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A few people have asked about how comments are moderated so I thought I’d clarify.  You can read our “Rules of Engagement” for more details.

Since launch, we’ve posted about 80% of comments and directed 18% to Dell support for resolution.  We rejected 2% because they were off-topic, profane, defamatory (or all of the above).

Let’s talk about the 18% that goes to Dell Support—smart people like Andrew Durrett and Geoff Knox.  They are there to solve your problem quickly and they are ready.  You can bypass me and go direct to that team via this e-mail.  I’ve updated the Contact Us page with this information as well.

While I’m posting…. we’re also working on Dell one2one site enhancements.  We now have a full-text feed.  Here’s what I’m looking into: MP4 downloads (by far the #1 suggestion via the Suggestion Box).  I hear you loud and clear and I’m fixing it.  I’m working on bios for each of our bloggers. (Thanks to a number of you for suggesting it, including Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson on FIR.)  I am investigating permalinks for comments.  Finally, we’re adding an e-mail field (optional, not published) in the Comments section so that I’ll have a way to contact you.

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All comments are moderated. Unrelated comments or requests for service will not be published, nor will any content deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to promotional and offensive comments. Please post your technical questions in the Support Forums or for customer service and technical support contact Dell Support.

8 thoughts on “Comment Moderation

  1. Hm, I believe I have made valid commentary on your prior posts – why do not they not get published or responded to.

  2. The comment I submitted earlier today was neither "off-topic, profane, defamatory ([n]or all of the above)". This is called censorship and not in keeping with blogging good practice. It will make interessant read on my blog.

    I take the precaution of making a screen shot of my comment for the record. To be able to illustrate your censorship policy.

  3. Sending the 18% to tech support seems disingenuous to me – especially since you didn’t tell anyone you were going to do this ahead of time. While it might help the individuals with broken computers, it hides from the public the sort of problems that people have been having. This negates Dell’s pose of openness.

    No one will object to moderating the flames, but hiding the customer issues after you’ve made a gesture of "dialogue" is a problem.

    Because you’re making a point to link to bloggers in your main posts, I’m also wondering how you are selecting those folks.

  4. Nice to see you working hard to improve this blog, Lionel.  You’ve been thrust into a permanent spotlight and I hope you’ll continue to post frequently.  Keeps the crowd pacified.

  5. Ya know, as someone who worked for Dell for 5 years (back in the 1990’s), one thing that I was never able to say to customers that I always wanted to say.  I guess now is the time.

    I would never work there again due to several issues such as layer upon layer of management, disconnect at several levels, etc … But what I see here is a genuine effort to make things better for the customer.  There will always be complainers with their "censorship" theories and other unfounded drivel.  And while I would not work there again, Dell makes some awesome products, and I would never buy anything else.  If you can’t post something constructive and based on fact (avoiding your censorship ideas and other useless diatribes), then go buy a Gateway or some other brand where your connection to the company is even weaker than what you think you have now with Dell.  Nobody is holding a gun to your head making you post or read this blog.  Get a grip.

  6. Dell, I have to give it to you, you’re trying. Censorship however is not a good thing. This 18% of people need to be handled "eh maybe"? however people need to see those comments. Then people need to see the follow up "Hey thanks for reaching out to me", as of right now we don’t know if you made up 18% or if you’re saying to "sent those people to that team" to make us feel better…

    Having said that…don’t blog about products, customer service because you’re feeding us what you want us to know instead of hearing out what we have to say. Bloggers like to feed back to you from how they feel, you can return that and explain how you’re making it better, then we all win.


    If Lionel and crew were not to filter out what are truly customer service issues, this forum, would become completely inundated with off-topic posts. That is not what this blog should be about.

    Good for you, Lionel. I applaud this effort.

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