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In this vlog, I discuss the performance features of the new XPS 700.  I also talk about Dell’s first “build your own” edition, the XPS 700 BYO.  It allows gamers to purchase a basic system that includes a chassis, processor, mobo and power supply.  All other parts—including the operating system and software—are optional.

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37 thoughts on “XPS 700 BYO

  1. Oh my…  Now that’s a serious machine!  Building PCs my whole life because I’ve always wanted control over my components.  I’m in the market for a new PC, and this video just swayed me over to a name-brand PC for the first time in my life.


    I’ll be ordering one.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I was told by one of your reps that there was no way you’d ever sell a machine without the OS and everything in it. Since I build my own and like customizing, you had lost all my business, as well as the people I buy for. This is a huge step in the right direction, and I hope you make this an option for more baseline systems, since many academic institutions (who I buy for) can get very cheap software which will really help the cost. As Eric said, this might make me get a case with a namebrand on it.

  3. Hi Mary…. good to see you, even if it’s online : )

    I would love to chat with you about your blogging efforts at Dell – it’s near to my current activities (see kalivo.com) and we may be able to help..

    I hope all is well.


    — brian

  4. Nice job Mary Joseph. You really are knowlegable, smart and news person looking. Did you have a script? Did you do a You weren’t that ad/promo oriented. You gave good content. And  you explain the tech stuff well.

  5. How much of the basic barebones is proprietary?  Power supply etc.  I don’t think the new cases look very god and from what I’ve seen the prices are outraegous compared to what you can build yourself with a much wider choice of parts.

  6. Great video!

    Nice to see that PC’s no longer have to be grey or beige. The ability to control the components and OS that Dell puts on/into your system is also a great improvement. I can remember that you had to order a monitor with your system even if you didn’t need one. So this is a welcome change.

    Does Dell have any plans on supporting Vista Mediacenter? Although this system might be a bit over the top, Dell appears to have all the hardware to create a great offering.

  7. Good luck for your effort on discussing with the world. The corporate blogging and marketing scene will surelly observe closelly the outcome of your endeavour.

  8. XPS 700 shipping delay:

    To the folks who have asked about the status of the XPS 700, wanted to first apologize for any frustration this has caused.

    At this point, I don’t have any newer information than what’s been posted on the Dell Community Forum.  Stay tuned.  I’ll provide more substantial details as soon as I can get them.  

    Thanks again for your patience.

  9. I can’t seem to find the BYO option *anwhere* on the dell site?  Am I missing something?  Do I need to have an account first?  And if it’s truly BYO, will I be able to buy it without a monitor?  Dell has some awesome LCD monitors but I have 2 19" Samsungs that are perfect and don’t need another monitor.

  10. i dont think that you know that much about gaming. i can sense it in you and the way you talk. you ask gamers about what they want instead of being a tru gamer. its tough to see that.  it would be cool if you were an actual gamer.

  11. Will it be able to be had w/ the latest AMD dual core processors or is Dell still have a nose ring lead by Intel?

  12. I think I’d offer different performance levels with this sort of thing.  Something in the $200-300 range might sell more units and upgrades.    

  13. Good tour Mary. However, if you were really chatting with your customer base, you would realize that there is only one question XPS 700 customers want answered:  when will the system ship?

    Dell has been accepting orders for this system since May, and Dell continues to accept orders without disclaimer and market the XPS 700 as if it were in production. Videos like this are a good example.

    Stop trying to sell the product and ship the product.

  14. Very nice machine Mary.  Looking at ordering one when I start grad school starting in October.  Impressive specs, and humble amused that the machine seems to be about half as tall as you are!



  15. I hope the XPS 700 is better than the XPS 600.  I don’t want to get my comment blocked or removed, but I want to make note that I have had a tough time with my new XPS 600.  First, I am concernded about the construction.  The case opens easily and is easy to work with once open, but the case doesn’t shut back easily.  It also has that cheap plastic door over the drives.  I am waiting for that to get broken when my leg bumps it.  

    Second, I had a bad express pci slot that made my video card go haywire.  I spent over an hour on the phone with some guy in India.  He finally sent me another card after I restarted the machine about 20 times.  It was an hour I’ll never get back.  I tried the new card and it didn’t work either so I moved it to another slot and it did.  I now have a bad slot on a new PC.  I’m too busy to deal with it anymore now.  

    Anyway, Dell is a great company and I love my 41/2 year old laptop.  My Dell desktop before that was great too.  That’s why I bought this new desktop for $3000.  I don’t know if I’ll buy another Dell because it seems your quality has went down and your customer service stinks.  I’m glad to have Dell as an American company so please don’t blow it.

  16. Nice video, good to see the actual machine inside and out.  You did  mention a lot of hardware specifications for the XPS, like the 590 chipset, memory and video options but seem to have purposefully left out any processor details.

    Now, you know there’s a lot of speculation going on about the XPS 700 and Intel’s upcoming Core 2 Duo processors.  Michael Dell himself said the XPS 700 will have the Core 2 Duo.  I know all about the NDA with Intel, and the fact that "Dell does not comment on future product releases", but what gives?

    Many people (including myself) have had one of these on order since late May/early June with Pentium D processors.  I’m not going to get into the "why is my XPS 700 delayed whining" but it’d be nice to throw your impatiently waiting customers a bone here, especially when your company’s CEO is saying your flagship machine will have Intel’s new goodies.  

    If my (and many others’) orders "flagship" Dell machines had shipped in a normal timeframe, there’d be no problem here.  However, since your "flagship" product was delayed for unknown-to-us reasons, and now the processor specs are no longer "flagship" worthy, what is Dell going to do about it?  

    I’ll wager your Factory Outlet is going to be flooded with XPS 700 returns if you ship out Pentium D processors in these at the price people paid for them.  True, some people got in on a fantastic 42%+ off EPP deal recently and perhaps they should be the ones to get Pentiums.  I’ll be returning mine, unopened, should it be shipped that way.

  17. Can someone give me a link where I can get into the build your own site for an xps 700?

  18. I noticed the XPS 700 tech specs on mentione RAID 0 and RAID 1.  Since Dell is using the NVIDIA 590 chipset.  Will it also be able to support RAID 5 or RAID 0+1?

  19. Several of you have commented on either a) not getting a callback or b) having your order cancelled. Many of you have contacted me directly. To ensure that we handle each one2one reader request, here’s what I need you to do.

    Following these explicit instructions will ensure that we get your information over to the callback team as efficiently as possible.

    Send an email with a Subject Line of “My XPS 700 Callback Information” to the Customer Advocate e-mail box.

    Please include all of the following information in your e-mail:

    •   First Name
    •   Last Name
    •   Order#
    •   Customer#
    •   Best phone #
    •   Current e-mail address

    Many of you complained that we should have this information, and we do. However, this is all about centralizing the information. The faster we can do that, the faster we can get you taken care of. Thanks for your cooperation and your continued patience. Know there are additional questions—for right now, we’d like to stay focused on upgrade callbacks and getting cancellations taken care of. Many members of the Dell team are committed to shipping the configuration you want as quickly as we can.

    For those asking why we don’t email instead of calling back: a phone conversation is the most efficient way to handle all the order changes (and confirmations we need from you) that go along with the upgrade. It also allows the reps to answer specific questions with each customer directly.

    Several of you have asked about whether XPS 700 customers who purchased through either Dell’s Small Business site or via their company’s Employee Purchase Program are eligible for the upgrade offer or other option. Yes, you are.

    Apologize to international customers—still finalizing some things. Will share more details as soon as I have them.

  20. i want to buy one xps 700 system, and i need to know if the preliminary ship date is the minimun or maximun estimation… thanks

  21. To Dell Canada customers and EMEA customers: One of the main questions I’ve been getting in e-mails and one2one comments is this: Are non-U.S customers eligible for the Core 2 upgrade option? The answer is yes.

    If you’d rather keep the Pentium D-based system you originally ordered, you will may get your system sooner, and will be entitled to a special offer from Dell.  These will vary by region.  Your callback agent will have the details.

    To all XPS 700 customers, I ask for your patience—please wait for a call from a callback rep. Calling into your local Sales or Customer Care queue will not expedite the process.

  22. I own the XPS 600, I find my AC in my house canot keep up with the computers intense heat.  Would it be worth while in purchasing the 700 for there new cooling fan?  Or is the 600 so close to the 700 its not worth the hassel?


  23. John: sorry for the delayed response. I checked with the product folks and unfortunately, the BYO edition is still a U.S. only option.

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