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Since we launched the blog in July, I’ve received e-mails and comments from Direct2Dell readers that have asked what it’s like to work at Dell, and to provide a bit of insight into Dell’s culture. I thought this contest might be a good way to do it. 

Last week, we kicked off a gaming tournament for Dell employees that features id Software’s Quake 4.  Throughout the day, about 150 Dell employees competed at our campus in Austin, Texas. Congrats to Brent Breimeir, who was the winner in the first event.  Later this week, we’ll have a competiton for employees from our Round Rock campus, and will name one winner there. In October, the winners of both events will go head-to-head to find out who wins top honors.

We’ll use the Q4 Max competion mod throughout the event. We’ll have a total of 24 client systems, 12 XPS 700 units and 12 XPS M1710 notebooks. Quake 4 will be running on a PowerEdge 6650 server configured as eight virtual machines. You can go to this link to find more details how the tournament is structured, map details, vlogs from Alex Gruzen, Sr. VP Product Group, Dell employees who competed, and more. 

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12 thoughts on “Dell Quake 4 Gaming Tournament

  1. All i can say is wow!   Who else but Dell can show its staying power and committment to the gamers!

    Bravo XPS team, now could you stop calling those other products XPS!?   I thought XPS was just for gaming.

  2. So – when the Dell champion is selected I think you should put him up against a non-Dell champion 🙂

    Would be a lot of fun and be a great example of Dell doing something creative!



  3. That is great!!!!, unless you work for dell somewhere other than texas. Is there any chance they will be arranging regional dell tournaments so that employees in the Idaho/Nashville(etc) sites will have a chance to participate in these type of tournaments and claim  “Dell Champion”.  

  4. Why dont we have this at other dell sites?  Everything seems to go on in Austin Texas.  Be nice to have little fun sessions like this.

  5. From someone who is an experienced FPS gamer and actually played in the tournament, all I can say is that Brent Breimeir is no joke at Quake. He did not simply defeat his opponents, he decimated everyone who went up against him. In my opinion he can give Pro Quake Gamers a run for their money. Congrats Brent.

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