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Today, Jeff
says we need to post more frequently, and I agree with him.  There’s a reason why we’ve been quiet—Dell one2one’s
first four days have been a wild ride.

The more than 140 blog posts on one2one have been a healthy mix of positive,
and neutral.  Some comments have been long, and some brief—we
appreciate them all.  I’ve been working some
long hours to sort through thousands of comments and e-mails sent by 23,000 one2one
visitors in the last 72 hours (a lot of people wanted to know these numbers so
there they are).

It takes
time to analyze all this, but one popular theme is this: Is Dell
listening?  The answer is absolutely—we listen to what our customers tell us directly through our own channels
and we listen to what they say about us in the blogosphere.  Let me give you some facts:

Last quarter, there were more than 400 million visits to  On a daily basis, we take
more than 150,000 calls, process thousands of e-mails and engage in thousands
of chat sessions.  It all adds up to
millions of customers per week.  Beyond that,
in May, we started reaching out to customers in the blogosphere (which will be a
future one2one topic).  Bottom line, there’s
a lot of listening going on at Dell.

of you want to know more about what we’re doing to improve customer
  I tracked down someone who
thinks about t
his 24/
7 – Laura Bosworth. 
You’d think someone in her role would be pretty stressed, but she

loves taking on big challenges and her job at Dell.  She’s going to post here in just a bit.

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5 thoughts on “Are We Having Fun Yet? Heck Yeah!

  1. Gotta wonder why you pander to bloggers that bash you, rather than your loyal customers.

  2. Hey guys,

    Hope you don’t mind, but I figured i’d throw my hat into the ring with a little column around your newest attempt.  Maybe you’ll find it interesting or helpful from those of us who are in the business of tech press, as opposed to being a bunch of marketers:

    I’m really not anxious to simply link my own work on your site, but it says about all I have to say on the matter.  So feel free to read this amongst yourselves and not post the link with my comment.  Whatever you decide on it, just edit this tastefully so it’s not totally incongruous.. 🙂

    Good luck, and I hope you find your place out here successfully.

  3. So, not to steal anyone’s thunder as they make their comments questioning Dell’s real ability to listen, but I just ordered and received a laptop from Dell.  Then I had to make a call to their customer service, which I got through to, and had a very informative call that resolved my question.

    It was pretty simple really.  I know some people want to share with the entire world how terrible their life — I mean, experience — was but I’ll be that like any large company, most people are getting the answers they need.

    And then moving on with their lives.

  4. When a customer purchases top of the line computers plus premium "next business day" support for $500, then Dell needs to provide "next business day" support. When Dell doesn’t do this, then it looks like very deceptive advertising. In my case, I had to hire someone to fix my problem.

    Most people have one understanding of what "next business day" support means and Dell has a completely opposite interpretation. When you support representatives do not know what the problem is, then they shouldn’t say, "Your OS is corrupt, so you need to re-install your OS."

    I read most of your "Most viewed" links and I was very encouraged to see all of the 2-way communication between Dell managers & representatives. This is good.

    In the period of July 14 – 19, I posted a couple of times, but on the July 22, all of the customer support suggestion and problem posts were gone. This included both of my posts. This had the appearance that you didn’t like these posts and you editing out the complaints.

    Suggestion: You might explain how you are processing posts and where visitors can go to read these posts. Yes, I saw where you are re-directing some of these posts to people, who can solve current problems but you need to communicate what you are doing.

    Another suggestion: If I am purchasing a top of the line computer, then I expect it to have the latest USB, etc. connections. It was very disappointing to me to discover that my $3,700 computers contained the USB 1.1 instead of the 2.0, which had been out for a year. Since this was not listed on the order form, there was no way for me to know that this was an issue.

    Just because you start to build a computer with one configuration, this needs to be updated when faster hardware is released.

  5. Hi Linda, if you would send me your e-mail (it will not be published), I will make sure that your issue is handled by the support team.  Your July 15 post was not published as it was noted as a support request.  No comment has been or will ever be ignored if it is a support request, edited due to negativity or erased after it is posted.  You have probably seen one2one’s rules of engagement and my post on moderation.  Thanks.  Please send me an e-mail at your convenience.

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