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Earlier this week, we announced the Dell Precison M6300 mobile workstation. It joins the M4300 as our second mobile workstation based on Intel’s Santa Rosa chipset. The M6300 supports Core 2 Duo amd Extreme Edition processors up to the 2.8GHz X7900 processor, and the NVIDIA Quadro FX1600M for strong performance in graphics-intense applications that are commonly used by workstation customers. As far as displays, we offer two 17″ UltraSharp versions—one that supports 1440×900 resolution and another that supports 1920×1200.

Like the M4300, the M6300 supports up to 4GB DDR2 memory, and on the storage side, it supports optional 32GB solid state hard drives as well as traditional hard drives at capacities up to 200GB. Mobility is a key component, and we offer lots of flexibility there as well—Wi-Fi options include a/g/ and Draft-n; and on the mobile broadband side, we offer the Dell Wireless 5510 HSDPA card.

In this video, Mano Gialusis from the Precision team shares more details about the M4300 and M6300.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, those are nice systems, but a lot of us are waiting for details on the Latitude XT. All we’ve had since May is a short introductory video and two you tube videos showing competitor’s tablets being destroyed.

     You introduced the tablet already, what is the harm in keeping all of us potential customers in the dark? We’d be happy with anything, price, release date, specs. Anything is better then this continued silence on a highly desired product.

    You’ve surely lost a lot of business to other tablets by keeping mum on the Latitute XT. I’ve already started school and need a new laptop desperatly and am eagerly waiting the XT. However, if I don’t hear anything soon I’ll have to go elsewhere.

     I know that this post is unrelated, but we aren’t getting any answers in the comment section of the tablet posting so I thought that I could try getting some answers here.


  • Anonymous

    Nice and all, but where the heck is that Latitude Tablet??!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet!  Another notebook Dell can’t deliver.  Color me….indifferent.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Dell


    Wanna see how a real company responds to complaints?

    I guess your CEO is too greedy and to arrogant for something like this. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the looks of the M4300 better but the specs on the M6300.  Why did they put the M6300 is such a dated case why not jazz it up a bit or at least put it in a Latitude style case?  Any chance of some of the M6300 features being brought into the M4300?  I would still rather have the tablet though, depending on the specs.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Word to the wise:  I ordered the M4300 a month ago.  I’m still waiting. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the first post! Where’s the info on the Latitutde XT? What’s the point of keeping us in the dark??? At least you can let us know when it’s coming out or something.

     Forget these workstations! We want the Latitude XT!!

  • Anonymous

    I would never buy a piece of crap Dell ever again.

  • Anonymous

    Umm…who cares? I want more info about the tablet.

  • Anonymous

    I dont need a mble wrkstation. I need a tablet. I’m ordering a lenovo tablet unless i hear about dells “vaporware” nonexistant tablet really soon.

    Dell, show up or go away.

  • Anonymous

    More storage is required for many “desk top” applications than the maximum available 200 Gb.  Dell and others used to make laptops capable of taking two hard drives.  Other manufacturers still do.  Would be nice to see a proper “desk top replacement” with two drives and good video performance.

  • Anonymous

    4300/6300 are nice, but leave a gap.  I have been using an M70 for over two years and have been waiting for a faster (and hopefully ligher) 15.4″ with good graphics.

    How about a 5300 – 15.4″, 6lb, Quadro 1600 graphics, Core 2 Duo up to 2.6Ghz.

    The 6300 (and all 17″) are nice, but not well suited for travel use – to big and heavy.  The graphics on the 4300 are a little to light for the heavier apps (Pro/E, FEA, CFD) 

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this video was not consumer friendly.

    That guy should have said, the whatever laptop has a 2.1 to 2.4 GHz Intel processor. Why give the models? To have customers search of the speeds online?

    Apple is way more consumer friendly.

    Apple : MacBook 2.2 GHz.
    Dell: Precision M6300 X7900

    Do Dell executives think they look more “intelligent” talking in tech terms? Consumers don’t know what is a “solid state drive”, they might be more familiar with “flash drives”.
  • Anonymous

    iChris, these products are not aimed at consumers, they are workstations.  Generally anyone who needs to buy a workstation will be technical enough to understand the terms used.

  • Anonymous

    Nice job, Dell!  I’m a software developer and I’ve been waiting for this configuration for a while now…  But, I’ve been told by sales that the 64bit versions of XP and Vista will not currently work with the M6300.  I’d hate to pay for 4GB, knowing I’ll be wasting at least .75 GB with the 32bit OS.

    When will the 64bit OS’s be supported on the M6300?

  • Anonymous

    Blu-Ray drive, yes. But how well are the M4300 and M6300 workstations suited for HD video editing?

    And why doesn’t Dell (like Sony, Toshiba, Asus and other) offer a HDMI port for playback on TVs with full HD 1080p capability?

    Will Blu-Ray be supported on Red Hat Linux also?

    And finally, why aren’t these workstations also offered with or certified with Novell SLED 10 (like Lenovo is)?

  • Anonymous

    When will be avaialable:

    •  the other videocard options? (FX 2600, FX3600)
    • and higher capacity hard disk drives?

    Thanks for an answer!



  • Anonymous

    Can I upgrade the m6300 to a faster graphics chip????

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dear Dell,

     Hello, When is Dell going to build a mobile workstation with a 20" display and dual SLI video cards.


    Jason A.McKim