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I was tagged by fellow corporate blogger Eric Kintz over at HP. Though it took a while to make it to us, I think it’s good that corporate bloggers are being included. Here goes:

1. I have an Archaeology degree from the University of Texas. I focused on the Maya civilization in Central America. Loved it, but let’s just say high tech is a much more straightforward career path.

2. Musicians I’ve met (in chronological order): Ted Nugent (not too long after his Miami Vice appearance), Anthony Keidis, Tito Larriva, Jakob Dylan, Ian Astbury & Billy Duffy, Pete Yorn, David Lowery & Johnny Hickman. Side note: while I was in line several years ago during SXSW, I stood by a guy who claimed to be Elliott Smith—he wasn’t.

3. I’m a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. Have watched them every year since the 1976 season when they beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII. Even though it’s not yet Christmas, my father-in-law recently gave me a signed copy of Rayfield Wright’s biography, Wright Up Front… what an awesome gift. 

4. In terms of importance, if I were to rank all the things (gadgets included) I use on a daily basis, my Titanium crutches would be at the top of the list. I’ve owned countless pairs of aluminum crutches in my lifetime, and broken just about every one of them. Kudos to Thomas Fetterman for designing and manufacturing the best crutches I’ve ever owned.

5. PC games were the main reason I became a hardware geek. First upgrade I ever installed: a CGA graphics card so I could play Jet in four colors on an XT-compatible machine. Yes, I upgraded from a monochrome graphics adapter.

Since I’m late in the game, I had to think about folks to tag: Mike K. from Hacking Netflix, Matt Haughey, creator of PVRblog, Thomas Hawk, Shel Holtz (thanks for giving the Dell blog a chance right out of the gate) and  Bill Betts from GM’s FastLane blog.

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12 thoughts on “Blog Tag: 5 Things About Lionel

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  2. Check out the disabled break dancer on Thomas Fetterman’s web site. Freakin awesome! Nice to get to know you Lionel. So when are we going to see some video footage of you breakin?

  3. Great job Lionel, I am really happy that you participated in the blog-tag. It shows that there are real individuals with genuine personalities behind the corporate blogs. Eric

  4. I have recently had a bad experience in ordering on line.  The order was placed – credit card charged and the product was shipped by Dell only to be lost by DHL.  I have had several frustrating phone calls with individuals in foreign countries, who have been extremely cordial, but they are sorely lacking in their Sense of Urgency regarding my situation.

    Is there anyone in this country that I can call to get this problem resolved?  I am caught right in the middle between Dell and DHL and no one is doing anything.


  5. Heya Lionel,


    Just saying Happy Holidays and I hope you have a great New Year. 


    Blog On,





  6. had ordered and made the payment for my studio 15 laptop on July 30th am yet to receive it, the sales guys who took the order promised the laptop would be delivered to me within 7-10 days, i have not received the laptop. when i try to call them they hang up the call saying we will get back, thay never get back, after that when i tried calling them they dont even answer the call. Had already posted a blog on this, no proper replies from anyone. not getting any  reply for all the mails i have sent the sales people. never knew Dell would treat customers like this.

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  8. Hi Lionel!

    Been always on the look-out for new posts here just to make sure I know what's going on in the Dell world. ü

    Well anyway, an idea came to me while I was also writing tech updates for my blog, The Technical World (although the title is an exaggeration since blogging about what's happening in day to day technology is quite impossible ü), and reading posts here; could it be possible that I can be a part of the Dell blogging team?

    Foremostly, I have an adequate knowledge on any Dell machine, being a DCSE myself, as well as experience with Dell customers and partners. I thought, can I be Dell blogger? ü


  9. Because Dell didn't work with me I did not get my free upgrade to Windows 7
    01 Feb 2010 09:49 AM
    Dell Upgrade to Windows 7
    01 Feb 2010 09:33 AM
    I have been on the phone talking to Dell for the last three weeks. I think from India. I bought my computer from SamsClub. I found out that I needed to register to get the upgrade. So I worked with someone from India. After being transfered several times I had to get off the phone, not knowing whether the registration was completed. Last week, I talked to someone else, I assume from India. She told me that I was registered, but would have to have some one check into my warranty status. They would call me in a few days. I waited and no one called. I work long hours on Thurs, Fri, and Sat. and knew that you probably wouldn't have any info on Sunday, so I waited to call today. My warranty information is all up to date, but I can not now get my free upgrade to Windows 7. I am confused, I am being punished because Dell didn't return my phone call to let me know that everything was up to date so that I could get the upgrade? I purchased a laptop also from Dell in the fall and registered that and had no problem. In fact, they called a few days later and asked in I had been satisfied with the service. This is not my fault. I did not know there was a deadline. I am so frustrated. Who can I call about this matter? I am a micro-computer systems specialist, and have recommended and helped people buy your computers in the past, but as of right now, I am very disappointed. Please let me know what you can do with this matter. Linda Nierenhausen…  I realize that this may not be your problem, but could you point me in the right direction?  I can't believe that I can't get this upgrade.  Thank you so much in advance.

    < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy >   See More

    4 minutes ago ·
  10. Dell contacted me this morning by phone.  They reviewed my complaint and they are sending my upgrade to Windows 7.  They have redeemed my faith in the company.  Thank you for any help.

  11. nice post! I remember my days of CGA gaming as well, and I played many hours of "Jet" too. I loved finding creative ways to eject my guy

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