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Recently, there’s been lots of media coverage on the growth of Second Life from outlets like Fortune, BusinessWeek and CNN. If you’re not familiar with it, Second Life is a virtual 3-D world inhabited by millions of residents. It’s current population of almost 1.4 million inhabitants makes it one of the fastest-growing online communities. In Second Life, people can create their own characters—called avatars—to do a variety of things they can do in the real world. Characters can participate in meetings and conferences, work, play and shop just as they do (or don’t) in their everyday lives. Why are we doing this? It provides us a new way to connect to our customers directly.

Just a few minutes ago, Ro Parra, our senior vice president for Dell’s Home and Small Business division hosted a virtual press conference along with Founder and CEO of Linden Labs, Phillip Rosedale to kick off our presence there. Dell Island consists of a 64-acre area of land that features a welcome area, a Dell factory, a conference facility, a museum and more.

Residents will have lots of ways to interact in world with Dell. In the factory, for example, residents can see 3-D interactive views of products, build their own systems in world, and even order real systems from Initially, we’ll offer the residents the option to order XPS M1710 notebook in world. The XPS 710 gaming desktop that we launched today will be available for order soon. This is only the starting point. As we start to build out more of Dell Island, I’ll share more details on the blog. For now, you can check out for more information.

Where do folks go to see Dell Island? If you’ve already got a Second Life account, you can visit it here. If you’re new to Second Life, here’s what you need to do:

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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10 thoughts on “Dell Gets a Second Life

  1. With SLurls you can link to Second Life locations in a manner that can convey greater context and provide people with an easy way to join Second Life.

    Here’s an example of a simple SLurl for Dell Island:

    There’s a map rebuild in progress right now, when it is done there will be a nice overhead view of Dell Island under the map marker.

    You can further customize the look of a SLurl using SLurlBuilder at, for example you could create something like this:

    Lawrence Linden

  2. I am a member of The online game Second life.  We are currently dealing with a scripted item called a Copybot that is tearing the game apart.  It makes copies of peoples items, from hair, attachments, buildings, and the list goes on and on.
    Linden labs who are the creators of the game was slow to do anything. It was out for a couple of days with Lindens sitting on their hands.  We now have MANY clubs and stores that have completely closed.
    Lindens Labs have now made having a copybot a violation of the TOS. 
    The thing that I find totally shocking is that the group that made this copybot has Lindens in the group.  Libsecondlife the group that is responsible for this has Kelly,Vektor,James, and Donovan Linden in the group.  Vektor Linden is a bug hunter in Second life, he had to be aware of some of the implications of this object.
    Lindens lab could shut down this group, they could remove all objects by this group from the game to make us creators feel save again.
    What do they do?  basically nothing.  If your caugtht using a copybot your banned, in the mean time creators are in fear of all their hard work being stolen.
    Lindens (money source) are falling.
    I just wanted to set the record straight and would love to have a clearer picture of what is happening put out for the public to read.
    Sexy Partridge (av name)
    owner of Pink rose Island

  3. I play Second Life as well. SL is based on the idea of player made content. I would like to see Dell add to the content of SL besides just selling computers there (which is a great idea too). These ideas should also increase your traffic to Dell Island so it is win-win.

    CONTESTS: SL loves contests. How about “Design a computer case” contests once a month. Limit it to say 25 prims and let people buy the designs for their in game computers. The top design of that month can win a cash prize from you. 250-500 Lindens is standard. About $1-2 US money.

    GAMES: Set up a faux LAN Center and load the PCs with say Doom or some retro multiplayer arcade game of the past, and hold gaming tournaments once a week.

  4. Having looked around your islands, you could very easily run sailboat races through the water spaces.

    You have alot of space with 4 sims, but havent done much with it. The rehash of the newbie area How-Tos is really a waste. Anyone who knows enough SL to get to your island knows all that.

    You have an unbeleivable number of prims unused. You could open Sandboxes to the Public, build a rollercoaster through the giant computer. Build someplace in First Life in Second Life to raise awareness. There was a Darfur recreation for instance. You could build something as important, or go for something like rebuild the Taj Majal, or China’s Imperial City. Ancient Pompeii or Rome, or both. Someplace educational and touristy.

    On the computers theme, you could have robot give aways that are operated through Dell Combat System HUDs, like BattleBots, or robopets for people to play with. Give them a few scripted abilities and actions. Follow, Roll Over, Chase. Run a robot battles tournament every few weeks.

    I like the paper airplanes flying around the offices. Run a paper airplane tournament 🙂  Youll already have wind set up for the sailboats.

  5. Please contact me in-world regarding usability of your configuration tools.  Looks pretty but functionality and performance leaves much to be desired.

    Good start…. now impress me!  Oh… and drafting machines?  How archaic is that! Does little to instill confidence in design leadership!


  6. phaedra! awsome suggestions. your right! we have a lot of unused prim space. part of that is to keep lag low during events and such. we designed dell in SL to grow over time as the company sees fit. sailing…great idea. my partner loves to sail there. i also urge you to use the sim how you like. we have auto return on but there would be plenty of time to rez a sail boat and have a regatta with your friends.

    i designed the sims to be a fun place for inworld users to explore. it is far more than just a retail store. its a town center an ocean and a sky. the tram system is fun for getting around in too. have you been on it?

    sorry you feel the drafting boards to be a bit on the nostalgic side. i went to school for art and architecture and the meaning behind the symbol of a drafting board is similar over a variety of cultures “design”. as in “design your own dell”.

    so again. if you have more ideas im always open ears. feel free to drop me a note in world.

  7. Would love to see some Dell branded clothing (shirts, jackets, baseball caps) available as souvenirs from Dell Island.

    Also, I like the idea of a lounge or conference area for Dell employees who are learning their way around Second Life.

  8. welcome to sl. with vista coming out soon some of us will be upgrading our machines. for sl users who are non technical it would really help if there was a sl edition machine. no offense but your website is rather intimidating for us non techies. instead i would prefer to be able to order a sl machine knowing that it is the right machine for sl and is configured by dell for best value. you would have at least one customer … me 🙂

  9. I think 2nd Life could be used as a testbed for some different economy model from current practice, for example, the ancient barter(goods for goods)  thanks to the advanced data management ability of 2nd life.

    And also used to monitor the social behavior of virtual world as a miniature of the real world.

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