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In this video, I give a demonstration of Dell’s new remote
customer support offering: DellConnect.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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25 thoughts on “Remote Support via DellConnect

  1. This sounds like and interesting program.  When will it be available to all Dell customers?  More important, what else are you doing to shore up Dell customer service which obviously has declined in the past years.  I’ve only had one experience with your Indian call center — it was ok.  Not thrilling, but sufficient.  There seems to be a lot of people out there complaining.  Is this Connect technology going to solve all your problems?  I don’t think so.  Convince us, Kim, that Dell is fixing the customer service issue so I can continue to be a Dell customer.  

  2. While this is very useful in some applications, I have found this type of tool to be problematic.  A family member recently used this feature for her home computer, and in the process of the Dell Tech attempting to fix a performance issue he/she disable both the firewall and antivirus software that was running on the computer.  When the family member asked if they needed the McAfee program running the Dell Tech said they didn’t need the real time scanning engine running, or the auto-updater running.  The Tech was then ever so kind as to disable both of those features of the Antivirus program in msconfig.

    I applaud Dell for offering a helpful tool like this, but would like to also request that Technicians are trained very extensively on the possible effects of disabling security products and not informing the end users of the potential repercussions.

    This is a step in the right direction though.

  3. Hmm, this appears to just be a ever-so-slightly enhanced VNC program. Why not ever call it that?

  4. this system is like logmein rescue you can buy this service and creat your own help desk its really cool and great for small biz it provides all the feauters like system view ,…reboot

  5. I have experienced the attempt of technical support to access my laptop remotely.  I believe a deficiency exists if you install antivirus/firewall software outside of the standard Dell package offering.  

    I have Zone Alarm, and regardless of turning off all firewalls, and whatever else the technician attempted within the privacy settings; he was never able to remotely access my laptop in order to troubleshoot.

  6. Jack,

    The feature is already available to all Dell customer’s 🙂

    Please check the URL Below:

    The connect technology will take the guessing work out, Dell expert support professionals will be able to diagnose accurately and fix the issue efficiently, assuming that the  Dell product (laptop/desktop) can access the internet and is partially operational.

    Please share your experience with the new tool if you get a chance.



  7. I spent about 4 hours, 4 different techs by phone, the first 3 apparently in India, a couple of years ago. The first 3 could not comprehend midwest USA language, and did not have the technical knowledge to help me. Finally got a real tech, probably in the USA, he understood me, the problem, and we had the pc working quickly. I sent a note to Dell and asked that it be forwarded to Michael Dell. Within a few weeks I read that Dell had closed there Indian support operation. Sorry to find out that they are sending support work to India again.

    I own a bunch of Dell stock and the price of the stock is tracking with Dell’s support quality drop.

    Another indication of poor management at Dell is their inability to evaluate and use parts from AMD over the past years. I was a "Components Engineer" for years, and the function of that group is to work with suppliers, design, and manufacturing to constantly identify alternate sources and get them approved. It lowers part costs, and keeps the pressure on suppliers to make better parts, deliver them faster, and at lower costs.


  8. Hi Kim,

    Good presentation. This is a useful tool in the armoury. We currently use Dameware over VPN or Logmein to do a similar job for our clients.

    I have spoken to the Indian call centres reasonably often, and usually they are just fine and very polite. The difficulty is that as we are Dell VAR’s we are often are obliged to go through endless, script driven troubleshooting sessions to address a problem that we already know how to fix, but can’t bypass it!

    In response to Christina with ZoneAlarm: that is a ZoneAlarm issue, it’s what it does – even if you turn it off, it isn’t off! – I suggest a different product, it’s given us real headaches.

    Good blog though.


  9. Sounds like a great tool – we use similar products in our own troubleshooting – I did like the drawing mode to train users to do their own support and the hide folders functionality looked good too.

    The only comment I’d have with this is that the problems I’ve had have been pc’s locking up (and LOTS of hard disk failures) which this product would obviously not be able to solve.  Having to go through the script based telephone support is really tiresome when the Dell diagnostic programs have already determined the problem but I still have to go through various unnecessary steps before the technician sends out a spare part – 45 minutes after a troubleshooting conversation I finally received "you sounded like you knew that was the problem".

    On another point, any chance you could talk about dell qualifications and how to get the ability to just request spare parts after diagnosing the problem ourselves.

  10. Answering jarred


    jarred said:

    will this work with dialup?

    July 11, 2006 10:50 PM


    It does work with dialup, but it is so cripplingly slow, that you are better of troubleshooting with the technician over the phone.

  11. This is an answer for Mr. Smith. Dell Connect will not create any security problem’s. It use’s port 80. Also you can cut the Dell Tech off at any time you need to. Dell Connect is a great tool and I love it. Zone Alarm is a big pain to deal with. It causes more problem’s than it helps. Lots of times your firewall or virus scanning software is stopping your programs from getting out to the Internet or working at all. Thank you Dell for such a great Tool.

  12. Do you have a sample to the informationt that you collect.  I would be interested in seeing that.

  13. This is a nice tool, when the computer is actually in such an ideal setting. (no hardware or major system issues, working network connection, and no firewall issues). I use remote assistance at work within a company setting which is eaisier due to a standard corporate image, it helps resolve 50 % of my incidents.  I’ll be interested to see how it works on my system.

  14. 1st–yes it can be used over dial up, but techs will not connect unless customer has a highspeed connection..wireless highspeed works but it also causes issues and disconnects.

    2. no information is “collected” using DellConnect.  The tech has access to all points of the computer and can “find” information, but the user always has the option of taking back control of their system.

    3. this tool is available to anyone, but you can only connect to a dell tech. you can download and be ready to run at (, but you will not have the ID it request to dial the tech.

    4. this tool actually dials to the tech, not the other way around. also, each session is a unique ID, therefore a customer cannot use the same ID and just connect to a tech that happens to be waiting for a call.

    All in all, this is a great tool for the techs and the customers.  Especially customers that are not very computer saavy.  It is a much faster way for the tech to resolve issues, especially the ones that require various folder exploring or registry editing.  It takes so long to tell a customer to double click on the Windows file, the find the System file and double it and look for a specific file in there.

    As for connecting issues, in my worst case scenario (yes i am a Dell Tech), I had to have them do a selective startup in msconfig not starting any non-windows service and none of the startup file.  Then had them boot into safe mode with networking enabled. 

    To the customer that the tech disabled her firewall and antivirus, I apologize on behalf of that tech and Dell.  We are instructed that we are not to change settings for firewall or antivirus unless it is in process of the troubleshooting.  Even then, we are instructed to return settings to the way they were before we changed them.

    All in all, this is the one of the best tools Dell has available to its customer and its techs.  There are other good ones as well at and choosing downloads, tshooting&faq’s, and Manuals.  there are diagnostics which are very useful like the crash analysis tool, which we utilize to help solve BSOD issues.  You will also find there the 32bit diagnostics utility which tests all aspects of the hardware (dont worry about the cd just means you have no media in the drive).

    You can also find at that site a link to the battery recall program which can use to check if your battery is one of the ones being recalled.  If it is, you will be directed to page to have it exchanged.

    ok..i have taken enough of my sunday to inform, but it is always well worth it! 

  15. i had a friend who said that Dell remoted in to his computer when it had an unmountable boot volume, i.e Windows would not boot , and told him the hdd was bad. Is Dell able to do BIOS level remote support at this time? Or is my friend confused.

  16. Quoting Alistair, we would like to inform that we use remote support specifically to support our product line of Zone Alarm, Outpost firewall and NOD32 Antiviruses. In remote support a lot depends on the tool you use for support. Some are less friendly than the others but I would never recommend discarding Zone Alarm by a client just for the heck of getting remote support. We have expertised in configuring our remote support solution with zone alarm and hence have no issues at all. Its rightly said ” Its not what you have , but how you use it.


  17. When I opened up a document or Microsoft Windows it will change the format and a list from view or files will start flashing.  What can I do to eliminate this problem.?

  18. after I downlaod internet explore 7 ;the computer has a blue screen can some one help .thank you

  19. I cannot hear voices on my PC music plays but any voices do not come over my speakers like with live chat on line.

  20. I am not a big fan of Dell, microsoft and the big guys… i find they all take advantage of us little guys…

    i just found a free Remote support utility called it lets you dial into a friend/clients pc and help them on their machine…

    its sponsored by an online data backup company called

    check t out let me know what u think

  21. I like the tool you mentioned

    its not very fast but does the job when you need it… i didnt checkout the site it good? have any of you tried it?

    ill play later when im bored


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