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Making a Virtual Connection


I was recently reminded of one of the two things that makes Second Life such an interesting place—the ability to interact with people from around the globe while feeling like you are in the same place, and the power of SL Groups to bring people together.

Thanks to Linda Zimmer, aka ZnetLady Isbell, and her creation of the Second Life Business Communciators Group, I was recently able to meet Munich Express, also known as Achim Muellers, Head of Brand Relations and Cooperations at BMW, at BMW’s SL island for a discussion with several other group members.  Munich was kind enough to chat with us about what BMW has built in SL and what plans they have for the site.  Here’s a snapshot of the gathering: BMW and Dell share a similar goal of finding new ways to interact with our customers and other Second Life residents.

We’ve been percolating a few ideas of our own for ways to make Dell Island more interactive.  It may not be visible yet, but some new additions are on the way.  Possibilities we’ve been looking at include a way for SL residents to participate in our new Plant a Tree for Me program and a store for Electronics and Accessories.  But, I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas out there, too.  If you’d like to toss yours into the hat, please do so here.  I can’t promise you that we’ll be able to implement them all, but maybe we can do some of them.

And, next time you’re in Second Life, take a moment to search the Groups section to see what interesting people it can help you meet.  When you find a Group that interests you, highlight the name in the result list and click “Join”.  There’s a Dell Group there, of course, through which we’ll be able to communicate our upcoming additions once they’re ready for you to check out!

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