Tour of the Global Enterprise Solutions Lab


In this vlog, I walk you through one of our main Enterprise engineering labs located in Austin, Texas.  This lab houses a data center where the Global Enterprise Solutions team builds and tests high-performance computing cluster solutions (HPCC), database solutions, operating system and storage area network (SAN) configurations. 

In addition to all the qualification testing we do here, this lab allows us to emulate customer environments so that we can build and certify custom solutions to meet their needs.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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  • Anonymous

    I found this post interesting. I’d like to see more like this one, better produced, and with more informational details. Thanks for the tour Mr. Rooholamini.

  • Anonymous

    If you say "Solutions" one more time, I going to throw a blade server at your head. Thanks.

  • Anonymous


    That’s funny, I thought the same thing. 🙂

    Although… I can occasionally be eloquent on paper, I’m not so good in front of the camera either.  So, I’d prefer these guys, being the directors and engineers, not the sales or marketing guys.. continue to be themselves.

    It’d be nice if they practice a pre-written script a little more.. but truthfully, I’d prefer they stick with doing their jobs and putting their time into providing solutions..errr.. I mean resolutions.. err… so umm what word should he have used? Answers? Methodologies? Results?

    The word is abused so much because it’s the most appropriate word to use. But yeah, I guess I get sick of hearing it over and over and over too. Maybe Web 2.0 will provide an appropriate synonym.

    However, none of this excuses not editing the video properly.

  • Anonymous

    Nice intro to your data center lab but if you can give more details about how are the cluster configs done & how do u actually replicate a customer environment that would be great. We wish to see more detailed video blog. Hope u can help us in this regard with an engineer explaining the setup rather than a director or manager.

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  • Anonymous

    Please make the video available as Ogg Theora file so that Linux users are not excluded. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Could I have a copy of this video ?