Free Recycling Now Available to Consumers Worldwide


In August, I wrote about some of the responsible product retirement options we offer customers. With yesterday’s announcementwe completed the rollout of our Global Recycling Policy.

In short, we offer consumers free recycling of any Dell-branded computer equipment at any time. We are now offering this service globally with the announcement. More details are available at

It’s part our commitment to a policy of Individual Producer Responsibility. We recognize our responsibility to recycle the products we make and sell.

This global program builds on our ongoing efforts in recycling—we began offering free recycling to consumers in Europe in 2003. We began “free with purchase” recycling in the US in 2004. And we were the first to publicly set recycling goals—we report on progress annually. Dell has committed to recovering 275 million pounds of used computer equipment from our customers by 2009.

As always, I invite you to send any questions about any of our environmental initiatives my way. As we continue to refine and improve our recycling services, I’ll invite my colleague Eric Gates, our worldwide manager of Asset Recovery Services, to provide an update early in the new year to Direct2Dell.

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7 thoughts on “Free Recycling Now Available to Consumers Worldwide

  1. This is GREAT NEWS!!

    Now I can recycle my new XPS700 next year when the 590 chipset is out of date.  I bought this when it was advertised as fully upgradable BTX chassis.  Lionel told us on this blog, as did Mary on the webcast, that we could upgrade the mobo in the future with any retail BTX mobo.  Since there are none, and Dell still hasn’t decided to take care of their highest paying customers, I will be glad to recycle this beautiful case next year.  Good to know Dell isn’t going to charge me for this service.  It is a shame I will have to recycle my chassis with 3 years left on my warranty. 

    (sarcasm off)

    Where is my upgradable mobo??

  2. Is it just me getting tired of seeing every thread spammed with XPS compaints?  Sure, you may be justified (I don’t know, or care), but comeon, give it a rest, please…

  3. I new Dell was purchased for me during the Christmas holidays – received it on Dec.22nd, 2006 – with the promise that our old computer would be picked up for for recyling by Dell – would appreciate an answer.  Thank you.

  4. Mary: Sorry for the misinformation, and thanks for your interest in recycling. If you’re recycling a Dell machine in the US, you can login to the Dell Product Recycling page. In that tool, you can enter the old system information and print out a waybill. From there, you’ll need to follow up with DHL to arrange for the pickup.

    If you’re a customer outside the US, you can select the appropriate country on the bottom left corner

    For additional details, you can also view the Recycling FAQ here.

  5. Why is it that when you order a Dimension through the Home store, you get free recycling as an option, but when you order a Dimension through the Small Business store, recycling costs $25?

  6. I think your recycling system is a good idea, and I have an older dell branded desktop I would like to recycle.  Trouble is I go to the dell recycle page to enter my address, and the state scroll down doesn’t have Wyoming (WY) on it, nor will it let me type it in manually.  Technical goof on the website?  Could you fix it or maybe just send me waybills (one for the monitor and one for the cpu)?  ps.  I’ve tried echat and they don’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

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