Notebook AC Adapter Survey


If I’ve learned anything from surfing customers’ blogs over the last year and a half, I’ve learned one thing: customers do have a voice at Dell.

When you meet people for the first time, usually the conversation drifts towards what each of you “do for a living”. When it does for me, I am never surprised to see a “knowing look” when I tell people I work at Dell. Being the kind of guy I am, I hit that look head-on more often than not. I explain that rather than working at a “big, faceless corporation” as a “drone”, my job is proof that the customer has a voice. When people find out I surf and respond to blogs for a living, that “knowing look” usually melts right off of their faces. “Dell actually pays people to do that?”

In my day to day experience, I am constantly getting feedback from customers, and forwarding that feedback along to the appropriate groups. Customers are always telling me “wouldn’t it be great if Dell would do <yoursuggestionhere>”. I usually refer people to IdeaStorm, unless their suggestion is break/fix related. IdeaStorm is a great place to share your ideas, but sometimes our product engineers could use some specific feedback while putting together a new product design. Now is one of those times.

We have used the same AC adapters for all Dell notebook lines since 2003. In that time, notebooks have undergone some fairly significant changes, and also during this time, virtually no changes were made to the AC adapters being shipped with our notebooks. Four years is a lifetime in the computer industry, so it’s safe to say these adapters are quickly becoming yesterday’s technology. They have worked well, but there’s always room for improvements.

There is at least one AC adapter in circulation for every notebook we sell, so not only is it the most common piece of Dell equipment, it is also probably one of the products we receive the most feedback about. Given these facts, our engineers have decided to focus on the AC adapter to try and determine the best ways to improve its design. This gives us a golden opportunity to give feedback at a critical time in a product’s life:

AC Adapter Survey

Our engineers want to know how you use the AC adapters with your notebooks so they can take these scenarios into consideration during design. Being that this is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of Dell equipment, this is a chance for us as customers to tell the designers themselves how wecollectively use their product, so that they can improve the design and make an AC adapter designed to meet our needs. The survey is yet another way the customer has a voice at Dell.

I’ve already filled it out, and I hope you’ll join me.

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  • Anonymous

    I am BEGGING you . Please make the power adapter connecters for your notebooks in the shape of an L like on acer laptops.


    IT helps TONS  because it makes it less likely for the connecter to make the power conenctor on the motherboard pull off of the motherboard itself when banged into.

     Please I am begging you.

  • Anonymous

    John, I would like to see this survey opened up to all laptops. I own a Dell pc and another breed laptop. The problem is the same for all manufacturers on the ac adapters. It could be made simpler, by making one style adater to fit all laptops and notebooks.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget to look at the bright side of providing the same AC adapter for 4+ years.  If you happen to forget yours, you can use almost any other DELL AC adapter in the room.  My whole family uses DELL notebooks and at family gatherings we usually only have one adapter out and we just pass it around when someone gets low on power.  Change just to change isn’t always a good thing.

    I did fill out the survey and made the same comments.

  • Anonymous

    I purchased a 64 bit system in Jan of 07 and just recently activated the system due to reasons I won’t take the time to explain. When I activated the system I discovered Dell hadn’t installed a 64 bit OS. They had it listed on the initial system as an option, but when customizing the system was not listed in the drop down menu. I assumed it was 64 as standard. I recently called Dell to discuss this and was told initially they wouldn’t do anything to correct it. I had found some information on a Microsoft article that said the licence would be upgraded on 64 bit systems purchased with 32 bit operating systems. A second call and this information yielded better results initially, as the first three departments agreed that the right thing to do was to upgrade the OS. The resolution department changed that decision and wouldn’t correct the problem. I am in contact with Microsoft at and expense of $59 and they tell me that Dell should correct the problem since it is OEM software which is the same thing I told the helpful people at Dell. I am an area Geek and have purchased a large quantity of systems and helped many people purchase new systems. My current plans since they aren’t honoring their commitments of warranty and OEM licencing are to cease my purchases and recommendations. If someone from Dell can check the number of systems I have purchased and the small amount of tech support they have had to provide for these systems you will realize you are making a mistake by not honoring your commitments.

     Stewart Riding

    Eagle River Consulting

  • Anonymous

    Finally!  Thanks Lionel, I’m looking foreward to some much needed changes.

  • Anonymous

    I started using a Dell Inspiron 8500 in February of 2004 and got a 3 year extended warranty, which was the best thing I ever did because, as I soon found out, a lot can go wrong in 3 years!  Until my warranty expired at the end of October, I was probably calling Dell service every few months for one thing or another.  A Dell service technician had to come to my house at least 3 times to replace parts (one of those times was the motherboard, I can’t remember what the other replacements were for).  But the most frequent reoccurring complaint has been my AC adapter. 

     I have had to have Dell replace my AC adapter three times during my warranty.  Each of those times, the green light on the product would not turn on, and it would emit a beeping noise.  This problem is not unique:  I have seen other people gripe about the same issue on other blogs.  The three replacements also all came within the span of about a year.  Unlike a Dell service technician told me on the phone today, this does not seem like ‘normal wear and tear’.

    I do transport my laptop from home to school- I believe that is one of the greatest benefits of having a laptop.  I am very careful with handling the cord:  I coil it around the brick-  a service technician advised against doing this too tightly, but I am pretty careful and it is not tightly coiled.  It certainly does not seem like an abnormal way of handling the adapter, and if that really is the reason why they have been breaking, it should come with transportation instructions!

     My reason for writing now is that my warranty is up, and in a timely fashion, my AC adapter has stopped working once again- same symptoms.   To list some positives about my experience with Dell, I have had excellent (but far too frequent) experiences with the service department.  The computer also runs very smoothly which is important.  But I have had other laptops in the past where I have not had to replace the AC adapter ONCE, as opposed to my experience with Dell.  This, combined with other negative experiences will certainly stop me from buying Dell products in the future.

  • Anonymous

    AC isn’t the only kind of “Adapting” going on at Dell! I appreciated your comment: “If I’ve learned anything from surfing customers’ blogs over the last year and a half, I’ve learned one thing: customers do have a voice at Dell.” Thanks for sharing this piece with Dell customers! I have piles of emails from customers that are thankful that Dell has folks like you! I hope you have a peaceful holiday season!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had about 4-5 dell laptop over the years but have seem to have gone through about 12-15 adapters (I’m on my 3rd adapter for this new computer I bought a few months ago.)


    The biggest thing I’ve noticed, is that most laptop users, put the computer on their laps—either sitting against a wall or lying down—having the adapter in the back sticking straight out will bend and fray over time because it’s placed right where someone’s knee/leg is.


    Create a special place inside the laptop for the actually metal connector such that the only thing sticking out is flexible cable.  should be fairly straightforward no?



  • Anonymous

    The cord stinks, This is my 3rd Ac Adaptor in the pass 3 years. Having trouble now with the cord that is not connecting in to the computer and hard time charging my computer.

  • Anonymous

    I would LOVE to see you make the cord that runs from the supply itself detachable and replaceable.  I am on my third supply in a year, each replacement having been necessitated by something happening to break the connector that plugs into the laptop.  Unfortunately, a broken connector on that wire necessitates replacing the entire PS because the wire running from it to the computer is fixed which means rather than purchasing a $10 wire I have to buy another complete unit.

     I think having an “L”-shaped connector would be beneficial as well and go a long way towards reducing the incidence of broken plugs.

     I’m sure this has been asked, answered, and commented on a thousand times but what was the logic behind adding the third wire and requiring only a genuine Dell PS to charge the battery on your laptops?  How are you guys getting away with that?  I’m sure there is some smokescreen logic about ensuring quality but it seems to me to be a thinly-veiled, Applesque attempt to force customers to buy only genuine Dell products.

  • Anonymous

    My battery is no longer charging.  When I reset the BIOS I received an error message that stated the 90-W AC Adapter was NOT a DELL adapter but it is!

     Something needs to be done about this, I’ve seen a lot of posts on this failure and possible internal mother board failure.  I NEVER had this problem with my old 8100 model but am now having it with my E1705 that is only 18 months old!

  • Anonymous

    I have been experience intermitten power interuptions with brick for the last six months. Now the brick is completely powered off, and the green light won’t come on to charge the battery. The baterry charges fine with brick working.

     Is there a fix available?

  • Anonymous

    I am currently having problems with my 2nd power cord where it plugs into the notebook within 6 months. My husband just received his 3rd one this year. We are very careful when storing for transporting and when using at home, however, it seems as though there is a pre-set number of plug-ins programmed into the plug. My husband tranports his computer more than I do which explains him needing more replacements. We both have had the internal plug replaced, luckily mine was still under warranty. My question is this: Why can’t we replace just the section from the brick to the notebook?  Also, I read somewhere that the parts we purchased were refurbished. Does this have anything to do with the durability of the power supply cord? I am really disappointed in Dell and the length of warranty of replacement parts and will take this into consideration when making future purchases and recommendations to family, friends and colleagues.

  • Anonymous

    My laptop just died and I just finish to write a post on the power section of the forum (hopping for some help). This time my laptop died because of the power tip pour design. As “majortom1981″ on this poll is suggesting make a power tip L shaped so the cable take the direction that wants to take and avoid to take that much stress on the bit of cable in between the ferride (you don’t have to invent here you can simply copy from other brands).  All metals snap after many bend ups and downs. So if L shaped the connector could freely twist taking the best direction for the cable it self. My laptop died because one of the cable broke and shortcut with the other one and most probably I will have to buy a new motherboard and of course new charger for my dell D400. I would suggest you to also make some sort of magnetics links in the middle of the cable too, so if someone step on the cable the 2 magnetic tips will separate before the full Leigh of cable pulls the laptop on the floor. If you need help whit the design I can help you as I was about to design a laptop life saver “magnetic tip twister and slpitter” and make it available on the market. (As I already destroyed a laptop by accidentally stepped on power cable and pulled the laptop on the floor). I think most of dell users experienced already a second AC converter. I work for IT company and I do suggest Dell to all my customers and I do get lot’s of calls because of the Faulty AC (all the rest of the computers are fine).

    Do I have to believe that Dell didn’t know about their pour design AC converter? or maybe it was an excuse to make a bit of more money after sale? it cost me already 2 AC convers already… and now my laptop it self (of course out of guarantied) I’m not happy at all.

  • Anonymous

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron E1505 approximately two years ago.  Since then, I have gone through four adapters.  Whereas my Toshiba laptop I purchased in 2002 still uses its original adapter.  What’s the deal?  Am I using the wrong wattage?  What is wattage?  The 90 watt adapters are a few bucks cheaper than the 65 watts.  I assumed the more watts the better…am I wrong?  For some odd reason, my adapters end up burning up…when I plug them in they will beep and I have to mess with the prong to get the green light to come on.  This enables me to limp along until it ultimately fizzles out, and then my stepson is having a kanipshion because he can’t continue his online war game that expires by the day.   Anyone…please advise….am I not doing something right?



    frustrated New Mexican

  • Anonymous

    My inspiron 5150 can not keep a connection to from the AC adaptor.  The problem is in the connection to the  computer which works loose until there is no longer any contact to charge the battery.  This computer is only used on our laps in the house with virtually no transportation.  Thus there is very gentle use.  Two mother boards have already been replaced since that is where the AC adaptor connects internally within the machine.  We are still under a 4 year warranty and expect yet another visit from an in house technician to replace the mother board again.  An square jack that fit snugly into a receptical and thus eliminated any wiggling or pull on the adapter cord would eliminate the problem.  My son’s older Inspiron 1100 model has such a configuation which places no stress on the connection and has never had any problems of this sort.  Why was a good design abandoned and replaced with a lesser design?

  • Anonymous

    I have a Dell D505, and am now on my 3rd adaptor. Just like “jstobb” above, i expereinced exactly the same thing.  I can’t use my laptop anymore, as it’s out of warranty. What is Dell going to do about this PROBLEM?.  They should do a recall.  I paid nearly £1200 3 years ago for my laptop, and I’m deply upset that I can’t power it up anymore.  Come on Dell, pull your finger out.  I have a great laptop, that I can’t use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have inspiron 6400, I am also on my second adapter in less than a year, I have had this new one just about 2 months. After just a few uses, it will not stay connected. They should get a new design and recall all of the old adapters and give us new ones for free. Dell used to be know for their service and tech support now they rate as the poorest.

  • Anonymous

    I, too, am having continuing problems with the need to keep replacing the adapters.  I think it is pre-programmed to last only a short time. What drives me totally crazy is the QuickSet warning that displays right across the center of the screen. “The AC power adapter type cannot be determined.” It comes up every few seconds even though this is a new adapter. How can I turn off this $$###ZZZ warning! 

  • Anonymous

    Inspiron V6000… generally it has been a good laptop.  We’ve been using it for 2 1/2 years and although nearly every key has fallen off (another issue with poor design) the most problematic element has been the AC power supply.  We have replaced it twice with parts ordered directly from Dell; then, this last time we ordered what is supposed to be an authentic Dell product through Ebay.  I believe it is, too because everything about it is exactly like the two previous ones.

    This machine has been heavily used but well taken care of … although, again by the looks of it you’d never know it.

    We are a family of 5 and each of us has a laptop…. this is the only Dell… this is the only one with power supply issues… COME ON DELL… step up to the plate and admit poor design.  I find it impossible to believe that so many consumers could be using the parts in less than desirable ways…. it has to be the product itself.

    Our latest issue… is not the supply cord itself but like I’ve read from other posts… the hub on the back of the laptop that the supply actually plugs into is no longer stable so it does not maintain a constant supply…with the slightest movement the circuit is broken and it is back to trying to run on battery.

     I HAVE BEEN SO DISGUSTED AND WOULD NOT COME CLOSE TO CONSIDERING THE PURCHASE OF ANOTHER DELL unless I saw Dell stepping up and making good on all of these pieces of junk they sold to us.

  • Anonymous

    I just finished recharging my laptop by HOLDING the adapter to the back of my inspiron 2650. I’m using the 2650 since my newer 6000 crashed and I lost a TON of information. What is the purpose of a warranty if everything is designed to tear up less than one week after the warranty expires.

    My small company has purchased 20 Dell computers since 2003. Based upon the problems we have encountered, I don’t know if we’ll replace the Dell with another one.

    These are problems that could be easily remedied, yet no one wants to take the time to do so. Your sales have been down; do you wonder why? 

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Karen and Cindy: Sorry that you having problems with both of your Dell notebooks. I’ll ask someone from Tech Support to contact you.

  • Anonymous

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5160, it cost well over $1100 new about 3 years ago, and one day it crashed. Thought it was the AC adapter, replaced at cost of

    $250, but it did not fix the problem. Was told it was probably the motherboard, but there have been so many defects with this model, that

    the recommendaton was to replace, not worth fixing it.  Indeed, I was not happy about this, and even less happy when I read about all of the other customers who are experiencing the same problem. There should be a recall, especially  if you want to keep customers at all.


  • Anonymous

    I purchased an Inspiron 600m over 2 years ago. First, the battery stopped charging. I had it replaced.  The new battery lasted for 2 charges and also stopped.  After some searching, a blog recommended a BIOS update to correct the issue. Now the fun starts.  The BIOS sees the battery, but won’t allow the update unless the battery is charged. Since this is the only Dell I own, finding another laptop is not an option. The other option was a complete mobo replacement to the tune of several hundreds of dollars. I have since converted this laptop to desktop status and purchased a new Toshiba Satellite (which works beautifully). After reading all the posts berating Dell’s lack of resolution of this issue (mobo charging failure), I have become saddened.  I really like my Dell, when it works.  But you guys are going to have to do some major overhauling to the product to regain my patronage.

  • Anonymous

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1420 for myself in August of 2007.  I've had trouble intermittantly with the AC adapter, which is rarely transported.  Two days ago, it stopped working completely.  I called Dell and they will replace at no charge due to the warranty, but meanwhile, I'm stuck-unable to use my machine until the new one arrives.  It certainly would be nice to find a universal adapter that is compatible with my laptop that I could purchase at an electronics store or Wal-mart, which now sells Dells.  My son has a Dell laptop at college, and although this is a big inconvenience for me to be unable to use mine, for him to have the adapter fail at school and have to wait for the shipping of a replacement would be a much more serious issue.  C'mon Dell-if you're going to hold us hostage, at least make the part available in retail outlets.  I will be purchasing a laptop for my younger son within the next year, and will more than likely go with a different manufacturer. 

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe all the bad press about Dell computers.  I have had nothing but Dell laptops my entire life…  but… my Inspiron 8600 which I purchased just about 3 years ago is having a problem with the power port on the motherboard.  It sounds just like the problems everyone else is having with different models of laptops.  I am getting a big bonus tomorrow and I hate to say that unless Dell does a recall on the motherboards, I am going to have to become a loyal customer of a different manufacturer.  Oh, and I am on my 2nd power cord for this l laptop and my last one had to have 2 ac cords too. 

    Dell, what do you have to say about all this?

    I'm very disappointed in you.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Carol: I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing problems you've had with your Inspiron 8600. I will ask someone from Tech Support to follow up with you.

  • Anonymous

     I came across this post while checking the Net for solutions on how to go about charging my Dell laptop. I'm seriously having a lot of problems here, I have to literally hold the adapter to charge it! I cant figure out the problem since I've changed my adapter once already and the customer support here in India wasnt helpful at all. I've purchased my laptop abroad, and I cant obviously contact the customer support there! I have no clue about what to do now,hence this post. Oh, and its nice to see other people having similar problems too, atleast it doesn't make me feel like I'm the only victim of a Dell laptop…

  • Anonymous

    Like Jorge wrote in December, my Inspiron is now telling me that my power adapter cannot be recognized. The system permits me to use the adapter for power, but it won't charge my battery. I checked the forum and I can see that I am not alone. I'm don't have access to a spare, so I am unable to test whether the problem is in the adapter or the motherboard. I would love to know how to fix this.

  • Anonymous

    I am very upset, have always had dell desktops, so when I needed a laptop didnt hesistate to get a dell. Now my laptop is just out of warrenty (2 weeks) and the battery will not charge, the system works fine on the power cable, but if i wanted to be plugged in all the time I would of stuck with my desktop but my needs dictated a mobil computer.

    When I turn the system on the message "ac power adaptor cannot be determined, reseat adaptor."

    I have tried this and ive also had another adaptor and this dosn't charge the battery either, so  cannot seem rectify the issue, when I purchased the system I payed extra for an upgraded battery, now im thinking I neednt of bothered.

    I cannot afford another laptop, but when I can even though we have always had dell desktops will look at the compition for a replacement.

    any helpful information to rectify/solve problem gratfully received.


  • Anonymous

    I too am playing the adapter game with Dell.

    I have had my Dell Ispiron 6000 since 2005 and in the last two years I have gone through 6 replacement adapters.

    I am now being told by Dell that they will no longer replace the adapter because they believe it is a motherboard problem.  Of course now my laptop is no longer under warranty.  First it's the battery then it's the adapter.

    I have been a loyal Dell customer for some time, for business and personal use.  These power issues with their laptops are seriously making me rethink this position.

  • Anonymous

    First let me apologize for the length of this post.

    Well, it seems like I'm not the only one becoming disillusioned with Dell. I bought my first computer in 1995 and it was a Dell, I have since purchased 7 Dells,  both notebooks and desktops for myself, hubby and kid's use.  Being the Computer Nerd in the family I have put together systems for my family members and friends and they've always been from Dell. Now due to several issues with my Dell Inspiron 8600 and my son's XPS m170 and very poor technical support I will no longer be recommending Dell to anyone, much less buying another one for myself.
    I have had the motherboard replaced 4 times, hard drive 2 times, lcd screen 1 time, keyboard 2 times, and now I'm having a problem with the adapter/charger.  Right now I am running on borrowed time as sooner or later the computer will crash, and shut down and I will not be able to power up again. I have no idea what is going on. I had the motherboard replaced  last month because the Ethernet port hadn't been working properly for months and was steadily getting worse. The on site tech replaced it, tested it and said it was working fine. I stupidly didn't check it myself before he left.  I sat down with it only to find the same problem! In order to keep a connection I had to position the cable plug just right in the port and then try not to move at all or it would lose it's connection.  So I called Dell again, talked to someone, was forced to trouble shoot again although I assured them I KNEW what the problem was.  They had me jumping through hoops, put me on hold several times, repeated themselves 5,000 times and had me ready to SCREAM!  Finally they agreed with what I said in the first 15 seconds of our conversation, yes the motherboard that was just installed must be defective so they would have a new one shipped and installed in the next few days.  Ok, fine….tech comes with new motherboard, says the port on the last one he installed was really loose.
    I wanted to ask him why he didn't notice that when he installed it the last time he was here! But I bit my tongue and let him do his job. He installs the new /refurbished? motherboard, tests it and says it's fixed. I make sure I check it out before letting him escape out my door!   COOL the ethernet port is indeed fixed!!!!  This was on the last day of my 4 year warranty!   2 days later I'm working on my computer, when it shuts down on me.  I try to power it up again but no go. The green light on the adapter is lit, but the green light on the laptop doesn't light up when plugged in.  I can not power up machine. I push power button, all lights come on briefly then go out. Then I notice that the green light that indicates the laptop is plugged into AC blinks once every 7 seconds.  I stubbornly try pushing the power button about 100 times hoping it will fire up on one of them.  no go.  I find myself getting very frustrated and pushing every F button while pushing power button. No go.  By now the F stands for more than function if you know what I mean!!!  I finally give up an call Dell again. of course the tech wasted no time in telling me my warranty was expired! I explained to her that the problem didn't start until AFTER the new motherboard was installed…coincidence?
    I don't know…maybe, but my guess is another bad motherboard.  After trying to communicate with this person with no success, I demand to talk to her supervisor. She put me on hold, came back and started asking me the same questions that we had gone over several times already.  I once again DEMANDED to speak to someone in charge. She put me on hold again and when she came back on she told me they would replace the motherboard again BUT I would have to send it into the depot to get it fixed as the warranty was expired.  I agreed to do so and she said she'd send me the box to pkg it in.  I had the box in 2 days.  I figured I'd try to power up the laptop before packaging it up and Voila' it started right up!  So I haven't sent it in yet as I really need my computer!  I did take the time to back up all vital info/programs to my desktop so I would have it WHEN the laptop acted up again as I knew it would. Well this morning it happened. Working fine, went dead and wouldn't power up again.  Same thing….I pushed power a zillion times, pushed all the F buttons, F12 seemed to do something, turned all the lights orange instead of green, but then they'd go out. It would sound like it was going to power up but then it would go silent again.  So, now it's time to pack this paper weight up and send it to the depot. But wait, let's just push the power button for fun one more time! Guess what? It powered up!  So here I am, not sure what in the HE_ _ is going on! I guess I'll box it up and send it to the depot and let them replace the motherboard again. Maybe when I get it back this problem will be fixed and I'll just have the Ethernet port problem again!  Or an altogether new one!  As soon as I get my tax returns, I am buying a new computer and it will NOT be a Dell. 
    Sorry Dell, you need to make some major improvements to keep your customers happy. And you haven't been doing that. 
    (I won't even go into the problems with defective parts that Dell has sent for my son's XPS notebook.)   Sure I got refunds when I returned the parts, but it's still a hassle and so frustrating!! 

    Thought some of you might be interested in this also!  

    IF you're having an ADAPTER/CHARGER issue:  Found this on another site. Very interesting! I checked the numbers as this poster recommended and indeed, the adapter that dell shipped with my laptop is not the correct one for the 8600. Could this be causing my power up problems???  Could be. I ordered a new charger and battery on EBAY today and will try them when I get my laptop back with the new/refurbished? motherboard.

    Go here

    and scroll down to:

     Posted by Darrin
    on 4/30/2005 5:50 PM

  • Anonymous


     I would really like to see Dell discontinue the 2-prong AC adapter immediately, and go back to the previous 3-prong, grounded AC adapter. I have always heard that surge protectors are somewhat useless without a ground. From a safety standpoint, I thought it was much better to have a ground wire, so the electricity will go through it instead of through you.

    Even if there is some flaw in my reasoning, Dell should still go with the 3-prong just for customer peace-of -mind.


    BKC in Tennessee

  • Anonymous

    I have a Dell e1505 purchased 2 years ago.  I have had to replace the power cord on it and it also will not get a charge to the battery.  I have gone through all of the help suggestions to the point where it says I need a new motherboard.  My mother bought this same model computer and hers is now starting to do the same thing.  WHY is there no recall on this????

  • Anonymous

    "Kathy said:

    purchased a Dell Inspiron 1420 for myself in August of 2007.  I've had
    trouble intermittantly with the AC adapter, which is rarely
    transported.  Two days ago, it stopped working completely.  I called
    Dell and they will replace at no charge due to the warranty, but
    meanwhile, I'm stuck-unable to use my machine until the new one

    I am having th exact same problem. I also bought the 1420 in July/August 2007. The only way I can get my laptop to work is if it is plugged in. Because it won't charge, however, if it falls out for a second the computer shuts down and I lose whatever I was doing. I am in college and I don't want to be without a computer so I am waiting till spring break to work on the problem, but i'm not sure how long it will take. I just don't understand why this happened. Was it just a faulty AC adapter or is this a common occurrence?

  • Anonymous

    Bought brand new XPS m1730 that was shipped to me Feb 27th, 2008. March 29th, Battery no longer charges and lappy won't turn on anymore. Contacted Tech Support and they said to send the machine back few a new motherboard. Is this a common issue with the XPS series as well??

    Firstly, wrong HDD's were installed.. Ordered 2x250GB Raid 0 7200 RPM and got 2x250GB Raid 0 5400RPM..

    Secondly, Vista killed itself.. One morning, Boot file missing.. (I know Vista isn't the most stable, but, this??)

    And now, no charge option.. The blue light on the charger is lit up all the time, even when disconnected from lappy, which I think is normal, but now the laptop battery light flickers randomly when plugged in. 3000$ laptop thats 32 days old.. This machine replaced a Toshiba Satellite that I had for 8 years before I needed a due upgrade. Most I had to replace on the Toshiba when I owned it was the HDD that failed. If possible, I will ask Customer Care to just take the machine back.. I should be within my 30 day return period as the machine shipped Feb 27th and got here March 4th. If anyone else has had a problem with the XPS series, please post immediately as I don't want to have an on-going problem with my machine like I have read here about AC adapters! Bad enough I got a month old 3000$ door stop..

  • Anonymous

    Purchasing my 4th power cord today!!! ughh!!! 

  • Anonymous


    I've got a D505 and its been great…until today when I realized the AC adapter wasn't charging the battery.  I have another Dell laptop from work and charged up my battery on that one…then put it back in my 505 so I could access some info on power prob's and realized I'm not alone.  But, what is the recommended solution?  Like most folks on this blog, I don't want to change to another laptop…and can't use the one from work like this.  What has Dell done to help us out?  Warranty has run out and my charge works, but not on the 505….it's seems to be the port.  The replicator (Dock) will not charge either?

     Any help out there?

  • Anonymous


    I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 and I an not a happy camper!!! I have went through numerous AC adaprters and my warrenty only covered one. I go through about one a month since my warrenty ran out. (at $120.00 – $160.00/each) I have called and called and the customer service and the tech. support but they keep transferring me back and fourth! I have about 7 friends/family who have the SAME computer and the SAME problems. I think that a petition should be started for people with the same problems. It should be brought to the media's attention. It is the only way to have anything done.  There sould be a recall on the battery for this make and model. The battery itself without the AC adapter will not last over 3.5 SECONDS! and this was about 11 months after the initial purchase. They can't tell me thats normal!


  • Anonymous

    If you can't make a computer then don't make them! AC adapters and/or batteries should be free if they are going to be faulty!

  • Anonymous

    We have an Inspiron E1705. We also have problems with the ac adapter. It was replaced twice already. Also the motherboard was replaced after the computer wouldn't start anymore. Now the battery is not charging and we get the message that the ac adapter is not recognized.

    We also have a dell desktop and are satisfied with it but in the future, if and when we buy a new laptop it won't be a dell.

  • Anonymous

     Ive had my e1505 laptop for under a year and the ac adapter part has already become desoldered from the motherboard. My battery won't charge, meaning the whole purpose of having a laptop (portability) is now gone. The exact same thing happened on my old dell laptop from 3 years ago, and both times is because the wire bends so much unless the cord is an exact straight line away from the back of the laptop. The slightest tug bends and eventually detaches the internal AC adapter. Dell customer service could barely speak english, let alone fix my problem. This is the last Dell product I will ever buy. Such an obvious design flaw could be fixed, as had been said many times by many people, with an L shaped plug. Personally, I'm not rich, and i had to work alot to buy this laptop. Because i know i'm just 1 person, and my computer was "only" around 1,000 dollars, I wont be getting any kind of reimbursement for the trouble this horrible company has caused. I am going to college in a few months and I will surely have to buy a new laptop because of this. Do you make them break on purpose so people will buy more? I am going to buy from a respectable company, one that has a good record of quality. My father is a professor at a university here, and im sure they have a huge budget for laptops for professors (he has 3 laptops from work, and with the number of total professors times multiple computers, thats a few hundred). I'll see how many people there have the same problems with dell, and recomend switching to something else.

  • Anonymous

     It there any point in leaving a post!?! It seems that there is a lot of people on this site with the same problem, as I came to get help in fixing.  And I don't see any solution – except to buy another adapter which i don't believe is acceptable.  The adapter should be the last thing to go.

    I'm an instructor and I use my laptop quite a lot and decided to buy a Dell laptop as I was led believed that they are the most reliable on the market, but now I don't think so.

    I think the solution is to move to a competitor. 

  • Anonymous

    I have an M90.The ac adapter quit working after about 8 months use. Lots of beeping and a flashing amber light. The failure was where the output harness attached to the pc board in the ac adapter. I roll up the cord and shove the adapter in a laptop bag twice a day (I try not to bend the cord too sharply.) In my opinion the output strain relief is not robust enough. It twists back and forth too much in the plastic case. Here are pictures of the repair job if you are interested.

  • Anonymous

    I was a fand of Dell , I purchased Inspiron 510m used it for 2 yrs and then I HAD TO sell it , then I purchased Inspiron 6400 remain happy with it just for 1 year now again I will HAVE TO sell it reason both the time was power adaptor. the power adaptor got damaged both the times. Now I dont think that I will purchase DELL system ever again also will not recommend it to my friends. better put little bit extra money and purchase Toshiba or HP .

    I would like to say good buy to DELL

  • Anonymous

    The adaptor of my Inspiron 1720 behaves erratically, some times the light wont come on and it would make a beeping noise at other times it works fine. I'm always worried when it will fail completely leaving me high and dry! I have now ordered an adaptor online as a back-up. This beeping issue seems very common and the internet is full of similar complaints 

  • Anonymous

    Apple has the answer for the AC adaptor problem. The use a manetic connection that just breaks away when forced out or tripped on, bringing no damage to the computer or connection. My daughter has an Apple for school. This is a great solution.

    Every computer manufacturer should adapt this type of connection.

  • Anonymous

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron 6000 in 2005 and have gone through FOUR adapters. I found this blog and saw that everyone has been having similar problems. Dell will not replace my latest adapter even though it's less than 5 months old. Their warranty on replacement parts is only 90 days. Besides the fact that they charged me over $80 for this last one, while my first one was only $35. I've gone on to search the internet and found several for $25, brand new, genuine Dell parts. So not only did they over charge me, they won't stand behind their products. The laptop runs fine, never had a problem with it, but what good is it if I can't charge the battery. I originally purchased a refurbished Dell laptop in 2000 and my brother still uses it and THAT adapter has never been replaced. Go figure. I guess my next laptop will NOT be a Dell. I can't even get to talk with someone at Dell. They keep passing me around from one department to another. I guess no one wants to take responsibility for my problem. So I once was a fan of Dell but no longer.

  • Anonymous

    I will never by a Dell computer ever again. I have gone through 4 power cords working on my 5th one as we speak. I have to order it today. Just after I received my last one which was in May did i realized it is the back connection on my computer that is faulty. So all of these years that i have asked for new power cords it could have been corrected by just getting a replaced connection on the back of my computer. I still have this problem any suggestions?

    MI resident

  • Anonymous

    I've had an Inspiron 1501 for about a year and a half now, and have gone through about 6 ac adapters, two keyboards, and now using a mouse because the touchpad is acting up.   I just bought a Lenovo.  I still have the Dell, but am playing with the idea of either trashing it, or rebuilding it–of which I'm still wondering if it's worth going to the trouble to rebuild.  From what I see here it's not.  My biggest problem is the ac adapters.  Would a higher wattage adapter help?  I see where it would take a 90w (and higher).  I'm using a 65w so far.

  • Anonymous

    After receiving my second power cord (with NOT the exact same model number as my original), and getting the same issues about which I'm reading here, I discovered something about these (made in China) replacements:

    If the original power cords don't work, Dell is out millions in warranty  replacement and lost business – so, conveniently, they work! 

    The inside cylinder of my replacement power cord seems to have issues with continuity (electrical connection).

    Using a wooden toothpick, (Be CAREFUL NOT TO HIT OR BEND THE CENTER PIN!) I swabbed the inside cylinder of the plug itself and found extensive fouling on the toothpick!

    This can be caused by dirt, oxidation (from sitting in warehouses), and even "corner cutting" to save on metal. The can be done in China without Dell's knowledge.

    But Dell is being hounded over these problems so it behooves them to send investigators there, perhaps with customs agents.

    Meanwhile, I've disconnected my brick and waited for the capacitors to also discharge (about 1 minute). Then using an eye dropper, I applied some household 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean up the dirt or oxidation, but I'm not a chemist.

    Someone else may know how to create the chemical reaction that would place conductive metal on the inside of those cylinders.

    CAUTION! The plug would need to be thoroughly dried before replacing it into the computer – I used toilet paper and then blew violently on the opening to be sure.

    Coincientally, I now have have a plug that went from totally not working to one that when jiggled correctly, makes workable contact.

    I'm guessing it was oxidation AND dirt – (they all smoke over there!).

    My next attempt (after this plug fails again) would be to try to create a low power electrolysis using tin foil and lemon juice, but I don't know if that will steal metal from the tin foil (desired) or steal it from the inside of the cylinder (disasterous).

    But I wouldn't have to try anything if DELL had sold me a working part, to begin with, would I?

  • Anonymous

    Same problem here. Laptop is less than 6 months old, the second adaptor they sent out about a month ago has now died.

    The adaptor with my old dell still works fine after about 3 years.

    The reliability of theses new ones is unacceptable. Dell need to change their supplier.

  • Anonymous

    I am also getting the following error message ie.:

    The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. The system can only boot with a 130 W power adapter or greater.

    Strike the F1 key to shutdown

    I own a Dell Precision M6300 I purchased in Oct'07. Furthermore, I have 2 x 130WAC adapters and to add insult to injury one of the adapters has failed completely.

    I have Gold Technical Support and they told me they will be sending out a technician with a new AC Adapter AND a new motherboard for my M6300!

    That suggests to me that they are well aware of this problem and it sounds like they have to replace the motherboard to fix it.

    So, motherboard has failed AND my 2nd adapter has died within a week!

    I originally bought the Precision because my previous 2 Dell laptops were Inspirons and they were rubbish! One of them consistently failing.

    The Precision is considered by Dell to be a corporate machine and is a top-of-the-line unit. It's software certified and at around AUS$6300 fully spec'd I thought I was going to get a robust machine that I could use everyday for work.

    Barely 6 months old and now this!


  • Anonymous

    I have had a new XPS M1710 for 9 months, and the AC adaptor has had problems.  It died on me already and was replaced.  Just this morning, the new one is now acting very errectically and wouldn't provide power for 30 mins.  If I were to disturb the wire right now, it would stop supplying power again, maybe permenently.

    I use my laptop at work and home, moving the AC adaptor in and out of by bag twice daily.  These adaptors must be designed for durability.


  • Anonymous

    My laptop is an Inspiron 1705.  It is 13 months old and under a 4-year extended warranty..  I replaced the power adaptor 3 months ago, and I replaced it again a week ago.  And, unbelievably, today the Dell service technician is coming to deliver still another a power adaptor (my 4th).  He is also bringing a motherboard, the second in two weeks.  And he's bringing a new keyboard.   Again, the power adaptor and mother board were both replaced just a week ago and they are being replaced again today.  In addition, my hard drive failed after 10 months.

    Right now, the light goes out on the power adaptor, and the laptop shuts down without warning and without going to battery.  The same symptoms have been present for the last two power adapters.  And now, the display intermittently gets all diagonal with backwards writing, and the laptop won't shut down.  Sometimes there  is a beeping sound.  The adaptor is VERY HOT, especially when compared to an adaptor we have for another, older Dell computer.  Who knows whether the primary problem is thre adaptor or the motherboard, or both.

    Dell's service people, on the phone and in person, are very competent and cordial.  You feel you are being paid attention to and they know what they are doing, but there comes a time when you lose faith.  If only the laptops themselves were as good as the service people.

    Barbara Rodgers



  • Anonymous

    The AC power adapter type cannot be determined

    How i can solve the problem , please if there is a solution please contact me or tell me how is the best place to solve the problem

    Thanks Dell for this AC Adaptor

    Mohammed Fathi



  • Anonymous

    I purchased an Inspiron 6400 laptop for my small business with 2 batteries in Dec 2006. Now I've got the "does not recognize adaptor" error on boot up so neither battery will charge. Very disappointed and probably a deal breaker for Dell on the next computer purchase.

  • Anonymous

    I own a Dell inspiron 9300 — I am on my second 90W-AC power adaptor — suddenly the computer no longer "recognizes" the power adaptor and will not charge the battery.  This is extremely crazy as Idonot understand what doesdelll put in their system that immediately after the warranty period the system stops. I gues it is marketting policy so we can keep spending moneyon delll goods.


  • Anonymous

    First sorry for my english is not so good. I'm from Indonesia. April 2008 me with my friends (3 person) going to Computer Store. We all plan to buy laptop. So 3 of my friends recomended that we buy HP Compaq Presario V3000 series. But I decide to try Dell Laptop because my old laptop is Compaq armada E500 (Still working well till now) so i want to try another product. And i choose Dell Inspiron 1420, Because people and Media says that Dell is the second biggest Computer Company in the world. All my friends finally decide to buy Compaq V3737 series. 

    Three month later my dear Dell laptop give me a message "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined……., bla bla bla….  Since that, Led light on power button and Dell Direct Button is off (never on).  And not too long from that, there is 2 dead pixel on screen. When my friends knows that they laugh on me, because they say that they learn from me (because my old laptop is Compaq) but me…?????? Dell, Prove it to my friend that u have a Good Service for Customer. There is 100% perfect in mass production, but after sale service is more important. So….. i'm waiting for your reply, thanks

  • Anonymous

    I bought a Dell Inspiron 1420 in September 2007. From the beginning, I was getting periodic warnings that the computer did not recognize the adapter. I called Dell and they said they'd never heard of this, but they shipped me a new adapter. Now, I am getting the same message. As well, my computer has twice shut the screen down (black) and I have had to turn off the laptop by holding the power key, with some difficulty. This computer is well looked after, hardly moves from the table it is on, but I am worried about it.

  • Anonymous


    Redesign your laptop adapters and keep the new design simple, honest and bio friendly.


  • Anonymous

    I'm on my 4th adapter for my E1705.  I agree that Dell should  make the cable from the power supply to the laptop replaceable.  That's always the part that goes.

    Another thing that really chaps me is that when the power supply starts to go, the BIOS doesn't recognize it as a 90W, but it will still run the laptop, it just won't charge the battery.  How hard can it be to make the computer charge the battery if it's able to function on AC power?

    I've had continual problems with the touchpad on my E1705 too. 

    My solution to all this was to give my wife my E1705 and buy a macbook in April.  I'm learning to love it.  The power system is much better designed–love the magnetic connector. 

    My employer decided to buy me a new computer.  I looked closely at Dell, but decided to stick with mac.  My wife's next computer will be a mac.

  • Anonymous

    I had a beeping charger which didn't charge, I scoured the internet for solutions for what causes a dell charger to beep. It seems that there are wires within the reinforced cable where if the cable kinks the wires touch and short the whole thing out. I rang Dell to see about a replacement which came next day but I managed to get the old one working by twisting the kinks out of the cable.

    If your warranty has run out, try twisting the kinks out. Sometimes it may be impossible if the kinks are too big but it worked for me.

  • Anonymous

    My AC adaptor crashed last night. I get on the Dell site and am unable to find this product although I do find this blog site. Very interesting and I feel lucky that the adaptor has lasted this long. I have had my Inspiron 9400 laptop for 2 1/2 years and it has been in an aircraft with me for every month of that time flying from one side of Australia to the other and overseas to Europe, Africa and South East Asia. It has chalked up thousands of kilometres of travel without any problems. The computer has never let me down and I have recommended it to others and purchased another Dell laptop for my daughter. Now I see the problems that other people are having with the adaptor charger and wonder why has Dell not sorted this out? I always wind the cord around the brick. This is how it was sent to me and I have continued this practice. I wouldn't say I am the gentlest person with my laptop and I would expect that a laptop is designed to be mobile and therefor subject to the vagaries of travel and general use etc. This is a major selling point for me as, no doubt it would be for people who use their laptops constantly.

    Dell, it is in your best interests to design an ac adaptor which will not fail or cause damage to the laptop. I would be extremely hesitant to purchase another Dell laptop having read the issues other people are having with this critical piece of kit.


    Ken Walters 

  • Anonymous

    I purchased a E1505 two years ago.  I'm now on my third hard drive as the other two have failed.  But that is not my latest problem. 

    A few weeks ago I noticed that the AC adaptor was not charging my battery but could still run off AC power.  I ran diagnostics and it found I had a problem with the AC adaptor.  I e-mailed Dell service and started chatting with someone overseas.  That was a great customer experience.  My theory was that I just needed a new AC adaptor.  In any event, his solution was to update the BIOS.  When I told him that was not the problem, he was certain that is what I needed to do.  Of course it did not work.  The next day I chatted again with someone overseas.  They determined that the problem was with my motherboard.  The power adaptor attached to the motherboard and become loose and that is why it was not charging the battery.  However, despite the fact that I had a five year extended warranty and was getting an error code when I ran diagnostics, they determined that this was normal wear and tear for a motherboard and refused to replace the motherboard.  After fighting with them for a few days and having my issue elevated to a supervisor overseas who started yelling at me that Dell supports its products, but not my product and was not going to honor the warranty, I decided to forget about the issue and just use the laptop as a desktop.  A few days later I heard cackling and realized that my AC adaptor was on fire!  Good thing I was home when this happened.  Despite having a warranty for this component, I did not want to deal with Dell customer service anymore so I just ordered a new one and paid for it.  I have not received it yet, but I'm prety sure this was the problem the whole time. 

    I've been a pretty loyal Dell customer.  I've owned 2 Dell Desktops, 2 Dell Laptops in my life.  I've purchased a Dell desktop for a family member.  I use Dell at work and in the past I've advised my company's technology team to purchase Dell. 

    My engineering solution for this problem is never to purchase a Dell computer again and I've advised everybody I know not to buy Dell.  Their product is terrible.  This was a great American company and it is sad.  Dell is terrible because it has exported its components and service overseas.  As a result, there is no quality control at Dell and its products are terrible.  Dell should reengineer its corporate philosophy regarding its customers and the service it provides them. 



  • Anonymous

    I have a Latitude D800 laptop, and I'm on my third AC adaptor. The first two had the same problem – one day the little green light stopped going on, the adaptor started beeping, and the laptop wouldn't charge.

    I just purchased an iGo from Radio Shack that acts as a universal adaptor and it's working beautifully. It was only half the price of the replacement Dell adaptor — and it also charges my cell phone, my camera, my iPod, etc. So I'm wondering why this is such a hard and expensive problem for Dell to solve?

    I've been a loyal Dell customer for many years, and I would love to continue. But the adaptor does seem to be a weak link in the chain …

  • Anonymous

    I've got an refurbished Latitude C610 but after a while having a problem with ac power adapter issue. I went to Dell website just to find out that the adapter I'm using P/N 9364U has been recalled by Dell due to risk of fire and electrical shock. I called up Dell Tech Support to request for replacement but they refused to grant my request because they said I'm not the original owner, of course I got it refurbished. They advised me to call Customer Care to file a change of ownership but they said it takes 5-15 days waiting time period to process it. Meaning I have to suffer more risk and time using my defective and recalled adapter because of the process on their part. I think this is not reasonable.

  • Anonymous

    I have had my Dell laptop for 2 years and the computer itself has been fantastic but the AC adapter has been terrible. I have gone through 4 separate adapters and the last adapter has only been working well for 3 months! But the true problem is that you are forced to buy new cables to still operate the computer.

    Lets do some math:$70 per adapter X 4=$280

    $280!!! That is robbery.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an XPS M1530 in July, received it August 12, and requested an exchange due to a defective monitor.  The replacement arrived early September and the following message appeared right out of the box:

    The AC power adapter type cannot be determined…

    Sound familiar?

    I decided to cut my losses and ask for a refund only to be told that my 30 days had run out.  They tell me the days start ticking on the first laptop, so even if there is a problem with the replacement it doesn't matter.

    I can only hope some sort of reasonable solution will be found.  I've lost track of the number of calls, emails to Dell these past two months.


  • Anonymous

    On my 3rd or 4th ac adapter cord, The problem is always the wiring at the plug to the back of the laptop, the wiring breaks and or is shorting. Mines the Inspirion 1100 ac apapter family PA-9


  • Anonymous

    you have a voice at dell.  too bad they don't have ears.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sir,  I purchased Laptop Inspirion 1525 on 30/09/2008 And AC adaptor family is PA-12.But I  am not able to charge my laptop any more.No inidication is there om laptop. And Currently my laptop state is Turned OFF. It is not charging and not turning ON.

    Tell me what is procedure to check the batery charging is in progress or not.

    How to charge battery first Time after purchasing.

    Thanks .


  • DELL-Todd S


    Depending on the battery type there should be a small test button on the back of it.  When you push it a series of five (normally) LED lights will light up or, if there is a problem with the battery, a series of 3 or more lights will turn on.   You should be able to review the actual LED diagnostic battery lights in your model's service manual.  The manuals are available online on our support site,

    I would also recommend that you repost your questions to our Dell Community Forums.  The members there may be able to give you better ideas on how to test your battery and system.

    You can also contact our technical support groups via the contact information on our support pages linked above.

  • Anonymous

    M y family have 5 dell laptops. What can I do to get a replacement for the model no:la65nso-00 ac adapter that quit working.

    Thank you


  • Anonymous

    I have Dell Latuitude D800.  Problem with charging battery a few month ago, replace power adapter worked fine.   After few month  while I was using it, it indicate "Low battery" as normal after few hours of use,  but while I was plugging power adapter in, It smelled like something burning and then the charging light was not led and the battery never charge anymore. Then I tried another power adapter and battery but no luck so I am pretty sure the battery charging circuit was gone.  Anyone help how to fix charging circuit on the motherboard.  Please post and thanks in advance..

                                                    Thank you


  • DELL-Todd S


    You may want to see if the online user's manual for that model has a schematic of the motherboard.  I kind of doubt that it has that much detail in the diagrams but you can look at them on our support site,

    I would also recommend that you think about reposting your question to the Dell Community Forums.  I think you would receive better responses on the message boards than you would here on the blogs.

    You can access the forums at this link

  • Anonymous

    My Dell Vostro 1400 power supply adaptor is bust. Any idea where can I get one in Bangalore?? Model type PA-12..

    Thanks.. Surya

  • DELL-Todd S


    I would suggest that you check out our support site, and select the country / region you need help in.   There is contact information on that page and our techs may be able to help you or at least provide a Dell part number for what you need.

    You can also check out to see if that part is available for sale or look into local 3rd party parts suppliers to see if they have that part available for sale.

    I hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

    The AC power adapter type cannot be determined

    I have a Dell Inspirion 1501 that I got Dec 2006. Last month the adapter started fading in and out, then upon startup, I got a message that said the battery was not charging, then the battery not recognized, now I get a message about the ac power adapter not being recognized. If I even unplug the adapter the whole laptop shuts down. This is ridiculous… Anyone have any idea how to fix this mess?

  • DELL-Todd S

    @ Jaime

    If you haven't contacted our Tech Support yet I would recommend that you resubmit your comment to our Dell Support Forums to see if any of the members there can provide you with an idea on how to test your system to determine what is causing the problem.

    You can access the forums here.


  • Anonymous

    Me too! same problem with ac adaptor, this is crazy.  My dell latitude 131l is just a year old, and I guess I wil replace the ac adaptor, but hope my battery is ok.  I wish Dell could help me with this.  I've been troubleshooting on the website and seems there is no fix.



  • Anonymous

    I use a Dell at work mainly because they have some sort of financial agreement. O.K. it wouldn't be my first choice but the thing has been dependable. Unfortunately, the power cord got pulled a bit too hard and it damaged the area where it plugs into the back of the unit. The power cord is fine but not where it plugs into the computer. Unfortunately, evidently the plug area in is connected to the entire board so it's cheaper to buy a new computer then to replace that small area. Needless to say, this has forever soured me on Dell. Looks like it should have been a $5 fix instead of over $300 which lead me to another "brand new" computer instead.

  • Anonymous

    It's now come time for me to buy a new laptop, and since Dell has left me out to dry with this problem, I'm leaving Dell. Only fair right? I've made the switch to Apple — and never looking back. My Apple is far and away superior to any PC and it even runs the Windows Vista operating system at the same time it runs the Apple OS!!  Sell your Dell stock!

  • Anonymous

    I have a Dell 5160  about three years now The battery is a hit of miss if it will charge. last night It died pretty fast and I could not get the batt chg light to come on. A/C adapter is putting out the 16.5vdc. I tried turning it on with and without the batt installed but it wont power up with the A/C adapter plugged in. All the lights flash once indicating that the laptop seen the power when I plugged it in. Will this thing run on the adapter with the battery being removed or if its N/G? I think its battery time but hate to buy one in case its the Mb witch I doubt. It ran fine until the bat died. To all the other posters. Seems like Dell chargers of the time cranked alot of current to charge the batterys thats why they cooked so fast. Im sure they have that under control now alot of companys had to work with the technology available at the time and Currnt draw was alot higher in laptops back then.

  • Anonymous

    Once again I'm thankful for the way people share information on the internet and how this information is available to help others.  Thanks to the comments listed here I was able to avoid chasing possible solutions that would not have worked, and found one that solved my problem. I have a Dell Latitude D800.  I accidentally kicked the power cord while it was plugged in and found that it would no longer charge the battery.  But i went and purchased a iGo from Radio Shack and I'm happy to report that it worked!  It charges the battery and I'm back in business again.  Thanks to all of you for your help.

  • summitinsurance

    I have a office full of Dell Computers BUT after the purchase 18 months ago of a Inspiron e-1705 and having the charger go bad twice and being tranferred from one department to another and being disconnected during the transfer 3 times I will be changing to Vision Computers where when you call a REAL person answers the phone.
    I am a premier dell account holder and if this is premier service I really hate to see how individual accounts are treated AFTER the sale.
    Dell is on a down hill slide and unless they take better care of their customers I think they will be the next big company wanting a Government bailout.
    *The Customer may not always be right but the Customer is always the Customers and that is where the rubber meets the road.

  • lykerd

    I have a typical story about the Dell Inspiron 5160. It lasted about a year and a half. I called the support at Dell. I was told that there was no problems with the Dell 5160, which was a lie. The phone support is horrible. I was bounced around and disconnected many, many times. I also was forwareded to numbers where I had to pay to continue, so I had to hang up and start over again. After about 5 hours on the phone over the course of a few days I finally talked to someone who told me the problem would be fixed without charge. I was given the gentlemen's name, his direct number and a promise to call back with a resolution. After a few days no call back, the number was a fake. My next course of action was to file a complaint with the better business bureua. At this point I got to speak the first person who had command of the English language. She used this talent to yell at me and to basically tell me that DELL would do nothing for me and that there were no problems with the Inpspiron 5160. I am a software developer and also have a home business. Through Dells terrible quality and even worse support they have cost themselves thousands in future potential sales.

  • koolariz

    i'm at my third adaptor, and dell still won't recognize there's a problem with the adaptors.. each 6 months i'm expected to change the adaptor?

    first one died [wierd beeping sound without the LED – all plugged in], second one slowed down drastically my laptop [wasn't recognized by the laptop – so speedstep or i don't know what bios technology slowed it down to improve change].. my 2002 desktop computer worked faster than the inspiron 1520 almost top performance..

    third one.. my fingers are crossed each time i type.

  • SomthingValid

    Yeah, the speed step stuff is a deal killer for me, I have a 900mz laptop… No, it really is faster, but with the Dell auto-hose mode it stops detecting it, and sorry – but that don't work no more…

    I've had no problem with the adapter, only with the fact that the laptop goes off and slows itself down AND Won't even charge with the COMPUTER OFF… HUH?   That is about as worthless as it gets.

    Want a good power adapter connecter?  Look at Apple… Now THAT is a Good, no GREAT design… Magnets hold the connector to the computer… Strong enough to keep it from coming off when I put it in my laptop bag and take it to work… But weak enough to avoid *ANY* damage to the laptop because of the cord getting yanked when someone trips over it.

    And the notebook doesn't get confused and think that it has a wimpy adapter… BTW: I've used 2 adapters now on the Dell, and both of them did the let's go slow… 30 seconds to bring up a CMD window?  Sure, I can do that…  Want to bring up Internet Explorer… Go get a coffee and call me in the morning…

       I hope this doesn't get deleted like my last post, It seems it was deleted because I said another company had a better product… Who knows…



  • countdunky

    Buy a new Sony VAIO or Apple.

  • countdunky

    Run a search on Bing for "power cord not recognized" and see what brand comes up over and over again.

    I would like to know how many motherboards have disconnected from fhe outside connectors on Dell laptops. Just because the design hasn't changed in years doesn't mean it is a good design. 

    I am in my third year with my XPS M1210 and have this problem.  This laptop was not mistreated the only time it ever got banged around is when my dog ran over the key board and took out a half dozen keys.  He is a small dog, about 20 lbs.  There is even a web site that talks about the weakness inherant in the Dell design. Not a technical guy, so I can't confirm one way or another its validity but I spent a lot of money for this system and it is frustrating to say the least.


  • countdunky

    Buh an Apple.

    I have the exact same problem with my XPS M1210 and from what I  have read on different sites there is a wakness in the design of the motherboard with the outside connector.  There is a good possiblity the motherboard is no longer properly connected to the adaptor..  FIX replace the motherboard or buy a new system.  JUNK JUNK buy an Apple that is what I am going to do.