Dell Shares: Our Investor Relations Team Joins the Blogosphere


Today Dell Shares, our Investor Relations blog, went live.

Since we launched Direct2Dell in July last year I’ve gotten requests from individual investors to talk about financial topics more often on Direct2Dell, and apart from blogging about our preliminary Q2 earnings release, I steered clear of financial discussion because I’m a product guy.

That’s where Dell Shares comes in. It will feature content beyond earnings and regulatory filings. The goal is to open conversation between Dell’s Investor Relations team and the shareholder community. In my book, the more areas of the company we can do that, the better.

That said, there are additional guidelines that dictate the kinds of things we can talk about and when that information can be shared. Lynn Tyson, the vice president of our Investor Relations team elaborates on that in her first post. And that’s why you are greeted with a Terms and Conditions page the first time you visit the blog.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find it at:

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  • ferelin

    I have spend a month fighting with a new Dell computer. Finally a service tech is supposedly coming out this week to change out some hardware. My issues have included slow computer speed; programs randoming shutting down; a monitor that started blacking out every time the mouse was clicked; an inability to access networked computers; an inability to retrieve files off a USB chip, even when the computer showed those files on the chip; and even the refusal of the system to shut down programs that locked up. I rebooted, ran diagnostics, installed and uninstalled programs, reformated the entire computer, reloading the operating system and paid hundreds of dollars in tech support. To add irritation to the whole mess several times when I have I called tech support they can't find my file because internal system "upgrades." I have a seven year old computer that I wanted to replace with this one that is more reliable, faster, and has never resulted in the loss of productivity that I have experienced over the last month thanks to Dell.

    This is your big issue.  Poor product quality.  The support people have been friendly but they want to blame the problem on the operating system.  Is Dell too big? Too distanced from its suppliers? Based on this experience I would never buy stock in Dell because the image projected by this experience is one of incompetence. I can't afford to deal with Dell on another computer purchase. This one has put me in the hole so deep I could have purchased several machines for the loss of billable time.