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Evolution of Dell’s eSupport

Copied! (SDC) is the core of Dell’s global service and support portal. Launched in 1998, the SDC portal continues to evolve. We have made many critical enhancements in the last year, but know that many areas of the portal that can still be improved. We give customers the ability to provide feedback via online surveys, chat room interaction and very recently, the page level feedback link. I’m posting now for the first time on the Dell blog to give you another way to share you thoughts on what we can improve. I also wanted to share a couple of examples of changes we’ve made based on feedback we’ve received.

Drivers and Downloads:

Frequently mentioned issues:

  • It’s very difficult to find the right drivers for my system
  • Too many results that don’t apply to me when I search

Changes made:

  • Simplified the process so that the steps to get the driver you need are clearly defined: 1) Select your product 2) Select your operating system 3) Select language, and Go.
  • Improved search allows you to filter results based on what you need (still an area that needs more enhancements, but we are working on them as we speak…so stay tuned).

Windows Vista Support:

Frequently mentioned issues:

  • I would like to upgrade to Vista, where do I get information?
  • Would like a dedicated area for Vista support

Changes made:

The Dell support team has a very simple goal: to provide you with the best online support available anywhere, anytime. Your feedback will always be important, so please continue to share your ideas with us. Moving forward, I’ll try to blog about enhancements and provide insight into things we’re considering down the road.

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