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Jake Edge took the time to interview me for this week's Weekly Edition.  We covered Dell's Linux products, our driver philosophy (hint: upstream), a little history, and a little looking ahead.

I read regularly.   If you're not a subscriber, here's a link to the article to let you read it.


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  • Anonymous

    Shame on you for leaving a link that compromises the pay model of such a respectable publication. I suppose you’d think it was acceptable if I posted a link which automatically added a $60 coupon to every Dell laptop for sale on their website, wouldn’t you? Some some integrity and a little self-restraint.

  • DELL-Matt Domsch

    I would not have posted that link for non-subscribers had Jake Edge, the interviewer from LWN, not asked me to do so.  He specifically requested I include that link in my post.

     I agree is good reading, and a subscription is a very worthwhile investment.

  • Anonymous

    We appreciate your concern, shameonyou, but i did mention it to Matt that he should use a subscriber link.  The idea behind them is to get non-subscribers to see our content from time to time and perhaps that will make them interested in subscribing.  This is just the kind of place we would like to see those links.