2GB RAM Option for Mini 10 is Finally Here


Mini 10 2GB promo Since we introduced the Mini 10 back in February, the most common question on my blog post about it was when we would offer the 2GB configuration. Back in May, IdeaStorm user Birdman8232 submitted 2GB on the Mini 10 as an idea on IdeaStorm. It’s also been one of the most common questions we continue to get via @Dell_Mini on Twitter.

I knew this was coming, but didn’t realize it was already live until I saw Matrix-2002’s comment on the blog post and @Stevehoward999 tweet to @Dell_Mini.

If you are a customer in the United States who’s been waiting for the 2GB option, you can order it by clicking here, or by clicking on the image on the left. The config we’re offering is a promotional offer, but you can still choose a few options. However, like @Stevehoward999 mentioned, the GPS and TV tuner are not an option for the config. It’s also worth noting that this promo config comes with Vista Home Basic and SP1. While I’m on the topic of the config, I’ll mention that if screen real estate matters to you, the high-definition 1366×768 panel is worth considering in my opinion.

Right now, it looks like this 2GB configuration is only offered in the United States. I’ll share details about 2GB RAM availability in other countries as soon as I have them. I’ll also try to update the post when the GPS and TV tuner are available as options on the 2GB config.

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  • technogran

    Oh stop tempting this poor Granny! I would love one of these and it just gets better and better. Mind you I would have to wait until it was available in the UK, so better get saving up the pennies from me pension! I love these Netbooks! Would far rather use one of these than a mobile phone for surfing the net!

    thanks Dell

  • Ken.

    When the 2gb option is applicable to the Ubuntu version you'll have my order. I'm planning on a fully loaded Mini.

    Not a chance I'm buying a Windows anything at any price.

  • Ken.

    Since my iMac blew a power supply last week my MacBook is tethered to my desk by yards of USB, Firewire, DVI and power cords. Yes, I'm a Mac owner. I'm into the 'nix's not Windows. The Dell Mini would be a great netbook for me since most of what I do is internet related. I want to stay with Dell since I have a Dell display and we have a Dell laptop in the house. But 1gb even with a system as light as Ubuntu won't leave a lot of free memory. The kick of it is HP's Mini can come configred with 2gb and is only a few dollars more.

    I can wait, but not for long. I rely on being portable, but not enough to lug around a full sized laptop.

  • starzero

    I will be extremely happy when decent support for poulsbo comes to the 1010, so that we are not stuck with Ubuntu 8 only.

  • duskstriker

    So here's my sad mini story. =(

    I ordered my mini 10 over the phone July 16 and was told that it would come with 1GB of RAM but that when I received my mini I could upgrade it myself to 2GB of RAM. I asked him if he was 100% sure and suggested that maybe he was talking about the mini 10v. He said no and that he was totally sure that the mini 10 could be upgraded to 2GB of RAM. With his guarantee I ordered my mini.

    Later on when I received it .. bravo to the faster-that-estimated shipping, btw 🙂 .. I called tech support to ask what type of RAM I need in order to upgrade. I was told that I could NOT upgrade the RAM. They then later forwarded me to the Spare Parts Department where I spoke with someone who said they would "write a letter to manufacturing [to see when the] 2GB will be back in stock". She promised to call me back. She provided me with no case number (even after I asked) and continued to recommend a printer.

    After one full week of waiting, I found out about this promotion ("2GB RAM Option for Mini 10 is Finally Here"). I called tech support again (and even emailed them the link to the customization of the 2GB mini 10) and they told me it was a TYPO and that the mini 10 will NEVER come with 2GB of RAM.

    So now I'm totally bummed. I've ordered 4 laptops from Dell in the past and now I think this mini might be the last one. It seems I can't trust anyone at Dell when I call.  =(


  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Bryan: I apologize that the sales folks you spoke to gave you incorrect information. Bottom line, the Mini 10 has always come with fixed RAM. I tried to make that clear in my post about the Mini 10. Right now, that promotional config is the only way for customers to order a Mini 10 with 2GB.

    I know it doesn't help in your current situation, but that's why I try to be as accurate as possible with my blog posts about new products. I work to be as timely as possible as well. When mistakes happen, I correct them with strikethroughs as soon as I can. The same holds true for other employees who contribute to our blogs.

    Feel free to contact me directly by sending me a private message on the Dell community, e-mail me, or DM @LionelatDell on Twitter.

  • duskstriker

    It's not your fault Lionel although I do appreciate your empathy. 🙂

    Take care,


  • Demonista

    Lionel: I realized that I can live without the GPS and TV Tuner options, so I ordered a Mini 10 with 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, and some of the other options.

    Thank you for your informative posts on the 2GB RAM issue.

  • bearwitme

    Why did they not provide for the broadband cars with the 2gb memory system???? I was ready to order but this option is not available…

  • bearwitme

    Well I just ordered mine.. They did add the broadband card. I got all the bells and whitles that I could. Larger HD, better screen, broadband, bluetooth, N Wifi card, and the black stickers cover..Can't wait to get it..


  • chrcoe

    i know it may be asking alot, but I would like a dell mini 10 with the hd screen, with 2 gb ram, with SSD (not even that big, 32 gb ?) with the GPS and TV Tuner along with bluetooth and the wireless-a/g/n card

    wrap all that up with ubuntu … and i'll be a happy camper.  I'd gladly pay for all those features rolled into one.

    the TV tuner wouldn't be that big of a deal to loose because I can always just watch hulu anyways.  but the GPS feature would be very nice to have on a netbook.


  • Darkmanje

    I just ordered my cell mini 10v and the sells rep told me 2gb is not offered to the mini 10v with GPS

  • taffman

    Cant even buy the Mini 10 in the UK any more. Only the low spec Mini 10V. Come on Dell, stop dumping on us here across the water.

  • taffman

    Mini 10 is back in the UK but now we have lost the GPS option. So close, oh so close. If they give me the GPS option back and the 2Gb ram, two will be ordered straight away if not sooner !

  • christiandustin

    I just bought i mini 10 with vista and 2gb of ram. i also got the hd screen. i can never get the screen to go to max resolution because it starts glitching out and the representatives tell me that i have to send my computer in so they can DOWN-GRADE it to windows xp because they do not have drivers for the hd screen. I dont know about anyone else but i am sure i paid extra because it has 2gb of ram and vista. they said it will take 10-15 buisness days to return it to me. i cannot afford to do this as i use it frequently for school. I would not recommend this for anyone trying to gget the hd screen with this laptop. Why would i pay extra for stuff i cant use?

  • taffman

    Why has the GPS option been removed for us in the UK. What deal was done with Vodafone so they get priority for their mobile broadband over the option for the GP.

    In counties where there is still the 'Dell Mobile Broadband'  tab you can still get the GPS option. Don't sell out to Vodafone please. Bring back the GPS option.

  • taffman

    Still not answerd my question. No 2Gb RAM or GPS option in UK. Why ?

    As for great updates, falls well short of what I think are great updates. Perhaps Dell should ask their customers what they think would be great updates and then do as their customers want. May sell a few more this way.

  • rickstouder



       I have two of the first Dell 10 min, I love it. However I'm looking at the new ones and options and I'm think I can use an upgrade.

    Now that we have Mini 10's with 2GB RAM their must be replacement parts. I would love to get the part number for the Z530 with 2B Ram (as I understand its all on one board???) I upgraded my hard drive already to a 500GB that was not to hard at all. If you could get me a part number and price I'll order it today (I'll order two because I bought my daughter a mini 10 also). I want to upgrade both my Mini's to Win7 and would like to do the RAM/CPU upgrade first. 




  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @rickstrouder: I don't know the part # is the honest answer, but I will look into it and will let you know what I find out.

  • Contraclockwise

    Here's an update. . . HP just released their killer 10.1 with Windows 7 starter. What's the delay with Dell?


  • Contraclockwise

    Are there any updates on the additional GPS to this system yet? This is the only option that appears to be holding me back from purchasing one.

    Also, it's funny that most of the sales department isn't even aware that this system specification exists. When I was attempting to purchase this promotion and the GPS chip/software separately to install myself a dude from team phoenix got all snooty with me and insisted that this system doesn't exist and that it is impossible to have Vista or 2gb of ram on any mini. To his dismay and shock, he was surprised to see it in my cart, staring me in the face. Needless to say I made him get me a different rep.

    I was originally told that they would send me the chipset separately, but then was told that they couldn't do it because it was a hardware/software bundle that only runs on XP. This seems like a poor excuse considering you can modify and hex any program to do whatever you want – that is of course if you choose not to use the simple "Run as XP"  option with Vista. . .

    But okay, let's say that for some strange reason its IMPOSSIBLE. . . Why can't I just use the GPS receiver and download a different software program.

    I have this overwhelming feeling that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at Dell. What people are saying on these forums all over the place about customiizability is all too true. . . there is not enough of it.

    Bottom line is that overall the representatives at Dell do not trust their audiance. Most appear to assume that we are computer illiterate and need to be spoon fed excuses. If a customer wants to pay for a chipset to install on his or her own, then they should just sell it – and note that warrenties will be void.

    If a company made a 10.1 netbook chassi case, I would build one myself with all the specs I want rather than wait forever.

  • taffman

    Here in the UK yet again we are short of options again on the Mini 10. The mobile broadband has gone now, still no GPS option, no 2GB ram etc etc.

    But other can choose things. And what about Windows 7.

    Has Mr Dell finally killed the netbook off after his comment about them being of no interest to users. Perhaps Mr Dell knows nothing about his customers. This I think is likely to be true.

  • taffman

    Now it makes sense about Dell and  Vodafone. They must have fallen out arguing over who got it all wrong about the free mobile broadband.

    Dell blame Vodafone and Vodafone blame Dell. No one in Dell nows what to do and passes it on to the next indian in a row to sort out !!!!!!!!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

    Of course this ends up with an almighty uproar between customer and Dell. If Dell had activated the SIMS as they should have it all should have worked. Typical

  • goslin23

    So, what is the part number for the 2gb board (I'm assuming it's on the same card as the processor..) I'd also like to get the part # for the HD display for a 1010.



  • hornp

    I am quite bummed to find out I can't upgrade my Mini 10 that I just got to 2GB ram.  I'm also bummed that Windows 7 Starter even exists.  I just upgraded from Windows 7 Starter to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 so that I can change the background and record TV.  Finally, I'm a little bummed to find out that the Digital TV tuner card only does ATSC and not clear QAM cable (or analog cable).  Oh well…  It could be that I've ordered my last Dell as well..  Time will tell..

  • rana_iftikhar_ahmad

    I am doubtful about the further availability of mini 10 (not mini 10v) with Z530 in UK. As new inpiron mini 10 has arrived, which only have an option of N450 (no Z530). So I am also doubtful about the availibility of mini 10 with 2GB ram and Z530 in UK. Also when I try to select this netbook it does not allow me to Add to Basket because of follwing conflicts with OS
        The selection – No Mobile Broadband Selected is incompatible with Operating System
        The selection – Z530 (1.6GHZ) Atom, 2GB RAM is incompatible with Operating System
        The selection – 160GB, 2.5inch, 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive is incompatible with Operating System
        The selection – No Internal Digital TV Receiver is incompatible with Operating System
    The problem is there is no option to change OS. Second problem there is no option to add Broadband or TV Tuner so these conflicts can not be resolved. I want to buy it with Broadband, GPS , TV Tuner and dell 1520, If after adding all of these options I will get conflicts with Win OS then I will prefer to buy it with ubuntu, have anybody tried this is it possible to buy 2GB version with all these options?

    My brother was able to get mini 10 with Broadband, GPS and TV tuner when he ordered over the phone in UK.

  • aster1x

    So, this was written nearly a year ago – why is the 2GB version of the mini netbook still not available in the UK. How long must I wait? I'm tired of waiting.

  • redlox

    Will upping Dell 1810 netbook from 1 gb ram to 2gb…improve performance? Processor is atom 1600 …OS is WIN 7.All the pre-installed bloatware has been removed…

    It just seems quite sluggish to me. Perhaps I'm just too accustomed to more power….desktops and laptops…Just need the 1810 for some surfing and email….no high-resource  hungry applications.but would like additional speed. I dont file share…except for internet…using N for wireless.connectivity. Contact me re:question via email….

    <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>.