Platinum Plus in the ECC

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Here I provide an overview of our highest level of enterprise support called
Platinum Plus, from the heart of Dell’s U.S. Enterprise Command Center (ECC).

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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3 thoughts on “Platinum Plus in the ECC

  1. I find it funny that you are editing coments.  I made several coments on multiple posts.  they were not flatering coments and are they up? no!  this does not bode well for DELL, stop trying to shape the conversation let the conversation happen and you will be successful but I promise you this, once word gets out that you are not letting all coments get posted you are going to get ripped a new one faster than with your exploding laptop, (i think that critisisim is unfair, how do you know what conditions the laptop was in?) just a thought

  2. It would be good if you explained a little-known Dell’s program called "Warranty Parts Direct" (WPD).

    The concept is good: let advanced customers who have many servers and proved (by passing your rigorous test) that they know what whey are doing to order the replacement parts without the usual hassle.

    It seems that your customers who select this option make Dell’s life easier by taking the load off Dell’s tech support. The problem is with a pricing. Dell asked us to pay $2000 per year for the privilege to service our 100+ servers by ourselves.

    If you could explain the logic behind it and give more details about the program it would be great.

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