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A little over two weeks ago, we used Direct2Dell to help launch two new pieces of our digital media strategy: IdeaStorm and user-generated content on StudioDell. IdeaStorm has seen lots of traffic since the launch: over 2,500 ideas and almost 6,000 comments overall. That said, what I really wanted to draw your attention to a new development called moderator update. It’s a tool we’ll use as necessary to provide details that pertain to IdeaStorm. A few highlights from this first one:

  • We’ve added a logout button

  • We’re working on a demote functionality

  • We don’t censor ideas, but we do merge duplicate ones
To view this first moderator update, look near the top right corner between the gray logout and terms of use buttons are located. The Ideas in Action tab will continue to be the main area where we will include regular updates about how we’re tracking against ideas that you make popular.

User-generated videos are another story—we’ve only received a handful of them. Of those, only a couple had anything to do with technology. Nik, a 5th grader who used his desktop to help win first place in a science contest was one. We’re looking for testimonials about how you use technology to do cool stuff. Gamers, feel free to send us videos of you and you buddies—think Leeroy Jenkins without the profanity. If you talk about your hardware, tell us what you like or how we can make it better. In case you want to see a bit about the PC hardware and gadgets I use at home, take a look at this video I submitted.  I know the Wachowski brothers won’t be calling me to be part of their next movie, but hopefully the video gives you an idea of the kind of stuff we’re looking for.

Finally, in an un-blog-like move, I’ll take a minute to tell you about a new viral marketing campaign about our DellConnect service. It’s a remote assistance tool that has served over 4.5 millions customers worldwide. Many customers who have tried remote support like it quite a bit.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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  • Anonymous

    Quite a bit :). DellConnect is an awesome tool for both the support technicians and the customers. All customers I’ve been in contact with have been more than satisfied with the DellConnect program. And I’m pretty sure most SPs are at least that happy with it, too.

  • Anonymous


    Demote button?  I think it’s a horrible idea that opens up far too much potential for abuse.  Perhaps an “antivote” button, to show how many users disagree with the idea, without manipulating the number of votes the idea actually gets.

    My reasoning is that an idea that a significant number of Dell customers might benefit from, could be demoted down to obscurity by those with an opposing point of view. OS wars would be an example. An idea benefitting Linux or Windows users, could be demoted down by fans of the opposing OS, even then it’s a good idea. 

    So prease forgo a voting system that alters the actual vote count on an idea, and instead reflects individually the number of votes for AND against an idea.  Reflect the antivote, to maintain a fair and balanced view.


  • Lionel_Menchaca

    David: Appreciate your feedback. Our team talked about mash-up videos before we launched this. The truth is, unfortunately, there’s not much room for interpretation on the subject. Bottom line, there’s too many risks involved if we publish videos that aren’t original videos (or accompanying music) created by users.

    That said, we have talked about potentially widening the scope a bit on what types of videos we’ll accept (from a subject matter standpoint), but we haven’t settled things yet.

    In my view,it’s an evolving process. No question we have to get more things right for things like Direct2Dell, IdeaStorm and StudioDell to be successful. As long as we don’t lose site of that, and we react to what works and what doesn’t, we’ll get our chance to do more in the future.

    Thanks again.

  • Anonymous

    Lionel, frankly I’m not surprised that you have received very few user generated videos suitable for presentation on StudioDell.

    The problem might be the very limiting “terms and conditions” that rule out the possibility of accepting a significant source of creative content — that being mash-ups of video content that wasn’t originally shot by the upload submitter.

    If fact, if I take the StudioDell T&Cs literally, then even a user mash-up of Dell’s professional produced video content on the website is considered a violation. BTW, I do appreciate Dell’s copyright violation concerns are the rational for the very restrictive policy.

    That said, perhaps Dell could consider linking to suitable content that’s hosted on other websites. As an example, I create mash-up videos on my Dell Inspiron that includes stock video footage which is hosted here on Google servers.

    FYI, I create these videos for use in place of PowerPoint presentations regarding my marketing consulting work. Other Dell customers may find this practical application useful in their own business. However, ironically, I can’t demonstrate my work on StudioDell, for the reasons I mentioned.

    Also, as you said regarding your own video, the topic of digital media applications is pretty dry stuff when performed, shot and edited by us non-professional videographers.

  • Anonymous

    I presently have a Toshiba Satellite A105, a marvelous machine for the money, but I have never been able to make the software and XP software “get along” to install WPA2 encryption.  The chip used is the Atheros AR5005.

    I partitioned the 40 gig harddisk into 3, using a FAT32 for my second disk drive and only a partition of about 9 Gig for linux.

    I have used all of the major linux distros, but I feel often they are overkill for the home user.  For a laptop, I want a lean, mean OS that boots quickly and allows me to edit or use a spreadsheet.

    To me it is unthinkable that a laptop, which will probably be used for wireless in a cafe or other public place, does not have an extremely easy way to set up WPA.

    Mepis is the easiest linux-based system I have found to address this, in version 6.5 RC2, still in beta.

    Mepis sees all installed hardware and installs the drivers upon boot up, and mounts all hard drives, including DOS drives upon boot up. 

    Many major distros will not even set my ATI display properly. 

     I have a UNIX background, but frankly, I just want stuff to work now that I am no longer in the business.

    The Synaptic Package Manager can download the necessary additional software for the specialist.

    Mepis installs quickly and easily (about 5 minutes in my machine)  is quite intuitive to use (for a linux distro) and is getting better all the time in that regard.

    I go less and less to the command line as Mepis has good KDE routines to edit config files, etc from the Desktop.

    The only reason I use MS operating systems is for Quattro Pro and Lotus Spreadsheets, which to me still offer the most flexibility and ease of use.  I have not used wine, since, to me inserting another layer just opens another can of bugs.  I would probably leave DOS altogether as soon as I could get a version of Quattro Pro that works  in linux.

    Mepis is one of the faster boots in linux and it seems to me it is in the forefront of those systems which make the transition from Windows easier.

    I have an old HP tower I use with Fedora Core and the match is beautiful, in that I can copy .iso files from a CD burner to a DVD burner and back in linux.

    Yet for a laptop, portability is why we bought it, and SECURE Wifi is a must, whether we run DOS or Linux or other OS’s.