XPS 710, Updated 30" Display


We launched the XPS 710 and the updated 30-inch flat panel last month. In an earlier post, I mentioned that the 710 supports the Core 2 Extreme QX 6700 quad-core processor. It also features processor overclocking in the BIOS. Look near the bottom of this page from the Firing Squad review for a bit more clarification.

Regarding the new 30” LCD—It features a 92% color gamut… what does that mean? Mary explains it in the vlog.

Currently, the default video card offering is a single 1GB 7950 GX2 graphics card. Customers can also opt to upgrade to two of the those NVIDIA cards in SLI mode or for two of the ATI XTX 1900 cards in Crossfire mode. And for those like Rick who have asked, yes, we’re testing new graphics cards, and hope to offer new options soon.

Mary Joseph Miller from the XPS Product Team discusses both the XPS 710 and the updated 30” flat panel here:

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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22 thoughts on “XPS 710, Updated 30" Display

  1. This tops the cake! WHAT ABOUT BIOS OVERCLOCKING FOR THE XPS 700? FOR THE LOVE OF PETE…. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY. If you can enable Bios overclocking for the XPS 710 why haven’t you for the XPS 700?

  2. The XPS 700 is DEAD, Dell has move on and WE XPS 700 owners were beta testers, plain and simple. They will see where they went wrong with the XPS 700 and 710 and leave those owners hanging, So when the XPS 800 arrives it will be their REAL gaming system for the gaming enthusiast.{I HOPE} With all the bells and whistles,

     Dell tried to build a gaming system  and they failed with the XPS 700. Dell should stick with what they are great at, Marketing and building computers for people who just want to surf the web and check their e-mails, Thats their real bread and butter not us gamers, they bought Alienware for that, they have made a few improvments with the 710, but they let a lot of people down with the XPS 700.

    It was not cost effective for them to help out the XPS 700 owners because we are such a small % , It’s a shame. The bottom line is {and  Dell has tried puy their own spin on this} that we did not get what we where told we we going to get in the XPS 700 and they will never admit this,.  All the work GBAKMARS and the rest of the members of the Dell forum did to try to help Dell improve, I am afraid, might have been for nothing.

    Cheers and have a safe Holiday everyone, Peter

  3. Yes, how dare Dell design and release new products incorporating the features people want, when there are people unhappy with the previous generation.  This is worse than the Pinto being discontinued, and new non-exploding models being released before the Pinto was fixed.


  4. Should I even bother buying an XPS 700 now? Was looking at a pretty nice custom-order one for after Christmas but I don’t know.. the XPS 710 is just too expensive right now which leaves me with the 700.

  5. Thanks for such well thought out comments Toughlove. I guess I’m expecting too much to ask Dell to support the computer I bought less than three months ago. I guess I should sell my 06 Mustang and buy myself a Pinto. Thank you so much.


  6. You are right Toughlove.

    They should have fixed all the problems with the XPS 700 before they released the 710, We 700 owners just wanted what was advertised and promised, an upgradeable, expandable system, and a true 590 motherboard, If only Dell would come out and say that we could buy the new btx 680 motherboard from them to upgrade our 700s,  I would not mind spending $200-$350. for this product, then  all of this would go away.

    I realize that our problem may be small to some on this blog and the Dell fourm and on the outside world, and even Dell itself. However Dell was wrong in how they handled this XPS 700.

    This system was rushed out the door way to soon  Dell should have kept it under wraps  until they { the XPS 700 engineers } where happy and confident with what they had, then and only then should they have  released it. I do feel that it was not the XPS 700 engineers who pushed this system out the door, that it’s go ahead came from the big boss himself, because he was promoting this system himself early on, They had a timetable to keep,

    Yes and I am also to blame, I should not have jumped on this system in the early stages, This was my first time that I have bought a Dell, I read a advertisment, went on the Dell wed site, and at the time what they said and advertised about this system it was the perfect one for me. It’s not wrong to want Dell to do the right thing like “GBAKMARS” has said many times on the Dell fourm, it would be a win/win situation for both Dell and the customers,

    Do not get me wrong, As of right now yes the XPS 700 is a nice system ,I have the red edition,  X6800ee, quad 7950 sli,  the 24in monitor which is fantastic. I would just like to be able to upgrade in the future. If I can’t upgrade then I being a new Dell customer would more then likely buy somewhere else.In Dell’s eyes I realize I am just small potatos and  I am afraid that’s the bottom line…….


  7. I’m confused, i didnt even realize yet that there was a 710, what’s the difference? Not even having learned a lesson or two from the recently aqcuired alienware, Dell seems to continue with vaguness, to me it looks like the same machine as the 700, but you can put a Quad CPU and ONLY a quad CPU in it, is that the only difference? is the mainboard different?

    You guys need to shape up the XPS line, start lising more detail about the parts, dump the ironically lower end dimension clones with the XPS branding slapped on and treat your customers like the enthusiasts they claim to be, starting with a detailed and “un-steplike” ordering process with all the necesary part and branding information that the consumer you claim to market to would want.

  8. lol this is funny…another gimped mobo..dells version of the 590 (oh i meant 570)…another non upgradable system…which will be forgotten in a couple of months. great job dell.

    oh btw black ice will it be a gimped version of the firewall my company uses?

     black ice cooling on BTX? lol didnt u have anithing better to do, like make your xps 700 customers happy? not to go with a DELL VERSION of a chipset (funny how the chick in the video says “dellx version of the nvidia 590), learning how to speak the truth, etc or were we just test subjects for your corporation?

    all you care about is selling machines..once the money is kept after 21 days..thats where the relationship ends with us.

    good luck with black ice, i think you should have called the cooling technology something in the lines of  “DELL IS ON THIN ICE..we are no longer the worlds no. 1 manufacturer…so here it is: ANCHOR TECHNOLOGY based on the offical lies of dell”

  9. I agree. Once again, Dell has failed to takes care of those XPS 700 loyal and as I have stated again, I will never buy a Dell again and will never recommend to any of my family members to buy a Dell again (father has an XPS 600, Aunt has a Dimension 8400 and mother-in-law has a Dimension 8400). Guess I will just build them PC’s again, like I did before they last upgraded.

    Thanks again Dell, for failing to take care of the customer!

    Another unhappy Dell customer.

  10. i got question about the xps 1710 notebook development team. I wonder if the power supply shiped with the notebook will work in Europe, because they ave different voltrage over there, it is not 110 like in usa but it is 220 or something like that. For example on all of toshiba notebooks the power supply works in europe too, only the plug has to be changed.

    thank you if somebody replies

  11. Boris said: – i got question about the xps 1710 notebook development team. I wonder if the power supply shiped with, etc….


    Yes, the 1710 power supply will work in Europe.  The power supply is rated 100-240VAC.  I have used mine in Germany.  you just need the adapter.


  12. Lionel,

    Any word on when Dell will be offering 1) the 8800 GTX card in SLI and 2) the 680 motherboard for your pre-configured systems? I will ordering a new top tier system before the end of the month, and Dell’s current offerings are pretty far behind some of the competition. I’ve been a loyal Dell customer for 10+ years but the delay in getting these cards into your “top-of-the-line” systems has me seriously considering other vendors for the first time since I purchased a Packard-Bell 486 from Best Buy  so many years ago…

  13. Ok, I was wondering. I  was looking at buying the XPS 710. Im not a huge gamer but I am looking at upgrading from the computer that I have now. I just like to surf the web and check emails and maybe a few games but nothing crucial. From reading some these commments, I am kinda apprehensive about buying it. What Do you think?

  14. in France they just told me that the 710 is available with 768MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX (Dual) Card … why don’t they show this on the website?!

  15. There is nothing wrong with Dell… If you are looking for a good quality computer, always observe to other people’s opinions… If you notice Dell gets more degrading than Sony or Voodoo companies, then that means Dell is the quality company, because competitiors are trying to influence  customers to buy else where…   I will always recommend a dell, but why?

     1) I’ve purchased 4 computers from Dell.  3 desktops and one laptop.  The first desktop is now 7 years old and has never given a problem… Of course the OS crashed, and that was because of viruses. However, I did not install an Anti Virus solution on the pc, and I would do lots of porn surfing… I corrected the problem by reinstalling the OS. My desktop is like brand new again…  My second desktop was given to me by my grandfather. He didn’t know I already had a desktop.  The desktop he bought me is now approximately 5 years old. I’ve never encountered a problem with it, and I don’t normally turn off my computers; I just turn them on and leave them there running….  My 3rd desktop was given to me by my girlfriend.  I told her I am looking to upgrade to a much faster desktop, and she went ahead and bought me a dell desktop on my birthday. Yes, I was so appreciative. The desktop is almost 2 years old, and I have never enountered a problem with it…  I wanted to go portable, so I decided to purchase a laptop. Of course it had to be a Dell. I will never shop with another company. II don’t have problems with Dell, so why shop somewhere else?  Anyway,  My laptop is 1 year and half old, and I have never encountered a problem with it…   When I first received the laptop, the laptop wouldn’t turn on. So I contacted dell and informed the issue.  They sent me another laptop the following day. That left me with two laptops, but I did return the defective laptop the following week…   2 months later I accidentally kicked the laptop off my bed while asleep and broke the keyboard and the LCD… I contacted Dell and they suggested me to return the laptop, which I did.  My computer was repaired in just 3 days. Yes, I sent off the laptop on Tuesday and received it on Friday….   A year after my mouse stopped working because I spilled juice on it… I contacted Dell and explained the issue.  They didn’t even question me, they just told me that they will send me a box for me to return the laptop to them.  It took just 3 days to repair.  No hassles, so stress and no pain…

    2) My cousin bought a compaq, altough I suggested her to buy a dell, and her compaq was ruined in just a year. Motherboard was gone, DVD ROM was gone and LCD was gone…    My best friend bought a Sony laptop, because he thought the Sony laptops look cooler than Dell’s, but his nightmare begun after just 7 months, and he had the toughest customer service experience ever….  My other friend, who felt like he’s the best cause he owned a Mac Pro,  became a Dell fan after his Mac Pc started to stimulate migraine headaches… The Mac wouldn’t power up,  the DVD ROM wouldn’t open and much more issues…    Speaking of Voodoo laptops, my fortunate neighbor could afford one, but after his warranty was expired, he didn’t have a voodoo laptop anymore, and that was just after a year…   

     3) I gave away my previous desktops to the little ones, and they’re still running like brand new… 

     I know why Dell gets the most hate and degrading. They’re one of the best PC and top class PC brands, and no one likes to see other person being on top…

     Now that the Dell XPS M 1710 has come out, I am looking forward in buying one.

     I strongly recommend Dell…


    Excellent customer service.

    It seems clear that Dell representatives, which are Indians, speak better English than most Americans.

     Yes, I’m an American.

     If you need a lifetime PC or notebook, shop with Dell, and always remember to care what you have and refuse to blame the company for your own faults.



  16. Anyone running the Dual XTX 1950s in Crossfire mode on an XPS 710? Both Dell, Microsoft and now ATI are giving the runaround. Basically I don’t have the crossfire option — and yes I have the latest drivers from ATI (7.2)

  17. Is this XPS 710 good enough for playing games such as “WoW, gothic 3, and other high-graphic games? thanks.

  18. Yes, I have the dual ATI XTX on a 710.  When they were working the graphics was fabulous.  The drivers have to be installed from the Dell disk not the latest from the website else they dont work.  I had significant difficulties with the drivers.  So far the cards have been replaced once and I’m on my 4th mobo.  Currently, the system is out of action as the engineer declined to fit a new mobo that he claims was faulty in case I lost data.  Am waiting for a resolution.

  19. I am one of whose Dell guinea pigs, with XPS 710 and XTX 1950 Crossfire cards. Truth is sad and simple. This configuration does not work. No matter how “certified, supported or endorsed” it is. Crossfire is only available with ancient drivers provided by Dell and there are mountains of problems with these drivers (most obvious one – it does not woke up from suspend). And of course, Vista is big no-no. So you have paid mountains of money to get system that just does not work. There is no words to describe how sick I feel for Dell still promoting/selling such configuration. Needless to say – I have learned my lesson, there will be not a penny more for Dell from my side. There is just one way how to react for such behavior – vote with you money.

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