XPS 700 Update… Finally


Motherboard Question
All XPS 700 motherboards will accommodate Pentium D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors. 
What this means: upgrading the processor from a Pentium D to a Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Extreme will not require a motherboard upgrade.  If you decide to upgrade down the road, all you’ll need to do is swap out processors and update the BIOS, which will be available for download at support.dell.com

Options for Current XPS 700 Customers
Due to the delays many of you have experienced, we will provide an option of either a free upgrade to a Core 2 Duo processor or a Dell gift card for all orders placed up until July 18, 2006. 
Unfortunately, upgrading to the new processors will extend your wait time—due to contractual obligations, I can’t be more specific at this time.  Dell reps will be contacting all current XPS 700 customers to offer the option to upgrade.  We will work through the callbacks as quickly as possible—please be patient.

As always, apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this has caused.

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95 thoughts on “XPS 700 Update… Finally

  1. Very interested in this recent announcement, as I had an idea that it was forthcoming. Please tell us that the modification will be like to like. For example if the customer ordered the 965 EE for an additional $1000 then his order will be modified to have the Core 2 EE. If that is the case then I can tell you that most forum members that have been letting their voice be heard will be happy to hear this part of the news. Also I would think it would be appropriate for a Dell  representative to directly address the Dell Community Forum Thread that has now reached over 1000 posts.

  2. Thanks for the update! This really made my day.

    Are the XPS 700 systems still scheduled to begin shipping this week?

  3. Excellent! Thank you for the answers!  Now I can wait happily instead of disgruntled 🙂

  4. I wish this response came much earlier.

    I would say could have come 55 cancelled XPS-700 orders earlier at least. (look into the Dell Community Forum Thread)

    I’m happy as there is at least some good information. By the way: is the information posted here legally binding for Dell?

    I’m sad as there is still no comment and explanation about the actual problems with the XPS-700 that caused / causes the delays and the reasons why Dell has choosen to remain silent so long.

    Some may say why is it relevant now? I say if Dell would "confess" what happened would improve extremely it’s credibility for other statements. It is key for me to understand the "WHY?" as otherwise Dell’s behavior is not explainable, unethical and does not meet my expectations about a high-end industry leading company’s morale.



    Too bad it too so long to get you guys to tell us…

  6. Excellent news, thanks for the update!

    Now I just hope that more progress is made on the units actually shipping.

  7. This is certainly good news from DELL.  I’m glad that DELL has chosen to take the higher path and demonstrate that they really do have concern for their higher end xps customers.  The manner in which DELL has nicely resolved this issue definately will not go unnoticed in the community.  In doing the right thing, DELL has exceeded mine and many other people’s expectations.  I am now eagerly waiting for DELL to contact me.

    In the meantime, there are still a couple questions that I would like answered (and I do not believe I am alone in this):

    1) If I ordered my system with a Pentium D 920, which

    Core 2 Duo processor will I be Offered for the free


    2) If I decide not to upgrade, what is the value of

    the Dell gift card I will be offered?

    3) If I decide to take the upgrade path, will i be given the option to upgrade to a higher end Core 2 Duo processor at additional cost?

    4) How long will upgrading delay my order?

  8. We still need an answer to this question:

    Is the system warranty affected or voided if the end user upgrades his/her processor from a Pentium D to a Core 2 processor?

    The answer may seem obvious, but an offical answer seems appropriate. Please don’t leave us guessing… Thanks.

  9. Great news, but how does this jive with the last statement that systems will ship by Friday? If some systems ship out by Friday when will these people be contacted about the option to upgrade to Conroe, or will they? And how will people be contacted? Phone calls are slow and inefficient. Why not issue a statement to the effect that all Pentium D orders will be automatically changed to their Conroe counterparts. If, for whatever reason, some customers want otherwise, have them call Dell individually. This seems much more efficient and consumer friendly, in my opinion.

  10. T3rayon,

    I doubt we will ever know.  Dell doesn’t make the CPU,  video card, sound card, chipset, hard drive, DVD drive, LED lights, etc.  

    Say as an example, the delay was caused by JimBob Video’s latest and greatest card causing a BSOD in Windows everytime you make Brook Burke your background picture.  

    I’ll bet Dell takes the hit, gets with JimBob and gets the glitch fixed and ships a working computer.  Maybe it is ethics, maybe it is a legal contract that prevents Dell from tattling, either way, unless the other company agrees to let the cat out, Dell is going to stay quiet.

    Bad press, cancelled orders, and free upgrades, is there really a need to air the dirtly laundry as well.    

  11. This is absolutely excellent news. I have to say that I am very impressed. I think we are seeing an entirely new era for Dell. I think the offer of a free upgrade to a Core Duo chip is very nice (even a paid upgrade would have been acceptable in my mind). I look forward to seeing what options I am presented with on my order 🙂

  12. This makes me happy… I hate seeing all of our bad press in the news.  After sickeningly reading 1000 bad posts on the customer forums I am pumped to see us making the right choice.  Putting the customer first…  Awesome!

  13. A very decent move to contact customers with an outstanding order and ask them if they would like the "old" 700 or the "new" 700. Lots of companies would just choose to ship the current orders as ordered.

    Kudo’s to Dell for this one.

  14. I will wait for the rep to call me, but my ship date is tomorrow. Also I called my rep today and he knew nothing of this offer.

  15. For clarification : Does this offer apply to customers in europe etc. or is this a ‘USA only’ compensation ?

    And is the system still going to start shipping this week ?

  16. What about those people who cancelled because of the previous lack of veracity with Dell communications?  Will they be allowed to reinstate their order with a change to Core 2 Duo?

  17. When will Dell reps begin calling XPS 700 customers? Today? Tomorrow? Next week? I cannot afford to sit around waiting for a phone call all day. A response would be great. Thanks.

  18. We hear youI’m working with team members to track down some answers, it’s just that some of these details take time for us to work through.  Here’s what I can tell you right now.  More detailed information will be coming soon.

    1) If I ordered my system with a Pentium D 920, which Core 2 Duo processor will I get?

    It’s still too early to call out specifics.  

    2) If I decide not to upgrade, what is the value of the Dell gift card I will be offered?

    This has yet to be determined.  The Dell rep who contacts you will have the answer.

    3) If I decide to take the upgrade path, will I be given the option to upgrade to a higher end Core 2 Duo processor at additional cost?

    Yes.  For an additional cost, you will have the option to upgrade to a higher clock speed Core 2 Duo processor or to the Core 2 Extreme.  The Dell rep who contacts you will have all the processor options.

    4) How long will upgrading delay my order?

    Tobias is right.  Due to the Intel NDA, I cannot provide specific timing at this point.

  19. This is great news. Just have the same questions as andy posted above

    "1) If I ordered my system with a Pentium D 920, which

    Core 2 Duo processor will I be Offered for the free


    2) If I decide not to upgrade, what is the value of

    the Dell gift card I will be offered?

    3) If I decide to take the upgrade path, will i be given the option to upgrade to a higher end Core 2 Duo processor at additional cost?

    4) How long will upgrading delay my order?"

  20. Since it apparently takes 1000 people all asking the same question in order to get a straight answer from Dell, I’ll repeat my colleagues’ questions above:

    1) If I ordered my system with a Pentium D 920, which

    Core 2 Duo processor will I be Offered for the free


    2) If I decide not to upgrade, what is the value of

    the Dell gift card I will be offered?

    3) If I decide to take the upgrade path, will i be given the option to upgrade to a higher end Core 2 Duo processor at additional cost?

    4) How long will upgrading delay my order?

    5) Is the system warranty affected or voided if the end user upgrades his/her processor from a Pentium D to a Core 2 processor?

  21. More Spin I fear from DELL !!

    As I have yet to see any movement in my order Status and also other XPS700 customers on the Forum !!!!!!

    I havent received a phone call so far and especially as the systems are suppose to be shipping out this friday as you have said!!

  22. And no, I will not "apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this has caused"…

    I think you mean "Apologies", not "apologize". Remember, your spellchecker isn’t always right 🙂

  23. Lionel, thanks for answering the questions and clarifying.

    I have some additional question.

    5)  When will we receive the phone call from the Dell rep?

    6)  Will we also be contacted by e-mail?

    I ask about the e-mail because many of us have to go to work and its very likely that we won’t be in the house when dell calls and in that case, e-mail would just be a better alternative.

  24. Tobias,

    Think of me personally saying those words to our XPS 700 customers: as in "… (I) apologize for any inconvenience…" 🙂

    Seriously though, we really want to thank each and every XPS 700 customer that has stuck with us up to this point.  

  25. I figure the reason they can’t tell us ‘how much this will delay our orders’ is because doing so would be in conflict with their NDA agreement with Intel; they would implicitly be giving a release date for ‘Core 2 duo’.

    So, that means that your system will be delayed by exactly the difference between the date it would have started production under normal circumstances, and the date that Intel chooses to officially launch Conroe. If you ordered early enough, your system will be delayed by quite a bit, since Dell could have these systems ready for shipping friday (or so they say. I say ‘show me the money’), whereas Intel will probably only launch conroe in 1-2 weeks.

    For some of us who’ve only been waiting a ‘measly’ 3-4 weeks for the system so far, this probably won’t mean any appreciable delay.

    Or maybe I just like to hear myself talk 🙂

  26. Lionel,

    Thanks for commenting and reading this group’s comments.  Can you quickly answer any of the questions below?


    1) If I ordered my system with a Pentium D 920, which Core 2 Duo processor will I be Offered for the free upgrade?

    2) If I decide not to upgrade, what is the value of the Dell gift card I will be offered?

    3) If I decide to take the upgrade path, will i be given the option to upgrade to a higher end Core 2 Duo processor at additional cost?

  27. Good question Tobias; is this for USA only, or also for us international (Canadian in this case) customers???

  28. Wanted to clarify the callback process.  Your processor transition options will depend on what you ordered.  I’m reading lots of questions that will vary by user.  

    Here’s how the callback process will work:

    We’re using a centralized team to handle all callbacks—it’s the most efficient way to ensure that you talk to reps who can provide all your options.  That’s why some of you who have called Dell have reached reps that don’t have the answers.  

    We hope to begin callbacks by tomorrow; they will be done in order of your original order date.  No way I can provide individual ETAs for callbacks—but we will work through them as quickly as we can.

    Please wait for a callback from Dell.  We know it’s important to you, and we appreciate your patience.

  29. Can we please get updates everyday, so we can help figure out when to expect our phone call?

    At the end of each business day Dell should post something like:

    As of July 21, we have contacted customers with an order date of May 31-June 2.

    As of July 24, we have contacted customers with an order date of June 2-June 5.

    … and so on…

  30. Thanks for the update. I wanted to go away this weekend, do I have to stay home and wait for a phone call on weekends? How early do I have to wake up so I don’t miss the phone call? Do I have to stay home on weeknights for the phone call? Maybe you could mail letters instead? I hope it has a self addressed stamped envelope.

  31. Dear Lionel Menchaca,

    I have three simple questions for you:

    1. What about your statement dated 14th of July, 2006 stating that XPS700 will start on 21st of July, 2006. Is it still correct?

    If not what has been changed between now and the time you posted that statement causing more delays?

    2. Why does not Dell want to talk about what is causing the problems?

    3. Even if a special "task-force" is going to handle the XPS700 callbacks and order modifications why Dell is not communicating internally about this decision? Why do you let your "front line troops" in the dark?

  32. COME ON DELL!!!

    What is the major malfunction here?

    When will we be receiving a phone call?

    When will systems begin shipping?

    You have less than 48 hours to ship at least one system, or we won’t be able to trust anything on this blog. You said systems would begin shipping by the end of the week, NOW DO IT!

  33. Does it really matter about the statement dated July 21st?  Does it really matter what is causing the problems if they are fixing them?  Does it really matter why they haven’t told the  CSR/Reps every little detail when they could easily read this?  

    Seriously… we work and work for Dell to hear us, then they deliver something promising… FREE… read it again, FREE processor upgrades to core 2 duo, or a gift card.  Yet, you can’t be happy with that, and you demand more.

    Oh no, they said they would begin shipping by the 21st… they probably intended on that before they decided on the free processor upgrades.  As of now… it doesn’t matter.

    Oh no, Dell won’t tell us WHAT was causing the problem.  It was most likely the motherboard they chose seeing as how the technology they advertise wasn’t out.  Couple that with minor issues i.e. the tv tuner / graphic cards not fitting, and they have a few problems to solve.  Big deal.. they are working on it and trying to deliver… give them space.  You can’t keep making nonsense demands.  I’m sure some of the reason they aren’t telling you things is, duh, NDA breaches.  They can’t discuss motherboards that aren’t on market etc etc.

    Oh no, not every CSR knows 100% what is going on!!!!  Oh well, they outsource alot of things, and it takes time to inform people.  Not only that, they are still ironing out exactly how they will do the Free upgrades/or gift card, and what type of processor/amount of money on the card, so why would they tell the CSR’s something only for you guys to come up with even MORE questions, because you are never happy.

    GIVE IT A REST.  We’ve succeded and getting a FREE processor upgrade offered to us, or the gift card.  Be appeased with what you’ve won, and give them time to iron things out.  Quit making demands.  I’m no fanboy, but I, who am distraught at not receiving my 700 yet, am getting annoyed by all this, so imagine how they feel.  Offering a very decent offer, just to be met with more demands.    

  34. Does it really matter about the statement dated July 21st?  

    – Answer: YES! (and the statement about shipping was before the 21st, smart one)

    Does it really matter what is causing the problems if they are fixing them?  

    – Answer: YES!

    Does it really matter why they haven’t told the  CSR/Reps every little detail when they could easily read this?

    – Answer: YES!

    We won’t give it a rest, and you sir are a fanboy. There is no excuse for Dell to delay all these orders and to keep us in the dark. We want answers, and we want them now.

  35. Concerned,

    Well I’m afraid I can’t agree with your point of view.

    First of all: for me it DOES matter what is wrong with the XPS-700. Simply because if Dell can not clearly explain it how do you expect them to fix it? Also if there are some issues related to brand new components such as the nVIDIA chipset I’d rather wait or even cancel as I don’t want a machine with childhood sickness. I guess you won’t be that understanding with the lack of explanations if your car service shop would keep telling you: "your car will be fixed, believe me just get ready your cash? I can’t tell you what the problem is but rest assure we fix everything."

    You call it "nonsense" demand to get this answer from Dell. I call it minimum expectation!

    Since e-mail was invented and also the CRM application I’m sure Dell is using (I help you CRM stands for Customer Relations Management) it is not too difficult to circulate a service bulletin with proper info that every agent receives as soon as they report for work. Heh? If Dell did not do that there is a reason. and again: I’m curious why they let those poor guys bleeding and sweating over the phone…

    I give you a rest but before here is one more thing:

    FREE upgrade:

    Let’s look into this as this is a major part of your argumentation: "You get a bunch of things free why complain?"

    The free upgrade to Conroe (as we have been able to figure it out in the Forum) means that you get a Conroe chip instead of the Pentium-D on a like to like basis. So at the cost/pricing level the "upgrade" means that if you had $X invested in your config for processor now you get the Conroe that worth $X.

    Besides: the free stuff comes not to keep my mouth shut but because I was kind and understanding so far and kept my order with Dell. I hope you recognize the difference.

    Concerned, one more thing to consider: What I said above represented my point of view. You have yours. The point is to share and discuss and the argumentation should be based on facts and ideas NOT on personal offenses. We are different and this is not bad. This is good. You just need to learn to accept it. That’s all.

  36. This is what makes Dell above and beyond the rest, the power and the committment to keep the high end customer happy. Who can complain now? Go Dell.

  37. greatone1601 – Don’t throw a party yet… The systems have not even begun to ship. We still have a long, long way to go until we get our computer.

  38. Funny story. After finally getting in touch with a human, he couldn’t access this website as it was restricted by his IT department.

    Also, I agree with the previous poster – Dell HAS to start shipping 700s before close of business tomorrow or all credibility will be lost. Customer Service 101 – Under promise, Over deliver. If you do it the other way, bad things happen. Dell is going to lose a lot of goodwill on this fiasco if they don’t fix it quickly.

  39. I ordered my XPS 700 on 06-12-06, I want/need my new rig because of my wifes new job. My order status shows pre production with a note saying delivery on or before 07-24-24, please click on a link to confirm delay,confirm this delay and all other delays, or cancell. All link to 404 error. Called dell c/s and told them that I was confriming the delay and to continue with my order. Next window down in the order status screen shows an est ship date of 7-27 to 7-31. I just went to velocity micro and speced out a comparable system with an 8-8 ship date. I am going to wait until 7-31. If this is not resolved by then I will cancel my order with dell and give V.M. my $3300. ***. p.s. I have not yet recived my upgrade phone call.

  40. I contacted customer services and when I told them that this is what was being said on Dell’s Forum and one2one blog they asked if i could email them the links to the pages as they did not believe me !!

    I emaild them the links and have yet to have a response to when my XPS 700 will ship or upgrade the processor!!

    ’24hrs and counting for the XPS700 to ship ‘

    I fear the old saying will be raising its ugly head ‘Houston we have a Problem!!’ tommorow

  41. I ordered XPS 700,Intel Pentium D Processor 950 (3.4GHz,800FSB) w/Dual Core Technology and 2MBcache on 6/14 with estimated ship date on or before 7/21/2006–so anytime soon.  I figure I call ahead to get my choice of a newer processor so I contacted Dell on 7/19/06 2:30 PM EST and spoke to 4 different people in 4 different departments.  Spoke to someone (names withheld) in Small Business unit, who transfered me to a customer care dept, who transfered me to online-order support who sent me to order modification group, but none had heard of this XPS 700 processor upgrade offer/issues that we are all facing and how Dell is offering this upgrade/gift card.

    After 90 minutes on this call, I gave up since Dell employees were not aware of what I was talking about.  Also, per Dell employee, if its not in their ‘configurator’ (online system), they can’t offer us.. so it seems that Dell annouched to their customers but they haven’t told their employees.

    I guess will have to wait and hope that we are home to pick up the call from Dell.

  42. what concerns me the most at the point is i will most likely miss the phone call.  i don’t understand why dell won’t just e-mail us in addition to trying to call us.

    my dilemma is that in 2 days, i will be leaving the country and won’t be returning for a couple weeks.  OBVIOUSLY, i won’t be home to answer phone calls.  i hope that doesn’t mess up my opportunity to get the processor upgraded

  43. I would much rather know when I can expect my order.  August? September?  Also a free upgrade is nice but I would prefer to get a discount on my order.  Is that an option?

    Please let me know. Thanks.

  44. Matt, the Dell rep that calls will be able to give you a ship date if you go the Pentium D route.  You will also be entitled to a dell.com gift card if you opt for the Pentium D.  I don’t know the $ amount—the rep will also give it to you when they call.  Can’t give ship dates for Core 2 Duo systems due to the Intel NDA.  

  45. Will this same deal to upgrade to the Conroe chip or the Dell gift card be avalible to Dells Canadian customers who ordered their XPS 700 before the July 18 cut off date. I ordered the XPS700 965 extreme so I hope I’ll be getting a phone call from a Dell rep. Cheers Peter

  46. My order status has changed to in production and I have not recived a phone call from Dell. Also on the order status page there is a line about due to delays my ship date has been changed to Monday, 24 July. It goes on to instruct me to click on one of three links to acknowledge this message before the 24 July date or my order will be cancelled automaticly. All links go to error 404 file not found. Tomorrow will be 24 July and I am worried that my order will be cancelled. What is going on ? Tim.

  47. I guess we will have to wait until they call and see what is on the table.  Personally, I think Dell appears to be somewhat reasonable in trying to compensate us for the delay.  Of course, I get the feeling these guys really don’t have ALL the information available to give us a clear picture.  I guess for those that are still mad – well you have two choices:  1) wait and see what is happening, or 2) cancel your oder and buy something else.

  48. I would like to know what is going on with orders being canceled. Mine hasn’t been but I’ve heard of others that have had it happened. This is just NOT right in this situation. Someone needs to look into this as it is not making the situation any better for those of us who are having to wait.

  49. StuckInARut and others, I see your comments about automatic order cancellations.  We are looking into this.  Will follow up when I have more details. 

  50. what do you think about dell saying calls would be goin out last week and so far noon had recieved a call. Also 2 weeks ago you stated that xps systems were goin into production.. yet noon has recieved calls to ask if they want to upgrade… I personally do not want to wait another 2 months for the upgrade so i will be goin with my original config. My estimated ship date is tomorrow 7/25…no call yet… im guessing i wont get my system for another 4 weeks huh?

  51. Wooohoo good news.

    Firstly my account manager has promised me a free upgrade from the 940 Pentuim D chip to the 2.67 Conroe.

    Secondly after 8 weeks of waiting my order went into production today.

    European Orders started today 24th July.

    So I wonder what I will actually get??


    XPS700 Black, 750W P D 940

    2x1024Mb RAM

    2x250Gb RAID 0 Stripe

    ATI 512Mb Radeon X1900XTX GFX

  52. I have recived the call from the dell rep.today and I advised him that I would take the gift card and go the Pent. D route. I then asked him about the shipping date.He advised me to call him on Monday the 31st and he would have an answer for me then.

     Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager said:

    Matt, the Dell rep that calls will be able to give you a ship date if you go the Pentium D route.  

    I ask again, what is going on?

    Tim McKenna

  53. Lionel,

    I purchased an XPS700 through dell EPP will i be offered the upgrade?

    I don’t have phone for the next week or so because i am moving. what can i do? or what would happen if i miss the call?

  54. ok im gettin agrivated.. people that ordered 3 weeks after i did have recieved calls and i have not.. i received no discounts just an average joe that saw the xps700 and ordered… WHY HAVE I NOT RECEIVED A CALL YET???

  55. Several of you have commented on either a) not getting a callback or b) having your order cancelled. Many of you have contacted me directly. To ensure that we handle each one2one reader request, here’s what I need you to do.

    Following these explicit instructions will ensure that we get your information over to the callback team as efficiently as possible.

    Send an email with a Subject Line of “My XPS 700 Callback Information” to the Customer Advocate e-mail inbox.

    Please include all of the following information in your e-mail:

    •   First Name
    •   Last Name
    •   Order#
    •   Customer#
    •   Best phone #
    •   Current e-mail address

    Many of you complained that we should have this information, and we do. However, this is all about centralizing the information. The faster we can do that, the faster we can get you taken care of. Thanks for your cooperation and your continued patience. Know there are additional questions—for right now, we’d like to stay focused on upgrade callbacks and getting cancellations taken care of. Many members of the Dell team are committed to shipping the configuration you want as quickly as we can.

    For those asking why we don’t email instead of calling back: a phone conversation is the most efficient way to handle all the order changes (and confirmations we need from you) that go along with the upgrade. It also allows the reps to answer specific questions with each customer directly.

    Several of you have asked about whether XPS 700 customers who purchased through either Dell’s Small Business site or via their company’s Employee Purchase Program are eligible for the upgrade offer or other option. Yes, you are.

    Apologize to international customers—still finalizing some things. Will share more details as soon as I have them.

  56. I have called back my XPS 700 rep.for my expected ship date per his instructions. He informed me that my ship date would be 08-07-06, wich is the same date that my est.ship date flipped to at 00:01am today on the order status page when I logged in to check my status. He informed me that my order was in production and that ship date was the best he could do due to FTC regs.? I informed him that my order has been "in production" for two weeks and my ship date has flipped twice, once each week.

    I thought that if we went the Pent.D route we could expect to recive a firm ship date and our orders expedited.

    For the third time on this post I ask "what is going on?"

  57. Lionel, what about those of us who ordered through Costco?  Can we also send an email with the information you’ve described?

  58. I contacted my sales rep and she directed me to a phone number but when you call it, all it says is everyone is busy, thank you and it hangs up.  When I got back to her, she said to "be patient."

    I told her that was not one of my better attributes…

    I have no idea what is going on but a friend heard they may be having financial problems as their stock took a tumble.

    I guess I will wait for the “phone call” and see what they have to say.

    For those that did get a call, could you please post what they said and what you agreed too?  It would be helpful to see what has been offered by Dell.

  59. I ordered my two XPS 700’s on 6-13.  Still have not received a call and my business rep has no clue and will not even return my emails.  You think that Dell would value customers that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars by letting their business reps in on what is happening.  My original orders, which were to ship on 7/20 have been cancelled and the "new" orders have been scheduled to ship on 10/20.  I have refered many customers to Dell but will think twice about doing it in the future.  I have received a lot of promises but have not heard anything from Dell that has actually happened regarding these XPS 700’s.

    Mike Newell

    Hayden Enterprises, Inc.

  60. Lionel Menchaca:

    I ordered June 10th. I still haven’t received a callback. I have emailed that customer advocate email four times in the last week with my information. On the last email, I came just short of begging for someone to at least acknowledge that my email was received. I have not received any reply or contact from Dell. People that ordered weeks after me have received a callback – I have not. My expected ship date has changed four times so far and I have this funny feeling that it isn’t going to ship this Friday, so that will be the fifth time.

    What makes this even more frustrating is that I’m just trying to get my original Pentium D system. Any idea why I’m being skipped? Any idea why nobody is answering my emails? It was my understanding that Pentium D systems’ problems were resolved and Dell was capable of producing and shipping these systems. Is this not the case? Do problems remain unresolved?

    Any help would be appreciated Lionel. You are the only person at Dell that I am able to communicate with. The CS reps don’t have a clue. Dell’s proposed resolution for this…problem seems fair. But, it is difficult to stand by while people who have waited three weeks less than me are receiving phone calls.

    Please help!!

    Thank you.

  61. To Dell Canada customers and EMEA customers: One of the main questions I’ve been getting in e-mails and one2one comments is this: Are non-U.S customers eligible for the Core 2 upgrade option? The answer is yes.

    If you’d rather keep the Pentium D-based system you originally ordered, you will may get your system sooner, and will be entitled to a special offer from Dell.  These will vary by region.  Your callback agent will have the details.

    To all XPS 700 customers, I ask for your patience—please wait for a call from a callback rep. Calling into your local Sales or Customer Care queue will not expedite the process.

  62. Why aren’t the customer care advocates at the email you provided answering? Why are people (me) being skipped in the callback process? Why should I be expected to be MORE patient than others?

    June 10th order + 4 emails to customer advocate email = still no call.

    At this point I’d settle for an email from a customer care advocate saying that my info has been forwarded to the callback team. Something….

  63. Judd,  if you will send me another comment (I won’t publish any of it) with your name, e-mail address and order#, I’ll be sure that we have gotten your information over to the callback team.

  64. I’ve submitted an email. Should I expect a confirmation that this has been received, or can I just expect a callback "soon."

  65. I ordered a XPS700 on June 8th. Delay after Delay later, I get a call last tuesday from my special rep. She proceeds to tell me of the few things I need to change. These included changing my 7950 to dual 7900’s, sending back my bluetooth keyboar and mouse, and changing out my dvd drives…….also I choose to keep my processor as is to speed things up. She said she would call me back with my estimated ship date. Well that was last tuesday, that was 8 days ago. Now after a call everyday since thursday, I can get no answer from this rep and no answer from anyone else. Lastnight someone told me the changes where never made and that it was in a quote on the order. This rep lastnight also told me I would have to cancel my order and reorder. I am not going to wait till October. Can I pls get an answer on this? And please make it quick.

  66. "Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager said: To all XPS 700 customers, I ask for your patience—please wait for a call from a callback rep. Calling into your local Sales or Customer Care queue will not expedite the process."

    To Lionel: I ask for better communication from Dell.  I didn’t know anything about this mystical upgrade/callback progress until I was trying to search the web about why the XPS700 was so delayed.  I stumbled across this post, lucky for me.

    Yesterday I get yet another email notice from Dell that my order will be delayed another week and cancelled if I don’t call in to extend it – this is maddening.  How can Dell not even take the step to email people about this free processor upgrade or choice of gift card for all the inconvenience?  Seems like you’re only hoping a few people take you up on the offer before their orders are cancelled because they don’t want to wait, which seems dishonest to me.

    And the recommendation not to call into customer service is great advice – calling only serves to INFURIATE the customer.  I called in and explained that I wanted to cancel only to be transferred to 4 different people and ultimately hung up on. It was amazing the different stories I got from the different people.  Amazing in a sad, depressing way.

    What else do I have to do?  I really want to get the XPS 700 with the Conroe (Core 2 Duo) processor. The more I search online about Dell, the less confidence I have.

  67. Lionel,

    How long are we supposed to wait for this call back?  I have seen notes that made it seem that the team should be done already, but nobody has contacted me yet.  I have already sent you an email([email protected]) based on your post above, and did not get a response that it was even recieved.  

    We are all getting frustrated with this lack of information.  I am a patient person but it has been a month since I placed the order and a couple weeks since Dell acknowledged the issue. In the last couple weeks all I see is issues with no resolution or progress towards resolutions.  Mistakes happen, but when you make a mistake, you need to fess up and fix it.  Right now we are seeing no progress towards fixing it.

    A daily update on the status of the call backs, even if it’s a percentage complete would be very helpful.  So far I’ve avoided calling Dell based on your request.. but you need to let us know what is going on.


  68. I ordered my XPS 700 on 17 June. My Estimated shipping day was 25 July which eventually got pushed to 1 August. I received a note from Dell confirming my order on 25 July and then received a note saying my order was shipped on 27 July. On 1 August I received a call informing me that nothing on my original order needed to be changed and offering me a free upgrade with a 2 month wait or a $200 gift certificiate. I explained that I had received a note saying my order had shipped. After some dialogue I came to the following conclusions:

    A. Dell was planning on shipping XPS 700 computers sometime this decade

    B. Dell has no clue how to deal with customers

    C. After ordering a $3000 computer Dell is more than happy to let me wait 2 months and still not be able to tell me when I can expect to see a computer

    D. Nobody has a clue what the real problem is with the XPS 700 line

    E. Dell will continue to advertise XPS 700 computers and act line everything is cool

    F. Dell stock will not rebound with their current approach to customer support

    G. The contest for the New Dell motto ended up in a tie with: Don’t worry be happy and Dude you ain’t getting a dell as the finalists.

    I finally just said cancel my order, hopefully that will mean one of you who ordered after 17 June will get their computer faster. I am going to Costco and will pickup a Non-dell computer.  

  69. I finally got a call but not at the number that I had requested.  They called our home instead of my cell and left me a message to call back.

    Well, I have called and left numerous messages and they have not called back.  Nuts.

    I think what happens if they cannot reach you, they leave a message and you go to the bottom of the pile.  After they run through the first run, then they do their callbacks.

    A friend who is also waiting but got a callback said if you take their free upgrade, they will not ship your system until October and that date is uncertain.  He says he got the feeling that Dell was trying to "force" him into canceling as maybe the system has problems.  I sure hope not.

    Wow.  What an experience.

  70. Just got off the phone with DELL.  My "orginal" order was placed on 04 July, 2006 for an XPS 700 with a ship date of (or before) 09 August, 2006.  Received a call from DELL on Wednesday, 02 August, 2006 telling me they are sorry for the delay and will ether upgrade my processor for free or give me a $200.00 gift card.  Well of course I opted for the upgraded processor.  Was informed that this upgrade would delay my order by "maybe" two weeks.  No problem, I waited this long what is another two weeks.  Got home from work and went to DELLs web sit to check on my order and to my astonishment the new ship date wes 18 October, 2006.  Called DELL the next day and told them I wanted my orginal order with the ship date of 09 August, 2006.  Was informed that it was "no problem".  Got home from work last night and again went to DELLs web site and saw my orginal order was reinstated but with a ship date of 18 October, 2006.  Called this morning and found out that no matter what configuration I order my ship date will not be until the later part of October.  So, I went back to the free upgraded processor with a ship date of 17, October, 2006.

    Waiting almost 1/4 of a year for a computer is really frustrating.  I almost considered going to another company.  I even went to Gateway and configured a computer that was almost the same as the XPS with a ship date of 14 August, 2006.  But, in the end decided to stick with DELL because I have always had a positive experience with their computers.

    I hope that my order ships before 17 October and that I will not have problems with it.

  71. it has been pretty much two months since i made my order back on june 11 and i have not received a callback or anything i have tried e-mailing the callback team but nothing, I called customer service but no info on where my computer is, because i know its not infont of me where it should be by now. someone at dell call me i want my computer!!!

  72. Lionel:

    During our two-month wait, if Dell offers an improvement or a "sale" item, can we obtain these for our system on back order?  For example, a month later we see on your web site that if I order a new PC today, you will give me a 24" flat panel for X dollars or some other form of "special" or incentive to buy a Dell product.

    Nothing would drive me crazy as to see some Dell marketing promotion where they will offer someone something to buy an XPS when I have been waiting for months.

  73. BruceAz said:

    "During our two-month wait, if Dell offers an improvement or a "sale" item, can we obtain these for our system on back order?  For example, a month later we see on your web site that if I order a new PC today, you will give me a 24" flat panel for X dollars or some other form of "special" or incentive to buy a Dell product."

    I too would like an answer to this.  I would like to be automatically upgraded to the sale item.

  74. it’s very funny since Dell give you an cpu upgrade to buy wait time and since the problem for delaying is thermal issue, by upgrade the cpu, it might get worse

  75. Still "in production", been their since the 4th. Still no kitting, what is the point with in production without any forward motion?

  76. You know, I cancelled my order a few weeks ago and ordered from another source 🙂

    Everytime I see those Dell commercials now, I cringe…

  77. Hi Lionel,

    Today was my shipping date and I have received email for order delayed from 16-AUG to 23-AUG. Hey Lionel, 23-AUG which is my Birthdate, I don’t want to see Order Delay email again on my birthday morning. I still did not get call from callback team. I sent 4 emails already. Please do something to expedite it.



  78. Lionel your blog is wayyy too unatended. I see many questions that have no reply. If you folks at Dell are trying to amp up your customer service to regain lost ground this is probably not going to help much.

    Why not answer the question what the heck is the major malfunction with your assembly line, or purchasing dept, or WHAT??

  79. Hi Lionel,

    No call so far from your callback team. My new shipping date is 23rd AUG. My order is still in pre-production. I have also noticed that DELL customers are not logging their comments on this forum. I think because you guys don’t reply to our questions and don’t answer. I very disappointed.

    Lionel, you announced on July 18th that you guys begin building Pentium D based XPS 700. It’s now more that a month. Can you confirm that you guys have shipped a single PC shipped to any customer so far? If not then it means that all are standing on the same place where on 3 months ago.

    Lionel, if you guys want our trust and confidence back on DELL then please tell us whatever the status is. At least please bring us out from the dark.



  80. If Dell "CHOSE" to remove many of the nVidia 590 chipset features, then why didn’t Dell let us know this. I would never believe that when Dell was designing the XPS 700, that Dell didn’t have a clue, that if they advertised the machine to be "leveraging" the power of the nVidia 590, that most customers would be very disappointed if all of the major features were removed.

    Put simply: If you say it has the nVidia 590, then the customer believes you and makes. And then based on that trust, makes a decision to buy or not buy. I TRUSTED DELL. YOU SAID IT HAD THE NVIDIA 590 AND I BELIEVED YOU. YOU GAVE ME, NOT ONE OUNCE OF REASON THAT I MIGHT BE DISAPPOINTED.

    You have said that the good news on the motherboard is that it can be swapped with a retail version in the future. Well my system came last Monday, it is still in the box, and today I have read that pre-orders are being taken on the newly finished, full functional nVidia 590.  SO WHAT WE ARE SAYING IS THIS:


    I paid $1500 extra. I waited 3 additional months. And it was all so I could get a couple of more lanes with my Geforce 7900 GTX cards?


    Apart from having a new and updated and fully functional nVidia 590/Intel motherboard, Dell used silence and time, false hope, to sell me YESTERDAY’S TECHNOLOGY AT YESTERDAY’S PRICES.


    If you honestly didn’t know that all of the features on the 590 would be the very thing that would attract most of the xps 700, then to be honest with you, Dell had no business making and marketing a machine that is advertised as upgradeable, expandable, and dell’s first computer designed to support an industry standard motherboard.

    This is the Nth time that I have submitted a post to this blog and it has not been posted. I specifically requested important nVidia 590 information. When I chose to purchase the XPS 700, I turned down the new replacement XPS 600 that was to be shipped to me in mid May. It was costing me an addtional $1500 as I had to surrender my xps 600 discount. I was adding 3 weeks to my already long wait of 5 months. And I chose to go for the XPS 700 for 1 reason only. The XPS 700 was built on the nvidia 590 chipset.

    I so trusted Dell that I purchased $500 of EPP/SLI 800 memory. In mid August, when I began to have concerns regarding the integrity of the nVidia 590, I contacted Dell directly and on 2 seperate occasions, I was PROMISED that the memory would be fully supported, and that ALL of the features advertised by nVidia about the 590 would be there and functional.

    Dell has not given explanations which they should know is part of the enthusiast market- answer questions clearly, honestly, and quickly.

    Dell has not offer one single compensation for the 3 month wait. And don’t even try to tell me that you gave me a CPU upgrade! On May 31 I paid $1000 for the Pentium D EE, and at the end of August, when the computer arrived, I was charged $1000 for the Core 2. THERE WAS NO UPGRADE.

  81. I know everyone is upset over the XPS 700 delay, but OEM’s change the reference Chipset specs all the time.  Even when you buy a video card, it is usually different from the reference design, that is why it is called the reference. 

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