of July and was told that it would arrive around the 19th.  Then it got delayed for whatever reason to the 27th; then they canceled my order.  So I had to place a brand new order July 24th and I received the Next Day shipping and it was supposed to ship yesterday(8/15) and arrive today (8/16).  I checked that oh so helpful (ya, right) Order Status page and discovered that my order was delayed again to the 29th of August.  So I called and was informed that they do not issue credit on delayed orders… now after reading these blogs I see why b/c they’d probably go out of business (which is probably not a bad idea)…  Anyway all the lady could give was $83 credit after the order shipped which I told her it probably never will ship but go ahead anyway… This doesn’t make any sense… It’s ridiculous to have people waiting for something that has now become essential to everyday life… A laptop is not cutting edge technology these days.  I agree I will never ever buy anything from Dell ever again… Can you believe the lady had enough never to 1st offer me a coupon for a future order, I told her there will not be any future orders and that I’m calling about my current and last order.  I will definitely express my displeasure with anyone I can get to listen…

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I see so many people with this issue. I never knew it was such a problem until the second delay, when a link to this blog popped up. I ordered a 1520 on July 18th. Was supposed to ship on the 6th of August, then the 13th, now it is the 23rd. Ordering this a full month before college classes started, I thought I would have received it by now. I can only hope that everyone cancels their order so mine gets bumped up the list, but this should never have been an issue. When I ordered it was “please allow 10-15 business days.” It was not 20 to 25+ at best…

    Also, I never got an email about the delays, I never even got an email telling me that my order was going to be canceled unless I gave them an “OK” to continue. I had to search my order on the Dell website to see. The company I work for orders many different kinds of Dell equipment, and they have a deal with Dell as well. I have to say that these laptops are never delayed. Just so you guys know, that is where your parts are going…to companies that order 10+ laptops every week. I should have asked my boss to order it through the company, I would have gotten it within a week.

    I doubt these machines will arrive on the 28th. I expect another 5 delays, but still have some hopes for this next date. College starts on the 27th so I can be without it for a few days. I still have my work machine. This is the last delay that I will take though.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Inspiron 1420 laptop on July 23rd, with an estimated ship date of August 20th. I start school on the 4th of September. And now, after reading about all of the people who have had their ship dates pushed or their orders even canceled, I can’t help but worry that my laptop will not come til well after school has already started for me. If this happens, I can assure you I will cancel my order, as sad as I am to give up my student discount, and take my business elsewhere.

    You need to get this problem fixed, pronto, or you’e going to lose an extreme amount of business. There is absolutely no excuse for the amount of customers disappointed by this, especially since most aren’t made aware of the problem until after they already order from you.

  • Anonymous

         Tried to change my order of the XPS M1330 to a higher end model and the customer service agent said I would have to cancel my original order and place a new order.  The catch was my new order could not include the american expresss gift card I had used for the first purchase.  I was trying to give Dell more money and they wont allow me to apply a gift card for a machine I never recieved. 

         Not only poor customer service but poor business sense.  I would assume the higher end model had a better margin.  I send an email to customer service explaining my situation.  I recieve the standard we will respond within 6 hours.  2 weeks later still no response.

  • Anonymous

    ordered 7/17 with an original shipping date of 8/4. even that seemed SO far
    away… then on the 4th I get a voicemail saying it’s been pushed back till the
    28th…. and after reading all these posts im skeptical. it’s an inspiron 1420
    by the way..

    for those who have called to complain, is it worth the headache? trying to
    talk to dell customer service is harder than trying to explain things to my 5
    year old niece… but if it’s gonna get me something for free, or somehow
    expedite the process, or just let them know that im NOT satisfied, then i’ll do
    it. so, should i?

  • Anonymous

    I was directed to this forum via email after Dell has failed yet again to deliver my 24″ 2407FP monitor. Not really sure what my 24″ monitor has to do with notebook displays but I will go ahead and comment. Dell has slipped my ship date for the second time, I purchased a Top of the Line XPS system on 8-4-2007 and will be getting my computer on 8-21, it has shipped or I would cancel the order. It seems that I will have a computer and no monitor due to Dell’s incompetentence. My “revised-revised” ship date is now 8-23-2007. My daughter and I purchased the exact same systems (including monitors) on the exact same day and we live in the same household, she received her monitor after one revision to her ship date and I can’t seem to get mine. This will be my last purchase from Dell…ever! I will inform anyone / everyone I can about the terrible customer experience and hopefully pursuade them to purchase elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    ordered 7/17 with an original shipping date of 8/4. even that seemed SO far
    away… then on the 4th I get a voicemail saying it’s been pushed back till the
    28th…. and after reading all these posts im skeptical. it’s an inspiron 1420
    by the way..

    for those who have called to complain, is it worth the headache? trying to
    talk to dell customer service is harder than trying to explain things to my 5
    year old niece… but if it’s gonna get me something for free, or somehow
    expedite the process, or just let them know that im NOT satisfied, then i’ll do
    it. so, should i?

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the Inspiron in green on 7/5.  My order was canceled by elves after I was told by a chat rep (I have the logs) that it would NOT be canceled, so of course like an idiot, I reordered.  Then after spending hours on the phone, I had to call Dell back the next day because they were trying to give me the 6 cell battery instead of the 9 cell.  My laptop was supposed to be here today.  Yeah, right.  I called yesterday and some rep tried to read me this blog entry as an excuse why there was going to be a delay.

    If Dell spent half as much money on trying to get us our pc’s out as they do on there snazzy new adverts, they might have completed more than 10% of the damn back log.  This is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced and I could have sworn no one could have beaten HP for that title. 

  • Anonymous

    I feel lied to!! I am a business customer, needing my laptop so I can take purchases next week at a show. The laptop with the broadband card is the only way I can achieve this.

    I ordered on July 30, and nobody told me there was any delay expected with the components I chose. In addition, I CALLED YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TWO DAYS AGO AND SPECIFICALLY ASKED IF MY COMPUTER WOULD BE SHIPPED ON AUGUST 17 AND THEY SAID YES! They said there was no delay in production, and that everything was going smoothly with my order and it would be delivered on time for my convention. Oh, I forgive them because they were in India. Very polite though.

    NOW. TODAY. THE DAY IT WAS TO HAVE SHIPPED. Bingo! I hear about the fact my computer will arrive after my convention, after I’m back, after it is needed. How about that? There is even this cute little thread detailing delays on the very items I ordered. I guess the salespeople don’t read this crucial info. In fact, my salesman will not answer his phone or return calls. His voice mail always shows he’s “away from his desk.”

    This is my first experience ordering from Dell, and will be my last. I feel incredibly ripped off. That’s what I get for trusting you guys. Just make the sales folks, no matter what, tell people anything to make a sale. Well, in the end that doesn’t work because people will share information and let their other business friends know how Dell misleads someone with a warm credit card in hand.

    C. Sanders
  • Anonymous

    Delayed!! My original shipping date was Aug 17, I ordered the notebook at the end of July!!! You would think ordering a computer half way through the summer would insure that it would arrive in time for school in the fall, but apparently not!! Now it wont be shipped until Aug 28, so I have to start school without it. And this little “explanation” was of no help. Dell you need to get your act together.

  • Anonymous

    I just receive my first delay notice.  Ordered 7/23.  ESD was 8/17.  Now ESD 8/28.  About right, Inspiron 1720, Blue LED.

    I guess my thoughts run to those individuals who have received their units.  Are they working properly or are they experiencing problems?

    I have been given next day shipping upgraded from ground.  And I was promised a Dell 810 All-in-One printer should my unit ship late.  I spoke with Dell and told them I really had no use for another printer.  However I was able to get them to give me a Logitech Momo Steering Wheel instead, free of charge.  (Funny, my kids don’t seem to mind my system shipping late now. lol)

    Should it be pushed back again, I think I will request an upgrade on the support contract.  Wish I would have thought of that before the steering wheel!  This brings me back to wonder how well the units are being built.  I am becoming concerned about their reliability.  For those who have received their units, how well are they working?


  • Anonymous

    Overall poor customer service. No sane person will wait 2 months for a computer. I waited 1 month. Spoke with a customer service agent (whom I could barely understand, no help). Bought from another company, they will ship within 24 HOURS.

  • Anonymous

    Giving up… order cancelled

    Greetings from Switzerland,

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everyone who stated that Dell owes some kind of rebate for delayed shipments.  That’s pretty standard practice for Purchase Order delays.  A 10-15% discount on retail POs is typical. 

  • Anonymous

    Okay, this is total idiocy. I’m sick of these two-stepping explanations of “it took more paint than we expected.” If you had done enough testing and preparation beforehand, you would have known about the paint issues. I placed an order for a midnight blue Inspiron 1520 on 7/23. At the time the estimated ship date was 8/17. That was fine, a little long, but it worked. Now I receive an e-mail ON THE DAY OF SHIPMENT that it won’t actually ship until 8/24. I leave for college in another state on the 29th. This new date will not work. I hope I don’t have to cancel, but it looks like I might.

    DELL SHOULD OFFER A 25% DISCOUNT TO EVERYONE AFFECTED BY THIS BACKLOG. It’s the least you can do for false advertising and corporate incompetence. I will cancel my order. Further more, I plan to notify local and national media to this scam. Dell better feel this one from its shareholders.

     In the e-mail I received extending my ship date. I stated that the change was caused by “unexpected delays.” It would appear from this post that the delay should have been well predicted. Let me get my attorneys on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Well here is a shocker!!!!  Place my order for a m1330 w/ red case on 8/10 and it has shipped today(8/17).  The ESD had been 9/18 since the time I placed my order.  I’m a little stunned right now.  Not rubbing it in or trying to piss anyone off, but maybe they are quickly catching up on their backlog.  Who knows.

  • Anonymous

    My story is no different from all the others here.  Ordered Inspiron 1721 on 7/20 with a ship date of 8/3… after a week, I sent a note to Dell asking if there was a problem with my order since they are usually prompt in acknowledging orders.. they sent an automated response a few days before the expected delivery saying there has been an unexpected delay in getting parts to build the computer and the ESD has been moved to 8/29. 

     Why didn’t they announce likely delays on there home page before we placed our orders so we could decide whether to wait or purchase another brand?  And why do they continue enticing people to order a new laptop for school, when they know this is not going to be do-able? 

    I agree with a previous poster that we definitely need to make this problem known to the BBB. 

    I’m not sure what to do at this point, because canceling then reordering hasn’t helped anyone to get the computer sent any sooner.  SHAME ON DELL!

    Much luck to everyone still waiting.



  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dell.  I know you are doing your best to please your customers.   Our problem is that we live in a world that seems to demand instant results without any waiting time.  It is not a reflection on your production but our lack of understanding and patience.  I look forward to receiving my laptop, and I know it will be worth the wait.

  • Anonymous

    Seems  they are not accepting orders online anymore.  Just tried to build one and it keeps telling me were sorry but that coupon doesn’t exist and I can’t advance past this screen for any laptops.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I ordered a 1330 on July 5th with an ship date of 22 August…I am very doubtful that this will happen, contrary to the rumors that others are receiving theirs after only a few weeks. Dell seems completely unable to ship the 1330 and what makes it all so surreal is that the excuses are limitless! You can call 20 times and receive 20 different reasons why there is a delay.

    I am wondering if there is a worldwide shortage of LED’s? Maybe the LED manufacturers have decided that they have had enough of the huge price drops on any and all things LED (thus less profit) and are fighting back? Fewer LEDs plus strong demand equals higher profit? This would certainly answer a lot of questions. Of course one would expect that such a shortage would effect all manufacturers, not just Dell. Perhaps Dell’s negotiations with their suppliers have not gone well. Pure conjecture on my part but possible. One would think that if this
    were the case then someone at Dell would have brought it up by now
    rather than this silence and periodic lame non-updates.

    It would seem that Dell’s problems are not limited only to laptops but quite possibly to other systems as well(?).

    This topic is now and has been on page 2 of the blog…I am guessing that we will hear little if anything more from Alex. Dell has moved on, this is old news…Dell seems to have the mindset that the customer will wait and take whatever Dell dishes out. Unfortunately this thread tends to prove it.

    Dell has demonstrated to me that my business simply does not matter to them. There are many more where I came from. The most that I can do in this case is refuse to purchase another Dell product and be sure to tell everyone that I know and work with exactly how Dell has dealt with me. As an IT consultant I feel a small bit of satisfaction knowing that I can steer many business clients away from this same sort of situation. I am glad that this has happened to me personally and not to a client to whom I might recommend Dell equipment. The only “power” that I have in this situation is the choice of where to spend my money and the ability to express my opinion of this company and their business practices to as many folks as possible.

    Good prices are great as long as you receive the product that you paid for but there is a breaking point where that great price simply isn’t so great. I have reached that point. In the future I will pay more for solid customer service and, most importantly, receiving the product that I paid for in a reasonable amount of time.

    Caveat emptor – buyer beware.



  • Anonymous

    I ordered my inspiron 1420 jet black on 8-1 and i just got an email, and it SHIPPED! im so happy! it takes patience and ALOT of phone calls to Dell! I cant wait till it comes!

  • Anonymous

    Well I also ordered the xps m1330 with the tux black paint on about august 1st, and I got a delayed message on the phone. I called Dell and they told me they would knock $400 off the price (I paid $around 2200) so after they did that the price went down to about 1800 bucks! They also sent it airmail rather than ground at no extra charge. Needless to say, when I got the package today i was really happy with dell.

  • Anonymous

    So i got on with the live Chat with Dell yesterday, my ESD, and was told directly that my laptop was shipping yesterday.  I was very excited.  I am getting a 1420 with a Spring Green lid, and the upgraded display.  Here is the bit from the chat log:

    08/16/2007 09:17:13AM Sean Brady: “So you are confirming that the computer for this order number will be shipped on the 16th of August?”
    08/16/2007 09:17:23AM Agent (Robert Furlong): “Yes Sean.”

     I was very excited.  I awoke this morning to see the familiar 8/28 on my order page.  I got back on with chat to find out why I was lied to.  Apparently, it is the lid that is still on backorder.  I have  a hard time believing that a machine that is not even built could ship the same day, much less one with a part that this blog clearly explains to be back ordered.

    I asked to be elevated to a chat supervisor, and asked for next day shipping.  he told me that manufacturing has to approve a change to shipping and he won’t know till Monday (although he ended that chat promising the shipping would be expedited.)

    HEY DELL!!! You need to get on the phone to every outstanding, delayed order you have.  You need to tell them the truth, and you need to upgrade all of them to next day shipping…show your customers that you are doing something.

    By the way, I have not received a call nor an e-mail from Dell through all of this.  If i was not checking I would have no idea of the delay.

  • Anonymous

    Surprisingly, my computer arrived today.  I ordered a Precision M90 which is purported to be particularly suited to professional CADD design and engineering use having excellent graphics capabilities.  After the initial order was canceled by Dell (for an unknown reason) this process was finalized within 3 weeks (5 weeks of the original order).  I am only following up with this response after an initial post that complained about the cancellation and the expected subsequent delay to indicate that there may be some hope for those who are still waiting.

     So far the system seems to be as productive as I anticipated although I have not fully explored its full capabilities yet.

  • Anonymous

    HP just released their earnings — way up primarily due to strong notebook sales. If HP has no shortage of parts why is Dell having problems with parts for D630 and older models? Dell is going to restate their earnings for the last four years. I would not wait to see the earnings this quarter

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess I will get on the band wagon.  I ordered my Inspiron 1521 on 7/14 and was eagerly awaiting my 8/13 ship date.  When that day arrived my status did not change but this link mysteriously showed itself on my order status page I decided to call Dell.  I then get told that my order has to been moved to 8/28.  I was then offered free upgraded shipping which I took.  I think I am beginning to understand though from all the other posters that I probably won’t get my machine on 8/28 either.  I did hear my Dell representative mumble something about 9/16.  I hope he was just bsing.  By that time I will get in on my birthday which is 9/22.  I am beginning to wonder if I should go with HP….

  • Anonymous

    Well, it seems they’ve hit on the solution to repeatedly changing the shipping date.  I’ve been trying to order a monitor, and they wont even send me a confirmation that the orders been received…or supply a shipping date.  The handful of ‘customer service’ ppl I’ve talked to all say the same thing IE “gee thats odd, i see no sign of your order” even tho I can and do provide them with my ‘dell purchase ID’ number.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a black, non-LED M1330 on 7/19. The estimated shipping date stayed at what was originally cited – 8/22 – throughout the last few weeks. As of yesterday, 8/16, it was shipped! It can come in before expected, just try to be patient.

  • Anonymous

    Are you still around?  I was just curious about my
    Inspiron 1720 order with Dell. After some initial issues Dell said they would get my computer
    rushed to me if they could. Then a representative from DELL called and said it
    would take about a week. I am a bit confused and am thinking about having this
    order canceled as it has now been two weeks.  It seems that the customer service post ordering the
    computer is lacking and I am wondering if this will be a recurring problem with
    dell. If I do decide to cancel this order how do I send back the printer? 
    I would like the computer and all that I ordered with it (Printer keyboard
    etc…) but I do not want to wait until September or October to receive it if possible. At
    the very least I would appreciate a response to my emails to let me know what the
    hold up is all about.  It would have been easier to just walk in to Best
    Buy and walk out with a Hewlett Packard, or a SONY.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a black Inspiron 1520 a while ago and all I can say is that if it has not been delivered by the new est. delivery date, it had better get here with over-night delivery within 2 days, or I’m canceling the order, buying an HP and never using Dell again.

    Just reading these comments is making me angry, and I’d better not have to deal with it for much longer.  Pick up the slack, Dell, this is life or death for you in my book.

  • Anonymous

    Another unsatisfied Dell customer here.  My original 1521 order was entered in June.  Same thing though as every one else… multiple “order delayed” emails, then a cancellation email. Then a new order, then a new delay, then another new order, etc… this laptop was to go to my brother-in-law for his 1st year at college.  Dell is missing the back-to-school purchases and I’m actually surprised they are still taking orders with NO indication on their web site that this stuff is going on.

  • Anonymous

    The reason Dell is having problems with parts is pretty simple,


    Dell has been in a battle with HP for market share and bit off more than they could chew. In this cut throat business the company with the largest market share (HP) gets the first pick on parts from all the suppliers.  Suppliers will go with the company they feel is more stable. So that does not bode well for Dell or all you people that ordered from DELL and are on the hook like fish, waiting to be pulled up into the boat.  Get off the hook now, while you still can!!  Chances are even if you get a laptop, the parts will be substandard! 

  • Anonymous

    you guys are all in pre-production?, mine just says its in production but its been saying that since like the 25th of july

  • Anonymous

    Ordered an Inspiron 1721 in Sunshine Yellow on 6/30.  Have had to deal with multiple production delays until I finally got consistent help from a fraternity brother that works for Dell, then finally a single person that has been helping me ever since I emailed Michael Dell.

    This 1721 better blow me away.  The night before my first ESD, I felt like a kid on the night before Christmas, now I fell that the gestation period of a baby elephant might be shorter (22 months, btw).  If I knew it would take this long, I could’ve filmed a Lord of the Rings sequel from scratch, put in a Paris Hilton jail term, maybe even a Martha Stewart jail term, heck even a Michael Vick jail term while I was waiting…

    Customer service rule #1, get great service and you’re most likely to share the experience with a handful of people, get inconsistent or poor customer service and you’re most likely to share THAT experience with 5-10x more people.

    Sony thought they had it bad when the botched the rollout of the PS3…

    Just get me my 1721, so that I can stop ranting & start bragging! 

    Tuesday, August 28th is coming up real fast….



  • Anonymous

    It’s not just the 1330.  I ordered a black XPS 1710 on Aug 3rd, it was for a birthday present for back to school, needed by the end of the month.  Estimated ship date of 8/10.  Naturally ON the estimated ship date they update it for a new estimated ship date of 8/17.  And of course on 8/17 it’s updated for 8/24.  Surely they knew well before the estimated ship date that it won’t be available.  How can I even trust the 8/24 date…which will likely get it here late anyway?  We should receive free overnight shipping at the very least as an apology. 

  • Anonymous

    Jacob A. said:

    FYI to all the guys complaining about Dell, they were really nice to me
    and were very honest. I bought the XPS M1330 about 2 weeks ago and it
    arrived today. I had the WLED also so I dunno what you guys are whining
    about but patience is needed.
    Dear Jacob,
    Those of us who have been waiting OVER 3 weeks for a computer we were told would ship in 2 weeks have every right to be upset and experiencing a strain on our patience. When building, ordering and PAYING we were never once alerted that there may be a delay in the shipping process. The message didn’t even appear until the original ship date then you get the link “why is my order delayed?” Then after your order has been delayed once, they give you a new ship date, knowing full well that it will not be 2 weeks, it will be 3-4. But rather than give such a long delay, they string you along. For this reason, we are losing our patience with Dell and their honesty to their customers. Yes, if you call them they apologize profusely, but we should have been told at the time of purchase that there was this problem with back orders. When you order a computer and pay for it you have every right to expect it in a reasonable time frame and when you get the run-around over and over then YES you become upset. Not to mention you have absolutely zero right to even address this as you received your computer in the 2 weeks it was promised.
  • Anonymous

    LOL whatever I ordered shipped last night.  Guess I was right when I said it wouldn’t ship 8/17…because it went on the 16th. 

     Already got the stuff I ordered w/ the $25 coupon yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Zune on 12/4/07 and it still has not shipped…every other site on the net ships Zune’s in 24 hours.  What’s the deal with Dell? 


  • Anonymous

    I was told by my daughter’s university that this was the computer I had to get for her. I ordered it a month in advance to insure it came to me. I paid WAY more money than I wanted to pay for a laptop computer (even with the university discount, the price was OBSCENE as far as I’m concerned). Now my daughter leaves for college in less than a week. I don’t have a laptop to send with her. Your customer service call center is in INDIA. I had serious problems when I called to order it. Serious problems using my husbands’ Dell Preferred card, and a VERY confused woman talking to me on the customer service chat line when I called to ask where my computer was. When all is said and done, I am now going to be paying for a laptop that I don’t have on time at a ridiculous premium…. In addition, I am now going to have to pay extra. Why? She’s going to be seven hundred miles away from me in one week and I will have to ship the laptop to her. So…Tell me, WHO IS GOING TO PAY THE EXTRA MONEY IT IS GOING TO COST ME TO SHIP AND INSURE THE LAPTOP WHEN SHE IS IN PENNSYLVANIA AND I AM IN MASSACHUSETTS???

    Against my better judgment I bought from you because the college said to. I won’t EVER make that mistake again.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting on my Inspiron (if shipped on 8.28, it’ll be a 6 week wait), and while I understand that sometimes suppliers don’t come through as they’ve promised, I fell Dell has mishandled the situation in many ways:
    – if the problem is quality control of the colors, then clearly Dell didn’t do enough testing before launching their products
    – if you’re going to spend millions of dollars on print and TV ads, you had better be sure you’ve got the materials to back up the inpouring of orders
    – not communicating the delays soon enough, or clearly enough:  I have gotten so many different answers on just what the cause is of the delays;  we don’t find out until shipment date that our shipment is delayed – Dell clearly knows beforehand – why make us wait til the last minute to confirm we’re not getting our computer?
    – inconsistent training of customer service reps: I can talk to 3 reps in one day, and get three different answers (is there an “order escalation team” or not?!); some can access certain info, some can’t
    – not following thru:  sure that manager is gonna call me;  sure I’ll hear from the “order escalation team”
    – not addressing the misinformation in the marketplace:  on a recent blog, someone explained the manufacturing process means machines aren’t created in order, but by like specs instead;  that went a long way in helping me understand why someone who ordered their computer after mine got theirs sooner – wish I had heard it from Dell
    – being indiscriminate in handling compensation:  some people are getting freebies, some aren’t;  some reps can give ’em out, some can’t

    In spite of all the customer service issues, I’m hearing great things about the actual product, which is why I’m holding out for one of my own.  I look forward to your resolving the manufacturing issues, and continuing to address our concerns here in the blog.  Just hope the computer is worth the wait and the grief. 


  • Anonymous

    I’d also like to see another update from “Alex”.  It’s been almost 2 weeks since his comments.

    Me too. 

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my colored laptop on 21/07; Initialy shipping date is on aug 8th then moved to aug 28th;Now i dont know y these delay’s are happening.

    If you dont have stock; you could have stopped by taking orders in online…

    ppls are eagarly waiting for their laptop.if it got delay they flet bad on it.one among them. 

  • Anonymous


    A few days? a few DAYS? Are you smoking CRACK??????

    Try a few MONTHS for most here.

  • Anonymous

    Well this is a bit shocking.  Ordered my m1330 on 8/10.  It was a pretty base model but I did order the red case lid and upgraded Nvidia card.  It went into production almost immediately but the ESD was always 9/18.  Frickin thing ships on Friday 8-17.  Even confirmed it with XPS support.  I’m not sure how that’s possible with everything I’ve been reading about the delays and backlog, not only with the 1330, but many other products as well.  Anyway, maybe this means they are catching up quickly.

  • Anonymous

    This was my first and will definately be my last Dell laptop I buy.

    I’m done waiting, you have jerked me around long enough. 


    BAR NONE!!

    Order is canceled now as there is no way Dell deserves any of my money.

    (Aside from the interest you made of my 3,000 for that last month and a half.)

    signed P’d OFF!


  • Anonymous

    I have canceled my $2700 dollar dell order. Ordered a Sage $3000 and it only took 4 days.

    I wasn’t delayed 4 days w/ my Dell order. I was delayed 2 weeks once and then 2 weeks the second time.


    Bye Dell 

  • Anonymous

    I have been buying Dell for my company for years. finally I decided to switch my home computers to Dell. I ordered on July2 and today is August 18, after reading these comments I think I will cancel my order, go to Frys and get a Mac.

    What a dissappointment after all these years and good service. Dell is turning into a Microsoft, marketing before the bugs are out.
  • Anonymous

    Could you please tell us what is going on with the Inspiron 1521 colors?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Dean, when will ‘Alex’ enlighten us again with more stories from Dell?

  • Anonymous

    Its funny, after reading all of these comments. The ones that stand out are the ones that say,”We stand behind you Dell,  everything is ok with us”. Or the people that say “I understand this from a business front, its ok”. Where are these people coming from? I for one would not want any of these people to run or help my company. I would want them as my competitors cause I will be the one that survives.  They don’t see that this is a problem and that they are the minority with this. By you not seeing, understanding, what is  going on you are hurting this company by telling them everything is ok. This is a problem that needs to be faced.

     Alex, as you know results speak louder than excuses. I didn’t read more than half of it. What I got out of it is that you know there is a problem and thats it.

  • Anonymous

    My previous post…
    I ordered my Inspiron 1520 on July 14th, with an expected ship date
    of August 14th. So, it was supposed to ship today… Unfortunately, I
    got a voicemail today saying the new expected ship date is August 28th.This
    is not good. I am buying this laptop for school, and my first class is
    on August 29th. You can bet I will be on the phone with Dell looking
    for a free upgrade to overnight shipping (already have the best
    warranty). If they can’t upgrade my shipping, I will likely cancel my
    order, and buy a used laptop off of eBay.

    Update: I called Dell today, told them that I needed this laptop for school, and asked for a free upgrade to overnight shipping. The person I spoke with was happy to upgrade me at no extra charge. If my laptop ships on Aug 28th (the current ESD), I will be content. However, if there is another delay, I will be furious, and will likely cancel my order.

  • Anonymous

    Have there been any problems with getting the XPS 410?  I ordered one 3 days ago.  Went online to check my account today and was denied access.  Called the number listed and was told my account was blocked and would have to use a different form of payment.  CSR was totally unhelpful about what the problem was.  I checked my order confirmation email and they had a bogus phone number down for me…not even close to the real thing.  I have no idea where it came from.  I called another customer service number and they said I was good to go-would be shipped on the 24th.  I’m having it sent directly to my son’s school but am worried now.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a xps laptop for almost 2000 bucks for my junior year of college. I was assured by the representive when i bought the computer that the est. shippingdate was just really conservative, but after waiting I called corporate and have been going through we are behind on parts. I havent cancelled my order but im getting pretty close.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a Dell Inspiron 1520 Black for my birthday on August 14th. EST is the 27th. I’ll report back if it’s pushed further.

  • Anonymous

    Should be illegal to sell a product you don’t tell people you don’t have when ordering. What a waste of time and revenue from this experience. I will cancel my order and  take my business somewhere else. .. At least do the moral thing by “CLEARLY” telling people you don’t have what you’re trying to sell “before” people place an order. This is simply unreal

  • Anonymous

    So Like many here I placed my order Inspiron 1720 middle of July with a very needed notebook in a timely manner.  There was no problem whatsoever when I ordered.  Once Dell had my money and what they thought was my buisness, they quickly pushed back my ship date.  Heard 3 different reasons from 3 different people as to why,  Screens, CPU, my other options. Who really knows the delay. From late July to August 8th

    Then they canceled my order for phone verification.  Phone Verification?  They had my right number, they had my right email, did they call or write? NO!  Did they even call or write to tell me my order was canceled? NO!  I found out a couple days later by checking my status online.  I called furious at this point, first person assured me my order would not be canceled and just unblocked.  So I check again and see a ship date much further down the road…August 15th.  Ask again what happened, then told yes I had to reorder and it could not be reopened.  Recieved a empty promise that my system would be expidited and I should get it before then.  August 15th rolls around so I call again.  Wow an unexspected delay! to my shock and now Im pushed back to the 28th of August.  I call again, this its a delay in the cases.  Hmmm.  Meanwhile they are unwilling to compensate me for my loses or my time. 
     I call Dell customer Care this time to give them the option to compensate me and keep me happy or Im canceling and going elsewhere.  The poor blind customer service rep had the gall to actually tell me there is only a 1 day lead time on my case and I should be getting it soon!!!  Yeah right whats the saying go?  Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on Me?  Allthough what am I thinking Dells been Fooling me way more than twice so far.   So I ask to speak to a supervisor who is willing to give me $100 off after purchase for all my trouble.  That is not good enough, I wanted upgrades….cant do that she said.  $100 off an allready $1800 laptop for months of delays and countless hours on my behalf is not worth it.  We are paying top $$$ here in the first place for Dells systems, go around and build some other systems.  And they want us to wait forever for them also?

    Does dell really think that low of us?  Im not sure if the customer service people really have no clue as to whats going on, or if they are told to lie to us.  Either way is poor buisness.  Even here the lack of updates are really sad.  Its been 2.5 weeks since anything was said about whats going on.  No news is bad news?  Surely if there was something good to say they would….or would it just be another lie.  I guess customer service people lieing on the phone is ok but to release an false update publicly would be a whole different story.  Why is there now updates or mention of the Inspirons? and just the xps’s??  Sorry but people with Inspirons are people too and have been waiting just as long.

    This fairy tale date of August 28th is another lie.  They proballly are wasting peoples time who should be building systems to figure out the maximum time they can delay people before they cancel thier orders.  Anyway Dell nice job, hope you all burn hard for this.  You surly lost a customer for life and not only this sales but many to come in the future.
  • Anonymous

    Great fan of Dell but this last experience is very disappointing. Ordered a high end Dell 1330 XPS on July 3rd with a shipping date of Aug 24th but its stuck in the kitting stage for weeks now. I don’t have any hope. Cotemplating canceling the order. Hope that Dell gives a price break for the delay and also the Timbuk2 bag..LOL

  • Anonymous

    Ordering a laptop from Dell has left an unbelievably bitter taste in my mouth. My original order went in on July 7 with ESD of July 27. On July 13 I checked the order status and found out that the order was cancelled (no notification directly to me from Dell). I reordered but that order was incorrect so I had to cancel that order and order for a 3rd time. The ESD was August 17, then August 20, now August 28. I have little doubt that August 28 will roll around and the ESD will be pushed further into the future. I am tired of the Customer Care people telling me that they’re “so sorry” and “thank you for your patience and for purchasing from Dell.” I have no patience, they are not really sorry and I’m furious.This is no way to do business.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I had read this blog before ordering my Dell Inspirion.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the information, but Dell is misleading its customers. I have order my computer back in July 29 and it was supposed be mailed  on August 15. I have not heard any thing, and I can not wait Dell builrd new production site in China and ship my computer. If Dell want to maintain good business practice, it should tell the costumers a head to time NOT WHEN THEIR subcontracts  use their bargaining power and delay customers products. I will be canceling my order with in a day or two.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered my M1330 on August 14- it shipped August 19

    hopefully it isnt a machine someone returned! 😉 this is my 6th DELL computer. hopefully it wont be the last. A lot riding on this order DELL  !

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my dell on July 12 and it got delayed until august 18. i was so fed up i canceled my order and reordered it with next day delivery on august 8th with an estimated ship date of the 27th. Today i received an email saying my dell shipped and will be here on the 20th. Maybe i got lucky, i had a black case, but dell really does screw things up.

  • Anonymous
    Seems like so many stories here are my own.
    Like many I ordered july 15th with a ESD of July 31, just in time for my Vacation. It got delayed till August 8th. Im upset at this point, get a $100 credit after the order ships. Then my order is canceled for no reason. Had to place a whole new order (thanks dell) with promised of being exspidited, which got denied and a new ship date of August 15th. Then on August 15 I get an email saying now the Magicical date of August 28th…the date all Dells problems will go away and everyone will get thier systems. Do they really think we are that naive? They are unwilling to compensate me any further other than sorry sorry. I ordered a new system allready from HP and canceling this order.
    Honestly I think the mistake in canceling peoples orders is just another reason to delay people without saying its an actual delay.
    Dell lost yet another lifetime customer and lifetime of recommendations. Was it worth it DELL?
  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry guys, but the ones complaining…are you moron or just lack literary skills?

     If you paid a bit of attention when ordering, some parts said, “may delay order” Dell did nothing wrong, they said it with alot of there products. Hell I was at school the other day, saw a kid with the a Dell laptop, asked him what it was, what was inside, had the exact same specifications as what I ordered, but the only difference was the color. He ordered August 5th, and got it before August 15th….hmmmmmmmmmmmm…..I ordered mine July 18th, and I’ve been pushed back to August 28th…WAY past my birthday, but thats because of the color. Most of you whom complain forgot about when you ordered, chances are more than likely, when you clicked a component it said it will delay order. So STFU, and deal with what YOU chose to do. Blame yourself for the way you ordered, because deal told you what was up.

  • Anonymous

    So I was looking for a laptop even though I didn’t need one and noticed some nice offers so I ordered one. Now I’ve been warned about shotty customer service but decided that shouldn’t stop me from getting a nice laptop…

    No, not the reason at all. Instead DELL has entered a realm of stupidity and likes to delay things. I have an Inspiron already so I’ll deal with it until I actually have the money instead of finance a delayed piece of… whatever.

    DELL, I doubt anyone who can make a difference will see this, but you need to learn business management and test your crap before advertising… I mean, even a non-business person has that much common sense.

    good luck to everyone on the waiting list… and —-you Dell.

    ps: inspiron colors are delaying like crazy… 15+ day delays… [as of 8-18-07]

  • Anonymous

    My original order for an Inspiron 1720 was placed on June 26 with ESD of July 14, posponed to July 28, then Aug. 3, now Aug. 28th. I was patient through the first  posponement. It was the second that had me on the phone with customer service ..not getting any answers. ( I currently have 4 case numbers since they assign me a new one every time I call, even though I give them the previous numbers. )  My son was supposed to move into his dorm on Aug. 5 so Dell was cutting it pretty close.  Fortunately, an electrical problem delayed dorm move-in. Unfortunately…that delay was not enough time for Dell to finish his laptop. I told my son that I would support his education in any way I could…now I feel that I have failed at that by not providing him with a computer.  I cannot afford to buy a different computer for him to use. This one was supposed to last through 4 years of college.  He has been in school for 2 weeks now and I am delaying my own travel plans to wait for his laptop which still has not shipped.  I see on the forums that some people are getting theirs.  I think Dell is hoping I will give up and cancel my order.  I tried to contact the sales rep who sold me the computer in the first place.  Her outgoing message was a week out of date and her voicemail was full.  The customer service rep who “took ownership” of my issue said he would call me with updates regularly.  I never heard from him again.  Another CS rep called on Aug. 2 saying my system should ship “tomorrow” and that she would call to confirm.  It did not and she did not.  I feel sorry for the customer service reps who are dealing with so many irate customers. They don’t seem to be able to tell us anything except “We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.”  I’ve rather given up on calling them and am now hoping my son’s computer arrives in time for him to pick up when he comes home for Christmas break.

  • Anonymous

    For God’s sake! Ask the Chinese worker to work faster! I should go to school tomorrow, WITHOUT my laptop!

  • Anonymous

    by the time i get this laptop, it will be outdated and will be worth less than what it is priced at right now…..

  • Anonymous

    Yo, Alex….nice try buddy, but as I was reading your “reasons” for delay (posted Aug 3, a VERY long time ago in this global world) I became aware of a strong,foul, methane odor. And, silly me, I am now writing a comment as IF someone in management or customer relations cared what I think. You win……Maybe you should work for an oil company next and tell me again why price per gallon rises dramatically prior to every 3 day weekend.  I’ve made my last purchase from Dell.   You may not be concerned over your integrity, but I value mine.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Dell XPSm1330 notebook on Wednesday 15th, August 2007 and I haven’t as yet received my order number or even an email stating that my order went through. I found out the order went through on Friday after calling my credit card center.

    This service from Dell is appalling. I’m from the caribbean & i paid over 9,000.00 for my XPS and i don’t even have the slightest glue wen i’ll get mine cuz i don’t have an order number to check.

    Now i have to waste my money to call a CSR in the states to find out wat’s going on…..I should have gone with SONY.

  • Anonymous

    how many people have acually recieved their order?

  • Anonymous

    Ordered a Jet Black (waiting longer for a color seemed silly) Inspiron 1520 on August 5th and was provided an estimated ship date of August 22nd.  Although I’m glad it’s showing as shipped today, I know it should have arrived much sooner.  Good luck to the rest.

  • Anonymous

    Just got a call from a higher end manager today who was doing some checking for me as to what she could do. She told me nothing can be done to reenter my original place in line after my order was mysteriously canceled by Dell. Shocker.

    She did tell me that the parts for the notebooks should start coming in within 2-3 weeks, then another 2-3 weeks to start working thru the backlog. So as I had judged in the first place August 28th was no magical date. Its a date that means nothing except to pacify some people who might be shocked when told they actually need to wait another month or 2.

    So looks like after waiting 6 weeks allready i have another month or 2 to go. I asked what Dell want to do to keep me as a customer and wait that long. She could not do anthing than $100 credit and overnight shipping which I had from the very start. Canceled order. Have a nice life Dell. Anyway I was just waiting, I ordered a HP system last week for quite a bit less money that is shipping this week

    So just a heads up to all those waiting. 4-6 more weeks. and thats another 2-3 weeks before manufacturing even starts rolling out systems. I cant say if what she said is true or not, but I sure believe it more than being told my system is shipping next week. Also given the fact that there has been no updates here. Why would anyone post bad news like there is alteast another month to go? So I believe it.

    My first…allmost…..and last Dell I ever attempt to buy. Desktops I build so Id never buy one of them built but notebooks are a different story.
  • Anonymous

    Ordered a 1520 for a customer on 8-17-07 with an ESD of 9-13. I wonder how close
    it will be. Jet Black…. I went thru the laptop site today with all the
    possible options on the things I bought (except colors) and the only thing to
    delay an anticipated ESD was the Dell Wireless-N. It moved the date to 9-14. I
    wonder where I will fall into line. Past the mass shipment of 8-28’s? Maybe that
    will work. My son leaves on 8-30 with my Toshiba and luckily i have an old P3
    toshiba to use til the new one comes out. I am really anticipating this new one,
    but I can see the frustration brewing. Best of luck for all of us in this boat!

  • Anonymous

    As stated several posts above.  My m1330 was orderd on 8/10, shipped 8/17 and due to be delivered tomorrow 8/21.  Hard to believe with all I’ve read.  Hoping it’s not a return.  Hoping I can tell if it is. 

  • Anonymous

    I really need this laptop fast and i seeing  that it is delayed. Please tell me what going on and exactly  delivery day..!!!!



    Magno Montanha 

  • Anonymous

    for all that we’re goin through, the least DELL could do for us is give us some credit back for what we spent.  As paying customers, we shouldn’t have to go through all this.  We pay big money for this.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Inspiron 1420 on July 18th, and the estimated shipping date was August 20th. I log onto my email today to find that they add 8 more days.  After a few weeks after ordering my laptop I contacted Dell asking why there was such a delay and why it would take well over a month to produce ONE computer.  The reply told me no reasoning what so ever:

    “I understand from your email that you wish to know the order status and why there is

    a delay in the order. I will certainly assist you with this request.

    I see that the order was placed on 07-17-07 and the estimated ship date of the order
    is 8/20/2007 and the estimated date of delivery of the order is 8/23/2007-8/27/2007.
    I see that the order is in production. Estimated ship date is the date fixed only to
    make the order ship out before that date. Usually the orders ship out much earlier
    than estimated ship date."
     Then I would get an email here and there updating me that my order was still in production.. WOW thanks for the news flash.
    I feel that the least Dell could do is give us free shipping.. considering I could drive to where it is being made and picked it up myself by now.  When I email with a question and the clearly do not answer the question at all.. is crappy customer service.  I am so fed up right now its rediculous.  I purchased this computer for school.. and here I am starting school with no computer.  I sure am glad I spent all that money and have nothing to show for it!!  
  • Anonymous


    If what you said it true, I will be canceling my order. Like many others here, I bought my laptop for school. If it has not shipped by August 28 (I might give them a couple of extra DAYS if necessary), I will cancel my order. I need it for THIS semester. Not NEXT semester. 

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my ruby red Inspiron 1520 on July 29 with no mention of any parts that would delay the order. The esd was Aug 10. On Aug 6 I received an email from Dell stating that my order was in the final stages of production and on an online chat session on Aug 9 I was told that there were no backordered parts on my order. I felt pretty good that my laptop would ship on time since it was already in the final stages of production and there were no backordered parts as per Dell customer service reps. Imagine my surprise when I received an email at 11:00 pm on Aug 9 telling me that my order would be delayed because there were one or more parts backorderd. I received another email on Aug 10 with the infamous Aug 28 date. So basically I feel that Dell lied about the status of my order yet I can get no one at Dell to explain to me why I was lied to. Oh well, I’m going to wait to see if they can ship my order out by the 28th. If not, I’ll cancel.

  • Anonymous

    They’re not chinese they’re malysians haha

  • Anonymous

    when can I expect my laptop that I bought for my daughter for her first college class?  her first class is today and she needs it now!

    this is very upsetting. 

  • Anonymous

    Order Date:        7/15/2007
    Parole Date:      8/28/2007

    I visited my order today, and i hate to admit it, but i have visited it everyday since we passed the first parole hearing 7/26/2007.  It looks the same, hasn’t changed, looks a bit older now though.   I was expecting all this time it may have had opportunity to improve its self, oh.. i don’t know, maybe adding a bluetooth head set or learned a lesson or two from this hole experience, but no warranty that it learn anything .  You know being more open and honest about how it got into this situation.  But i got the same look, i got the last 24 days, nothing new no improvements just a blank stare. I know i am being hard on it, but i just want the very best for it.  I want to know that it is being taken care by the facility that it is incarcerated in.  I have spoken to the authorities and they have no idea when…. sinf.. snif.. my… snif.. well, my system may be released.  I am sure that i will continue to visit the site where my system is being held.  Maybe, if i am lucky i may catch a glimpse of it… I start a new order and put together the same package but it is not the same, just saddens me even more…  Well, i guess i will leave now, hope you all see you system soon, i am sure they are ok, i can only hope that they are, hope is all i have to hold on to at the moment…  Good night…


  • Anonymous

    Well, I ordered an Inspiron 1420, in black, with no additional changes to the base model, soooo I was wondering why, when I click on “Why is my order delayed?” it tells me that Dell has been experiencing difficulty in obtaining the parts necessary to build the system.  Well, I asked a Customer Service Rep that and she said that there was no parts delay on my system, so what that meant was that my laptop was finished but it was just sitting there, not being shipped, if anyone can explain this to me then please do.

  • Anonymous

    Phil said–   Here we go again!!   Alex, is Dell making commitments knowing they cannot be kept?  In your recent post on the delays of the  XPS M1330 you acknowledged the frustrations of the consumer and stated you would, at least, keep us informed as to the progress in resolving delivery dates of the XPS.   

     You stated, “Dell will
    be contacting affected customers to let them know”; in the event shipping dates could not be improved upon.  This sounds really great but as I found out, it’s all just a bunch of marketing hype-   Alex, you missed it again!!   I have not received any information on the status of my order–  and now after a month the delivery date on my order has passed… 
    Dell was great in taking and confirming my original order— dated July 3, 2007 with an estimated ship date of August 21, 2007.  But guess what– no further contact after the confirming order…  Now it is August 21st, —  no emails, no information and no computer which leaves me with “no confidence” in Dell and Dell’s commitments.

    Should Dell have been forth coming from the beginning about shipping delays with the XPS M1330, I could have simply chosen a different model or another product. Not my first choice, but still not a big deal… 

    After a month of expectations and without any contact from Dell—  this is now a BIG DEAL for me.  An experience which leaves me with a negative impression of Dell and Dell’s inability to follow through on commitments.

    Not a happy consumer–






  • Anonymous

    I see some people are concerned because orders placed after theirs are being fulfilled first.  This bothers me also, but if you ordered in July, I should, in theory, be ahead of you in the wait line.  I ordered a 1720 on June 26 with an estimated ship date of July 14th. That date, as well as my son’s dorm move-in date have come and gone. Today marks 8 full weeks I have waited.  I have rearranged travel plans and delayed a family trip to be home to wait for a computer that may still not arrive by the latest ESD of August 28. We are all frustrated but realize that there are people who have waited even longer. Just out of curiosity…..How many more of us ordered in June?

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Inspiron 1520 on Aug 1 and still have my ESD of Aug 30 but I called Dell today and they gave me one day shipping and my Inspiron is estimated to arrive at my doorstep on Aug 31, hopefully nothing gets delayed as I ordered the Midnight Blue cover.



    PS… if your gonna cancel your Dell, don’t go with HP because their sound skips, it must be something with that Realtek HD Audio.  I had a Pavilion 6500t and 9000us and both models had sound issues.

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed on several message boards that people who ordered the ruby red Inspiron with the same specs as mine but ordered after I did have either already received their orders or have received shipping notices. It’s very frustrating when all you get is “It’s in the build stage”. I’m afraid that come August 28 a lot of people are going to get delay notices.

  • Anonymous

       So  I ordered my 1720 on 7/22 with a ESD of 8/16.  So I’m chatting with an agent on 8/15 at 11:45pm and this agent is feeding me the standard line “Yes, it’s scheduled to ship on 8/16.”  I’m not believing this for one second, and I tell her that I want to know NOW if I’m being delayed until 8/28. She tells me that she can’t get any shipping updates until the actual ESD, which is in 10 minutes!  So the next day, I chat with another rep who finally admits that my laptop HAS been bumped to 8/28, even though the website still didn’t even reflect it!  So now I’m cancelling my order and my husband is picking up a MacBook for me on the way home from work…..I can’t wait another freakin day!

  • Anonymous


    yellow Dell 

    I’ve run the tracking number – it’s true!  Was worried about the 8/28 million unit shipment day, but by this time tomorrow, I should be happily playing with my new toy!

    Good luck everyone & hang in there.  Good things come to those who wait (within reason, lol).& we deserve a pat on the back!

  • Anonymous

    Dell’s lack of concern makes me wonder if support will be around 1 or 2 years
    from now. I would be very concerned giving $1k’s to a place so unstable.

  • Anonymous

    Just be nice to the reps and they’ll give you something.  So far I’ve received a 100 dollar concession coupon, free shipping and upgraded to next day, and a reduction by 100 dollars (had to cancel and reorder to change something).  Once it ships I’m getting the bag added on, and a 50 or 100 dollar credit. 

    They haven’t changed my ship date at all from the initial (1.5 month wait time).  (had to cancel and reorder a few times to change specs so 2 month wait time in sum)

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Inspiron 1420 on July 8th. I am still waiting to see if actually ships on August 28th. I hope so since I ordered this for a home insurance business I started 2 months ago.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately had I known about these “supply problems” I would have never ordered the Dell. I ordered mine on July 24th (one week before the Tennessee “tax free weekend” in order to avoid any problems with that whole bag (I am paying $155.00 in taxes I could have saved). Now my ship date of August 20th has come and gone and my unit is still “in production” with no new ship date given AND my daughter (who I bought this for) will be starting college on the 27th of August WITHOUT a laptop.

    I have bought several computers from Dell, both for myself as well as my company, however I suspect that this shall be the last one unless the local Dell kiosk has one IN STOCK that they can hand me right then. The really sad thing is my unit is an Inspiron 1420 and not the XPS system all these posts and corporate PR fodder are talking about…

    Maybe Dell should institute an escalating rebate of say $5.00 a day for each system for each day it is late beyond the ship date that Dell itself gives you. If this were a performance contract they would be paying dearly for their mistakes…

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a desktop, inspiron something or other way back in May.  in June I still didn’t have it and the ship date got pushed back at least 4 different times. When I asked what the problem was I was told they were out of stock on several products needed to build it.  Issue #1… website should not allow the sale of items that dell is out of stock on.  It’s basic inventory management that all other online shopping sites have managed to handle.

     I cancelled my order in June, after yet another call received to tell me the date would have to be pushed back again, but they just weren’t sure what the new estimated date of delivery would be! 

     Now it’s the end of August.  I thought I’d try one last time to order from Dell.  Placed an order for a desktop and a laptop.  Suddenly, my dell preferred account has no limit available. what’s this? Oh right, they never actually removed the purchase from the order that shows up cancelled in my account!  So I call dell financial, and I ask what my outstanding balance is ($30.38 owed to dell), then I ask what my limit is ($2,000 credit limit), and I ask what my available balance is (they say $291).  So I ask her what $2000 minus $30.38 is, and she checks with her calculator and says $1969.62.  I ask why my available balance is $291 then?  She responds “Oh because you have a purchase of  $1709.”  I’m like.. Where? You just told me I only owe $30.38….

     So some sort of record keeping problem is going on as well.  They did finally fix it but the girl on the phone didn’t- I was told I have to wait 48 hours for them to fix the problem.  If I hadn’t tried to order something else I wonder if a bill would have come for that amount even though I never received the product ordered…

    so now I’ve got two things ordered.  If they don’t ship on time, I will be cancelling both product orders as well as my dell account.  their products are only as good as their customer service and so far, I am not impressed.


  • Anonymous

    check out dell idea storms website i added idea for changing the order status and delay system to allow substations for parts that are backordered without the canceling of orders , yes im also waiting for my laptop and ordered 7/18  for a 1720 school started on the 20th and i had to rent a laptop for school ….



  • Anonymous

    and by the way- I didn’t even order any special colors on the desktop that was delayed.

  • Anonymous

    What I cannot believe is that people who ordered their machines after the
    huge amount of July folks out there seem to be getting their machines before
    us.  What is up with that?  I was not upset and I was patiently waiting until I
    started to see that on other web sites and this one.

     Dell you should be filling our orders first now thiers.  I ordered mine on
    July 14th so why should someone who ordered thiers on 08/10 get theirs


    Check out the many forums above about Dell orders being shipped or not
    shipped etc.

  • Anonymous

    My ship date has been delayed another week to 8/28. My order date was 7/6 so it will be at close to two-months if not longer to get my m1330.

    I was really excited about getting the m1330 but you can’t use a computer that doesn’t exist. This seems like an unusually big marketing mistake for a company as large as Dell and they seem clueless about how to handle it gracefully. 

    So, I’m back in the marketplace looking for another ultralight with similar or better specs to the m1330. Models I’m considering:

    Sony TX or TZ model

    HP Pavilion tx1000z series

    Lenovo Thinkpad X series (possibly tablet version)

    If anyone has opinions or experiences with any of the above notesbooks, please feel free to contact me at jlmwriter@hotmail.com.

    My biggest criteria at this point is being able to get it within the week.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered inpiron 1520 7/28. Estimated ship 8/16. My daughter was not happy with the long time to ship, but decided she wanted to wait for the pink inspiron. (Kids now choose computers by colors! Who knew?).

    On 8/16 received email with the dreaded 8/28 ship date. With as many computers Dell has now promised to ship on 8/28, I suspect come 8/29 there are going to be a lot more pissed off people.

    Daughter leaves for college on 8/25. Purchased HP Pavillion last night and canceled order this morning.

  • Anonymous

    I, too, ordered a red Inspiron 1520 for my daughter 7/17. Got one email, postponing until 8/6, then another postponing until the infamous 8/28. Dell is going to have to ship a LOT of computer on that date. Tried calling but could never get through. Finally got through on online chat and was told it was the LCD panel. I waited. Got tired of waiting and finally decided to cancel the order and get a Mac. Tried online chat and guy offered overnight shipment to get me my computer. It MIGHT be available before the indicated date. Yeah, right and I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

    I’ve been a loyal Dell customer for years. As a high school educator, I frequently advise parents, students, and colleagues about computers and I’ve always recommended Dell. NO MORE!!! Dell has lost touch with its customer base and no longer seems to care about customer satisfaction. You can rest assured I am NOT satisfied and I will no longer recommend Dell to others.

    The really sad thing is that Dell obviously is not listening and does not seem to care. 

  • Anonymous

    Your “honesty” is actually rather ironic. I have talked to several sales reps to large companies (my father has connections.) Neither could give the same answer as you. TO it seems Mr. Dell has held a management meeting that went a little bit like this: “OK boys, lets see how bad we can make ourselves bleed! You’re on your own. Make stuff up!”

    After over 10 years of Loyal Dell patronage, I am never again going to order another Dell product… ever. This company is spinning way out of control.

    This is the second time I have lost my patience with Dell in the past year. THough I never thought I’d say this, I am switching to Apple computers. Less nonsense is More business with them. To Dell, it sadly seems, Less service and customer care is somehow better.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered mine on July 16th and I was told I was going to receive it on Aug 2, then they changed the shipping date to Aug 2, then they changed it to Aug 17, then they changed it to shipping on August 28th! I wish someone would change their mind on what is going on. I leave for vacation on the 30th and I was really hoping to have it before then. I spoke to a CSR (who I couldn’t understand) and he was really nice about not giving me any information! I just wish someone would have told me what was going on!! Or I wish I was given the option of changing my order to something they can make. I ordered a green laptop and if that was the issue I would have changed it to a different color. If it is a parts issue you would think that they would have another option available!!

  • Anonymous

    Me myself think they would give you a break on the price,cause of the wait that is there fault and not yours.Im ordering my fist pc from them and this will tell if i will order any more.

  • Anonymous

    after being on the phone for a half hour with multiple reps…the end result. cancel your order. you’re waiting for something that is not coming.

    my order was placed 7/30 and it’s 8/22 and the outlook on getting a reasonable ship date doesnt look good.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a Dell Inspiron 1420, color blue, on July 26th.  The estimated ship date is today, Aug 22, and of course Dell sent me an email delaying shipment until Aug 29th.

    Based on what I have read here, I am not gonna wait for the next Dell delay.  I am canceling my order and taking my business elsewhere.

    I understand that any major company can run into problems.  What really prompted me to cease doing any more business with Dell is this – I saw television ads twice for the Dell colored Inspiron laptops last Monday night (Aug 20).  They are really pushing hard to sell products they KNOW they can’t produce in a timely manner.  And that is just greasy business.

  • Anonymous

    All you people just get a life and go outside a little more. What a bunch of nerds.

  • Anonymous

    So, August 23rd is coming tomorrow. Most people have that set as their ship date with a delivery date of August 28th. If anyone actually gets theirs shipped out, it would be appreciated if you post back here.

    I just want to see how many here were not delayed again and who actually got theirs shipped.

  • Anonymous

    After waiting for 7-8 weeks, I did the same as your first commenter and canceled my order and went with an Apple MacBook Pro 17″.  You guys need to get your act together and stop advertising for products you can’t ship on time, or at least within a reasonable amount of time.

    I used to be a Dell advocate, but your company has fallen by the wayside over the last two years and this was my last purchase from Dell for my home or my business.

  • Anonymous

    Spoke to Dell 2 weeks ago, I was told that the colors are on back order, and if I wanted a black or white Inspirion, it would ship in 2 days

    Seriously, I just picked up a brand new Gateway, and a brand new HP Pavalion 9408nr from Best Buy, and by far I am extremely happy with my switch from Dell, unfortunately my older son insists he wants his blue dell, I am ok, if he is ok waiting until Christmas to get it from Dell. 

  • Anonymous

    Of course I’m just like everyone else thats here. I’m waiting on a laptop that doesn’t seem to exist. I ordered a Inspiron 1720 on 7/13 with a ship date of 8/1. Of course it got delayed to the big laptop ship date of 8/28 which everyone seems to have. So I’d just like everyone to try to respond back on the 28th. I want to see how many people (if anyone) actually get their order shipped on that date. I also want to see how many get another delay notice. And if you do get another delay notice please tell us know your new ship date. I want to see if Dell is just jerking us around. You would think one of the biggest players in the game would have a better supply system…. Good luck to all of you and I hope everyone gets their system. Especially those that need it for school. I’ll be sure to reply on the 28th with the good or bad news. Until then….

  • Anonymous

    I ordered in the middle of July, had an Aug 8th ship date.  Was then pushed to the August 28th ship date.  With so many people posting Dell has given them an Aug 28th ship date it looks to be bogus.

    If Dell doesn’t ship on the 28th I will cancel my order. 

  • Anonymous

    I have gotten advertisements in the mail every week for the last three weeks from Dell with the M1330 on the Front Cover (The last cover had a M1330 in Pearl White….which is apparently now discontinued).

    Why fiercely advertise something you know you don’t have? Nintendo doesn’t have 20 ads a day for the Wii because they know they are damn near impossible to find.


    Here is the worst part: A page in each one of the advertisement books bragged about how Dell is changing. They brag about new products, recycling, and about how they ARE LISTENING TO THE CUSTOMERS and changing their customer service….. Do you want to know how?

     Simple….By closing a customer call center in Oregon. That’s right…they are closing one of the last few US call centers and most likely opening yet another up in India/Pakistan.


    I bought 2 Dells about four years ago, but I assure you that I will NEVER buy a dell again after reading this.

     Dell just lost yet another customer. I urge ALL OF YOU who have an ESD of at least a week away to CANCEL your order and send a polite letter to your Attorney General’s office.


  • Anonymous

    Somebody, please forward my e-mail to the appropriate individuals at DELL who can make change.

    I understand that it is a cost-saving decision, but PLEASE move your DELL Customer Care Call Center back to a country where English is not a second language.  I’ve called DELL for various reasons over the past two years, and each time it is extremely difficult to understand the representative.  Sometimes I just have to hang-up and call back in-hopes of getting a more English-proficient speaker.  It is horrible!

    Due to the language challenges and mis-communication, any call to DELL is a dreaded and frustrating experience.

    Understand that the Call Center staff represent DELL and that they are typically our only real-person impression of DELL.  When we have great repeated difficulty understanding them and when they use incorrect word-choices, the impression and trust we have in DELL is not good. 

    The front-line staff represent the company, and the front-line staff needs to be from a country where English is their FIRST (if not only) language.  This is critical!

  • Anonymous

    Update.  M1330 ordered 8/10.  ESD of 9/18.  Shipped on 8/17, and delivered today 8/22.  It’s definitely not a return and is operating perfectly.  I’ve never had a bad experience with Dell in 8 years both at home and work.  I thought for sure this would be my first  given everything that’s been going on.  Guess I can’t say that now.  Love the laptop.  For those that choose to hang in there, you may still have a bitter taste in your mouth but you won’t find fault with the machine.  Best of luck.  And by the way, I have no idea how I got mine so quick.  Base processor, red  lid, Nvidia 8400, standard display w/ cam, fingerprint reader.

  • Anonymous

        I was lied to as well.  I was also told there was no parts delay on my Inspiron 1420.  I was told I would receive expedited shipping.  I was told I would get next day delivery for free.  Well, let me tell you, this situation WILL   change.  Dell WILL stop lying to its customers, and I WILL receive my laptop in a timely manner.  This is what I told the customer service rep.  I also told her that I did not want her to simply tell me what I wanted to hear.  My little brother, who is going into college this year (started aug. 20) is depending on this laptop. He didn’t think he was going to be able to get one, none of us in my family has very much money, not enough to buy a computer outright anyway.  He almost broke into tears when I told him I’d found him a way to get a computer. Now I’m feeling like a heel because I have to tell him over and over again that his laptop is delayed.  I will not be made a fool of.

  • Anonymous

    How can they get away with this???  Unless we all cancel  they will continue to lie, cheat, and literally steal our money.  I like many others have paid for a computer many weeks ago….. still waiting.  Now for the third time I am delayed to the majic date, 8/28.  How ludicrous!!!  so many of us have that ESD that there is no way in hell they can ship that many on that day.  How about a mass cancellation on 8/28…. If I were dumb enough to own Dell stock, I surely sell it all on 8/27.

  • Anonymous

    It has been almost 3 weeks since the last update….. can someone at Dell please acknowledge that they have so many unhappy customers and tell us a few more lies to at least make us think they care.

  • Anonymous

    In short I been waiting since July 16th for a Midnight Blue 1720 with no shipping date in site. Sure I got the August 28 surely to be followed by another. Was told by a supervisor that it would probally be another 1 month atleast. I canceled my order

    I ordered a similar HP system for less money with a great discount coupon I caught just in time 20% off.
    Order Date 8/17
    Ship Date 8/22 Woot

    Wish I had done this sooner. Seems not everyone is having, CPU, Display, Battery, Case problems or what every else excuse they can come up with
  • Anonymous

    Kevin H. ! I envy you.

    After 3 days in the school and without having my laptop I have lost 10 Lbs just because I have to walk around the school to get to the computer lab every time I want to check my emails! 

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the Inspiron on 7/24.  Ordered Ruby Red.  There was no notice that it would be delayed, upgraded a bunch of stuff again with no notice of delay.  Ship date of 8/13 (Still is)  Called on the 14th to find out what was going on and was told that it  would ship out on the 20th, the CSR told me he would call me personally.  Got a call on the 20th from a recording telling me it would ship on the 31st.  Called to complain and got free-next day shipping which I laugh about since that is Labor Day weekend.  My family highly suggested getting a Mac Book since Microsoft was evil but I went with DELL because I trusted the product.

    I am going to college finally after being in the work force for 15 years.  My husband suggested getting a lab top.  I was thinking of just buying a paper notebook and taking notes with my pencil.  I thought since I do have a computer at home I can do my research on the web at home as well.  I could even go to the Library and look up my research (old school)  The more I think about it the more I really do not need a computer lab top, it’s a want more than a need.

    I at first was P’od like everyone else.  I then realized that I really do NOT NEED my Inspiron I just want it.  So I will wait……I will also complain and get every little free item I can out of DELL.  I was a CSR for many years and I am really surprised when I asked for a discount I was told no since “It’s a world wide problem.”  I’m sorry DELL that is not my problem it’s yours.  I ordered a product from you in good faith that it would be done in 3 to 6 business days (states on your web site)  You have not fulfilled your own business statement.  It is time to look at a “world wide discount” for all customers affected.  Since it sounds like you are blaming your vendors, get a discount from them and pass on that discount to your customers.  (out-sourceing does have it’s disadvantages as well.)


  • Anonymous

    If you are frustrated with this experiance, you might want to wait for the m1330, or you might want to move on and get something else.

    The closest thing you can find (thin & light, good prices, good graphics) is the Lonovo T61 with the Nvidia NVS 140m. This chip is a little faster then the 8400m GS used in the m1330.

    The T61 with the NVS 140m graphics is just $1500 in white. You can buy it in any color of the rainbow for another $350 at Colorwarepc. Even after they take a computer appart, paint it, cure it, and put it back together, you will still get a computer faster then you can from Dell.

    In red, in stock

    Colorware T61 page (middle option has Nvidia graphics)


    The down sides:

    * no LED

    * 1.5 lb.

    * no Camera

    * will not work with all our Dell stuff that we have  

  • Anonymous

    I think i must have alot of time to read every single comment. but my dad  ordered a  Inspiron 1521sunday the 19th. The 

    Est. Ship Date: 9/6/2007
    Est. Delivery Date: 9/11/2007-9/13/2007

    So, i am a little concerned of the time, but you have to realize the price my dad paid. which i paid back, is well worth it. I don’t know. Im willing to wait that long for it. Obviously everyone here has a computer that works other wise none of you would have left a comment??? 🙂 so why rush something that seems so small in life.?          Thank you

  • Anonymous

    We ordered an inspiron 1420 on july 18th for my birthday. The estimated ship date was supposedly july 30th, then it got moved to august 2nd. After that they changed it to august 28 (the magical date), and unfortunately my birthday was august 15, so it completely missed it. At the time we ordered it, it didn’t say anything about delays on the screen but it does now. If its delayed again I am switching to mac with bootcamp. they are lighter and thiner than the inspiron and cheaper than the XPS. With the new program they are introducing you can have Microsoft, and honestly I am tired with all of the experiences I have had with PCs. I have to admit its very disapointing not getting any presents at all.

  • Anonymous

    I think we all are in the same boat, waiting for the salvation date of 8/28.

    I ordered my Inspiron 1720 ruby red on 7/20 the first delivery date was 8/13 and now is 8/28. My real concern is….will DELL be able to ship 1001 products at once?

    If my delivery date changes…i will cancel my order. Hopefully Dell learns from their mistakes. I will let you guys know if i received my system or NOT.


  • Anonymous

    I ordered a Inspiron 1520, Intel Core 2 Duo T7100, 1.8GHz, 800Mhz, 2M L2 Cache
     on 7th July and ESD is 28th July.  I called 4 times to expedite the delivery. So far, nothing. This is soooo frustrating.  

     Is Dell a private, profit making company or a public non-profit sector providing chairty to the people by giving them laptop free of charge???


  • Anonymous

    Ordered the 1521 in Pink on 7/30. Original ESD was 8/22 – got notification yesterday that the new ESD is 8/29. Like an earlier poster said, will Dell really be able to ship all of these systems in that 8/28 – 8/29 timeframe? We shall see.

  • Anonymous

    My XPS 1330 went into pre-production on 24th July 2007. It has remained there for a month! Today, the EMEA order status said that it only went into pre-production on 23rd August 2007. Over the phone I was told it was in production (at least twice by different people).


    Oh yeah…estimated delivery date has now also changed from 28th August to 09th October 2007. This will probably increase again too i’m sure.

    What else? The following are also good points: 

    – I haven’t really been kept informed about my order.
    – Apart from my own research, no-one has e-mailed me or called me to let me know it has been delayed.
    – I have to call national rate numbers to find out about the progress. DELL earn money from us making these calls!!!!
    – The sales team speak this rather incomprehensible “Indo-English” and can’t even spell or say my name properly after at least four attempts. SPEAK ENGLISH TO ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOMERS!!!!
    – No-one really knows about the status of my order.

    I’M FED UP.

    Will someone actually call or e-mail to HONESTLY tell me what is going on? Probably not! But if they did…I probably wouldn’t be able to understand what they are saying anyway! 


  • Anonymous

    I am going to find out who Dell’s suppliers and creditors are, send them a brief and a link to this page. They obviously see something going on with Dell that we may not be seeing, making them nervous, or Dell would have the same supply ease that others like HP enjoy. Amid the smoke that Dell is blowing up the rear of these companies, lets get some truth to them.

  • Anonymous

    Guys, Don’t forget to communicate your experiences with the general public!!

    Go to http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Dell and rate Dell!

    Only those that have already ordered know about this page here.

  • Anonymous

    For those of us who are actually waiting, all we can do is keep each other informed. If you do receive an update saying your laptop has been shipped, please put it on the blog. It would be nice to know if Dell was making at least SOME progress.

  • Anonymous

    Order date: 20/07/2007

    First estimated delivery date: 16/08/2007

    Revised estimated delivery date: 28/09/2007

    Actual shipment date: 23/08/2007

    I received a call this morning to schedule delivery. 

  • Anonymous

    Just to let you know.  My midnight blue inspiron 1720 finally shipped today.  It was ordered on June 26 so I had an 8-week wait, but at least it is coming now.  So Good Luck and hang in there.

  • Anonymous

    I just recently ordered the xps 1330 (8/21/2007).  Its estimated at about a months delay but I’m really scared it will be further delayed or even canceled.  I ordered the black just so I could hopefully have it soon but  what is dell doing about the supposed mass cancellation of xps1330s?  I cant have it delayed any further and I don’t have the patience to reorder something thats 1000s of dollars. 

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an green notebook on 7/20 with an ESD of 8/16, got an email from dell saying that they are sorry and it would be shipped out no later then the 28th. They still haven’t changed the ESD on the dell web site either. They need to catch up fast or they will lose a lot of consumers. I’m not going to cancel my order yet because I like Dell. They are just screwing up now… with producing a product they can’t produce.



  • Anonymous

    I just talked with Dell Customer Service today. He told me “The LED Screen is still on back order. Therefore, I can’t guarantee that you will get your XPS M1330 on 09/13.”

    I have cancelled my order already. Good luck everyone!

  • Anonymous

    what’s up with Dell not able to catch up? Why are new orders being taken if it can’t fulfill the existing ones. I ordered 1520 Ruby Red on Jul 27 and its delayed to Aug 28th.

    C’mon Dell! get us our laptops. 

  • Anonymous

    Like many of you I ordered my laptop on July 23rd with ship date of Aug.17.  The ship date then changed to Aug.24.  Needless to say my son is going off to college on Sept.2nd.  I now have been notified the new ship date is Aug.31st with a delivery date of Sept.3rd.  Not only did my son not receive his laptop in time for orientation, but now he will not have it in time for his first day of school.  Dell shouldn’t have colleges recommending there product if they can’t keep up with orders.  It also took me two days to actually talk to someone in regards to my order because they kept putting me on hold which was endless and when I finally did talk to someone they would inform me that I was given the wrong number.  What kills me more than anything else is the laptop I ordered was the Latitude d620 and they are telling me the problem is with the EPX1330 figure that one out.

    What is going on with DELL? 

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    Well they got me too. I ordered my plain black 1520 at the beginning of August. ESD was set for today (8/24)… just got my first notification of delay that i’ve been dreading since i found this site. ESD now set to Aug 31st. Good thing i’m a Purdue student and classes started 5 days ago now. I’ll post again whether my order actually ships on Aug 31st or not.

     For those of you who tell everyone to stop complaining and be patient. I say to you: “Do you have any clue what you’re defending?” I have had three computers now from Dell. Great machines all of them. But when a company has as many order problems and delays as they have this summer, and CONTINUE to sell these machines on their site to customers who are unaware of the problems until after they get the link to this site from their order status page, its just bogus. It is NOT good business practice. Large company or small. And the continuous lies that people are getting fed from the customer support people that don’t speak a single syllable of Engligh. NOT good business practice. Theres no defending that i’m sorry. If Dell so much as attempts to lie to me on the phone in the next few days (when they finally pick up…) there will be a strongly worded letter going to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Anonymous

    I have been waiting for an Inspiron 1520 since mid July, estimated ship date today… and now it’s been delayed for a week, but after reading everything on here, I highly doubt that will be the case. I should have guessed that after having to talk with dell representatives for over 4 hours just to order the thing and get my coupon to work (or fight and figure out it won’t because they just can’t afford to give a coupon of $300) and then try to get ahold of them for another 3 hours later to change one small thing that should help the ship date, that this was going to be a major pain my head… and my heart. Which is cheesy. But I have been patiently waiting this computer, planning trips around when it will be here so I can be home to pick it up. I’m in college, I can’t get home very easily! Don’t sell the things if you can’t provide them!

    Anyways, being a poor college student, I can’t afford a mac, and I’m sure Mac is absolutely LOVING this as they get so many NEW customers that just got frustrated and gave up… and rightfully so. I talked to at least 8 different Dell representatives over the course of two days (about four each day telling me they couldn’t help me and they would transfer me in which one time I had to be on hold about an hour) And half of the representatives I talked to hardly spoke english, couldn’t understand what I said, and had such a thick accent that it was ridiculous. I can’t even get an e-mail back about any of this. You ask if they are sure it will come this next time.. and the e-mail you get back is some crap about “thank you for contacting dell. Your case number is 102938209918, so please refer to it as such in further calls, even though we won’t ask for it or care. I hope we have been helpful to you. Please let us know if you have any more questions even though we didn’t just answer this one. Thank you for understanding we are worthless. Goodbye”

    Yeah… great answer. I feel in such competent hands. I guess I may have just thrown away $1500 I can’t afford… and the only funny news is, I ordered the bag that was supposed to be delayed until beginning of october… and I got it weeks ago. So now I have a laptop bag without the laptop. Great usage.

     This has definitely convinced everyone I know, and myself, that Dell is one of the worst computer stores to shop from. Next time I’ll go to Walmart, they have everything in stock! Or Costco, Since dell is just full of a bunch of well taught answering machines that are really brainless babbling zombie-like irritating baboons!

  • Anonymous

    Instead of throwing yet another rant on this forum, I thought I’d give a
    suggestion.  Is there a way for the system to at least give us a much more
    detailed description of our order status, rather than this one line “In
    production” crap.  It really doesn’t help.  Especially for those who you know
    might get their shipment dates delayed to another date; at least notify it on
    the order status page which you so adamantly tell us to do.

    For example, instead of it just saying:

    Order Status: In Production

    Could you at least have it say something like:

    Order Status: Production – Waiting for parts; shipment est:
    Current Location: Somewhere, China
    Colored lids on backorder due to production issues, click here
    for details

    I mean, if FedEx, UPS & DHL can have tracking for packages of each stage
    of their delivery process, why not tracking for each stage of production?  Just
    having it say “In Production” on your website is absolutely useless and only
    makes the wait more painful and your CSR lines full.  I can guarantee that at
    least if you put more information out, the number of calls to CSR may decrease. 
    I know that you guys have that in place anyway but are not sharing it to your
    paying customers.   We’re the ones putting out all this money for the product,
    and I feel we deserve a right to know what the hell it’s doing right now, even
    if it’s just collecting dust inside a bin in someone’s garage in Texas.

    I’m sure there is some advanced tracking system in place though between your
    plants because, c’mon, we’re in the 21st century now aren’t we?  Sometimes I
    feel we aren’t at all yet, and that maybe you are all still using carrier
    pigeons for communication still??

  • Anonymous

    I decided to order a dell for my wife…then I found out all of this!! I called customer service, what a difference there is between 10 years ago when I got my 1st dell and now. It seems as if all the customer service went off-shore; so much for american jobs….

    I have purchased mine through my employer program, a very very large DOD contractor, the largest. So I certainly hope that my order goes smoothly , otherwise several hundred thousand employees world wide will get an email detailing my story. So we shall see

    I have an estimated ship date of 9/5 ordered on 8/17 a loaded BLACK 1720

  • Anonymous

    I’m still in the same boat as everyone else.  Ordered inspiron 1721on 7/20 with esd 8/3.. that came and went… new ship date 8/24… today got an email with another new ship date…8/31 stating the LCD is on backorder.  How can this even be possible?  How are they ever going to dig themselves out of this one if they’re still taking orders from unsuspecting customers?  HP is looking more appealing every day!

  • Anonymous

    While we all sit here waiting as patiently as possible, our computers are sitting in a factory collecting dust!

    I agree that dell needs to compensate us for the delays. 

    Maybe reporting these problems to the BBB may open their eyes. 

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to commend Dell.  I recently ordered an xps1330 and had an estimated ship day about 25 days in advance.  Well they just bumped up the shipping date 22 days, yes it shipped just 3 days after I ordered it.  Commendable!

  • Anonymous

    ordered a 1520 Aug 9,

    original ESD was 8/16 

    2nd ESD 8/23 (yesterday)

     today the new ESD is 8/30 (yeah right!, I’ll believe it when I see it)

    never got any notification from dell about the delay, but after I called, I was told (by the third person I spoke with) it was due to a delay in the processor.  I can’t quite believe that, but whatever…

    I asked for compensation and was offered $50 credit to my account.  So that is something, but I’ll also believe that when I see it….


    still waiting……. 

  • Anonymous

    I placed an order for a Inspiron notebook at the beginning of this month.  The ship date was supposed to be today but has now been delayed a week.  Based on what I’ve read here I just canceled the order.  Some folks have been waiting a couple of months and just get repeated delays.  My advice is not to order from Dell until they get this mess fixed.  They keep taking orders knowing they can’t be filled as first promised.  I’m off the shop for a HP.

  • Anonymous

    So on the 22nd my dell inspiron 9100 (three years old) died.  I could have replaced the hard drive and then I realized nothing on it was working anyways (battery was dead, screen was fading, headphone jack as blown out). Anyways I decided that my dell had served me well I loved the level of customization.  So i order a 1520 on the 24th only so to see after I order that estimated ship date is 9/7.  Assuming it ships on that date it will be three weeks until it gets to me which is rediculous but as of now Im doubting it will be shipped then. I thought about calling a CSR but after reading all this  I see its useless.  Im considering cancelling and looking else where but I dont know enough about the other brands and where to find the good deal. Any reccommendations?

  • Anonymous

    Interesting reading about all the canceling of orders got me thinking when everyone ordered first did they get in on back to school sales / discounts yet now prices are higher, i priced my same configuration on the same laptop its like $300 more now , ordered on 7/18 a insp 1720 blue , no emails nothing i was lucky to login in and ok the delay . finally i have the magic 8/28 … started school without laptop on 8/20 and had to rent one …

     well im starting to look at other laptop suppliers

    gateway hp sony and lenovo


  • Anonymous

    My Dell 1420 with the Spring Green lid and upgraded display shipped yesterday and is scheduled for delivery via DHL today.  I had called Dell sales yesterday intending to find out what was backordered, and possibly replace the backordered parts with ones that were not.  They told me yesterday that it was no longer on a manufacturing hold and was currently on an engineering hold.  Apparently an engineering hold means the parts are there it is just waiting to be assembled.  So there is hope at least for those waiting for 1420’s.  If you call Dell you may want to ask for the hold status, and verify which parts are backordered.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a plain black insperon 1720 on 8/6 with an original ESD of 8/22. I got a delay notice(email) on 8/22 with a new ESD of 8/29. I was furious and came close to canceling the order, however, I hadn’t had time to find a comparable deal. Today (8/24) it shipped!

    I just wanted to give feedback that not all of us are having the horrendous delays, mine was just a minor one, albeit annoying. Delivery is expected on 8/31 at the latest, but the tracking number says it’s shipping from an adjoining state from mine, so I don’t think that could take a whole week, unless DHL Ground uses camels.


    I do feel for you guys, this is a lot of money to spend for this kind of frustration.  


  • Anonymous

    It’s finally here. I ordered an Inspiron 1420/ruby red/regular screen  on july 23th.  The status changed on august 15th showing that they shipped that same day. Then, on 08/22 the shipping date changed again to that day.  

    Today (august 24th),  i got it.  I have used it for just a few hours. So far, so good. I think i will be happy with the machine, but definitely it’s going to take some time (and some serious effort on Dell’s side) to buy again from this vendor.

     As a fitting ending to this transaction, the delivery company left the box somewhat hidden behind some plants just because nobody was home. The package was flawless when i found it, but this is not the proper way to do things. Not Dell’s fault, but strange; never happened anything like it to me before.

    Good luck to you all.

    Rodrigo, MX 

  • Anonymous

    To everyone still waiting in hopes for their laptop, if you can’t tell by
    reading all of these comments, cancel now. I was reading these and holding out
    some hope but it hit me that there is a serious problem. Cancel now, backorder
    dates are hitting into October now for people who ordered way back in June/July.
    Even if you ordered recently, you’re way behind the backorder. Everyone just
    cancel while you have time, if there’s time. I know my classes start Monday
    August 27. Walk into a Walmart, or Mac or somewhere where there are tangible
    computers. Get a low quality one to last a semester or two, upgrade in a few
    months. But my biggest suggestion is to Cancel.

    HP is getting all the customers from Dell and they are very much happy, if
    you want something nice, go there.

    Please, don’t hestitate, cancel your orders… things are only going to get

  • Anonymous

    So far Dell had worked super well, we had ordered 3 laptops and 1 desktop with my wife and we never had any problem… no problem at all, not even when needed a repair… no questions asked, Dell always worked super well…

    We ordered a new laptop to replace an old one… it is fun to see that Dell informs you about the nature of the delays only after they charge your credit card… and I did not choose a fancy color… just the standard cheap black cover for the 1420…

    Good thing I  do not need it urgently, and I am not planning on canceling the order because we get a good discount here…

    Next time I hope I will be out of school so I can afford a Mac or a Sony 

  • Anonymous

    seems they started a topic to address inspiron being in sort supply , i would sure love to pick a different color  blue seems to be one of the worst , just to speed up my order.


  • Anonymous

    I ordered on AUG 1 and my estimated delivery date in Aug 30.  However reading all of this has got me very nervous that my system is going to get delayed into Sep.  I ordered a Midnight Blue 1520.  I didn’t know that after 30 days no matter what Dell Charges your card even if your computer didn’t ship.  That’s ridiculous.  Well I’m going to try and hang in there, I just don’t want to get charged and have to cancel seeing that my system could be in delay in September.

  • Anonymous

    I have ordered a Dell XPS M1330 in Tuxedo Black and withouth the LED Backlight display. But nevertheless Dell needs 3 months to ship the laptop (with the new delivering date).

     Is there any chance that I get my notebook earlier than that?

  • Anonymous

    All i want to know is am i waisting my time we placed our order on the 5th its been in production sence the 6th and the estamated date is the 29th i mean should i even have hope that its gone come on then i mean the date hasn’t changed and i didnt put much into it sooo i mean idk i guess i have 6more days to find out ****SIGH***** hope my teacher doesnt hold this against me

  • Anonymous

    Well, i ordered my Inspiron 1521 on the fifth of this month… and well, my Estimated ship date is for 9/7/07… i don’t mind waiting but here the other thing… I also ordered a case and an easy transfer cable for it and they won’t be shipping until November… i mean i don’t mind waiting but its ridiculous that its taking so long.  Whats the hold-up for accessories?

  • Anonymous

    I just ordered a business series Vostro 1400 notebook.  Does anyone know if these are also experiencing delays??

  • Anonymous

    Just cancelled my order for the Inspirion. I can’t believe anything that Dell says about delivery dates. I’m going to buy a Toshiba tonight.

  • Anonymous

    I do not agree that it is not Dells fault. Dell should require a signature
    with the shipping company. Something this expensive and that takes this long
    just to get shipped should be treated with a little more value. A check box
    should be provided on checkout ‘require signature?’.

    I have already read stories about Dells products being left out in the open,
    someone stealing it and Dell coming to collect on the money anyway.

    Maybe waiting on hold for an hour may be an option, never know what you are
    going to get on the other end of the line though.

  • Anonymous

    College freshman….debated between a Dell and a mac.  Dell won….

    I didn’t!!!!!!!

    I reveived 2 delayed shipping.  Even the printer is delayed?

    Starting classes Monday.

    Thanks Dell.

    There better be some compensation. 

    Shame on you. 

  • Anonymous

    a company like dell should think about these things before they go and promote a product they dont know how to build. We got two inspiron 1420 notebooks (T7100 1GB 120GB LED) and after i figured out that it would take five weeks to ship a product (that you should know how to build anyway) i spent 2+ hours of my time talking to people that speak broken english in BFE. This is an embarrassment for dell, and major problem for me.


    also thank all of your “consumer care” reps for so nicely telling me that they dont care, and its my fault for ordering them. I asked very clearly for some type of incentive, and now im left with “free” next day shipping and $200 cash back. That is a great incentive, let me tell you, not only am i still overpaying for inferior technology, i get it the next day(whenever that may be) too!


    This is embarassing for your company, and i think ill cancel the order two hours before the “estimated ship date” just so you have unsellable inventory.

     DUDE! Im Getting a Dell! Maybe, well probably…. ok eventually.

  • Anonymous

    My m1330xps problem solved itself last week.

    I ordered the m1330 on July 6 and it was originally scheduled to ship on 8/6.

    Both troublemaking features were ordered for the system: the Crimson Red cover and the LED screen.

    The order was delayed to 8/16, then to 8/21, and then to 8/28.

    On 8/21, last week, I went to check my order status and got the message that I had no orders. This freaked me out and I immediately called customer support to find out what was going on. The customer support person brought the order on her system and assured me that she saw no problems.

    On the same day I received a recorded call notifying me that I had to let Dell know if I wanted to continue my order. I responded the way I was instructed to keep the order active. I also received an email notifying me that I needed to send an email to Dell notifying them that I wanted to keep the order. I followed those instructions as well. 

     On 8/23 I check again but, now the order status read “canceled.” Again, I called customer service, this time connecting with someone who was clearly an escalation service person because she actually gave me her last name and sounded like she was from the Midwest. After hearing my tale of woe and making lots of sympathetic noises, she told me she would get right on it and let me know what was going on.

    Later the same day I got a note that looked like it was generated through Dell’s automated system. It was a response the email I sent on 8/21 saying  it was confirming my request to cancel my order.

    Did I misunderstand the email’s original instructions? Maybe but that sure wasn’t my intent.

    A bit later on the 23rd I received two more emails. One was a second response to the cancellation notification saying “we’re sorry about the confusion” but basically tough luck. The other email was from Karen the customer support person I had spoken to earlier saying, “Well I found out what the problem was, guess they were trying to contact you and couldn’t get hold of you.”

    I felt, still feel, so angry and helpless around this situation. It’s like something you might expect to happen in some sort of big government bureaucracy but Dell is a Fortune 100 corporation. 

    This is the worst purchase experience I’ve ever had. Worse than buying my last car and that was a pretty awful experience.

    And despite the platitudes, I’m not under the impression that Dell is really “feeling my pain.” They’re too big and too disorganized right now trying to fulfil xps and inspiron orders. Plus as long as they take care of their most lucrative customers, corporate, my situation isn’t even on their radar.

    So, I’m buying a Lenovo thinkpad that comes pretty close to the xps specs. Not as fast or as pretty but I’ll actually have a new system.

    Goodbye Dell 4ever.

    Judy Murdoch
    Former Dell Customer


  • Anonymous

    Idiot moderator! What’s wrong with you?

  • Anonymous

    These are the problems that happed when boring Dell tries to get fashionable.

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice to see a response from Dell about the order delays, but I’m still frustrated.

     I ordered a 1521 Inspiron on July 18th, and my order was pushed back once. I’m trying to keep thinking positively about this and that it will come this week, since my new supposed ship date is 8/27.

     I’m really trying to be patient about this, but the above comments from other customers is a little bit unsettling – (I don’t want to think my order would be pushed back a third time, but when I was notified first, it wasn’t until the very last minute.)

     I agree with the others in that it is very poor customer service to sell and greatly advertise something that the company either does not have, or cannot easily make. I, like many other posters need the laptop for school, and I thought by ordering early, I would have it in time. Sadly, that is not the case.

     I thought about canceling my order, but I feel like I’ve already waited long enough. I just don’t want to be disappointed, since prior to this I’ve heard so many good things about Dell.

     Additionally, it’s a really bad idea for Dell to keep advertising stuff they don’t have – it’s very misleading, especially towards students. I got an advertisement in the newspaper last week, and a Inspiron folder (a green one), that looks how my laptop should if I ever get it.





  • Anonymous

    I just called Dell and amazingly got straight through to a rep AND she wasn’t in India. She told me that the only thing that had held up order was the ruby red color and the web cam, but that everything is in stock and there is no reason for it to be delayed further, past my magical Aug 28th ship date, and she said they have people working on laptops 24 hours a day, so I guess we will see come tuesday…


    Order date: 7/23/07

    Original ESD: 8/9/07

    New expected ESD:  8/28/07

    Ruby Red Inspiron 1520 Intel Core 2 Duo T7300, 2.0GHz, 800Mhz, 4M Cache, 2GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm, 15.4 inch Wide Screen WSXGA+ TrueLife LCD, 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M, 160G 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, 8X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive, Intel 4965AGN Wireless-N Mini Card, Integrated 2.0M Pixel Webcam


  • Anonymous

    with all the notes and comments about delayed shipping, I worry that my simply-blue little Inspiron (due to ship 8/31 supposedly) will be yet delayed.  This doesn’t sit well as even an idea of possibilities because right now my senior year of college has already started and I’m struggling without that computer on hand that I’ve saved forever for.  I don’t want to have to quit my job just to get in the hours at a computer for assignments I could have had done if I’d had my laptop earlier.  I’ll continue waiting but PLEASE Dell – don’t let me down.

  • Anonymous

    There haven’t been many post on this XPS M1330 forum lately. I know they have a forum for the Inspiron systems now talking about the covers by I haven’t seen any posts, positive or negative on this forum lately. I was just wondering if anyone has been getting good news about their system being shipped? Or has anyone gotten a new delay message? Anyway I wish you all the best in getting your order asap.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered dell 1520 inspiron in 26 jul dell send me confirmation and
    shipping date is 17 Aug, every day I check my order it’s in production
    when   I check my order the day of
    shipping it’s canceled

    My DFS Acc. has been charged 1093.49$ in that time

    I did chat with dell customer service about this subject on 08/17/2007 and
    he told me that I have no problem in my order and it was canceled due to
    payment authorization received lat (19days to receive payment authorization)
    below  chat  


    Agent (Sukhpreet Jeji): “The orders got cancelled itself by the
    time the Dell financial services sent the payment authorization. { session
    ID for this incident is 13105973.

    Agent (Sukhpreet Jeji): “So, they have refreshed your Dell
    Preferred account on my request. So. the available credit balance in your Dell
    Preferred account is$$$$.


    Mr Sukhpreet Jeji): from chat customers service give me case number

    Today I check my order status I found new order has been posted to may
    ACC. But Est. Ship
    delivery time more than one month  is this is a solution to my case to re order

    today i try to make new order the same
    specification and price i get new estimate time less than dell send it to me on


    Dell did not solve this problem they jest reorder it for me .

     Since 17 aug(the day it was
    canceled ) I can reorder it by my self .

      .where is my previous order that reedy to ship
    but cancel due to dell mistake, why they canceled in the day of shipping

    I did not receive since I ordered any email of cancellation?

    I wait 20 days for my order??????????????

    I need this inspiron


    It’ seems to me dell force buyer to buy other brand  


    I’m not satisfied



  • Anonymous

    Today, I was just about to buy a XPS M1330 laptop when I realized that there is a huge problem with the shipping. But now I have switched my purchase to Sony SZ6, an extremely good laptop that is comparable if not better than M1330. For those who are in a need to get a laptop you may want to check this laptop as well. In Canada, the shipping would take 1-2 days (expedited) or 2-6 days (normal). So far there has been no news of delays. Best of luck.

  • Anonymous

    So I was just commenting back to say that today at around 12AM Monday the 27th… I received an email saying my order has shipped out! HORRAAY!! I had a black 1520 just FYI from a few posts ago. That means that the ship date was only missed by about 3 days. Good luck to all those still waiting.

  • Anonymous

    Frustrated and very disappointed with Dell.  I had an original shipping date of July 16th which was changed to July 26th which changed to August 3rd and now has supposedly changed to August 28th. As an educator I was looking forward to using the 17″ laptop for school.  Obviously this will not happen.  Two internet representative “claimed”  they would e-mail me with any updates and changes.  Still waiting for the e-mails.  They most common answer was to cancel the order.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a simple Inspiron on August 2.  On-line they gave me a 8-31 ship date but since my daughter is off to college she needed it by then.  So I picked-up the phone and called Dell.  The customer service person said that she would put a priority on my order so it would be first in-line and “of course I would have before that date, at Dell we don’t even schedule things past 30 days”.  When she sent me the confirmation e-mail it had a September 6 ship date (later than what I could have received on-line).  After this Dell does not respond to e-mails or phone calls……unbelievable for a large company that prides itself on customer service.  But I guess I am the fool after all.  I already have 3 Dell laptops and the last one I bought was an XPS.  Last  November while on a business trip the DVD player stopped working, I spent hours trying to fix it but finally gave up and called Dell’s customer service line.  I was on hold for 28 minutes while they had (taped) message after message about add-ons I should buy for my XPS.  When the customer service rep. came on-line he gave me “a song and a dance” about everything except for the issue I was asking him about.  He finally said (33 minutes into my phone call) that there was a bug in the siftware but that Dell was working on a fix and would e-mail it to me as soon as possible.  It took another 4 days before I got the fix and that was OK.  But why did they not e-mail me beforehand when they knew there was a problem.  They manage to send me “sales” e-mails every week and why did they have to “stea” over 33 minutes of my time instead of  informing me while on hold since they knew exactly what model I was calling about.

    Every company run into production delays or “bugs” but only Dell treats customers without any respect. No respect for other peoples time or situations.
    If they told me my order was delayed I could make other arrangements for my daughter before she starts college.  Now it will cost me a lot to ship her my laptop overnight so she can use it when classes start.  If they would have e-mailed me about the bug, I would not have wasted 4 hours on trying to fix it, or keep me on-hold for an additional half an hour.

    I am very patient as long as people are up-front.  “Yes we have a problem and we will do XY and Z to fix it and you can expect to receive it in X number of days”.  Those are lines that is no longer part of the corporate culture at Dell and by now my experience with Dell will become a “dairy of my Dell experience” with the Wall Street Journal.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just wondering why they  receiving more orders while they are still unable to deliver the orders submitted about 2 months ago .

  • Anonymous

    Dell Bureaucracy

    This is a great example of why big government is inept.

    Originally ordered (T7300, LED) 16Jul w/ESD 8Aug, then 28 AUG. On 30JUL I upgraded some options (9&9 cell batt, nVidia, BT, FP reader) cancel/reorder with ESD 9/7.  Of course, it took me 3 hours on my cell phone to do this, and I got hung up on once and then sent to India.

     To Dell’s credit, they upgraded my primary 9 cell and wireless-N for free. It’s a good thing cuz I was this -><- close to canceling. I’ll have to see about this most resent ship date.

    In the mean time I ordered a Belkin sleeve: Jet+ Cabernet… that’s black. Well, they sent me a girly pink one. Thinking (or maybe not) that it would be a simple matter to have them swap the pretty one for the color I ordered, I contacted CS… twice (about another hour on my cell).

     I got hung up on the first time an I wasn’t rude. I was simply trying to understand what the girl was saying. I called back and the first thing I asked was the person’s name. I think it was the same girl, but oh how nice  she was after asking her name.

    So it’s another cancel and reorder thing. Even though the correct color I ordered is on the invoice. But she checked it and said the the Jet-Cabernet was the pink one. It’s not folks. I have the manufacturers color chart right in front of me, and the Order site says the same thing. The pink one is called *something Poney.

    That’s it I’m canceling that altogether. I’ll just go to a local shop or reputable online vendor to get the darned thing. Something so simple becomes an insurmountable obstacle for Dell.

    As for the XPS? If it wasn’t such a good machine I would have canceled already. The option is still open. I’ll be patient and see. I may order another computer from Dell, but unless absolutely necessary,  I will never order peripheral items… life is too short and it’s just not worth it.

  • Anonymous

    I think you guys in the US are having more luck than us in the UK.  I ordered my spring green Dell Inspiron 1520 on 25 July, and even then I was told after my purchase that it wouldn’t come until 21 August, which didn’t fill me with confidence.  Then a few days before the delivery date, I got a computer generated email with no real apology saying it wouldn’t be here until 26 September.

    Their customer support in India tell me it is the glass for the screen that has caused the delay. 

    I have been pushing for a discount to make up for this, but they will not commit to anything.  All I get is “As my manager is also looking into this, we will surely try to arrange
    for some sort of compensation from our end. However, I will not be able
    to promise you anything right now.” – which is not good enough – I want something in writing.

    I have queried them about refunds, and they say I can cancel at any point up to 7 days after delivery.  If anyone is having problems, and you have had a delay of a month or more, there is a clause in the UK T&Cs item 5.5. that says:

    “If the estimated delivery date cannot be met and the revised delivery date will exceed 30 days from the original date of order then Consumer will be contacted & advised of a proposed new date for delivery. If Consumer refuses the revised delivery date and delivery is not made within 30 days from the original date of order or prior to the specifically agreed delivery date if applicable, then Consumer may cancel the order without charge & obtain a full refund.” 

    I was relieved when I saw this!  So, sadly I am going to cancel and buy a Sony or HP laptop from an online store where I know it’s sitting there in the box ready to go.

    Dell have already taken payment from my credit card, so now they’re sitting on the cash making interest from it while I’m paying it – it will no doubt end up costing me something, not to mention the fact that Dell have wasted my time and effort.  I won’t be going anywhere near them again.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for an MP4300 – ordered 07/31, estimated ship date moved from 08/10 to 08/24 and now to 08/31. 

    Plain black lid, no LED backlight, so I’m not too sure what would be holding it up.  Maybe it’s that all the assembly and testing folks are busy with laptops for you guys who’ve been in line since July?  I hope that’s it anyway!

    This is very frustrating.  I’d counted on having this laptop for school.  Now here I am in Switzerland, and my laptop is still who-knows-where, being shipped who-knows-when to my home address in the US, where I can either (a) pay big bucks to have it shipped overseas or (b) do without it until December.  (Ah, who am I kidding?  At this rate, it may not even be ready until December!)

  • Anonymous

    I ordered on the 7/17 and was originally told it would be delivered on 7/29 then it was pushed back to 8/15 and now like most of you it is supposed to be shipped on the 8/28. I was given 5% of my order a 30 dollar credit and free next day shipping. At this point if my computer does not ship tomorrow i am canceling my order and blackballing Dell.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered 1420 on 08/08/07 Est shipping today 08/27 

    today I got an email with new ESD 09/04

    Talked to two different CSR one said my order is ready to ship other said the new ESD is 09/04

    very confusing !!!!!!!!!!!



  • Anonymous

    I think nobody longer than me in order xps m1330

    i live in australia, and i ordered dell xps m1330 on the red skin —29 Jun–.

     And Dell delayed my order 4th time.Now they also not sure when they can delivery my laptop. In order status show — 4 Sep–  but  yesterday the girl in Live Chat said Laptop will be delivery on –14 Sep– …this is 5th time they delay on my order.

    Hehe….i no idea in this situation….i will wait them….when they get up ?.Maybe they still sleeping.  

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a M1330 on August 21, with a PSD of October 4…great. The beauty of this for me is that I had already ordered a Sony Vaio CR-190, but cancelled  the order because I decided the Dell fit my needs better and have had good luck with Dell over the years. I guess I have only myself to blame. Rest assured, if I get jerked around like others that have posted here I WILL cancel the Dell order and go back to Sony. The problems may already be starting as I spoke with a rep last week saying that I will be receiving my first statement from Dell Financing the first of September…lovely…paying for something that I may be lucky to see in a month, or two…

  • Anonymous

    My take is August 28th is a generic date that Dells gives to most delayed XPS orders.  My order’s completion date was changed the second time–  you guess it.. to August 28th..

     Not to sound too pessimistic but my original date was July 3rd… If I were a gambler, I would not bet on the 28th.. I think sometime is September is more realistic–  and what’s so bad, Dell knew that they could not meet the production back in June– or before.

    I’ll be waiting to see if Dell can keep its commitments the second time around…  If not, I will be moving on to a different laptop—  and given time, Dell will be just a bad memory… 

    (If Dell was really serious about the delays–  a 20% discount for delayed orders would go a long way to smooth out the bad customer relations).

  • Anonymous

    I was told by a Dell rep that my shipping was upgraded to Next-Day for free, but my order screen is still showing 3-5 day delivery. Should I be concerned?

  • Anonymous


    I ordered 23 July, and it’s ESD 16 September

    it’s almost 2 month

    can you make faster?

    I ordered LED backlight

    Everyone, is anyone ordered LED backlight also take that long??


  • Anonymous

    For the multitude of customers with the 8/28 ESD, please let us all know if your laptop ships tomorrow as promised.  Mine was scheduled on 8/30 and actually shipped 8/26.  Still waiting for it, but looks like it will be here by Wednesday (ordered 8/9). 

    This has been a tough couple of months for Dell, but I hope it was a learning experience.  Never again should they market a product they can’t produce….  I know they already lost a generation of clients, but I for one, do not want them to fail…  No I don’t own their stock, and I’m not sure I would right now.  However, they have been very good over the years and I hate to see such a disaster happen to a good company.

    Dell:  Make some changes so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.  There are plenty of suggestions all over this blog. 

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I am very unhappy with Dell at the moment. This would have been the third system I had ordered from Dell. I currently have the XPS desktop (I LOVE IT!) it came with no problems even before schedule ship date. I also have a very old Inspiron 4100 which has been working great for over 5 years! The only reason I getting ready to update it was the screen got broken so it is no longer stable which I need for travel and work. I placed an order for a new 1521 on 8/17 with est date of  8/25  I thought great Dell has always been good with deliveries so no big deal until I get this email saying 9/25 – 10/02 okay this is not good. So I call Dell and after waiting on line for over 45min I finally get to take to someone. CS did advise me they were have parts issues for all their notebooks and home systems and that they could even say 10/2 was a good date. So sadly I canceled my order I see no reason to pay for a computer I will not even have for some time.  If they get this together I may order around Christmas if I can hold my old trusty 4100 together for a few more months.

  • Anonymous

    I dont know why i am different but… I ordered by 1520 on july 12 and it had gotten pushed back to the middle of August sometime because of the color problem. I ended up cancelling my order and reordering the same configured laptop on the 8th of August and it got shipped to me on the 20th of August. Am I the only one that got a laptop before ESD? Im not complaining or anything but really, why?

  • Anonymous

    I am so upset with this whole thing.  I ordered my INSPIRON 1521 GREEN on July23 with a EDD of Aug17, now a revised EDD of Aug 28.  I will see.  I want to cancel but they have my money and after reading about not getting your refund in a timely manner, I have doubts about getting that back.  This just sucks.  I am in a rock and a hard spot.   Just like the rest of you.  I am waiting for a revised e-mail again.  Can’t you just get it right?  Thank goodness I am not in a hurry.  Please get you act together.

  • Anonymous

    I bought a Toshiba Saturday night at 9 PM and had it on Sunday by 4. It has more features, was less expensive, and the customer service was delightful. Wish I had done this weeks ago and saved all the hassle.

     I’m now a content Toshiba customer-never again Dell.

  • Anonymous

    Hello All,


    I don’t know if this is true, or not, but I just checked my order status and it says that my system shipped today – I ordered it last week…perhaps things are turning around. I will post an update as soon as I verify.

  • Anonymous

    Marilyn, where did you order your toshiba from?

  • Anonymous

    ordered inspiron 1720 on 8/4 was delayed once and then told the day it was supposed to ship it was delayed again however it did end up shipping that day 8/23 was upgraded to overnight shipping and received it on 8/24 I am very pleased with the laptop this was my first experience with Dell Sorry you guys are still waiting months this whole thing is kind of crazy good luck to everyone  with 8/28 ship date.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered Inspiron 1521 in blue July 24.  It shipped 2 days ago.  That is earlier than the second ship date I was given.  The price was too good to cancel.  Thank goodness the waiting is over. 

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow seems to be the big day for a lot of us. I am checking status every to see if my lap top is going to be shipped tomorrow as promised, for the 4th time. Did talk to the Dell rep and was told: “We expect to ship most of the back ordered items on the 28th, your included.”

    Looking forward to seeing who does and who does not get their shipped tomorrow….. After all, it was ordered on the 14th of July. Good thing I have not been in a hurry. 

  • Anonymous

    I just canceled as well after reading the comments on here. I had an ESD of 9/5 and I’ve waited long enough (but not as long as the rest of you).

     I’ll get my HP by the time my Dell maybe would have been here.

  • Anonymous

    Well My Daughter ordered a Pink laptop on 7/14, Was suppose to be here on the 8th then today, now next week,

    They told me on the phone that the holdup was the pink covers, and it was a 24 day turnaround from today. so if its 21 days from tomorrow how will they ship it on 9/5?

     Going to store tonight to check out another laptop and if its ok with her we will buy it. and cancel this mess




  • Anonymous


    All, I want to know is what is the timeline to solving this issue?

    And are these being painted in china? Is that why it take so long because they might be using lead paint to paint laptop?




  • Anonymous


     The lack of any updated feedback and honest replies from Dell has finally made me see the light.  I am canceling my order of 7/18 Inspiron Ruby Red (which btw did NOT indicate might delay my ship date) that my son needed for college which began last week.

    first ship date 8/20

    1st delay 8/28 ship date

    2nd delay 9/4 ship date

    Since this is the site Dell has directed me to, and Dell does not answer any of our questions, Dell has now yet another $2,0000 sale. This was to be my 4th Dell purchase for home.




  • Anonymous

    I ordered my laptop back on July 11, expecting this computer to arrive by July 28.  The new expected arrival date is for September 9, two months after I ordered the laptop!  Enough of the delays!  One more delay and Dell looses another customer…

  • Anonymous

    Why am I paying extra $$ for 2 day delivery, when it is taking a month and 2 days to get here? (at least thats when they say it will be here)

  • Anonymous

    Whats the problem? I Just ordered two 24″ Monitors. It looks to take a few days to just put them through production. What production? If you didn’t have them in stock ready to ship, I should have been told this when I made the order. Not finding this out when I’m daily checking my account Page to see if they’ve left yet…Somethings a little goofy.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, it is my 3rd post on this tread. Like many of you my order was placed on 7/20 and supposed to be ESD: 8/15 and then 8/28.

    Today (8/28) i spoke with a CSR and they gave me $50 compensation. Later on someone from Dell called me saying I will be credited to my account $100.

    I hope you all get those compensation….in case you need the number to call, there it goes and GOOD LUCK fellow “DELLayers”.

    Dell compensation people: 1 800 624 9897 (good luck)



  • Anonymous

    Hope you like the BBB. They will be your bestest fwiends.

  • Anonymous

    Had to cancel my Order for a E1405, been waiting a month, it appears they will never ship, very poor management… Looks like its an apple for me…

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my laptop on July 13, with an original ship date of August 1. Like everyone else, my ship date was postponed to Aug 28. Today that date was pushed to September 7. I have just canceled my order and ordered an HP. I got the same product for only $50 more and a ship date earlier than my new Dell date (that I have no confidence in). I read an article today that Dell most likely will not be able to catch up until sometime in November.

    I suggest bailing out NOW…. 

  • Anonymous

    So much for the big day! Laptop has been delayed another week!

    Suprise Suprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous

    I would have to say that the order delays have gotten a little out of control at this point.  Why are we not getting any information on the Inspirion delays, but orders are delayed every time they are suppose to ship.  If you are in this much trouble with back orders, then STOP ADVERTISING THESE SYSTEMS AND START GIVING SOME DISCOUNTS TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE HANGING OUT WAITING FOR THEIR ORDERS TO SHIP!!!!!  For those of us who ordered a month or two ago…Dell is lucky that we all haven’t canceled our orders!

    Dell….do something for your customers asap or you will continue to lose them to other companies, and good luck ever getting them back! 

  • Anonymous

    Well Well… I’ve been reading this site for a little over a week now and have read most if not all of the post. I ordered my Inspiron 1520 on 8/11 and my ESD is 9/7 but I’m almost positive that it will be pushed back, if it is I’m cancelling my order. I’m not on a time constraint or anything, I don’t need it for school, but I’m not waiting 3 months for it either. But who knows maybe it’ll ship… maybe.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I just got off the phone with Dell and boy did the guy who answered the phone sound exhausted. He did not know what was going on and he is being told that the email I received today was accidentally sent out, right. I should receive a new email tonight, what is taking so long its already 8pm. He also says that he was informed that orders with a 9/5 ship date will ship before the 5th. Dell has less than a week to deliver, literally, or I will have to do what I said I would never do again and go to hp. As a customer who is purchasing his 4th dell in as many years I think I deserve a little honesty. Dell’s spin is pathetic and predictable. Please don’t ruin this long time good relationship more than you already have.

  • Anonymous

    Well I called Dell today and my system is finally being tested since this afternoon and will ship tomorrow a day before my ESD of Aug 30.  I have one day shipping.  I ordered my Inspiron 1520 on AUG 1 with the Midnight Blue cover.  256 NVIDIA graphics card.  2GB ram and the regular glossy screen.  I FEEL FOR ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ORDERED IN LATE JUNE AND JULY WHO GOT THEIR DELAYED INTO SEPTEMBER.  GOO LUCK TO ALL OF YOU, I WOULD CANCEL IF IT GETS DELAYED AGAIN BECAUSE PEOPLE NEED THEIR COMPUTERS.  BUT BE CAREFUL WITH HP’S THE SOUND STUTTERS ON THE 6500T AND DV900T.  LOOKS LIKE DELL WILL ALWAYS HAVE MY BUSINESS BUT I DO HOPE THEY FIX THEIR MESS RIGHT NOW.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see your earning reports soon. Ordered 7/16 and now have to wait til 9/5. Better not slip past the 5th or you won’t have to worry about shipping it.



  • Anonymous

    This whole delay is ridiculous.. i am a student at NCSU and i ordered my laptop july 17, giving dell well over a month to get it to me…then they started to change my estimated ship date and told me that i wouldnt get it until the end of august..only problem is i started class 2 weeks ago and i dont have a computer! ive had to go to the computer labs to get assignments done… this is very frustrating and i can promise that i will never trust dell with any other orders again!!!! o yea, and like the person said b4 me, if there is one more delay, dell will lose another customer!

  • Anonymous

    This whole delay is ridiculous.. i am a student at NCSU and i ordered my laptop july 17, giving dell well over a month to get it to me…then they started to change my estimated ship date and told me that i wouldnt get it until the end of august..only problem is i started class 2 weeks ago and i dont have a computer! ive had to go to the computer labs to get assignments done… this is very frustrating and i can promise that i will never trust dell with any other orders again!!!! o yea, and like the person said b4 me, if there is one more delay, dell will lose another customer!

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an Inspiron 1720 (Spring Green) on July 13.  Original ESD was 7/31.  On 7/31 ESD was moved to 8/7.  Then on 8/7 ESD was moved to 8/28.  I was assured by CSR in India on 8/7 that Dell was ramping up to be able to fulfill all the orders and that I should receive my order well before the 8/28 ESD.

    Well can you guess what I see today on the 8/28 ESD?  My order ESD has been delayed for another 8 days!  I am beyond frustrated now.  Have I been able to get any shipping upgrade or discounts from Dell because of the continued delays?  NO!

    I guess I only have one financially sound recourse to take… 

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m not surprised. At least Dell notified me (sort of) and asked for my consent on my 22 Jul order for the second delay. The only way I found out about the first delay was looking at the order on the web page. Come to think of it that’s how I found out about the second.

    You would think that Dell would at least sweeten the order with some kind of upgrade but I haven’t seen any. I’m disappointed in Dell. I’ve purchased four notebooks in the last three years and was always impressed by the quality at such a great price. Now though, I think I will look elsewhere on the next purchase. One more delay and that will come much sooner.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if I was contacted with these delays.  Both times, though, I learned about the delays by logging in to my account.

    You think it’ll be possible to get the darn thing by Christmas?  I ordered in July.


  • Anonymous

    Ordered a 1520 (Green) on 7/26/2007 with a ESD of 8/17/07. “First Notification of Order Delay” pushed this back to  8/28/07. This morning  the new  ESD was  moved to 9/5/07 and  I  received an e-mail saying the same. I just now checked the status and it is now 9/10/07. This was for my daughter starting college. Tomorrow, I will try to talk her into a Toshiba that I can get to her within 2 days. How can a company in such a competitive market survive by treating it’s customers like this???  Answer – it can’t.

  • Anonymous

    Original order was July 17th.  Well another ship date has passed but this time no phone call to tell me it was not shipped again, guess they got tired.  My freshman college student is waiting too and her other laptop is dying.  My laptop is too slow and as a teacher i really would love to keep up with all my work.  Great way to start the school year off. I knew I should have bought another HP.  I’ll have to cancel the order soon, if my dell doesn’t get here before the end of the school year.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the Inspiron 1520 and a printer on 7/20 since then I have gotten 5 calls from dell saying that my order was on back order, 3 for the 1520 and 2 for the printer. The first call for the back order for the 1520 was they didn’t have the red top, the second was the web cam and the third I don’t even remember.  I call yesterday and today and it says that the laptop is in the “boxing stage” and will ship out 8/28 my printer is to ship out tomorrow. This is so aggravating. Thank god I did the finance through Dell and not have paid for it upfront. I’m just glad that this is for personal use and not for school or work. Dell should have had their stuff together, I mean who advertises for something but then not have enough supplies to build it?? This is my first laptop and heard from many people that Dell has excellent computers and laptops but there service stinks.

  • Anonymous

    My unit was supposed to ship today (originally supposed to ship August 3, ordered on 7/14/2007).  Just received another email stating that it is now est. to ship 9/3/2007.  My CSR’s response to my request… “We’ve upgraded you to next day shipping.  I apologize for the incontinence”  Yes, my CSR used the word “incontinence.”  So I don’t have a laptop and Dell is assuming I have a bladder control problem.  Great, thanks a bunch.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I’m done. Ordered on July 13. Inspiron and assorted other gadgets. None have shipped. Aug 13 to Aug 28 to Sept 5. Seriously. I’ve been patient, but I need the machine to take to a conference in early Oct. I can easily imagine a delay until Oct. at this rate.

     I’m off to greener pastures.


  • Anonymous

       Yep, like I figured…. Got the “Dell Dear John Letter” this morning…. for the 5th time… your order has be changed…. est 9/5/07… ordered 7/14… love the limbo Dell has put everyone in… Wonder just how many of us are still waiting and how many have received their order

  • Anonymous

    Inspiron 1720 pink cover ordered: 7/22

    1st EDD: 8/14

    2nd EDD: 8/28

    CANCELLED: 8/20

    purchased Apple MacBook: 8/20

    conclusion: get your money back and give someone else your business!  I love my MacBook and the customer service is top-notch! (well worth the extra $$ over the Dell!)

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Inspiron 1520 on 8/20 at which time the during the order set-up it said it would be delayed 15 business days, After booking the order the estimated ship date immediately move out to 9/25, so we go from 15 bus. days days to 25 bus. days day just like that. ON top of that they say they can’t ship a mouse until 10/9? What the hell is that all about? If there is any delay in this shipment (this is a birthday gift and must be here by 9/30) I am canceling my order and going to HP. You know HP right Dell?? The company that has taken over as the number 1 PC manufacturer from you and stolen a big chunk of your market share in the process? Heck even the Mac has taken away a bit of their market. If Dell doesn’t get their act together soon, I see bankruptcy in the near future, look at what happened to Gateway, it’s a similar story, now they are being bought by Acer and are going from bad to worse.  I don’t know how, that in a matter of a couple years a company can go from being a top notch PC maker with top rated customer service to the bottom of the heap. Michael Dell better do something fast to save his company, after all it is we the consumer that pay his check.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an D630 on 14.08.2007 and had to cancel it because it was impossible to a a 9 cell battery to an existing order ;). The estimated Delivery Date was 28.08.2007. On 22.08. I placed the new order with the result of an delivery date of 25.09.2007. Anywway the seller (Dell Phone) told me that m old order would have been delayed anyway with the same delivery date as the new, as the display (WXGA+ 1440*900) is not on stock. For the WXGA (1280*800) they could guarantee a delivery date on 28.08.2007. So I wait and hope something changes and I maybe get my new D630 earlier.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, on checking my order status, there is another delay.  Do they really think they are going to be shipping on the date given, or is it just another appeaser?  We need straight answers, and definite dates.  Don’t give us a date unless it’s really going to happen then!  I ordered in early July, with a ship date of 3 weeks, and was assured by Mary that it would definitely be here before the ship date given…  I have gotten one call ()a recording) since then, but no other info except what I find on this site.  Yet, I’m still getting catalogs and email notices from Dell, advertising this same system (Inspiron 1521) and asking people to order them.  Why don’t they stop taking orders until they have fulfilled the ones they already have???? 

     Dell, you owe all of us something for our staying power!!  We all could have gone out and purchased laptops by now, but we’re hanging on.  How much longer, I don’t know.  I think you need to include at least a skin for our long awaited laptops.  How about it???

  • Anonymous

    This is ridiculous. My order has again been delayed. This is the last time though if it doesn’t ship next week I’m canceling my order. I need for SCHOOL. I’m a college student, who they are mostly advertising to. Back to school sale..well what the hell..My school started yesterday, and I am sure I’m not the only one who now has to start school with no laptop.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and by the way, 2 easy solutions to the painting issues Dell.

    #1 Use aluminum for the case and anodize it.

    #2 Use a clear acrylic case, lightly etch the underside of the case and paint from below, you’ll get what looks like a very glossy paint job, that WON’T flake off. It’s not rocket science folks.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are rediculous… your solution is to make a blog to explain why you can’t manage your inventory.


    Go study Toyota and get it straight, or turn off your web site until you do get it straight.


  • Anonymous

    These delays are not going to let up anytime soon.  Dell has issued an update to investment managers warning that their earnings will not meet expectations for the remainder of the year.  The reason?  Manufacturing problems which will mean they will not be able to get a handle on the situation before the critical Christmas buying season

    That’s right we’re talking delays extending past December!!!

  • Anonymous

    ok like im reading everyone’s post to keep up with everything and now im even more worried cause my esd is tomarrow on my 1520 i havent gotten a delay date ” yet” knock on wood” but i see so many of yall have i only ordered mine on 8/5 and they told me my delay was my Midnight blue Top so IIII think i need to give dell a phone call maybe to see if mine is in the boxing stage or anything cause it just keeps sayin production.

    *sigh* if i get a automatic f because of this delay it might be some problems” 

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a Inspiron 1520, midnight blue and I first ordered it on 7/14. Then it was to be delivered on 7/31. It got delayed to 8/4, then to 8/28. Then I called about all this delaying and they told me it was a shortage of screens and they changed my delivery to free overnight shipping. Well, i just found another delayed order in my email stating it will be shipped out on 9/5. I need this laptop for school and i start school next week. It would be nice if i could get my laptop now.


  • Anonymous

    One thing is for sure. Nobody that works for Dell is reading this and for sure nobody that can/will do anything.

  • Anonymous

    OK, so I called and spoke to a CSR yesterday reguarding my order and I asked if my computer was going to ship or not. All I wanted was an answer I am leaving for vacation and I wanted to know. She told me it should ship on 8/28, but SURPRISE SURPRISE it didn’t!! So I guess now I will just sit back and wait for my computer that I already have a printer and the cables for (I ordered them through HP) One more delay and I am going to cancel my order. My question is if they knew back in June they were having issues why to the keep teasing me with a ship date the next week I ordered my July 16th, why couldn’t they tell me then that they are backordered instead of me thinking that I am going to get it??? Maybe someday I will get it, Right???

  • Anonymous

    Another delay in shipping.  On the one hand, it would have been nice to see that the thing is shipped, but on the other hand, I’m going to be out of town until next Monday so I at least know I’ll be home to get it.  That is if they don’t blow off people who only have a color other than the ones they say are causing all the problems or an LED backlight and push things back again.  Brown was not supposed to take longer to produce according to their site.  I  still want the computer and I’m willing to wait but now I’m wondering what will get to my house first the computer or the Gorillapod I ordered for my camera last night.  We’ll see what happens come the next day they say they’re going to send out deliveries to us.

  • Anonymous

    Oh LOVELY….

    Well, it seems I also got “delled”.

    Ya know, they should just put

    Est Ship Date: 9/5/2007 JUST KIDDING


    I ordered mine on 7/27. Original Ship date was 8/16. Then bumped to 8/28 now I got the 9/5 date.

     What’s it gonna say on 9/5?? 9/25??

    At this rate my semester of school will be done. I’ll be lucky if I have it by SPRING semester.

    I’m extremely frustrated, and I intend on calling them today.

    I’ll post if it ships….even if it’s into NEXT YEAR…

    So ridiculous!


  • Anonymous

    I just called the automated number and it said my pc was in the

    “TESTING” stage, and after THIS stage it goes to boxing and shipping.

    Can they can get THAT done in 8 days??? Really…???

    Somehow, I’m doubting this very seriously.

    Shame on Dell. They should warn customers UP FRONT…that when we order our PC’S it may take 2 months to recieve it.

    BAD business practice.

    SHAME on DELL! 

  • Anonymous

    Congrats, Dell. You’ve lost a customer.

    I’ll wait out this purchase, but I’ll never buy from Dell ever again. I ordered my computer on July 17th hoping to have it well before I go back to college.I go back to school next week and my computer has been delayed again.
    Now I won’t get my computer until a week after school starts, even if it doesn’t delay again.

     I’m very disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my 1520 inspirion laptop on July 18th and the ESD was first July 30, then they pushed it back to the August 16th and then pushed it back to the 30th. No one informed me of these delays. On my order page my ESD still says July 30, I have to click the item number to check the status of my laptop. I need this laptop for my computer science class. If it doesn’t ship on the 30th I’m going out and buying a Mac. Dell will loose another customer along with my entire extended family.

  • Anonymous


    For “sh*ts and giggles” I decided to call the automated order status number today.

    Yesterday it said my system was in TESTING phase.

    TODAY, it says it’s in the BOXING phase.

    Hmmm, I wonder how long the BOXING phase takes?????

    The recording says the once it’s boxed it will be placed on a truck for shipment….

    Yeah right….

    We’ll see I guess….

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I ordered the inspiron 1720. My order was due 8/28 after I ordered 7/11.  I called dell about 1 and a half weeks ago (call 100) and they said that parts were coming in that would fulfill the part issue previously stated.  They also said it takes 5 days to assemble and test the computer after all the parts were assembled.  I figured that if I called Monday 8/27, then I could get a solid answer whether it would be ready for the estimated ship date on tuesday.  When I called dell, I asked the representative a direct question whether all parts were in and my computer would be ready to ship.  She left for a few minutes and came back, saying the computer is being built and will be ready to ship on 8/28.

    The next day we check to online status and discover that it is BACKORDERED less than 24 hours after we were told it was going to be shipped.  We called to complain and got absolutely nowhere!!

    We decided to go to the Apple store in our area and ended up w/ an iMAC (which looks great and preforms very well so far even though i cant play any of my games) for a little over $200 less AND I got an ipod nano and a printer free mail-in rebate (w/ student deals and discounts).  Thats a total of $500 savings, allowing me to buy the extra 1 GB of memory to add to my iMac.  

    Dell LIES!!  We were willing to stay w/ them until they lied to us.  I just got a phone call from a representative who we have been working w/ for a few calls, telling us that the laptop would ship in 2-3 days.  Which means it would get here next week.  Bye this time I said no b/c I’m leaving for college on Saturday and I already gave up on Dell.

  • Anonymous

    Well it seems that although Dell may not be paying attention to our complaints, other sites are. Check out this PCWorld article which uses a few quotes from this blog. 


    I’ve also seen similar articles on many different websites. So while Dell may not be paying attention, at least its not their little well kept secret anymore. I also found these articles about the delays which has me a little bit concerned. Seems these delays may last all the way into November.



    In any case just thought you all should know. At least some people are taking notice of this problem. Again I am requesting that everyone that is still waiting fill out a complaint to the Better Business Bureaus http://www.bbb.org voicing your concerns and how long you’ve been waiting. Like one poster said, “You actually DO NOT have the system you sold to me and according to the authorities that does constitute fraud”.

    Well thats all for me this post. Good luck everyone. 

     – Nicholas

  • Anonymous

    Ok this isn’t a complaint but i seen a add for a inspiron and the irony is the last day that they taking orders for the computers with the colors is ironicly today or for some of yall 8/29 so maybe thats y they think they will be able to catch up because after this “sale” Idk its 2:15 am here im just waiting to see my status change from production to shipped because my esd is 8/29 crossing my fingers cause mmm i dont want to fail school OH i wounder is the moderater reading all of this HMM just a thought

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Just trying to decide whether to cancel my order or wait it out for another week.  I bought it on 7/24 with ESD of 8/15.  That date came and went with the arrival of another delay untill 8/28.  I must say I was hoping to get a order shipped message, but instead got yet another delay until 9/5.  I’m guessing that any compensation you have to fight tooth and nail for.  I might as well just wait it out and see what else I can get from them. 



  • Anonymous

    24 days out huh?     Classes started last week.  I still don’t have a laptop.  My Shipping date has been changed 3 times.    I have and will continue to tell everyone I know who asks me “Hey how’s your laptop”  (They assume I have it because I ordered it over a month ago)  About how amazing it is that Dell is still in business with all these 1/2 truths and diversions they throw at customers. 


    **STUDENTS**  Do not get lured in by the “Students” page dell has.  You will be 1/2 way through your next semester of college thinking “It sure would be dandy if I had the laptop I ordered a couple months ago.”

     Is Dell offering any way to extend student warranties to students without having them go through the hoops of ordering online?  Like a rebate that would let you save just as much money if you bought a Dell from a store?


  • Anonymous

    Maybe Dell should move to Soviet Union because their delays reminds me of stories of how consumer goods were never available in communist countries. This is just an example of how a big corporation after wiping their competition can do whatever they feel like.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny but all I did was order a laptop bag around July 11th and I still have not received it. It has not been shipped and it’s almost 2 months later.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a Inspiron 1520 notebook a few days ago (black color) and a wireless router. I got a email from Dell today that there will be a delay of another 6 days because of the router order. Huh? Anyway, this is my first Dell system, and my online classes start next week, and now after reading all these unhappy customer posts, I fear I am not going to get my 1520 in time. I really hope I dont get shafted by Dell, because I was so excited to order and I really want to fall in love with Dell, but once I have a bad experience, I am done forever with a company. If Dell comes through and I get it within a week or two (considering the current backlogs), I will come here again and report good news.

  • Anonymous

    My XPS M1330 was delivered as scheduled yesterday (Tues 28th August) and would have been earlier if not for the UK Bank Holiday. It’s a very nice machine and no problems to report with regards to the laptop. The only issues have been:

    1.  The hour or so wasted uninstalling all the crappy software that other suppliers pay Dell to install (McAfee etc)
    2. Finding where everything has moved to in Vista compared to XP.
    3. Some glitches with Outlook 2007 and the pre-installed Google Desktop Add-in (not a fault from the laptop itself though).

    I ordered and received:

    XPS M1330 core 2 dual 2.00 GHz, white-LED display, no biometric finger reader, tuxedo black, 2GB RAM, 160GB HD, 128MB NVIDIA GeForce, 3 year hardware support.

    Was it worth the long wait? The jury is still out on that one. I stuck with the delay as I wasn’t in a rush to get a new laptop since my old Sony VGN-S2HP was still fine to use.

    It’s certainly a very nice laptop though and stylish for a Dell. Everyone in my office has taken time to have a prod around and they’ve been reasonably impressed (including all the Apple users).

    I took some pictures as I unpacked everything so if anyone is interested I’ll post them online with some comments. 


  • Anonymous

    Ok just So you all know I have canceled my order, This company is not worried about filling these orders, I think they are waiting for people to cancel so that stops the backlog some,

    If you are waiting for anything but a black laptop, 24 days out is what they told me yesterday, Even when they had my order set on 9/4, She said it would not happen.

    I filled out a complaint on the BBB and will see where that goes..

    Good luck all, I suggest you cancel and head to the local Computer Store

    and pickup a laptop that is in stock.. We got an HP from Compusa and My college student daughter is very happy now..

    Thanks Dell for all the weeks of anger and frustration,

    you lost another customer .

    To India I will really miss talking to all you people that can only read what is on the computer screens and repeat what I can see over and over..

    Good Bye 




  • Anonymous

    I ordered an inspiron on July 10th, the shipping date got delayed three times, and then dell cancelled my order. My new ship date was then September 10th, and the bag I ordered wouldnt be shipped until Novemeber… Oh some good a laptop bag will do. Obviously I ordered the bag because I needed something to keep my computer in. What I dont understand is why you continue to advertise these units and bags if you dont have any to give your customers. I could assure you that I would have never even considered ordering a dell if i knew i couldnt get it until september. SO maybe when you can’t deliver these computers, maybe you should stop advestising BACK TO SCHOOL computers, because that  really is false advertising.

    I also called dell numerous times, which actually got me no where. I didnt wait for 3 hours to talk to a human for them to apologize for the problem and tell me there is nothing that they can do. There is no reason for customer care if they cant satisfy the customer. And they definitely did not do that.

    As a college student, before I ordered my laptop I called and asked if my computer could be guaranteed before the start of school. They said they couldnt guarantee any date but it should definitely be in. Well it never came. I had to drop my online college course, because i didnt have a laptop for the start of class and i live an hour away from the school library. As a nursing student, working is almost impossible, and when you bust your tail working for something, its very dissapointing when you don’t get it.  Well I recently ended up cancelling my order and buying a sony. I got it in the same week my order was placed, and I love it!

  • Anonymous

    I just ordered a run-of-the-mill Inspiron 1720 notebook computer on 8/25/2007.  They gave me a shipping date of 10/2/2007.  I’m amazed!  We live in a fast-food, fast-results society.  How is Dell going to compete with other vendors who can sell me products NOW?  In the past, it was the quality vs. time consideration that had me buying Dell.  But, this stretches my patience too far.  I’m going to cancel and get a Notebook from any one of the many vendors in my local area.  I won’t wait over a month (I would have waited a week)… I’ll have a notebook computer tonight.

  • Anonymous

    I just checked the Dell configurator and the XPS m1330 now has a higher base
    price than it had initially. Also, the LED LCD option is now $200 instead of

     Instead of increasing prices perhaps Dell should be considering a “Going Out
    of Business” sale.


    On the bright side, it seems that my nonexistant laptop has just earned me a
    slight return on my investment.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered a black XPS M1330 on July 9.  ESD came up as Aug. 29.  Was practically assured on the phone that day that it would come before that; the estimate was way conservative ’cause of some prior problems.  “Prior”?  How about endless?  This machine was for my son’s freshman year at college, w/our understanding that he would need it IN CLASS to some extent; and school is starting. Many of you have posted about this situation relating to college; can you imagine something more frustrating or important?  Have been around the block 5 times w/Dell since late July; always the same endless do-nothing loop: an email, a case number, “pls. reply to the email and we will call you”, blah, blah, blah.  Perhaps the most annoying aspect is reading several times that if the ESD slips, one would receive notice.  Today is Aug. 29, ship day, and I’m told the LED is on backorder.  The ESD never changed on the check order status page.  If it had, at least we’d have known that it was time to make other plans, which we have to make pronto now.  Dell, I hope this whole debacle takes you down the tubes; because your system simply doesn’t work and is misleading. I’ve bought four machines in the past.  Never will again.  This one is being canceled.  Good riddance, Dell.

  • Anonymous

    I purchased end of July a Green Inspiron 1520 and have been delayed what four times now. I am waiting because I am patient and work in customer service so I understand when things get delayed but I hold myself accountable to my customers and I have to talk to the same people that placed the order with me unlike dell. They make you talk to someone in India (which is another issue of mine) who doesn’t care about stupid Americans and our problems. Where have the days of good customer service gone. All I want is someone who can say. Mrs. Charlier we are having a supply and demand problem we are desperately trying to get your order out as soon as possible. Your order is very important to us and we will get it out as soon as possible.  That would make me happy. Well perhaps satisfied but you get nothing. Oh well they suck ass.

  • Anonymous

    Any other AAFES purchasers out there reading this?

    If so, has anyone received an ordered m1330?  My ESD came and past yesterday with no change in my order status -or- the ESD / EDD.  The automated voice line has “no additional information” and XPS customer care couldn’t tell me anything other than “if your EDD hasn’t passed…”  I know others have ordered and had shipped identical systems since I’ve ordered mine, so what gives?

    As a student with an E1505 & a dead battery, not having this thing is already cutting into academics, much less my opinion of Dell… but there’s enough along those lines here already.

    Post if you’re in a similar situation… 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe of interest to those who order the 1420. I ordered a spring green 1420 with high resolution screen on 7/26 and was given an ESD of 8/22, I was willing to wait since I have a desktop at home to work with and didn’t need this as urgently as some of you.  Received a delay notice on 8/22 for 8/29, and of course like everyone else on 8/29 received another delay notice for 9/5.  Starting to get worried,  call customer service and “Leo” gave me a tracking number, checked on DHL, sure enough, it has been shipped.  This was my 3rd Dell in the past 2 years, but maybe my last one. 


  • Anonymous

    I ordered a 1330 w/Lojack.  I noticed that the estimated time for lojack is 9 days sooner than the laptop.  What if I don’t get the laptop?  I was also thinking of ordering more accessories but then again what if I don’t get my laptop?  Not having my laptop is really tying my hands.  I can’t get what I want because I don’t know when my laptop will get here.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a Inspiron 1720 on August 13th with free 2 days shipping. I was stoked! I mean I would even get it before going to school. That was BEFORE I saw the final order page, which said it wouldn’t ship until after labor day.  If it gets delayed, I’m either calling Dell up on the price I am missing out on; computer prices go down so quickly there bound to be a Labor Day sale that will make my new laptop look horrible, and if they can’t help me there, I might have to go find a laptop cheaper.  Unfortunately, I do not want to do that because I customized this one the way I wanted and got an extremely nice discount through my father’s work, Boeing, yet I need a computer!!!

  • Anonymous

    also; I was just reading, and the Inspiron is only delayed up to three days for the graphics card.  How does this work out to 3 weeks…I know I’m not the person to wait the longest but I have never had a problem with Dell’s technology: its amazing to me; even the customer service has been very helpful as they have replaced my Sony Triniton 21″ CRT twice now, for free, shipping and all (80 lbs).  I don’t know what has gotten into them…

  • Anonymous

    As I do not know much about laptops, I began researching several months ago for my college bound Freshman.  I chose the 1520 and ordered on Aug. 3rd.  She is now enrolled and needing her computer badly.  After reading these comments – I’m worried.  If it doesn’t ship by the promised date of Sept 3, I will cancel my order.  Others should follow!!!  Too many choices out there.  Oh yeah, the “college discount” was bs.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my inspirion on august 7th, and there was no notice that there was a wait for parts. But then I saw that I was comming September 15th. Now I’m at college with my mom’s desktop.. I feel bad because I took her computer, but Dell forced me to.

  • Anonymous

    My Order status changed since July 17th -> Ship from factory. Should arrive  to Australia on September 6th. 6-7 weeks waiting time for a M1330 with LED screen.



  • Anonymous

    I ordered on 7/12 with esd of 8/15 delayed to 8/22 then to 8/22 then to 8/29 and now to 9/6. I need to laptop by 9/16. I called i got offered next day shipping and a 100 credit.However, i can access two different order info pages one which lists next day shipping and one that lists 3-5 day. I called back about the issue still unresolved. Also i was wondering how you could tell where you stand on the waiting list

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a black 1330 on the 9th of August knowing there would be a delay in the delivery. My estimated delivery was set to 21th September. Today, 31 August, my order status changed from “work in progress” to “ship from factory” and with an estimated delivery date of September 6.

    Maybe a sign of better times for everyone?  

  • Anonymous

    IT HAS BEEN SHIPPED!!!!  WOOOOHOOOO!!!  It is ok that the messenger bag is back ordered and it is even okay that the printer is still back ordered but the Inspiron has been shipped!  I was sweating bullets!  So far I have been able to skim by with the com lab at school, but my first paper is due soon and i shall get the laptop just in time!!!!  I was patient and I shall receive!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well here goes.  Ordered Inspiron 1521, flamingo pink, for my daughter in college, on July 31 with esd of Aug 22…wow 3 weeks to wait.  Got ph call on the 22nd that esd changed  to Aug 29…got online and chatted with representative that gave me the same song and dance everyone else is getting about led light and the specific color being a problem to produce.  Received no update on 29th…and by the way my date has never changed on the order status page…still says Aug 22.  Called cs today and was told…are you ready…OCT 1 AS NEXT ESD.  Could not believe it!  I asked for compensation for waiting til Oct 1 instead of cancelling order…was offered a 926 printer worth about $100 which now I’ve been reading reviews that it’s not such a great printer!  Have been checking other lap tops online and can’t seem to find one with same options for the price of a dell.  What’s a person to do? 1st time dell purchaser…1st time could be last!

  • Anonymous

    I orders a 1501 and I got delayed 14 day’s every one else on here has a totally diff. model why am I delayed.

  • Anonymous

    I am fed up to the back teeth!

    I ordered a black m1330 (with LED display) on June 28th.

    Today I had to read that my shipping date is corrected (the 3rd time) to 16.10.!

    That are 3,5 month!!! I think I should cancel my order an buy a Sony too.

  • Anonymous

    I cancelled my Dell 2 days ago and I had received the lojack 2 weeks earlier and they told me to just keep it.. no change..


    Thanks Dell..

    I bought an HP..


    Good Luck all.. 

  • Anonymous

    well i actually did talk to someone last night not from India and the woman said that what the hold up is, is the HIGH RESOLUTION GLOSSY LCD MONITORS. She said dell just got their shipment in yesterday and will be processing the orders. I hope shes right, I will hold out because I have heard that Dell is awesome on there laptops but they could work on next time making sure they have enough supplies to fill the demanding needs.

  • Anonymous

    i ordered a spring green inspiron 1420 on 8/9 ESD was 9/17…but i checked today ( 8/30) and it shipped out today…i dont know why im getting mine before people that ordered in july…but hey..i guess im not complaining…good luck to you all..hope you get your systems soon!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I too am thoroughly disgusted by the way Dell has handled the Inspiron 1420 laptop situation.  My daughter has started classes at her University without a laptop.  I originally ordered it on July 10th to make sure that we’d have it before she left on August 25th.  You blatantly canceled my order, then it took me over an hour (on phone) with customer svc. to get it reinstated.  Then, you gave me a ship date of August 30th (TODAY!) and still No Shipment.  “In Production” status. 

    What’s Dell going to do to make up for this?  Why aren’t you issuing special discounts for us?  I was offered a $50 Credit yesterday for ‘my inconvenience’. Well, if I want to purchase a different model laptop that is somewhat compatible with the features I ordered via the promo in July, then I have to spend much more than an additional $50 Buxx!  I think you owe us more.

    I’m a previous customer…and, I want to continue business with Dell.  What’s my incentive to stay? Your sales and marketing dept. should be slapped!

  • Anonymous

    Wooohooo!!!  In all fairness to Dell I felt I needed to post this.  I ordered my XPS M1330 on 8/26/2007.  It had been in production but I checked my order status and it has been shipped on 8/30/2007.  Am I happy? Yes.  am I surprised?  Yes because I had a lot of options added to it.  My estimated arrival dates are 9/4/2007 – 9/6/2007.  I will still have to wait for the Lojack which is still in production but I got what I really needed first.

     Thankyou Dell……

  • Anonymous

    Not that it’ll really make a difference, but thought I would add my sob story to the masses of other disgruntled Dell customers:

    Well…I ordered my M1330 on August 1, then called and changed my order the next day because I decided on some other options I hadn’t considered before (faster processor, NVIDIA card, bluetooth, biometric sensor.

     My original ESD was August 24, with an EDD of August 27.  Prior to the ship date, I had read this blog and panicked…called Dell, who (naturally) assured me that my laptop should be shipped on schedule.  Riiiiight.  The next morning got my first delay, saying that it would ship August 31st, with a delivery date on Labor Day…interesting…who delivers on Labor Day?  By this point, I had already accepted my fate, and my wait, so tried not to panic.  This was also helped by going to Best Buy and CompUSA, and realized that, for the money I was spending, I’m getting a kickass laptop, way better, in my opinion, than anything I can buy at the store.  So I’ll wait.

    Well, this morning got up and checked Dell’s website, and whereas last delay, I received an email, this time the website said it was delayed and gave me the options to cancel my order, to accept the delay for this order, or to accept for all delays.  Well, I’d like to know when and if it’s delayed again, so I accepted just this delay…hopefully it’ll let me choose again if my order is delayed again. 

    So, long story short, I’m a month out…still delayed…trying to be patient, but anxious for how long this is actually going to take.  The stories above about people getting their XPS’s shipped like 3 days after ordering makes me really frustrated, but I suppose there’s not a whole lot I can do about it but cross my fingers and wait.  C’mon Dell…don’t let me down!  Please?

  • Anonymous


     my M1330 is said to be shipped from factory…. great…after 6 weeks of waiting…

    Just found out, that dell is having a nice offer right now in Australia. Basically for the same price I have paid, I could have now a  2.4Ghz CPU, which was not offered at the time I have ordered, 250Gb HD instead of 160GB, also not offered at the time I have ordered, 2 years of Protection Cover instead of my 1 year one and a free bag… how’s that???

     I was trying to get at least the 2 years of cover, but CSR, said once the notebook is shipped they can’t do anything… how convenient…

    Ok, I got a free printer… but I had no option. It was either “There will be a major delay, but you will get a printer” OR “You can cancel your order”..

    Maybe they have upgraded my notebook without saying a word. That would be a nice gesture. I’ll let you know as soon as I get it.

    Either way I think it’s a bit unfair. I have bought a high end notebook and had to wait for 6 weeks. If I had got it after a week like promised, I wouldn’t say a word, but under these circumstances, they should give you a high end notebook or at least some kind of compensation. I was aiming for the 2 years cover, but as I said, once the notebook is shipped they can’t do anything…. hard to believe that they wouldn’t be able to change one field in the database, once the notebook is out of factory… 

  • Anonymous

    My family has been a longtime customer of dell. We have had no complaints up until now. I just learned that my estimated ship date was pushed back. That really isnt the problem though, the problem is that I had to contact them after reading some of these posts to find out that my order is delayed. In my mind this is horrible business practice and I will have a hard time coming back to dell in the future.

  • Anonymous

    hey guys ordered an insprion 1520 midnight blue on 7/21 and i recieved it shipped yesterday and i recieved it today, 8/31. well good luck to everyone else!

  • Anonymous


    I also purchased a computer from AAFES, it was not the same one, I got the 1720, and my ship date has not changed yet, it has already gone by, they have escalated the order. But as I have said in the past, I was told from the AAFES Dell rep that Dell does not intend to have the parts for my computer until COB 8 Sept, I was told this at the beginning of August. I was angry, but dollar for dollar a 1720 2gb Mem with a 160HD and a blue top for 749.00 you can’t touch that at HP for 999.00, so this is why I am hanging in there.

    In the future call AAFES, customer service, and ask them to speak to the Dell rep at their office, much quicker with better knowledge of the ongoing problems. 


  • Anonymous

    Ordered a BLACK INSPIRON 1521 notebook about 8/26/07. Given an original ship date of 8/29. On the 29th, got a note that ship date changed to 8/31. On 8/31, got a note that ship date now estimated to be 9/14!! I have ZERO confidence that 9/14 ship date will hold…Now I understand supplier problems can cause this sometimes, but I also know than when a company as big and reputable as Dell HAS a such a problem, they need to take the hit, NOT the customers, and while there is little to be done about the delays, what they CAN and SHOULD do is at the very least, offer 15%-20% price reductions to every customer who has to wait 2 weeks and up for their orders. Dell should then pass this ‘hit’ onto who it SHOULD pass to, and that is the supplier. Without customers, you dont need the suppliers, so the customers need to be happy and feel EMPATHIZED with, and thus proven with at least a 15%  immediate price discount. Afterall, that is about how much less you would pay for buying an even BETTER-speced system at a local store…but since we have STILL chosen to stick with and bear with DELL, then Dell needs to reward its customers so they will RETURN and buy again from Dell, and keep Dell going strong. Well, you would think that’s what Dell would want anyway, and you know it is. I think they have just really bad, bad advisors. Great company, bad advisors.


  • Anonymous

    I am very disappointed in the delays and explanations .. order from Dell because of the good PROMISED delivery…

    now August 31st and no date for certain yet.


    My tech guy swore up and down that Dell is the way to go have a need for

    6 computers… so we our group decided to give Dell a try … as two of our

    group advised the delays will come and disappointment and they have..


    john curtis

    Santa Ana

    Stanco Signage Systems, Inc. 

  • Anonymous


    I think Dell have new world’s record

    i get new world’s record

    Placed order in –28 JUNE–

    ESD                   –16 JULY–

    DELAY to           –25 JULY–

    DELAY again      –7 AUG–

    DELAY again      –18 AUG–

    DELAY again       –4 SEP–

    DELAY again       –18 SEP–

    Total : 6 Time for delay $$$$ TOTAL : 83 Days

    Maybe more……

  • Anonymous

    “ever order furniture” said:

    I know this sucks fo rmost of you, but have you ever ordered a simple couch…it can take a couple of months easy.  I’m not happy about waiting  for my laptop, but on the other hand, a laptop is somewhat more complicated than a couch so go ahead Dell and take your time…I want mine to be perfect when i get it……

    Are you serious? A laptop more complicated than a couch? Dude —  you can buy a freakin’ laptop at WalMart — this ain’t rocket science. There is far more craftsmanship, detail and nuance in a good couch than a laptop.

    Feel free to sit back and wait 3 months for a laptop, convincing yourself that greys constructed it with Area 51 back-engineered technological know how. I’m going to Best Buy and getting a laptop — today.
  • Anonymous

    Still haven’t figured how this is possible but I ordered my m1330 on August
    10th.  It was shipped on Aug. 17th and I had it in my hands on Aug. 21st.  Base
    processor, Nvidia card, 2 gigs of ram, biometric reader, regular LCD.  Also
    ordered a spare 9cell battery and had that in 2 days.  I’m normally not what I
    would call a lucky guy, but this time I was.

  • Anonymous

    Umm .. I originally wanted my dell in pink.. when I went to order it it wasn’t available so I ordered it in black … and it was supposed to ship today and what happened ITS DELAYED !! I am so upset maybe I should cancel but I don’t know how to go in store shopping for what I need!


  • Anonymous

    Has anyone experienced any delays with desktop orders?

    I haven’t read through every single post but all the delays seem to be from people who ordered laptops…just wanted to check and see if anyone had a delay from a desktop order because I just ordered an Inspiron 530 this week and I’m getting very nervous reading all of this. 

  • Anonymous


    Just wondering of the problem with the Noisy loading of DVD/R Drive is fix?  

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone ordered a desktop recently and experienced a delay like this?  I just ordered an Inspiron 530 this week and I’m getting little nervous reading some of these comments. 

    Most of them seem to be from people buying laptops, however I haven’t read through everything so I figured I’d ask.

  • Anonymous

    m1330 Shipped yesterday ahead of ESD!

    Yep, it’s been a long wait… ’bout a month and a week for my T7300 black LCD, Geforce, 120GB, BT, Finger reader, 2-9cell machine. Original order 7/16. Upgraded 7/30. Reasonable, considering the manufacturing problems Dell has been having.

    Funny thing though; it shipped yesterday with Next Day, and yet the EDD is Sep 5-7. How’s that work? Should arrive today. Labor Day isn’t until Monday. Oh well, at this point I am through complaining… unless I get a lemon. Has never happened before so I feel confident it won’t this time. 

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an inspiron laptop and  a printer on the 17th  of August. The printer was delayed first (scheduled to ship on the 27th but delayed to till Sept. 4th). Then today my laptop gets delayed until the 16th of Sept.  I think I am going to wait it out because I really don’t feel like shopping around and it would probably take me an hour to cancel my order.  But Dell can not understand how much this aggravated me to find out they have been selling computers they do not have the parts for. I wish I would have been notified before I purchased their product because I would have not purchased from Dell.  I filed a complaint with the BBB, I recommend others to do so as well. This is the only  way to solve this problem because obviously Dell is not going to fix it.  They keep accepting orders and pushing back the ESD’s.

    So now I’m going to school with out a lap top. THANKS DELL!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    The last post to this blog was on August 3.  That’s been over a month now.  I ordered an Inspiron 1721 back on July 26.  I have received FIVE notices now that my estimated ship date is being pushed back. 

     Each time, the EST is dated for the following week.  How long will it be before I receive an accurate EST?????  These constant weekly emails sent to pacify me and I’m sure many others are in incredibly poor taste and do not reflect highly on Dell’s devotion to quality customer service.  One email with a correct EST, even if way in the future, would be much better received than several ones sent only to get hopes up and then dash them when another delay comes up.

    In addition, being sent to this blog as a explanation for my EST delay is a mute point.  Not only does it not cover the Inspiron delays, I’m sure I can’t possibly be the only one waiting on a printer to ship as well.  As a past Dell customer, I’ve never received my printer at the same time as my desktop or notebook purchase anyway.  So tell us, what’s the delay on a PRINTER???   

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the Red Inspiron 1521 last July 25th. The original date for the shipment was August 13, but due to these problems it was moved to Sept. 21. But I never stop on calling them, until they advised me that my items were already built and ready for shipment, have a tracking number already… yipee! With these incident, the Dell should anticipate the large amount of orders especially they’re advertising this on TV. And a reason of shortage of supplies was not a valid excuse. We don’t need their explanations, we need their products and better service. I hope the items is worth waiting for. After I received the product, I’ll call them again to ask for a compensation.



  • Anonymous


    Finally Someone Notices”,

    Thanks! You just gave me an idea.

    Maximum PC Magazine ships its copies to zillions of PC Gamers. In case they haven’t
    caught an ear yet, I think I will send them a link to this very page. Dell
    usually runs ads on the XPS line heavily in that Mag. We will see if they are bias towards their advertisers, doubt it though.



  • Anonymous

    OK so why is it that my computer is delayed after ordering it 3 WEEKS AGO!!!! come on guys i need this thing college and stuff lets get our act together!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dell’s customer support is the worst I’ve ever encountered. I was passed around like a ball without any notice.

    1. I first called customer service, customer server transfered my call to modification.

    2. Wait for 30 min to have a person to talk to, the person asked for my order information and verification.

    3. The person put me on hold , and suddenly I was transfered to financial department.

    4. The financial dept ofcourse did not handle call, and I was transfered back to customer care.

    step 1-4 repeated 3 times. I was on phone for 3 hours without going nowhere.

    The big bonus of all was that when I requested to talk to upper management. I was transfered to …talk to a machine. And finally, the “machine” manager hung up on me.  Now I know that all of Dell’s customer support are robots. They’re just learned how to say “I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused”, “I understand your upset”, “I’m sorry for that”. Just that.

    Dell! I’m seeing your future. Levono, HP, Acer are taking the share because of your worst customer support

  • Anonymous

    I’m rather disappointed by these delays as the need for a computer is extremely pressing in my situation. I am however happy that Dell has offered this blog, most companies would just say there was a delay and not really deliver any reason for it. I understand how it is difficult to keep up with the demand and amount of supply on hand, having a job myself where supplies sometimes run low,  so I am willing to be patient another month. Unfortunately if I have to wait any longer then that I will be forced to go else where as, like I mentioned before the need is rather pressing. But thank you for telling me why there was a problem and where the problem lay. I greatly appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered my XPS M1330 on 7/30. Red with LED screen. ESD was 9/4 and it shipped on 8/31. Light at the end of the tunnel?

  • Anonymous

    ordered m1330 Aug.30th, ESD-Oct.10


    Lucky me… 

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, I just came to let everyone know that my system ordered on 7/20 and DELLayed a couple of times to 9/5 HAS BEEN SHIPPED on 9/1.

    Hopeffuly i receive it by 9/4. I just hope the Product quality is what we all expect from DELLayers.

    I ordered a Ruby Red 1720 w/cam.

    Good Luck to all


  • Anonymous

    While I appreciate Dell trying to quell our anger, I have to join in the uprising.  If you know you are having difficulties, why quote an “estimated ship date” that is obviously too early?  I would much rather have low expectations met than regular expectations dashed and slashed.  It’s a good thing that I don’t have any pressing need with this computer, as the need would surely have been long gone by the time I get my computer.  Can I get my Aug. 5th computer gift wrapped for Christmas delivery??

     Shame on Dell for letting their customers down.  For those of us who are trying to patiently wait for their computers, can we get something besides a company issued apology?  How about my computer?  A rebate?  A free computer sleeve?  A correction to what is a glaring problem with the Dell company??  Please, Dell, if you want to stay in business among the Macs of the world, let customer service be a priority.  Thank you.

  • Anonymous


     I ordered my Inspiron 1520 Midnigth blue on 08-3 and it was shipped today by DHL,




  • Anonymous


    My m1330 has been shipped today!

    date of order: 6/28/2007

    shipping date: 09/02/2007

    I don’t even want to think about how long it had taken if I ordered a pearl-white unit.

    I will let you know if it is worth to wait. 

  • Anonymous

    it was weird..i ordered on august 1st then got it delayed to the 23rd(ESD), then the 28th. on the 28th, they moved it to 9/7, then i checked again THAT evening on the 28th of august, and it was moved AGAIN to 9/16. then on 8/29, they said my order was shipped and the EDD is now 9/7. does this make any sense, or are they just trying to bring my hopes up??? someone comment under me and tell me PLEASE.

  • Anonymous

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS MY 1521 midnight blue has been shipped orignal esd 8/29 new esd 9/17 ship date 9/2 YESSSSS Sorry for who ever else is waiting but i wont be flunkin out of school THANK U DELL

  • Anonymous

    I placed a “back to school” order in mid-July (when red, along with every other option I ordered on a basic 1521, showed for immediate shipping). While I understand that some things are out of Dell’s control, CUSTOMER SERVICE is not and the lack of it finally pushed me to cancel my order today after seeing what is now the sixth delay appear in my account (no courtesy phone call or email). Most of us like to think of ourselves as educated consumers yet Dell has treated everyone like fools. I wanted to give Dell a break on this but the lack of any intelligent explanation from the CSRs (when I could reach one) was unacceptable and an indication to me of what future customer service on this or any other computer purchase would be like – run-around hell. All I wanted were specific and honest answers to my questions – what is causing the delay in my specific computer and when will it get shipped – none of which I ever received. I can’t imagine why a visionary like Michael Dell would be so short-sighted to treat his customers this way but not only did he lose this sale, he lost any chance of having me, my family or business as potential customers in the future.

  • Anonymous

    When placing the order there was no mention of the fact that the item was not in stock. I chose 2 day shipping hoping to have the Pentax K10D camera by Wednesday. Dell did not advise me that the shipping would be delayed. I would never have known had I not checked to learn what ” In Production” ment.

    I wanterd to cancel the order but the Dell phone answerer (located in India) said that their vendor would not permit order cancellations even though the order is not to be shipped for three days. That situation should not be my problem, it should be Dells. I promised never to buy anything from Dell again and to tell my friends about their poor customer service.
    Respectively, Jay Suchland

  • Anonymous

    ordered my Inspiron 1520 spring green 7/29 first est ship date 8/20 delayed 8/28 delayed 9/5 and then delayed again 9/10. checked it today shipped 9/2. i’ll get it tomorrow:) FINALLY!!!!! never thought i would see the status again lol.

  • Anonymous

    Please update us weekly on how much of the backlog you have gotten through (xps and inspiron) . That is all.

  • Anonymous

    Was gone all weekend for labor day, ordered a 1721 on 7/21/07, delayed a couple of times, got home this afternoon (Monday) and to my surprise a shipped email was in my inbox.  Shipped on 8/31/07, should be here in a few days.  Good luck to all of you who are still waiting, my order was for the midnight blue color.

  • Anonymous

    Hello all,

     I’ve been reading the posts here on the forum for a while and I sympathize with all of you who have been forced to wait due to (most likely) unforseen circumstances with the manufacturing process with regards to your new inspiron laptops. I myself have ordered a 1720, jet black (i originally wanted a red, but decided on a black; and this is not because of the colour-delays), with an ESD of 9/24. I ordered the laptop on 30/8. Now, i don’t mind waiting for the laptop, it’s meant to replace my aging Inspiron 6000 that i’m typing this blogpost on right now (though it would be nice to receive it earlier than the ESD).

    Now from what I’ve seen, there are a few patterns that have led me to deduce why there have been repeated shipping date-changes with the representatives at Dell giving certain promised dates (notably : 8/10, 8/22, 8/28 and 9/5).

    First of all, remember that it takes a certain amount of time for a single laptop unit to be manufactured, from the time of order placement to the date the unit leaves the factory, probably would be about 15-days. That would include approval of your order, registration within the factory logs, obtaining the parts, putting together the unit, installation and quality testing and then shipment. I’m assuming that Dell’s factories are not located within the United States but if they are, the same principle would mostly apply. This would then add another 3-5 days of shipping the container or batch of units (it’s not likely they’d ship individual units directly from the factory to your house, they’d more likely ship a whole batch together – hence the common shipping dates).

    Now, these dates are probably the proposed dates on which an entire batch of units would be shipped. Delays in the manufacturing process, such as the paint-issue and LCD problem that have plagued so many buyers would obviously create a delay. We must remember that these inspirons and XPS units are new models and thus a new manufacturing process and standard may have been created for it, and I’m sure that with the automated process the factory would run on, once a snag hits on the assembly line then a backlog is created. By now, as of Sept. 4th, I’m sure that the issue of the painting process has been solved and the factory should be working overtime to clear out the backlog (evidence of this comes from the fact that units have been shipping since August 31st (check the above blogposts); also, try configuring a laptop on the site – many of the paint colour options no longer have the delay-warning attached.) So my deduction is that the manufacturing process is now on-stream and the backlogs of the past month or so are probably being sorted out now. Just remember that not everyone can receive their laptops immediately – how many boxes can be placed into a single 20 or 40-foot container? How many trucks can Dell hire in one day? Therefore not everyone will have their immediate order status as “shipped” just yet. Perhaps quite soon, but not just yet.

    I don’t know the exact reason as to why most of your dates have been repeatedly pushed back, but one of my theories is related to the manufacturing process. As the beleaguered  managers have graciously informed us, the quality control process seems to be the most time-consuming and intensive step. I’m sure that Dell, like any company, would like to ensure that their products meet a certain quality standard (as one blogger righteously said, they’re rather give out a quality product than have to do massive recalls… remember the battery incident? Surely the big-wigs are dell are nervous about their shiny new products and building its track record). So theoretically, as one batch of laptops go into quality testing, the various flaws that have popped up would then cause hang-ups and snags on the assembly line. Therefore with each new problem, came a new delay, and then another, and anothe. Hence the repeated delays. (My other theory of the dell managers going ape-crazy and deciding to play psychological mind-games with us doesn’t fit as well into the scenario – at least I don’t think so). 

    I have a lot of confidence in making the prediction that the backorder issue will be almost totally cleared up by the end of the first week of September; the ESD of 9/5 will probably be the last delay. I hope that those of us who have been able to change our shipping options would be able to receive the laptops speedily and in proper time. For those of you still waiting in anguish, fear not because yours will come very soon. And I believe the wait would have been worth it (to most, I’d hope) because Dell has been known for making above-average quality products (read the reviews for the new inspirons on http://www.notebookreview.com and http://www.notebookcheck.net).

    In closing, I’d like to offer encouragement to the CSR’s and their managers, who plainly have been working hard to rectify the problem. Obviously the delays are no fault of theirs, so we should not blame them. More power to you, keep up the good work and remember that in this kind of business, the customer is always right (even if their expression of their “rightness” isn’t too palatable.). To the customers who have cancelled their orders, I deeply sympathize with your frustrations and anger over not being able to receive your order in a timely fashion. Perhaps with the next product cycle (18-months in the computer industry) you’ll find a more rewarding experience with Dell (I’d advise all of you to keep an eye on the consumer reports and reviews of Dell in the near future). To the rest of us brave souls still waiting with dell, keep the faith. I admit that I’m quite anxious to receive my brand new inspiron (i love the reviews of the 1720 & 1721!) 1720, however with a little investigation and insight, the waiting process might be a little more bearable. Good luck to you all, and congrats on your (soon to arrive) new laptop!


    I don’t work for Dell, nor do i write reviews nor am I an industry analyst. I’m a humble student, waiting for my laptop just like everyone else. I humbly offer my opinions and insights for all to see and assimilate. Please feel free to comment (both positive and negative), however please do not flame my post. I feel that this forum is a civilized effort by Dell’s Cust. Dept. to give us a form of feedback, hence we should all try to be civilized and intelligent. God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else notice all the changes to available options and price, CPU options have changed, the 2.4GHz wasnt available a few weeks back. Bag is now free, Sound Blaster not available anymore, base price lower.

    What does all this mean?

  • Anonymous

    i ordered the 1420 expresso on 7/26.  esd 8/13.

    by 8/20, i still had seen no computer and the site still said esd 8/13.  i called to be told it was delayed until 8/28 and was upgraded to next day shipping. 
    on 8/29, there was still no computer on my doorstep.  i checked the site which STILL had an esd of 8/13. i called and was told it was delayed until 9/5.  i decided to be patient and wait for it…i mean, it had already been over a month i’d been waiting, so what’s another week? 

    so i was out shopping this weekend and dropped in the apple store.  found out i could get everything i wanted in a computer THAT SAME DAY. so i bought it.  i cancelled my dell order this morning.  

    i love my mac!  had it not been for dell, i never would have discovered such joy!

    thanks dell!
  • Anonymous

    I ordered my spring green Insp. 1520 on Aug 25th and was told it would add 11 days onto my order cause I ordered the green. Well nothing has touched my delivery date of 9/25. But I was messing around and it now says if you order what I did it only adds 5 extra days onto your order. I sure hope that means mine will be coming sooner then expected. And not that people who order after me will be getting theirs before me.

  • Anonymous

    And it is weird that the ESD for news orders is still two weeks from the submission date.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that people are starting to get their computers finally.  I was right in my assumptions that my Gorillapod ordered weeks after I placed my order for the computer would come first.  Having returned from my trip over the weekend, I find two e-mails in my inbox from Dell.  The first one confirmed they received my e-mail canceling the order and the second one made it official.  By tomorrow my order will be officially canceled.  It’s a shame really because I’ve had decent success with Dell in the past (barring any Windows issues) and looked forward to returning to them with this new laptop in the nice brown color they offered.  I guess it was just not meant to be.  I am now going to be back in the hunt for a new laptop as trying to turn on my computer last night reaffirmed the reason why I need one in the first place (loose AC port and the darn thing won’t stay on AC power all the time).  I wish those of you who are indeed sticking it out the best of luck.  However, I myself could not feel comfortable going through any more delays.  I just wish there was more of an update on this situation, but as my sister reminded me, with a company that serves millions of customers sometimes the voice of the few, like us, won’t be heard and they don’t have to give us any updates at all since their primary goal is to in fact turn a profit.  Sometimes it takes a former tax accountant to remind you why Dell is in business in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    I think I have almost everyone beat.  Ordered my m1330 July 10 through my University’s Dell Program.  Estimated Ship Date Aug 27.  Its Sept 4, and I’m still waiting.  I guess I shouldn’t have picked tuxedo red.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered a red 1721 on Aug 1, ESD Sept 4 (today). Just now I got an email saying my order has been delayed until Oct 4…

  • Anonymous

    After weeks for waiting I’m finally in the “boxing stage.”  I waiting anxiously for a tracking number.  I’ve been in “boxing” all day.  How long does boxing take?  I could have driven to Tennessee and put it in a box myself by now.

  • Anonymous

    I just got an e-mail that my Green Inspiron 1720 was ebing delayed until 10/3 with original ESD today!  I am so annoyed! I really need my computer for school! I only have credit for Dell to buy one so i have to be patient and it’s sad.

  • Anonymous

    What I don’t understand is that this is causing a delay in shipping a digital camera. I purchased it because it is supposed to ship around 24 hours after purchase. Now I have an ESD of the 18th.  It’s a digital camera. It really doesn’t need to be “customized”. I didn’t go somewhere else because I always have great experiences with dell. I don’t understand how a problem with the computers are pushing back shipping dates of digital cameras by 2 weeks!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Hello Funkatronic,

    Humbly deduce why Dan ordered a red XPS 1330 on 8/21 and it was shipped 7
    days later
    , while Balefire order a red XPS 1330 on July 10th, almost 2
    ago, and he’s still waiting? This is one of hundreds of examples.
    Quality control?

    Meantime, other manufactures demands have risen because of Dell, yet
    they still get systems shipped in a reasonable amount of time.

    No. There is more to this.

  • Anonymous

    Just got mine M1330 today (Australia). Ordered July 17th. Didn’t get any upgrades 🙁

    Haven’t had a closer look yet but the notebook is wobbly and my keyboard is bend a bit. Otherwise it looks nice.


  • Anonymous

    it took over a month to get my 1330 but seriously, it’s worth it. the first minute i touched mine, it was heaven. it’s worth the wait. don’t cancel. i was gonna cancel, but i waited; and now i have it. good things come to those who wait.

  • Anonymous

    I have a monitor ordered on Aug 3..of this year…I can’t believe that a monitor..just a monitor can take so long to ship…and no word on it…Shame on Dell..such a large company

  • Anonymous

    Hello All,

    Here’s the update I promised. Ordered a red M1330 on August 21, original ESD was 10/04, checked the status on Monday August 27, said it had been shipped and would arrive on Friday. It was out for delivery THURSDAY morning and I went and picked it up from DHL that evening as there was no one home to sign for it. I am not complaining one iota, but I have no idea why this happened so fast for me, I can only surmise that whatever production delays (painting, LCDs, etc) Dell has been experiencing have been resolved. For my part, I know that many of you are ripping pissed and I would be as well, but as one of the lucky individuals that have actually received their laptops let me say that it is truly one of the better (if not best) machines I have ever worked with (I have been in IT for about 12 years). If you guys can hold out a bit longer, I don’t believe you will be disappointed. Good luck to you all.

  • Anonymous

    “When you order a system, the estimated ship date factors in our best currently available information, including the number of orders in front of you and the availability of parts. It should not change unless something impacts one of these factors. If that happens, we will contact you.”

     My ship date was just pushed back from 8/31 to 9/10 and I was not contacted at all to be notified of this change. I don’t understand how that happens. Even if it was an automatic message that contained no real information about the delay other then the date it would have made me feel better about it. I just happened to go to the Dell website to check to see if my order had shipped and the ESD is pushed back 10 days. When this much of my money is involved I would like to at least receive an email. I don’t think thats too much to ask.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s yet another.  Inspiron 1520, Jet Black, Core 2 Duo T7300, GeForce 8600m GT, was supposed to ship today (9/4), but an email arrived in the middle of the afternoon delaying it a full MONTH.  Now I’m being told it will ship 10/4.  We’ll see if they’re courteous enough to wait until the ship date to tell me they’re delaying it again…

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I wish I would have seen this before I ordered a laptop through dell.  I ordered my Inspiron 1520 on 8/28 and expected the order to be shipped a day or two after labor day.  I was appalled when i checked the order status today and saw the words “In production” and an ESD of 9/20.

    I am probably out of my mind to think that Dell should upgrade anybody with this sort of delay to next day air.  I supposed when they ship these all out and everybody forgets about this delay, Dell has made their buck and won’t care about this dent in their image.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the 1720 espresso, July 19th, my ESD was Aug. 9th (was contacted via phone), pushed back 2 1/2 weeks to the 27th.  ESD comes again, I receive yet another delay (contacted again via phone), I kept my order active and now today is my ESD again and I’m pretty much just expecting a phone call, only this time I’m canceling my order.  It should not take this much time and this much of my energy to not receive my payed for products.  This is my first time with Dell, they are a huge name and now I feel like that’s all they are; A huge name with nothing behind it.  Maybe, I’ll give them one last chance, but that’s it.  I’m tired of waiting.

  • Anonymous

    ordered a red 1520 on 7/20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOT MY 7TH DELAY TODAY FOR 9/12. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO SHIP TODAY AGAIN BUT NOW ANOTHER DELAY.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered a Latitude D630 on Aug 6, ESD is today 5 Sep.  My order still shows IN PRODUCTION, the ESD has not changed nor I have been contacted about any delays via email or phone.  I’m giving DELL until the end of the day to come up with a tracking number before I cancel my order and buy a Thinkpad instead.

    At least with a Thinkpad I can get upgrades that are cheaper than buying them myself.  What kind of deal is $204 for a 2 DIMM 2GB upgrade?  Get real.  Even Crucial only charges around $108 for 2x1GB DIMM kit.  Don’t even get me started on the 1 DIMM of 2GB RAM upgrade that costs over $400 from DELL.

    If DELL is serious about keeping customers they need to be proactive about it.  If they can’t control production rate of LCD screens (or other products) then at least upgrade my shipping, give me a free OS upgrade or toss in a DVD burner for free.

  • Anonymous

    I had ordered a dell 1420 on 28th July…got the 5th delay today and the estimated shipment date is now 22 sept….

    It appears Dell is playing games….it checking how much patience dell customers have waiting for their orders…

    I come to understand from Dell customer care that the Dell is short of LCD screens for the Laptop. I ask a simple question to Dell, if they didn’t had
    LCD screens one and half month back…why they accept the order.

    Now if  this is considered true, How is it possible that some of my friends, who ordered much later than me …have already got their Laptops..

    Its a total frustration dealing with Dell especially because it takes over 10 mins waiting to talk to Dell Customer Care…and still you don’t get any proper answers…Instead of trying to resolve the problem the customer care people are encouraging to Cancel the Dell order since the first delay !!!! Yeah now i understand why they encourage to do so….coz they take order for stuff that they never had….just to show  Dell had better options than others… and i will cancel it now…


  • Anonymous

    Got my 5th dely!  I looked at my order at 6am today.  It was supposed to ship 9-5.  I accepted a 9-12 ship date.  I just looked it up at 3pm.  It has been changed to 9-22.

    Something is wrong.

  • Anonymous

    if it wasn’t for the fact that my dell desktop is the best one i have ever had i would cancle my order….my laptop better be as good as my desktop or i am gonna be one p’od chick

  • Anonymous

    Should I even act surprised???  Now the new ESD is 12 Sep.

    Although we had anticipated being able to ship your order sooner, we are experiencing an unexpected delay and have adjusted the estimated ship date (see Revised Estimated Ship Date below). Click on the Order Status bar below to view the current status of your order.”

  • Anonymous

    My red Inspiron 1520, ordered 8/7, shipped today.  Today, 9/5, was my original estimated ship date.  Hoping that it gets here soon!  We shall see 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ordered mine on 8/28 and it shipped today – I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

  • Anonymous

       Another delay for my laptop ordered on 7/12. Now the magic date is 9/12. Has anyone received their 1721 in green? I see other green models and I have seen 1721 in midnight blue go out. Mine has been listed “in production” for over 50 days now….

  • Anonymous

    Sigh.. i ordered just a camera and wow its taking FOREVER! for it to get here.. surprisingly i got the camera bag for it BUT NO CAMERA!! Whats the deal DELL?

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my Dell Inspiron 1521 mid-August, and am pretty irate that my “new” shipping date (yeah right, like it’ll actually ship then..) which is the 3rd estimate I’ve had, is a month later than I was told it would be shipped. I am a senior in college, and my old dell backlight burnt out, which, seeing as it was just out of warranty… I would have to get the whole display replaced for about 300, and it’s pointless to do that since my computer is getting rather old and slow anyways. So, I decided to buy a new Dell, even though the vast majority of my friends told me to get a Mac.

     And from reading the previous comments I have very little hope of it actually being shipped the 22nd of September. So, Dell, I’m sorry about your problems, but my life would be a heck of a lot easier if I had a COMPLETELY working computer, and could save data files from my labs and not have the extra hassle of moving them to a new computer that has little chance of being here soon. Also, it’s really annoying to hook mine up to a projector, just so I can do my homework.


    And lo and behold… at the Apple site, oh golly gee, I can get a FREE ipod nano, AND a computer in 3 days max. Let’s see… wait two weeks or more likely longer, or get one either tomorrow or by the weekend. Oh such a difficult decision.


    And I was going to be loyal to Dell and was planning on never getting a Mac. But you know what, either I’ll get a Mac or buy a PC from Compaq, because this is just ridiculous. 


  • Anonymous

    Par for the course – I posted my story on 08-31-07 . . . It’s now 09-05-07 and it’s still not showing on this site.   Nor is my notebook any closer to shipping. 

  • Anonymous

    My ship date changed yet again today because it was due to ship today. Now it is the 12th. Check your status. Yours probably changed as well. I am afraid mine is going to ship while I am gone on vacation the first half of October. If so, then I will have to request a delay in shipping. How ironic!!

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an inspiron 1420 in green on 7/24 and the most aggravating part for me has been anticipating my ship date and then instead of getting and email saying it is shipped I get one saying it is delayed. Do they honestly not know until 5:00 pm on the ESD that the notebook wont be shipped? couldn’t they let us know the moment they realize that it will be delayed yet AGAIN?

  • Anonymous

    Well, this has taken a new turn. I’ve not read up for a few days now, and boy was I surprised to find some of this. I checked the configuration page again for the m1330, and compared the original listings that I ordered to what is offered now. Holy crap Dell! Base price is $1,499 now?! LED screen with camera is another $300? Fingerprint reader is another $75? Increase in cost on the nVidia 8400? STILL NO BATTERY SELECTION FIX? Now my processor (the T7300/2.0/4mb/800fsb) isn’t even on the list anymore. Making people PAY for the color upgrades now, another $50? Are you all intentionally trying to get things screwed up even more? I’m glad I ordered when I did, granted I still dont have said laptop. I got the price I felt was reasonable and the options I desired when the financial getting was good. If the laptop I ordered back on 8/7 does not arrive with the configuration I selected and thought about for quite some time because of these changes, there is going to be a big problem. I can even wait a little longer, minor setback. For anyone whom ordered an m1330 and is now being told a few options are not available, I sincerely hope you demand that Dell compensate you considerably for it. I used to have faith in this company, I did, but this fiasco is taking a further turn south that it had before. I hope that you realize that quite a few of these orders are not only loyal repeat customers, excited to see your latest *pretty shiny*, but some of us are IT advisers and coordinators that have corporate partnerships with Dell,  and are frequent bulk purchasers for our needs, whom have a good deal in the say of who our corporations buy equipment from. This kind of snafu could result in you losing a hefty amount of business, especially with the number of large vendors that would love to snatch up a nice corporate deal. I for one am not taking this matter lightly anymore. I would recommend you save yourselves further embarrassment and cease the sale of this item, and others with problems alike, until you can get your production lines straight and your suppliers out of the red. The competition is having a field day with this over the fact that many people are jumping ship and going to them for new laptops. The market is full of some very nice selections right now that more than meet most peoples needs. Continuing to accept sales of promised equipment you can’t currently make good on is only going to hurt you more than taking a brief moment and getting caught up.


  • Anonymous

    It is not just the new notebooks that are delayed. I got a great deal on the Inspiron E1405 b/c I assumed they had a few leftover as they are discontinued. I ordered it in July and (after 3 delays) the estimated ship date is Sept. 17th. This makes no sense. I would have cancelled if I hadn’t gotten such a good deal.

  • Anonymous

    Big surprise!!!  Delayed from 9/5 to 9/12.  For a laptop that was ordered on 7/24 with a estimated delivery date of now 9/18…Dell should be embarrassed!  It should not  take 2 months to get a stupid laptop!  Canceled today and will never buy from Dell again…not that they care!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I order for my son who is a college student a dell insprion 1720 and a A1157852 Notebook Messenger Bag – Fits Notebooks of Screen Sizes up to 17-inch – Jet Cabernet. The computer came fine, the bag is backordered and is scheduled to arrive in 2-3 weeks, at least dell could expidite to overnight shipping instead of 3-5 days. I urged my son to get a mac, he went through the college/dell web site. At the time of ordering everything was in stock, 3 days later we got an email stating there was a problem with the order. It took me 2 hours to finally get someone to admit that the bag was backordered. What kind of business practice is this. I kept asking the rep, why hasn’t this shipped? They kept putting me on hold and transefering me to another idiot, who put me on hold and tranfering me again, and again. Never a dell tranaction again. I have and will always be a mac person. Terrible customer service !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am canceling my order after 3 delays. By the time they ship, which really doubt they are going to ship it, the inspiron is already outdated. I believe I will be much happier finding other Laptops, HP or SONY.

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting and waiting and waiting.  My old Inspiron died dead very shortly after the 3-year on-site warranty expired.  Now I’m trying to do my work on a toy computer that blue screens three or four times a day while I wait week after week for my new Dell.

    Just to let you know, don’t get too excited if you learn you are “in boxing.” I’ve been in “boxing” for a couple of days now. I thought that surely meant that it would ship soon.  I called again today and learned that my system is still “in transit.” It seems that the “boxing stage” includes a trip on a slow boat from China.

    I sure wish I’d bought a Toshiba.

  • Anonymous

    Well, once again, my ESD has been delayed to 9/12…  AAAHHHHHHHH!  I guess I’ll be going to look for a new laptop tomorrow…  What colors are being shipped??  Has anyone received the pink 1720??  2 months is way too long to wait for a laptop!

  • Anonymous

    One word “ridiculous”, never going to buy a dell again.

  • Anonymous

    Sad story. I’m canceling my order after 2 delay. It’s my last ever computer from dell.

    Ordered  07/02 and not estimated deliver on 10/28

     4 Months ? Support lies and just day before delivery they slip delivery date again….

  • Anonymous

    The XPS m1330 is definitely worth the wait. I love it! My wait was about the same as when I ordered my Inspiron 6000 two years ago. Maybe about a week longer. Anyway, it’s like giving birth; once it arrives you forget how painful the wait was.

    I was concerned about migrating to Vista but need not have been. I like it too. I installed 2GB that I bought from Crucial (Dell’s memory was to steep). With the GeForce and T7300, my system works and looks great. I also love the keyboard. The layout is much better than my old Inspiron and is easier to see in low light conditions, and looks sharp.

    I’m still reinstalling some of my old programs. I used Easy Transfer and Companion to move some, but many of them I’ve had to reinstall manually. Right now I’m hunting around for registration keys. Evenso, everything is working better than I expected.

    Hope you have the patients to wait for a prime machine. You’ll be glad you did! Good luck to all.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    First off – thanks to all for the posts; they’ve been extremely helpful thus far.  I guess its nice to share frustration with 100 or so nameless faces. Now, have I got a story to share with you? (rhetorical – yes, yes I do).

    Ordered my 1330 on the 29th of August and, as expected, estimated ship dates were for the 25th of September.  After reading all these posts, I had resigned myself to the fact that I’d have to wait a month until my laptop arrived – no worries.  Later that night, I mentioned to my buddy that I had just bought a new laptop and, since he was in the market for one, he ended up ordering the exact same one about 6 hours later.  His estimated ship date was the same as mine, so we decided to just sit back and wait.

    Today I received an e-mail that utterly and completely perplexed (infuriated, ticked off, etc etc) me…my buddy had forwarded me an e-mail from Dell stating that “your order has shipped”.

    Seriously!?!?  I mean, really?  Not only had I recommended the laptop to him, ordered before him, and have been a 10 year Dell customer, I was still “in production”!!!

    Alas, I called Dell who, I must admit, have a very courteous customer service department.  After explaining the situation, the woman said she has put my order on “expedite”, and has additionally knocked off some nominal amount from my overall cost.

    I’ll keep you all posted as per what this perplexing “expedite” actually does – will I have it shipped tomorrow? Eh, likely not, but hopefully (fingers crossed) before the 25th. 

    On a side note, my buddy, being a good kid, has promised not to open his laptop until mine arrives…I promise I sincerely doubt he’ll keep 🙂

     Wishing well to all those out there and best of luck.


  • Anonymous

    Just wondering if anyone has taken note of the fact that when you check your order status page, and click on the link that says “Why is my order delayed?”, the resulting page no longer contains a link to this blog.  Well… that’s one way to cut down on the complaints I guess!

  • Anonymous

    i had to go to my history page to find this link….they no longer provide it as a link off of their site when you click “why is my order deleyed”


  • Anonymous

    I ordered my red LED lit screen XPS M1330 August 8th and was given a Sept 27th delivery estimate with the comment there was a 6 week delay due to high demand.


    After ordering I came across this thread and thought oh no I will be extremely lucky if mine comes before Christmas.


    I gather they have sorted their problems as mine is presently in the hands of UPS on its way here with a delivery date Sept 11th.   About 3 weeks longer than the other computer we ordered at the same date but 2 weeks ahead of schedule.


  • Anonymous

    I ordered my D830 on July 8th. I am still waiting to see if
    actually ships on September 7th. I hope so since I ordered this for a
    home insurance business I started 3 months ago.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my red, LED XPSM1330 7/31 and was given an ESD of 9/5.  On 9/5 I received an email telling me that the date was delayed to 9/15.  They did not know that they needed 2 more weeks longer and realized on the ESD? I then read with interest that Geoff (see above) orders a red LED 1330 on the 8th and is expecting it on the 11th.  (Hey Geoff, maybe you are getting mine)

    Clearly Dell will pay a price for such poor customer service.  After purchasing 3 desktops and 1 laptop from Dell before (and advising others to purchase Dell product) They have lost me as a customer and advocate, not that they care now, but maybe – someday soon – when enough of us boycott Dell, they will see the real cost of this fiasco.

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to add keep the faith Inspiron 1520 customers I ordered mine on 8/25 and mine shipped today 9/07 there is only 2 colors (mid blue and red i think) that have a couple extra days added on to the order……so Inspirion orders are being caught up……good luck to the rest of you….

  • Anonymous

    i forgot to add on my last post that i did order the spring green color…..the only thing my order is waiting on is my wireless spring green mouse..that says its suppose to ship on 9/11  

  • Anonymous

    I ordered my new M1330 on July 9. I got it this week!! I must say that I was sooooo angry about the wait, that i almost cancelled the order. the good thing for me was that i had a good working laptop & could afford to wait.

    anyhow, i am less angry & it was certainly worth the wait. this machine is unlike any i had before. i even like Vista.

    to all that are still waiting, hang in there. it is certainly worth the wait!!! 

  • Anonymous

    this if for the people who are impatient about their 1330’s..

    WAIT. you’ll need to go through ALOT of patience if you want a REALLY good laptop. it’s nice. seriously worth waiting for. if you cancel, and go to another laptop, you’ll eventually find someone with a 1330 and you’ll totally regret it. be patient, you’ll love it. HANG IN THERE



  • Anonymous

    Get this:

    I ordered my M1330 on July 27th. The ship date was pushed back to today (2007-09-10). I check this morning, and it’s been pushed back until next Monday (2007-09-17).

    I just checked a few minutes ago…

    It has now been pushed back until November 9th!!
    I’m really hoping this is a mistake, but COME ON!!!

    Good thing my work is paying for this. I’ll never buy another Dell.

  • Anonymous

    Harold I hope for your sake I’m not getting yours.  🙁
    I’m in Switzerland and ordered a Swiss German keyboard so I will see what comes tomorrow.  But it had crossed my mind that I might be getting something early because someone canceled.

    I don’t know where you are located but I suspect there will be differences due to local demand between North America and Europe regarding delivery times.

  • Anonymous

    After several delays, my order (7-17) was supposedly shipped today much earlier than the last ESD (9-22). I hope I can believe that! Maybe since so many people canceled, they can get caught up.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an Inspiron on July 27.  Since then, nothing but headaches.  It was to be delivered Aug. 17.  We phoned to ask if it could be expedited by a day so we could have it for my daughter to take to college.  The reply was of course, no problem.  That day, we get an e-mail stating it was delayed.  Now we have to drive the 5 hour trip to take it to her.  A while later we get an e-mail stating the printer that we foolishly ordered with it is delayed.  OK, cancel the printer ONLY.  We then check the order status and the entire order is canceled.  I phone Dell, I hear that that since I canceled the printer, it cancels the entire order.  Something I wish I would have been told.  Now I have to talk to a sales person again, reorder the entire thing.  She made a point of stating over and over again that I was getting such a great deal on this computer since it is now more expensive.  I am now paying about $100 more for a computer than I did before, and that is without the printer.  I have a Dell desk-top and Plasma TV, which I was happy with, but I will never order from Dell again.  This has been a nightmare.

  • Anonymous

    Well I ordered my Inspiron 1720 laptop on July 12. I waited very impatiently for about 6 weeks.  When they finally were able to ship it through DHL i tracked it on DHL’s website. I was supposed to have next day shipping but when it didn’t come the next day I got worried. Then a couple more days passed by. I finally called DHL and asked what was going on and guess what… THE IDIOTS LOST IT (STOLE IT). So I called Dell back and they told me i was now their first priority and my new one would come within a week. It has been almost two weeks and it still isn’t here. In two more days I will have waited 2 whole months! Now i not only hate Dell with a passion, but DHL too. It is scheduled to be here on the 14th but who knows if thats going to happen. I was lied to so many times by dell I don’t believe a single thing they tell me anymore. I don’t recommend that anyone ever buys from dell. There are so many stories like mine so how can anyone not take us seriously. DON’T BUY FROM DELL!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ordered an m1330 on August 14 (2.0 GHz T7300, 2 GB RAM, LED backlit screen, 128MB NVIDIA, 160 GB HD, 6-cell battery, black case).  The estimated ship date was Sept 19, but it actually shipped yesterday (Sept. 10).  Don’t have it in hand yet, but is supposed to be delivered by DHL today (Sept. 11).  If so, that’s a little less than 30 days.  May be a good sign for others…

  • Anonymous

    Delivered today! It’s awesome! Waited since 9-17.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry….make that 7-17!

  • Anonymous

    I know it has been said several times, but I have to agree. It IS worth the wait. I waited over a month for mine (no consolation to others, I know) and it arrived yesterday (9/11). It’s very well built, powerful, and sleek. I’ve yet to find something about it I don’t like. I ordered the m1330 in Tux Black, WLED screen w/ .03 cmos camera, t7300 2.0ghz cpu, 2gb DDR2 667 ram, 200gb 7200rpm hard drive, Biometric Fingerprint reader, Bluetooth, Intel Next-Gen N wifi, and some other goodies. I have to say, I was annoyed before, but I see now that it was all for naught. I guess I should learn to control myself a little better when it comes to patience. Good luck to everybody whom has yet to receive yours, it will be a good day when you do!


  • Anonymous

    I first posted on the 4th of September; here is an update.  I did decide to give Dell one more chance and I’m glad I did.  My ESD which had been pushed to September 5th was pushed once again to the 20th, but finally after what seems like months of waiting, oh wait it has been months.  Well anyway, my 1720 is finally shipped.  Now I just have to pray that all goes well with the shipping. 

  • Anonymous

    I ordered mine on July 9 & got it on September 4. All my anger about the delay is long gone. The M1330 is worth the wait!! There is nothing on the market to compete with it.

    Base on the posts, I was worried about the quality. At first, my only complaint was the keyboard. But I got used to the touch & feel & sort of like it now. If we want to get really picky, the lid feels fragle & is very thin. 

    But all in all, I am extremely happy!! 

  • Anonymous

    I ordered a pearl white m1330 (by phone) and here is my list of annoyances:

    – No order confirmation, the sales person got the e-mail address wrong

    – Order confirmation could not be sent again

    – No status updates via e-mail (e-mail address was corrected)

    – No personal notifications whatsoever about delays, I had to contact Dell myself to hear anything… and later found about the delays on the web myself

    – Eventually got.. magically a tuxedo black..

    – No blue tooth (which I ordered.. but without order confirmation..) 

    – Some other ‘minor’ issues with this system: keyboard not flat, cover lid not closing properly, high pitch sound (all problems are known, read some other customer’s experiences)

    – Promised return calls did not happen last week

    – Just called and it is not possible to deliver a pearl white unless customers who ordered one should get one.. so now I end up with a red one 🙁

    This is my first experience with Dell.



  • Anonymous

    I ordered my laptop a 1720 on the second of September.  I talked with a rep online to request that it not be pushed back because i need it for school. He was very helpful and upgraded me to next day shipping and my order is due to ship this week.


    Oh and the original EST ship date of my order was the 25th so dell came through for me sorry guys but i felt the need to post my good feedback rather to counter the bad  

  • Anonymous

    yep sounds all too familiar. My son has had his laptop pushed back twice now due to a backorder on parts.  I’ve never heard of a company having so many problems with backorders.  Maybe we should ask for our money back?  Oh but i do remember reading that refunds are on backorder too!  All this sounds real fishy to me, maybe someone should be checking out the stocks.

  • Anonymous

    i Got my laptop xps m1330

    so happy….

    Mine is pearlescent

    it is worth all the waiting


  • Anonymous

    Hi, ndo;

    When did you order your M1330?


  • Anonymous


    This is for zFish:

    I ordered my xpsm1330 from 24th July

    That’s along time, it almost took 2 months to get in your hands, however, i used this few days, and the LED screen so bright and looks really slim, and feel different from other computer,even Macbook.

     So,if you already ordered it,do not cancel it because this machine really nice.


  • Anonymous


    ordered a dell m1330 on friday28th september with an est. delivery date of the 10th oct. Sounds good to me. I’ve been checking the order status page for the last couple of days and it’s been in pre-production which was fine, it’s only been two working days i thought. Then today, i checked again, late evening and it had gone to the build phase, good stuff i thought (this was on another computer at my cousins house).  i came home, checked again and saw it was back at pre-production!! i know i wasn’t imagining it, and i suppose it was a bit odd that it would change to build phase so late in the day.

     The system cost me £717 altogether.

        Another weird thing is that after that i placed my order, my bank account showed this:


    *current balance -£800.00

    *available balance- £83

     althought in my statement it didnt show that dell had taken any money out.i thought this must be normal

    Now, (just this evening it’s changed back)

     *current balance -£800.00

    *available balance- £800.00


    When do dell take the actual payment and do you think i should give them a quick call to check everythings ok?



  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Charmaine: I’m happy to get you in touch with someone who can confirm your
    order status.

    Before I can do that though, I need two pieces of information: your order #
    or customer #, and your e-mail address.

    If you fill out the e-mail address field when you post a comment, it won’t
    show up in the comment itself. Either way though, I won’t publish it—we’ll just
    use it to get back to you.

  • Anonymous

    I  was quite anxious to get my laptop. Actually this is the first time i ordered on line and i’m a bit skeptical. My product has been on acknowledgment for the longest while. my order was made on 26/9/07. I checked my bank account and nothing was taken out. Is it a problem with my order? Do I have to cancel? I’m in the dark here. Please let me know.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Dell has addressed their shipping delays; I ordered a XPS M1330 with 64GB SSD and LED Display on Oct 1, 2007 and I already have a shipped notice on Oct 8, 2007!  I should have it in my hands on Oct 12, 2007 – a full month before their original estimated ship date of Nov 8, 2007  Thank you Dell for fixing your shipping delays! Glad I didn’t have to wait 1-2 months 🙂

    A (soon to be) proud owner of a new XPS M1330!

  • Anonymous

    i just wanted to post to say that after one of the most horrific experiences with dell to get the M1330 into my hands, it has been working great. i am happy i didn’t cancel & ended up with a fair deal. i am disappointed to see that dell has increase pricing on this machine to take advantage of their customers since demand was so much higher than anticipated. oh well, i guess they are entitled to a profit.

    although this is the best dell laptop i have ever owned, some thoughts to dell for the next generation:

    1. the keyboard is my only complaint. it’s cheap!!! please make it a better one.

    2. consider incorporating or offering a lighted keyboard option

    3. the screen won’t clean perfectly. not sure why, but always can see steaks.

    4. battery life!! need to get better

    that’s it!! this is almost a perfect machine! 

  • Anonymous

    Definitely, the backlog problems for Precision notebook systems have not been addressed. I placed my order online on September 9th 2007 for Guatemala delivery. Estimated shipment was on October 9th. It is October 29th and nothing is happening. The delivery date estimates did have october 16 through the 30th, and although an account representative of one of my companies has helped me place an “expedite” flag on my order, it seems it has actually delayed it more.  My account representative is no longer answering my calls, she does not answer my e-mails, Dell phone support tells me that to cancel my order and place a new one would simply delay it all more, and I am getting exasperated.  My notebook is an essential tool for work, and simply am so frustrated I am about to cancel my order. Nobody seems to give me concrete answers. All they say is: it will ship next week. next week I call, the same answer: it will ship next week. And so forth.  5 Times this has happened since October 9th. I am quite furious now.  I nothing gets solved, I plan to stop endorsing dell amongst my circle of influence, since people come to me for computer purchase advice. I will rather direct them to VAIO or some other manufacturer, as I had never had this crappy service from DELL. I am wondering if I will be ripped off my $4000 that I paid for a computer that has not been delivered.

  • Anonymous


    I ordered an XPS m1330 on October 18th, with an estimated delivery date on November 9th, but according to DELL’s site, my notebook is still in PRE-Production state.

    Before ordering I contacted DELL, and a very polite guy helped me to exclude those components which would have delayed the delivery, namely:

    – The Intel N wireless card

    – The LED screen

    I also explained I need that system soon, so, if it’s not possible to deliver it, I would have ordered something else, and the guy assured to me that I would have received it on time.

    Now I’m starting to think it won’t be delivered by the estimated date. Since October 23rd my system has been in pre-production, which means there’s some lacking component.

    If it won’t be here on November 9th, I’ll cancel my order and choose something else, which I would really avoid.

    Let’s hope!

  • Anonymous

    November. And over on the Inspiron Notebook Product Delays people are STILL experiencing mistreatment by Dell. A half year and still … not … resolved. And my wife’s lovely new 1521, which I documented our negative experience with over in that blog a couple months ago, is indeed misbehaving this evening.  Power it up, get to the Vista desktop, and it powers down.  Endless loop, even after trying a Safe Mode boot. And its even plugged into the wall.  Since she started this experience with a very bad taste in her mouth about Dell, she is about ready to throw it out the window.  And I don’t blame her.  I pointed out to her that the Sr VP spoke of the XPS failings but ignored the Inspiron customer base.  She feels stuck with this thing now.  Oh sure, we’ll fix it.  We’re STUCK with this.  But we have BOTH lost a huge amount of faith in Dell.  And Mr. Sr. VP, it is not so much the delays, its the sales lies and spin that go with it.  Don’t you realize ALL readers see through it, making it worse for those that were mistreated?

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys,

    do these problems also exist for products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland / Europe ?


    have they finally been solved ?


    Many thanks in advance for your answers

  • Anonymous

    Hey !

    Well I’m in France, and there is huge delivery problems on **EVERY** XPS notebooks system since the summer.

    I’m waiting my system since september 19th !!!!!

     There are a lot of people in the same situation, we met on forums and everybody has the same story:

    The client support lies to us and makes us wait since more than two months,
    without any good explanation. They often say that there are shortage in the factory without more information. They often say they’ll call us back without  doing it. They never answer to emails as well.

    The big problem is that between when we order the system and now, the some components we want are no more available! So we only have to wait!

    As I explain to the support yesterday, the main problem is not that we wait (even if it’s another big problem), the problem is that we have no good explanation at all, and that we’ll never know when we’ll be really delivered… If that happen someday!!!

    I personnally think this story is not good for Dell at all. I thought at first that Dell was the best choice, it seems I made a mistake…

    For my case (and a lot of people in my case), I’ll never order again a Dell… system… 

  • Anonymous

    Before I place an order for
    an XPS M1330, I first read all the comments here in this blog especially those
    from the UK.
    At first I was put off by the comments concerning the problems in delivery. Then
    I decided to have a chat with an agent from dell, and she told me that I can
    email her my Internet receipt number and my order details to her to prioritize
    my order in spite of the coming holiday.

    Then I placed my order on
    December 8 (Saturday) at midnight, minutes after placing an order I emailed the
    agent whom I chatted with regarding my order details.

    Originally it was supposed
    to be on or before December 19, but I doubt it because of the coming holiday.
    At first I think I will receive it early next year.

    I didn’t expect it to be that
    early, and then I received a call from the courier December 10 (Monday) regarding
    the delivery on the next day December 11 (Tuesday).

    Then around 11am on Tuesday
    which is yesterday I received my order.

    I don’t know if my email to
    that agent really helps, but who knows.

    Anyway I paid using a Maestro
    Debit card from HSBC, and thanks Dell for a fast processing of my order.  

  • Anonymous

    On 12/12/2007 I ordered a refurbished laptop as a Christmas present for my visiting daughter. I was told it would ship no later than 12/17/2007.
    On 12/19/2007 it still wasn't showing as shipped so I called customer service and changed my shipping method to overnight.
    On 12/20/2007 I get an email saying that my order has been delayed and won't ship until 1/2/2008. I sent approximately 10 email or web form requests and didn't receive a single response.
    On 12/28/2007 I'm notified that my order shipped. There is no tracking number provided.  I check on the status daily, but no tracking number is ever provided.
    On 1/8/2008 I try customer support again and am told that my order shows it was delivered on 12/17/2007 to someone in Florida (I'm in Ohio)! Now I have to have a replacement order. I then opened a Better Business Bureau complaint.
    On 1/17/2008 I get a bill for the computer that still hasn't come–two calls to customer support finally get that straightened out.
    On 1/18/2008 I finally get a call in response to my BBB complaint. I'm told that a replacement is being expedited. I check the order and see that the replacement is missing a Gigabyte of RAM. The replacement is then replaced.
    On 1/22/2007 I get home and find my new laptop was signed for by a stranger and left on a cold damp porch for over 6 hours unattended.
    I bought 2 Hewlett Packard laptops in the past year and had great service and great machines. I should have used them again. I will never do business with Dell again.

  • Anonymous

    well, after reading through this, i would like to mention i ordered an m1530 on may 26, and the shipping got delayed to july 3.  very ridiculous.  so i cancelled my order and  bought a toshiba laptop from newegg.com and arrived in 3 days.  what a deal because i only paid $15 for 3 day shipping, and no tax!  i saved about $70 and received it really quickly too.  plus it has the same setup, but with a faster processor.  i used to be a dell fan.  had bought 2 desktops and 3 laptops in the past, but this has gone far enough.  farewell dell, my business is done with you.

  • Anonymous

    These M1330's make me sick.  I work IT for our company and have ordered 5 of these total.  The shipping was always fine, but the hardware is terrible and unreliable.  4 out of 5 have had failed hard drives.  2 of those 4 had every part replaced (system board, RAM, hard drive) which only fixed 1 of those 2.  My latest and largest problem has been an M1330 whose hard drive failed, got a replacement which also failed, got a tech to replace system board, RAM and HD (again) which also has failed.  Dell finally agreed to send me a new system completely, but they messed that up too and put the wrong OS on the replacement.  Besides that when I enter the replacement's service tag on the support site it tells me that the computer was purchased in a different country and I'm not entitled to US support.  Obviously there are deep rooted problems with hardware (4 of 5 failed hard drives) which cannot be attributed to hard drives alone.  I believe something on the board is causing the hard drives to fail, repeatedly.  I have abandoned these models and wouldn't recommend them to anyone. 




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  • Anonymous

    sir i want ajob on manufacture in chennai so give me e mail adderss thank u


    The XPS M1330 is everything that is wrong with Dell – I was supposed to be a premium, award-winning laptop that disappoints with its design flaws, overheating, fan noise.  Years go by, and it still doesn't work right.  It, and the products like it inluding the E Lattitude line, are the reason the company trades with a $25 B market cap rather than $50 B. 


    The XPS M1330 is everything that is wrong with Dell – I was supposed to be a premium, award-winning laptop that disappoints with its design flaws, overheating, fan noise.  Years go by, and it still doesn't work right.  It, and the products like it inluding the E Lattitude line, are the reason the company trades with a $25 B market cap rather than $50 B.