"Plant a Tree for Me"


At CES today, Michael Dell launched “Plant a Tree for Me,” our most recent environmental initiative. This new global carbon-offset program offers customers the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions associated with the generation of electricity required to power their computers.

For a long time, we’ve been committed to helping our customers find new ways to protect the environment. We hope our customers see this program as a down-to-earth way for them to reduce their carbon footprint when they purchase our products.

Our non-profit partners in this project, The Conservation Fund and the Carbonfund.org, will use the donations raised through the “Plant a Tree for Me” program to plant trees in sustainably-managed forests. Consumer donations of $2 for notebooks and $6 for desktops will go toward the planting of trees to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Today this program is available for consumers making new Dell purchases but we will make it available to any consumer for any computer in February.

We are also launching a new Web site today, www.dell.com/earth, which provides links to in-depth information on Dell’s environmental programs.  Feel free take a few minutes to explore some of our new features, including an ‘energy counter’ tracking the projected cost savings and environmental benefits provided by Energy Smart features on Dell products.

As always, we look forward to your questions, comments and suggestions on how we can offer our customers more ways to will continue to post updates at www.dell.com/environment.

Update: Here’s a StudioDell video that explains this initiative in more detail.

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6 thoughts on “"Plant a Tree for Me"

  1. Wonderfull, I would love to see more company offering the same “value-added” to the environment!!! Congrats!!!

  2. I see this as a nice PR thing to do as well as something good for the environment.  I hope to see other companies doing similar things.  Another great way to help the environment would be for Dell to make computers that are much more upgradable.  Swapable mobos, power supplies, ect would make it possible for customers to purchase a few compnents while reusing many other current parts instead of buying a whole NEW system every few years.  This would be both good for the environment and for the customer.  Dell may lose potential revenue in the short run, but should increase customer loyalty in the long run.  This seems to be WIN/WIN for everyone.  I should work in R&D.  🙂

  3. FYI, some Wall Street analysts are already questioning if CES was the right venue for this announcement.

    I find it ironic that those same financial analysts that rush to ridicule Dell have in some way contributed to the company’s problems by how they choose to measure ‘performance.’

    My column entitled “The Rise and Stall of the Dell Marketing Machine” addresses this very isuue in what I believe is a more fair assessment.


  4. Wonderful idea.

    However, contradtictory to the carbon tradining market that exists today. Primarily producers, not consumers are responsible for their carbon production. Dell shuld pay to plant a tree for every computer sold – not enable the consumer to donate money to make it happen. That is an earth-friendly idea, not the publicity stunt that plant a tree for me really is.

  5. I recall several months ago seeing details of Dell providing power efficient versions of some of their server equipment, the major drawback being that they cost ~20% more.
    Now supposedly you’d make the extra cost in the savings you’d gain from the power efficiency’s but try selling that to the people who sign your cheques.

    Surely a company concerned with doing the environmental thing would have pushed their new energy efficient models at the same price mark as the old power hungry models and earn back any losses by promoting themselves as the company with that earth-friendly view point and cost-saving servers?

    Michael Dell, I’ll go plant a tree, but it will be for my sake and not for yours.

  6. Like Sam said above, I thought this was a great thing at first until I read further and saw its a donation thing. Personally, I have no problem giving 6 bucks if it will help the earth, but thats beside the point. Dell should be doing this for *every* computer sold at Dell’s expense – especially since Dell’s laptops and desktops have gone up in price about 30% across the board for similar speced out systems in the past year, which I’m sure Dell could put $6 aside for planting a tree.

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