You Can’t Get This Off the Shelf


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Here I point out some key design enhancements to the XPS 700.  I also talk about the jet engine and muscle-car influence behind the XPS 700 chassis design.

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12 thoughts on “You Can’t Get This Off the Shelf

  1. It would seem that not only can you not get this off the shelf but you can not get it from Dell. If Dell wants to be more open please explain why the XPS 700 is not shipping.

  2. This XPS 700 is clearly a sign that you have taken in much customer feedback, especially from the gaming customers. I own an XPS Gen 3, and find it to be an extremely solid machine. However, the XPS 700 chasis is amazing when compared to my system..the cleanliness inside, and solid case, and the juiced power supplies and cooling is just awesome.

  3. I have waited over a month for this computer and still no details of when it’s going to ship. I am waiting to hear back from Dell.

  4. I ordered one of these bad boys back in June. Then I noticed the estimated ship date for mid-July. Well, it was a nice enough system I went ahead and put the order in (after applying for Dell Premiere credit, the 18 months 0% interest sold me). However, the more I read on Dell’s forums the more worried I got about when/if I would ever see the machine and when I’d start paying for it. To make a long story short, I cancelled my order after learning that nobody had received their order because there was some kind of miscommunication between sales and engineering on when you’d have enough to insure availability. The fact that your support/sales staff were so uncooperative was the nail in the coffin, if that’s your support when an order is pending I’d hate to be a customer when you already have my money!

  5. why isn’t dell publically acknowledging that there is an issue with the xps 700.  some customers have made multithousand dollar investments in this new system as early as May 30th, and they have yet to see their systems….

    dell should

    1) stop taking order for the xps 700 until all issues are resolved and orders can actually be DELIVERED

    2) do something to compensate customers who’s orders for the xps 700 have been delayed OVER and OVER again by either giving a free upgrade to the conroe processor or crediting money back to customers

  6. From the side profile it seems to have the elements of a 1969 Ford Mustang front end to it.  What I look for in a good chassis is durability (can it get banged around), clean looks, airflow management, expandability, and can it be kept clean inside (cord management).

    I would be careful saying you have reached a pinnacle in chassis design.  There are chassis out there that employ sound dampening materials to reduce the noise, and liquid cooling systems to eleminate fan nosie and improve all around cooling.

    One thing I would like to see on a chassis at some point is a hinged side panel that does not pop off.  My Dimension 8100 has a pop off side panel, and I always tend to have a very interesting getting it back on.



  7. Andy,

    Regarding the XPS 700 shipping delay—wanted to first apologize for any frustration this has caused.

    At this point, I don’t have any newer information than what’s been posted on the Dell Community Forum.  Stay tuned.  I’ll provide more substantial details as soon as I can get them.  

    Thanks again for your patience.

  8. I agree with Andy and share many of his frustrations. Something definately needs to be done about this XPS700 fiasco

  9. Strange.  I added a Red XPS to my "wish list" yesterday.  But after reading these post I checked this morning and shipping date is 9/25/2006.

    If that is the case can I have a AMD dual core CPU instead??  

    (or is that just a romuor that Dell is going to offord AMD CPUs?)

  10. I ordered an XPS 700 on June 26th and have not had a straight answer yet.

    No detailed explanations. Just jibberish.

    How this is allowed to continue and Dell keeps taking orders is beyond me.

    They need to be taught a proper lesson in customer service.

    Teach them and they will pay with their stock and sales crumbling!

  11. "Here I point out some key design enhancements to the XPS 700.  I also talk about the jet engine and muscle-car influence behind the XPS 700 chassis design."

    Who thinks this drivel up for you?

    Looks more like a couple of toasters stacked ontop of each other

  12. As  long time Dell customer who was forced NOT to get an XPS 710 this month – yes – it is an amazing machine – but I can’t fit it – it is a behemoth!!  22 inches tall – 24 inches deep – I have a space in my computer desk that is 20 inches high and 20 inches deep – and I want a Quad Core Processor – so, instead of getting an Dell – which I would much rather do – I was forced to go with the Gateway FX530XL – you need to remember that many people have computer furniture that this stuff has to fit in – this beast is just too, too big!!

    Sorry, Dell 

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