XPS 700 Update, Keyghost Hoax and XPS M2010 Video


For Dell customers waiting patiently for your XPS 700, I have news.  We will begin shipping within a week from today.  Also, I can confirm that we’ll support the Pentium D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors when they are available.  Sorry for making you wait, but it’s coming.

Keyghost just won’t die.  Just so we’re clear, Dell does not install keyloggers.  For third-party validation, check out Engadget or Snopes.

To one2one reader, Chris:  My apologies—I said I would post the link for the XPS M2010 video, and didn’t get to it until now.

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41 thoughts on “XPS 700 Update, Keyghost Hoax and XPS M2010 Video

  1. Finally some good news: support for core 2 duo and a shipping week. (I was getting tired of checking my "order status" to see a blank in the estimated arrival date.

  2. Does this mean that those who ordered a Pentium D processor won’t have Conroe ready motherboards?

    I think we deserve an answer regarding this…

  3. Thanks for the XPS 700 update, I really hope that it comes to fruition.  Now, we all know that the XPS 700’s MLB will support all those processors.  For those of us "early adopters" that promptly plunked down several thousand dollars for a machine with a P-D back in May/June because that was the only option available at the time, will we be able to reconfigure to an E63/4/600 or X6800 processor "when they become available" (i.e. July 27), *without* losing our place in line?  What about cost?  In my opinion, you’re going to have a lot of bad press, unhappy influential people, and cancellations should this situation not be handled with care.

    I realize this is probably something for the sales or CS departments to deal with, but I feel it’s appropriate enough here.  I’ll ask on the Community Forum site as well since I’m particulary active there.

  4. i believe something has to be resolved for the people who ordered the xps700 with the pentium D over a month ago and still haven’t gotten their computer…

    its not fair for a customer who paid $1000 extra for a pentium D 965 extreme edition while the BASE core 2 duo chip that will only costs $183 in the retail channels performs better

  5. To make this really a blog from Dell – Michael needs to write some kind of update at least every other week (or once a month if he’s really busy).  

    Let us know what he’s up to – what plans he has for the future of the company and what he’s doing to turn things around.  Honest, natural written words from Michael would be great – rather than corporate speak and marketing fluff.

    What say you Michael?

  6. For all of us who purchesed the XPS 700 expecting the "XPS, Specialized Service and Support", please give us the option to modify our existing order from the Pentium Ds to the Core 2 Duo while they are still in the stage of "pre-production"…

    We all purchesed this system hoping to have the "most powerful gaming and high-performance PC we’ve (Dell) ever produced"; and since the Core 2 Duo is obviously going to be (much) better, why not provide your existing customers the option to be satisfied?

    This’s not asking for a freebie, just modifying an existing order that’s not in production yet… I’m sure your system is able to handle this kind of change.

  7. For all of the people wondering about being able to upgrade their XPS 700 to the Core 2 Duo, a bit of simple research is all that is required.  For one, Intel will be launching the new chips on July 27.  Second, the Core 2 Duo uses the 975X chipset (with Socket T, or LGA 775), just like the Pentium D.  

    If you really want a Core 2 Duo, why not just wait until they are released?  It doesn’t make sense to berate Dell about a processor that hasn’t been released yet.  Just cancel your order and place a new one with Core 2 when it becomes available.  Seems pretty simple to me.  Heh.

  8. I never even new there was a problem, nor did the Dell rep tell me that there was a delivery problem, even after calling back twice after the order to check why the delivery dat was showing in August for a June order.  But after waiting three weeks and the xps 700 unit I ordered had still not arrived I called Dell again, and after be routed through several call centers I learned they weren’t shipping until July 17.  I hope it will be worth the wait.

  9. So will there be an option for all the many open XPS 700 orders, dating from May 30th on, to upgrade to a Core 2 or will we have to cancel?

  10. Yes, you stated that Pent D, and the Dual Core 2 Duo will be offered on the XPS 700, but you were not clear as to if you purachased a XPS 700 with the Pent D chip, that you can upgrade the Pent D CPU later to a Dual Core 2 Duo without upgrading the motherboard as well.

    Please stop this confusion.  Yes, you can upgrade the Pent D motherboard on the XPS 700 with a Conroe CPU later, or no you cannot, unless you upgrade the motherboard.  Real easy to answer.

  11. While this is good news, it could of been provided long ago, or at least an official status saying what had to happen before Dell could give a solid answer. For being a high priority, Dell is stumbling out of the gate at improving their customer relations, but at least Dell has come out of the gate.

    Dell still seems to be ducking some of the questions and concerns from the customer forum.

    Why did it take so long to get a simple answer like that on the XPS 700?  The forum post opened July 3rd, and for the most part did not get a straight answer until 11 days and 600 posts were made, and only then it was finally announce that the XPS700 was going to be  Conroe compatible.

    There are still customers frustrated at waiting over 2 months who purchased a top of the line computer are now going to be receive a PC that is towards the bottom of the top end(at least it will be upgradeable).  Your customers still paid for a top of the line dollars, and now because of delays (who knows what caused the delays; nobody has provided an official explanation, but it wasn’t Dell’s customers).  The Pentium D processors are no longer the top of the line, and judging from recent Core Duo benchmarks they are fairly far from it. Granted you could say that the performance your customers paid for is still what they are going to get, or you could say this is the price of being an early adopter, but early adopters be definition have the parts shortly after they order them.  

    Taking this analogy to the extreme, it would be like selling a Pentium system ten years ago when they first came out, and delivering it today and still expecting the customer to pay market value from ten years ago.  Now this is extreme, but Dell is targeting in the enthusiast market, and having the top machine is why these customers want to buy this machine.  Having a top machine from 3 months ago is that much closer to being out of date, and we are in the process of passing a critical milestone with Intel’s Core Duo processors.  

    Dell could be passive on this and just let these dissatisfied customers out there grumble and groan.  Perhaps they will cancel there pc’s and get back in line for a new machine, or buy a similar machine from another supplier.  Either way, being passive is going to leave a bitter taste in some of the XPS 700 customers that have not received their machines.

    Dell could show that they are truly working on improving their customer image and reward those that already committed to purchasing the XPS 700.  Dell should come out with a plan for those that already purchased, perhaps an upgrade path without losing their place in line.  Some sort of plan or offer to your existing customers waiting for their XPS 700 would go along way to establishing goodwill with the enthusiast market.  Perhaps this is something Dell is already working on, and if you are, let people know, speculation by your current customers are only frustrating those waiting for a new machine.

    This isn’t a post looking for freebies, just do the right thing, and I’m sure Dell will be recognized for it.  The XPS 700 is already getting good press for it technical prowess, now it’s time to address that customer expectations. Customer service and support was the 5/10 on the CNET review, and it looks like all the customer reviews are all low becuase of disgruntled XPS 700 customers.


  12. Your statment is not clear at all.  

    Will the customer be able to UPGRADE to Core 2 Duo (when released) if their system is shipped with a Pentium-D Processor?


  13. The blog at the following address (http://www.dellone2one.com/default.aspx) states:

    "Also, I can confirm that we’ll support the Pentium D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors when they are available. Sorry for making you wait, but it’s coming."

    The "we’ll support the Pentium D, Core 2 Duo" statement above is ambiguous to me. I am comfortable with switching out processors and updating the BIOS–much more than that and I’m lost. Perhaps we should be asking "what will be involved in upgrading from the Pentium D to the Core 2 Duo?"

  14. You say in your comments that the ‘We will begin shipping within a week from today’ 14/7/06 Is this a Yarn as far as I can tell from my order and other Dell customers on your Forum Nobody’s Orders has been changed from Pre-Production to Production.

    I suggest you look up the word ‘Spin’ as that is all that Dell seem to be doing and If you check your Forums You will see that Dell are actually losing a lot of Customers who are Cancelling their orders because of the Dell ‘SPIN’

  15. Thanks for this, looks like this whole project is heading in the right direction.

    For those detractors, bear in mind the size of the organisation and the apparant shift in emphasis that’s required to bring this blog to the World and keep it going.

    Give them some breathing space and watch with interest.

    Now if they could only lower the price of the XPS700 for us dedicated blog-watchers! 🙂

  16. Its getting pretty bad around here.  Dell has been asked a few days ago, and even though this is their blog, they refuse to come back on to answer a few simple questions.  Sorry state of affairs.   ( Monday 17th of July and counting )

  17. You’re supporting 3 different Intel processor lines.  A search of your entire blog site doesn’t return one hit on AMD.  Mr. Dell/Mr. Rollins says Dell listens to their customers.  A lot of us are shouting for a DELL/AMD desktop at a competitive price, yet Dell seems deaf to those cries.  For 3 years AMD has provided better price/performance.  Now you may say Intel is better next week, but that doesn’t explain those last three years.  If Dell wonders why their market share is down while HP is up, guess what — HP sells AMD solutions in addition to Intel solutions.  Customers voting with their feet and dollars when Dell isn’t hearing their requests.  I’d like to know just who Dell has been listening too, because it sure isn’t a lot of us out here.

    If you do want to hear what your customers (some to be former customers) do want, this will sail through moderation without a single comma changed.

  18. " I can confirm that we’ll support the Pentium D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors when they are available.  Sorry for making you wait, but it’s coming ".


    Answer is not good enough.  You must be more plain…

    Question :

    1.  Can you upgrade a Pent D XPS 700 cpu with the Conroe chip without changing motherbords  ?

    2.  Can you upgrade a Pent D XPS 700 cpu with the Conroe chip without changing the motherboard ?.

    3.  Can you upgrade a Pent D XPS 700 cpu with the Conroe chip without changing the motherboard ?

    Had to ask three times on this post, since you guys at Dell do not get it when we ask a simple question, either on time or complete enough without being some what vague about it….  Now, answer the stupid darn question please.  Is it that hard to do for goodness sakes  ?

    Can you put in a Conroe cpu into an existing XPS 700 system, just by pulling out the Pent D cpu and replace it with the Conroe without changing the motherboard ?  Can you guarantee this  ?

  19. I have been looking to buy a XPS 700, but have been waiting due to all of the uncertainty over delivery time, etc.  I have since decided to wait until the new generation Intel Duo processors are offered.  If I order a new XPS 700 with the new Core 2 Duo processor, will I have to wait forever to recieve it while you guys catch up with your production that has kept all of these other poor souls waiting for their PCs or will I be able to recieve it in a reasonable amount of time (ie. 3 weeks or so)?

  20. If anyone feels short changed on technology since their system was on order for weeks and something better has come out in the mean time, you can always cancel that order and reorder it with the newer option.  That’s what I did.  Instead of waited this long for nothing, might as well turn into something I can benefit from.  

  21. How can you Dell ignore all these XPS 700 customers with anger and dissatisfaction? We have been waiting for our systems for more than 2 months. Now answer us, "Is is upgradable from Pent-D to Conroe with the exisiting MOBO in the XPS 700?" You hold on to our orders for more than 2 months and now the technology has changed. How can you sell us your so-called top of the line system when the system we are getting is not with the most advanced technology? Needless to say we have overpaid an old CPU for at least $800 more, considered the entry level core duo chip even outscores the Pent D EE? Dell, show us some of your respect to your customers who paid more than $3,500 for a PC!!!

  22. Nice to know, that on the 15th of this month a few questions about Conroe and Pent D upgrade possibilities without a motherboard upgrade was never answered by Dell on their Blog.  Good going Dell.  Now get lost and take this Blog with you, since you don’t give a hoot about anyone but yourselves and pocket book.

  23. I don’t know if anyone has asked this yet..

    1. Can you clarify if the XPS 700 with the Pentium D will be able to upgrade to the Core Duo without changing the motherboard?  

    2. Can the consumer just swap a Core Due into a XPS 700 with a Pentium D chip and still have an XPS 700 that works?

    3.  Can you answer the above?  Many of your current customers want to know

  24. Why can’t someone from Dell come to their own blog and make a simple statement?  It’s been four days since the last posting here, and people have asked straightforward questions here and the forum site that deserve answers.  It sure seems to me like Dell is trying to hide something with silence and ambiguous half-hearted remarks like "will begin shipping within a week, sorry for making you wait".  

    Also, you would think someone’s status would have changed to "In Production" by now if these mythical boxes are going to be out the door by Friday.  I don’t know of a single one that has.  Smells like another paper launch.  

    Please answer the questions:

    1.  Will XPS 700’s that ship with a Pentium D chip be upgradeable to E63/4/6/700 processors?

    2.  Will customers who originally placed orders way back in another time be able to reconfigure to aforementioned E63/4/6/700 processors when they are released *without* losing their place in line?  

  25. Dell gets an A+ at intentionally avoiding simple consumer questions.

    Can you upgrade a Pent D XPS 700 cpu with the Conroe chip without changing the motherboard ?

    Can you upgrade a Pent D XPS 700 cpu with the Conroe chip without changing the motherboard ?

    Can you upgrade a Pent D XPS 700 cpu with the Conroe chip without changing the motherboard ?

    Please answer and stop avoiding.  

  26. To Stephen, Kevin , Bob and all the other guys to lazy to find the answer to a simple question (even if it’s in THIS thread of comments.

    July 15:

    "Max Power said:

    to help end the confusion:


    it states that the NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP chipset for Intel (the one sent with the xps 700) is compatible with basically every chip."

    Now, how hard was that? Even before i found Max’s answer it took me about a minute to find the answer to the question you guys seem so fond of asking three times at a time. 🙂

  27. Is Dell still planning on shipping any XPS 700 systems THIS WEEK? We were told systems would ship, but there are only 2 days left in the week–Thursday and Friday. Please, any updates?

  28. Mats,

    No need to be flaming people over this, I read Anand’s info prior to posting.  Tom’s HW(if I recall properly) has an article that points out some Nforce4 SLI MB will support Core Duo as well, but not all.

    A chipset does not mean that the motherboard will be compatible with a given CPU.  Granted, the chipset is a primary factor in this equation, but their are motherboard power requirements and a BIOS that add the functionality to support a given CPU.  

    Dell had avoided saying it was compatible for over a month, that is why people were asking like they were.  Dell may not have had the test results to answer this with confidence or was under an NDA, but it would have been nice if they could of been more direct, or given a timeline when this answer could be provided.  You probally came in late and did not realize these other factors.

    I am glad that Dell has finally clarified this in their blog.

  29. I agree with Mats. Why are you guys to lazy to go find that answer your self? The answer’s are out there. Go look.

  30. Here is my most recent post on the Dell Community Forum, just after seeing that my xps 700 order has gone into production. We were promised a phone call and the option to modify our orders to the Core 2 CPU. I did not speak with a rep, that called. I did put it in my log via the chat, that I definitely want the upgrade. I began this thread on July 3, and it appears that things are getting worse, not better. Please Dell address this post.

    Home & Home Office

    6/5/200610?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ASP >In Production6 6$4,516.66Home & Home Office6/5/20069Cancelled66$4,516.67       Home & Home Office5/31/20069Cancelled6 6$4,263.32Home & Home Office5/30/20069CancelledXHX66$3,738.62     When you look at this paste job, the XHX is the xps 600 replacement cancelled. The 5/31 order was my first shot at the xps 700. Dell messed up the order, and it had to be cancelled and reordered on 6/5  and is IN PRODUCTION for $4516

    Everyone please listen up!! I have it in writing from a customer care rep that I will be called within 24 to 48 hours. Promised that my computer will not ship, and that I will be given the opportunity to modify my order and change the processor to the Core 2. That chat took place over 60 hours ago. We all have it in writing that all orders placed before July 18 will be contacted and given the opportunity to modify or accept a Dell gift card. We have it in writing that an order will NOT ship before we are contacted. And to seal the deal, I have the infamous sign of Dell trust, "DON’T WORRY"  Anyone that has ordered a more expensive Pentium D or 4 needs to keep this in mind: You paid a significant amount of money to upgrade your order to a better processor. If you ordered the 965 EE then you paid $1000 more then the person that ordered the 930. Unless Dell is going to give you a $1000 gift card, then it is foolish to except shipment of the order with the plans of upgrading later. I have tried to be clear on this issue, and I do not think I was being heard. DELL IS NOT GIVING US A "FREE" "UPGRADE". If you ordered the 965 EE then you paid for Dell’s best. It is no longer Dell’s best, and you would not spend $1000 for old technology. Please re-read the post that I sent a couple of pages back. I intentionally stay away from this forum for over 250 posts, 1) because I was very disappointed in the termination of "OUR" thread, and 2) I wanted to sit back and think a bit, and read what everyone was thinking.  From what I see, we are getting swept up in this thinking that all of a sudden Dell really cares, and is looking out for our interests, and we just need to sit back and give poor Dell some space to sort things out. I DISAGREE!! Dell is a multi-billion dollar a year mega corporation and they can afford to "fix" this issue without us worrying about clogging up their phone lines. While we are sitting back and "trusting" Dell, orders are mysteriously going into PRODUCTION!! HELLO!! That thread of OURS ( I say "OURS" because, we the customers started it. The larger that thread grew, the more the watching world could see that we were strong, and gaining momentum. The media was on the verge of taking notice. They had to. It was getting TOO BIG. Honestly, is the world’s largest computer company unable to support a thread with 1100 posts, and therefore had to lock it down?) was hijacked, and we lost our focus. Please  re-read this post. I surely hope that I am not now going to have to ship back a XPS 700 computer and monitor, and get customer care to set up the shipping for free, and on and on and on. Unless you have agreed to accept the order as is, then you shouldn’t accept it. Refuse the order and let it be taken back to Dell. You have it in writing that  you must be contacted and given the opportunity to modify. We are not even close to an agreement that is fair and looking out for the interest of the customer. PLEASE READ AGAIN

    Hi  No I have not abandon the forum, but I still am not liking the change in direction. You have got to get them to see that Dell did not give them anything FREE. And it is not an UPGRADE. When I purchased my xps 700 on May 31 I ordered Dell’s best processor for an additional $1000. That technology is OLD, and I would NOT pay for that process now. No way. Who would pay $1000 for a Pentium D now that the Conroe is on the market. So what Dell has realized, is that they OWE customers the current technology at the current prices. It just so happens that the price that we all paid for the pentium D’s corresponds nicely with the price of the current technology.. In fact some are arguing that the new technoloy is cheaper, as Intel is looking to undermind AMD. I would cancel right now, if I knew for sure that Dell was not going to modify my order with a Conroe x6800 EE. Now if at least they were modifying and getting us the orders on time as promised, July 22, then it would have been a decent deal to get the modification, and not have to reorder. But as it is, you could probably cancel, and reorder, and have the computer right about the time that those that hang on get theirs. Therefore I contend that what Dell has done for us is "Nothing" right now. All they have done is add to our frustration and anxiety, as we all wait by the phone, for the infamous phone call!! And then the issue of other technology that will be hitting the market, such as the 590 "all new" chipset, the 1950 ATI, …. etc.  What Dell should be doing is modifying the orders with Conroe, taking an additional % off, apologizing directly to the forum, answering ALL of our questions directly on the forum, and showing us the restructuring that will be taking place within Dell, and indicating to us that they want our input and will take is seriously. We have not even come close to hitting the target yet. And when I see people on the forum getting mad at the person that wants to know, and bashing him and defending Dell it makes me upset. Dell is not our wonderful savior that is taking care of us, and now all of a sudden we can trust them. The issues are still there, and the fact that they answered the questions on the Dell blog, and shut down our thread bothers me greatly. But NO I have not given up, and I will be back. But after reading the last 20 pages of the new thread, I am very concerned that Dell has WON. I posted the following on the PC Mag website, and I plan on contacting more media now, NOT less. What do you think? Your new forum friend!!  David

    Dell is still in hot water with it’s xps 700 release that has yet to be shipped. 53 days past the first orders, and another 30 to 90 day wait has forced Dell to listen to it’s customers. On the Dell community forum you will find a thread that I(gbakmars) began on July 3, because I had had enough of being  tossed around by Dell for nearly 7 months now, waiting for  a functioning xps computer. On January 17 I placed an order for an xps 600, and after massive delays and multiple replacements I got bumped into an extension of my nightmare, the XPS 700! As the thread on the forum reached an unheard  number of posts (over 1100) Dell finally responded on their Dell one2one blog, that all orders placed before July 18 would be given the option to receive a free upgrade to the appropriate Intel Core 2 processor. As was expressed on the forum, over and over, no one wanted yesterday’s technoloy with yesterday’s prices. And who would? The world of computers is always rapidly changing, and Dell this time has been unable to keep up. Dell is trying to call the order modifications a "free upgrade", when in reality  it is simply giving the savy computer customer nothing more then they are paying for. All of the reviews are boasting on Intel’s behalf, and the pricing appears to be compatible with the old Pentium D line. So seriously where does the word "Free" and "Upgrade" fit into the. The big question now is, " Will the Intel Core 2 be so impressive that it will literally bail Dell out of a very tight spot"? I for one have been waiting so long for a Dell computer, that I have seen all kinds of technoloy come and go, and I am just hoping that I will be able to get a couple of days use with my  "old" new Geforce 7900 GTXOC 512mb video cards, before it is time to upgrade again!!

  31. What is up with you guys cancelling so many orders without our consent?  Where is the communication?

  32. As an European DELL User (1 Laptop 3800, 1 Desktop 4500) I learned once more some the ugly business mentality of another US player. The last desaster with the announcements and order handling of the XPS700 is really not the way we in the “old europen countrys” do our job. The White House administration destroyed the last ethic in the head of so many US company’s. Sorry I’m know now, I can be without such guys for the rest of my live. Here in Europe would such company’s penaltied by a court (greetings from Microsoft …). I’m not wondering about the 50% loose on the stocks of Dell in less than 12 month. Bye, bye DELL (as before IBM, and … and …). I do not need DELL Products anymore, because there price/value shrink from day to day. I change my order from here to East instead to West.

    So, my dear frustuated DELL users, forgot the lamento about delay of the XPS700. Forgot DELL!

    Harry, Switzerland

  33. Several of you have commented on either a) not getting a callback or b) having your order cancelled. Many of you have contacted me directly. To ensure that we handle each one2one reader request, here’s what I need you to do.

    Following these explicit instructions will ensure that we get your information over to the callback team as efficiently as possible.

    Send an email with a Subject Line of “My XPS 700 Callback Information” to the Customer Advocate e-mail inbox.

    Please include all of the following information in your e-mail:

    •   First Name
    •   Last Name
    •   Order#
    •   Customer#
    •   Best phone #
    •   Current e-mail address

    Many of you complained that we should have this information, and we do. However, this is all about centralizing the information. The faster we can do that, the faster we can get you taken care of. Thanks for your cooperation and your continued patience. Know there are additional questions—for right now, we’d like to stay focused on upgrade callbacks and getting cancellations taken care of. Many members of the Dell team are committed to shipping the configuration you want as quickly as we can.

    For those asking why we don’t email instead of calling back: a phone conversation is the most efficient way to handle all the order changes (and confirmations we need from you) that go along with the upgrade. It also allows the reps to answer specific questions with each customer directly.

    Several of you have asked about whether XPS 700 customers who purchased through either Dell’s Small Business site or via their company’s Employee Purchase Program are eligible for the upgrade offer or other option. Yes, you are.

    Apologize to international customers—still finalizing some things. Will share more details as soon as I have them.

  34. I’ve been keeping up with the "delay story" with the XPS 700.  Mr. Lionel Menchaca on 7/14 posted "We will begin shipping within a week from today" in his XPS 700 update.   It is now 8/1 and I’ve not read on a forum where anyone has received their XPS 700 order.  All I’ve seen is a lot of frustrated customers.  How about an update whether it is good or bad?  Don’t the customer desire that?

  35. To Dell Canada customers and EMEA customers: One of the main questions I’ve been getting in e-mails and one2one comments is this: Are non-U.S customers eligible for the Core 2 upgrade option? The answer is yes.

    If you’d rather keep the Pentium D-based system you originally ordered, you will may get your system sooner, and will be entitled to a special offer from Dell.  These will vary by region.  Your callback agent will have the details.

    To all XPS 700 customers, I ask for your patience—please wait for a call from a callback rep. Calling into your local Sales or Customer Care queue will not expedite the process.

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