XPS M1710 Gets Blu-ray


Today we announced that the XPS M1710 is available to order with a Blu-ray optical drive. It’s our first system that will ship with one of these drives.

In their article, Gizmodo shows a picture of the software app we’ll use for Blu-ray playback, Cyberlink’s PowerDVD 6.6 BD. I checked with members of the audio team to confirm that we’ll support the following audio formats:

All formats above are supported via software codecs and can be processed by the system and passed from the PC via the S/PDIF interface to an external amplifier/receiver. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the XPS M1710 notebook, this vlog is a good overview.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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  • Anonymous

    Hey Guys
    Great News Indeed. I’m all for a new generation of optical drives; I’ve been holding my laptop purchase waiting for Dell to offer their XPS laptops with BluRay so today I finally decided it’s time for a new laptop.
    I’m sure you guys will bring BluRay support to your desktops as well soon (which i’m eagerly anticipating) but I have a question; will you guys offer HDDVD drives as well? Since some movies will only be released on HDDVD (hence Universal Support) I’d like to have both drives in my system. So do you guys plan to offer HDDVD drives?
    Thnx for the update. Highly anticipated

  • Anonymous

    It’s in my mind that the 1710 is simply losing it’s uniqueness and excitement factor. Ever since Dell revamped (cloned, rather) it’s Inspiron lines, I can’t help but feel turned off by the XPS in general.

    For example, the 1710 is simply an E1705 with the XPS logos, some better standard stuff, and a sky-high base pricetag. It always gets me asking, is it really worth it? For similar money, I can go to Voodoo PC or Alienware (despite the fact that Dell owns them) and get more unique and deadly looking stuff. Let’s take that m9700 from Alienware which features many more impressive base features than the 1710, as well as a completely different casing than it’s colleagues.

    Now I’m an XPS owner, so I understand that even if the only difference was the XPS logo, I’d be proud. But I think that if you offered consumers more choices and more standard features (or a lower price, take your pick) more and more would be buying that 1710.

    Then again, that’s just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Love that you guys are supporting new formats but i think BlueRay is going to be the new BetaMax. We can call the new format BetaRay, that actually sounds kind of cool.

    Anyway, initial reports are saying HD is the way to go in picture quality so i would prefer it.

    Just curious where you guys are going with it.


  • Anonymous

    I was perusing the internet today, and I read, to my disappointment, that Dell had included Blu-Ray in one of their computers. I knew Dell was a supporter of Blu-Ray, and this too was disappointing.

    HD-DVD is a cheaper, more consumer friendly format, and it doesn’t have DRM’s ugly face pasted over it. Dell can do better for it’s customers by going the way of HD-DVD, than bending to Sony’s will, right after that whole battery issue.

    I’m hoping Dell turns around on this.

  • Anonymous

    I think you need to check with your audio guys again. S/PDIF can’t handle the bandwidth of DD+ let alone D-TrueHD or DTS-HD. The best that can be done is remix to a maximum standard DD bandwidth. You need HDMI 1.3 to support the HD sound formats. If you read the wikipedia articles you linked to you will see this is mentioned.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Bryan Hoyt: Ouch.

  • Anonymous

    This is very good news indeed and i am so excited will this be in the UK as well as everywhere else as i want it now, Blu-ray is the best you can get because it holds so much more info on a blu ray disc than the normal ones. Let us just hope they dont have the same problems the PS3 had.

  • Anonymous

    Since you are now providing software that supports DTS, would Dell be willing to provide a copy to XPS 700/710 owners who have X-fi’s?

  • Anonymous

    Adam, I think you need to check your facts.  The codecs being used initially did give HD-DVD an advantage in picture quality, but that is no longer the case.  Most people will now see no difference in picture quality, and in the future both formats will likely use the same video encoding, and there will be absolutely no difference.  That’s when BR really gets and advantage, as the selling point then is the extra storage space.

  • Anonymous

    I like Dell. I have an XPS 700 and 2 Inspiron notebooks.

    This Blu-ray in the m1710 thing is a nice thought for bragging rights I guess. I can see the benefits having of Blu-ray from a data storage standpoint, but I’m going for HD-DVD in the format wars (much better price and quality). I can see how Blu-ray would be nice to have in a notebook, because you can burn massive amounts of data to disk. The only problem is, what are you going to do with the data once you get it to disc. Its not like its convenient to use Blu-ray to transfer between computers, because hardly anyone has Blu-ray drives right now. I’m not planning one getting one any time soon. Dual layer DVD’s and external hard drives will work for me as far as data transfer goes. And as for movies, I’m using my $200 HD DVD drive for my Xbox (totally sweet). It’s not like I’m going to hook a laptop up to my home theatre system.

    Hey here’s an idea, since you guys are into the whole “Purely You” thing, how about offering a choice of Blu-ray or HD-DVD. You could be the first to actually listen to customers instead of listening to Sony’s great ideas : )


  • Anonymous

    This is great, since this is one of the first systems where you can watch HD content in TRUE HD resolution (1920×1080). Most “HDTVs” out only have native resolutions of 1360×768 or similar. Without buying an outrageously large LCD or Plasma, this is your best bet.

    It figured, I got my M1710 in the mail the day you announced this. Pitty. Oh well. Perhaps I’m in the market for a standalone drive upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    When will bare drives be available?

  • Anonymous

    So if the E1705 is pretty much a watered down version of the M1710, will the BD player work in an E1705?  If so, the movies should look awesome on the 1200×1920 res (1080p) 17″ screen.

    A couple months ago, people were buying nvidia 7950 gtx go’s for the M1710 and were putting them in their E1705.  All you had to do was remove a little plastic wall to make room for the double heat pipe.  Dell had to stop selling the cards online because of that.  I wonder if they are not selling the BD drive online because of the video card incident?  I also wonder how much they will cost?  And when they will introduce laptop BD-RW drives?

  • Anonymous

    i got question about the xps 1710 notebook development team. I wonder if the power supply shiped with the notebook will work in Europe, because they ave different voltrage over there, it is not 110 like in usa but it is 220 or something like that. For example on all of toshiba notebooks the power supply works in europe too, only the plug has to be changed.

    thank you if somebody replies

  • Anonymous

    i have recently purchased a xps m1210 in the US, but often go the uk for extended periods of time. I used to have an [antiquated] Inspiron 510M, which was bought in the uk.  this works at all power points around the world.

    however, i have heard a nasty rumour that US laptops dont come with the transformers. is this true.

    when i go to the uk is my laptop going to bloe up on me?

    do i need to get some sort of transformer?

  • Anonymous

    It looks like that since Vista came online one can no longer order an XPS 1710 with blu-ray – the online configuration system reports that Vista is not compatible with that type of optical drive. Talking to the sales staff yielded the same answer, with a promise to have it fixed ‘soon’. Is there a way to sell them with Win XP and a free upgrade until the issue is resolved?

  • Anonymous

    When I purchased my XPS I was told I would be able to ugrade to the blue ray once the drivers were out for Vista.  I have the m1710 and so far no one will give me an answer at all about how to go about purchasing the blue ray drive.