UltraSharp 2407 WFP Widescreen LCD Display


In this vlog, I highlight some of the key features of Dell’s 24″ widescreen flat panel display, including HDTV support, connectivity options, and the new on-screen menu system.

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18 thoughts on “UltraSharp 2407 WFP Widescreen LCD Display

  1. I just watched this vlog on my 2407 FPW…I have to admit that this is the absolute BEST display I have had the honor to enjoy.  Excellent features, great multi-purpose/use functionality…and it feels very solid and well built.  Love it!

  2. I just received  one of these BAD BOYS on Friday Sept 1. My son and I have been playing Counter Strike Source. Call of duty 2. Half Life 2. And I could not be happier. This Monitor is FANTASTIC. No banding at all, no Ghosting it runs smooth as butter. I replaced a Viewsonic 17" VP171b LCD that was great. but the 17" size  was not cutting it any more. I would recommend this monitor to anyone, it will not let you down. The widesceen is great for doing other applications, and games look great at the widescreen 16:9 ratio and 1920×1200. I looked at various reviews on the earlier version of the monitor and decided to wait until rev A02 came out and it was well worth the wait. TRY IT YOU"LL LIKE IT.

    Now if only I get my XPS 700 that I ordered { Still in Production} then I’ll be truly impressed

    Cheers Peter

  3. My co-worker adores his 2407, not that there is anything wrong with my 2405.  Apple cinema display has nothing on these.  

    Gotta say tho – you guys need to improve the camera work a tad.  All of the zooming in and out and auto-focus issues was a bit much.  That and when Phil was talking about the I/O on the back – component and composite… – then the camera shows the card slots and USBs, classic.  You may want to run thru the shots prior to shooting.  Just a suggestion.

  4. I recently purchased one with my XPS 700. This is the "BEST" monitor i have ever owned. At 1st i had a hard time adjusting the screen Field of View in certain games. I could not use the same FOV in Unreal Tournament until i found this:  http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/fovcalc.php It would be nice if you could implement this in to the monitor.

  5. @peter st .john –

    What revision is your 2407? Is it an A02 or A03? I know lots of people still have banding issues with the A02 revision. Interesting that Phil did not go into the details of the various input types and "issues" such as banding…

  6. All,
    Glad to see the (mostly) mostly positive comments regarding the 2407WFP.
    Kong57: Thanks for the feedback.  I will pass your information onto our monitor development team.
    Xecuter2: Will look into the issue again.

  7. Hello Xecuter2

    Yes it’s the A02. I’ve done all the test for banding on this new monitor and nothing , it’s perfect. I been reading for a couple of months before I ordered it  how the eariler versions {A00,A01} had very bad banding issues. This one seems great. I’m very impressed. Cheers Peter

  8. I hear that Dell higher end LCD Monitors/TV are tested more extensively. Care to share more details on this?

  9. Next time it goes on sale for 20% off, I’ll purchase.  And trust me, my demo of it will be beyond belief.  I’ll show you some HDTV, Windows Vista, Halo and more…

    Quick question though… how much heat does that puppy put out?  Needless to say it was hot in Dallas this summer so I want to know if my home office is going to go up another 1-3 degrees.

    Somebody send me a coupon…  :?)

  10. I love this monitor. This is my monitor at home and it’s amazing value. 30″ seems a bit expensive for time being. highly recommended anyone doing photoshop or read PDF documents. I can read two pages side by side in Acrobat without any zoom.   

  11. Paul: Thanks for the comment. haven’t purchased one yet, but I’d love to have one of the 2407WFPs at home.  I’m a fan of dual flat panels or larger widescreen flat panels. Definitely makes workflow easier to be able to look at e-mails and to have dual browser windows open at once. Any other Community Server folks out there probably know what I mean. Glad you’re enjoying it.

  12. Just recv’d mine today, rev A03. Wow. Too big *GRIN*

    I have one problem though. I have Vista Ultimate x64 (Microsoft released it to use a few weeks ago) and while the driver from the CD installed fine, I cannot get the res above 1280×1024. I tried this before and after installing the driver. I have a 256 MB GeForce 7900 GT CO with the latest drivers and it does support WS resolutions higher than this. While Vista is a new OS (I am not using a beta version), the system should have read the config from the monitor itself. The menu is very well designed, there is a ‘Signal Source’ button on the front, the card reader  / USB hub works well, the rotating, fully adjustable base is killer and the thing is just beautiful. My gf has no idea that when she comes home, she will see this thing where the 17″ viewsonic used to be hehehehehe. This thing has twice the screen real estate.

  13. Will the

    UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC pivot. Can we rotate it 90 degrees for use in radiology?
  14. what is your highest spec /hi res 24 inch widescreen monitor?Are you expecting a new model soon?

    It needs to be 1080 HDTV compatable and also have excellent grayscale specs with dicom curve calibration like the nec 2190 models

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