Bloatware, Operating System Discs and Dell Software Support


Since Michelle’s post on bloatware, I still get e-mails and comments from users about software.  These comments generally fall into a three main categories: limited software install, operating system CDs, and Dell’s software support policies.

We offer limited software installs on XPS gaming systems and select client systems in the Small Business division (OptiPlex, Latitude and Dell Workstations). That said, all gaming systems come with a 1-year subscription to PC security software, and all systems ship with Google Toolbar and Google Desktop. All systems also ship with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, since some of our electronic system manuals are in PDF format.

Other users have expressed concern about not having the operating system reinstallation CD when they need it. When ordering a new machine, all consumers and corporate customers can opt for the Windows CD for around $10. Additionally, since July 2004, most new PCs (Dell gaming systems all ship with the OS CD)come pre-loaded with a disk partition that contains PC Restore, an applcation that allows users to reinstall system software quickly. See these instructions for how to use PC Restore to reinstall the operating system and Dell factory-installed applications in about 10 minutes.

Update: Thanks to Direct2Dell reader Steven and a couple of Dell employees for pointing out a mistake I made in my original post. When I wrote this, the OS media was listed as an option in the configurator for $0. I mis-read the number, and for that mistake, I apologize.  Also, though this been in the works for some time before now, it’s now official.  For U.S. consumer and small business customers, all systems will now ship with an operating system disc. This change will take effect in Europe by later next month. In Asia, things are unchanged—we’ve always shipped OS discs with systems there.

Lastly, wanted to try to clarify some confusion around software support. Our basic hardware limited warranties (sorry for the link to a legal document) cover the hardware you purchase from Dell.  In the United States, we offer optional fee-based software support through our Dell On Call service. What software support is fee-based? Things like spyware/virus removal, general how-to questions, e-mail and Internet configuration, and wireless/home networking setup. 

One kind of software support that we don’t offer is data migration service.  What’s that mean? If your hard drive fails, Dell does not support transferring personal data from your old hard drive to the new one. Please see section 9 in this document for more details.  For this reason, we encourage all users to back up their personal files on a regular basis. If you purchase a new Dell machine, we sell several third-party software packages designed to help you transfer personal files from your old system to your new one.

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49 thoughts on “Bloatware, Operating System Discs and Dell Software Support

  1. Andrew: Thanks for the feedback… always glad to hear someone is a
    loyal customer.  One thing, in the second paragraph, I was referring to
    the limited software configuration option.  The limited software
    install is an option on XPS systems at

    all other Dimension systems, you are correct. Let me know if  there’s
    something else.  I’m always happy to correct any mistakes I might have

    Thanks again.

  2. Lionel – Thanks for commenting on this again, but I have to digress.. I have purchased approx 5 Dell PCs in the past 6 months (All Dimensions). Each and Every one of them came w/ the following programs which I immediately un-installed:

    -MusicMatch Jukebox: The most bloated, slow loading, and annoying program
    -Earthlink/AOL/Juno/HighSpeed Internet Access: While it probably does not load during system startup, nonetheless, its unneeded and takes up space (even if its only a few megs)
    -Game Pack and other Random Games: I saw this starting earlier this year, just free trial games which do nothing but take up hard drive space
    -ESPN: Once again, it doesnt load up, but nonetheless takes up space and is unneeded
    -60 Day Trial of MS Office & MS Outlook w/ Business Contact Manager: I would NEVER pay full price for MS Office, go to costco, you can buy the Student & Teacher edition for $149, plus it can be used for up to three machines! Plus, the activation wizard is verry annoying.
    -GoogleDesktop: I take personal pride in removing this software, because from what I’ve heard, Google pays Dell a few bucks for every system its installed on – too bad Google wasted their money on my systems! But nonetheless, GDesktop slows down the computer and its indexing features really really scare me, I cant tell you how many times it’s found things that people never wanted to come out in regular search results, and I really see no benefits to the sidebar.

    I’m very glad that Dell does put on Acrobat – although I’m wondering why it took them almost a year to begin installing the latest version, but they are quick to install the latest version of all the google software!!! Ironic isnt it??

    I’m not mentioning the free subscriptions to either McAfee, PCCillin, or Symantec (they are immediately removed as well, Windows One Care does everything those programs do, EXCEPT slow the computer to a crawl!), because I understand the importance of those programs, even though I dont like those particular choices.

    The thing that irks me about these bloat programs is,
    #1 There is no choice to not install it (At least for the typical consumer), so a savvy customer will spend about 30 minutes uninstalling it, whereas a not-so-savvy customer will keep it on their computer for eternity and live with its bloat.
    #2 I’m an advanced computer user, so I understand the benefits and the negatives of all these programs, particularly if they slow down the system – your average customer will have no idea!
    #3 Yes, these programs are not “Bad”, they are not adware, they are not spyware, but they still are annoyances which are unneeded.

    Although I do have to admit – Dell is MUCH better than Sony, HP, and Toshiba – the last brand spaking new HP computer I saw took 10 minutes to load, and I ended up removing 40 – FORTY – unnneded programs, when those programs were un-installed, the computer loaded up in under a minute. I think its absurd that a brand new computer has so much junk on it, it runs like the computer in my basement that’s 10 years old. Dell isnt that bad (and hopefully never will be) – and even though their technical support has NOT gotten any better over the last six months (trust me, I’ve been on the phone, and repeated “I’m sorry, I cannot understand you” to know), I’m still a LOYAL Dell Customer.. I don’t know why, and i dont know how – but I’ll never by anything but Dell.

    Lastly – Lionel – thanks for the effort in this post, but look at any of the systems that you are pushing out, (especially the Dimensions – the biggest seller to your home user), and you’ll see that the first part of this post is very very incorrect. Please do your homework next time.

  3. Jon: Thanks for the honesty.  One of my points with this post was just to report the details behind each of these issues in one place, since I still gets lots of e-mails/questions/comments on each.  The other goal was to be as straightforward as possible. 

  4. We once purchased about 10 Dimension 5150/E510. On first boot, the very first thing that happened was the preinstalled McAffee suite crashed.

    While I understand the option to eliminate excess media, $10 is far too much for ONE CD. In fact, the computers we bought came with an AOL CD. Which was also preinstalled along with the other junk. Dell no longer offers the option of burning a recovery CD, and when it did, you could burn one. IBM and Sony let you burn an unlimited number of CDs you want, and in fact as patches are applied, you can recreate the recovery media on an IBM to update the image.

    I agree with Andrew in that I don’t think that this blog post was very constructive. It simply listed the policy of Dell again, which clearly has been unpopular.

  5. Lionel, great to see some new postings, thank you. It’s terrific that you respond to each comment, this way all of us can learn from your answers. Andrew (first post) hits it right on. I wish Dell shipped no bloatware and certainly no Google desktop. I would like to be given the option (at time of purchase) as to which additional free software I want installed.

    Please keep your posts coming, thank you.


  6. Regarding the performance reducing shareware and pestware, I’d prefer to see a single application that is simply a graphical installation manager. It should provide useful descriptions of what each shareware application does, its related costs after trial period and other related information.

    This way, if a customer wants to take advantage of Dells partner offerings they can. With one exception, I  believe a single antivirus/anti-spyware should come preinstalled for the majority of inexperienced users. However, that too should be an option when purchasing.

    Finally, upon initial installation, NO app should require immediate registration, which when our E1505’s were first booted up, became a headache, as the Ghost, McAffee and some other apps immediate registration requests were conflicting and causing problems, especially when there was no internet connection established yet, so they couldn’t contact their remote servers to update or register and so they hung. This is something Dell needs to work on with their partners.

    And while I’m at it.. I just went to download updated drivers for a clean install for one of our E1505’s.  While the drivers are laid out nicely on the web with descriptions for the files, once downloaded there is only a cryptic filename, leaving the inexperienced customer a bit confused, and the experienced customer with the time wasting task of having to organize the files locally.

    A better solution would be to provide a compilation of the drivers in addition to the individual downloads.  A single .zip, .rar or .iso with a snapshot of the drivers on it for that model product, having the same descriptive and heirarchal structure that is available to users on the web.  Updating this “snapshot” download monthly in case of updates for individual components would also be appreciated.  It’s understandable that updating every time any a single driver changes is too much work for the volume of products Dell offers, but an automated once a month solution should be feasible.

    Anyway, these are issues that would make Dell products more attractive to me, and reduce the time I have to spend (waste) when working with Dell computers.


  7. DL: Thanks for the constructive feedback. I’m sure you’re already aware of the centralized folders that Jeremy F. talked about in his earlier vlog, and it sounds like you are asking us to go a step further.  I’ll let the software team know about your idea.

    In terms of the driver compilation idea… different group, but I’ll pass it on to our team.

    UPDATE: Just heard back from the team . Don’t have a definitive timeframe I can share, but the team has already been working to address the issues you raise.  Will make sure we blog more about it in the future.

  8. I have recently received 3 new Optiplex GX745’s.  I noticed on all of them that Google Desktop is installed.  Normally this wouldn’t bother me too much since I can remove it rather quickly, but it appears that image that was used on these desktops contained an error.  If you tried to un-install Google Desktop, the window that comes up to ask you why maximizes to cover the entire screen.  There isn’t anything you can do to get access to the desktop, and I mean anything….I have tried ctrl+alt+del; alt+f4; alt+tab, etc.  I have no doubt the menus are coming up, but this stupid Google page covers them all.  To finally get rid of it I have to reboot and get to Add/Remove programs and click through everything as fast as I can to try to beat the stupid window that pops up.

    As a side note on that I agree with Steven D, Google desktop can be a huge security problem for companies, due to the fact that it can find its way around some security rights, thus enabling user access to things they shouldn’t be seeing (ie., payrol info).

    I like the fact that you include Adobe Reader with each desktop, and for those of us who choose to get Office 2003 SMB from you get Acrobat Standard bundled.  I would like to know why you are still shipping Acrobat 6.0 when Acrobat 8.0 is getting ready to be released?

    I don’t particularly care what you do with the Dimension line since we don’t use those at our business, but please, please, please don’t put non-business related, or potentially risky software on your business line of desktops, and laptops.



  9. Craig: Will look into the uninstall issue you describe as well as the Acrobat reader question you raise. Thanks.

  10. Even better; can I just get no OS instead of Windows?   I don’t use it (nor do many people I know that buy Dells), yet you don’t give me “The Right PC For Me”

    Also, regarding hardware support: If I install Linux, does the hardware support still cover me?  I’ve had some companies (e.g. HP) tell me that installing Linux voids the warranty.  (Later, another rep contradicted the first rep)  Is this true for Dell as well?

  11. Excellent articles Lionel! Appreciate your hard work. So good to know that Dell is listening through you!

  12. Lionel…In regards to your post that Dell installs the “PC Restore Utility” on computers, I believe this is incorrect for home dividion ordered Dimensions & Inspirons.  The configurator on Dell home, does not have the option any longer to have the PC restore utility (which it used to have several months back).  I posted a thread on Dell’s support website, and others had confirmed that it is no longer installed either.  It seems the only way to restore the PC is by purchasing the OS disks, and even that isn’t as easy as the “PC restore utility” and definately nowhere near as fast.  Hopefully it is just an oversight on part of Dell home and can be added back into the confgurator, since it shows up fine on Dell Small Business’ configurator for Dimensions & Inspirons (and is installed just fine).

  13. Steven: Thanks for the catch. You are correct. I’ve updated my original post based on your feedback. I don’t know the answer to your question about the status of the PC Restore utility.  I’ll check with the team and will let you know.

    Update: Good news—just confirmed with software folks that the PC Restore utility will remain intact. All Dimension and Inspiron systems will now come with the OS disc and the PC Restore utility.

  14. Lionel –

    This is a helpful follow-up post to Michelle’s previous post on the installed software on new Dell computers.  A couple months ago I went through the same process of uninstalling unneeded software on a new B130 laptop for my parents, and it was frustrating.

    I’m glad to hear that the option for limited software installs is now available on XPS systems and some of the small business systems.  Is there a plan to roll out this option for all new Dell systems?

    – Justin

  15. Hi Lionel, Since the systems will be shipping with the OS disk, does that mean they will also ship with the Drivers CD and Applications CD’s?  Similar to what used to be standard a couple of years ago?  Thanks again!

  16. Hullo, comment from England:
    1. I think we all understand that Dell earn income from “bloat” vendors – the commercial reason for “bloat”
    2. Equally, we can see that the vendors do not like it to be easy to uninstall their “bloat”.
    3. As a customer, and I like Dell PCs:
    A. The problem with System Restore is that it restores the “bloat” I have spent ages deleting. My latest Dell does not even have System Restore as an option and the CD is £5 System and £5 Resource extra + VAT of course. Daft !.
    B. All the Anti Virus programmes are a pain in the … to remove. Its VERY difficuty to clean up properly without visiting the Registry. This is a real issue whichever AV vendor you have. You need to revisit this issue with the vendors concerned and at least allow a sensible uninstall.
    C. The benefit of a System disk CD/DVD is that its a clean install and MSN System Restore can be used to tidy it all up periodically.
    D. While 10 folders for “bloat” is better why not one only with easy remove options.
    E. An example of this is BT Openworld for broadband where all the Yahoo “bloat” – 30Mb odd, is put in one folder and can be removed with one visit to Add/Remove.
    F.As well as the System Disk the Dell Resource CD is most useful, sometimes not even offered to purchase. Try finding the right drivers on Dell Support after a crash.
    4. But where I really do not see this is why on earth don’t Dell simply supply the System and Resource CD/DVD as a part of the package. If I buy a car I do not specify and pay extra for the keys.
    5. Just look at the postings complaining about it all. It surely cannot be in Dell’s interest to have this running sore ongoing.
    6. I suggest that you get your commercial department to revisit this whole issue. Include CD/DVDs for System and Resource and add as much “bloat” as you like but make it easy to remove it all. Then we can at least buy in peace.
    7. I suggest that the Dell problem is the Marketing Department who seem disconnected to reality.

    Brian Winch

  17. Steven: It’s my understanding that the information that heard on the forum is inaccurate. We will ship the actual OS CD (not a ghost image on CD). The PC Restore utility will still be loaded on a separate partition, the way it has been since July 2004.

  18. One more thing.  I just read from a poster in a forum that Dell is not sending an acutal operating system CD, but rather a restore CD with a ghost image of the drive on it – similar to the Symantec PC Restore utility I mentioned in a previous post.  Can you find out if it is indeed that kind of disc that you are talking about or the actual Windows operating system disc.  Thanks!

  19. Great! It’s good to hear that US & Europe customers need NOT to pay extra for the OS disc that should always been free when someone buy a machine that is pre-loaded with an OS. My copy (from Dell Hong Kong/Xiamen, China) is the actual Windows OS disc. Not a restore CD.
    PC Restore comes handy but not everyone like it (but I do like it. Hard-drive space isn’t an issue to me). So, to see PC Restore as optional is good.

  20. Donna: thanks for your comment. You can expect lots of Vista-related material on the blog soon—stay tuned.

  21. BTW, Vista is coming soon as most of us know. It seems Dell need to update the drivers before Vista goes final.

    The following software/drivers that is pre-installed in Dell XPS M1210 is not compatible with Vista. I hope you have the updated versions so Dell customers need to wait long 😉

    1. Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2
    2. Dell Media Experience Software
    3. Intel PROSet/Wireless
    4. Sonic MyDVD Plus
    5. Digital Line Detect
    6. NVIDIA Control Panel
    7. NView Desktop Manager
    8. Sigmatel Audio Control Panel
    9. Creative Software and drivers (Sonic Solutions)

    Also, please provide updated Dell MediaDirect repair utility because the current disc is not allowed by Windows Vista to boot from it, even though the user selects DVD/CD drive as first boot in the boot sequence. Because of this failure to boot to DVD/CD drive, the repair (cd /md2) will not be able to run by user. Or provide a fix/work-around on how Dell MediaDirect button will work again after upgrading or installing Vista. A knowledge base about it may help 🙂

    Please note that some software/drivers is not supported by vendor because it is an OEM version (pre-installed by Dell) so Dell is the last chance to make the software work. Maybe not for all software that you added in the notebook/desktop but at least some important one. We didn’t have a choice anyway when some of those software were added 😉

    BTW, thank you for the updated Dell XPS M1210 system BIOS. It let users install Vista as an upgrade instead of clean-install.


  22. Hi,
    For 99.9% of time, Dell proves I’m a smart shopper, and in return, I’ve been recommending it to our company, associates, and friends.
    But when I was looking for the new systems for the next year, I could just find very few models (2 or 3) with dedicated 512MB VGA memory.  Did I miss something?
    Maybe I was wrong, but I always thought dedicated VGA memory will provide better performance on graphics than shared memory?
    Is it because other reasons that I don’t know?
  23. John: You are right, dedicated video memory provides better performance than shared video memory.

    I didn’t check how many systems we offer 512MB video RAM on, but that much memory is generally not required unless you’re really into running 3D games at high resolutions or use a lot of graphics intensive apps.

  24. I really dislike the fact that I can not configure a Latitude D620 or D820 without Antivirus Software installed.  Thats 50+ bucks wasted, plus the time it takes for me to uninstall it the instant the laptop arrives.  I just went through the process of configuring a 620 and an 820 to purchase for a new hire, and I found it very frustrating that we are not given the choice to purchase either without AV software installed anymore. 

    Dell force feeding AV software to the Home / Home Office segment I understand.  To small business I don’t. 

  25. Lionel,

        I wish to step in just quickly enough to say that (while I’m not “really inro” the issues currently being posted here) I truly am glad to see what appears to be a dialogue   — god, how I wish it could have occurred with the issues I was (uderline ‘was’) interested in

  26. As a basic home user I completely disagree with nearly all of the above.   I’ve had my Dell for 2 months and I like the extras, the gunk.  It gives me a chance to learn of  available software and to play around a little.  De-Crapifier, freeware written specifically to get rid of Dell gunk , registry entries and all, is available.

    Having it all come back after a pc restore is tiresome but hardly an ordeal.  If you don’t like it, buy something else.  However, don’t most of them come with gunk?  So some of it is a pain.  Get rid of it and worry about the big stuff–spyware, trojans, viruses, etc.  Spam filters are very good now. A lot of my gunk was wiped out when I ran the online ms onecare scanner.

    I do agree that it shouldn’t come on business pcs or big orders.  But personal pcs?  I like it and most of it was optional on my order.

    I am disturbed that pc restore is no longer installed.  I  used it and I was very glad it was there. 

  27. I agree with what most people above me have had to say, a default install contains too much bloatware/shareware etc. An option to install this at the first time at boot would be better (like someone else suggested). But as i understand, this will cost dell money. However i would be happy to be a bit extra to have clean install.

    What also irritates me, and even caused my system to crash, is the mediadirect software/button on my laptop (e1505). I reinstalled the whole pc after i received it because of the enormous amount of junkware (IMHO). That includes the mediadirect partition and software (which i removed). However by accident i pushed the mediadirect button on my laptop instead of the powerbutton to turn it one. What happenend? It created a new parttion and made it the active partition and hence, messed up my whole pc. Windows XP Pro installation and 2 linux installtion all gone. Luckily i had backup images which i made myself (not using dell software).

    My point is this, people i guess want to have a choice  in  what gets installed and what happens when they push a button. It should never, i repeat, never by itself create new partitions or install unwanted software. All we need is a choice. And as far as the mediadirect button is concerned, afaik there is no choice. You can’t turn it off in the bios.

  28. The flip side of this issue is that my Dimension E310 did not come with a way for me to reinstall any of the preinstalled software if needed.  This has come up because as part of diagnosing a problem with a DVD/CD combo drive the technician made me uninstall the Sonic Digital Media software.  When I asked for a CD to come along with the drive so that I could reinstall that application I was told that it could not be provided.  So now I’ve lost functionality.  To add insult to injury, an update for this application is available on the download site.  If Dell can still provide an update, why can’t it provide a CD or download so I can reinstall it?

  29. I’m interested that you say that Dell now ships an actual OS CD, a drivers CD, and an applications CD with all systems – including Inspiron.

    I’m been shopping and comparing the Inspiron 6400 and the Latitude 820 – both online and through my Dell SMB corporate rep.  As far as I can see, Latitudes come with the CDs you mention as an option – but no such option is listed for Inspirons.  (I do notice that a quote from my rep lists “Backup media for XP Pro [310-6845]”).

    Are they just not listing the OS, drivers, & applications CDs even though they’re included for the Inspiron?  Or do you have to special request them from Support?  Or what?

    Also, if you order additional applications (such as Sonic Digital Media/My DVD) that are included in the image, do you also get reinstallation media for those applications?  If not, you’ll lose them if you reinstall the OS.

    Thanks.  This blog is a great tool for Dell & customers.

  30. i too am pleased to hear dell buyers will now get an OS disc with their purchase. i have purchased two E1505 since oct/nov of 06 but failed to get any discs with either.  any suggestions how i can go about getting them? thanks.

  31. Just ordered an Inspiron 6400 laptop.

    Are there actual resource CDs available for this machine?

    I have conflicting info.


  32. I am helping a close friend repair his Dell E310 computer that he bought approx a year ago.  Finding it extremely frustrating not being able to made a cd of the OS and factory installed programs. 

     What does DELL recommend when one has to replace the Hard Drive?

    Can you purchase these CD’s from Dell?

     Appreciate an “expedited” answer

    Thanks !      Paul

  33. I have bought a Dell XPS M1210 laptop a month back. I want to restore the original factory setting including OS. While referring the manual, I tried with <ctrl> <f11> as expalined. But it does not work, instead it goes in normal boot process.

    How can I get help to resolve this issue.




  34. Question: I have a Dell Simension E510. I have Windows XP in my hard drive #1. I wish to install Windows Vista in another hard drive #2.

    Should I disconnect the hard drive #1 before I install Windows Vista on hard drive # 2.

    When I connect both hard drive # 1 and hard drive #2, shut down and reboot will a page come up giving me the option as to which Windows I wish to use?

    Thank you for any help you may furnishe me.


    First off, I cannot believe that a person purchasing a PC from you would have to buy a recovery cd. The strategy behind this is to both rake in money on Dell’s lame customer service, which you have to be fluent in every language in human history to even understand the so-called service tech, but also Dell strong arms you into buying a disc to fix your PC if you delete registry files from the preloaded bs Dell packages in your tower of extortionists.

    Furthermore, Dell is not all it is cracked up tp be either. You can build your own PC which is much better, providing you know how. As a company, we purchased 6 E310s in December of 2006. Admittedly, the only problems, or nuisances if you will, came from McAfee especially. Seems McAfee is like a little kid grabbing on your pant leg repeatedly begging for money.

    Dell also uses used parts in their PCS. Not always, but come on now you could at least give the customer a simple recovery disc. How petty can you get.

    Dell may want to revise their thinking pattern on all above said issues. Sometimes what seems as though it is a good idea to generate profit, may be stepping on a lot of toes. In the long run this can detrimentally hurt your company. As if it matters now because somebody is already rich from these tactics, actually a lot of people got rich from it. However, competitors look closely at your flaws in customer satisfaction. How can a customer who just purchased a PC and cannot even reformat his hd without paying you for the disc be satisfying?

    You may want to know what makes me so right on these issues. You may think to yourself that you are a corporate monster who can withstand any negative feedback because of the numbers you generate in sales. Your “customer service” has been a widely debated issue lately hasn’t it? To believe that all customers are not intelligent enough to see what it is you really get when you purchase a Dell, which is a marketing and advertising scheme from affiliates such as McAfee, etc., would be an idiot’s logic.

    Simply put, service means to help your customers. can you say with honesty and certainty you provide that to these customers who spend their hard earned money on you advertisement bundle, or PC if you will?

    If your competitors analyze your company’s flaws closely and counter your flaws effectively you may see a serious decline in sales.

  36. Good day!

     My sister bought an inspiron B120 which used it for a while and decided to give it to me as a birthday present. i’ve used the laptop for 4 months and got infected with a virus and messed up the registry. now i can’t log on to my computer. i asked my sister if she has the recovery cd or the OS cd and she says that it didn’t came with one when she purchased it. now i can’t use my computer and i can’t reformat it because we don’t have the OS cd. on the bottom of the laptop is the product key sticker of windows xp so it means that the computer should have came with an OS cd and i think the OS is already part of the price she paid for the computer, right? so where can i get that cd or does it mean that i have to purchase another OS cd? i had an acer computer before and it came with a recovery cd and system cd with all the preloaded softwares on it. whenever the hard drive crashes, i could easily revive the computer by running the recovery cd. my sister has a new toshiba laptop and it came with a recovery is it only dell that doesn’t ship their computers with a recovery cd or OS cd? my sister buying one of your computers is probably a mistake.

  37. I Hope to learn from other peoples expertise. I like the candor and appreciate such, everybody wants to hear the truth{to them that is, its all relative}

  38. I am not a advanced technofile but Ihave experienced close to all the sentiments here. When I Hire someone to work for Me, I expect him to work fo ME not someone else,build me a machine that Enhances me and not joust the bottom line.  

  39. I have a Dell E510 with Sonic DigitalMedia LE v7.  I keep getting messages about using incompatible discs,  although I am using a TDK disc of the type recommended – CD-R.  The Dell online support uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers without success.  The hardware tests all passed and the dicsc are new.  So it has to be a software problem.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  40. I just bought an m1330 but dell didn’t ship me any OS CD, There are application CD and Driver CD but No OS cd..:( ..


  41. Is there any way to download a Dell system restoration cd info onto a thumb drive and then wipe another computer with it?

  42. Nadine,

    You cannot download Dell system restoration information. Also, it is only for use on the original system in which it was purchased.


  43. ive lost all my data and need to get it back i need a system recovery or restore to fix it dont have a cd so i need a download or something

  44. My husband and I are looking at purchasing an dell inspirion
    b120 intel celeron processor 248 mb of ram has microsoft windows xp
    home edition version 2002 and we are needing to find out any information on this type of laptop before we do.  Neither of us are computer savy such as knowing what type of harddrive and memory we need that type of stuf


    Any help would be greatly appreciated





  46. I keep trying to uninstall MUSICMATCH Jukebox using the "Add or Remove Program" available in the Control Panel.

    It seems that the uninstall goes through the motions, but the program is not removed.

    Any ideas how to get this off my XP machine.

  47. Guess what? I had the same problem. It started after I had to reinstall Windows. After reinstalling the MusicMatch, it corrupted itself along with the Dell Media Center. I removed the Media Center but could not get the MusicMatch to remove. I actually paid the Dell support service to remove it and THEY COULD NOT! All I was told I could do was to completely reinstall Windows again! So much for getting ripped off for support and a problem unfixed! I could not believe they charged me after being unable to fix it.

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