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When Lionel recently asked me to join the team of Direct2Dell bloggers to keep you all updated on our activities in Second Life, I have to admit I had some hesitation. Not because I have a problem blogging about what we’re doing in SL, I’m quite passionate about that and can talk for days on the topic (Lionel might have to cut me off when I run too long) but, probably because in my career I’ve more often been the person behind more visible people in organizations and Direct2Dell puts you out there on the world stage.

In light of our Online Communication Policy, it didn’t seem appropriate to post as Pyrrha Dell (my avatar name) either, although that’s how you will find me during my too-few opportunities to be in-world. Tateru Nino over at the Second Life Insider recently commented on how important it can be to think before choosing your SL name. I chose Pyrrha because she was the first avatar with the last name Dell in Second Life. (you can guess which well-known Dell was second) While we’re still working through all the details surrounding staffing of Dell Island, expect to meet many more of the Dell SL family in-world in the future. Offering support for our customers there is just one of the many things we want to do in Second Life.

Yes, we’ve officially launched and are open to the public, but we’re far from finished. I’ll post periodic updates here when we’ve added new elements to Dell Island or when we host special events there. Also, don’t forget that during his remarks on November 14, Ro Parra said the first Real Life (RL) system purchased through Second Life would be free—that prize has not been claimed yet! To start shopping for your next RL Dell in SL, simply go to the United States home page of and select Second Life from the “Choose A Country/Region” drop-down menu. (RL purchase only available for U.S. residents at this time)

I appreciate the helpful suggestions we received after Lionel’s first post about Dell Island and look forward to more discussion. I think Lawrence might like the look of the new page to take you from to Dell Island which will soon also include Linden’s Registration API. And Shukran, a member of our fantastic build team, has already commented on other creative suggestions. Michael W., Dell-branded backpacks are now available in the souvenir stand in Dell City and the t-shirts are on their way!

More to come soon.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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4 thoughts on “Beyond Opening Day on Dell Island

  1. This is my first week as a resident of Second Life and so far I’m enjoying it. While I admit I have known about Second Life for a couple of months now, it’s been till recently that I have had the opportunity to create an account due to my real life commitment’s and my online one’s (Site Admin, Gaming Guild leadership duties, and what not). Finally I had time to commit to an other online endeavor and was ready to check out “2L” and start experiencing what it was all about. I first read about 2L in a magazine article a couple of months ago. The article was about Ailin Graef (aka Anshe Chung in Second Life ) and how she has been successful in creating a “RL” (Real Life) business inside an online 3D world. People becoming financially successful in a virtual realty setting is not new to say the least, particularly those of Massive Multiplayer Online games. Most of the people that have done so have done it by exploiting in-game markets by selling in-game currency and items for real currency against the wishes of the creators of the online 3D world they inhabit. The practices these “Gold Pharmers” undertake to make RL money is despised by both the creators and the inhabitants due to their constant disruption and the havoc they wreak in the in-game economy. When I first read that Second Life allows people to trade Linden Dollars (Second Life currency) for USD I was a bit surprised and my interest was peaked because this sounded pretty unique. So far what I have experienced in last couple of days since I created my account is an open friendly virtual environment that empowers and encourages participants to basically be creative and pursue be it creating a business or just lounging around and meeting new people. There is still much more for me to explore in Second Life and I’m really looking forward to what else is possible in this particular “Meta-verse”. By the way, if anyone knows the way to Dell Island can some one point me in the right direction cause I’d like to visit and say “Hi” 🙂

  2. Welcome to Second Life Joel!  You joined at a time when the grid
    was experiencing some difficulties.  There were many unexpected issues
    with the in-world search feature following the November 29 update that
    might have made it hard to find Dell Island.  According the Official
    Linden Blog, however, some search functionality was restored yesterday.  And remember, you can easily find Dell Island anytime by teleporting directly there from

  3. While Dell Island is an interesting concept, there is quite a bit more work to be done before it is a place where a prospective customer can go to purchase a computer.  My experience in meeting other folks on Dell Island is that most are having difficulty finding anything that works.  I’ll continue to visit from time to time until the Dell folks get their act together!

  4. Has anyone purchased a computer through SecondLife yet?  Will there be more dell computers to choose from in the future?  How about purchasing a real computer (or accessories like the gps road mates) with lindens?

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