XPS 700 BIOS Update Coming Soon


It’s no secret that we continue to get questions from XPS 700 customers from the blog and on the Dell Community Forum. Sorry for the delay in getting details out for folks who have been asking. Later this month, Dell will introduce a BIOS update for XPS 700 that will enable the following: Update: Version 1.1.6 of the XPS 700 BIOS is now available for download. It enables the following:

  • Virtualization Technology (VT) – The new BIOS will allow users to enable or disable the feature.
  • Windows XP 64 support – We won’t sell the operating system as an option, but the BIOS update will allow customers the ability to install the retail version of the operating system.

As most of you know, Intel’s Core 2 Extreme QX 6700 Quad-core processor will ship soon. Several of you have asked if this new processor will work on your existing XPS 700 motherboard. I’m still working through some details on this—will have a more extensive update on this soon.

Update: Here’s what our development team had to say. Based on Intel’s current design guidelines, the Intel Quad Core Extreme Processor should work on the XPS 700 motherboard. However, Intel revised the design guidelines for boards to be compatible with this quad core processor to decrease the signal impedance of the front side bus. This is different from the board specifications on the XPS 700. Also, Intel specifies that the Quad Core Extreme Processor needs 4 GTLREFs (GTLREF is reference voltage to the CPU front side bus to recognize signals as high or low for data coming to the bus) and the XPS 700 board has only two references. Intel’s revised design guidelines for the signal impedance change and the requirement for two additional GTLREFs to support its Quad Core processor caused Dell to make system-level board changes that have been implemented with the new XPS 710. With those changes, Intel’s new quad-core processors are fully supported on the XPS 710.

Here are the legal disclaimers:

  • Intel quad core processors may have stability/life expectancy issues when used on the XPS 700 because it lacks the required GTLREF support, or they may not work at all.
  • If you attempt to upgrade an XPS 700 with an Intel Quad Core Extreme Processor, we can’t guarantee that the Intel Quad Core Extreme Processor will work, nor will it provide support for quad core processor-related issues.

Readers have also asked about SLI memory support—no change at this point. We’re investigating making changes to the BIOS to enable this support but currently, we only support memory up to 667MHz, but it can be overclocked via nTune. I know we’ve only covered the Automatic overclocking portion of nTune up to this point. In the future, we’ll cover advanced overclocking on the blog.

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80 thoughts on “XPS 700 BIOS Update Coming Soon

  1. We’re investigating making changes to the BIOS

    Why not offload the costs of preparing BIOS updates and tracking down software bugs to the open-source community — simply sell computers that contain motherboards supported by LinuxBIOS!

    Google has recently started sponsoring the LinuxBIOS project, so Dell would be in good company. Plus, Dell could help a lot simply by providing motherboard documentation to the LinuxBIOS developers and letting them do the hard work (ie. coding).

  2. I am so confused now about the XPS 700.  I have been reading about it since the summer and have held off making a purchase because Dell has been so silent.  There has been no significant response to help me or other potential customers to have confidence in making a purchase.  Everything I have read indicates that the Dell XPS 700 which should be a 10 is only a 6-7.  For the dollars spent I want more than a 7.  I will continue to hold off until Dell sorts this mess out or maybe go with a Voodoo for a few more dollars.

  3. I wish I could overclock from the BIOS (at least the cpu). That would be a nice addition.  nTune is really buggy.

  4. I am a XPS 700 owner who since the launch of the Geforce 8 series has been thinking about the extremly important upgrade to DX 10 complient hardware.

    Could Dell please test these cards in a system, and then hopefully approve them for upgrading?

  5. The issues in the links above about the chipset actually being the nForce 570 chipset have been submitted to TGDaily and the Watchdog over at Maximum PC.  Bad publicity and lawsuits are the only 2 languages Dell speaks when it comes to fixing issues.  Why will they not make it right for us XPS 700 customers?  Do they really not care?

  6. I can say that I am glad x64 and VT support are coming, but still disappointed that the x6800 still does not have the option to unlock the multiplier, as advertised by Intel.

  7. Thanks for finally getting information about an update.  Why is it that Dell refuses to communicate with us about the XPS 700?  Pictures posted on the forum clearly show that the XPS 700 mobo has a 570SLI chip and a NF4 chip.  How does this add up to a 590 chipset?  I know that Nvidia released a real dog with the 590 chipset, but communication could have made life much better for XPS 700 owners.  I have been a Dell fan for years, but my faith in Dell has taken a great hit with this machine.  I really hope there is a full featured XPS mobo in the future with a 680i chipset or better.  Otherwise my beautiful XPS case is going out to the curb. 


  8. Leonard, pointguard, and Kevin: We’re looking into what you reference from the Dell Community Forum. When I have more details, I’ll let you know.

  9. Why no BIOS level OC on the extreme CPU’s like the 710 and 600 has and the 700 has for pentium extreme cpu’s?

    This was another major oversight that they somehow forgot, again.

  10. Should I pull my heatsink and realy see??  Im losing faith in Dell way more than I ever thought I could.  I only THOUGHT I was at rock bottom.

  11. Thank you Lionel, hopefully we can reach a resolution otherwise our beautiful (and expensive) XPS 700’s are nothing more than beautiful paperweights with no upgradability, not to mention misleading advertising and misrepresented products.

  12. I believe we all deserve a fast response to the newly surfacing pictures, which clearly show a 570 paired with an NF4. I don’t know how this combination, in any way, equates to a 590 chipset. I guess by Dell’s reasoning here, you could have said it was based on the 680 chipset. It’s not like it really needs to contain any 680 components, right??????? 

  13. The Dell version of the X-FI is most definately not the same as the retail version, the identifiers are different, effectively crippling DTS and Dolby at a DRIVER level.  You have to use creative drivers that are modified to ignore the DELL identifier to activate DTS and Dolby.

    That’s another issue that will probably never be rectified for XPS700 Owners.

  14. Leonard: Just to clarify, we do support Dolby Digital 5.1. Here’s an excerpt from an earlier post where I talked about the issue.

    “Why don’t we use the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi’s retail software package
    for Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS? Because of compatibility issues between
    Creative’s retail package and Sonic’s playback software.”

    Also, here’s a post where I talked more about it. Not saying that’s the final word on the issues, just wanted to let you know where to find some additional details.

  15.     Add another problem that need fixing ASAP, SLI 8800 GTX does not work because the second card does not have enough resources to activate and is disabled with the dreaded error 12 resource conflict!

  16. Joseph: Before the BIOS update, I believe the retail Windows XP 64 install did not work. This new BIOS fixes those installation issues.

  17. “the BIOS update will allow customers the ability to install the retail version of the operating system.”

    Maybe I’m lost, but since when has the customer been forbidden from installing an OS on a PC?

  18. What about the X-fi?  If it turns out Dell lied to us about which chipset was really used on the motherboard, how do we know the X-fi is really identical to the retail version like Dell says?

  19. Lionel, Any update on the fleecing that Dell gave all of their XPS700 Users, including myself when advertising the n590 chipset and SHIPPING motherboards with the n570 then telling us that “oh we disabled those bios options!” when in fact, they never [b] existed [/b] due to bait and switch tactics?  <–XPS700 Owner with the n570 chipset when my [b] invoice [/b] said n590.

  20. Lionel…

    Long time sir, hope you are well.

    As for me, I’d be a heck of a lot better knowing that Dell will allow Quad Core processors in the XPS 700. It has the same exact chipset and hardware, so hey, why not?

    I mean, Santa Claus is making a list and checking it twice!

  21. CacheSyntax: Thanks.  I’m working on an update to this post to answer your quad core question.  Can’t provide an exact ETA, but the update will be coming soon.

    I just updated this post with quad-core information.

  22. There are many more problems with the XPS 700 then you are addressing. It looks like you sold us a motherboard based on the 570 chipset NOT the 590 chipset. As per BIOS updates:

    1) Why is it taking so long?

    2) What about OVERCLOCKING? Why are you not addressing this issue? nTune DOES NOT WORK with the XPS 700. There is NO way to overclock this machine. Your top piority whould be addressing this issue.

    What’s the matter with you people? You have lied about this machines capabilities right from the get go. You need to fix this mess right away. Don’t you realize the damage you are doing to your company’s reputation? We should all receive free upgrades to the 680i chipset at the very least.

  23. Thanks for the reply Lionel but what about overclocking? I repeat! What about overclocking?? Did you read my post above where I detailed the problems with nTune and question why it is we cannot overclock from the Bios? Will you please respond to that question? What good is an XPS 700 that can NEVER be overclocked via Bios OR software? Come on! Let’s hear the plans to address this #1 concern.

  24. Is it possible that some of the third party software the system comes preinstalled with impeds the overclocking issue?

    I find it odd that some people can use ntune manually on the xps700, and others cannot.

    in case this helps anyone:

    I reinstalled the dell provided windows media OS from the CD, did a remove software of some junk software that still comes included with the dell OS CD, did a windows update on everything, removed the audio drivers and got the latest creative drivers (this was a retail x-fi card however, using the drivers included with the retail hardware caused quite a few crashes), updated the nvidia graphic drivers from nvidia’s website as well as the latest ntune version. 

    (my config is a e6300, dual 7800gtx sli)

    From that point (I didn’t try before though), I was able to manually modify all the parameters successfully, and it performs as expected of overclocking.  I didn’t push the system much, just to satisfy my curiosity and improve the performance by 10% (benchmark wise)

  25. No Quad support.

    Awesome. Dell rules!

    Can’t wait to upgrade my Dell by throwing out my old one and buying a completely new one! Wait, do I own a Mac or a Dell.

    You just got Delled!

  26. Maybe i’m not as upset as everyone else.  Dell has addressed the chipset issue pretty well and as for the bios update; that’s nothing but good news.

    Keep up the good work.  Thanks for listening to people on the boards and continue to fix things when you can and as soon as you can  (aka: Memory speeds, over-clocking). 

    It would be nice to see an upgrade option to be able to trade in my XP Pro  for a Vista business 64bit edition for the vista trade in.

  27. It could be that my math is rusty, but <590 = 570> is a false statement. A motherboard isn’t *just* a northbridge; if there’s a north, there must be a south, right? Maybe my definition of a motherboard is false.

    Also, I don’t think shifting to the blame to the maker, as funny as that sounds, does anything good for Dell. Dell still accepted it and therefore equally to blame for the 570 hybrid debacle.

    It’s great you guys are still supporting the XPS700 and haven’t ignored certain things that could be improved, but those efforts should really be concentrated on the overwhelming problems this line faces. If you guys are REALLY paying attention to the thread in the Dell forums, like it’s been so heavily emphasized by Dell, you should KNOW without a doubt what really needs work. If you guys have a team devoted to trying to fix these problems, why not have them regularly update us, somewhat like they would to their supervisor. Customers are the most important to you guys, yes? If no one is working on this problem, why not just come out and say it? I think it’d be nice not having a negative, LONG, stickied thread about Dell product and the serious lack of feedback from them staying at the top of the forum, wouldn’t you?

  28. Lionel,

    Could you PLEASE comment on the overclocking issue? Many of us cannot use nTune to access the Motherboard Settings Option. Read the forum’s nTune thread if you have not already. Since the XPS 700 does not allow BIOS overclocking (why not?) and given the fact that nTune does not allow us to access these settings (causes crash to desktop BEFORE we even get to that option screen. Don’t even see the screen before the crash) the XPS 700 can NOT be overclocked AT ALL. Your advertisements led me to believe I was purchasing a top of the line gaming system. Clearly, without any means of overclocking, this is not true. How would you feel if you bought this system only to find it is not overclockable? Can you PLEASE comment on this particular issue? For me this is the number one issue with the XPS 700. I would also like to be able to upgrade to a Quad Core Processor.

  29. no quad core? why was n is it being advertised as next gen, future proof, upgradeable etc? how is it upgradable, which mobo can i put in it apart from the one crippled one that comes with it? what cujstom cables do i need??? why are we being ignored?????????

    no true oc? whats the point of btx design airflow?????

    that pdf by nvidia is and was no proof of us having a 590 chipset that doc was only made by nvidia on dells request to ease the pain, by giving us a corporate n a confusing “answer”

    all these imp questions are being ignored.

    ya vt and x64 options r being enable through future bios, i mean wont u expect it to be from the get go when the machine costs more than what part of africa spends on grain????

    dell u forgot to tell us that this is not a 590 chipset

    u forgot to tell us the truth

    why fogret to give us a jar of vaseline???? u get my drift.

  30. Everyone here, including Dell.. knows they the customer got the short end of the stick and the worst part is Dell isn’t doing anything to correct the situation.

    I’m just so happy I bought a PC designed for gamers. Guess I will build my PC again next time. For some reason, I thought Dell was getting better at taking care of the customer.. guess I was wrong. Makes you wonder what they are spending that $100M on 🙁


    what official answer are you waiting for? you wont be getting one, return the machine when you have the chance before you regret it more. ive always bought dell but have had enough for the lies.an official answer would be “We are working on it” “let us get back to you” “oh you see the 590 chipset northbridge/southbridge is 570..blah blah blah” makes you think what else have they lied about??

    trade for alienware? lets be honest thats NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, even though dell owns alienware, they are still 2 seperate entities.

    lets be hoenst all dell cares it profit/ selling machines blah blah blah. you buy it thats all dell cares about nothing else. the xps 710 is out but its so hard to find the link to customize and buy the machine online (well i found the link to it) why? because they still wanna sell the lies of xps 700 some more since they more tons of the CRIPPLED mobos that use the “590” chipset. they wanna sell those first. then make the xps obsolete and replace it with the 710 where people can easily navigate and buy it. but behold dell will probably say the same thing about the 710 “mobo is upgradeable” blah blah blah…and 2 months down the road you know you have xps 800 out with the 680 boards. why is dell doing this? simple to make money. so lets face it. if they cared about us. they wouldnt have fed us lies from the beginning about the whole upgradeable….”next gen” blah blah blah. how is it upgradeable when i cant even run 800mhz ram? quad core?x64bit os(even though a upcoming bios is going to change that) what exactly is upgrable in this system that makes it NEXT GEN and future prrof????

    i like my xps 700 but all the lies being fed and dell leaving us in the dark has just ticked me off.

    do i get an official response to my earlier post on the jar of vaseline that we as customers might need due to all the confusion and lies???dell can at least do that!

  32. Hey Lionel,

    Still waiting for a reply on the bios overclocking issue. I’m also getting ready to ship my system back to you if you cannot give me a satisfactory answer very quickly. Before you reply, please take the time to think about your answer. The more I think about it the angrier I get. Dell really messed up in shipping the XPS 700 with a crippled motherboard and you guys really need to fix this mess.

    Since you own Alienware now why not make it easy for us to upgrade to an Alienware System? I notice they ship with the 680i motherboards. You could certainly save me a lot of hassle by making it easy for me to return my crippled XPS 700 systes and exchange it for the Alienware System. Ideally we would just pay the difference and ship our old XPS 700 systems back to you. If I call Customer Service will they be able to help me with an exchange? Since Dell owns Alienware it should be easy for you to arrange such a thing. I think that would be the fairest way of dealing with the issue. We get to return our crippled systems and get the Alienware System which is what our XPS 700 system SHOULD have been.

    Please go and talk to your superiors and find out how to make this “trade-in” as easy as possible for XPS 700 owners. I’ll await an official response.

  33. Finally! and it couldnt have come at a better time. I just ordered a Dell XPS 700 tonight, with Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz, 2GB 677MHz RAM, 1GB Nvidia 7950GX2 and im so pleased to be safe in the knowledge that my XPS will support 64bit OS and Visualisation support!

    This couldnt have come as better news! Thanks alot Dell, now make sure you get my XPS here in one piece!


  34. Brian: My apologies… I took some time off  last week and got a bit behind in terms of approving comments and resonding to them. I’m working to catch up.

    • Virtualization Technology (VT) – The new BIOS will allow users to enable or disable the feature.
    • Windows XP 64
      support – We won’t sell the operating system as an option, but the BIOS
      update will allow customers the ability to install the retail version
      of the operating system.

    Will any of this be added to the XPS 600 bios updates?  And I take it that Windows XP 64 support is the same a saying Windows Vista 64 support. 

  35. I was wondering when you were planning on releasing that BIOS update. I believe that that 25th of November qualifies for “Later this month” status. I have a whole OS locked and giving me a power management error because of this BIOS problem and could really use the update.

  36. June 12th I bought the new XPS 700 Upgradable Enthusiast Gaming machine. I bought the best you were offering.  MB, Nvidie 512 Dual GTX, 667 memory, Intel Core 2 Duo 6800 Extreme. Well it has been 5 1/2 months since my purchase. Im ready to upgrade. What 1 of these main gaming components can I upgrade too. I cannt even OC my 1000 DOLLAR Intel Core 2 Duo 6800 Extreme because the multipliers are locked. So Lionel Menchaca, what am I surpose to do. Im a customer and I need help. Ive gone through the proper channels in support with these questions. They have no answers. You seem to be the last person i can contact with my delima.

  37. Mr. Anderson: Sorry for not getting back to you until now. Not trying to sweep anything under the rug. Since Gbakmar’s visit, we’ve isssued a BIOS update that enables VT and fixes Win XP 64 installation issues… still looking into SLI memory support. No new information to report in terms of a motherboard upgrade, but I can say that Gbakmars (and other XPS 700 customers have made clear that a motherboard upgrade is a key concern. For more details, I invite you to take a look at the comment thread here.

  38. Lionel,

    what ever happened to GBAKMARS trip resolutions??  You were there and yet, it is still pushed under the carpet?  WHY?  Michael Dell himself knows about this yet we still dont get an answer.  We want an upgrade for our system.-

  39. Everyone, there is a good reason why I got rid of my XPS 700.  I took the risk of believing Dell’s advertising.  I was wrong.  I didn’t get the enthusiast system they promised.  I got a system that allowed them to limit support and maximize profits.  They did not truly have the enthusiast in mind.  This was the first (and last) time I will buy a high end desktop from Dell.  They have no one but themselves to blame for this huge failure. A bios release is at least something.  But, it will not fix things.  It looks like the 710 will be in the same category as the 700.  Let’s hope they finally get their heads out of the sand with the 800.

    Dell is a marketing company that sells computers (and not very well anymore).

    I’ve been Delled!

  40. I just installed the BIOS update and Vista x64 seems to work. The problem is that both my USB cards have stopped working, meaning that my mouse, keyboard, external HDD and sound card stop working when logging on to vista. Does anyone have the same problem? Any solutions available?

  41. I am just about to update to the new BIOS, hoping it might make VMware run faster (I use it a lot).  Can anyone confirm that the VT option really does make VMware run faster?

    Also, I’m using the 32-bit version of Vista (I’m a developer and testing our application works on it).  I see a few people installing the 64-bit version of Vista on the XPS 700 – can you tell me why?  I thought the XPS 700 CPU just has some 64-bit emulation on the chip, i.e. its not really a 64-bit CPU so I’m presuming the 64-bit version of Vista would run slower(?).  Are people installing it just to develop 64-bit software or take advantage of large amounts of RAM?

  42. Has anyone been able to install Windows XP x64 on the XPS700 with the new BIOS released last week?
    I successfully upgraded my BIOS but the XP Pro x64 installation hangs the first time it attempts to start Windows to complete the install.
    I am attempting to install on an existing raid-0 partition.
    I believe the problem is related to the nVidia RAID drivers.
    I have the 64-bit drivers and go through the F6 install option.
    But install hangs shortly after loading drivers from the floppy.
    Has anyone done a successful install of XP x64 to a RAID partition?

  43. I’m seeing several (about 5 now) unexpected reboots since the bios upgrade.  The machine is sometimes sitting there doing nothing and it has rebooted on its own.  Vista Ultimate edition, 32-bit.  I don’t recall this happening prior to the bios upgrade.

  44. So in fact i was lied to by dell?I was most definatly lead to beleive that i could upgrade in the future……is dell going to reimburse {make happy}its customers?

  45. I hope you’ve all learned something from this.

    This is what I’ve learned about Dell over the years:

    Dell’s #1 priority is to build systems that won’t allow people to upgrade components. Guaranteed obsolescence makes people more likely to need another new computer a couple of years down the road. Just try to slap a new ATX motherboard into a Dell case made in the last few years and you’ll see what i mean. Also even if your chipset supports the latest greatest processor, Dell likely won’t provide a bios to let you upgrade to it. This is especially true as soon as the next model comes out, you can kiss support for yours goodbye.

    I built my latest system myself and i love it. The best part is that I can upgrade it whenever I please and I’m not at Dell’s mercy anymore.

    Might I say that the EVGA 680i motherboard is about the most versatile, configurable, upgradeable, overclockable, futureproof little masterpiece I’ve ever seen……Maybe Dell will start putting them in their XPS machines…..hehe hold your breath for it…………


  46. I´m very dissapointed with my xps 700.

    1 – the power button… is to hard to be pushed, bad designed.
    2 – the cdrom bays doors plastic are very poor quality.
    3 – it´s insulting that by default the system ccomes with a stantard mouse!! needs to be optical at least!!!

    my next time, i´ll buy a mac.

  47. When will Dell offer the motherboard upgrade for the XPS 700….?  Will there be 100% in swapping out the mobo’s?

  48. I too am a disolusioned XPS 700 customer. I updated my bios to the 1.1.6 version thinking it would solve my Code 12 not enough resources issue with my two Geforce 8800s in SLI mode…well attempt to have SLI mode. the only way to get SLI to work.. take out my Soundblaster faitaliity extreeme gamer… The onboard sound is terrable and stutters in games an reduces frame rate.. and the worst.. I have to use its line out because none of the outputs on the motherboard works.. are the outputs crippled on purpose??

     After the bios update.. now my PC will not shut down nore restart.. 

    The next time.. I get some other brand of PC.. sorry Dell. 


  49. So what’s the deal?  Is Dell going to provide some type of mobo upgrade path for people who own XPS700s ?  I would hate to have this XPS700 for 2-3 years and only be able to upgrade the processor to the Core 2 Duo.

  50. When will the drivers become available for the creative sound card that came with my XPS 700 for windows vista becuase i installed it and now i have no sound becusae the driver is not the right one for vista?

  51. Having trouble installing Windows Vista retail upgrade or other version on Dell xps 700?  just download the raid driver from NVIDIA for their 590 Motherboard.  Then install them to a thumb/pen drive or USB HDD and choose select drivers to install durring Vista setup, this will make your Blue Screen of Death worries dissapear.

  52. I do have the same problem as Timothy B.

    I bought 2 XPS 700 systems in December 2006. Both do not shut down properly nor reboot.
    Sometimes it works but mostly not.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?

  53. Has anybody updraded an XPS 700 with Core 2 Duo to an Quad Core? I would like to do it but it is a lot of mony – just to try it without any knowledge if it will work.

    So experience would be helpful. thanx


  54. I’m having the same problem with the XPS 700 with Core 2 Duo – upgraded to Vista Ultimate (actually a clean install), and now it won’t shut down or reboot – really disappointing…can’t even leave it in sleep mode…

     any ideas out there?

  55. Doolaford:

    I am guessing that you may have some hardware that prevent it to shut down. Try to remove them as much as possible to see if it fix the problem. 

  56. What kind of hardware could cause this problems? keyboard, mouse and network?

    as this problem accours on 2 equal systems (one has a local printer installed via usb, the other via network), i think we should look for an other solution.

    in my opinion this is not a problem of additional hardware or software as the shutdown problem came up with a clean software on both systems.
    and a mouse, keyboard or network connection shouldn’t cause that sort of problem.
    i even already tried the latest nvidia board drivers but still the same…

  57. I am very unhappy with Dell UK and the sheer impossibility of contacting anyone in authority.

    The power switch on XPS700 broke within a few days.Engineer came with replacement switch which proved to be faulty.Dell then offered me a XPS710 as replacement but I was unable to establish a stable wireless internet connection. Dell Supports first reaction was that it must be a fault with my wireless set up despite the fact that the XPS700 and two older computers already had good wireless connections. A local computer consultant took it to his premises and he too was unable to get a stable connection although his own computers were all fine.Several days later,Dell eventually admitted bafflement and concluded that it must be an Operating System clash and referred me to Microsoft…… who will not support bundled systems…and I am now left several hundred pounds out of pocket for consultancy fees and phone calls to ISP helpline plus a still broken XPS700 and a XPS710 that will not perform one of the basic tasks I require…ie wireless internet connection.

    Two record delivery letters to Mr Josh Claman (Dell UK General Manager) have been ignored although,typical of Dell’s left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing ,I have received a couple of unrelated phone calls from other parts of their empire…. one asking for return of the XPS700…and one asking if I was satisfied with the XPS710 !!

     So it looks as though I will have to take the matter to the Small Claims Court …which will still leave me significantly out of pocket even if I get a full refund for the XPS700 and all or part payment of the consultancy fees in respect of the XPS710 …..at which time Dell can come and collect both piles of junk and I will go elsewhere for my new computer.

  58. John: Sorry to hear about the problems you’ve had with both the XPS
    700 and XPS 710. I’m happy to ask someone over in EMEA Tech Support to
    follow up with you. Unfortunately, the e-mail address you left is
    coming up as invalid.

    May I ask you to re-submit a comment and to leave an e-mail address so we can follow up with you?

  59. I asked a Dell rep about over clocking the 6700 processor on an XPS 4100; he assured me that over clocking was supported – he was certain, absolutely no doubt, so I ordered a machine for myself.  He lied; I hold Dell responsible.

    This is the last Dell I will purchase. I purchase workstations by the many dozens at a time for my business; this one was personal purchase, not a business purchase. Although this machine will suffice for my personal needs, this experience has turned me into a dissatisfied Dell customer in a big way.  Read: Hello Dell, you can kiss my corporate account goodbye.

    The moral of the story? You never know when an IT purchasing manager for a business is buying for their own personal use.  Do you think that maybe a purchasing manager’s personal buying experience might influence their business decision with a far bigger impact?


  60. Lionel, I have a MOB question.  Upon checking what type of MOB was shipped with my XPS710 (using CPUZ) it refers to the MOB as a NVIDIA 570 SLI,.  If this correct, what I ordered and what I got are very different- please explain.  OH, I ordered my computer on 2-28-2007.

    Thank you Mike.

  61. I too have an XPS 700 that will NOT reboot or shutdown after installing Windows Vista.  Has a resolution been developed for this issue yet?

  62. has anyone found a way of overclocking it. The performance setting just don’t appear on ntune on my system, even when i run it as an administrator…. 5 reinstalls of it too.

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