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Yesterday afternoon, Michael gave a keynote at Oracle OpenWorld. In it, he discusses how Dell works with companies like Oracle to drive industry standards in the enterprise. He discusses the growth of industry standard servers vs. proprietary ones, and hints at the AMD Opteron servers we launched at the event.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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  • Anonymous

       This is a very good presentation! Micheal did a very good job!!

       I like the cartoon before the presentation, very entertaining!


  • Anonymous

    Micheal Dell is my idol!

    @Dell: I like the way that you’re going.

    I like this presentation very much.

    PS: I’m using a Dell laptop and this is my second laptop, the first one was a Dell too. I will always use Dell. I love Dell computers!

  • Anonymous


    form the service that I have here in United Arab Emirates, I hate anything related to DELL.

    Tha company that resposible for Dell computers(Emirates Computers) is the worst company I ever seen they are lieinig and keep lieing for ever and for all customers.

    My advise for Mr. Michael is to remove the resposibility of Dell computers from Emirates Computers. To make the life easier for people and to make people like Dell computers


  • Anonymous

    I second Asma.

    It’s unfortunate to know that the most reliable brand of computers I know is being sold by an extremely unreliable company here in UAE.

    I personally had a very bad experience with Emirates Computers that I really feel sorry for Dell.  They have a very slow support, ignores return call request, even accuse customers of un-verified faults, and leaves them hanging without any offer of solution.

     I hope this is realized by Dell before it hits them.