XPS 700: 10 Questions

Everyone, thanks for your patience regarding the XPS 700.  We’ve received a lot of questions asking for more information.  I answer some of the most common ones below.  We can’t always give you all the details, and when we can’t, we’ll tell you. 

Before doing that, wanted to confirm that we began building Pentium D and Pentium Extreme-based XPS 700 systems a few minutes ago.  We do have a backlog to work through, but production is happening as we speak.

1. Will the XPS 700 support Core 2 processors? If I ordered an XPS 700 with a Pentium D processor will I be able to upgrade it with a Core 2 processor later on my own?
Yes, all XPS 700 motherboards will accommodate Pentium D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors.  Customers just need the new processor and a BIOS update, which will be available on support.dell.com.  Upgrading the processor from a Pentium D to a Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Extreme will not require a motherboard upgrade.

2. How will Dell make it up to customers who have been waiting patiently for their XPS 700 orders to ship?
Due to the delays many of you have experienced, we will provide an option of either a free upgrade to a Core 2 Duo processor or a Dell gift card for all those who have ordered systems as of up until July 18, 2006.  We ask for your continued patience as we roll out communication to our customer care and sales teams.  Customers should wait until Dell contacts them regarding the status of their orders.

3. If I accept Dell’s offer to upgrade my order to Core 2 how will it affect my shipping date? 
Unfortunately, this option will extend your wait time—due to contractual arrangements, we can’t provide a specific delivery time at this point.  We apologize for not being able to give you a ship date at this time.

4. What specifically caused the delay on the XPS 700? 
The delay in shipping the XPS 700 resulted from a combination of issues that came to the surface soon after launching the product.  For competitive reasons, we can’t go into specific details.  We can say that the issues were not related to many of the rumors you may have seen in the blogosphere, such as a processor inventory issue. 

We have always intended to offer this system with Pentium D processors and we’ll continue to support Pentium D  after Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme are available. We did not want to compromise on quality or performance and we did not want to ship a system to customers until it passed our tests.

5. When will customers receive their XPS 700s?
We are currently ramping production on XPS 700 systems with Pentium D and Pentium Extreme processors.  This week, a centralized Dell team will begin contacting customers on the dates they should expect to receive their XPS 700 systems. 

6. If I ordered my system with a Pentium D processor, which Core 2 Duo processor will I get in exchange?
We plan to upgrade Pentium D orders with different tiered Core 2 processors.  However, specifics will vary depending on individual orders.  The Dell customer rep will provide the processor options to customers. We will make those calls as quickly as we can.

7. How much is the gift card?
We haven’t determined that yet, but you’ll get details from your Dell customer rep.

8. Can a customer upgrade their Core 2 processor to an higher clock speed processor at additional cost?
Yes, you can discuss the details with your customer rep.

9. Is the system warranty voided if I install my own Core 2 processor later on? 
Upgrading is optional and recommended using parts purchased from Dell.  Should customers choose to upgrade using parts, components or accessories not purchased from Dell, problems caused by using them are not covered by Dell’s warranty.

10. Can I overclock the processor on the XPS 700?

Yes, you can.  Customers can overclock the processor areas of system performance via applications like
nTune, but we will not ship the system overclocked.   
All processors we support (Pentium D, Pentium Extreme, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme) can be overclocked by the user.  Graphics solutions
can also be overclocked via applications like nTune  

The XPS700 system is overclockable via applications like the nTune application.  Specifically, Dell allows users to performance optimize various key parameters such as: Front side bus speed (results in reported increase in CPU speed without changing the multiplier); system memory timing and voltage; PCI Express bus speed; graphics processor speed (when used with nVidia graphics cards); and graphics memory speed (when used with nVidia graphics cards).

We believe this enhanced system level control will provide performance enthusiasts the ability to individually tune and profile key characteristics to enhance their system performance.

In addition, just so you are aware of Lionel’s comment about the callback process, he noted earlier this afternoon:

Your processor transition options will depend on what you ordered.  I’m reading lots of questions that will vary by user. 

Here’s how the callback process will work:
using a centralized team to handle all callbacks—it’s the most
efficient way to ensure that you talk to reps who can provide all your
options.  That’s why some of you who have called Dell have reached reps
that don’t have the answers. 

hope to begin callbacks by tomorrow; they will be done in order of your
original order date.  No way I can provide individual ETAs for
callbacks—but we will work through them as quickly as we can.

Please wait for a callback from Dell.  We know it’s important to you, and we appreciate your patience.

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271 thoughts on “XPS 700: 10 Questions

  1. Well thats good news I think 🙂

    I was going to order the top line with some extras and larger monitor the day I received the initial email a couple of months ago. I’ve taken the "wait and see" approach since some delay issues came up while I was researching my options for a top line machine. The new processor upgrade or gift card seems like a nice deal for those who ordered and patiently waited.

  2. "Before doing that, wanted to confirm that we began building Pentium D and Pentium Extreme-based XPS 700 systems a few minutes ago.  We do have a backlog to work through, but production is happening as we speak."

    This is good to hear.

    How come this question was not answered: "Have Dell reps began calling XPS 700 customers?"

    Sure we can assume each customer is being called, but are there any circumstances when an XPS system will be shipped as it was configured by the customer on their order date?

  3. The problem with your callback system is what happens if you can not get a hold of us on the phone.  Many people have varying schedules that do not permit us to be at our house phone all the time.  This situation can cause a bad case of phone tag; something that I would rather not be a part of.  I believe an e-mail system along with the phone system would cover all bases.

  4. I first ordered on June 7th, I modified my order today not realizing that it would cancel my order and have a new order date of July 20th…SO does that mean that I will not get called?

  5. I think upgrading my system is appropriate given the extreme delay in shipping.  I have been waiting for over a month!  However, like others, a phone tag system makes no sense to me.  I would prefer a email sent to me with my options.  I will let you know what I decide and return it to you for processing.  Simple, fast, and less chance for error.

    To me this makes better sense that a "phone call."

  6. Xecuter2,

    No, we will not ship an order before contacting a customer to give them a chance to upgrade the processor.

  7. This is important I feel.  Before I commend Dell’s customer service on this issue, I want to know if myself and others like me are being ignored and brushed aside as if we are nothing.  

    What about all of Dell’s customer’s who ordered back on atleast June 15th (well within this date span) through your Costco offerings last month of the XPS 700 Lim. Ed Red?  Will we be hung out to dry just because there aren’t as many of us or will we at least get a gift card with the value of the Core 2 we would have gotten so that we can save when we order a Core 2 upgrade from Dell as soon as we receive our machines or whenever Core 2 upgrades become available?



    Quote from the the FAQ on the Dell section of Costco.com’s site:

    "Q – Are these genuine products from Dell?

    A – Yes.  Dell builds these systems for Costco.com customers upon receipt of orders from Costco.com.  These are brand new (not refurbished) systems built specifically for Costco.com customers, and they come with all of the benefits of buying a new computer from Dell."

    Note the: "they come with all of the benefits of buying a new computer from Dell"

  8. May I ask another question? Have the XPS 700 CSRs began calling customers? And how much progress was made today?

    Here is the reason I ask: According to Dell’s order status page, systems follow this path:

    Order Processing >> Pre-Production >> In Production (Kitting >> Build >> Testing >> Boxing) >> Shipping Preparation >> Shipped

    Before a system is built, it goes into the "Kitting" phase. Kitting is "when a system order is released to manufacturing, the material availability is confirmed and all parts needed to complete the system are placed into a tote." The emphasis is on **all parts needed to complete the system are placed into a tote.**

    This would indicate customers have been contacted by the reps for their system to be in the "Build" phase. However, I find it interesting that not one person on the Dell community forums has posted that they got a call from Dell.

  9. Will you ship the pentium-D without the free upgrade/giftcard if the customer doesn’t answer/isn’t availible when you call or will you ship only when the user themself accepts or denies the free upgrade?

  10. What about the 18 month no interest on XPS orders.  If our system ships after the last day, are we still eligible?  We ordered well within the time period.

  11. Along with this phone call, and/or e-mail system if it’s added, would we be able to modify anything else in our order? If so, will the price difference be as it is currently shown if we were to order right now or at the time of when we ordered (was thinking of changing my monitor from 2407wfp to two 2007wfp for an additional $50, as was the option when I ordered)? And, if we used any sort of coupon on our original order, will that be carried over as well? That is, if we’d like to upgrade to a different CPU (from the yet to be seen, equivalent exchange formula from Pentium D to Conroe) and/or from an additional order modification.

  12. What if a customer is unreachable, say a customer’s home phone number is associated with the order, but no one will be available to answer this phone during Dell’s business hours? If a customer cannot be reached, will Dell assume the customer wants to upgrade the CPU, accept the gift card, leave the system as it was ordered and escalate the order processing without another delay, or else? Is it possible for Dell to email all XPS customers for the upgrade options and we pick our choice via email?

  13. You know if upgrading to the Conroe is going to push my shipdate back till October like someone said in the forum then I will cancel my order and order from a competitor since it will be available to ship on Aug. 8th everywhere 🙂

  14. Anyone had the core 2 or gift card call yet?

    I have been wondering, how many orders for the XPS 700 are there from May 30th to July 18th? Depending on the number of orders and how many personnel are calling this could take days or it could take weeks.

    Will these reps be leaving messages so we have an idea of when we need to be by the phone the next time they call?

    Any thoughts on how many times you will try to reach the customer before leaving a message with an 800 number or email address?

  15. Dear Lionel Menchaca,

    Could you please clarify what is the "scope" of these policies around the XPS-700 (upgrade, gift card etc…): Is it US only or WordWide?

  16. This is just getting better and better. Although to be fair it didn’t start out very well. 😉

  17. Have call backs started yet? If not, when will they?

    How far back will the Conroe (Core 2 Duo) upgrade set back the order? (August / September / October???)

    For those who just want to take the gift card and the Pentium D, when will those orders start shipping (since apparently none have shipped yet)?

  18. I’d still like clarification on one issue : Does the upgrade apply to european/international customers as well as US customers  ?

    Other than that, thanks for the info.

  19. Thank you for finally putting this out here!!!!

    I ordered mine way back on 6/6/06 and thought maybe that cursed my ship date 🙁

    Im definently doing the core 2 duo upgrade if the Gift Card isn’t more then 300 Dollars…

    You guys should have also opted us to upgrade to a 30" 😀

    Thankz again for clearing all the stuff up 🙂

  20. Some customers report on the Forum that their order turned into the Production status BUT DELL HAS NOT CONTACTED THEM about the upgrade option.

    Why is this?

    My prior question got lost:

    What is the "jurisdiction" of these offers (Conroe upgrade / gift card)

    U.S. only or WordWide?

  21. What happened to your comment you made last week?

    ‘Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager

    For Dell customers waiting patiently for your XPS 700, I have news.  We will begin shipping within a week from today.  Also, I can confirm that we’ll support the Pentium D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors when they are available.  Sorry for making you wait, but it’s coming.

    As no one on your Forum has had any change in their order status !!

    So this has led me to now cancel my order as you and your company have lied constantly since this debacle started !

    You have lost a customer !! and im sure i wont be the first !!!!!!!!!

  22. My order went into "In Production" status today and that is very good news for me but I was just wondering if it matters that I didnt get a call yet about upgrading?  I know it is only the first day probably of call backs and I wasnt really worried about it I just thought that they would call before your order went into production.

  23. Fair and welcome, after all when I did the order I never expected that it’ll take almost 2 months or more to receive the machine. Also with the new Intel processor coming at the same time, I mean, I’ll receive an obsolete machine by them, unless they do the free upgrade, that is not going to be FREE at least I think that we paid a lot for our current processor, this processor is going to be replaced by a new processor with same price, so DELL solution it’s very fair and IMHO needs to be that way otherwise I think that I’ll even CANCEL my order.

    If they offer the upgrade it’s going to a win-win situation for both parts otherwise I’ll never buy from DELL anymore.

  24. I have not received any phone call from dell about the upgrade or the gift card. I ordered the XPS 700 back on June 9th, yet my order status is now “In Production” thanks for giving my the choice of the upgrade or card.

    “2. How will Dell make it up to customers who have been waiting patiently for their XPS 700 orders to ship?

    Due to the delays many of you have experienced, we will provide an option of either a free upgrade to a Core 2 Duo processor or a Dell gift card for all those who have ordered systems as of July 18, 2006.  We ask for your continued patience as we roll out communication to our customer care and sales teams.  Customers should wait until Dell contacts them regarding the status of their orders.”

  25. What really kills me is that Dell acts as if they are doing us all a "favor" by offering us to get a Core 2 Duo processor instead of the Pentium D we thought we were getting 2 months ago.

    What Dell should do is give everyone a Core 2 Duo upgrade, a 10% discount for the wait, and START SHIPPING THE SYSTEMS!!!!

    I am tired of this talk about calls and status issues, the fact is Dell dropped the ball and since XPS customers are supposed to get this excellent support, they need to take care of those customers. If Dell doesn’t make this right, they have lost a customer for life (both personal business and the tens of thousands of dollars I spend a year for my company).

  26. I think you all complain to much. Give you an inch, you take a mile.

    By the way, that’s one heck of an inch that Dell is providing us with the Conroe upgrade…

  27. I too am waiting patiently for the appearance on the Australian site….I believe it will be made available sometime in July for ordering.

  28. Can we get a conversion chart of what Pentium D version to Conroe version will be offered BEFORE we get called to make a decision on the spot? It’s rather odd you don’t allow us to evaluate what sort of deal this will be until the second the special XPS700 rep calls. If you show this though, you would have to include the gift card price equivalent if the offer to upgrade the processor is declined.

    Even a ballpark estimate on the delay for the processor exchange, factoring in if everyone who ordered before July 19 and currently hasn’t cancelled, would help reassure us to respond quickly and confidently to the rep who calls us. With no conversion table or delay estimate, each individual call will incrementally, but significantly, add more time to the total amount needed to get in contact with everyone. This of course doesn’t factor in the many people who have to work during the daytime and will be forced to play phone tag with the reps.

    imo, this offer for a free upgrade can hardly be considered an apology. If it is some sort of handout to make me feel good or lucky that I am in this mess, it doesn’t come close. If the Conroe processors are going to be sold/switched now at similar prices to that of Pentium D’s the time we ordered, it’s not equivalent exchange; rather, equivalent in a sense of IF we were to order it at the time of Intel’s release with no such delay on Dell’s side, which we obviously didn’t and so it’s not. If this delay was either figured out sooner (if it was a technical issue) or not purposely done to intentionally create this whole mess of delays (to meet quarterly profits), this would all run down to months and months of useless struggling; in other words, a waste of time for countless people.

    If it were to come close to courtesy or an apology for the delay, not only should the processor be exchanged to it’s current soon-to-be equivalent (depending on how much time these modified orders will add to the delivery [most likely well beyond Conroe is officially released to the public and assuming they’ll be sold near that of Pentium D’s before their release]), but also include the gift card. The addition of a gift card, on top of the processor exchange and if the intention is to be apologetic, would be the only gesture in my mind of Dell trying to redeem themselves for such an extremely inconvenient delay.

    The only reason why I haven’t cancelled my order is because I got in on the "30% (coupon) + 12% (auto-discount) + 5% (discover cash back)" deal, which, even after all these troubles, ends up giving me a nearly impossible deal on the monitor that I ordered (2407) with the system, even after depreciation. That is the only thing I am really fighting for. Depending on the delay for the processor switch, I might be able to wait a bit longer.

  29. One might think we are complaining a bit too much, but when you spend several thousand dollars for a high end system, only to be put on the back burner and misled multiple times with shipping dates, promises to change our processors to Conroe, and expectations for superior service and support; it is only right for paying customers to be upset by the lack of just that.

    If and when I finally get my XPS 700, I expect no less for what I paid for. This is exactly why I have always built my own PC for home, to take the OEMs like Dell out of the equation and get my PC when I ordered it, not half a year later.

  30. We are not complaining. Rather we are looking for answers. You probably have no idea where these 10 questions came from. Well, members over on the Dell community forums created the questions, and spent many days pushing for answers. I believe if we all sat quiet, not one of us would have any info on our XPS 700 orders. At least we now have something to go on.

    You’re welcome.

  31. Whoa!  I just got a call from someone in India and I thought for sure this was my call to offer me the upgrade or Dell Gift Card (I placed my order on June 3rd).  Nope.  It was Dell calling to tell me that my order had gotten too old and had been CANCELLED!!!!!!!!

    I told the rep that was totally unacceptable, but he said everyone has gone home for the weekend and he might be able to call me on Monday…  So now I’m 49 or so days into this nightmare and I just saw some light at the end of the tunnel for this new order and my order disappears…  I ended up with a guy in the US who started trying to re-order the machine for me.  I told him I was NOT going to the back of the line after bing patient since the beginning of June.  He now owes me a call back.

    Lionel – any suggestions?  I most certainly did NOT cancel this order.

    It feels like the wheels are coming off this company – nobody seems to know what’s going on.

  32. CacheSyntax said:

    I think you all complain to much. Give you an inch, you take a mile.

    By the way, that’s one heck of an inch that Dell is providing us with the Conroe upgrade…


    You don’t seem to understand what has been said regarding that…

    Its not a FREE upgrade as you already paid say $1000 for the Pent D extreme for example…well in about a week that processor is going to get slashed and obsolete when C2D extreme comes out for that same price…GET IT??

    DELL has done delayed everyone’s order so long that a new processor is coming out for the same price as the Pent D line and making them obsolete…if they didn’t offer to change the Processor over then I am sure everyone would cancel and re order to get the up 2 date version of Intel’s processor…

    I would hope everyone does as I am going to do, and cancel my order if I don’t get a freaken PC with Conroe in it very soon after Aug. 8th! Which is the date that Intel said PCs may be bought/shipped with their new processor. Because if I don’t then it will be faster for me to cancel my DELL order and just order it from somewhere else. Think about it.

    I agree…they should give the Conroe upgrade AND NOT DELAY THE ORDER LONGER BECAUSE OF IT, and some other form of appeasement such as the giftcard etc for this insane delay and mystery business, i mean really…

  33. Hi BackofTheLine-Buddy,  if you would please send another comment that contains your e-mail address (I won’t publish it), I will contact you directly, and look into it from there.  Please hang in there—I know there are lots of people working to take care of each XPS 700 customer that’s been waiting.  My sincere apologizes for the frustration.


  34. So very right, CacheSyntax.

    13rian, what is your complaint?  Why does Dell owe you an apology?  Your estimated ship date has not changed since the time you submitted your order.  You’ve had from then until now (and beyond) to cancel your order if the ship date was not to your liking.  If your ship date comes around and nothing changes, then you have a right to complain.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to scour internet stores for backordered items so I can place an order and demand free upgrades and gift cards.

  35. Ok, so what happens when we miss our call? I think I missed my call, I was in a meeting and got a call from this number and it left no message…1-800-289-3755

  36. This is nuts, you offer a CPU upgrade but yet you expect the customer to have there original order canceled > and new order made ( brings them to the back of the list)  and you want the customer to wait another 2 months on top of the 3months (like myself) who ordered in june to be given a "new" date sometime in OCT????  LOL ..

    No wonder you can’t give a customer a date….. yeah an extended wait time is right… This is not right you offer a computer and expect a customer to pay "todays" prices for hardware, when in 5months time they can be bought for less…like the Video Card.  

    You should of NEVER offered the XPS700 until you where able to made a computer that works…… And its not the 1st time you have done this either……

  37. >10.Can I overclock the processor on the XPS 700?


    >Yes, you can.  Customers can overclock the processor via applications like nTune

    Overclocking via apps like nTune is ok, but what about using BIOS settings? Will we have the option to tweak BIOS parameters for overclocking?

  38. My XPS 700 Which I ordered July 3 which initially disappeared and was reinstated on July 13 (with a 5 wk increase in delivery time) has been moved up to production status. I have not been contacted but I want the Conroe update. What should I do?

  39. How many customers were contacted via phone and how many systems shipped as of Friday, July 21st?

  40. Seriously, good times…

    This morning, (Sat July 22) I missed a call at 9:01 am mountain time from 800.289.3355.  I thought, way to go Lionel – working for me on Saturday.  When I picked up the voicemail, there was a cute Indian voice that said:

    “Good morning Mr. Jeff.  I’m calling from Dell Computers.  I’m calling regarding XPS uh 700 order.  We see that the order has been cancelled, sir.  And I feel the reason is because XPS 700 are uh, delayed for a long, long time and we don’t know when exactly the order would be uh shipped out.  But either this order has been cancelled by you or it has automatically been cancelled by us.  If you have any further questions, you can get back to us.  Have a nice day, bye bye.”

    Dell is just begging me to take my money and give it to someone else, but I’m not going to do it!  Nobody makes a better box or better monitors and I WILL HAVE THIS ON MY DESK even if I have to wait until the ship date they are currently showing for my order…

    So two more great anecdotes from the history of this order (there are actual several):

    After I got the confirmation email (which by the way was the first indication of any kind including a printable receipt page that Dell had taken my order), I logged into the order tracking system and saw my order would be sent on June 30th.  That seemed as close then as Thanksgiving feels now, so of course I called and said "there must be some mistake".  While I was on the phone, I noticed that the 2nd Monitor I had ordered was a 2405 FPW, so I told them that was wrong and my confirmation email proved it, so they needed to fix that.  So the guy cancelled something and then reordered a 2407 FPW, which arrived 2 days later (talk about adding insult to injury – I have a 2407 FPW sitting here unopened because I don’t have a video card that will drive it).  So then about 10 days later, I get a call from a woman in India saying that because the order was taking so long, she recommended canceling and re-ordering the system.  Skeptical, I asked her to get someone in sales on the line.  I was on hold for about 10 minutes and then someone with an American accent got on and said, "why do you want to cancel your order?"  "If you cancel it, it will only take longer for it to ship."  I said, "you called me – I never asked anyone to cancel the order."  He said, "well I can’t believe anyone from Dell would call you and say that."  I said, "well talk to the woman who called me, she’s still on the line."  So these two had a little chat and then I asked if I could be excused.  They said they were confident the order would ship on or before June 30th.

    Friday June 30th at 3:29 pm mountain, I got the following email from [email protected]:

    "Dear Valued Customer,

    We have reviewed your order.  Although we had anticipated being able to ship your order sooner, we are experiencing an unexpected delay with you order ######### and will not be able to ship this order and any associated orders until on or before 12-31-9999."

    A few lines down, they made their offer again, "If you wish to cancel your order or if you have any questions, please click here."

    Now I can’t view the status of my order online because my order number doesn’t pull anything up, so I’m literally waiting around like I did when I was a kid and I sent boxtops and a cashier’s check to Cap’n Crunch for some kind of glow in the dark toy that never came.

    Seriously, did everyone who built Dell and made us all so loyal to them just up and leave the company?

    Luckily Lionel is still there, so hopefully he can talk Dell into letting me be their customer.  I’m sick of waiting, but there’s no way I’m canceling this order.

    Oh yeah, has anyone gone back to reconfigure their system?  The 512MB 7900 GTX video card I paid $400 to upgrade to is now standard and those upgrade dollars would buy me dual 512 cards or a 1GB 7950 GX2 card now.  (Correction – I just re-checked and the 7950 GX2 that I saw on there last week isn’t offered anymore).

    Someone needs to be fired.

  41. Dell, why are we hearing on your forum that the upgrade to core 2 duo delays the system all the way to mid – september.  Since when does updating bios and swapping in a CPU to be released on the 27th (although I am sure you have pleanty already) take almost 2 months?  Please tell me why people are getting this ETA, its completely rediculous.  I could build my own processor out of a microwave and a toaster oven in that time.

  42. It’s funny how after such a long wait, the majority of the people only wanted to have the option to be upgraded to Conroe, out of pocket even, without having their order cancelled.

    Now, that Dell has offered to upgrade us to Conroe, for free, you guys want more?

    I’m sitting back, just like all you guys. I made my order on the 5th of July and patiently waiting, happy of the processor upgrade from Dell.

    THAT’S why I say you are all complaining. Dell could have done nothing regarding this issue, and then you guys would only be wanting the ability to upgrade to Conroe without swapping the motherboard or just to be able to get the Conroe upgrade from Dell without moving to the back of the queue.

  43. Dear Dell,

    I think everyone appreciates the offer to switch our processors to Conroe’s. Anyone who thinks they deserve more need to take it up with Dell on a case by case basis. Needless to say some people (cough…13rian…cough) don’t deserve anymore, and should be thankful for what they’re getting instead. I think the main issue right now is contacting customers about the offer to switch to Conroe or taking a gift card.

    HOWEVER, unless Dell can provide updated shipping estimates for keeping their order as originally configured, as well as shipping estimates for Conroe fitted orders, how are customers supposed to make an educated decision on which option to choose? What if choosing Conroe results in an extra 8-10 week delay? What if we keep the Pentium D and it turns out that if we waited one or two more weeks we could’ve gotten the Conroe? What if we stick with the Pentium D and it takes just as long to ship as it would if we chose the Conroe offer? Is the silence about shipping dates due to contractual obligations, or is it due to problems with production? If it is due to contractual obligations with Intel, why is Dell even promising  to take orders for Conroe when this is not allowed until the 27th? Has Dell found a contratual loophole in the interest of their customers?

    If so, it would be just as nice if you could state when the XPS team that handles the callbacks are working.

    For example:

    Dear customers: The centralized XPS callback team will make calls during these days/hours:  Mon-Fri, from 10-4 cst, or Sat. from 12-3 cst. Even better, maybe Dell would be so kind as to explain what will happen if we miss the call, and no doubt many of us will.  

  44. Will this same deal. The upgrade to the Conroe chip or a gift card from Dell be avalible to the Canadian customers as well .I ordered my system before the July 18 cut off date. an XPS 700 red edition 965 extreme chip inside. Will I be getting a call from a Dell rep to be given the chance to upgrade? Cheers Peter

  45. brian, you need to stop complaining. you don’t even deserve to complain. leave now, before the admin bans u!!

  46. Waiting for the call to discuss what type of Core processor we’ll get is such a waste of time. It sounds like we’ll have to haggle with the reps to convince them what we think would be a fair bargain. Why we can’t get a clear universal conversion along with gift card rates, if we choose not to exchange, just baffles me.

    It seems like anything anyone tries to do other than wait for the special team of reps to call get their orders cancelled or modified, which requires cancellation and re-ordering (resulting in a new order number as if they just ordered that day, after July 18, and therefore don’t qualify for the processor upgrade). Even then, who’s to say cases like BackofTheLine-Buddy haven’t occurred with others and have yet to find this blog or someone in tech support who could help them?


    When I first ordered, I got an acknowledgement, but no confirmation. I closely watched a thread that specifically tracked the progress of those who also got in on the same % off deal that I got. I noticed that people were getting results after calling reps or were getting e-mails of cancellation due to "illegal configurations." It was completely shady, and a couple days later, I got one as well. It took me about a week get it all straightened out. With that kind of effort, I believed I earned what I ordered, in terms of going through tech support with Dell. But then, other problems arose as you can review from the infamous 1100+ post dell thread specifically asking for a reason for the delay. Basically, the results were less than satisfactory, but enough to keep me and many others participating in the thread to stay with it. At times, it made me want to cancel…then luring me back in with hope of Dell finally doing the right thing. Nearly 3 weeks later, it’s still push-n-tug. And again, my main incentive to stay is because of the % off I got in on the system, which after factoring the general cost of all the parts, still gave me a monitor I never dreamed I’d actually order (I was realistically thinking of ordering a 20" instead of 24").

    About the order date, 1) no where on the order or configuration page did Dell mention there would be such a long delay, 2) I didn’t get my confirmation e-mail until a week later dealing with numerous reps, so I couldn’t even check when my projected ship date would be and I already spent this much time and effort in trying to get in anyways, and 3) there was always a constant vague hope of forward progress that these systems would ship sooner or we’d somehow be compensated in some way due to the pressures of articles being published about Dells inadequacy. In some ways, it seems to have worked and I feel that we might be nearing a home-stretch if these last few, but still very important, concerns are worked out (ex.’s those who are at work when the rep calls, certain orders going into production before getting the call, no confirmed calls from this special team of reps, etc.).

    And, I can cancel it at anytime before it ships without facing restocking fees, so if I find a better or just completely lose faith in Dell before then, I will.



    I see that you’re making the same kind of uninformed and unfair statements here just like in the Forum.

    I explained you there and I’ll do it here too.

    There is no reason why you should blame anybody wanting "more" from Dell since NOBODY received anything that was promised at the first place.

    Your comment is just vague, unfair and clearly an effort the bend the story and divide the community. What a shame…

  48. Truth Number One:

    Dell does not receive any funds until a product actually ships. Dell may place a hold for funds on a credit card, but no funds are transferred to Dell until shipment actually takes place.

    Truth Number Two:

    Dell cannot quote exact shipping times without possibly violating federal law – The Mail Order Rule.  The Mail Order Rule forces companies to provide vague timeframes because to do otherwise could cost a company hundreds of millions in federal fines. Dell has paid such large fines in the past and I doubt it wishes to do so again.

    I think it is a great idea that Dell has expressed a wish to provide customers ordering an XPS 700 system the FREE option to upgrade at no additional cost. I wish more accurate shipping times could be quoted to us, but I realize that paying hundreds of millions in fines is a high price to ask any company to risk given the current legal climate in the USA.

  49. I was wondering if dell would tell us what Memory speeds will the XPS 700 line support. It says 667 mhz DDR2, but there is faster DDR2 on the market and perhaps in the future, Id like to upgrade. Any info would be great ^_^

  50. Order Cancelled.  After 2 months of waiting I feel dell doesn’t really care about the customer anymore.  

    Dell has forgotten there is a customer on the other end of the order number.

  51. T3rayon,

    I think you need to go back and read what I stated. If anyone is trying to ‘divide’ anyone, it’s you with your insinuating and flame-baiting post.

    I KNOW for a fact what most of you wanted. You strictly contridict yourself in your post, stating that I’m making uninformed and unfair statements, then you go on trying to defend yourself and others because you do IN FACT want more?

    Bend the story? Why are you trying to state what you do and don’t deserve then?

    And divide the community? You guys have already done that by demanding more and more. Some of us are happy what we’re getting, don’t blame your personal hangups and greed on me.  I’m the SAME boat as you guys and you don’t hear me wanting more. It’s a computer, get over it. It will come when it comes, after all would you want a computer that when you got it didn’t work correctly and you’d have to send it back regardless.

  52. The upgrades would are a nice first step, but honestly how much can we believe the whole upgrade thing when I see tons of "automated" cancellations being reported on the forum, not to mention where are all the reports of tons of customers receiving calls?  It’s been a few days now.  And lets not even talk about how computers were "supposedly" going to ship by the end of last week.  Sounds like orders are being cancelled just so they don’t have to pony up and actually produce those phone calls for the Conroe upgrade…

  53. Lionel ….

    I ordered my system on June 6…

    Whats this I here bout people ordering their’s like in July and theirs already being put into production..

    Like that is at all fair..

    And when i goto my order status it says i need to consent to continue with the order.

    But how am  I suppose to consent when the link goes to a 404 File Not Found page!?!?!

  54. I placed an order for the XPS 700 with a 1GB 7950 graphics card. Shortly thereafter my order was cancelled and resubmitted with a 512MB 7900 graphics card and they charged me $300 more. In their twisted logic, substituting a cheaper graphcis card was an upgrade and they did this without contacting me or receiving my consent.

    When I spoke to a representative they informed me that the 7950 was incompatible with Windows 64. This is completely untrue, however Dell seems to have their own truth and don’t care if Nvidia has released a patch to ensure compatability. Instead of arguing with a wall, I accepted a "free" downgrade to Windows XP Home in order to get my 7950.

    As a result, I was now much further back in the "line" and now had a ship date of August 10th.

    This past weekend I checked the status of my order only to find the order status page saying that my order had been cancelled or changed. I received no call or email, so this morning I called my sales rep and left a message asking what the situation was. He called me back a couple of hours later and informed me that my order looks fine and he doesn’t know why the order status page isn’t showing it correctly.

    I then asked him about the free Conroe upgrade and he said he has never heard of it. I figure there are only a select few who are aware of this upgrade and are making the calls to customers, so I dopped it.

    So to summarize, I have no received a call about upgrading, but according to customer service my order is still waiting in line to be put into production despite the fact that I can no longer see an order status.

    BTW, CacheSyntax sounds like a child calling people names. What does he think he’ll accomplish by wagging his finger at everyone else telling them they should be content like him?

  55. Hello. Approx when will existing XPS 700 customers get their phone call? I find myself spending way too much time at home waiting for the phone to ring. I can’t sit around for a week or two or ten while waiting for Dell to call. PLEASE, update us.

  56. Just to clarify my posting from yesterday, I am canceling my order.  Two months of lies, bad customer service, and no answers is long enought for me.  My dell corporate rep doesn’t even respond to my inquiries about my order status anymore.  I don’t fell dell is being honest or that I am getting a fair deal from Dell anymore.

    Althought nobody in customer service can seem to cancel my order, maybe if I wait another few days it will cancel itself.

    Dell has forgotten there is a customer on the other end of the order number.

  57. Rob, BerzerkFury and others, got your comments about automatic order cancellations.  We are looking into this.  Will follow up when I have more details.

  58. I have yet to receive a phone call from Dell with my upgrade. Is there a number for us to call for this specific issue?

  59. Lionel,

    Any information about those customers like myself who have seen our orders shift from "Pre-Production" to "Production" without having received a call regarding the Conroe upgrade would be appreciated.

  60. TO: CacheSyntax

    Good Morning. I went back based on your advise and read again.

    You said:

    ===QUOTE STARTS===

    CacheSyntax said:

    It’s funny how after such a long wait, the majority of the people only wanted to have the option to be upgraded to Conroe, out of pocket even, without having their order cancelled.

    Now, that Dell has offered to upgrade us to Conroe, for free, you guys want more?


    ===QUOTE ENDS===

    I SAID:

    There is no reason why you should blame anybody wanting "more" from Dell since NOBODY received anything that was promised at the first place.

    Your comment is just vague, unfair and clearly an effort the bend the story and divide the community. What a shame…


    And now here we are again.

    You haven’t really answered the question if anybody got anything.

    ==>this is why I said you’re bending the story

    Also I’m a bit lost in understanding what you mean by "wanting more…".  WHAT more do I want in your opinion?

    ==>this is why I said you’re vague.

    After all I said you’re dividing the community as there are only a very few like you who does not provide facts and support but questions motives of others that, moreover you misinterpret them. This is very dangerous.

    Unless you can provide some straight answer to my straight questions we won’t know where we are in this debate.

    Have a nice day.

  61. To date I really have no grounds for being upset with Dell. I ordered my system on June 19th with a shipping date of July 26th and perhaps even more importantly a delivery date of no later than Aug 2. So if it here by then I’ll get what I signed up for.

    I don’t mind getting a chance to upgrade my CPU or the $200.00 gift certificate in fact now that they have put it in writing they owe it to me and I will press for it. I just hope this “Call Back Process” doesn’t delay shipping; personally I would rather get what I signed up for on time. I really don’t understand why Dell isn’t using email for this, has to be cheaper and more efficient.

  62. Regarding automatic order cancellations…

    I ordered my system on June 10th and the order status page changed a while back, stating that since there had been an extended delay, Federal Law and the FTC required my consent to continue with the order. The page provided two links to provide consent. One that ok’ed this delay, and one that ok’ed all subsequent delays. BOTH LINKS ARE BROKEN! After numerous, frustrating phone calls and emails, I have a Dell CS Rep.’s "assurance" that my order will not be cancelled. One of the replies I got back said that I had spyware or a virus and that was why the links wouldn’t work. What? Are you kidding? I included the dead end link in my email to them. I’m not really very confident in the CS rep’s "assurance". And the page still says it is waiting on my consent, and the links are still broken.

    And for anyone curious about the progress of phone calls…I still have not received a phone call about the upgrade and I ordered back on June 10th.

  63. I want everybody to see what Dell Communicated for us in the past.

    WATCH the dates as well.


    XPS 700 Update, Keyghost Hoax and XPS M2010 Video

    Fri. July 14, 2006

    Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager

    For Dell customers waiting patiently for your XPS 700, I have news. We will begin shipping within a week from today.


    XPS 700 Update… Finally

    Tue. July 18, 2006

    Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager


    Options for Current XPS 700 Customers

    Due to the delays many of you have experienced, we will provide an option of either a free upgrade to a Core 2 Duo processor or a Dell gift card for all orders placed up until July 18, 2006. Unfortunately, upgrading to the new processors will extend your wait time—due to contractual obligations, I can’t be more specific at this time. Dell reps will be contacting all current XPS 700 customers to offer the option to upgrade. We will work through the callbacks as quickly as possible—please be patient.


    XPS 700: 10 Questions

    Thu. July 20, 2006

    Mary Joseph, XPS Product Team


    Before doing that, wanted to confirm that we began building Pentium D and Pentium Extreme-based XPS 700 systems a few minutes ago . We do have a backlog to work through, but production is happening as we speak.



    Where do we stand now?

    In fact it looks like none of the promises were kept so far.

    Everything is "in-progress" and more patience is required.

    WHAT’s NEXT MR DELL ???????????????

    First of all I would like to clarify:

    1. If you call every customer and offer the upgrade how can you commence building systems PRIOR to that?

    2. Terminology clarification: "We will begin shipping" equals "we began building" ?

    Can you provide us details about:

    1. Why customers are not contacted about the upgrade?

    2. Why orders are being cancelled without the permission from the customer?

  64. To follow up on my earlier comment, I got an email this evening from my Dell rep saying that my order has gone into production. This was great news, except I have received no call about a processor upgrade and my order still shows the old processor. I sent him an email inquiring about this.

  65. I placed the order on 6/4/06 and currently is still under pre-production. I haven’t gotten any call from Dell rep about the status of my XPS 700.

    Any idea? Thanks!

  66. What Happened to the Dell forum created by Chris M?  This was the best place we had to communicate with other XPS 700 buyers.  Why would Dell Delete this?  We need communiation Dell.

  67. Gaines; Thats funny because they did the same thing to my order on july 11, I ordered the 7950 video card only to have Dell 3 days later cancel my order without me even knowing about it and put in a 512 card, Tha same situation  as yours. I then cancelled that order and ordered another system on july 17, with the 7950 card in it. My new order is still there so I hope everything will stay the way I ordered it.

    Also I called customer service last night {I live n Canada} and they where well aware of the upgrade to the conroe chip and they said I sould be getting a call soon for the upgrade option .Lets hope. so things are starting to look up. Cheers Peter

  68. Howdy folk, Well I got my call from my dell rep about the upgrade and or gift card. He was pretty good too, easy to talk to and quick to get the point of the call out. I had the 950 Pent. D on order, and he upgraded it to a 6600E Duo Core 2 so thats good enough for me. He said the order would be re-entered when the processor comes out and that ill prob be looking at a september time frame 🙁 Im not horrably in a hurry tho having the computer for school would of been pretty awesome.

  69. I ordered my XPS on the 4th of June 2006, after a first delivery scheduled on the 14th of July it now has been moved to the 14th of August …

    Dell CRS offers a discount on the machine when it is actually delivered, by that time the machine won’t be the top-notch machine I had ordered … i.e. Pentium D versus Core 2 Duo.

    What a bummer|

  70. The following qouted reply from the "XPS Delay answers (new thread started)" bottom of page 56, expresses my opinion very well (I guess I’m not very good at explaining myself):

    "I am very concerned that the solution that Dell has chosen appears to offer the customer something significant but the customer that has waited  55 days, and likely another 45, for a total of 100 days in fact when the day rolls around, is getting very little of  compensation. If I had canceled my order. And then I waited, and ordered when the build site offered all of the choices that we were originally offereed, such as Dual 7950’s, 590 Chipset, Bluetooth mouse/keyboard, and Core 2 processor, would the price be any different, and would the ship date but off by much. When Dell modified my order from the 965EE to the 6800 EE, it still cost me $1000. Now come September, if a new customer jumps in and orders the xps 700 with the 6800EE and it costs them $1500 more, then yes, Dell gave me a break. But if the cost is $1000, which I am sure it will be then where is the compensation. If I was strung along, and falsely informed, and subjected to days of delays, and stress, and the new customer price is the same, then who was Dell looking out for when they came up with this "FREE UPGRADE" plan? And if the new customer orders September 14 and gets a ship date of September 24, then who did Dell come up with this plan for. I seriously doubt that the question in the Dell board room was this:"What should we do to fully compensate the customer, and take care of him, regardless of what it might cost Dell?" It was more likely this" How can we get out of this with some kind of profit, and still communicate to our customer base that we care?" When I waited for 43 days for a replacement, I was told flat out that there would be no compensation and that I needed to remember that Dell was already making very little on my purchase, and "Dell is in the business to make a profit you know". There is profit, if Dell sells the computer with the old Pentium D processors. They are selling yesterday’s technology at yesterday’s prices, and who gets to do that? A two hundred dollar gift card doesn’t touch the profit on that kind of deal."

    If u think the percent-off coupon should be justification to be complacent, imo, that’s beside the point.

  71. I ordered an XPS700 on June 3rd. Shipment date was set at June 29th. In early July I received two voicemails telling me that the system would ship by July 20th. On July 18th I received a voicemail saying the system wouldn’t ship until mid-August. On 7/21, a voicemail changed that to no earlier than July 28th. On July 24th, I checked the website to see if there were any updates on my order and found that my order had been cancelled. On July 25th after spending 90 minutes on the phone with a half dozen different agents in as many departments, I was told that the order had been cancelled by the Dell Preferred Account team on 7/21 because the order had been delayed so long. Funny thing was thatI had spoken to that team and was told that they hadn’t cancelled the order. 40 minutes after I got off the phone with Dell, a Dell agent called me to tell me that my order had been cancelled. Does anybody at Dell really know what’s going on? Couple that with links on the web site that lead nowhere and you get a really bad feeling about the XPS700.

  72. Has anybody received a call from Dell regarding the upgrade option? Has anybody received their Pentium D system sans upgrade? Just curious. I ordered mine on June 10th and still nothing.

    Also, is anybody aware of any kind of direct comparison on the Core 2 Duo’s versus the Pentium Ds? There seems to be only 4 clock speeds on the Core 2 Duo – the lower 2 with 2mb shared L2 and 2 with 4mb shared L2. Plus the extreme. All I’ve see are a bunch of benchmarking articles that are pretty much well over my head. I was just wondering if there is a dumbed down comparison anywhere. I am not planning on accepting an equivalent chip. After this mess, the "free upgrade" had better be an actual upgrade.

  73. How can the 7950 GX2 not work with the system?

    It doesn’t even require an SLI capable MOBO unless you want to run Quad SLI!

    It does however require BIOS compatibility. Is it possible that DELL and Nvidia can’t work out a compatible BIOS in 3 months?

    Or is there something fundamentally wrong with the PCI bus implementation?

    Physics card doesn’t work or is not available? BIOS or MOBO?

    What the Dell, how about some answers.

  74. For Dell Community Forum users, I wanted to make sure that you know the XPS delay thread is active here.  The old thread was closed due to its length.  Thanks.

  75. Let’s be honest. What is REALLY CAUSING THE DELAY?

    Why can Dell not ship the 7950 anymore? We all know the nVidia SLI 590 motherboard is compatible with it, heck pretty much any motherboard with PCI Express is.

    Why are no XPS 700’s shipping yet, including those who don not want the Core 2 Duo CPU?

    What are the alternatives for those who wish to get a system sooner? (upgrade to XPS 1710 for equal price?)

  76. Anthony you said:

    "Howdy folk, Well I got my call from my dell rep about the upgrade and or gift card. He was pretty good too, easy to talk to and quick to get the point of the call out. I had the 950 Pent. D on order, and he upgraded it to a 6600E Duo Core 2 so thats good enough for me….."

    When did you place your order?

  77. Dell stated that the upgrade or gift card offer would apply to all customers who ordered an XPS 700 up to July 18th. However we have already had a poster, who ordered prior to July 18th, told that he did not qualify for that offer.

    Is this true?

    Does this upgrade or gift card offer apply to all customers who have an open order for an XPS 700 dating before July 18th or only certain customers?

  78. Mary Joseph,

    It has been almost a week since your last message do you have any updates to this situation? I ordered my computer 1st week of July and haven’t received a callback from Dell as of today.


    Cesar Cruzalegui

  79. Dell guys, any update on this???  It’s a bit frustrating knowing that no one has received their XPS700 yet…  I placed my order almost a month ago and the status is still in Pre-Production…  Will I ever receive my system?  Or is it going to get auto cancelled as for other people???

    I’ve been a loyal Dell customer and I sure had my good/bad share of experience with the company (mostly good).  However this worries me a bit considering that all Techie news sites are now talking about Dell dropping the ball on XPS700 and dealing with it’s customers…

  80. How about a clear answer on the international availability of this upgrade offer. If you look at the Community Forum threads you will see that there are Canadian customers being told that the upgrade offer only applies to U.S. customers. Please be clear on the situation so that non-U.S. customers know where they stand and can make their decisions accordingly.

  81. Ight everybody Dell contacted me today….

    If I were to upgrade to the Conroe I wouldnt see this computer until september….

    So I just took the Gift Card I am going to buy my own conroe.

    But another thing they arent going to be able to get the 1 GIG video cards which i personally think is bs

    so now i gotta buy one of them to….

  82. Hasta la vista Dell. Since your operation doesn’t appear to know what’s going on and doesn’t seem to care, I’ll simply take my money and order a new machine from someone who can get the system to me before I’m too old to enjoy it.

  83. James;

    I live in Canada and ordered the XPS700 in early July (along with the 3007WFP which arrived only a few days after the order :-p ). The remainder of my order went into production last week (which seems really "fast" compared to what others are saying). I was finally able to get in touch with a customer care representative yesterday. He knew nothing about possible upgrades or gift certificates for orders prior to July 18. I asked to speak to his supervisor. The supervisor didn’t know anything either, but asked to put me on hold while she investigated. About 10 minutes later she got back to me and said that she didn’t have all the details about the offer, but was able to find out that it was not available in Canada. She didn’t know if that meant it was only a U.S. offer, just that it was not available in Canada. That’s pretty dissapointing.

  84. NathanLaan,

    It sounds like you and I are in similar situations – I too ordered in early July and have seen my system mysteriously go into "Production" last week. I must say though I hesitate to trust what customer service is saying at this point since they have come up with so many different stories. Dell could clarify this situation for everyone by posting clearly on this blog and informing their CSRs what the situation is for non-U.S. customers.

  85. i am currently overseas so dell won’t be able to reach me at the phone number i have listed with dell.

    is it possible for dell to e-mail me the information regarding the processor upgrade since i am not at home to pick up the call from dell?

  86. ANTHONY,

    Two questions.

    1. When did you order your system? and,

    2. Did Dell indicate that your order would be re-entered if you chose the upgrade? As in, you lose your place in line and it is as if you placed the order on the first day that the new chips are available?  

    Intel has already booked revenue from sales of the Core 2 Duo. There is another big launch date for Intel tomorrow, the 27th of July. HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY TAKE UNTIL SEPTEMBER? Unless the additional delay is completely unrelated to the chip upgrade. Putting people back at the end of the line is completely unacceptable. Where is the value for the customer? Where is the customer’s incentive not to cancel their order and build their equivalent system with parts for less money from a site like newegg (which still has a sense of customer service) or some other place?

    Despite Dell’s proclamations of trying to improve their customer service, everything still seems rather business-centric. Take the call back process. You reply that a centralized call team and phone calls is the most efficient proces. Yes, I’m sure it is more efficient FOR DELL. It is also a huge disappointment and disservice to customers to ignore their requests for alternative methods of contact. Where is the focus Dell? Is it on the customer?

  87. There is a discussion on the forum about a lucky customer whose order has been shipped.

    The sad thing is that he never got the call for the upgrade/gift card.

    It was said to him that since he ordered through business line (not home) he is not entitled to those. He negotiated some compensation with his sales rep at the end…

    If somebody at DELL reading this:







  88. James; Agreed. Although at this point I don’t really have any choice but to trust what the CSRs are saying, since that’s the only answer I’ve gotten. True, they are not always the most well informed, but they did put some effort into trying to find out more in this case.

    Dell; Some constructive feedback: In my opinion, any answer is better than no answer, even if it’s "we’re looking into it" or "probably not, but we’re discussing it".

  89. Just a few observations I have made regarding the XPS 700…

    1. Either Dell knows what the problem is and are not communicating that to their loyal customers, or they have no clue. In either case, it has to be a COMMON part for all systems.. hence one of three possible problems.. CASE, MOTHERBOARD or POWER SUPPLY.

    2. Dell started selling these units to boost sales without knowing that they could indeed ship the product to their customers.

    3. If the problem is heat related, the Core 2 Duo "upgrade" may be a solution to the problem, not a customer relations solution. Meaning, Dell wants everyone to upgrade to relieve a lot of the heat problems with the Pentium D (just a guess). However, since they sold the unit with the Pentium D, they must resolve the heat problems for those CPU’s as well.

    4. As for the 7950 GPU, if these cards have problems, why did Microsoft WHQL certify nVidia’s drivers for that card?

    5. Finally, why does Dell insist on telling ALL customers that there is a 50+ day lead time to "build" the PC, when everyone knows that is false. What ever happened to the little "this may delay your order" message when buying a PC. Seems like saying "50+ day lead to BUILD" is very misleading.

  90. I was supposed to have my two XPS 700’s delivered by 7/20.  After receiving no systems and having my order still say pending, I sent an email to my rep.  He said he would check.  Never heard anything back so I checked the web today.  They cancelled my original orders placed on 6/13 and placed new ones, of course, putting me at the back of the line.  That is garbage.

    I never recieved any call about an upgrade, a credit, or even an email back from my rep.  Great Service…NOT!!!!

    Now the "ship date" is 10/5 almost 4 months after I placed the order.


  91. I decided to cancell my order.


    1. There is no communication from Dell if the Core 2 Duo "upgrade" policy is valid in Canada. I’m not going to play the cat and mouse game and check every day if my order goes into production before I get info on this.

    2. I’m sure can get a a good deal should I decide to re-order with Core 2 Duo.

    3. Since even the "upgrade" means cancel/re-order I do not loose anything even on the lead time plus I save the hassle of waiting for Dell to call me. I’M IN CONTROL! After all this it matters for me.

    I won’t abandon the topic, but I’m not playing Dell’s game and I don’t let them to control the fate of my thousands of dollars.

  92. As most of the readers of this blog, I too have read with interest the communication back and forth regarding the XPS 700 problem.

    Let me get a few things out of the way first.  I am a happy Dell owner (both at home and at work).  I work at a Law firm where 99.9% of the computers are manufactured by Dell.  Service, support and technology are top notch.  At home, I am still squeezing whatever juice is left of a trustworthy Dimension 8100 (P4 2Ghz with just 512k RAM) I bought in December 2001.  

    I have been courting with the idea of an XPS — ever since the 4/5 generation and finally settled on buying an XPS 700.  I placed my order on June 11, 2006.  I asked for a Pentium D 960, 2GB RAM, 2 160HD in Raid 0, and the budget 7600GS (my experience with my Dimension 8100 was that the top notch video card made for Dell was not nearly as fast as the top notch video card available in the market, so I expect to put in a screamer card later.)

    When I placed the order, the system told me that the expected delivery date would be July 27, 2006 (today).  My life is the billable hour, so I do not have plenty of time to play — so there is no rush for me getting the machine.  Though I would’ve preferred to have it during the summertime — when the Courts are slow or lethargic — I did not care whether I got it in June or July.  I would even settle for August, if necessary.

    After a few weeks with no progress on the order, I decided to write my sales representative.  He was very polite and apologetic and assured me that the order would not take long.

    A few weeks more passed, and I grew curious.  After finding a Review of the XPS 700 on C/Net I read the story of delays and community problems and I found this Blog and the Dell Forum.  I posted on the Dell Forum just once, but I have followed with interest the discussion there.  As with everything, there are flamers, whiners, and staunch supporters — all of which seem to agree on the fact that something is not really right with this entire situation.

    Today, I received an email explaining that — due to FTC regulations — my order could be cancelled if I did not renew my interest.  I also received a call from a sales representative explaining what the email said.  I am fully aware of the promises made by Dell in this Blog and in the Forum and I was expecting to have several options given to me.


    The person who called me was simply interested to know whether I wanted to proceed with the order (and wait) or if I wanted to cancel it.

    As an attorney, I am always dealing with the fine line between a witnesses who tell all the truth, almost all the truth, a lot of the truth, half the truth and half a lie, and the outright liar.  It is a fine line, indeed.

    The call I received to day was the truth: I am presuming that there is some FTC Regulation that needs to be followed and I had to confirm my order.  I am not an FTC attorney so I do not know if this is true or not; I shall presume so because I have no reason not to.  The call I received today was also almost all the truth: I could’ve requested the order to go forward — as is — if I did not know of the offer to upgrade the processor or to award a gift card.  In this sense, it was also a lot of the truth.

    The call, however, was half the truth and half a lie because by omitting essential information — that I may not have known had I not followed this blog — I could’ve cancelled the order (and missed out on the upgrade offer) or kept the order with an outdated processor.

    Finally, the call was an outright lie.  There should be no reason to call me to request confirmation on an order that has been placed more than a month and a half ago and NOT go into the issue of the processor upgrade.  After all, the person being called is  entitled to an upgrade or a gift card — as per Dell’s own public offering.

    The end of the story is not storybook.  The representative who called told me that she was going to put the order on hold and trasnfered me to a representative.  The call then went to the main Dell Order system and I hung up.

    I have since called my Service Representative and emailed him about my order — requesting to have an upgrade (as promised).  My Representative has been efficient and helfpull so far, and I hope my order does not go into production and/or gets cancelled.

    In the end, I am concerned that — despite the publicity of the XPS 700 problems — the support staff is neither well trained, aware or prepared to deal with the specific problems presented by the avalanche of XPS 700 orders and upgrades.

    Thank you for reading.


  93. Gateway is now offering the Core 2 Duo in its FX510XG along with Crossfire graphics options. Estimated ship date 8/14/06.

    Now would be a REALLY good time for Dell to expedite any remaining phone calls.

  94. Would it be possible to get an update on how far along you (Dell) are in the callback process?

    I ask because the ordering seems somewhat… random, according to http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=xps_desk_genhdw&message.id=17986#M17986; in particular, I note that there is at least one person (Burned1) who ordered his/her Dell nearly a *full month* after I did (7/6 vs. 6/12), yet has received “The Call” while I’m still waiting.

    On another note, I just got an email from Dell (my third contact from Dell -> me – my first two contacts were an email and a phone call, separated by about twenty minutes, regarding my third ship date delay; no, I wasn’t contacted (email or phone) for either of the first two delays) saying:


    Did You Get Your Order Delivered On Time?

    Dell.com Wants To Know,

    Plus Enter To Win $25 Today!


    Dear <me>,

    Was your Dell.com order purchased

    on 06/12/2006, delivered on time?

    Did it meet your expectations? Now is your chance to really tell

    Dell.com how they did.

    Frankly, this is not the type of email I’d expect to get in the middle of this whole process… 🙂



  95. What an complete and unmitigated disaster.  It would appear that Dell’s Order Prevention system is as effective as their Customer Service Prevention system.  Call me bitter, but I’m kind of enjoying watching Dell implode.  They’ve treated their customers like garbage, and now they’re paying the price.

  96. Why has the part about using nTune been crossed out?  It looks like we’ll still be able to overclock, but will we have full control over the BIOS?

  97. Lionel,

    What about Dell EPP customers? Will we ever get this infamous "upgrade" call, while being able to keep our discounts (July 4th and normal EPP discount)?

  98. Well I have been looking around Dell’s community forums, plus other places, and it appears that no EPP (Employee & Affiliates Purchase Program) customers have received a call for the Upgrade or Gift Card option yet.

    Awfully odd that almost a week after the callbacks began that no EPP customers have reported getting a call.

    Any chance of getting some sort of official clarrification that the Upgrade or Gift Card option also applies to these customers?

  99. Are EPP customers eligible for the free upgrade or giftcard?  Lionel, please try to get us an answer.  There are alot of us on the Dell forum looking for an answer.  Thanks.  Also, I believe Small Business and Canadien cutomers want to know as well.  

  100. Roush2k; In my opinion, nothing here on the blog is really "failing" yet. This blog has only been around for a few weeks. I think a lot of people are complaining about the Customer Service Representatives.

    Continuing from above, I just got off the phone with a CSR. I asked if it would be possible to change my order to a Core 2 Duo chip. She said she did not not what that was, and it did not show up in the system. After going back and forth for about 10 minutes, I went to the website. Dell.com (US) is currently listing the Core 2 Duo as a possible configuration for te XPS700, but Dell.ca (Canada) is not. I pointed this out to her, and she said "oh, that probably means it’s a US only part". I asked if she knew if and when this part would be available in Canada. She put me on hold and came back about five minutes later, saying "that information is not available right now". Interesting.

  101. ah…it might be out after the Macintosh Core 2 Duo (with dual boot)….hmmmmmm….tempting…..

  102. Please, please, please provide a clear statement on the status of Canadian and other non-U.S. customers with respect to the processor upgrade/gift card option. Many of us are willing to wait patiently if we are in fact going to be offered the option – if we are not going to get the option than we need to consider whether the wait is worth it.

  103. Lionel Menchaca:

    Just to clarify for those who purchased before July 18 and used epp and coupon discounts,

    Will the 30% off EPP coupon still be honored if we choose the conroe upgrade or gift card option?

  104. Order on July 1st, no call, no email from Dell. I doubt that EPP member is getting the discount.

  105. Lionel – How much longer should we expect to wait til we get the phone call? A week? A month? I keep sitting around my house waiting and waiting. I emailed my order information, but I got no reponse. Not even a "Your info was received." auto-reply….

  106. My order has been pushed back like 4 or 5 times, I haven’t been contacted with the upgrade or gift card option yet, no XPS 700 on my computer desk yet BUT Dell did send me there fabulous Dell catalog.  Thanks I guess whoopee, now I can look at all the things I will not buy from Dell.

  107. I am an ex-Dell sales rep.  Since I stopped selling Dells, I always suggested them to others.  I am also a huge PC enthusiast.  It is a bit different being on the outside of this huge product launch.  Dell was attempting to win the hearts of PC enthusiasts with this product.  We are very picky customers and Dell should have known that going into this.   I’m not sure anyone high up realizes the loss that Dell is taking over this XPS 700 debacle.  If Dell had mastered this launch like they have with other products, they would have won over quite a few of those people who always built their own PCs.  You have no idea how many people out here in the PC enthusiast world have cancelled their order and purchased the parts individually.  You had them won over at first.  I would suggest handling the rest of this situation with tender hands.  On a tech site I am member of, I am the main go to guy for Dell product advice.  I can tell you, I am embarrassed.  

  108. Isn’t it great how Dell’s completely silent on the blog (particularly a super important thread like this) as Conroe comes out…how about an update on the XPS 700, now seems like a good time with everyone scouring the web for sweet deals on new Conroe systems which are bound to entice some people to cancel their orders, especially those who ordered back when the machine was first added to the products page…

  109. Lionel,

    It’s great that those with the EPP discount get the choice of the upgrade or giftcard, but what about those who ordered EPP and used the 30% coupon?

    Also, what’s thereason for the delays? I realize you’ve been asked this over and over again, however truthfully I just want to make sure I have a working computer when I get it. I the future I may want to add a 7950 GX or two, and I really want to make sure the ‘compatibility’ issues not only those video cards, but also several different optical drives, RAM and countless other issues I’ve heard from the Dell forums, including an issue with overheating or heat related issues?

    The 700, according to Mary Joseph, is designed to run extremely cool. There are several reasons why I purchased this machine, that’s one of them.

    I think we all just want a computer that works in the end, without having to deal with RMAs or in-home repair. I know of one guy on the forum who has received his XPS 700 already, so I take it all the kinks have been worked out?

    Thanks for your time,



    I ordered my XPS 700 through a student university program. Am I not entitled to an upgrade? There are reportings in the other forum of people who have been contacted who ordered after I did.

    Obviously I feel I should be entitled to the upgrade option. The discount I received through the purchase program is pretty much negated by the fact that I was forced to buy extended warranties in order to get the discount. Please let us know. Thanks.

  111. In my opinion at this stage of the problem we can’t really do anything with apologies anymore. It’s just too simple, and cheap. It does not come from the "heart" and it is not followed by actions.

    Let me offer a bet – I guess you won’t take it.

    From now on you ship me free of charge an XPS-700 every time you have to apologize about this story instad of resolving our issues. Deal?

    Seriously. It is the 28th of July.

    You have released the famous "Options for Current XPS 700 Customers" policy on the 18th of July! There was no indication of border limits or anything similar. What happened? Are you trying to tell us that  customer always meant "U.S. Customer?"

    I have the feeling that the way you resolve issues is the method of "one step forward two steps back".

  112. I wonder why Dell is so arrogantly ignore easy questions raised in this blog comment zone.

    Why is it that I have to dig myself and speak to an U.S. agent who deals with the XPS-700 "upgrade"s to figure out that there is a team dealing with Canadian orders??? Why is it so difficult to type in an answer here?

    How is it decided which questions will be answered VS ignored?

    Dell is ridiculous when it comes to communication.

    They have blog, they have forum and yet they still owe us a lot of answers.

    Good Morning! Wake up! Get to work!

  113. Several of you have commented on either a) not getting a callback or b) having your order cancelled. Many of you have contacted me directly. To ensure that we handle each one2one reader request, here’s what I need you to do.

    Following these explicit instructions will ensure that we get your information over to the callback team as efficiently as possible.

    Send an email with a Subject Line of “My XPS 700 Callback Information” to the Customer Advocate e-mail inbox.

    Please include all of the following information in your e-mail:

    •   First Name
    •   Last Name
    •   Order#
    •   Customer#
    •   Best phone #
    •   Current e-mail address

    Many of you complained that we should have this information, and we do. However, this is all about centralizing the information. The faster we can do that, the faster we can get you taken care of. Thanks for your cooperation and your continued patience. Know there are additional questions—for right now, we’d like to stay focused on upgrade callbacks and getting cancellations taken care of. Many members of the Dell team are committed to shipping the configuration you want as quickly as we can.

    For those asking why we don’t email instead of calling back: a phone conversation is the most efficient way to handle all the order changes (and confirmations we need from you) that go along with the upgrade. It also allows the reps to answer specific questions with each customer directly.

    Several of you have asked about whether XPS 700 customers who purchased through either Dell’s Small Business site or via their company’s Employee Purchase Program are eligible for the upgrade offer or other option. Yes, you are.

    Apologize to international customers—still finalizing some things. Will share more details as soon as I have them.

  114. Judd: yes, if you purchased from your student university program, you are still eligble for the same offer as long as you ordered before July 18.

  115. Chirp. Chirp. I hear the crickets…

    Yet another week goes by without a phone call or even an email from Dell.

    Where are the XPS 700 updates? HOW MANY XPS 700 CUSTOMERS HAVE BEEN CONTACTED? How many still have to be contacted?

    Why is it ghost town around here? I feel like I am talking to myself even the purpose of the blog is "direct converstations with Dell."

    Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

  116. Question to dell and all those waiting…has anyone ordered more than one system and got the call or and options yet. I have two orders under the same customer number and I would be very upset if each order wasn’t given the option of upgrading or gift card.

  117. Lionel,

    I assume you mean if he got the 30% (4th of July special discount) on top of the 12% typical EPP (30%+12%), that is still valid as long as he ordered prior to July 18th, correct?

  118. Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager said:


    Apologize to international customers—still finalizing some things. Will share more details as soon as I have them.

    July 28, 2006 9:43 AM

    This note is in contradiction with what I heard 14 hours ago from the U.S. agent I was talking about (See my prior posts)

    It seems to me that she wasn’t right and just let me chasing dreams…

    I guess Canada is "international" even if they manufacture and ship the machines from the U.S.

    Second of all it looks like non U.S. orders are ignored until further notice since Dell can’t handle them parallel to the U.S. ones.

    This is quite shameful as it was more than a week ago when they came up with the solution idea. I’m very disappointed that it takes so longer to manage the non U.S. issue. Dell supposed to be an international company…? Or not?

    Why a non U.S. customer "deserves" less than an U.S. one? Our money is not that good?

  119. "Due to the delays many of you have experienced, we will provide an option of either a free upgrade to a Core 2 Duo processor or a Dell gift card for all those who have ordered systems up until July 18, 2006. "

    No where in that quote does it state any restrictions on customers who have used any coupons. It is worded as a free upgrade. In my defintion, that would mean a simple changing of the processor in the order but keeping the original price the order was submitted with.

  120. Lionel,

    Could be please find out if there are exceptions to the upgrade/gift card offer? For example, all EPP customers get an automatic discount (from 4-12 percent, I believe), and you have clearly stated that these customers are eligible for the upgrade offer. BUT a very large number of EPP customers ordered this system using a coupon that Dell sent us for an additional 30% off. From what I’ve heard, these orders will have to give up this 30% discount if they want to accept the upgrade offer (i.e. they can only choose to keep one or the other, not both). Can you find out if this is true? Thank you.

  121. Lionel

    Please could you  Hurry and let us Canadian customers know { and other International customers} who ordered before the 18 July cut off if we get the Phone call for the upgrade or not. I ordered early July and my shipping date is mid October in 31/2 months. If I do not get the upgrade then I’ll cancel my order and wait and order the system with the core 2 chip inside. I have a long wait anyways what’s another 40-50 days. My system is still in pre-production and I would like to cancel it before the production starts,{ that’s if I don’t get the upgrade,}  I’ll just have to order a new system . With my October shipping date I’m at the back of the line anyways.

    Cheers peter

  122. Quote: "Apologize to international customers—still finalizing some things. Will share more details as soon as I have them."

    Thanks, that’s fantastic!

  123. Well I just ordered a core 2 system from a rival company… ship date of the 15th. Let’s see who can get here first. Oh and I still haven’t got the "Famous" free upgrade call. So it’s a core 2 system from rival or a Pentium D Processor 950 from you. I wonder what I will take… hope you can get me upgraded and ship it before your rival.

  124. Dear Dell,

    I agree with all the others who are concerned about this potential exception to the upgrade offer. Canadian customers and EPP customers who used the 30% discount need answers. More importantly, we need an answer that shows that Dell is ready to keep its promises. In the case of EPP customers who used the 30% coupon that Dell sent us, I was informed that we would be given the upgrade offer, BUT if we accept the upgrade then we must forfeit the 30% discount. Who is going to accept this "free" upgrade in this case?

    It’s pretty clear that this is no option. No one who ordered an XPS 700 with the 30% discount will choose to lose this discount in order to get upgraded to Conroe.

    For example, let’s say someone ordered a $4000 system. With the 30% discount, they paid $2800. Let’s say they ordered the 965EE at this price. If they choose the Conroe offer, they will get the X6800 valued at $999. But instead of paying $2800 they will pay $1200 more for this "free" upgrade, since they lose the discount. If they say NO to this "free" upgrade, they save this $1200 AND they keep the Pentium D 965EE. How is this a "free" upgrade? It’s not even an option.

    At the other end of the spectrum, let’s say someone ordered a $1500 system. With the 30% discount they paid $1050. For a system at this price the customer must have chosen the base processor, i.e. the 920 or 930. If they choose the Conroe offer, they will get an E6300 valued at around $183. But their order price goes up by $450. So they pay $450 more for the "free" Conroe upgrade. If they say NO to this "free" Conroe upgrade, then they save $450 AND they also keep the Pentium D 920/930. How is this a "free" upgrade? It’s not even an option.

    Dell, please keep your promises and stop misleading customers. If you  force your EPP customers to choose only one: the upgrade offer or the 30%, why even pretend as if this is an option? Just expedite these Pentium D orders and don’t bother wasting anymore time with the callbacks. Most importantly, whatever decision you make: keep your customers informed and don’t mislead them anymore than you already have.

    PS – I know there a couple of isolated cases of people who used the EPP 30% discount, and proactively called their reps to demand an answer. And apparently were successful in getting an upgrade. But I am talking about those EPP customers who are going by what Dell said, and are patiently waiting for callbacks.

  125. Indeed.  

    I have posted a few times in the Dell Community Forum and once here, and this is the first I learn that International customers may be treated differently with regards to the XPS 700 order delays.

    I am aware that certain offers and products available in the U.S. are not offered simultaneously — or at all — in some International venues. (That Puerto Rico, an unincporated territory of the United States with 3.9 million U.S. Citizens, is an International venue baffles me, but that is a whole different topic altogetther).

    That being said, like many other "International" customers, I placed my order on June 11, 2006 and, more than 50 days later, I am now finding out that there is no solution for us…  yet. This is not what we were told on July 18, 2006.  Another half-truth?

    What is going on? We are waiting patiently, but it seems we have done so under false information.  I, for one, do not mind the wait and  would be more than content and grateful with the options that Dell has given its U.S customers who have been waiting as (im)patiently as we have.

    But, now that I find out that I am not in that group of U.S. customers and that there is no information for us, I must ask, is there a solution for us?  

    And, what, when, and how much is it?

  126. This is what I gathered when I spoke with Dell.  There were two things holding up my order.  

    One was the 1gb Nvidia 7950gx2.  The card is still being tested.

    The other was the 48X combo drive.  I was told if I change or downgrade to the 7900gtx video card, and replace the 48X Combo drive to a 16X DVD drive, I can get my order processed much faster.

    I was also told if I wanted to take the free upgrade to the better processor, that would extend my wait.  Yet the other processor runs at 2.9GHz, the older one (available now) runs at 3.73GHz.

    Not sure why the one with less GHz is faster, maybe it’s newer or something???

    Probably just going to get the slower video card, and the older processor along with the DVD 16X speed drive and call it a day.

    They will credit the price on the computer with the older hardware and I still get a $200 gift card.

  127. Lionel,

    I’m going to try here. I tried the whole e-mail Dell thing and it didn’t work. I’m Ok with waiting for my system if I get it how I want. However, you keep removing options and as we are trying to change and replace orders the options we originally chose are disappearing. My sole arguement is on the    ATI X1900 XTX. I want that card in my $3000.00 computer system – I don’t want to have to settle with something that is possibly equivalent. I think that is a big arguement. Why pay this much money when you can get what you want?

    Will the ATI X1900 XTX be available again? Gateway is offering it.. as well as even a crossfire configuration – So what is the deal? I want Dell.. but isn’t this suppose to be built for the customer?  I just want to know.

    /rant off

    Re-ordered my new Core2 Duo XPS 700 on the 28th.. without the video card I actually wanted.

  128. It’s MONDAY… Another week has begun.

    Will this week he as quiet as last week? How about an update already?

  129. My focus in these days is the technical issues the XPS-700 has/had. There are other equally important issues now with customer service and Dell’s attitude but the bottom line is that this is going to be over sooner or later. The XPS-700 will be delivered. Once you spent your money it will be in your homes for a long time compared to what it took to get delivered.

    Dell still does not talk about WHAT is causing the delay, WHAT went wrong with the machine. I tend to believe that the root cause is the motherboard. My point is that I’m extremely interested in knowing what will be in the "box" and what abilities it will have.

    I pointed out a few things I find interesting:

    1. I checked nVIDIA’s website about the nForce 500 Intel story. Up till beginning of July there was ONE! nVIDIA nForce 500 (MCP590) certified motherboard listed from an unknown vendor. The link turned out to be DEAD and this reference has been recently removed. Too bad I forgot to note the manufacturer.

    As of now there is NO! (=ZERO) nVIDIA certified nForce 500 Intel series motherboard on the market. ZERO! There are many for AMD!

    nVIDIA showcased an nForce 500 Intel motherboard earlier but it seems that it never made to production yet.

    I don’t trust that Dell can be the first engineering a thing like this. I’d rather see ASUS and some other key players putting products onto the market as they know what they’re doing plus they can’t rely on the fact that the customer will be limited to configuration options. (e.g. Dell pulled out Gef7950Gfx). Their product must WORK. They always first on the market with new. This is not the case now. Dell doesn’t even know probably from where to "steal" a solution…

    2. I read some technical stuff about the new Core 2 Duo processors during the weekend.

    There was a test published where they took the smallest Core 2 Duo (E6300) the one officially runs on 1.86 GHz.

    They took the ASUS motherboard that supports Core 2 Duo – the one I would buy should I walk away from the XPS-700 by the way – it’s Intel chipset based so no nVIDIA SLI only ATI Crossfire…

    So they took the motherboard and overclocked the processor.

    Again – Intel sells it to be run on 1.86 Ghz

    The overclock result showed: 2.94Ghz!!!!

    This is the clock frequency of the Core 2 Duo Extreme !!!!

    Only that the E6300 costs you around $200 VS the Extreme edition’s $1200!

    And the overclocking hasn’t reached it’s limit, as the motherboard limited the tuning potential in certain ways. (technical)

    Conclusions: with a good motherboard there are much more performance you can get out of your money.

    As far as I know Dell will allow overclocking the XPS-700 BUT only let to change the processor’s running clock frequency. As far as I learned from the article overclocking the Core 2 Duo requires more: adjusting voltage and also adjusting the Northbridge (the equivalent of the the infamous C19 (nVidia nforce4)) memory bus controller’s frequency and voltage. I doubt you will be able to do it with the XPS-700…

    Once I read the article I was absolutely sure: what I need from the XPS-700 is ONLY the design box and probably the power supply.

    There is a much better alternative for all the other key components…

    3. gbakmars was wise to take it further. All the suspected issues accumulated around the XPS-700 can be seen as motherboard related:

    1. Videocard incompatibility – motherboard is the number one source expecially when SLI comes into play

    2. DVD burner issue – it must be also motherboard related – probably the device handler chip – guess what: this is the infamous MCP55!

    3. Memory and overclocking abilities and disabilities…

    In Summary:

    I’m loosing faith in Dell not because of this whole manufacturing issue, but because they fail to communicate openly about the issues and more importantly the PARTs they put into the machine they sell. Imagine a car dealer trying to sell cars but not letting the customers pop the hood! Or what is worst witholding critical information about issues/problems with the construction of the car and the engine.

  130. C’mon Dell, it’s August now, we’re starting to get into incompetence in the engineering teams if you can’t fix the problems in now 2 months.  If this is the case, then you may as well accept the fact that once the summer ends people’s patience is going to get enven SHORTER.

    Costco hasn’t contacted me at all and I can’t get through to them by e-mail to find out what’s going on with their Dell XPS700’s so I’m clearly going to be stuck with a Pentium D, so WHERE IS MY ORDER ALREADY?   I thought Pentium D versions of the XPS 700 were going to ship soon? (Back like two weeks ago…another lie).

  131. 6 business days have passed ever since the callbacks were supposed to be made. I have not gotten a callback and my patience is diminishing. I am an EPP customer who used the 30%+12% off. I also ordered my XPS 700 with the NVIDIA 7950GX2 video card. It seems that most people that have this in their order have not received a phone call yet. Why is this so? If there is a problem with it, please inform us instead of making us agonize. Even though I got the great discount, I may add to the count of those who will cancel and never return. All I want is a computer now, the summer is nearly gone and I’ve already spent too much time waiting on something that may never come.

  132. Success.  I got the call 7pm last night on my voice mail, I spoke to my rep less than an hour ago.

    So I get the Core 2 Duo free upgrade, swap out the 7950 GTX with a pair 512MB 7900 GTX (comes up as "512MB NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX Dual" and everything else is the same.

    My ship date is targeted for Oct 17th (personally okay for me).

    I priced out the exact same parts just now and the difference comes out to ~19% or so discount from ordering today so I’m also saving cash.

    I am satisfied and Dell did the right thing.

  133. LIONEL M:

    I ordered the lowest level Pent. D system on June 10th. No phone call. No contact from Dell other than these forums and the order status page changing four times. I’ve emailed the email address you provided three times providing all of my information so that the call-back team can get the required information.

    Not to beat a dead horse here, but I think we all know that Dell’s responsiveness to its customers is not what it could be. By Dell’s own admission. And while this XPS delay may be a supplier/hardware complication, the core issue that is firing everybody up is the fact that there is no body we can contact that even knows what is going on. The only source of information regarding this delay is this forum and the information has been misleading at best. At worst, we have been lied to. Again, it is best to under promise and over deliver. So far, it appears that all promises have been broken, and nothing has been delivered. Customers are forced to wait. It would actually be better to not read these postings. Every time I read one, I am disappointed.

    So, without over promising, can you give an estimate on when I can expect a callback? Or perhaps a suggested course of action I can take that will get me this information? Anything????

  134. I did receive my call today and was offered the upgrade which is great. I got the 950D bumped up to the E6600.. The video card is another issue though.. The Rep was unable to order mine with the 7950 GX2.. she says when they put the sku in the dual 256 7900gs comes up.. but she did change it to a dual 512 7900GTX instead. I personally did not plan on getting dual 7950’s one day so I am happy with the change and believe it will perform the same.

    FYI Please double check your order after the call to ensure your order was not changed (change sku’s means your orders can change without rep knowing). Oh and I am still looking at a date some time in Sept-Oct due to the processor change.

    Thanks Dell


    Communication with the consumer is key!

    This site is the reason i did not cancel.

  135. I received a call from Dell today offering me the upgrade to the conroe. They also said that the 7950 card I ordered is no longer offered with the XPS 700. Instead they will install two 7900GTX 512mb. I’m not real happy about that but that is not optional. Also the rep said that we would be put at the first of the line for the conroes because we’ve been waiting so long already (ordered on June 24th). Take that for what it’s worth of course. Overall it sounds like the offer is reasonable IF my system is shipped anytime soon!!!

  136. After waiting 3 months 1 day and 14hrs , I have decided to cancel my XPS order !! I am disgusted that Dell have failed to deliver on their promises !! From top to bottom of the organisation should be ashamed of the way that they have treated their customers with this issue !!

    I have ordered from rival company who unlike Dell are delivering a system not too different from the XPS700 I ordered and are delivering this weekend !!!

    Can I suggest to all those still waiting , Cancel your orders as its the only way Dell can understand if its not making any money!!!!!!!!!

    Goodbye Dell and Good Riddence!!!!!!!  

  137. Considering that the blog now talks about customer satisfaction, can Dell (Lionel, Mary, anyone) simply explain

    1. Why the delay? (Ordered June 18th, then Aug 1st, now today’s ETS Aug 8th, be frank lots of people are getting ticked off)

    2. Has anyone begun to call people? (Metrics are your friend "6000 orders and we’ve called XXXX customers to date", how successful are you?)

    My new status today says that for FTC reasons I need to consent or they are going to have to cancel automatically.  Clicking the I agree link gets a 404 – File not found error.

    This is really getting very Keystone Kops.

  138. Making progress I think, called Customer Care and was told that the delay is due to problems with the graphics card (I’d ordered the 7950 GX2) and the xfi sound cards.

    Dunno the veracity of that but I prefer some info to none.

    Still bumped up to August 8th and have not heard from the call team.

  139. After this long wait, I was happy to get my call from an XPS 700 rep today.  She says, "because of the long wait, we have an offer for you."  I’m thinking…"Geez, it’s about time."  To my amazement, she offers me a "free" upgrade from the Pentium D 920 to the Pentium D 930.  Then, I informed her about the upgrade to Core 2 since I ordered at the beginning of July.  She put me on hold for a minute.  When she came back, I was even more shocked at what she said to me.  She said, "Yes, there would be an offer to the E6300.  But, because you chose XP x64, you cannot choose the Core 2.  It is not compatible.  They are only 32 bit CPUs.  I said "WHAT?  No, you’re mistaken.  They all are 64 bit chips."  She then tells me that there is a tech here in the room that says no, it’s a 32 bit chip and doesn’t support x64.  I finally convinced here that whoever was telling here that was mistaken.  She agreed on the E6300.  

    The wait was one thing.  Now, I am being lied to!!!!!!!  Come on now!!  Can this get any worse?

  140. Lionel,

    Still no word for international customers? As time goes by it seems more and more likely that international customers will be hung out to dry.

  141. Let me just say what we are all thinking WHERE THE FLIP ARE OUR FLIPPING COMPUTERS get on the case DELL!!

  142. Jan – No progress has been made. Dell has used the video card excuse for a month now. There is no delay in that card. Dell’s customer care people dont know what is going on with the XPS 700, so they just tell us "something."

  143. Lionel,

    I received a call yesterday from Dell, but I was away from my desk at work at the time.

    I tried to call back, and Dell keeps hanging up the phone after saying "they’re experiencing technical difficulities as usual, your call will be transferred to the next available representative".

    Anyone else experienced this?  Will I get another call if we missed our initial callback call and are having a difficult time returning the call?

  144. Now honestly, I don’t get why people who paid a premium price for their XPS systems are still waiting. If I was the position that many are in, I would have cancelled after the first delay in shipment. There is no reason why any company should tell you they will be able to deliver a product, then fail to do so repeatedly, and without proper communication to the costumer. If you got a really good deal on it, then sure you have a reason to wait because it’s worth it for the value. I see people whose orders amount to thousands of dollars and even though this machine may be awesome (if it ever comes), there really is no reason to wait unless you have no need for it right now. But even if the need isn’t there, at least take a step back and see how Dell has handled this situation. Many have already gone to competitors and I frankly do not understand why others are still waiting and being kept in the dark.

  145. To Dell Canada customers and EMEA customers: One of the main questions I’ve been getting in e-mails and one2one comments is this: Are non-U.S customers eligible for the Core 2 upgrade option? The answer is yes.

    If you’d rather keep the Pentium D-based system you originally ordered, you will may get your system sooner, and will be entitled to a special offer from Dell.  These will vary by region.  Your callback agent will have the details.

    To all XPS 700 customers, I ask for your patience—please wait for a call from a callback rep. Calling into your local Sales or Customer Care queue will not expedite the process.

  146. Lionel,

    When will Dell disclose the shipment delay cause to us, the consumers?

    People want to know what has been causing the delays. Making people remove their Bluetooth keyboard/mouse, ATI video adapters, 7950 GX, etc… is not what people want to hear.

    We want to know what the real problem is.

  147. I got my callback call.

    The original order date was July 3rd. It is now Aug. 2nd…

    When you guys got the call did your order number change or stay the same?

    I was offered the C2D upgrade or the $200 gift card. I took the gift card option, and specifically asked if my order number would be the same. She said yes the order number will stay the same. Nothing in my orignal order was supposed to change.

    I checked my online status, and it says, "This order has been changed. This change has resulted in a new Order Number being issued. Click the "View All Orders" link above to check all current orders associated with your Customer Number."

    How come the order number had to change when all I want is the gift card? I guess I will be put in the back of the line..??…..

  148. Will any of the other hardware components be different if the processor is upgraded?  Things like ram speed and what not?  Also, what is a realistic ship date

  149. Also Lionel,

    Your rep just told me that it was impossible to get my computer before october.  She also said there were no pentium D 920’s.  The misinformation within your customer service chain is disturbing to say the least.  Now a computer I ordered on July 1st won’t come to me until more than 4 months later?  My school doesn’t give me 4 months to wait for a computer.

  150. All I have been hearing from Dell about the XPS 700 is wait, wait, wait, wait… well I am TIRED of waiting for you. I have ordered basically the same system from a different company and it’s already in Production. So guess what Dell you can wait, wait for me to buy something else from you… you will be waiting for a long time, because it will not be the 700 because I just cancelled my order. To everyone else waiting for the 700 good luck, I hope it’s worth it, it’s not to me.

  151. Ordered an XPS700 in June and I expected (!) it to arrive before I left for college at the end of August. I had previously scrapped plans of getting a Macbook Pro and decided to go for the 700, however, these delays and lack of any real response to why the delays are happening are infuriating. Due to personal reasons I can’t get another computer anymore or cancel my order but rest assured, this will be the last time I buy from Dell.

  152. My original order was placed 11th June. The Dutch Dell site informed of delays due to popularity of the system. I got a warning from the tracking system and called Dell. They bleated on about the video card being out of stock (GeForce 7900GTX (dual)) but a sales rep put that straight, saying the problem was the XPS itself.

    Got an upgrade on the HDD from 160 to 500 (2 x 250) with a small contribution from myself and was assured the 9-8-06 deadline would be met for delivery.

    Got a call yesterday saying there was another delay of 35 days. I called Dell this morning and was informed I would be contacted within the next few days.

    I hope the upgrade they offer is worth me waiting (again) otherwise I will just cancel my order. I am a bit annoyed at Dell with the way this has been handled. I mean, it’s not everyday you buy a system for approx. 4000 euro’s and then to get this sort of trouble…

    Oh well…fingers crossed all will come good.

  153. LIONEL,

    Is there any chance you can provide an update on the blog?  You were posting a couple times weeks ago but we haven’t heard any update on where we are.

    Also, I have not received a callback yet despite emailing the customer advocate address.  When can I expect a call??

  154. Further to my previous post…

    I read the comments from the ex Dell sales rep, indeed, Dell suprised met with the XPS700, which is why I ordered one. As a IT pro (Unix man) I usually build my own systems (then I know whats in it, and get exactly what I want) and this one time I thought ‘Looks good, nice specs, why not…’ …now, why not indeed…

  155. Thanks Lionel, that’s great news for Canadian customers. I was close to cancelling my order, but I will wait.

  156. LIONEL,

    I got a call but was not home.  What hours does the XPS 700 call center operate?  I tried calling many times between 6pm and 9pm Eastern but always got an automated message.

  157. For those of you who had the 7950 GX2 and were forced to the dual 7900 GTXs, was that a free swap or did you have to pay extra?

  158. Well, I finally received "the call". (Thanks Lionel). I originally ordered on June 10th and I got the call today, August 3rd. I was not offered the processor upgrade. This doesn’t bother me too much because I can’t wait any longer for this computer – I’ll upgrade in a year or so when/if the Conroes become cheaper. Out of curiosity I asked about the processor upgrade and after talking with a supervisor (presumably) the CS rep told me that I could upgrade but it would take longer. She said that I wasn’t offered the choice because there is no availability problems with the Pentium D 930. Which leads me to believe that there might be problems with other processor availability. I don’t know. Honestly, I couldn’t really understand her – too much of an accent. Anyway, I took the 200 dollar gift card that I will supposedly receive 6-8 weeks after I receive the system, which I’m told I will receive in 50 days. Holy geez. That is 104 days from time of order to supposed shipment of the baseline XPX 700 system. I’ve already waited 54 days at this point, so I guess I should be lucky I’m over the half way point???  I think the only add on to my system was 2 mb ram instead of 1.

    Lessons learned? Plan for (and save if necessary) for when your old computer will die and don’t be forced to rely on 0% financing to buy a replacement. Gateway is offering 23.99%. That is crazy. I won’t allow myself to be in a position where I have to suffer through this kind of service again.

  159. Like many of you I was also interested in the upgrade upon hearing about it (My original order was June 13th).  So I decided to be an active customer and make sure I was getting the best computer offered, and after talking to a rep from dell he told me that he was going to offer me the free upgrade to the better "processor".  Me, not thinking anything of it, agreed and thought that dell would be upgrading my system to the Core 2 Duo.  A day later I checked my order, which had been canceled, and the new order was re-placed, but instead of the Core 2 Duo processor, the representative upgraded me from the Pentium 940 to the 950.  If they give me a hard time about upgrading to the Core 2 Duo, there may be hell to pay.  Also like a few of you have mentioned, I also need this computer for college, so I’m thinking about just taking the computer as is, and then on winter break sending it back in to have them give me the proper upgrade.  But we all know that’s gonna turn out to be another tradgity.

  160. This is my 3rd (and hopefully final) comment.

    As much as this delay is irritating, and as much as Dell could have prevented it in the first place I would also like to say that when corresponding with Dell they have always been helpful and curtious. And even though I am miffed at this situation Dells service centre does deserve credit for the way it has handled the load that has been dropped on them from the bad product launch.

    Hopefully all XPS customers will be satisfied shortly and all problems resolved. I am going to wait in any case….my after thought being that I’ve waited this long…another few weeks wont hurt.

    So, despite my grievences, hats off to the service desk people. It can’t be easy for them and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes right now.

  161. The last day of my XPS Dream:

    After 2 Months of waiting without any reaction from dell I must se at this morning that the delivering time was rescheduled from 08.08.06 to 28.09.06!

    That’s now enough; I cancelled the order and say “bye dell forever”.

    Hope that the transferring from the paid money back to my account don’t occurs the same waiting time …

  162. Hi Kamal, please send another comment with details, including your e-mail, and I’ll route your info (not to be published) to the team.  Thanks in advance.

  163. Hi Lionel,

    im waiting for the call for the xps 700 upgrades…currently im out of the of country and couldnt answer the phone..ill be back in 3 weeks time.. how can i contact dell and tell them about the upgrades that i needed? i can include my order number if u like with all the details.. Thanks

  164. Well after 2 months of waiting and trying to fool myself for some reason into staying faithful to Dell, the last straw was pulled.  Dell calls and instead of it being the much sought after Conroe upgrade call, it was a sales rep telling me my ship date was now early september, and thats before the upgrade and being pushed to the end of the line. So goodbye dell, order cancelled as off 10 minutes ago, must be nice to know your first real stab at a decent high-end computer has failed so utterly and completely.

  165. Lionel,

    I see that your original statement that those Canadian customers who kept their Pentium D processors "will" get their systems sooner than those who take the upgrade has now been changed to "may" get their systems sooner. Why the change? What would be the hold-up on the Pentium D systems? What is the likely time differential between delivery times for Core 2 system as compared to a Pentium D system?

    As a side note I see that Dell Canada customers ordering a new XPS 700 system today still don’t have the option to order a Core 2 system unlike U.S. and European customers ordering a new XPS 700 system. Can you explain why that is?

  166. I ordered TWO XPS 700 systems on 6/21 with a 7/13 ship date.  Without my knowledge, they were canceled and resubmitted by Dell on 7/28. The original order had 940D processors and the "new order" shows they will have E6400 installed.

    My order to have IEEE-1394a controller cards installed on both has also been dropped.

    The only call we got was in mid-July from Dell rep Steve Clemons informing us that our order have been "delayed", but would ship in the first week of August. No one here at our office has received any additional calls concerning "gift cards" or requested authorization to make changes in the configuration of our order.  

    Both systems are still shown to be in "Pre-Production" with a ship date of 10/10.  In the mean time, I have $60,000 worth of large format digital printer and plotter that is still sitting in their shipping crates.  If our systems actually DO ship on 10/10, it will be almost THREE MONTHS I will have lost money and productivity with that piece of equipment.

    It is not like they were "complicated orders".  They were ordered through the "Medium to Large Business" category. Each system had ONE (not two)  256MB 7900GS video cards and Integrated Audio.  To make it even easier for Dell to process our order the following was part of the order…

    No Monitor Requested

    No Keyboard Requested

    No Mouse Requested

    No Modem Requested

    No Speaker Requested

    No Digital Music Software Requested

    No Digital Imaging Software Requested

    No ISP Requested

    No Productivity Software Requested

    How much simpler can it get? No "Bluetooth keyboards", no multi video cards, no sound cards, just "bare bones" systems to run my business hardware.

    Counting the other additional two computers and various hardware we’ve ordered since 5/12, we’ve spent over $10,000 with Dell.  I guess "ten large" doesn’t rate a phone call and we are not worthy of being notified of changes made to our orders.

  167. This past January I ordered an xps 600. Absurd delays (43 days+), multiple replacements, false statements, unfullfilled promises, inaccurate information, faulty tech support, 200+ phone hours, 400+pages of documentation, to name a few of the issues, have left me "computerless" for almost 7 months. And now that I have been waiting since May 31 for the xps 700 that Dell bumped me into, it doesn’t look good!! I am the "founder" of the infamous Dell Community Forum 3000+ thread, and I have a story that I doubt anyone on the planet can top. And therefore the thread, that I have been coaxing along via private messages, email,letters such as this, and comments on outside blogs. Dell actually, because of my involvement, contacted me, and asked for my input, before offering the Core 2 "Upgrade" or the "Free" gift card. Which I continue to shout is no such thing. It wasn’t free and it wasn’t an upgrade. Dell jumped the gun, and has not been able to produce. After 2 months of delays, and media exposure, Dell was forced to respond to the DCF cries. Pre -July 18 customers are "slowly" being contacted and given 2 options. Keep the Pentium D CPU and accept a $200 Dell gift card, or allow Dell to replace the Pentium D with the appropriate Core 2 and wait up to an additional 60 days for the shipment. When I placed my order, the 965EE was Dell’s top of the line, and it cost me $1000. So what did Dell "give" me when they so graciously agreed to "upgrade" me? A $1000 CPU ! Because no one in their right mind would buy "yesterday’s" technology for "yesterday’s" prices what would any rational person expect. The Intel Core 2 Extreme, the X6800 is "today’s" technology at today’s prices. So, where is the "FREE UPGRADE"? There isn’t one!  And the "Free gift card"? For $200 at the Dell store!, you have to take "yesterday’s"technology at "yesterday’s" prices!! So the customer pays $650 for a CPU May 31, which is worth $400 today. But he keeps that devalued Pentium D because Dell gave him a $200 gift card? Dell gave Dell a gift card worth $50!! Plus they still made the sale, AND, they unloaded more of yesterday’s technology!! Most don’t do the math and they think Dell "gave" them something. And those that do, take the gift card, because Dell promises them on the phone, that if they stay with the Pentium D their computer will ship right away!! Where are they!! Many of the Dell Forum members are mad and they should be. And if you think they are mad, what does that make me? Every person that I speak with wants to know, "Why hasn’t Dell "Given" you a free computer?" Last weekend, I finally thought I found a Dell connection that had the sympathy and the authority to Do something for me. Without even reading any of my history, he said, “I can tell you right now, Dell will not be giving you a free computer. But I will give you 15% after the order ships" I told him that I am getting no discount on a $5000 computer (without $2200 30inch monitor Dell already ripped me off on-Part of the story) and person after person on the forum thread are boasting about their 42% discount, to which he replied, "that is the best I will do for you." I am extremely bothered by the amount of stress that this 7 month fiasco has caused me and my family, and I will be relentless in getting the message out, until Dell handles this xps 700 Mistake, with integrity. There is no Upgrade, and there is no Free gift card. Nothing!! Not yet anyway. Please contact me if I can help you run with this story, and it is a story that the world would love to hear. Much better then 3 laptops on fire!!  And Lionel, if you read this, I want you to understand that I am trying real hard to stay loyal to Dell. Even Dell employees tell me they would have gone elsewhere if they were treated they way I have been. You have no idea how much pain this whole thing has cost a lot of people.  Here is one of many issues:I purchased $500 of Corsair EPP/SLI 800 memory to go with the XPS 700 nVidia 590 Chipset, and now I don’t even know if that will be a part of the system, as it seems most of what we know about the 700 is no longer reliable. And my problem now is, if the system won’t support it, I can no longer return the memory. 60 Days have come and gone. Thanks

  168. Lionel

    This is getting very frustrating. I am a Canadian Customer and I am getting the royal run around from Dell. My first order in early July was cancelled by Dell for some reason I ordered again, and again it was changed by Dell then again cancelled. I ordered a 3rd time before your July 18 cut off date. Now this system is still ok nothing has changed YET!

    The problem started when you posted that Canadian customers are entited to the Core 2 upgrade as well. I emailed your Customer Advocate Email box  various times to give them my personal information. with no reply from them,  I then called your Customer care call back center and was told to contact my Canadian Customer care center. So I did, The Canadian side of things basically told me to go to "He.." That Canadians are not  Entited to the Free upgrade and If I don’t like it cancel my order. They where very rude and abrupt me and treated me like they really do not care for my business.

    I read them your Statement about the free upgrade and they said I was a liar the "Lionel Menchaca" does not exist.That I was making your name up.

    Lionel could you please let us canadian customers know what is going on with the call back system.






    Lionel Please help with this I’m losing what little mind I have left dealing with Customer care

    Cheers peter

  169. Why is it that Judd ordered June 10 and got the call on Aug 3 while Xecuter who ordered on July 3 got the call on Aug 2? Doesn’t seem like you are going down the list by date Dell. You need to have some sort of estimate on que times as to when you’ll call. Considering this is your premium system and people are spending large amounts of money, we expect a bit more effort.  

  170. Has anyone actually had their system ship yet? I ordered my system (a Pentium D 930) on June 22, with an estimated ship date of July 31. A few days after I got the phone call (and chose the $200 gift card), my ship date was changed to August 7.

    That’s okay, but… has ANYONE actually had their system ship yet? I have this sinking feeling that on August 7 I’ll find that my ship date was changed to August 14.

  171. Hi Sherman, Apologize for the issues you’ve encountered so far.  Please send another comment with your e-mail (not to be published) so that we can contact you directly.  Thanks in advance.

  172. Wally – I don’t think I’ve read of anybody receiving their system. And, if you get yours on August 14th, that would be 5 weeks before I’m supposed to get my P D 930 system and I ordered almost 2 weeks before you. I don’t think Dell has their problem fixed yet. That’s strange seeing as how Dell said that Pent.D systems would start shipping weeks ago.

  173. Spoke to soon about my last post being ‘hopefully final’…

    What are you up to Dell???

    Sorry but I was called and informed I would be called by the Dutch/European XPS team THIS week….I even called at 15:00 CET today to confirm this…16:55 and no call. So I call Dell…the CSD rep says she will connect me with the XPS team. Get connected, now is just gone 17:00…get voice message that they are open between 08:30 and 17:00….call gets disconnected.

    I call back again…but to no avail. Offices shut.

    I have every sympathy for Dell CSD in this situation but please don’t go making agreements and not sticking to them…

    Dell Rep: you will be called back this week.

    me: this week – you sure?

    Dell Rep: yes.

    me: absolutely sure?

    Dell Rep: yes.

    (but in Dutch)…

    FFS DELL – sort yourselves out…I am soooo annoyed right now. I had found new patience wrt the XPS and how it was being handled but now that Dell has broken a simple agreement to call back I am VERY VERY close to just cancelling my order.

    I will NEVER do business with Dell again after this episode.

  174. Lionel Menchaca,

    There has not been one shred of truthfullness given to the customer regarding these xps 700 delays. Your change of "will" to "may" in your previous post is just another example of Dell’s sidestepping.  

  175. I was on hold to have my XPS 700 changed, then I was hung up on. Now my order shows that it was canceled and no new order number email was sent to me. Everytime I try to call Dell, whether directly to the XPS 700 number or Dell customer support, I get transfered to an answering machine. This in infuriating!

  176. More shenanigans. After waiting for too long for a phone call from the call back team, I’ve now received two calls. The second caller apparently unaware of the first caller. Fantastic.

    I’m told the systems are on "engineering hold". Fine. Something’s not working right – I’m sure we would all rather a working system than have to worry about a return or repair. However, read the very top of this thread and you will see Dell saying they "wanted to confirm that we began building Pentium D and Pentium Extreme-based XPS 700 systems a few minutes ago." Really? Did they all blow up afterwards, ’cause I don’t think anybody received them.

    The second callback person was smart enought not to give me a date to expect the computer. This will ultimately not lead to me being more upset the next time Dell thinks they have the problem fixed and something else goes wrong. In my opinion this is what they should have done from the beginning. Instead we’ve been told things like "Dell has shipped thousands of these systems" to "it’s in production" to "we’re building these systems now" to "these systems will begin shipping before xx".  

    So, I’m cancelling my order and will let Dell get their act together before I try and buy from them. Good luck to those still waiting.

  177. I’m done. I ordered 3 FREAKING systems and am SICK and TIRED of ALL THIS!!!! They are ALL CANCELLED! I HATE DELL!

  178. Good comment JUDD.

    I am a Canadian customer and I was told last night Friday Aug 4 that  "WE" Canadians do not get the upgrade, that Dell Canada is not going to honor the upgrade. First I called the United States callback center to see the status of the callbacks and to give them my info, I was told that they have no records of the Canadian customers [fair enough sounded reasonable] the rep at the U.S.A callback center told me to call the Canadian customer care center that they "the Canadian Dell" has all the info for the callbacks, So I did.

    Then the fun began. I called the Canadian Dell and they told me that Lionel Menchaca does not exist. I told them to go online to DIRECT2DELL.com  and read all the posts. I was told that I just wanted something for free and if I did not like it  "Go ahead and cancel your order sir that we have other customers to deal with" I almost fell off my chair when the rep said that to me. AMAZING. So much for Customer service at Dell.

    So today Saturday Aug 5, I have been thinking I should cancel my order as well. It’s really to bad that it has come to this.

    I will see what happens by the middle of the week and if they {DELL} can’t get they stories straight or at least make their stories  believable, then I’ll pull the plug on my sytem and Dell and order from someone else. I hope someone at Dell is listening and this whole mess gets resolved in a positive manner. "WE" the customers just wanted "you" at Dell to comunicate with us and everybody be on the same page that’s all.

    It seems to me that too many people at Dell have their hands on this XPS700 project that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

    You need to get Dell’s corporate head office  to release a statement in regards to the XPS 700 status that will cover all of Dell’s customers throughtout the world, not just one segment of your customers., and make sure before you do release this statement that all your Dell outlets internationally are up to date so they can deal with their customers and their concerns and not just told to hit the road

    Thanks for your time Lionel.

    Cheers Peter St.john

  179. What about people going away to college? Some of us really need to find out the status of our order, like right now.

  180. I’m in the same boat! I ordered my XPS 700 June 1st! I did recieve the "Call" twice a few weeks ago just like you.  I bought top of the line everything; $5000+  I guess there is a problem with Quad SLI working, Not sure….

    Did they really quote another 50 plus days???

    Dell? Will you keep upgrading us with all these delays? Heh heh.. Its nice, don’t get me wrong..but.. I would like a computer delivered sometime while I’m alive. 🙂

  181. Any reason why my XPS 700 has been sitting in "preproduction" for the past week? I thought by choosing the gift card we were going to finally receive our computers…

  182. So, more time goes by and still not another word from Dell.  What’s the problem here?  I can completely understand confidentiality, contractual agreements, and not being able to make specific comments and promise specific dates but this is ridiculous.

    They way Dell is treating its high end customers is absurd.  How about an update?  Anything other than deafening silence to constant criticism.  

    I know that Dell is assuming that everything will be "just fine" once these machines actually get out the door as promised with Core 2, but I don’t believe that to be true.

    I for one will seriously hesitate to purchase something this expensive from Dell again, regardless of our status with them as business partners.  There are always ways to get around it, and even if it is more paperwork it’ll be worth it.

  183. What da heck is wrong with XPS 700???!! From the very beginning, features that were available,  have been pulled left and right; the CPUs, the Graphics cards (7950 Gtx singledull, ATI X1900), even the OS (Windows XP 64)…

    How is this fulfilling the requirement of "A system built for gaming enthusiasts" when it can’t even support the latest techologies. How about "Future Expandability"?? With all this "known" problems you guys trying so hard to playdown and hide, even when customers finally receive their XPS 700, they will have no confidence what so ever in upgrading this patched-up job…

    How-ever did DELL mess up so badly on planning their flagship model?? even a high-schooler who builds their own system knows which component are compatible during the ‘planning phase’… All this delays without a firm reason, adding the speculations from the posters and now the news-sites, no-one in their right mindset would be buying this system now…

    This launch is a total fiasco, not only did it manage to destroy customer relation by disgruntling everyone with delays and trying to assuage the situation with ‘false compensations’ (like the customers are really fools), the worse of all is damaging DELL’s image and credibility to engineer and built a system as advertised… especially a top-of-line model.

    Whoever project-managed the ‘XPS 700’ should be held responsible, fired, and never work in this industry again.

  184. On August 4 I posted a message asking whether anyone had received their systems yet. So far, nobody has replied that they have. I also worried that, come August 7, I would find that my ship date had been pushed back to August 14. Today is August 7 and my ship date has been pushed back to August 14. I’ve also received an email saying, per FTC rules, that my order will be cancelled if I don’t confirm that I want to go through with it. Hmm…

  185. LIONEL

    I still did not get a call from dell regarding my order (i have sent that e-mail with all my order and contact info).  Is it possible for you to provide the phone # of the call center that is handling this issue, so I could perhaps give a call without waiting.  Could you please also provide us with a status of things on this issue?  Have you started building the systems or is Dell still working on resolving technical issues with the system?

    The company that I work for is a huge financial that makes multi-million purchases of Dell systems every year, yet our rep. was unable to shed any light on this issue.  So, I’m lurking around this forum to get some feedback on the status and it’s been a while.



  186. It’s really sad that the 2 posts I put here Friday night  never made it on here. so I’ll try again

    Ordered my system July 11, that order got cancelled by Dell, and a new order was put in it’s place with only 3/4 of the stuff I ordered inside the XPS 700. The priced however stayed the same. I didn’t look at my order status until July 17.Once I did  I then called Dell to ask what was going on, nobody could explain the reason why it was cancelled and other product was added and taken out. So this time I cancelled my order and put the original order back in place. Today it is still there.

    On July 20 on Dells Direct2Dell.com Mary joseph states.

    "Due to the delays many of you have experienced, we will provide an option of either a free upgrade to a Core 2 Duo processor or a Dell gift card for all those who have ordered systems as of up until July 18, 2006.  We ask for your continued patience as we roll out communication to our customer care and sales teams.  Customers should wait until Dell contacts them regarding the status of their orders."

    Everybody seemed happy with this anouncement from Dell.However nobody had any idea about International customers if they qualified for the upgrade or not.

    On Aug 2 Lionel Menchana stated on the Dell Blog that. Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager said:

    "To Dell Canada customers and EMEA customers: One of the main questions I’ve been getting in e-mails and one2one comments is this: Are non-U.S customers eligible for the Core 2 upgrade option? The answer is yes."

    GREAT! I emailed all of my information to the Dell callback center  as per Lionel Menchaca instructions various times with no reply. I found a phone # to call on this fourm that was direct to the callback center. I left a voice message with all of my personal information on it. Only to get a callback 3 hours later telling me that "this callback center is for U.S customers only, "We do not have the Canadians information at this location that the Canadian callback center has it all" the Person was helpful and  gave me the Canadian phone # to call. So I decided to give it a try. This was friday  Aug 4

    I called Dell Canada and Oh MY GOD what a runaround!. I was told that Dell Canada is NOT!!!!! going to give the free upgrade. They knew nothing about it, That Lionel Menchana does not exsist and that Dell is not in the habit of giving Free upgrade to people. and if I had a problem with it I should cancel my order. I tried in vain to explain to the Dell rep. if only she would read the updates she would know  "we" Canadians are entited to the upgrade. I again was told it was a U.S promotion only.

    Well here I am today hung out to dry from Dell with no answers. It seems to me at Dell that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and information either does not get pass down the chain of command. Or Dell Canada is really not going to Honor the upgrade.

    I hope this post makes it past the reviewers of the Blog.  this is what is happining with your customers from Canada. It if frustrating that Dell did not get everyone on the same page ie: their international Dell offices , before they made the upgrade anouncment so every customer would be told the same story and have the same information.

    If Dell wants to cantact me feel free. I hope you have my information. or is that your U.S customers only.

    Cheers Peter St.john

  187. I am worried about the October ship dates. My rep told me that I shouldn’t worry because that’s like a worst case scenario ship date. But my rep also told me a lot of other stuff that turned out to false.

    Core 2 Duo systems are shipping now. Mac announced their Mac Pro today, and you can buy and have it shipped today with Woodcrest processors. For the XPS 700, alot of people bought them 2 and half months ago, and even the Pentium D orders have not shipped yet. What’s going on? Do we really have to wait until October for our machines when all other PC makers are shipping in 1-4 weeks for orders placed today?

  188. i got the call for the upgrade….my 920 processor became an E6300…….BUT, my ship date….moved from 8/14 to 10/23!!!!! o.O

  189. Why has nobody contacted me. I ordered by system on june 11th and i have had no call back people who ordered their system weeks after me have gotten calls whats up with that

  190. Lionel,

    I ordered on June 29 and I am leaving for college in one week, now there is another delay related to the cooling and it could be anohter 4-8 weeks lead time.  I got the call for the upgrade 2 weeks ago and I took the gift card becusae I thought it woud come in the next 3 weeks so that I could get it before I left to go to school but now that seems like that is not possible at all so is there any way I could switch to the Core 2 instead of taking the gift card becuase I am definitly not going to be getting it before I leave for school so whats the extra couple of weeks for a Core 2 if I have to come all the way back home to get my computer anyways? I was planning on upgrading myslef but if I am going to have to wait until the Core 2 is already available to everyone else then it would make no sense for me to get my computer in a month or so and then have to wiat for the giftcard to then by the processor from dell and have to go through the trouble of installing it and im kind of ify on how to do that so it jsut seems like more of a hassel for me then it will be worth now that im not going to get it before I leave.  I would appreciate it if you would contact me back.  Thanks Paul  

  191. I received my call last week from Dell about the upgrade which I took and received my new order number.  I checked my order status today and my order has been cancelled!  Unreal.

    I guess you need to check your order status on a daily basis to make sure Dell doesn’t decide to cancel your order on you!

  192. Where are our XPS700’s, especially the people who opted to not take the processor upgrade? I officially ordered my system 67 days ago.

  193. Upate number 4…

    Spoken to Dell yesterday and today. Yesterday I was informed that I have the choice of either cancelling my order or accepting the E6600 core 2 duo ‘upgrade’ and having my order re-submitted, I was also informed the D950 cpu wasn’t available anymore. I said that I didn’t agree that the core 2 duo was a real upgrade, just replacing non-deliverable hardware with it’s direct replacement. That it performs better is just a case of improved technology. The CSD rep said that the sales rep would have to arrange it all anyway. I won’t just accept the E6600 – if they are offering an upgrade, then the E6700 is the least it has to be in my opinion….but that can be sorted out with the sales rep.

    I spoke to the sales rep today. She says the cpu ‘upgrade’ isn’t on the table, and what did I think of a  Dimension 9150 as an alternative (…ROFL)…I said that is not an option.

    Lionel….please inform me…why is there (seemingly) no corporate directive regarding this issue? At the moment there seems to be no coordination and as often has been stated in these replies to the FAQ wrt XPS700 the left hand isn’t working with the right. Why doesn’t Dell sort out it’s policy and communicate that to local regions? It can’t be that hard….can it???

    Seriously…she said she can make no promises regarding the delivery of the XPS700…come on Lionel…get them to read this blog, get them to project manage this properly and get some control over this. I agree with crassing’s comment – whoever managed this product launch needs a severe career review by his/her superior…but more alarmingly, Dell needs to take a good look in the mirror becuase its attempt to lure hardcore gamers/highend users to Dell, which started with so much promise, is beginning to spiral into fiasco and Dell seem unable to get it under control.

    All we want as users is the following (imo)…

    1) Delivery times – not exact but estimated and not a seemingly unending extensions to delivery dates…

    2) The systems we ordered – before the hardware is out of date

    3) Corporate directive from Dell

    4) Good communications (blog is a good step in that direction but due to problems isn’t very positive for Dell at the moment)

    If you can deliver this…you will win the customers and get their custom/money. The XPS700 has lots of promise, but my god, has to be one of the worst product launches ever. Furthermore, as previosly stated, that Dell can’t get it back on track is just as alarming.

    I want an XPS700 bad enough to hang on a bit longer but really, Dell is testing my patience – and I am not the only one…

  194. I am reposting this, since I have not heard for Dell since the original post.

    My company placed orders for two XPS 700 systems on 6/21 with an initial ship date of 7/13.  In mid-July, a Dell representative called us and said that our orders have been delayed and should be shipped by the first week of August. On 7/28, without our prior knowledge, our orders were cancelled and replaced with orders that had minor changes in the configuration of our systems and new order numbers.

    I have read both here and on Dell’s forums, that we should wait to hear from a Dell representative, instead of calling or e-mailing Dell concerning our changed orders. I have follow the instructions given forum by providing my contact and order information in a PM to the forum moderator. I have also followed the instructions given specifically to me here, from a Dell representative and was assured by him that someone would be contacting my company directly.

    As of 8/8, no one at our company has received any further contact from Dell, while it appears that many who have placed orders either before and even after our original date, have received at least one call. Since the change/deletions to our orders were done without our knowledge and are not acceptable, I am concerned that if we eventually do get "The Call" to correct these issues, it will further delay our orders beyond their current estimated ship date of 10/10.

    I do sympathize with others here that are waiting on their orders to be filled.  I’m sure that each of you feel that your order is just as important, be it for personal or professional use. Just as it should be.

    Being in the manufacturing business for a half century ourselves, we can also understand and appreciate Dell’s desire to ensure that everyone’s order is filled with a quality and dependable product. Even if it results in a slight delay in delivering such a product.

    All the same, it doesn’t not alleviate our concerns when we have had $60,000 worth of large format printing equipment and RIP software, dependent on these two systems, sitting idle since the first of July. All while waiting for Dell to contact us (aka: make that "First Call") and address these issues.

    As mentioned in the earlier post, over the past 90 days, our company has placed over $10,000 worth of orders with Dell.  Admittedly, it is "small change" when compared to Dell’s numerous corporate customers. Yet, just as we do in our own company, we try to treat ALL clients, both big and small, with equal fairness and attention.

    Up to this point, we are hard pressed to believe that Dell shares a similar philosophy. I do not expect or demand any "special attention" because of our company’s current or past purchases from Dell. I would be more than happy to just receive ANY attention at all.

    One would hardly think that "surfing" and posting on web forums and blogs as a proper method for a business to get information or communicate with their vendors and suppliers. Surely Dell does not have to communicate with Intel in this manner.  Why is it expected for us to do such? No matter if it is a bussiness or individual customer?

    Each day, the financial potential of our new large format printing goes unrealized and the uncertainty of when we will actually have an opportunity to integrate this equipment into our business is becoming more than we can economically bear. To comply and not contact Dell about our orders has also become equally unbearable.

    Even a corporation as big as Dell can not realistically expect a small business, or ANY sized business for that matter, to sustain what could be an additional two month delay in the expansion of their production operations. This is not counting the close to a month’s time we have already lost since the original ship date passed.

    At least not when other computer vendors are currently promising deliveries in four to five weeks from the time the order is place. That is half the estimated delivery time currently promised to us by Dell. Any additional expense we might incur by purchasing similarly configured systems from a different vendor is quickly becoming negligible when compared to the lost productivity and income we have sustained thus far.

    Can someone… ANYONE, please tell me how we can get this resolved? What more can we do to get anyone Dell to contact my company and assure us that we made the right choice and it won’t be necessary for us to make other arrangements?

    We have already gone from being disappointed to being frustrated and have been forced to turn away new business. We can understand the frustration of others who have placed orders for the XPS 700 and yet to have received them. Unfortunately, the clients we turn away daily could care less. Unlike many of us, those clients we turn away did eventually make "other arrangements" and it was with our competitors. Dell is soon to leave us no choice but to do the same.

  195. I noticed here that Dell isn’t going in order of calling people regarding the update. What’s up with that? I’d like to give the call back team a ring, does anyone know the number to reach them? Thanks

  196. I got my call yesterday and the rep Michael said he could not tell me a ship date and the current order had to be cancelled and a new order could take up to a week to be posted to me.  It has been 24 hours since the call and my old ordewr is still there in pre-production limbo and no new number has shown up.  Dell has blown this massively. Has anyone thought of going to the press about this ?  There is nothing in the news and Dell keeps advertising the XPS 700 on its site.


    – Is buiding in process?

    – Why not everyone got called about the upgrade? (I didn’t)

    – Will Dell ever come clean and tell what the problem is?

    – Is Dell going to address the gaming community ever on this issue?

    – (question not only for Dell) Is it still worth waiting for?

    – ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????



  198. I ordered on Jul-5 and did not received any call from DELL so far. I already emailed to DELL Advocate twice. My shipping date is AUG-16. I dont know what they gonna do with my order. Has anyone got shipment?? I think this is the worst lounch by DELL or can say by any vender. This will create BIG ? mark on DELL for all future product lounch by DELL.



  199. Wow!!

    I have read the comments of Sherman McCoy twice now in different places over a period of a few weeks.

    As a General Manager, I have been appallled at the way Dell has handled this situation.  If I was to handle even a single client in our business the way Dell has dealt with this I am sure I would no longer be employed.

    I have read every post on both the dell forum’s and here, but have chosen to merely lurk rather than posting as I waited to see what would happen/

    But Sherman McCoy’s situation takes things to a whole new level.

    There is NO excuse whatsoever for someone at DELL to not have noticed the first time this was posted and stepped up with replacement computers of SOME sort during this waiting time.  This is people’s livelihoods we are talking about, not the ability to play the newest game with all the settings tweaked.  PLEASE DELL I impore you take care of this problem . . . I don’t care how long I wait to get my computer . . . .  but do something for the cases like these NOW.

  200. Furthermore (I knew once I started it would open a floodgate)

    Have read literally thousands of posts about this problem it appears to me that nearly everyone here can accept the delays.

    Delays happen . .  problems happen . . mistakes happen.  What we can’t take is feeling like we aren’t important enough to be kept in the loop about what is going on.  If I worked at Dell the first thing i would have done when this started would have been to compile a list of all the XPS 700 customer’s emails and sent a weekly status report,  That alone would have made feel that Dell felt I was important enough to be kept in the loop.  Instead we have repeatedly been given a snow job . . . waited weeks for simple questions to be answered and then watched as once mainstream media got a hold of things . . .suddenly company reps are INSTANTLY available.

    I truly believe most of us are fine with the delays . . it is your treatement of us that has created the outpouring of emotion you are witnessing.

  201. Stalder, Wanted to let you know that I communicated all of Sherman McCoy’s information to the callback team and they are looking into his situation.

  202. It’s hardly worth adding my comments to the justified tirade of rage here. I ordered my XPS 700 system on June 12th. I placed the order through the IT ordering system in my organization (a British university department).

    I trust as a european corporate customer, I’ll be offered the same upgrade/discounts as others, but I won’t be holding my breath.

    I am a bit fed up with getting the run around. If this was a personal order, I’d be taking the matter to the UK Trading Standards authorities.

    I read this, which makes me hope the system will ship soon – but perhaps it’s more deception.


    Dell get your act together.

  203. I live In Calgary Alberta Canada, And I was reading the local paper today and I found a very funny artical about LIFE LESSONS and about the problems people have with dealing with large corporations. It reminded me about the problems we are all facing with Dell and all the delays. Enjoy.

    LIFE LESSON 1. Things always take longer than anticipated. " dates mean nothing to these corporations"

    LIFE LESSON 2. You can’t always trust what corporations post on the internet. "

    LIFE LESSON 3. You can’t always trust the retailer. "Things you purchased never work the way the retailer says they will".

    LIFE LESSON 4. It is sometimes better to desire something than to possess it. "With all the tech problems Dell is having with the XPS700 does anyone really want it . It might be more of a pain to accutally get one.

    Just an short update on my order. When the story was posted on July 20 about the free upgrade . nothing was said about the Canadian customers so I called my sales rep in India to ask her about the upgrade, she knew nothing about it at the time,but said she would call me back once she had the information. Yesterday I got the call from my little sales rep from India, and she told me that she heard about a free upgrade offer to XPS 700 orders and that she would do the upgrade for me, just a straight exchange.

    So now I finally have my upgrade from the 965EE to e6800 conroe. and upgraded from the nvidia 7950 to the dual 512 7900 gtx .It took 30 seconds and no waiting for a callback that might never come from Dell Canada.  I was nuts trying to deal with Dell Canada for the last 3 weeks. it’s  funny that a little sale girl from India figured out that customer service is very important and delt with the problem in the correct manner. "DELL MANAGEMENT TAKE NOTE"

    Cheers Peter

  204. Thank you lionel.  I think this board is an excellent step in the right direction and that your willingness to keep us updated in the ways you have is great.

  205. Guys and Gals, give Dell up and get this – Alienware Area51 7500

    – Low latency memory

    – Much more impressive case

    – Liquid Cooled

    – Free Upgrade to a 7950 GX2 is on now

    – MOST IMPORTANT – a ship date of less then 3 weeks away!

    I canceled my xps700 order the first or second day of august and my new Alienware Area51 7500 is already almost into the shipping stage, o and its around 200 dollars less! And honestly, does any1 actually wanna deal with Dell support after this mess? I think not

  206. on further note, I received my call the other day and the rep was very polite and upfront about the problem. Im patiently waiting my upgraded order as we speak 🙂

  207. Well, it is almost the middle of August, system ordered in June. Still no contact from the famous update team. Won’t Dell be surprised if they ship the order and I refuse it if I have no contact with the mysterious and apparently invisible upgrade team. Dell should change their name to CIA. Apparently, if they tell us, they will have to kill us.

  208. How are we to confirm the gift card orders?  How are we to make sure they will show up?  I have 2 orders.  I have a GC coming for both.  I have asked my XPS rep 2-3 times now.  They keep telling me an email is on the way.  But, nothing shows up.  Another phone call got the same reaction, "We are sending out email confirmations later today.  Just wait".  Again, nothing comes.  I am afraid that 4-6 weeks after I get the system, someone will say "We have no record saying you should get a GC".  Anything to help give some of us in this situation a peace of mind?

  209. Dell and Alienware still operate seperately even though they have ownership. If they did work together, it wouldn’t make sense why Alienware systems configured similarly work where as the XPS 700 is having so many problems.

  210. I’ve finally received a call from Dell.  The rep. left me a voice mail with his phone and ext info (which was very nice as I didn’t have to wait for another call).  I called back and was given the 2 options (i went for the proc. upgrade e6700).  Ship date is now estimated for Oct 25 … oh well, I can wait.  Now I’m hoping that all issues were resolved and I don’t end up with a half-baked system.  Good luck to the rest of you.

    Did anyone get their system yet by any chance?  Would be good if you could share your initial impression.


  211. my son & I are waiting…  Dell Customer Service is non-existent!  What a disappointment.  Ethan has his heart set on this thing but I will never order a Dell product again.

    Does anyone there care?  

    Why aren’t they getting some seriously bad publicity about this?

    Can any one suggest an alternative vendor for a comparablel product?  Ethan & my husband seem to think the sun rises & sets with Dell but I am done with their manipulative, misleading, dishonest, sales claims.

    I could go on…

  212. Hi Lionel,

    Today was my shipping date and I have received email for order delayed from 16-AUG to 23-AUG. Hey Lionel, 23-AUG which is my Birthdate, I don’t want to see Order Delay email again on my birthday morning. I still did not get call from callback team. I sent 4 emails already. Please do something to expedite it.



  213. Can someone please tell me why one of these Pentium D XPS 700s would sit in the first level of "In Production" for 3 days?  Without any word from Dell, am I to assume they did this to try to cool people down when in actuality the system is NOT in production.  So, is it more misleading information coming from Dell?  Or is there really a reason to sit in that status?  Never in all my years of working for and buying from Dell have I seen a desktop sit in that status.  Is it in production?  Or not?

  214. I, like many others, had my Core 2 Duo XPS 700 (reordered 8/7 via The Call from original order 6/12) moved from "Pre-Production" to "In Production" yesterday evening.  No sub-stages have been checked off, though – which seems odd to me, and mirrors Mike L’s comment above.

    But the real curiosity to me is this:  Even though this movement happened yesterday evening (8/17), and my machine has been sitting in Pre-Production since The Call on 8/7, the "In Production" stage is now also dated 8/7.  

    Why would this be backdated?


  215. I think that it’s all smoke and mirrors from dell.  You ever notice that they say it has shipped, then weeks go by and nobody ever receives their order or any info whatsoever.  Then all of sudden after customers start flooding the blog with questions, they finally give some lame excuse about another problem and so on.  If the Pentium D’s are already shipping (laugh) why are do they seem to still be in production.  Didn”t they also say that the Core duos would ship this week too? (Laugh)  At this point, I think that they’ll say just about anything to diffuse the situation for more time.

  216. I just got of the phone with my account executive at Dell Canada and it has confirmed my suspicions… regardless of what the Dell Blog says, Canadian customers are NOT getting equal treatment. I have a perfect example of why the offered "free upgrade" is anything but "free".

    I ordered the following system on June 16th from Dell Canada… XPS700 Red, PD930, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2649cdn before tax.

    I have been pressing my Account Executive since the Dell blog announcement to let me know if Dell Canada would be honouring the promised upgrade. Today he finally called to say that "Yes, I can offer you an upgrade to the ‘Core 2 Duo’ E6300 processor but I will have to cancel your original order and create a new one for you." When asked if my place in the processing queue would be preserved on the new order or if it would cause a delay his response was "Your order would be considered a new order and would be given a shipping date based on that." To verify I understood him I asked "It would be the same as if I placed a new order on the web today? If I take the upgrade I would go to the back of the queue?" His response, "Yes."

    So that answered my question regarding shipping delays… strike one Dell

    Thinking perhaps that I might just want the computer sooner, rather than later I asked "What if I decide to keep my current configuration (with my current place in line)? Obviously the system would cost much less if I were to order it today. Would I be compensated for the price drop?" He replied "Yes. I can give you a rebate for $200cdn"

    Now, I did my homework before getting on this call and I can go on to the Dell Canada website as of today and order a machine with the exact same configuration that I ordered in June. Dell Canada still offers the Pentium D930 in the XPS700.

    This is what I come up with… XPS700 Red, PD930, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2409cdn before tax.

    For the mathmatically challenged (like my Dell rep) that’s a difference of $240cdn from my original order. Great deal Dell… you make me wait 64 days and counting for my order then you have the gall to tell me that you are not even planning to drop my price to at least MATCH the current price?!?! You want me to pay $40 MORE than someone walking in today and placing their order? Is that $40 some kind of charge to hold my place in line?  STEEERIIKE TWO!

    Paying $40 for the POSSIBILITY of an earlier shipping date doesn’t really appeal to me, so I look into the E6300 "upgrade" option. Back to the website configurator and change the processor to an E6400 I get… XPS700 Red, E6300, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2509cdn before tax.

    HUH?!?! $2509? And they are charging me $2649? So they want to charge me $140 for my "free" upgrade.

    Thinking I must have mistakenly heard what he offered I check out the price of my system with an E6400… XPS700 Red, E6400, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2709cdn before tax.

    OK. That sounds like a fair deal. Dell takes a hit of $60 as compensation for making me wait 2+ months for the machine so far, and knowing that the price will fall at least that much before I will recieve it (remember I’m back at the end of the line if I take the upgrade).

    So I ask "Did you say the E6300 was the upgrade processor? That processor is only $100 more than the D930 and I am being charged $240 more than the current price for my order. Wouldn’t the E6400 be the appropriate processor to offer me as an ‘upgrade’ as it is much closer to matching the price I am paying?" He response was "No. We are only swapping the E6300 for the D930. I’m not authorized to do any other exchange." Strike Three!

    It was at that point I suggested he had better figure out a way to come up with a REAL way of rewarding me as a loyal customer rather than punishing me for sticking with Dell over the last two months. He said he couldn’t do anything without talking to his manager, and I graciously told him he had until Tuesday to get back to me with a REAL offer rather than the insult he already put in front of me.

    So, Dell Canada customers, I have one word of advice… Do your homework before you get your "call." That "free upgrade" could end up costing you a lot of money.

    If anyone from Dell is reading this, would you care to comment?

  217. As a business customer, I will not be placing any orders through Dell until my orders have been resolved and they provide adequate communication to their customers.  

    I cannot do business with a company that treats its customers so badly.

    My orders were placed in early June.  These original orders were cancelled after their original ship date and new orders placed without even an email.  I obviously have not heard a word from the "callback rep".  Dell must have plenty of customers since they feel like they can treat those of us so badly.  I thought we would be their priority since we are the customers who can afford their most expensive desktops.

    It will be interesting to see if Dell even cares to respond to this email.  More empty promises?

    Mike N

  218. Hi Lionel,

    No call so far from your callback team. My new shipping date is 23rd AUG. My order is still in pre-production. I have also noticed that DELL customers are not logging their comments on this forum. I think because you guys don’t reply to our questions and don’t answer. I very disappointed.

    Lionel, you announced on July 18th that you guys begin building Pentium D based XPS 700. It’s now more that a month. Can you confirm that you guys have shipped a single PC shipped to any customer so far? If not then it means that all are standing on the same place where on 3 months ago.

    Lionel, if you guys want our trust and confidence back on DELL then please tell us whatever the status is. At least please bring us out from the dark.



  219. Mike N, I guess the business customers don’t rate as high as their "home" customers. Our company’s order of two XPS systems were also cancelled and then "reordered" by Dell with unacceptable changes made. They are now indicated to be "In Production" and we have YET to get a single call related to it.

  220. Even though my order is shipped, I am not going to go quietly.  I think we all will agree that Dell’s attempt at the enthusiast market has failed miserably so far.  When entering this market, it is very important to disclose as much as possible about the hardware and DO NOT try to hide anything.  As Dell has learned, people like us will discover things on our own.  For example, the nVidia 590 Chipset in the XPS 700 and the things that Dell has left out compared to normal 590 based motherboards.  Would a typical Dell customer know to run CPU-Z to see the real details behind the hardware?  Nope.  You also cannot pull wool over our eyes about certain compatibilities.  I had a rep try to tell me that Core 2 was not compatible with XP x64.  She said she had a tech in the room who confirmed that Core 2 was not a 64 bit chip and therefore I could not have XP x64 on my XPS 700.  If we weren’t discussing the XPS 700, I would think that maybe they were thinking of the Core Duo chips in the laptops.  But, she argued with me about it.  Who do they think they are trying to fool?  Why did they not want me to have XP x64?  I already own a retail version of XP Pro.  I wanted x64.  So, I am disapointed about that.  

    These are the types of things that we enthusiasts remember the next time we are ordering a computer.  You have already chased off a great number of us.  So, it’s in your best interest to hold on to the ones you have left.  

  221. Irfan: sorry about that.  Please issue another comment with your e-mail and order details (not to be published).  BTW, happy birthday.

  222. Hi Lionel,

    My Order is automatically canceled and new order came with shipping date of NOV-03-2006. I called customer service and they told me that I ordered Pentium D 920 which is not available anymore so the system automatically canceled the order and placed new order with Pentium D 930 processor for NOV-3rd shipping date. This is totally unfair. The new order put me on last of the waiting queue.

    I want my original order back with either 920 or 930 processor but not being on the last of the waiting queue. Please do something for me. I already have sent you my all information. I am very disappointed now.


  223. I orderd mine on June 28th and got an estimated ship date of August 16th.   Aug 16th I got a delay notice and new ship date of Aug. 23.  Aug 23 I got a second delay notice and new ship date of Aug. 30th.  I called in to ask if there was any chance I would get my XPS 700 on the 30th or if I would be getting a new delay notice every Wednesday until I finally just cancel the order.  Was eventually told that the processor and operating system (XP 64bit) were not longer available and that I could either cancel the order and place a new one or just wait until someone at dell got around to canceling the order for me (Some choice).  I reordered and now have an estimated ship date of Nov. 8.  

    Two notes to Dell:

    1.  If something in an order is no longer available, informing the customer would be a nice gesture.

    2.  When something in an order needs to be replaced because of issues on your end, it should be replaced without cancelling and replacing the order.  I have been waiting since the end of June for a ship date that was ridiculous to begin with only to be kicked to the back of the line when the date finally arrives


    Read this recent post:

     Mike DeLaet said:

    Guys, don’t bother buying this system. I got mine and had a ton of problems and now Dell is replacing my system within 14 BUSINESS DAYS!

    – Side panel of case will no longer open

    – 3.5" Floppy and 13 in 1 Media Card Reader was loose

    – 13 in 1 does not work (BIOS nor Windows see the drive)

    – Installed Seagate HDD (purchased from Newegg) does not even get recognized by the BIOS

    – 4GB RAM installed

    Now I am really getting nervous.  Did I make a big mistake?

  225. Today’s the big day.  My machine is "out for delivery" according to UPS, so I’m just waiting for the wife to call so I can leave work and go experience the long awaited XPS 700 with dual 2407FPWs.  My original order date was June 3rd.  After several calls, my order being cancelled, Lionel rescuing it, scoring the processor upgrade and getting a new ship date target of October 20th, my order shipped from Dell on Monday, August 21st – 2 months before the promised date.  Way to go Dell.  Now I hope it lives up to its billing.

    I notice people are starting to complain about the NVidia chipset and the sound card.  Are those comments coming from first hand experience or elsewhere?  How do I verify that?

  226. Lol i’m glad someone else focused in on the b-day comment as well, Lionel honestly, that’s the detail out of all these comments u choose to respond to? Come on, give us something with substance, or are u too distracted by laptop battery explosions?

  227. Lets get a status update Lionel. From that guys review, it seems you began to ship out. Is that true or are you still experiencing technical difficulties?

  228. Hi Lionel,

    I still did not get call from callback team. However, my order automatically canceled and appear new Order and NOV-3rd shipping date. Please do somthing and rescue it. I would really appreciate. I already have sent you my order info.

  229. Wow!  All I can say is this machine was well worth the wait.  I got my XPS 700 on Friday and it’s bigger and badder than I expected.  Super quiet, unbelievable nimble…  One thing you’ll want to be sure to do is grab the latest NVidia driver directly from NVidia’s website – it’s much better than what Dell preloaded and gives you some really cool features like virtual desktops, window transparency, the ability to use different wallpaper on different displays and/or virtual desktops, etc.

    No idea who’s running the business that this product is in, but they have been pathetic.  I tried to go update drivers on Dell’s support site and they didn’t recognize my service tag and there was no XPS 700 option in the product navigation.

    Bottom line:  You want this Dell, (mine shipped 2 months before the new ship date they were giving me) but sell your Dell stock.

  230. I received the machine with D903 with it and is very happy with it.


    1) Where can I find the bios required for the Core 2 Duo upgrade?

    2) How to I go about to get the $200 gift card

    Please advise

  231. ordered on 7/5, shipped today. have not received any calls from dell. did not get the core 2 duo processor upgrade, instead they upgraded from 2.8 to 3.0ghz.

  232. Surprisingly, my computer went from Inproduction to Kitting, to Building, Testing, Boxing and got Ship Prepped yesterday. And it got shipped this morning. I ordered July 4 for those of you as a que to reference.

  233. Hi Lionel,

    This might be my fourth comment regarding cancellation of my order. My order is cancelled on 23rd AUG and automatically made new order.

    According to your statement only Orders placed before JUL-18 are eligible for the offer of upgrade processor or GC. What will be happens in my case?  I did not receive call from your team. Please tell me that my new order would be considered for the Offer or not? If not then this is totally unfair with me because I did not canceled my order. It was automatically cancelled without my consent.

    The GOOD news is that one of us, the luckiest one has already received his system. Its good that you guys start shipping out the systems.

    Lionel, please resolve my issue on ASAP bases. I am very disappointed. I have been very patiently waiting for my machine but on the last moment you guys putted me last in the waiting queue and no reward.

  234. Hi Guys,

    I dont blieve this. My order has been shipped today. I placed my order on 7/5 and the shipping date was 8/16 but my order automatically cancelled and appeared new order on 8/23 with 11/3 shipping date. My new order went into production on 8/29 and shipped this morning 8/30. I wanted to share for all my friends waiting for their machines.

    Hi Lionel, First of all thanks to make this possible. I was so dissappointed but now ver happy. However, I still did not get any call for the offer of upgrade or Gift Card. My question is that do we still elligible to get Gift Card or not?.

    Regards and Good Luck to all,


  235. They offered me $100 gift card. $100 dollars or asked me to send my XPS700 back to Dell to have them upgrade. I’d have to pay for shipping.

    Ridiculous. Never buying Dell again.

  236. Got my Dell. Ordered July 4, shipped Aug 29, received on Aug 30. The thing is a beast. Way to go dell, despite all the problems. Good luck to the rest of you!

  237. It’s nice to hear that some people are finally getting their orders.  Though, I am not sure if I am encouraged by this or even more frustrated.  As I stated in a previous post.  My initial order was placed on 6/28 (confirmed on 7/5).  Got an upgrade/gift card call in early August.  Order was cancelled and re-ordered on August 23rd due to unavailablitiy of D920 processor and XP64bit, with an estimated ship date of 11/3.  According to the order status system on the phone, my order has been in production in the build phase for about a week.  However, when I check my order status online it still says in Pre-production.  I emailed customer service (yeah, I’m rolling my eyes too) to find out why there was a discrepancy between the two systems and what was actually happening with my order.  I got a reply that simply restated my estimated ship date of 11/3.  In other words, the reply ignored my questions and instead gave me information I already had.

    Has anyone else experienced a discrepancy between the phone and online systems?  

    I have read posts from people in several places questioning their place in the Queue when an order is cancelled and replaced due to items that are no longer available.  Has anyone at Dell given a definitive answer as to whether the newly placed order puts us at the back of the line or if it is based on the original ship date?

    Any updates on how much progress is actually being made on the backlog of orders?

    Any updates from Dell or fellow customers would be appreciated, I just don’t have it in me to call or email my questions anymore.

    Sure would be nice to have a computer.

  238. Finally received my XPS. How do I determine if they upgraded the processor for me since I was never contacted about it?

  239. It’s good to hear people are getting thier machines.  My question is; how does Dell determine who gets what and in what order? Do you pull from a hat?  My original order was placed June 1st…June 1st. Am I really going to have to wait until Nov 1st as is listed on the Order status page? *blink**blink* I have seen people here who placed orders in ealry August , Just like mine, and GOTTEN thier stuff already!?!

  240. Hi Guys,

    I got my XPS 700 on 8/31. Its amazing and super quite system.

    pje, I had the same issue you are getting my shipping date change to 11/3 when they reorder my system but I got my system on 8/31.

    Also Lionel have been very nice and sent my information to the team who suppose to arrange Gift Card. I have no complains with DELL anymore.

  241. Hi guys,

    I am having lots of issues with XP64 bit. My lots of softwares are not running. I tried to download their XP64 versions but did not find. Even my SAMSUNG ML-2101 printer and Kworld Video capture cards are not working with x64 OS. Now I am going to install XP-Pro 32bit. I just wanted to share my experience. If any of you guys have encountered any issues with XP64 bit, please share on this forum.


  242. I find your comments about supporting the Core2Duo to be quite misleading.  Saying that the unit supports this processor implies that the features of this processor will be available when in fact all the imporant ones are disabled in the XPS 700:

    1) Your BIOS specifically blocks VT support, thereby undermining one of the biggest driving factors behind business wanting a system with this CPU (i.e. virtualisation). 
    2) A problem with the BIOS in the XPS 700 currently precludes the installation of 64-bit Windows, despite the processor being EMT64.

    As far is I understand it, Windows Vista is built from the bottom up to exploit the VT feature of the Core2Duo.  So you’re not talking straight about the Vista readiness of this system either as long as you continue to disable this feature…

    You’ve pulled the wool over your customers’ eyes.  Shame on you Dell!

  243. I have finally received my XPS 700 system and I must say I am extremely frustrated. Waiting for months and then finally receiving a product that was falsely advertised (Nvidia 590 Chipset) is not acceptable.


    You need to contact me and Dell needs to offer some sort of compensation. I have received nothing in return. Payment for this machine will not be made until something is done. If Dell does nothing, Dell can wait as I will not pay for something that is different than what was advertised. Give me what was advertised or a rebate to justify the false advertising.

    I have waited for months. If I hear nothing back, Dell can wait!Sounds familiar!!!

  244. For the most part, I am ok with the performance of the XPS 700 (except OCing).  However, I have not been happy with what has gone on with the chipset and form factor.  The 590 and the BTX form factor are both near the end of life.  Whatever happened to the “Industry Standard” BTX upgrade we could put in the XPS 700?  How can something be an industry standard which almost does not exist?  Not thrilled about this.  Not happy about it at all.  I relied on Dell to give me top of the line stuff in the XPS 700.  They failed miserably.  They removed features of the 590 chipset and did not disclose it to the customer and basically lied to us about the “upgradeability” of this computer.  I sure hope Dell is somehow going to make this up to us XPS 700 customers.  That’s the only way I would buy a future high end system from Dell.  This system lured me away from the DIY scene.  But, this failure has all but pushed me right back to it.  You want my money?  Make it right Dell….for your benefit and ours.

  245. I am doing a High School report on the Dell Company. I need to find out some information on how your company first got started, however I could not find anything on your site. Could you please help me out a little…

  246. Hi,
    I’m sorry my english is so poor.
    I have a XPS 700 with X6800 and 2 * 7950 GX 2.
    Now I get 2 videocards ASUS EN8800 GTX and when I install them into the XPS I have an error, I want to know if there is any incompatibility between XPS 700 and a 8800 GTX SLI ?
    Does my power supply sufisant? I have the original 750 W PSU of the XPS inside…
  247. I promised to come back to this site on the Dell blog, when Dell took care of the XPS 700 customers. I knew, after my first visit to Dell headquarters, when I met Michael Dell and people like you Lionel, that there was hope for the customer. A public thank you to Dell on the day that I became a Dell Community Forum member 3-24-06, which was quite a day 52 years ago! So my mom says! Thank you Lionel for your involvement from the beginning.

  248. I never received a phone call nor an email. please email me regarding options available due to Dell’s production error.

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