efibootmgr public GIT repository


Since 2001 I have been the author and maintainer of the Linux tool efibootmgr, which is used to edit the boot menu on EFI and UEFI-capable systems.  It hasn't needed much maintenance for several years, as it "just works" and there aren't many systems that use EFI yet.  But I do get patches every now and again to review.

To make it simpler for people to contribute to efibootmgr, I've now posted it in a GIT repository at http://linux.dell.com/git/efibootmgr.git. 

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2 thoughts on “efibootmgr public GIT repository

  1. @KG, not that I’m aware of.  We’re certainly interested in UEFI, but I don’t believe we’ve publicly disclosed plans for platforms incorporating it.


  2. Is UEFI on Dell Xeon/Opteron platforms close enough on roadmap that the sales channel would be able to comment on it yet?

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