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Does Vista Run Second Life?


Not to make this blog be “All-Vista-All-The-Time”, but I wanted to chime in about some issues that have surfaced around running Second Life on Vista systems.

I first heard that there might be a problem when the Second Life Insider reported that one of their readers received video card error messages when trying to run Second Life after installing Vista. It appears that some people can run SL on Vista just fine, but some cannot. Further digging into the topic indicates that success depends on your video card and whether or not it supports OpenGL. If you are a Second Life resident moving to Vista, you may want to look into updating the drivers for your video card.

Systems Dell ships today with Vista and nVidia graphics solutions have the native 3D rendering support required for Second Life. Including the XPS 710 desktops and XPS 1710 notebooks that you can configure within Second Life for purchase in real life. ATI’s OpenGL ICD has just recently been made available, so while it may not be shipping installed on Dell systems today, we have added the ATI drivers with OpenGL ICD support to our Drivers & Downloads site.

Now it appears that help is on the way from Linden Lab, as well. Steve Linden blogs that changes coming with the First Look Viewer will enable Linden to debug problems with running Second Life under Windows Vista. No exact ETA on that, but it’s reassuring to know they’re working on it.


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