Dell Vista Upgrade Kits Begin Shipping, SoundBlaster Audigy MB Software Update


Direct2Dell readers like and George have reported that their Vista upgrade disks will be shipping soon. The Vista express upgrade kits started shipping this week and will ship in a first-in-first-out order. You will receive two DVDs: one for the Vista operating system itself, and The Dell Vista Upgrade Assistant DVD. The Upgrade Assistant DVD includes Vista drivers and applications. Most customers should receive their kits in the coming weeks. To check the status of your order, please visit and click on Order Status at the top of the page.

All customers who have registered for the upgrade will receive an e-mail notification when your upgrade kit ships. Your order will stay in Pending status until your order ships. I understand this continues to be a source of frustration for many customers, and want to apologize the delays.

Know that some of you are still running into problems getting registered, including your service tag not being recognized, issues with your Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or updating shipping or credit card details on the site. If that is the case for you, please submit a comment explaining the issue and be sure to complete the e-mail field so that I can have Customer Care contact you directly.

Again, sorry for frustration—we’ll work through these registration issues as quickly as we can.

Sound Blaster Audigy MP MB Software Update

Since last week, I have received some comments and e-mail complaints from readers asking about our Sound Blaster Audigy MB software that we sell as an option on Inspiron notebooks and some Dimension desktops. To clarify some issues raised, SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB is a software application from Creative Labs. It provides additional functionality to the integrated Sigmatel hardware and drivers that comes standard on our Inspiron and XPS notebooks and some Dimension desktops.

Many of you have said that the SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB software will not work in Vista. That is correct—it’s true that the Sound Blaster Audigy HD software sold with systems originally loaded with XP is not compatible with Vista. Vista has a totally different driver architecture than XP, therefore the XP version of the Sound Blaster Audigy software is not compatible with Vista. Vista compatibility can only be achieved with a new version of the software and drivers. Two updates here:

  • Customers who are eligible for the Dell Windows Vista Upgrade will receive a copy of the Vista version of the SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB software. The software will be part of the Dell Vista Upgrade Assistant DVD.
  • We expect to begin shipping the Vista version of the SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced MB software to Inspiron and XPS notebook customers who opt for it beginning next week. We also expect to ship the Vista version of the software on Dimension desktops for customers who opt for it later in March.

Know that the two points don’t address customers who aren’t eligible for the Windows Vista Upgrade or customers who purchased the Vista upgrade from retail. We’re looking into what options we can provide, and hope to have an update next week.

 Update, 4/30: Doug just posted this update on his blog entry. The Vista software for the Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced HD audio is now available for download. Click here to download.

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271 thoughts on “Dell Vista Upgrade Kits Begin Shipping, SoundBlaster Audigy MB Software Update

  1. Jeremy said:

    I purchased a Dell Dimension E521 system (with Windows XP Pro) on September 9th 2006….

    I don’t believe you are eligible for a free Dell Vista Upgrade. As stated on the Dell Vista Upgrade website it says:

    In order to be eligible for this program, you must have ordered an eligible Windows Vista Capable1
    computer from Dell between October 26th, 2006 and March 15, 2007 with
    Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition, Genuine Windows XP Media Center
    Edition 2005 or Genuine Windows XP Professional pre-installed


  2. I’ve been trying to enter my order since Jan 28.  Got the site crash, then the service tag used, now the COA used issue.  Called in on all the issues.  Waited as per instructions, never got any notification.  Still cannot enter order.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

  3. I was wondering if the customers who bought Dell before october 2006 and also bought Audigy Advanced would get the updated version of Audigy.

    I am not eligible for free Vista upgrade, but I do need the Audigy Advanced driver and software for my notebook which has been already upgraded from XP to Vista.

  4. I ordered a Dell Inspiron E1705 on Dec 8, 2006.  I tried to input my COA# on Jan 2, 2007 into the Dell VistaUpgarde website page and got an error message that my COA # had been previously used. I reported my issue to Dell and was instructed to try it again.  However, I recieved the same error when I tried it again.  After numerous calls to Dell I was told that Dell would contact me once they have resolved the issue with Microsoft. I have yet to be notified that this issue has been resolved for my COA#.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

    Robin Reaves-Mallory 

  5. I have been discusing this issue a while now on creative and dell forums, and i bought the laptop in august, since i am not eligibal for the dell express upgrade does that mean i cant get the proper drivers and such? I paid extra for the software and would like to see it in use, Thanks for the update though, im glade its getting taken care of and i hope that a solution for those of us who had to buy retail versions will get taken care of as soon as possible.

  6. I got an e-mail with a DHL tracking number. It was shipped the 27th and will be arriving March 1st. Weird thing is that the “Order Status” webpage still says my order is pending. Oh well… at least I’ll finally be able to give Vista a try tomorrow. Hope you all get yours soon as well.

  7. I’ve been in discussion with a bunch of people on the Creative boards about the Advanced MB for some time now. I needed Vista Ultimate, which is not available in the Express Upgrade, so I purchased it on my own through retail. My XPS M1710 also came with the Advanced MB software add-on that I purchased at build time. I sincerely hope that Dell does not leave customers in the dark that chose a different Vista upgrade path than straight through Dell, especially since Ultimate wasn’t even an option. The software won’t activate without a key and talking back to Creative anyway, so as far as recent Dell purchases, I think the download should be made available through the usual Dell driver update locations for the involved PC/notebooks. At the very least, an upgrade disc should be provided, even if shipping is charged, since our machines are labeled “Vista Capable”.

  8. I have applied for the express upgrade for my Inspiron E1505 in late January and it is still pending.  I see from the website that Dell is still not selling the E1505s with Vista Home Premium.  I am guessing that the E1505 upgrades are not ready.  Can you give us any details on when the express upgrades are ready to ship for each system?

  9. This is great news.

    Is this first-come-first-served system running worldwide? So will UK customers be processed simultaneously to, for instance, US customers? Or will all US orders be processed, and once they are all done, moving on to international (eg UK) customers?

     It would be great if you could clarify this.

  10. But you said first come first servie basis. I registered for my upgrade on November 29 which is the first day the website opened and I still haven’t received any notification. Some customers who registered later are reporting that they go a shipping notification. What is going on?

  11. Why can’t you just release the Vista compatible drivers for those of us who purchased too early to get the Vista Express upgrade?  I have the software for XP and a valid serial number.  It is very frustrating that I purchased my 1505 a month too early…but don’t penalize me for wanting to upgrade to Vista.  I have always been a firm Dell believer, but my conviction is waning…

  12. My college is distributing Vista to all of its students, are you telling me that I have to turn down this free copy of Vista and pay for the Dell version?

  13. I purchased a Dell Dimension E521 system (with Windows XP Pro) on September 9th 2006.

     I then submitted my information for the Dell Express Upgrade to Vista on September 29th 2006.

     I tried to obtain the order status for the upgrade at, when I enter in my information, I get a message saying “Please enter correct order number and email address combination.(or similar)”

    I have tried all combinations using my Vista Order number, Service Tag Number, Ship-to email address, ship-to telephone number; taken from the order confirmation page that I printed out at the time I submitted my order.

     I have also tried to submit a new Upgrade Order; it says that “This Service Tag has already been used.”

    I have submitted multiple email requests for to [email protected] and called the 1-866-634-7426 number. No one has been able to assist me.

    Please have a customer care rep. contact me to resolve this issue.


  14. I received an email today telling me to update my credit card info which i did because i got a new debit card since i did the upgrade.  They will not debit my account again will they.  Also because of this will it delay the shipping of Vista.



  15. Anthony; Thanks for catching the date, I meant to type “November.” It has been so long, I have lost tracks of the month, I guess it just feels like I have been waiting 6 months for Vista.

  16. This is all well and good for those who are getting the upgrade.  What about those of us who purchased a machine in February with pre-installed Vista software.  We were told we couldn’t get the upgrade at that time.  Our update disk won’t have this software.  How do we go about getting the upgrade. I purchased my system 9 Feb 2007.

  17. I have been unable to register for the upgrade on the website.  I get the standard message that my system is not eligible when it obviously is.

    I’ve been trying to work through customer service for a month now and cannot get the issue resolved.

    I keep hoping one of the many people I’ve spoken to will come through.  Overall I’m very dissapointed in the whole experience.


  18. I also got the email from DHL with tracking, but on the “Order Status” page still says pending. Will have mine on the 5th!!

    Thank you Dell for shipping these out!

  19. You said your order is being shipped.

    Did you purchase the Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced MB?

    Let us know if you manage to install it and get properly working sound / software.

  20. Can someone give me a link to where I can BUY a serial number / license to use this software on my M1710. I didn’t take the opportunity to buy it when I bought my notebook. thanks

  21. What do you have to do to update your upgrade order information to receive the Vista Upgrade that you are entitled to? I have phone calls, email correspondence(30or so),and repeated update attempts(5) with order update confirmation #‘s. The various communication attempts have been email,phone, and Dell personal(customer service, Community Forum Moderators, and Direct2Dell. I believe an attempt was made to process my order last weekend. 10.60 hold was put on my credit card and the next day it was gone. Other customer had this happen to them and was emailed stating his order could not be processed because of incorrect information. This customer was then directed to upgrade website to update their information before 3/31 or their order would be cancelled. He has been attempting to do this for 10days. I began 2/12 and now it is 3/02. All this information has already been communicated to said individuals above. What more can I do? Thank you for your paitience, mine has become worn pretty thin by this whole experience.

  22. I have been having the same problem, my service tag is not recognised by the upgrade website when the system I have clearly qualifies for the upgrade. Have been trying to sort this out with technical support for over a month but it has yet to be resolved, which is quite frustrating. Any assistance would be appreciated (UK).

  23. I am posting this from Vista. Everything is installed and is working great, including the Sound Blaster Audigy MB. The only thing that is not working is the MediaDirect, but that is because I did a clean install of Vista. It worked fine when I installed Vista as an upgrade initially, using the Upgrade Assistant DVD. I decided to do a clean install because I like to start with a clean slate when I reinstall operating systems.

  24. Wow, thanks for shipping out DVDs to people that ordered after me and not shipping mine. Fantastic job, Dell, I applaud you.

  25. I am very dissapointed that people are geting their upgrades and mine is still pending. My system was ordered on 10/26, and the upgrade registered on the first day the site was up.   I feel that a lot of people were suckered into the “” EXPRESS UPGRADE””  nightmare, that would have waited for systems to ship with vista preinstalled.   Now not only are we having to wait, way past the ms ship date, but i could actually get it delivered sooner even now, if I were to return this system to Dell, for a refund, and buy from someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I am, in a sence, relieved to find that there are a lot of others who have had the same difficulty trying to aquire the Vista upgrade as I have had, not that I would wish this kind of frustration on anyone else.

      I too have been trying, as per instructions, since mid January with no results.  After exhausting all of the available avenues over and over, one begins to mistrust the integrety of the company.  With so many of us still trying in vane, I am wondering if we will all see the March 31, 2007 deadline come and go, still with no results.  I truley hope not.

  27. I waited all this time to get my Vista upgrade kit only to get (2) upgrade assistant DVD’s and NO VISTA DVD..Now I am being told it may take up to 7 more weeks before I get the VISTA DVD..I am sorry but that is just plane BAD service..I should get it next day and get a refund on my shipping I payed.

  28. I had placed an express upgrade order for Vista earlier in Feb…everything went smooth. But today, when i was checking the order status to see whether the order has been shipped or not…to my surprise…it shows  “Cancelled” status!

    First of how did it get to that state? and secondly, if it had then why wasnt I contacted with details as what went wrong? I have written to Express Upgrade service but havent heard anything back as yet.

    I will highly appreciate if some Dell rep here could get me connected to the right customer support to fix this issue.

  29. Hi, i have a doubt about installing the vista upgrade (i haven’t got it yet, still pending status).

    Do i have a certain time limit to register my vista copy? It’s mainly because i dont plan on installing Vista until service pack 1 or something is released, you know windows first versions always have trouble.

    I’m not that excited into installing vista, i just selected the option because sooner or later, vista will become a standard, and ill have it “free”.

  30. I put all my details into dellvistaupgrade site, and submited the order ,the site crashed ,when asked to resubmit the order i did so, it then said my coa number had already been used, i tried phoning was told someone would contact me by e-mai or phone ,still waiting. If i knew this i would have happened, i would have bought a computer with VISTA preinstalled

  31. I am having problems with the dellvistaupgrade site. I have entered my service tag number and it accepts it alright, however when i continue to the following page afte the “accept terms of agreement” page, it only allows me to enter the COA number. Everything else is greyed out (i.e i cant enter the date purchased, language etc) I try clicking continue anyway but it just sends me back to the page and asks me to enter information in the greyed out areas to continue. How absurd! Can anyone help me with this please?

  32. Still no luck here with getting my service tag recoginized either. I have tried customer care and the Vista upgrade number numerous times but I can’t seem to get them to even understand my problem. My M1210 was purchased in the alloted time but Dell just keeps telling me to register on the web site even after I tell them it doesn’t work. i just wish I hadn’t passed the allowed return time now…..

  33. I have an XPS1210 and installed Vista Ultimate on my own.  All I want is Dell to provide me with the new Creative Audigy Sound Card drivers.  You mentioned that these will be “shipped” to XPS owners…when?  Why can’t you just post the new drivers to the driver’s section under Vista for the my 1210?  When will these drivers be out and how can I make sure I get them??

  34. This is a joke i have purchased a xps ova 4,000 aussie dollars and iam still running windows xp media centre 2005, This is very poor customer service.

    Like everyone else i registered my express upgrade in the middle of january iam still on pending

    I thought the whole point of express upgrade is enjoy windows xp today and windows vista tommorow well tommorow has come and i ain’t enjoying nothing

    this is my second dell pc and possibly my last unless something happens very soon dell has just added another disappointed customer to their express upgrade list.

    And what is this about first in first served everyone should get the copy they ordered.

  35. I recently bought two dell inspiron E1505 in January and was told that I would get the vista update for the two computers.

    Is the update going to be provided electronically or via a cd.




  36. I along with everyone else have been trying to get a confirmation that I will be receiving the Vista and Office 2007 upgrades.  I continually get the message my COA is not valid and/or send in your proof of purchase, even after I have sent the info via email and Fax.  I tried your 800 number but could not connect any live individual to make my request.  Very frustrated.  All I am asking for is verification that I have been approved to get these two upgrades, not a hard question to respond to in my opinion!  I purchased the XPX M1210 on Nov. 18, 2006…..

  37.  I tried to obtain the order status for the upgrade at, when I enter in my information, I get a message saying “Please enter correct order number and email address combination.(or similar)”

    I have tried all combinations using my Vista Order number, Service Tag Number, Ship-to email address, ship-to telephone number; taken from the order confirmation page that I printed out at the time I submitted my order.

     I have also tried to submit a new Upgrade Order; it says that “This Service Tag has already been used.”

    When this first happened, I called the upgrade support number, and after about 10 tries I finally got through.  I was told to expect a contact in 5-10 business days from a “tech” who would clear my tag and I could try again.  Never happened.  I called again on 2/22/07 and was told the same thing.  Still no contact. So it appears that the support number can’t help me. Where can I go to get this resolved? 

  38. I spoke to a rep using the hotline for Australia on the Dell Express Upgrade Site to see if he could tell me where I was in the shipping queue and if he could give me any date at all.

    He said “4 – 6 weeks”. Yay! I was told that in January…. thanks for the added information.

    He told me he did not have access to the files to see where I was in the shipping queue and I asked if he could put me through to someone that could – but no, of course he can’t as no one exists that can in his department or anywhere. Geez…

    I told him the entire program has been pretty poor. Didn’t abuse him as it’s not his fault but to be honest and frank he was no use at all after waiting for 15 minutes with just a bring bring sound as the “on hold music”.

    Hopefully I’ll get my upgrade kit soon as others are starting to receive theirs.

  39. Lionel, I have been trying to find out if Dell will be shipping X64 versions of vista and how do your customers request this. I have emailed customer services and tech support but the email they sent to me was simply a link to the vista upgrade site and did not answer my question. I have an Inspiron 1501 and MCE but would very much like to use vista X64 instead of the 32 version. I intend to do a clean install instead of an upgrade as I’ve heard so many horror stories about installing the OS via the upgrade route (and experienced this myself when testing vista RC1 & RC2). As I stated earlier I have emailed Dell Vista upgrade my request but have not received any feedback. I know from reading this blog that several other customers have made the same query and received no direct answers from Dell. Could you look into this and lt me know when I am likely to receive my upgrade disk.

     PS I have checked compatibility with all my exsisting hardware and all will work with the 64 bit version. I have also tested Vista 64 bit on my system and every thing worked fine although I could not initially find the drivers for the R5C832 media card reader on the Inspiron driver page but by chance it was listed as a driver for the XPS systems. I’ve downloaded them today & touch wood they appear to work with my system.

  40. re-posting…hoping that this time someone in Dell will actually read and respond to it!

    I had placed an express upgrade order for Vista earlier in Feb…everything went smooth. But today, when i was checking the order status to see whether the order has been shipped or not…to my surprise…it shows  “Cancelled” status!

    First of how did it get to that state? and secondly, if it had then why wasnt I contacted with details as what went wrong? I have written to Express Upgrade service but havent heard anything back as yet. 1-800 number for Vista Upgrade service is a joke. I wonder if there is even a human responding to that number?

    I will highly appreciate if some Dell rep here could get me connected to the right customer support to fix this issue.

  41. To Peter L.,

     I am aware that it is a software upgrade, my question is since I installed Vista myself, how can I get the software upgrade from Dell?  Will they send it out to all XPS users with an Audigy system?

  42. I purchased my third Dell, an E1505, in December 2006.  I began trying to register for my Vista express upgrade at the dellvistaupgrade site in late January 2007 .  To date that site refuses to recognize my service tag as eligible for upgrade. Nor will the ‘order status’ screen accept my pertinent information as valid. I have tried repeatedly to resolve this issue through online chat and multiple telephone calls to Dell.  So far I have received nothing more than pleas to “be patient” that Dell was aware of the problem,  excuse after excuse, and promises of follow-up e-mails that never materialize.

    If I do not receive a prompt rectification of this problem I will be contacting my credit card company to contest the charges for my laptop pending my return of the equipment to Dell.

    There is absolutely no justification for the depths of abysmal customer service to which Dell has sunk.

  43. I bought my pc in november because of that free offer… Because my original plan was to wait for Vista to be release to have it… and now i’m still waiting….. Got a Dimension 9200 (or XPS410)… I just found now it’s really start to be annoying and a bad service…..

    Order for Vista is still Pending and no news… and even if you call the SUPER (LOL) dell service, they have no idea… C’mon… you should at least have an estimate date…. to give us….  Because what will happen if you dont provide service, people will group together and buy Vista in store and we will all send the bills to Dell for not providing what they told us.

  44. I am outraged by Dell’s performance regarding this ugprade.  I have been trying for 3 weeks to update my credit card info because my credit card was stolen.  I have called 3 times because the website would not update the credit card number.  Every time I called, I was told wait 4 to 5 more days.  Now my order status has been changed to “Cancelled”.  I cannot believe how Dell treats its customers.  I will NEVER buy another Dell computer again.

  45. I purchased a Dell Dimension E520 on January 18, 2007. Being eligible for the Vista Premium upgrade, I went to the upgrade registration site about a week after receiving my PC and entered my upgrade information. Instead of getting a confirmation and order number at the end of the process, I instead got a server failure error. I have tried 3 or 4 times since, but always get the message that my COA number has already been used on a previous order. Dell has assured me that there is no order on record for the Vista Upgrade and to try again. How the heck do you cut through all this baloney and get the upgrade?

  46. What exactly does First in First out mean? I am seeing people who registered in the beginning of Feb. receiving their upgrades within the last week. I registered on Nov. 29 and is still Pending. I also updated my credit card info on Feb 12( and 4 other times since) and the info is still not updated as of March 6. When they process my upgrade it will be declined and I will get an email redirecting me back to the upgrade website to update my info. This has happened to several customers already. 

  47. To Scott James,

     As i know that XPS1210 doesn’t carry a SB sound card.

     XPS1210 is using a Sigtel Sound Card.

     The SB upgrade is a SOFTWARE upgrade, which is not a driver for XPS1210 sound card.

  48. I have repeatedly written to Vista Upgrade Support, but have not received any answer as yet. I would like someone in Dell to contact me regarding my Cancelled orders for vista upgrade. We purchased a total of 10 machines back in January ’07 for which I promptly filed upgrade request in February. Since last week the order status screen is showing “Cancelled” status for about half of these submissions…with no explanation of any sort. I would like to be in touch with a concerned authority so that this issue be resolved.

    This really has been an example of worst customer service ever!

  49. Here’s Some Information For Readers On The VISTA Upgrade Availability. Received An E-Mail MAR 06/07 After Many Queries Into When My Upgrade Kit Would Ship?I Registered On DEC 15/06 And Have Not Received Anything Yet! Still In Pending Mode.Anyway,I Was Told I Should Expect A Tracking Number When My Upgrade Kit Ships. Now Get This,Sometime In March Or Early Part Of April! Just Like Everyone Else I Am Totally Ticked And Would Have Waited And Bought My New System With VISTA Installed. All Of Us Are Getting A Complete Run Around To Say The Least! DELL Is Going To Lose Many Customers Over This One. Are You Listening MR. DELL!  Sincerely: GARRY

  50. How about an update as how many have shipped,  approx how many you have to ship.

     I understand its a slow process,  and beleive me, I am not happy about it,  you hid  the 4-8 from the release of vista information deep within the fine print.   

    But it would do a lot to smooth over the issues if yuo can give us periodic (a couple times a week),  as to how far into the shipping process.

    Say you are shipping those that registered in early Dec, Jan, etc..  just so we can see PROGRESS Being made…


  51. Lionel, do you have any further update on how Dell plans to distribute the Audigy Advanced MB Vista-compatible software out to those that were not eligible for the Express Upgrade?

  52. So, of those that recieved the update when did you sign up for it?  I’m trying to figure out where they are in the queue.

  53. As I purchased a Dell XPS 400/9150 to be sure I could run VISTA, I purchased it to be Vista Ready,  During the Custom build your system process,  DELL influenced several Upgrades in my purchasing decision, which now appear DELL was fully aware that these Upgrades would not be supported in Vista.  DELL sold millions of these upgrades in software, hardware knowing that thier customers would have a Useless computer in 1 to 6 months.  I was on the phone for an hour and transferred twice by tech support and the result was to go find my own solutions.  Finding my Soundblaster Audigy Advanced MB upgrade was just a small software program on a Sigma Tel card,  Roxio software is not working with no patches coming, my ts-h292C cd drive doesnt work,  Cineplayer, Creative Media Source dont work as well.  Is it that difficult to have information and any software updates be made availible via download on your tech support site.   

    Thanks for Choosing Dell

  54. Michael, I placed my order on Jan 29th, got an email on 3/5 indicating the package was shipped (DHL shows delivery scheduled for today) and my order still shows pending.  What day did you place your order?  it was supposed to be first ordered will be first to ship.

  55. I bought an E521 dimesion that is vista capable.Will it be able to handle the Home premuim edition of Vista that dell is sennding me. I have 512 mb of ram. the windows vista advisor said that I have a windows aero capable graphics or video card. Will have to buy more like a Gig so that it work Please respond.




  56. They're shipping out of order.  I have my Vista request confirmation dated 1/4/2007.  A collegue of mine purchased a Dell the end of January and completed his request 1/27/2007.  He just got his confirmation.  I'm still pending.

     Let's get it right Dell

  57. just read through this site and i want to add my name to the disappointed customers of Dell. I just bought my third Dell. I WAS happy to buy a Dell for a previously bought Vista upgrade. I specifically bought a system (reburbished) with XP on it to upgrade with my Vista Ultimate. I know not the suggested proceedure, but my system died just after installing Vista (hardware failure). I bought a Dell XPS 410 with sticker and listed as Vista capable.

    The point is, I am having the same problems as above with Audigy Advanced MB software and Cineplayer error that will pop up three or for times at random times.

    as a side note, trend micro found a trojan while still in XP.


  58. I called the dell vista customer service 7 bussiness days ago and still I’m in “””””PENDING STATUS”””””””””””””” come on people this is not customer service. I bought my pc in November when the upgrade was first started…………..  

  59. Mickey –

     I’d buy that excuse if I couldn’t buy the same machine with Vista installed. If they can support that they can support an upgrade.

  60. I too would like to express my displeasure at the way this upgrade is being handled. I ordered an E1505 at the end of October–configured specifically so I could run Vista in all its gratuitous glory–and placed my order for the Vista upgrade on November 29th, which, if memory serves, was the first day the site was actually working.

    It is now March 7th and my order is still pending. Other Dell customers, who, from the sound of things, placed their orders significantly AFTER I did–both for the computers and the upgrades–are now receiving their upgrade kits. My order is still pending.

    Figuring there might be a legitimate reason for this, I called the Dell Vista Upgrade Hotline. After waiting for almost fifteen minutes for a helpful technical associate to answer, I found myself spending the next ten minutes attempting to spell out my email address for the less-than-helpful out-sourced technical support fool. After attempting to explain the difference between K, S, and A to him, I gave up and turned off my phone.

    Where is my upgrade? What is taking so long? And why are people who cannot speak English answering the phone?

    Maybe I should just send the laptop back to Dell. When I couldn’t get anyone to take my phone call at the Hotline six weeks ago, I jokingly considered. Now, I’m starting to think maybe that’s what needs to be done.

  62. i posted last week ask if they will charge me again after i received an email to update my credit card info to verify order.  I got an email back and they said i would not be charged again.   Guess what!!!! they charged my card again!!!  Whats the deal with this, i could of bought the damn software a month ago.  Someone please give us some assurance that we will receive what we are expecting sometime before Microsoft comes out with another operating system, instead of giving all of us the run around and sorry for the frustration comments and emails all the time, it’s getting old real fast!

  63. Dan

     The fact is if you bought your computer in OCT or NOV then you dont have the same parts as if you bought it TODAY or even a month ago !

    The OEM’s didnt even have a copy of vista then So how did they Check to see if the parts and drivers where VISTA CAPABLE!

    Think about it!!!


  64. I am getting very frustrated with this upgrade. My order status still reads pending. the other day I had $10.60 waiting to be posted to my account (at that point I was very excited and very, very happy) and now it is gone (along with my happiness). what is going on. All I want is Vista, is that so much to ask?

  65. I finally got an email from DELL about my vista upgrade. According to it I should be receiving it tomorrow.

     I applied for this upgrade on Feb 5. So it took me about a months time.

     Hope you get your upgrades soon.


  66. Mickey –

     Alot of people bought the Dimension e521 and other systems,  which are the same now as it was back in October/November,  No changes whatsoever, with the exception of maybe Hard Drive size.

     Those systems are  SHIPPING with Vista,  while those of us that bought it waiting for the “Express upgrade” are stuck waiting and waiting. I understand certain peripherals need new drivers,  but the basic systems are GOOD to go.     

    The only Express thing I see going on,  is me Expressing my frustration to ALL my customers, friends, co-workers, etc who always ask my advice before making computer purchase,    All I can tell them,  is DONT get a Dell.  This is after personally recommending at least 10 people to buy Dells within the last year,  LUCKILY I am the only one stupid enough to fall for “Express Upgrade”.   6 weeks after I could buy Vista in the store, I am still PENDING.

    I don’t need the Dell DVD thats coming with it, I Just want the VISTA DVD.  I can download any of the dell stuff from the site. 


  67. Just received this notice from DHL:



    The following 1 piece(s) have been sent by FULFILLMENT CENTER of DELL VISTA via DHL Express on March 09, 2007

    Shipment Date:  March 09, 2007

    Delivery Date*: March 13, 2007

    Weight:         1.0 LBS

    Pieces:         1

    Service:        2ND Day

    Reference:      Vxxxxxxxxxxx

    Contents:       Windows Vista Business-English  


    I bought my Dell 9200 in December and registered for the upgrade Dec. 21.  My status is still “pending”


  68. god i am going mad wating for my copy of vista so much so for express!!! it would be quicker to give us a free download of vista from microsoft or even better sod the lot of erm go to the local computer shop and buy one.

  69. Well, I just received an email that I am being shipped my “Express Upgrade” Office 2007, but Vista is still pending……………




  70. Mickey –

    I get your point, but OEMs have had Vista for a long time.  I’ve been testing our products on Dell machines that have run Vista since the first betas without issues and trust me, this is stressing the equipment more than the typical home user.  Vista was officially released through its business channel in late November. If I could test on Vista, Dell could and they did.

    Dell had plenty of time to verify the machines it delivered in Oct, Nov and Dec would run Vista fine.  This is how Dell knew they had Sound Blaster Issues.

    This is a fulfillment muck up, nothing more.

    Think about it.

  71. Does this blog accomplish anthing different than the Forum?  There are a lot of people out there with the same questions (including myself) as to what method determines when the upgrades are shipped.  I applied for mine the day my system arrived, December 18.

  72. I’m glad to see people getting their upgrades, especially the ones who redeemed them in Feb. How about the poor souls who bought their computers at the beginning of the redemption period who are now left blowing in the wind? I purchased my system on 11/17/06, received it 11/28/06, and redeemed my upgrade on 11/29/06. I have been trying to update my credit card information since 2/12/07(and 5 time since), and today is 3/10/07, and it is still not updated. Communications with customer support(emails and phone calls), customer advocates, and forum moderators have proven futile. Issues that have been brought to the attention of these individuals are:

    1.Problems with my purchased system when upgrading to Vista (E521)

     a)no OS found

     b)booting issues

     c)faulty BIOS update which causes motherboard failure

     d)sleep and hibernation issues

    I understand having a third party handling the upgrade process is an issue since Dell personal can do nothing to update the customer’s information. I would just like an answer to what is going on. I even submitted an unresolved issue request and have had no response as well as no response to the issues stated above by any of the said individuals stated above.

    Or do I not figure in Dell’s equation since you got my money before xmas to help your fourth quarter profit margin?

  73. Is this shipping date for the US only?

    When can UK customers expect to receive their upgrade package?

    I applied early December 2006 – its been a very long time!

  74. Finally, I just received my Vista upgrade kit.  After so much frustration with the whole service tag issue, I was pleasantly surprised how easily the system upgraded with the Dell Upgrade kit.  No crazy workarounds, no major issues to really mention.  The upgrade CD did its job and got everything ready for the upgrade.  It updated the BIOS, setup the software that would be used in Vista from XP and eliminated all of the incompatible software before the upgrade started.  I knew I had a few items that would not be compatible in Vista, however all my important and most used applications transferred over to the upgrade without any problems.  These included things like WS_FTP, Office XP, Photoshop, Macromedia Suite, Remote Administrator 2.1, AVG, and a ton of other good applications that get collected over time.


    I have to say that for all the issues and headaches that were involved in getting the “Express” Vista upgrade.  The actual upgrade process was a breeze.  The only pain is getting the touchpad updated.  I had to wait through several restarts with a touchpad that was not using the Synaptic drivers, so I was constantly using the tap click by accident.  Once the Vista driver was downloaded from the Dell Support Site, everything worked perfectly.

  75. “there could be a stalling tactic going on so that lots of people are unable to claim their FREE UPGRADE”


    KEEP ALL YOU EMAILS AND PHONE RECORDS so You dont become one of these!!

  76. COME ON!

    People who have ordered in February have started recieving their upgrades? What about us who did it in December? I mean, it’s cool and all that it finally started shipping, but out of order?

    I’ve been DELLED!

    Thats it… future systems will be Hewlett-Packard, or finally move to Apple





  77. Yeah answer that us uk/ireland people

    when is our release date

    i bought in nov too and its still pending 

  78. The Hewlett-Packard website has posted the email address of the third party company that provides the ordering service apparently everyone goes through to order their upgrades, etc.

    This is what is posted on the HP website:

    You may contact the Express Upgrade fulfillment center via email at [email protected]

  79. Dell is censoring this thread. All the above angry posts are the NICEST things people have had to say.

  80. Dell is censoring this thread. All the above angry posts are the NICEST things people have had to say.

  81. People who are ordering Vista overseas (Ordering from any country except USA) should have their copies shipped before the people who ordered it from the USA. I meant, we need to wait 4 extra weeks after Dell ships our copy for it to arrive, whereas in the USA, your copies will arrive a few days after Dell ships it!

  82. Well next week is the 8th week since the general release of Windows Vista.

    I am going to be kicking up a storm as I was supposed to have Vista by the 8th week…

    This whole program has been utterly hopeless and I know I certainly would not recommend anyone to participate in an “EXPRESS” Upgrade ever. 

  83. I said I would not buy a new computor untill it had Vista on it.   Well I guess I was foolish to buy the computor with a promise of a upgrade to Vista.  I am finding out that the DVD writer that came with my  Dell e521 will not work with Vista.  Only Roxio 9.0 is Vista approved.  I have 6.0. So, I should have waited and not fell for the upgrade promise.  I have not got the upgrade yet.  The Information about Roxio 9.0 comes from Roxio’s web site.

    I wonder what other bords that Dell sold with my Vista Ready computor won’t work making me by new boards already?  Microsofts upgrade advisor does not like my built in audio, vidio, or network card. How can my Vista windows computor work? The Microsoft advisor gives me great concern that when and If I do get the “express upgrade”, that it will work.

  84. i am in ireland to

    bought in october thinking i woud get it in november when they got it

    yet i’m still on pending

    after using the dell forum i was sent here in january

    this thread is no better than dells


    i have a dual boot of vista ulti and xp on my super 8800 system


    since feb. but my dell laptop still is waiting


    at least give us a proper date

    not dell are shipping(1 per person per week by the looks of it)


    if its a driver problem let us download them later  

  85. vista is a weapon of mass destruction and has been banned on all dell systems bought prior to this date

  86. I have tried at least three times to complete the express upgrade process.  The first time I tried back at the beginning of February, the system stopped responding  after I sent my information.  I waited several days for a confirmation email with no results.  So I callled the toll free number and talked to the rep about it.  He stated that the system was having difficulties and I should try again in a couple of days.  So I did and it then stated that my express update had already been used.  I called back and spoke to a rep.  He stated he would pass along my information and that they were still having difficulties with the system.  I gave him my email address and he promissed an email with an update.  Still haven’t received it.  So I tried to register for the update again with the same results- the system said my upgrade had already been used.  So I again called on Feb. 26 and went through the whole process again.  The rep said that there were problems with the database and I should receive an email within 7 to 10 days with a resolution to the problem.  I am still waiting.  Time is running out for me to complete the upgrade process.  What do I have to do to get my upgrade process completed?!!!!!!! 

  87. Well this blog was published February 28th and a comment was made that us Dell Customers who own Pre-vista computers with the Audigy should know in about a week about our fate!  Well 2 weeks almost have gone by.  I wonder if we delayed our payment on our account during the same time frame if Dell would sit idle.

  88. I’ve updated the credit card information by calling 1-866-634-7426 and then online in early Feb. They provided confirmation numbers. But when checking the order status online, the credit card information remained unchange. How long do I’ve to wait for the “express vista upgrade”?

  89. I first tried to order my Widows Vista home premium upgrade on February 3.  When I clicked on the “complete my order” button I received a timed out error.  I went back through and resubmitted the order. This time when I clicked on the “complete my order” button I received: “Our records indicate the entered Certificate of Authenticity has previously been used for upgrade”.  I never received a conformation email stating the order had been placed, and my credit card has never been billed for the shipping charge.


    I called customer service on February 5 and expanded the situation. The customer service representative acknowledged they knew of this problem, indicated he would send it on to “escalations” and someone would contact me.  I neglected to ask how long until someone would contact me, so I waited until February 8 to call back customer service. Again the representative acknowledged they knew of this problem.  The representative informed me that I would be contacted in 7 to 10 days. I let 14 days pass and called customer service back, the representative would not help me until I tried to resubmit the order.  I resubmitted the order and guess what “Our records indicate the entered Certificate of Authenticity has previously been used for upgrade”.  I called back the next day February 22; once again this problem with the COA number was not new news to the customer service representative.  This time the customer service representative informed me he would send it priority escalation and I would be contacted in 7 to 10 days, 18 more days have now passed and no word yet! I don’t believe calling customer service again will do me any good, what I fear is going to happen is the March 31 deadline is going to come and I will be told “because you didn’t get your order submitted by March 31 there is noting we can do”.

  90. I just finished calling the Upgrade Support number for the sixth time.  this time I was told that they are still waiting on Microsoft to issue new COA numbers for everyone that is having the COA problem.  The operator could not say exactly when this will happen but that it is due before the end of March.  I asked why none of this information was made public and why I have been repeately told that the problem would be fixed in 5-7 days when they clearly have no idea when it would be fixed.  Of course she had no answer for that.

    Dell – here’s a hint – just tell us what’s going on and when it will be fixed instead of leaving us hanging wondering if we will ever see our upgrade.  Someone high up in Dell’s Customer “Service” should be fired for such incompetence!


  91. ODD, I purchased a Dell that had the vista upgrade option. I put my information in on the site, recieved my order email and just waited. 1 1/2 weeks ago, there was a “pending” charge on my bank account for the $10 shipping fee. However, they never completed the transaction. The charge was from Dell/Zomax. An naturally, I have recieved nothing.

  92. i ordered the vista upgrade for my E521 on Feb 10 and as of March 13 i have NOT received anything and  my oreder is showing PENDING. I have sent 4 Email to Dellvistaupgrade and they have NEVER answered them. I think this i NOT a way to handle customers

  93. “Customers who are eligible for the Dell Windows Vista Upgrade will
    receive a copy of the Vista version of the SoundBlaster Audigy Advanced
    MB software. The software will be part of the Dell Vista Upgrade
    Assistant DVD.”

    I got my Vista Express Upgrade the other day and the Upgrade Assistant DVD doesn’t seem to have a Vista version of the Audigy Advanced
    MB driver on it.  It just has a SoundMax driver, two Sigmatel drivers and a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme driver.  Can I expect to be able to download it at some point or is Dell going to send me another disc with the driver on it?

  94. Jason, you might want to contact Dell. The Audigy Advanced MB is a separate disc that you should have received with the upgrade DVD. It should also be labeled as a Vista revision of the software.

  95. So, I call  the “express upgrade phone line” to get an update on how far along in the shipping process,  the first thing i say is  ” I would like a supervisor, preferrably in the US so i can maybe get a REAL answer instead of the scripted answers.”     The phone person Angela,  decides to go thru the script to the word  “we began shipping a few weeks ago and hope to have them all shipped in 4-6 weeks”.   everytime i would try to repeat my original statement,  she would tell me that she is trying to give me that information but i am not listening to her, and that seeing as i cant listen to her,  i wouldnt listen to her supervisor either.    I then asked for someone in the US,  she referred me to customer care,  which i asked if they would handle Vista Upgrade questions, she said they are general service and handle ALL questions,   so then WHY do we have to call these people?  

     I asked for her supervisor,Frederick, and after 4 times of me asking my specific question of “why dont you update teh Vista Upgrade site, or the direct2dell blog to give a status of how far along in shipping you are”

    he told me “Shipping is done automatically on a first come first serve basis, we have no idea how far along in the process we are”,  I then asked if there is anyone that would know this information, to whcih he told me.

    “No one at Dell would know that information, it is done automatically.”

     Wow. What a great company.   Lionel or someone with dell,  can you try and find someone to give that simple bit of information, something like

     As of 5:00 Yesterday, we have shipped all vista upgrades taht were registered for by  XX date.   

    Simple update that will appease alot of us.    Maybe do that a couple times a week.


  96. It is obvious all this blogging is doing no good.  I think hitting dell in the pocket book would be the best way to move them.  I visualize someone coming into the “Fullfillment Center”,  putting out one upgrade then going home for the day.

  97. WHAT CRAPPY SERVICE FROM DELL. No 64bit edition DVD and then told to go and purchase the upgrade. Also new computers shipping from Dell seem to only come with 32bit edition…. So if you are looking for 64bit performance… Dude… DON’T GET A DELL!!!!

  98. Unbelievable…

     After talking with a representative from dell they claim that the Core2Duo is a 32bit processor. So now they only give 32bit OS and they don’t even seem to know their hardware. The next thing they say when pointing out where they are wrong is to pass it off on Microsoft. I guess it is to HP for me from now on.


  99.                                DHL EXPRESS

                              SHIPMENT NOTIFICATION


    The following 1 piece(s) have been sent by FULLFILLMENT CENTER of DELL VISTA via DHL Express on March 13, 2007 using Waybill 81625864099.


    If you wish to track this (these) shipment(s) please contact your local DHL customer service office or visit the DHL Web Site at


    So I guess they are coming out, I ordered very early on. No exactly sure of the date.

  100.  I redeem my upgrade on Junuary 10 . On March 1 , I found online that my order was canceled ! I have reported to the customer service SEVEN times, that my order was wrongly canceled by their website. I’ve never canceled my order. And now …. still canceled

  101. I entered my order for the vista upgrade Dec 12th and finally March 14th, I got a traking number from DHL, its in transit. i’m in toronto Canada.  it took a long time but it’s finally on it’s way, i can’t wait.

  102. I  certainly hope Dell doesn’t issue new COAs because their system mucked up the upgrade process.  This should be as easy as Dell sending Vista to those of us who chose to recieve the upgrade when we purchased our machines.  Dell has this information. We whouldn’t have to jump through so many hoops to get our updates.  If there is a 3rd party managing the fulfillment process thats fine. But Dell should have been able to create a file to supply the thrid party with all of the information they need to complete this transaction.  To have us register for the update a 3rd time and wait an additional 6 to 8 weeks is unwarranted.

  103. Since we are somewhat powerless in this matter I think the best thing to do is send out letters to all news organizations and newspapers and get someone to pick up the story.

    They need bad publicity to light a fire under their _______ ! ! !

  104. Hi to Dell Bloggers….

    I’m just wondering when will DellVistaUpgrade start to ship to Mexico….

     I mailed the contact us email.. .and all they told me was that they were being shipped as they were registered… but they didn’t mention to Mexico!!

    I know that the international upgrades are not being shipped yet… so I would just just like to know a date for Mexico.. is that much asking for???

  105. I got the response below earlier today from Dell about the Advanced MB Driver.  No response to my question about whether it will be a download on the site or if I'll get another disc. Lonnie, do you know something more?  Does this disc already exist?  Has it been sent out?
    "Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support."

    "...Vista drivers for Sound Blaster Advanced has still not been released by Dell. So, I would request you to please wait for the next 7 to 10 business days. Once the drivers are released by Dell, then you can reinstall the drivers for Sound Blaster Advanced."

    "We appreciate your patience in regards to this matter."
  106. Well Rob,  some of us bought our systems early due to the “Express upgrade program”, I wantd a PC with Vista,  and I also wanted to take advantage of the tax benefits for my business by buying it LAST year.

    I could of bought my PC last year, and paid the full price for Vista,  I was considering that, until this “Express upgrade” was announced.  

    I was assuming Express meant very quickly after they released Vista, we would be getting the upgrade.    Not 2-3 months later, for no good reason, and with no decent explantions or updates on the situation.

    I see alot of us have moved from Pending to In-Process,  I guess thats there idea of an Update on the program,  still no clue on when we will get it   

  107. Hi, i just want to know what changes now, because my order status now says:

    “In Process” 


    instead of pending. Does this make a difference? Or did someone just changed the word pending so that we read a different word at the status page?

    I have received no email about my order being sent.


    Thanks for the previous answer to my comment.

  108. Question: What exactly does IN PROCESS mean on the Vista Upgrade Order Status Page? There are alot of us out there that are confused.     example: I submitted my upgrade order on 11/29/06. I and alot of others are showing their orders IN PROCESS as of late evening 3/14/07

    example #2: Several others from Australia are also showing their orders IN PROCESS. Their upgrade submissions were done in Jan and Feb.       

    Could someone explain to us these following terms:





    I apoligize for my confusion, I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

                                                                      Thank You                                


  109. Finally found out what IN PROCESS means from a moderator on the DCF. This was changed from PENDING so as not to confuse people waiting for their upgrades. This information is literally from the horse’s mouth so to speak. This means nothing has really changed at all.

    I finally got my credit card info changed on the update website. I will certainly give credit where credit is due. Thank you to the very kind lady at Dell who gave me assistance. I do not want to go into what I had to do to achieve this task.

    Now for the 64,000.00 question. When will someone confirm that my upgrade is being delayed because of the particular system I purchased that was supposed to be VISTA READY. Anyone who bought an 520/521 in the same boat as me? 2GB system ram, 512MB video ram, 4200×2 dual core processor, Direct X 9c, DVD drive, 250GB hard drive.

    I would just like an answer please.   Thank You

  110. I was one of those that attempted to order a Vista upgrade shortly after receiving my E520 (mid January) and had the Registration Server crash during the order process. My Windows XP COA was from then on no longer useable and no order was placed. After messing around with various Dell Support online and email contacts and getting nowhere for about 6 frustrating weeks, I was lucky enough to be directed from another Dell user forum to Direct2Dell. After posting my situation here, I received an email from a Customer Advocate requesting my Service Tag No. and COA number. I was expressed shipped (1 day shipping) a new COA. Yesterday I registered for my upgrade and was assigned an Order Number. Now if all goes well I’ll be getting my Vista Upgrade someday.

     I wonder how many other customers have become frustrated without knowing how to get their upgrade problems solved. Maybe Dell could do a mass mailing to the people that purchased a qualifying PC during the free Vista Upgrade period and inform them how to get help if they have ordering problems.

  111. More Reasons Why Dell is Not Shipping My Upgrade

    I have been trying for weeks to get a straight answer about why some of us who registered on the first day the Express Upgrade site was open, have yet to receive anything from Dell in regards to these disks. I have asked repeatedly if my particular configuration of the XPS 410 was “white listed” and representatives from Dell have continually denied this. Well, somebody finally let me know that there are serious compatibility problems with the Intel Matrix drivers needed for a working RAID array and the new Vista operating system.

    Here is my latest post back to Scott who has helped me understand what the problems between Intel and Dell (and other manufacturers of computers/motherboards) is:

    Once again, THANK YOU for a lot of valuable information! It’s a real crime that Dell will not communicate with those of us who have the RAID array in our machines about this potentially serious problem with the Intel drivers. I’ve asked them repeatedly if my specifically configured XPS 410 (RAID 1 array with Dell Datasafe) was “white listed” and they have steadfastly denied that it is. After reading this, I can see another instance of Dell either telling me another  lie (or stonewalling) or worse yet, not really knowing about what’s going on with their own machines! From the posts, seems like one manufacturer (Intel) wants to blame another (Dell and other computer/motherboard manufacturers) for their (Intel’s) drivers not working correctly in Vista.
    Dell advertised that the machines they sold us with the “Express Upgrade” option would indeed work with Windows Vista Home Premium Edition; now, it seems that it may not with some of the configurations sold. Should these issues not be resolved, do you think those of us with these incompatible machines would have cause for a lawsuit against Dell for false advertising or breach of contract (sale)? Could we get our money back for these incompatible machines?
    I purchased my new XPS 410 because I wanted both the redundancy of a RAID 1 array with the Dell “Datasafe” configuration AND the new Windows Vista (Home Premium) operating system; seems I’m NOT getting either! I registered for the Express Upgrade November 29, 2006 on the very FIRST DAY the web site  was available and I have heard NOTHING from Dell as to why it has been delayed while others already have their upgrade disks! 
    I’d be interested to hear from others who find themselves in this same “Catch 22” scenario.
    Scott, again thanks for helping me understand some of the reasons why Dell/Intel is hiding the truth!
  112. “In Process” is probably meaningless. They probably change the words so that it gives a sense of progress. I, in US, submitted my request in Feb. If it is in a FIFO order, there’s no way I’m progressing faster than others who submitted before me.

    To KEVIN OWENS (this is my understanding)

    Express: The “express” part only applies when you actually get the upgrade kit. Once you get that, your upgrade will be fast. The time before that doesn’t seem to count.

    First In First Out: Nothing special. Like a line at the grocery.

    Pending: Previously, all orders are shown to be “pending” until ship.

    In Process: Right now, all orders are shown to be “In Process” until ship. I guess it gives a sense of progress.

  113. On February 28th, you said you would have an update on the Soundblaster MB Audigy by “Next week” for those who upgraded their XPS/insprions to vista on their own. 



  114. I, too, am wondering what the run-around is about with the Audigy Advanced MB. On the Dell forums we keep getting the response that “there’s still ongoing discussions” about it. What’s the holdup, and when will a decision be made? There are a LOT of us in the boat where we are not eligible for the Express Upgrade by a few weeks and/or bought Vista Ultimate retail because Dell didn’t offer it through the Express Upgrade program.

  115. Jeremy: My apologies for the delay. I don’t have an update on the status of the software at this point. As soon as we do have updated details–I’ll share them in a new post. Again, really sorry this is taking longer than we anticipated.

  116. Just out of curiosity, why is everyone so anxious to get their upgrade?  What’s with the impatience.  I am no great Dell fan but, heck, Vista is a new OS that still has issues.  You should look at the delay as a blessing as it gives hardware manufacturers time to get their drivers up to snuff.

    Is your version of XP all that bad on your current system?

    I am in no hurry to move to Vista.  Am I looking forward to checking it out?  Sure.  Do I need it to have a functioning PC?  Nope.  Am I willing to wait a couple months before I get the disc as I only paid $10.60 for it instead of hundreds of dollars?  Absolutely.

     Come on People!!!!!

  117. Last night my order status appeared to be “In Process”

    I submitted my order January 8th and have been surfing the web to find that many others orders have appeared to be “In Process” too.

    I believe it is just another phrase for “Pending”, its just to get us to think that progress is being made, when actually there isn’t.

  118. Has anyone received their VISTA along with the VISTA Version of Sound blaster Audigy MB?

    If you have, post details please.

    Also, say whether you are from the US, or if not, what country.


    ALSO has anyone from CANADA received VISTA and/or Sound Blaster Audigy MB yet?

  119. Well I placed my vista upgrade order in early december, and since that time my status has been ‘PENDING’, today however it finally changed to ‘IN PROCESS’. I don’t know if I should be happy yet. What’s IN PROCESS ? Are they in process of cancelling my order? Are they in process of using my  vista disc as a coaster for their fresca? Or are they in process of prepping it for shipping?

    Fingers crossed………

  120. I’d also like to point out there is a serious lack of a updated driver for the GeforceGO 7900 series cards Dell offers on the XPSM1710 line.  Using either the 7900 or 7950GTX drivers posted on Dell Support result in screen flashing/blanking.

    At this point, the default MS Driver is the most stable with no issues other than limited res. settings…

    Dell:  I paid over 4 grand for this M1710 and support is what I expect… Please update the drivers!




  121. Also – re: the nVidia GF 7900 drivers, I remind Dell, nVidia’s stance (as posted on the nVidia website):

    GeForce Go GPUs in notebooks are currently not supported in drivers from

    At this time, the drivers available on do not support notebook GPUs. Many NVIDIA notebook GPUs have Windows Vista drivers already built into the operating system and install the first time you run Windows Vista. Notebook GPU driver support is provided directly from the manufacturer, so please consult your manufacturer for an updated NVIDIA notebook GPU driver.

  122. Question:  What’s the difference between an XPS or a Dimension 520/521 when upgrading to Vista?   Possible choices are:

    bad or non-compatible motherboards, faulty or non-capatible BIOS

    booting problems, sleep and hibernation issues, lost OS’s

    usb issues, sound issues, excessive BSOD’s

    systems sold as being upgradeable and compatible with Vista that are not

    any of the above, all of the above, or some combination of the above?

    Why should your customers be left to this guessing game?

    I, speaking only for myself (so far), believe that your customers deserve at least a progress report as to what the situation currently is. Thank You


  123. So much for all that hype in the news a few weeks ago about Michael Dell returning to put emphasis back into Customer Satisfaction… Last time I purchase anything from Dell.

  124. People should just build their own PC’s now, anyway.  It’s cheaper, it’s easy and you get better components!!!  Plus, you can make sure your system is Vista compatible.  😉

  125. As soon as you have a driver update for all of us who are not qualified for the VISTA upgrade, please send a note out or something so we will know that the solution is available. My audio has been degraded since upgrading to VISTA.

    There is a sticker that was put on the XPS M1210 that states “Windows VISTA tm Capable”… it seems that could be misleading if there were no thoughts given to the driver capability as well.

    Come on Michael, you know your attorneys will not allow this oversight.

    Thanks for your help!


  126. My sound works fine, its just distorting and at the same time the music slows a bit… every 60 seconds!

    Drivers so far haven’t helped my XPS m1210… anyone who may have the answer please tell us.

    Thanks for your help!


  127. Hopefully someone at Dell will come away from this and realize the bigger problem isn’t the delay, but its the lack of communication from Dell.  it’d be very easy for them to communicate through forum moderaters what really is going on. But too often moderators have to take customer questions and dig for answers.  I’ve not called dell support but it doesn’t sound like they’re well informed either.

    If Dell would be honest and tell me why my upgrade hasn’t shipped when so many others who ordered and requested the update after I did have recieved theirs then I’d be much less upset.

    The real issue here in, my opinion, is lack of communication which translates into poor custermer service.

  128. I have just received my vista upgrade the other day, but for some reason when I installed it most of the drivers did not install and I had to add them manually. As such, I dont have the updated Audigy software, and I was wondering what solution will be supplied for me. Would there be some way to get it off of the install disc? the vista upgrade disc? the web? I am concerned as I paid for this software with the intention of actually being able to use it.

  129. Is there any word yet if and when there will be a Bios update for the E521 from version 1.0.3 ? Update to version 1.1.4 was pulled off the Dell Vista Upgrade Advisor (ver. 1.62). This was deemed as being neccessary to upgrade to Vista. This update was to address usb devices being used causing booting problems at start-up. What does this do to my ability to utilize a usb flash drive to take advantage of the Ready Boost feature offered in Vista on my Dell E521 which is stated as Vista ready? Any feedback would be appreaciated.   Thank You 


  130. I got an express upgrade to Windows Vista Business for my M1210 Laptop.  Instead of doing an upgrade, I did a fresh install of the new O/S.  How will I be able to obtain the updated Creative Labs HD software??? I thought it was potentially on the Upgrade Advisor DVD, but I don’t have the activation key obviously for it. 

     As a side note I can’t re-install other applications (DVD burning software, etc) that came with my laptop because I did not run a normal upgrade and they applications appear to be locked with a key.

     Hopefully someone from dell will e-mail me with information on my options.

  131. So I tried to change my credit card info today. I had done this weeks ago and it never changed. So I look today and it has my old card type with my new card number. Nice so now it looks like I have an amex card with the wrong number associated to it. I tried to change it again but I am not expecting it to go through. Oh yea and don’t even attempt to email or call someone about this, it is a lost cause.

    IN PROCESS……………………………………….

  132. So, I got an update,  dont know if to beleive it or not..

     According to the rep i talked to  (he said that he was in the one location they couldn’t tell us where he was, not Phillipines or India)  that the  Vista Express Upgrade was meant to be a fast process to upgrade to Vista  ONCE YOU GET THE DISKS,  but he understood how I and many of you took it to be EXPRESS = Get the Upgrade fast.

     now, the good news, he said they are shipping the January orders and have a goal to be done in 2-3 weeks,   and that next monday they will start telling people 1-2 weeks,  etc…  and thats the goal to get everything shipped out.

     he was friendly, and seemed to have more information that anyone else i have talked to… now is it accurate?   who knows.


  133. Wow, a secret location–that must be where James Bond calls for technical support.  Although I no longer believe much of anything that Dell says about anything, I want to be optimistic and believe that what you were told was indeed the truth.  I am glad that January orders are being addressed, but I have to wonder when they are going to get around to dealing with those of us who are still waiting (I almost typed “patiently” but, but just could not bring myself to do that) on orders that were placed in November and December.  I am reminded of the line in the movie “The Money Pit”–for months and months the couple awaiting renovations (upgrades?) to their house kept asking the contractor how long till the work would be done. Everytime they asked, the contractor replied with the same words, “two weeks”.

  134. Question on the Vista Upgrade DVD’s. Will there be a fix for the “no operating system found” error after upgrading to Vista on 520/521 systems or will this still have to be repaired like Dell has been advising? Also, what is the status of the sigmatel auto driver update? Will this be corrected on the update DVD’s? There still are many issues even though people have installed this update. Any feedback would be appreaciated. Thank You

  135. I also have a simple question, please?

    What is the status of the E521 issues in upgrading to Vista? If I were to be given a time frame or at least an acknowledgement that my concerns are being addressed, that wouldn’t be to much to ask, would it? Your customers being left in the dark is a big part of Dell’s customer service challenges that are currently in play. Thank You for your time and consideration.

    If I receive no reply, and or see that another post of mine is deleted, I will have my answer to Dell’s position for their customer’s values and opinions.

  136. Today I call again..  get a different runaround answer… not the 2-3 week one.

    This time i was told they need to contact Microsoft,  as Microsoft is the vendor that is shipping the Vista upgrades….and Dell has no idea on dates (well at least that part seems right)

    A  “Manager” confirmed this information.

    and NO ONE can give me any contact information to reach someone in the US?!?

    I give up.  I’ll beleive the upgrade is coming when I get it,  and I will NEVER buy a dell or recommend it,  in fact,  I will go out of my way to tell people to NEVER BUY A DELL.

  137. To Dan Worlton:


    I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois Chicago, College of Dentistry and plan on doing the same thing as you. I put my order in November 29th and to date, nothing!


  138. I bought 5 Dell PCs in the last seven years. The next one will not be a Dell anymore if the Vista Upgrade does not arrived by the end of March. Order status is “In Progress” for over a week!

  139. I am finally getting some responce from Dell.  It appears buying a new computer to run Vista, when my old 4550 ran fine in XP. Was my misforturne.  Seeing all those silly Vista Banners on the Dell Website and upgrading my computer options as I purchased it, then selecting ensure its Vista Ready. Didnt mean anything. It was I the consumer should have known beforehand that all the software and upgrades were not Vista Compatable.  I now have a 6 month old XPS Dimension 9150 for $1300 and the only thing compatable with Vista is the Vista sticker on the front of the case. They may try to send me some info if availiable but as all the stuff was for the OEM build which was XP I am on my own.  Well if I can find some sale’s I might get this thing running in Vista for another $300.  thats if the parts inside are not proprietary for dell. 

  140. This is ludicrous. Dell blows it again. I currently work desktop support and web development for University of Illinois where Dell has been threatened with non-support recently, and now I see why. I ordered my upgrade back in November of 2006 when I got the machine, I had seen no status and had been checking monthly to see if any information would be provided about shipping dates (it said 4-8 weeks after Vista release which would be 10 days from now). I finally checked again today for a status and find my order has been canceled for no reason and with no notification. I have e-mailed support, but from what I hear no one is getting helped. If Dell makes this mistake with me they will be sorry. I am an MIS major at University of Illinois and will be working for John Deere corporate soon, I would definitely not recommend continued use of Dell with any corporation I work for. I think HP is going to be the corporate answer in the future with this many mistakes. Hopefully Michael Dell can pull them out of it, but we’ll see.

  141. I have one simple question for Dell.

     1) If a system is eligible for an express upgrade to VISTA but your website says that it is NOT eligible, then is it possible for your database to be updated so that this service tag can register for the upgrade??

    Everyone seems to think that it is possible but maybe it isn’t.  I’m having my doubts.  After 40 days of me having brought this to Dell’s attention and different customer service reps sending off three requests I am still not able to register for the upgrade even though I do qualify.

    There’s only about 10 days left before the ordering deadline.  I hope this gets straightened out before the dealine.  When a lot of disgruntled consumers start talking to legal professionals it can lead to bad things.

    This post contains no spam, profanity, or off-topic commentary (my last post didn’t either) so hopefully it will not be deleted like my last post.

  142. Bob: We do have plans to provide an update for customers who need the Vista version of the SoundBlaster Audigy MB software. When I have new details, I’ll share them on the blog.

  143. Glad to see a Bios update for the E521 (1.1.5 from 1.1.4). I found this out from the DCF because I had subscribed to a thread about this issue and received an email notification that there was a reply. This update was issued 3/20/07. Why could not Dell advise everyone of this or at least make it a sticky on the Forum? If I were not so dilligent I may have missed it. Why could Dell not show this same dilligence in advising all their customers having this issue? I have asked this question several times on this very blog.

    One more question, why are there customers who are in England that redeemed their express upgrade in January now being shipped theirs? They have an E520 system. I have a E521 and redeemed my upgrade in November.     Thank You

  144. Dan…

    They did not tell what was the specific problem, that’s why I think they just told me that to stop me from complaining…

     I have an XPS m1210 with no Creative software…with 2GHz Core2duo, 2GB RAM, nVidia 7400 256MB so as long as I know.. there’s is no problems with others who have the same configuration, however, I got a creative CD but it doesn’t install.. so I don’t think there is a drawback…

     FYI I’m in México and I redeemed MY windows vista in Feb 2nd…

  145. Question: Are E521 systems white listed for the express upgrade because of compatibility issues?

    Simple reply requested. No 3rd party to justify a case for plausible deniability on this one. This is one question that Dell could, should, and probably won’t answer. I believe we deserve an answer to this reply. This is submitted for your consideration.  Thank You

  146. So today i get a call back from an escalation I made regarding this issue, and I am given a totally different answer, supposedly now you get your vista upgrade 5-7 weeks from the time of registration, and its a different vendor in charge( not Microsoft or Moduslink, blanking on the name)

    I have requested for the LAST time that someone higher ranking at Dell, who works in the UNITED STATES contact me with correct information, or I will make sure to let EVERYONE know how worthless the customer service is for this company,  sadly,  that is what i had  felt was the BEST part of this company.

    Also Lionel,  why do you ignore the vista upgrade issues, and focus on the soundblaster ones?

  147. Tim: I’m not ignoring you. The reality is that Dell does indeed work
    with Microsoft and other companies to fulfill orders for the Vista
    upgrade. I had referred your previous comment to Customer Care. The
    information you reference in your first paragraph is correct.

    My apologies for the frustration.

  148. Dan, I agree with you completely.

    Lionel,  How about a simple answer to my simple question from yesterday? Are E521’s whitelisted by Dell reguarding the Vista upgrade due to the various issues I have inquired about repeatadly on this blog? Dell’s lack of information on this matter is more definitive than they realize.                                                  Thank You

  149. Lionel,

    A couple of days ago I had asked whether or not Dell actually has the ability to add a service tag to the VISTA eligiblity database.  This is due to the database not recognizing the system as being eligible even though the system does clearly qualify for the upgrade.

     I appreciate any light that you can shed on this issue because after 40+ days of reporting this issue to Dell my system is still not recognized as being eligible.  Hopefully you can understand the frustration of going to your sight every other day (if not more oftern) and still told that your system does not qualify.

     Thanks for any help you can provide.

  150. Well, at least I am not the only one Dell’s cs doesn’t bother to answer. Where is my copy of Vista? Is it too much to send an email out saying there is a delay and when you expect to ship it? Does Vista customer service reply to anyone? This is my first and most likely last purchase of a Dell brand computer. I’m sad to say that I can see why the company isn’t doing so well.

  151. You have provided no updates here,    the customer care email I recieved was more of the same non answers.

    Dell obviously has there head stuck in the sand, and doesnt know anything, like i said, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. 

     Its obvious that all customers are not equal, I read somewhereonline that XPS customer service is being routed somewhere in the US due to complaints,  but those of us that didnt buy an XPS are told there is no way to talk to the US.

    Good luck to all of you finding new jobs when the company goes belly-up.

  152. Lionel –

    How about a comment on the E521?  Keven and I have asked a number of times here and on the Dell forum.  I’ve sent emails requesting an update and we’ve recieved nothing. 

     Really – how difficult is it for Dell to explain why these updates seem to be delayed? Believe me, we’ll be happier to know that problems are causing a delay rather than hearing nothing from you.

  153. I’m glad to see Dell is taking steps reguarding XPS owner’s concerns and keeping them updated. What about 520/521 owner’s concerns? How about the courtersy of at least an update on the situation? Another weekend passes by with no action from Dell and we have next week to look forward to reading about customers who redeemed their upgrades in March receiving their’s. I guess there’s nothing left to be said about this totally unacceptable situation.   Thank You

  154. And still waiting for my Inspiron 640M Express Upgrade Order that was made on January the 11th.

    Although as I’m in Australia I mustn’t be as important as those in the United States with many who placed orders in FEBRUARY receiving their orders.

    I’m now so over this entire program I really could not care.

    It’s just a shame that I’ve had some good experiences with Dell but this one has left a very sour taste in my mouth and I doubt I would consider Dell again for my future purchases or recommendations as problems and issues like these where no one takes responsibility and blame just goes around left, right and centre is totally unacceptable.

    Would have been nice if an email was sent out with a better time frame than 4 – 8 weeks which has most certainly passed now….

  155. Glad to see the XPS customers are being updated with their issues (especially on a Sunday, I’m impressed). How about the 520/521 owners? I know this won’t get posted but once again, what are the Dell systems whitelisted reguarding the Vista upgrade program?  Thank You

  156. Kevin: Besides users needing to upgrade their Sound Blaster Audigy MB software to the Vista version (we’re still working on how to get it to people who either a) Bought the retail version of Vista or b) Who are not eligible for the Dell Vista upgrade—hope to have an update for that this week), and the No OS issue that requires folks to install the updated NVIDIA MediaShield software that you’ve commented about, I’m not aware of any other Vista-related issues on the E520 or E521.

  157. Since February 28 (yep – that’s right… nearly 4 weeks later) I have been patiently waiting for a resolution from Dell to uphold their commitment to Customer Satisfaction. 

     Well, like the rest of us, I am tired of waiting.  Two of my family members are in the market for a new PC.  Since I am the ‘family tech guy’ I have turned them away from my original suggestion and have insisted they not go with Dell. 

     HP just picked up two new customers in the laptop market. 

    Thanks a bunch Dell for standing by your customer base.  

  158. You know, this whole Vista upgrade thing has just been a big hassle. A suggestion would be making it available for a user to download the upgrade and or get it through dell.


  159. I just got an ad in with the sunday paper for dell model e521 with guess what?????……YES Windows Vista already installed. Hmm well it can’t be a driver issue then what could it be then ????…..incompetence maybe ?

    I am getting fed up and my credit card info is still wrong, new card number with old card type. Why do I see this going badly?

    I’ve been DELL’d

  160. Bought my pc last yr (like november) and did the update site right away… #V2020652. I did buy my PC then because Dell told me i would recived my upgrade quick after the Vista release….  It’s the end of March and nothing… Still in process… Oh yeah, now the page said all upgrade will be send by mid-april… Why should we believe Dell again… they just keep changing the delay for that… The sad part, when i go online and check all drivers for my PC for Vista, i can see all of them. So no excuses !!!!

    So please send it now because if not, people will be tired and will go buy it in stores and send to Dell the bills.

    Got: XPS410 or Dimension9200

  161. Dear Lionel,

    Thank You for your reply. These are issues that I’ve been asking about for the last month with no response from Dell. If you need further background info just ask Jackie. All of my previous concerns expressed about my E521 system on this blog have been ignored so far. Thank You for your response, time, and consideration reguarding this matter.  Kevin

  162. Lionel –


    I just received the attached e-mail from the Dell Express Upgrade Team.  Can you explain why they keep saying this when every one knows that updates are not being shipped in the order they were received?




    Thank you for your interest in the Dell Express Upgrade Program for Microsoft Windows Vista. 

    The Microsoft Windows Vista Software Kits orders are shipping in the order that they were received, and we expect to ship all of the pre-ordered Vista Upgrade units world wide by April 15, 2007.                           

    An email will also be sent including the carrier tracking number once your Express Upgrade to Windows Vista™ has been shipped.   


    The Dell Express Upgrade Team

  163. I posted on the 23rd and saw no reply, thought I would ask again:

    “Submitted my express upgrade back on Jan. 23rd and I am seeing on here that people who ordered in February have gotten their disks, is there a projected time frame for the order?

    If I get tired of waiting and actually go out and buy a Vista disk, will I be able to then use this “express” disk on another PC, or will it be one that can only be used on the Dell PC?”

    If it can only be used on the original dell pc, then I will have to wait, because I can’t be wasting the company’s money.  If I can install it on another one of our dells if we decide to upgrade, then I may have to go that route because the CEO wants to make decisions on upgrades vs. replacements.


  164. You know what is annoying me. Is the people who come on here and say I’ve waited 2-3 weeks and still no upgrade and I want it ASAP.

    Maybe try waiting nearly 3 months or for some 3 months +?!!!!! and still no upgrade.

    If it was really first in/first out my JANUARY order would have been sent out a long time ago. Just like Kevin stated about the E521’s is there some sort of issue with the 640M’s or have I struck total incompetence when it comes to processing orders in the way they were submitted?

  165. what possibilities for enabling better utilization of the integrated sigmatel will become available to those of us unfortunate souls who purschased xps 410 in Feb. when no sound upgrades were available at all.  I need to enable wave out mix recording.

  166. Lionel –

     Thank you for finally answering our questions on the E520/521.  However, if there are no issues, why haven’t we received our updates?  I have 2 colleagues who ordered their computers in January after I had submitted my Vista request.They made their requests the last week in January and the first week in Feb and both received their updates the first week in March.

     If there are no problems with the E521 holding up our updates and this is first in/first out as Dell continues to say why haven’t we received our updates?

     Thank you in adance for your answer.

  167. Andy –

     I would ask for a copy of the licence agreement to make sure.  If its OEM then its tied to the machine and you can’t legally install it on another machine.

     However, the retail Vista licenses do have transfer rights.  So you could purchase a retal license, install it on your machine and transfer it to another machine when (and if) your update ever gets to you from Dell.

     Its a hassle, but Microsoft is very restrictive with OEM licenses. In the Windows 95 days my company purchased a bunch of computers.  Rather than set them up one at a time, we set one up, created an image of that one that we copied to all the other computers.  We unknowingly violated the OEM aggreement.  We’ve since moved to Microsoft Software Assurance.

  168. Hi, I also have the sound blaster Audigy problem – I bought a retail version of Vista and now have no sound. While I suppose we are all in the position where we will pay for the ‘upgrade’, I feel having no sound at all is not a valid state for a system to be in…

  169. Kevin: I’ll take responsibility for that… my apologies. Didn’t remember the issues you had raised before when I responded yesterday. Please give me a bit more time to look into the other things and I’ll get back to you.

  170. Bill: My apologies for the difficuliy. I’ll have someone from Customer Care follow up with you soon.

  171. Dear Lionel,

    I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but have had no reply as of yet. Since you are the only one at Dell that is addressing my concerns, where is my E521 vista upgrade? What’s wrong with my system?  Thank You

  172. Hi,
    Please will you inform me why I have recieved a shpping notice with tracking number on the 17 March but still have not recieved the upgrade DVDs.
    The shipment was delivered in the UK on 21 March and there is no more information available.
    Will you please explain the delay and the expected delivery date for this long awaited software.
  173. Andy –

    I have no clue.  I know people who registered for their Vista upgrade after you did that have it already. Alot of us who registered early are still waiting.  Thats why its so frustrating to get the “shipping in the order recieved” message from Dell.

  174. Not only has Dell scammed us, they have now started to ignore us. I have had enough of this apathetic attitude towards your customers.

    1) Dell needs to compensate with discounts or refunds for the time and money wasted.

    2) Dell needs to start telling the truth and give DETAILS about the delay.

    3) Dell needs to formally apologize and accept blame.  

    Users that are upset with the misconception and delay:

    We should unite, form a community AGAINST Dell and it’s lies. 

    Please, do not let this pass.

    Obviously Dell has been ignoring us.

    Obviously, when Dell customers receive their promised product, the company will believe this is all forgotten. This is their attitude, this is their customer service. 

    Dell’s indifference has gone too far.

    Knowledgeable, we have the responsibility of taking action.


    We are looking for users that feel the same way.

    If you are interested, reply.



  176. I received a new COA#, from the Advocate (3-9-07), to register my computer. When trying to complete my transaction I got some script error.  I contacted dell, as suggested by the Advocate to see if my info could be retrieved.  Of course I got the ” we will call you in 3-7 days…”.  I emailed the Advocate to let her know that I had not heard from deal in the alotted time. She said she would contact them for me. I have had no reply from her.I have emailed her ……Twice (3-20 and 3-23) and have gotten no response as of today (3-27-07). I have been trying to register on the upgarde site since the beginning of Jan. 07 and I received my computer in Dec. 06.  This is plan ridiculous!!!!  Will there be an extension on registering since the deadline is approaching????

    Please have someone contact me regarding this matter.

    Thank you

  177. I’ve been following this blog for the past few days as I have been searching high and low for any insight on when I can expect my Dell Express Upgrade to ship for my Inspiron 9400.  I submitted my information on 12/27/06 and I too am frustrated that others who have admittedly done so months later have already received their Vista discs.

    Here’s my theory on the whole thing:  The company handling the upgrades is the only one who does know the actual time frame which is why Dell gives the same erroneous First-In-First-Out / 4-8 weeks information.  I also believe that all the US orders are being filled first, then the foreign orders (I am in the US Virgin Islands).  Anyone outside the US receive Vista yet?

  178. I am having the same problems as most other people, my COA says already been used, cannot even get Dell to start shipping my promised upgrade. 

    Over the past 4 weeks I have made numerous calls to Dell’s “Customer Service” people and “Customer Care” people who keep me on a merry-go-round circuit of phone calls.  At one point I was promised a new COA number to get my upgrade shipped, but to date nothing has materialized and now the March 31st deadline is near.

    I am very frustrated with the lack of help from Dell and seriously doubt that I would purchase another Dell in future, nor would I recommend Dell to others.  All of our computers at work are Dell but I have been speaking with our tech support person and she feels that they may wish to cease purchasing Dell’s if this is the level of Customer Care that they are going to receive.


  179. Thanks Dan, I guess I am stuck waiting then.  They said it would be 4-8 weeks from registration, so I guess the fact that I am past the 8 weeks should be a good thing?  Any day now, right?  Right?

  180. Harry and Dan –

    I agree completely,  and to hear 5 totally different answers/excuses/promises from 5 different sources, is ridiculous.

     And to NEVER be able to speak to someone in the US, as there is supposedly “no way to transfer” or “I know of no #”

     does anyone know a contact #/email   for executive level complaints?   I bet they have no clue as to how much apathy/anger is building in the CUSTOMER base,   which in this day and age, customer retention is the name of the game,  keep them happy and they come back,  anger them,  and they dont come back,  and they keep people from buying as well.

  181. TO DAN,

    It took me about 6 weeks to update my credit card info. Updating on the website (6 times), Customer Advocate’s involvement (no results), and numerous blog and DCF posts produced no results. I then went through the unresolved issues routine (which I was totally ignored). I then took other measures which finally yielded results in updating my credit card info. Further actions pertaining to my upgrade delay have been updated, documented, and forwarded to the parties involved.

    I have been registered for my express upgrade since 11/29/06.

  182. What amazes me is that they obviously have people who review these posts and read the forum but still they don’t answer simple questions. It must be apathy on their part. One of my responsiblities is for the technical support of my company’s services.  Believe me, I care when people can so easily voice concerns about poor service and we jump each issue to make sure the customer is happy.  Dell doesn’t seem to care.

     Dell must think this won’t affect them. I beg to differ.

  183. I was told 2 days ago that the problem was with Zomax.  They said that some of the registrations didn’t make it through.  They also said that the problem is fixed now.  So now I have threatened in numerous emails and phone conversations that I was going to my lawyer.  They even told me the old “we are processing in the order they were received”.  Well I ordered the day the site opened and I am still waiting.  I am WAS a long time loyal Dell customer and have sold atleast 50 people on buying, but that will not be the case now or in the future.  I tell them to buy anyting but a Dell.

  184. Its sad, but you must conclude that Dell no longer values customer service. I’d be interested in knowing from Bill if someone from customer care really contacted you about your credit card issue.

     Robin’s comments seem very typical. Dell is making service commitments that they’re not following through on.  Please are making honest inquires and receiving canned responses that even Dell knows are incorrect.

    Most of our queries go unanswered.

    If you understand the consumer computer business at all you know margins are very thin.  Companies distinguish themselves on service. If Dell doesn’t setup up their customer services it would not surprise me if they soon lose their place as major consumer computer player.

     And it wouldn’t be difficult.  Just give customers honest answers to their questions and be responsive.  Hearing bad news is better to us than hearing nothing and receiving promises that are never kept.

  185. Update#2 I just talked to my CC company and Dell has tried to charge my card 3 more times. They have canceled my card and are issuing me another card. Thanks Dell!!!!!!!

  186. So, since 2/28 no updates of substance on Vista given here,  since 3/15 nothing on the Dell Forum…    And yet when you call you different stories,  none of which match up,  seems the phone agents are making it up as they go.       

    First come First Serve myth has be completely busted by comments on this board.

     XPS Motherboard replacement and the Audigy issue seem to be “more important”.

     The Dell EX.P.R.E.S.S. (EXcruitaing Painful, Really Exasperating Stupendously Slow)  Vista Upgrade should be the BIGGEST issue to be addressed, but no where can anyone give REGULAR updates on the progress.

     Once again,  Can I please get a phone #/Email to contact someone on the executive management team?  Or at least Mid-Level Management officed in the UNITED STATES?


  187. I did get a response from my comment the next day, I responded right away with the info they needed, have heard nothing since!!!!! I am done with Dell!!!!

  188. So has anything happened in the past couple of weeks

    It seems now that USA and Canada are out of the way, no one has reported getting their upgrades

    Has anyone received their upgrades in the past 2 weeks, especially if you’re outside North America?

  189. Lionel –

    On March 26th you said:

    “Kevin: I’ll take responsibility for that… my apologies. Didn’t remember the issues you had raised on the E521 before when I responded yesterday. Please give me a bit more time to look into the other things and I’ll get back to you.”

    Any answers yet?
  190. Hi Lionel. I’d like to pick up on the Creative Audigy topic.

    I purchased a dimension 5150/E510 back in April 2006. It’s been a great machine, but in Nov I moved full time over to Vista x64 (RTM license from MS).

     Basic sound works, but I lost my EAX capability. Frustratingly prior to this I thought/assumed I had purchased a HARDWARE upgrade – – this was how it was made out (IMO) on the dell site. It was only later that I found out it was a sw license. (that annoyed me somewhat)

     Now I’m trying to figure out how to regain the EAX. I’ve been following the boards/blogs, but

     a) The license key I have printed on my Audigy CD provided in the package begins CT0DEM – creative tell me this is demo and not a valid license – although dell support assure me it is (although it’s for XP) and I was able to activate the sw… just not sure if it will expire since it doesn’t work (fails later in install)

     b) Is there a vista version of the driver available for us earlier purchasers that we can use with our existing keys?


    Note – I have my vista license, just want to workaround the EAX which was IMO sold as an hardware upgrade.




  191. Can we get an update on the availability of Audigy Advanced MB upgrade software for VISTA users who weren’t eligible for the Dell VISTA upgrade program. I’ve got a 5.1 Dell speaker system and only 2 speakers working since my VISTA upgrade. Can we at least get an update (as was planned the week after 28 February) on what is planned?

  192. Hello, I e-mailed Dell for the tenth time I think
     they answered the same old automatic response
    but they added:
    “El Microsoft Windows Vista Software Kits es esperado para envio en los ultimos de abril del 2007.”
    which means:
    “Windows Vista Software Kits is awaited for shipment at the last days of April 2007”
    The had told me that it was mid April tops..!!!
    And they added 2007!!! what a nice detail… Thanks for reassuring me that it’s not 2008…
    What will be next?? Mid May? Half year?? Christmas?? maybe before I die, I’ll receive it…
    Thanks for reading my frustration…


  193. Hi everybody,

    I bought a E520 during the third week of january, completed the express upgrade forms 23th of january, and received my DHL tracking number today by mail.

    It was an order for the french version and it’s shipped to france.

    Just to keep french customers informed : your order should be processed soon if it’s still not the case.


  194. I have come to the conclusion that posting on this blog is a complete waste of time. I will give you a perfect example that Dell doesn’t really read or care about what we say. I have made previous posts about the BIOS issues concerning E521 systems. In on of these I included a link from the DCF about bios updates causing motherboard failures. I was not saying this happened to me, since I still do not have my Vista upgrade. I was questioning if this was a reason for the delay. I got an email Thurs from one of the higher ups at Dell who thought I had a bios flash failure. He requested that he wanted to “capture” my system and send it back to them, and then wait 10 to 14 days till I received a “new” system. He then stated that I should take his word that I sent the system back, since there was no paperwork detailing this transaction. “I could print out my email message though, for documentation that this was being done.” This is utterly amazing to me, and I still won’t have Vista. I have documentation of all my communication with Dell from time of purchase till the present. The Better Business Bureau will have it by Mon morning. I have been totatally, and completely DELLED! Good luck to you all, I’ve had it!

  195. I was just reading Sunday’s paper, couldn’t help to notice full page ad in the Parade Magazine for the E521 system. Points noted are as follows:

    1. Free upgrade to Vista Premium

    2. Vista not being offered on new purchases for this system

    3. Vista was being offered as option at initial rollout, now it is not

    4. Disclaimer about Vista availability on bottom of page in fine print.

    5.”Vista has not been tested on all user configurations, and drivers may not be available for some hardware or software”

    6. #5  What exactually does this mean?

    If this was known in Nov 2006, what are you telling the consumer? It seems to me Dell’s advertising policies need some work, as well as their accounting procedures. Any response would be appreaciated. Thank You

  196. I have been following this site since long before the Vista Not-So-Express site was up and running.  It is all very sad…  It is even more sad to see the postings day after day and no one here from Dell, that’s you Lionel Menchaca, has anything real to say..  I have a hard time imagining that you really enjoy your job these day, if ever…But that’s OK, keep your head in the sand and you rear in the air and maybe someone will give it to you just like Dell has been giving it to us…

  197. We clearly were promised Vista upgrades when we ordered in November. I have “Free Upgrade to Windows Vista” on my purchase reciept and I have the vista order confirmation.

     If these systems aren’t supported by Vista, Dell had better be replacing them with systems configured the same that are supported.

  198. UK – Dell D620.
    Vista OEM version received last Thursday (29th March).
    Works as expected.

  199. Don’t Blame Only DELL!

    Blame all the other incompetent computer manufactures who just wanted to push X-mas sales too. I have an HP Media Center. Ordered upgrade in November. Order somehow got canceled in February. Replaced order. Now status keeps switching back and forth from To-Be-Determined to Pending.

    I installed Vista RC1 when I bought my “Vista Ready” PC in November.


    DELL, HP, Gateway ect. would not be able to recover from what would be the worst tech support quagmire in history if they sent out what they had on hand at the VISTA roll out date.

    They all missed they’re deadlines set forth by Microsoft. They’re using ModusLink as a patsy to shift blame. And for the right price ModusLink will accept blame and ridicule.

    It’s sad that these huge corporations can’t speak to the humans anymore and simply say, “Hold on Dudes, we ain’t done yet”.  

  200. In the least it will be a Motherboard replacement for those of us that wanted a Vista PC, and bought it for that specific reason, and bought the Dimension 521 with the Vista Upgrade for that specific reason.


  201. I saw on the Dell forums that they are finally admitting to problems with the E521 and the upgrade.

    Are they still planning on getting us the upgrade?  I only purchased the E521 because it had the “express upgrade” and I need to try Vista out for my company.  I would have purchased another model if I had known this problem existed.

  202. Your order for the Windows Vista Upgrade has shipped!

     Ok, My status has changed and I have recieved an email. 

    It provides me with a DHL tracking number, I go to the DHL website…


    Tracking number not found. Please check your number and resubmit or try back later.

    That was useful…


    Don’t worry everybody, just because it says shipped, Doesn’t mean that I will be one to forget the scam that Dell has put us through.


  203. Status is no longer PENDING it is now IN PROCESS can you tell me what the difference is? My Vista Express order, for my E521 has been In Process for about a week. For several reasons I need the Vista Upgrade to ship. Thanks.

  204. At this point, I’m going to take Lionel on his word. It is now Wednesday. We should be getting a status report on the E521 situation by Friday. If not, there leaves nothing more to be said about Dell’s perception of their customer’s concerns.  Thank You

  205. Mine was bought in November, and entered then.  I am still “IN PROCESS”. 

    I am not really that worried about having the upgrade now but it is amusing how the companies are dealing with information and support on this.  Frankly Vista is still being updated and tweaked and my XP Media edition is running everything just fine.  I am curious to see Vista, though, but not enough to rant about it yet!

    One thing to consider…I don’t think this is all Dell’s fault.  In reading about the Express upgrade process, it looks like most hardware companies are in the same boat (HP, Sony, etc).  I would think Microsoft and the supplier (ModusLink) should be held jsut as accountable as I believe Dell’s hands may be tied according to news reports.

  206. Dan:

    Those words you quote are mine—not the company’s. The honest truth is this: I’ve been focused on several technical discussions, not just the E521, and that’s still the case.

    That’s part of the challenge I have to work through—balancing lots of incoming information on core issues readers like you raise and making sense of it all so that we can communicate details that mean something to customers. No matter what else is going on, it just takes time.

  207. Lionel,  You say:

    Those words you quote are mine—not the company’s. The honest truth is this: I’ve been focused on several technical discussions, not just the E521, and that’s still the case.

    That’s part of the challenge I have to work through—balancing lots of incoming information on core issues readers like you raise and making sense of it all so that we can communicate details that mean something to customers. No matter what else is going on, it just takes time.

    So, does this mean that there will be no update on the status of the E521 upgrades this week that you stated we would have? It sounds to me that you are distancing Dell away from your prior statement. If I am incorrect in my assumption please correct me. I need to determine what my next course of action will be in this matter.  Thank You

  208. Dan: I cut it close, but I got some details posted on the E521 and the Vista upgrade delays. More to come next week… have a good weekend.

  209. Okay Lionel,

    Pardon me for getting angry but this has been enough.  If we had just started on Monday asking for information about the E521 then I’d understand. However we’ve been asking for weeks and have heard nothing but canned responses and untruths from Dell.  To learn that there are issues for the E521 means that Dell knows the issues for the E521.  Just get the information to us.

     We’re tired of any Dell employee making promises to us that aren’t kept. It doesn’t matter if its promised Vista delivery in 4-6 weeks, promised phone calls that never happen or promises that information will be shared in a certain time frame that doesn’t happen. 

    You still have a day to make good. I suggest you do what you said you’d do.

  210. Bought my pc last yr (like november) and did the update site right away… #V2020652. I did buy my PC  an XPS410 / Dimension9200 then because Dell told me i would recived my upgrade quick after the Vista release….  I dont have the E521 (with that soundcard who give problems). I repeat, i haveXPS410 / Dimension9200 with the Creative soundblaster X-music.

     It’s almost mid april and nothing… Still in process… Oh yeah, now the page said all upgrade will be send by end of may…. Why should we believe Dell again… they just keep changing the delay for that…

    The sad part, when i go online and check all drivers for my PC for Vista, i can see all of them. All available. So no excuses !!!!

    So please send it now because if not, people will be tired and will go buy it in stores and send to Dell the bills.

    Got: XPS410 or Dimension9200

  211. I have no idea what to do now.  I received a shipped order email on my Vista Upgrade. This is for an order orginally placed in December for a Vista Upgrade on an XPS 410.  They took the 10.73 from my credit card.  They issued a tracking number for DHL.  The problem is that nothing ever shipped.  I checked with DHL and they insist that nothing with the designated tracking number has entered their system.  I see others here with the same problem.  I sent an email to Jackie, the Dell Customer Advocate–no response of any kind from her.   I called the Dell Vista Upgrade phone number and was told that they were much too busy to deal with me at the moment.  They took my phone number and told me that calls (I just love this line) would be returned in a “first called, first returned” basis.  Apparently this line is the new and improved Dell business model mantra.  Endless waiting is one thing, taking your money and then ignoring you is really adding injury to insult. The problem is I am really out of options as to what to do now.

  212. Ok, so let me see if I have this correct.  Our Vista upgrades will ship:

    4-8 weeks after Vista is made generally available…I mean by mid-April…I mean by the end of May.

    Come on…how about before Microsoft’s next version of Windows comes out?

    The only reason I bought my computer early (12-06) was because of the promise to be able to upgrade to Vista once it was made available.  If I would have known I wouldn’t receive Vista for 6 months (remember, it’s suppose to ship by the end of May…who knows how long it will take to get to me) I would have waited the extra 30 days to buy a laptop pre-loaded with it.  The day Vista was made available (Jan 30th), Dell was selling  computers with Vista on it…what’s the hold-up?


  213. Ok we can wait longer i guess the website has changed its expected mid april shipping date to the end of may lets hope we get something by christmas. Oh those anyone here know of any problems with vista on the xps 710

  214. Ordered my UK Vista upgrade on-line back on December 2006 for my E520. Still ‘In Progress’. Site says all upgrades will be shipped by May. Hmmmm. Give it two weeks and I bet that will change to July.  Dell say the delay to my order is ‘strange’ and tell me it’s down to Zomax. Zomax say otherwise. Do I really care who is to blame? Couldn’t care less. Nope – I just want the Vista DVD I ordered in December 2006 for my E520 ordered in November and I’d like it now. Thanks Lionel.

  215. Kevin: I ran out of steam this week. Will look into the E521 BIOS situation more next week. Stay tuned.

  216. Lionel: E521 Bios situation

    What happened to version 1.1.5? It’s gone I guess

    New Dell Upgrade Advisor (ver 1.65) does not mention bios update at all for Vista

    On driver site ver 1.1.4 is now optional.

    Is 1.1.4 now functional for Vista upgrade? Will 1.0.3 work?

                                                                     Thank You


  217. I’m in the UK and my upgrade order status has been on ‘in process’ for about the last 3 weeks. I ordered my E521 right at the begining of December and I’m still waiting, how long is this going to take?

  218. I just upgraded my Dell 4600 to VISTA Ultimate, based on Dell’s Upgrade advise.  Their was no mention that there would be any sound car issues, let alone that my sound card would not work at all!  $275.00 to junk out my Dell.  Thanks for the very poor advice.  Now…how do I get my SB Live 5.1 card FULLY working again?

  219. Lionel,

     In your response in the Windows Vista “Direct2Dell” blog you finally admit to two things I have been constantly saying for months:

    1. This was NOT “first-in-first-out” for many of us no matter what official Dell spokespersons said (Jackie, for one) and;

    2. Some systems were “white listed” like I had also been saying all along (read: E521 and the nVidia driver response).

    Now, since you’re finally communicating with us and have been allowed or informed of the true reasons for all of this, what is the problem with the XPS 410 with the RAID arrays set to “on?” Mine has Dell’s “Datasafe” option with 2 hard drives set in a RAID 1 array and a partition on the “C” drive. Has Dell figured out the problem with Vista and the Intel chipsets/Matrix Manager drivers for these and included the drivers/fixes on the Dell Assistant CD or do we have to still use ChandlerL’s solution/workaround?

    Honesty and communication is like a “breath of fresh air” finally. Still waiting for my Vista Home Premium upgrade disks which I registered for on November 29, 2006.


  220. Just a reminder we’re all still waiting for our upgrades and or more info. We are all monitoring the situation closely, I want to say this board is not forgotten.    Thanks

  221. Thank you for your aggravation in the Dell
    “Express” Upgrade Program for Microsoft Windows Vista.


    Microsoft Windows Vista Software Kits orders are shipping in the order
    that is most convenient to us, and we expect to ship all of the
    pre-ordered Vista Upgrade units to  all the important countries by
    tomorrow, and yours by  Christmas, 2007.


    email may also be sent including the carrier tracking number once your Express
    Upgrade to Windows Vista has  actually been shipped (Dell recommends that customers don’t hold their breath).



    Dell Express Upgrade Team

  222. This is in reply to the Dell email I got today advertising a One-Day-Only SALE which is offering this:

    E521 System (super fast) with Vista Home Premium

    250.00 off one day only

    So for the heck of it I configured it to my exact system specs. 100.00 some dollars less than I paid for it. Bought it 11/17/06. Redeemed my express upgrade 11/29/06. Still no upgrade!

    This email really put a crawl under my skin. What is the status of the upgrades for the whitelisted systems that Dell has not taken responsibility for. Nvidia and Microsoft aside, step up to the plate Dell and honor your commitments to us

  223. I purchased my XPSM1710 in october06. When i Did that i chose the express upgrade to windows vista home premium option. 2 weeks ago i checked the vista upgrade site and it said my order had shipped along with a DHL tracking number. My credit card was also charged at this time. I tried to put in the tracking number at and it said that it could not find this shipment. The charge on my credit card has gone through(it is not pending anymore) and nobody knows what has happened with my upgrade. I have been calling and chatting with dell representatives and every time i get connected to either india or africa and the people simply dont have a clue on what they are talking about. i need some answers, because this entire program has become a joke.

  224. I have the same DHL tracking number problem.  It has been two weeks since I received the email stating the Vista upgrade had shipped and DHL says tracking number is not found.  Two phone calls to Dell and they promised to email me a good tracking number and then nothing for over a week.  Dell, what is going on here???

  225. You wouldn’t believe how many new Dell machines that came with Vista pre-installed and I was asked to delete it and buy a copy of XP and install it for them! The machines run faster and are more stable and compatible with so much more than while they ran Vista. If you haven’t upgraded to Vista, just be thankful and remember once you upgrade to Vista, your XP key is dead forever, no going back.



  226. Dell and Microsoft, the solution to calm everybody was so simple: mail us a link to download the .iso of the OEM DVD. But having no respect for your customers…

  227. terrible customer service

    I updated my credit card after entering initial upgrade information…despite changing this information with dellvistaupgrade i have no new OS

    i get spam emails from dell saying they will write soon.  

    and of course the language barrier with indian support is just the cherry on top

    thanks for nothing 

  228. i have changed my credit card information with you and this has caused a malfunction in your system or something

    please contact me 


     Sent to me on 3-27-07:

    Thank you for your interest in the Dell Express Upgrade Program for Microsoft Windows Vista.

    The Microsoft Windows Vista Software Kits orders are shipping in the order that they were received, and we expect to ship all of the pre-ordered Vista Upgrade units world wide by April 15, 2007.


    An email will also be sent including the carrier tracking number once your Express Upgrade to Windows Vista™ has been shipped.


    The Dell Express Upgrade Team

    If this entire episode wasn’t so sad this would actually be funny.

  230. OK. Since our sound cards are trash with VISTA not utilizing them at all, please have the decency to simply recommend a few sound cards that will work!!!  Frankly, I cannot find a single card that claims to be “Vista compatible”!!!  BTW, pass our comments on to Microsoft so they understand that no one has a sound card that will work with their OS!!!

  231. Dell has forgot one important thing, its customer’s. See how long you can stay in business without them.I for one, will NEVER spend another penny on any dell products.How can anyone treat there customer’s so poorly.

  232. I have called the dell Vista Upgrade support line multiple times, each time about 2 – 3 weeks apart in the past 3 months.  Each time I call they keep saying that I should recieve my copy in 1-2-3 weeks depending on each call.  I was even told on the last support call that it had already been shipped.  When I asked them how they knew it was shipped and to tell me the date shipped, they had no answer.  Here I am yet again, 2 weeks after being told I would recieve it in 2 weeks, with no vista upgrade cds.  I registered for the upgrade very early as well (either late November or early December). 

     I will not be buying from Dell again due to this pathetic customer service.  This OS has been out to the general public for nearly 3 months already.   

  233. Recieved my vista upgrade which was fine. The problem i have is with the activation key which according to Creative is a DEMO version…..Do you thinkanyone at DELL can or will or at lease try and help NO……At the time of purchase i bought the full version of AUDIGY ADVANCED MB….After reinstalling a number of times it tells me my KEY HAS EXPIRED…..FED UP TALKING TO PEOPLE ON THE PHONE WHO KNOW NOTHING…

    Even same problem if i go back to XP……….all i need and want is the ACTIVATION KEY I PAID FOR SO I CAN GET SUPPORT FROM CREATIVE…….





  234. Anyone know the upgrade phnoe number?  The sites down but I haven’t received any confirmation.

  235. I did not receive my upgrade either, it’s been 2 months of ‘pending’ and 1 month of ‘in process’

    Seriously, I will not ever purchase anything from dell again. It’s even called an ‘express upgrade’… how ironic.

  236. In my opinion Dell have been deceitful because if i knew it would take this long, i would never have ordered the “express upgrade”, i could have just popped to the shop and had it ages ago !!!!!!!

  237. ^^^^^^

    am having the same problem, Dell is just a joke, plain and simple, i just finished sending a nasty email to whoever is in charge at customer service. I hate to be a jerk but I think things could go a lot smoother if you were routed to somewhere in the US when you talk to someone, instead of India and Africa, they simply do not know what they are talking about.  

  238. I’m still waiting too…………………………………..

    When will i get an answer, 8 months and not a word since purchase

    Back in feb. you said were being delivered

    then in march

    then in april

    then in may

    then in…..

    When is it going to come

    Oh and i live in europe on a island beside the uk

    called Ireland heard of it?

    With so many asking for xp instead you should have more copys available

  239. So I have the E521 with the dual drive DataSafe option, and I have received my Vista upgrade.  Before I bother trying the upgrade, can someone tell me if Dell ever resolved the DataSafe RAID 1 issue?  Will my configuration even work with Vista at this point?

  240. Hi páid,

    You are not the only one left here without a copy of Vista. I ordered mine on the 23rd January and my status is still stuck at in process. I have sent quite a few Emails to Dell as well and had no response at all. I hoping they can come good and deliver. After all it is the end of May today so if they plan to extend the expected delivery date then that will make alot of people not very happy including myself.



  241. I received my Vista upgrade almost a month ago.  After plenty of investigated and then lots of tweaking I think I have it running maybe even a little faster than XP.  That’s all fine and dandy but here is the real problem.  I am a bit of audiophile and use my computer primarily my musical needs.  I was more than happy with the sound I was getting from XP with the Sound Blaster X-FI soundcard and my Logitech Z-5500 speaker system.   All of which I paid plenty of hard earned money for to get the best sound I could out of my computer.  With upgrading to Vista I evidentially gave up some of that great sound quality I had with XP.  I would seem that the Creative drivers need plenty of work.  It would also seem that Creative is not THX Certified using Vista.  Or, maybe they are and Dell is not allowing us this privilege.  

    I put a call in the Dell Customer Support to see if they could help and ended up running out of free time that particular day, you know we all have lives, families and more important things that have to be done in our everyday lives than dealing with Dell’s incompetent support people.  The support person was nice enough to schedule a date and time to call me back when I would have plenty of free time to work on the problem.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, they never called.  No big surprise to me, just another episode in Dell’s Vista debacle.  My next step is to contact Creative and see if their Customer Support can help me.  I have given up on Dell’s ability to assist with anything. 

    Admittedly I am happy with Vista as an Operating System.  Yes there are some compatibility issues.  But, I feel as if Dell should have been more open and honest with these types of issues when they sent out the upgrades.  Heck, I would have even been willing to wait much longer had Dell made an effort to contact us and explain some of these things.  I also feel the majority of Dell’s customers would have also felt the same way.  Had Dell tried to do a little damage control by reaching out to the thousands if not millions of customers who paid for the upgrade we might actually end up being ‘’return customers’’.  I am sure ‘’return customer’’ is a term Dell will not be very familiar with in the next few years.

  242. I purchased a top end £3000 system back in February…it is now June and I do not have my copy of Vista that I had the option of receiving an “express upgrade” for.  I phoned Dell two weeks ago and was categorically promised that I would receive a shipping notification within a week… shipping notification – what a joke this company is…..I have purhcased 3 computers from Dell now and certainly won’t get another.

  243. I seemed to have no problems with my upgrade and it seemed to run smoothly. Go to this dell website and you will be directed to an area where they can help

  244. I’m having issues with using the creative options on DELL XPS 400 after an upgrade to Vista.  I keep getting Error – Error loading CTMBHA.DLL Invalid access to memory location.  Are there driver updates?


    Atinder Panesar

  245. I recieved an combatable error about Sonic solutions DLA Failer for Roxio. Can you tell me the download so i can get things swingin again.



  246. I have the sound blaster audigy advanced MB, I am trying to reinstall it on my inspiron but when I am redirected to the creative webpage to activate my software it says “Your Activation Key for this software is expired. Please contact Customer Support for assistance. ” I boght my laptop on november 2006 and I think that this software cannot be expired, can anybody help me?


  247. Heck, after reading all the problems with Vista upgrades not being sent to people on time, and then when the people get the Vista OS they have problems with the sound drivers from Creative, I’m not sure I want the problems that go along with “upgrading” to Vista.  No Creative I am not going to buy a MP-3 from you.  No Dell I will buy a different brand computer next year.  No Vista, I keeping Windows-XP!

  248. Why is everyone so anxious to switch to Vista?  The fact is that Vista is not a stable operating environment at the present time.  It is larger, slower, and less capable than XP.  Furthermore, there are a large number of technical issues that won’t be solved even with the release of the first service pack.  Before you switch to Vista, read the reviews written by those who have used Vista for a prolonged period.  My husband who is a software engineer has had a great deal of fun solving the problems caused by Vista on both home and office machines.  Newest isn’t always best, so think twice and take the time to read reviews.  Particularly before you mess up your computer with Vista and ask a friend or family member who is a computer professional to do you a favor and “fix” it.

    I applaud Dell for continuing to sell PC’s with XP as an operating system.  It is one of the main reasons we encourage friends and business contacts to buy Dells at the present time. 

  249. AIR CARD for XPS M1210

    When I bought my Dell directly from the company in June ’07 I explained to the representative that I wanted everything available on my computer, to be able to travel easily with it, and most of all that I wanted to use an air card to get online when traveling and parked in a spot that has no wireless available. 

    So far, I’ve been unable to find an air card that fits into the ‘slot’ or that will work in my rural area like my cell phone does.   I don’t want to put an aircard into the USB port, and already have ONE air card, but it won’t fit into my new computer.  I ordered the computer so I would have it to use on vacation, ……. took it along, but without an air card.  

     Does anyone KNOW for certain of an air card (so that the computer dials up  like a cell phone without finding a hot spot) that will fit into the odd-shaped smaller slot on my new XPS M1210 w/Vista?

    I know that Dell tells me a few of the larger wireless companies have it, but when I go into their stores, they don’t know what I’m talking about. 

    What would be nice would be if there were an ‘adapter’ to let me use the air card I have now on my new Dell. 

    Thanks to any responses.

  250. You are right Steph.

    I have got my Inspiron Pre installed with Vista, when I downgraded to Xp, creative soundblaster software is not working.

     The give CD is only compatible with Vista only.

  251. I ordered an D-E520 Itel duelcore in june… specifically ask for a sound card to do karaoke which had ‘play what you hear’ to sing and play music at say time…  I just got moved in a new home and fired up the machine and it’s got an intigrated generic card in it with no functions and the media player when playing a song stops/glitches out at the end of each song.

    I’v downloaded reinstalled drivers but no good… now dell can’t do a diognosis due to me being on dialup and wont fix it eventhough i bought the 3yr protection/antiV and all… They want me to upgrade the card, but their website has only one $99 card thats compatable with my vista machine and it has no specs shown…

    my 5th dell… my last


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