Broadening Customer Choice at Dell


Over the past year we have demonstrated our commitment to delivering more customer choice and listening to customers:  

  • We've added Ubuntu to consumer systems
  • We'llsoon offer SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop on commercial OptiPlex systems in China
  • We'veworked with Red Hat to simplify the migration from legacy applications to open source solutions
  • We were the first systems provider to partner with Novell and Microsoft to deliver benefits of increased interoperability and IP assurance to our SUSE Linux Enterprise Server customers
  • Dell and Citrix are partnering to deliverXensource's virtualization technologyacross Dell's PowerEdge server line in the coming year.
  • We announced that we will embed VMware's ESX Server 3i hypervisor on PowerEdge servers

Those are just a few examples. Our strategy is evolving and we still have a few more updates to share before the year runs out.

With that in mind, here is the latest: Dell and Sun have entered into an agreement that will allow us to make the Solaris operating system (OS) and related support services available directly to customers on select Dell PowerEdge servers. Together Dell and Sun will work to certify hardware and develop offerings.

If you look at the overall Unix server market, 30 percent of all servers with a Unix OS are standards-based, x86 systems.  Our commitment today will further our momentum and better enable us to address IT Simplification for customers by matching business ready solutions to their environments.

I look forward to sharing more details on our support for Solaris in the coming quarter.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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15 thoughts on “Broadening Customer Choice at Dell

  1. How about preinstalling Firefox? It’s one of the most popular topics on Ideastorm and as you said, you are striving to listen to customers.

  2. Make Ubuntu an easier to find option on the dell pages please. Also the firefox suggestion is a good one.

  3. Yay for Ubuntu on consumer systems, but what about “professional” systems? Some of us don’t want to pay for RHEL or SuSE, any more than we want to pay for Windows. The machines we buy are unpacked, plugged in, and have our chosen distro (Debian, maybe, or CentOS, Fedora, Slackware, Gentoo, *BSD, or something else entirely) installed on them. We don’t even bother to open those little RHEL boxes.

    Yes, some of the Precision Workstations can be had with FreeDOS. But they cost the same as the systems with RHEL. And they tend to be the lower-end systems, and it’s often hard to find them on the site.

    Please let the end-user decide what OS they want, and make it easy to choose no OS. HP does it. Why can’t Dell?

  4. Im all in favor of customer choice. Thats why it baffles me that Dell is phasing out the 2407 fwp, and now in europe is selling the e248 instead, but for the price of a 2407. Where is the 24″ with USB, memory reader, and other options the 2407 has?  When marketing/sales and blogs collide 🙂


  5. I bought a new Dell a couple of months ago. Had Vista on it.   Your salesman in Columbus. Ohio said  that Vista was you had on a computer.  Now I read I could have bought a Delll computer with XP on it.  He lied to me. If that is what kind of salesmen you have, how can we trust Dell.

  6. I, as well as a lot of user and potential customers around the world, am expecting that Dell will offer systems with Ubuntu preinstalled in more countries, like mine, Spain.

    I have asked your salesmen many times when would I be able to purchase a notebook with Ubuntu pre-installed, or, if not yet possible, which one with Windows preinstalles (whose licence I would not accept after buying, thus, asking for a refund for the unwanted OEM licence) is equivalent to the ones which are compatible with Ubuntu elsewhere in the wolrd, but I never got a satisfactory response.

    I hope you can take this bold step and promote real customer choice, and not JUST IN 4 COUNTRIES (right now just the U.S., the U.K., France and Germany)

     I am sure offering this in more countries will provide a huge market sucess and many Gnu/Linux users will be most grateful to Dell for promoting alternatives to Microsof’t products. Make Dell the computer manufacturer of choice of the Gnu/Linux community in more countries!!!

  7. How can you say you’re broadening choice when you’ve have almost entirely eliminated support for Vista x64?

  8. The Novell-Microsoft deal (and your participation therein) does not deliver customer choice.  Rather, it implicitly threatens the freedom of all those who don’t use a MS-approved distribution.  Ironically, this includes distributions you claim to support, Red Hat and Ubuntu.

  9. When will Dell’s Open Source PCs be available in Europe ?

    Why don’t you propose OS choice (No OS, FreeDos, Ubuntu, Windows …) for all your product.

    Please make Ubuntu or no OS an easier option to find on the Dell pages
    and make it attractiv by giving a real price comparaison between same
    product with eache OS possibilities.

  10. Same is the case here in Singapore.

    We dont get Dell notebooks preloaded with linux, but windows. Its really disappointing. When you can deliver that in India with preloaded linux, you can do that in Singapore as well. After all, I dont need windows, be it Vista or Pista, and so why should I pay for it.

    Can you please take steps to promote notebooks with preinstalled Linux, which we students in the university (around 100+) will be glad to go for?

  11. Dell has made a great first step by offering Linux on consumer systems and matt_d has kept the IdeaStorm community up to speed with some of the developments at dell.

    But we need Linux on better systems. It will work on a base XPS 700 without a glitch. I’m using it right now! 

  12. Linux won’t be mainstream until it makes things like wireless (WPA etc) more easily configured. I have looked at Ubunto, Suse and neither really support Wireless other than suggesting you use WEP (ya right). They have a very limited selection of wireless nic choices as well.

     I really like linux but it still has a ways to go to compete with Windows on certain things…and I hate Windows.

  13.  Solaris 10 64-bit installed and runs fine on my Precision M90.  Actually, it installed fine under VMWare running on openSuse 10.2 Linux.

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