Ratings & Reviews in More Languages


Late last week, we rolled out ratings and reviews functionality in France, Germany and Spain for Consumer and Business systems.


Since we began offering the ability to share ratings and reviews on October 4, we’ve now expanded the functionality to the following countries:

We plan to offer in more languages moving forward.

Update 10/20—Direct2Dell reader MButler was correct to point out that I could have been more clear explaining how customers could get to ratings and reviews from the main home page. There are a couple of different ways you can get there, but essentially, you need to get to the product level to get to the ratings. If I can use Canada as an example, from the main home page, click Home & Home Office from the Notebook section.

On the next page, if you scroll down a bit, you will see the Inspiron 1501 and the 1420. If you look just below the image of either, you will see a star rating graphic like this one:


Clicking on that will bring you to the reviews page for the Inspiron 1420:

Clicking on the red Product Details button will bring you to the Inspiron 1420 product page, where you can see thee review average, read all the reviews, or write one yourself.

Otherwise, you can also get to ratings and reviews by going directly to the product page itself.

I’ve hyperlinked the above images, so you can click on them to get to the corresponding page. Hope this helps.

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  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Kris: I’m sorry you had a bad experience dealing with Dell trying to get support for your Inspiron 1720. You will hear from someone soon.

    I hope we can resolve the issues that have occured and do want to apologize for the frustration this has caused.

  • Anonymous

    I have clicked on the link for Canada to find the “share ratings and reviews” and it takes me to the dell.ca site.  There is nothing on the home page to let you know where to find the “share ratings and reviews”.  You are going to have help potential customers know where to look to find this information for it to be useful.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    MButler: You are right, and thanks for your comment. I decided to link customers to the main home page because I thought that was the best entry point instead of choosing Home and Home Office, Desktops, etc.

    To answer your question about how to get to ratings & reviews: the best way is through a product’s main page. Here’s the product page for the Inspiron 1420 notebook, for example.

    I agree I should have been more clear. I will update the post to provide more clarification. Thanks again.

  • Anonymous

    Just another little note – Perhaps your review pages should also include users of machines no longer being sold.  I purchased a XPS 400 (now the 420, I believe).  Have had a few problems which are now (I hope) being addressed – the most recent diagnosis is the video card memory has gone bad.  (I had seen this referenced in the forums and was able to diagnose the problem without a lot of computer technical saavy) Now, I am supposed to receive a refurbished video card (Nvidia 7900GS – also no longer offered) later this week with onsite install. (Even with “next day” service, I am told it could be 3-4 days.)  I have not been able to locate a place to review (or to read reviews of older systems) – which I believe would give future potential customers a chance to see how Dell supports its product (or doesn’t). 

    As a side note – I have been a Dell customer for about 8 years and have been responsible for either purchasing or recommending the pruchase of about 15 to 20 machines. (Business, family friends) I had a few problems with the last Dell I bought and was at the point of not buying from Dell again, but felt it best to give another chance, because my first was a workhorse.  Sadly, I have been dealing with a major problem in less than a year – the last several months have been spent with the belief I had a software conflict. (My calls to Dell in August put the blame on the software.  The software company blamed the computer.  Spent quite a bit of time before I decided to live with it – then it got worse this week.) 

    Tonight, the agent was very helpful, however, I am a bit disappointed to learn that a refurbished card is being sent, especially after buying the full warranty.  AND after reading several forum statements which indicate that their refurbished cards have failed within a few months, I am pretty concerned about what will happen next…