Dell Updates Sony Battery Recall Information


Some of you may have seen our battery recall update this morning. When we announced the battery recall in August, we said that the affected batteries were cells manufactured by Sony. Based on new information we recently received from Sony, today we increased the number of affected batteries from 4.1 million batteries to approximately 4.2 million. Are there new models being recalled? No. The affected battery model numbers and date range of April 1, 2004 through July 18, 2006 remain unchanged.

What does this new information mean to customers? We are urging all customers to check (or re-check) all battery packs by going to our battery recall site or calling 1-866-342-0011, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time—even if you have received a “No need for replacement” confirmation from the website, please check it again. The safety of our customers is our highest priority.

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13 thoughts on “Dell Updates Sony Battery Recall Information

  1. How about the convenience of your customers?  For customers who have a large number of laptops, you should allow them to look up by service tag, or even better yet….you should contact them since you should know who has each of the 4.2 Million batteries.  This is wasting my time.

  2. Craig: Thanks for your feedback, and my apologies for the frustration.  Is there a way we can contact you?  Just so you know, any time you submit a comment, you have the option of leaving an email address.  They are never published, but allow us a way to follow up on specific issues.

  3. I agree with Craig from 10/2, I have started running into multiple Dell policies that seem to protect the company from undue inconvenience by it’s customers, but which require the customers to go through many needless steps.  I placed my bettery order 8/22, and waited the month it was supposed to take.  Turns out, even though the website showed a ship date of 8/23, nothing had ever shipped.  I called in a total of four times, and each time had to start a new escalation process from scratch, without the rep being able to look up my prior calls and assess status or add to my existing complaint (this essentially left me clueless about what was going on, and basically clogging my own progress in the queue).  Each time the rep had a very certain time of how long it should take for me to hear back from someone, and when I would call back after that time period, I’d start from scratch all over again.  I finally received my battery today, 10/6.

    By the way, I’m now going through the same process trying to track down toner cartridges for a Dell-made printer.  You know, those cartridges that can’t be purchased anywhere else, can’t be re-filled/re-manufactured, only come from Dell?  Absolutely last time I enthusiastically endorse Dell, I don’t want anyone to think that I feel good being treated so poorly.

  4. Michael: Thanks for the comments. My apologies for not following up. I can tell you that we did not change the criteria for the recall. We simply received updated information from Sony in terms of the number of batteries shipped.

    In terms of your specific battery, do you still need to get a replacement battery lined up?

  5. I know you didn’t create the battery problem, but your handling of it worries me.  Here’s my experience so far:

    –I went to the battery recall site several weeks ago, entered my battery’s information very carefully, and the system told me I did not need a replacement.

    –Tonight after receiving your additional notice, I entered the information again and now it says I do need a recall.  I know you say you haven’t changed the batteries recalled, but I think you have.

    If you change the criteria for the recall, you should say so very clearly.  Others who had checked with the site previously may not bother to re-check.

    I tried to reply about this to your e-mail, but the reply bounced.  Apparently you sent the message from an address that doesn’t accept replies — even though you didn’t say so in the e-mail message, and you did say in the message that people should contact you if they have any questions.

    This is a level of sloppiness I don’t expect from Dell.

    So I hunted down this weblog — it’s the only electronic forum I could find for giving you feedback (I don’t want to invest the time in calling you).

    That’s my two cents.

  6. Why have you such many unsatisfied customers at this battery recall?

    Where is the problem? Because many people ordered replacement adn it seems nothing happens. It’s not professional worldwide service…

  7. Michael Adams:  For which Dell printer are you searching for cartridges?  If you’d like some help,  post your model and what cartridges you are trying to locate and I will be more than happy to look them up for you on the website and point you in the right direction.  Of if you’d rather, stop down to your local Dell Direct Store and have a rep there help you out.


  8. I agree with Michael: the service was horrible and it took a solid 2 months to recieve the new battery.  The reps could never tell me the status and it was very frusturating.

  9. Hello, I had my battery replaced.  It never overheated.  The new battery I was sent overheats constantly even when I am using AC power ( red battery light).  I am not a technically oriented person and my Inspiron is out of warranty.  Do I have any recourse?

  10. Hi!

    I discovered that my Dell battery was also in “danger list”, so I quickly ordered a replacement using battery recall page. I also got the confirmation on 1st of April that my new battery will be sent to me within 20 business days… Today is 30th of May and I have not received any new batteries! Where could be the issue? Is this a good service to ask customer to wait 20 business days and then not to send the battery at all?

  11. I got a replacement battery sometime last year from Dell.  I notice that when the battery is supposedly fully charged, it has only 23 minutes remaining.  That’s pathetic. I believe I got 90 minutes with the original battery.  I don’t know where my paperwork is but how long was the warranty on these replacement batteries?

  12. If you ordered yours early, more than likely it was in the batch that got messed-up between DHL and Dell.  From my personal experience, I would say it was more DHL than Dell’s fault, but it really doesn’t matter.

     Try and get ahold of someone with the battery replacement group and get a new one ordered.

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