256GB SSD option now available for the XPS 15z


Earlier today, we began offering a 256MB solid state drive (SSD) drive available as an option on our high-end i7 processor XPS 15z configuration. It’s one of the things that customers like STLsailor and blogs like Ubergizmo asked for since we first unveiled the XPS 15z notebook last week.

Why does this matter? Short answer is speed, reliability and energy efficiency compared to traditional hard drives like the 7200 rpm ones that come standard in all XPS 15z configs. In my experience, you’ll notice a speed improvement in a couple of ways:  first, quicker startup and shutdown times. Second, applications will load much quicker. A few months ago, I added a 60GB SSD drive to my Studio XPS 7100 desktop, and have been thrilled with the results. I’ll share more details when I blog about that later.

SSDs drives are great options for laptops from a reliability standpoint because there are no moving parts. This also means they run cooler, and contribute to longer battery life. To be fair there are two “gotchas” compared to traditional hard drives: cost and capacity. Even with that, more folks are finding  the speed, reliability and energy efficiency gains worth it.

The SSD drive that we’ll ship with the XPS 15z is the 256GB version of Samsung’s PM800 MLC drive. As with most “new” component options, we need to ramp up volume, so this will add a week or so to your ship date. If you choose the high-end configuration from Dell.com, you’ll see a $560 option for the 256 SSD drive. Click on the image below to see a larger version:

256GB SSD option on Dell XPS 15z

Based on current pricing, that means you get a new laptop with a second-generation i7 core processor, the 1920 x 1080 HD panel, an NVIDIA 525M 2GB graphics card, 8GB DDR3 RAM and a fast 256GB SSD drive for just over $2,000. Not bad versus the competition.

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  • pebbleslion


    The Dell XPS 15z seems like a great computer choice, especially with the SSD update.  

    Do you know when the computer will be available to see before purchasing (for instance, in a retail store like Best Buy, Staples, etc?).  I am very reluctant to make the investment without being able to physically see it before ordering online.

    Thank you!

  • Galumba

    Ja Moin,

    is there a chance, that the SSD Upgrade will become available in Germany too?

    I can't just order the Notebook from the US because I wouldn't get help in warrantycases.

    So please tell me if an when the SSD option will be on the german website.

  • avoirdupois


    would a xps 17z be in the offering soon ? if there is, would you be able to let us know the time frame of when it will be available ? thanks

  • WagD


    I am interested in the XPS14z version, hoping for a non-glossy 1600×900 screen and an SSD-option – any information on these wishes and the time frame when these may come true – also in Germany?

  • Blueric

    I recently ordered two of these, one with the i5 and one with the i7, both with the 1080p display upgrade. I was strongly considering the SSD upgrade option, but just didn't bite on it b/c it's the older Samsung SSD and I can get the newer version from Newegg for $440. Tom's did a recent review of this and performance looks to be very good and consistent. Is there any plans to move to the newer version? My i7 was just delayed and I might think about holding off if I thought I could get the newer Samsung model in it.

    On another note, do you know why the 15z isn't offered with the same R-GBLED 1080p as on the XPS 15? That panel seems to be your best offering in a 15” display and provides 95% NTSC color gamut as opposed to 60%. That would make the 15z ideal in my book, for software development, photo editing, and everything else I need from a laptop that acts as my primary work/play computer.

  • smckenna

    A few very good questions here but no answers.  Lionel?

  • Fooseberry

    I concur with Blueric's question.  The 15z appears to use Intel's HM67 Express chipset.  The specs on the HM67 show that it can handle up to a SATA III internal drives and eSATA II external drives.  The Samsung SSD option is a SATA II drive.

    Was the 15z's MOBO designed to handle the SATA III option, or only SATA II?  I have an i7 version on order.

    I was also interested in the R-GBLED option but sadly, not available in the z.

  • MaxTeo


    Is the SSD version coming to the Asia Pacific? Specifically Australia?



  • JunoFN

    When will it be available in Europe?

  • flamenko

    Thank you for linking the review and, in fact, the Samsung is top dog on the block right now.  Lionel, I would love the opportunity to review the 256GB model if you would like to get in contact and can be contacted through the site.

    [email protected]

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @flamenko: Good to see you again Les. I've passed your request for a review unit onto the team.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @avoirdupois: No near-term plans for a 17 inch version.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @Blueric:Bottom line: No, the Samsung model I mention in the post is the model we're going to ship for some time.

    Regarding the 1080p display… same answer. No plans to offer the RGB LED that we did on the Studio XPS 16. I can say that the 1080p panel is the best one we're currently shipping. I haven't had a chance to connect with the Dell expert on the display. I'll plan to do that and will blog about the sRGB display that you purchased in the future.

    From what I've seen, I don''t think you will be disappointed.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @Fooseberry and others. Short answer is that I don't know regarding the SATA III question. I'll ping the product team and let you know what I find out.

  • Fooseberry

    Update to my prior comment.  Found a review of the Samsung PM800 that is the 256 drive offered here.  Looks interesting, however, the prior question remains…. does the 15z MOBO support SATA III ??

    Samsung review here: thessdreview.com/…/samsung-pm800-128gb-msata-ssd-review-samsung-quietly-releases-another-top-tier-ssd

  • ADoc

    Hi Lionel,

    Can you confirm if/when the SSD option will be coming to the UK please?  Just checked the Dell UK store and it doesn't appear as an option here.


  • amosmax


    where are the QuadCores?? My guess is, this design decision has to do with battery life, but I don't think I'm the only one that would sacrifice a little battery life for a QuadCore.


  • Feasa


    Still no update on when Dell will release the SSD version in the UK a month after it has been available in the states ?  

    Is the UK really such a small market ?

  • magnet75

    So i'm wondering what happened to the SSD option?


    I saw the SSD option briefly – where did it go?

  • tonybed

    What happened to the SSD option?

  • zileangrado

    Is there a chance that the SSD Upgrade will become available in Italy?

    And will be the QuadCores available shortly?

    I would like to get the 15z, but the customization is yet very limited…

  • satheerthan

    I am totally disappointed with XPS 15/14Z. The display quality is very very poor. If dell is competing with MAC book you have to maintain quality not only the thickness of laptop. We will still buy this laptop if 1mm thickness increase. you can create a laptop thinner than this and claim but don't fool and sell this to customers.

    I am returning XPS 14z. I will wait dell to launch RGB LED Screen as seen in XPS 15. Lean one thing laptop we always want to see something in a good screen. For we it looks like a posh house which not suitable for living.  NOT WORTH FOR MONEY.  XPS 14Z has worst screen in the market.. see the comparison in dell's website itself.. content.dell.com/…/hmc-lcd-display-3d-consumer.aspx

    looks like dell is going backwards to 90's in display technology..

    The other things lacking in this laptop is , lack of enough USB ports, No Blu-ray drive..No good selection of models (configuration).

  • 1andonly