XPS 700 Order Cancelled?


Several of you have commented on the blog or the Dell Community Forum that your order has been cancelled.  Here’s what I need you to do:

  • Go here to this thread on the Dell Community Forum
  • Enter the following information in your DCF Personal Profile (none of this will be published):
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Current e-mail address
    • Order Number
    • Customer Number
  • From there, enter a post on that Dell Community Forum thread

Once we have this information, a Dell rep will contact you to help reorder your system.  You will be given the chance to either upgrade the processor or opt for the gift card—just as if your order had not been cancelled.   No way I can provide specific details on when you will be contacted.  We will work through these as quickly as we can.

Thanks for your patience.

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21 thoughts on “XPS 700 Order Cancelled?

  1. My comment would be a bit on the fence for "nothing is good enough for you", but here are a few observations:

    1. I still don’t understand why official Dell communication avoids posting into the Dell Community Forum. It looks like this dellone2one system can not even provide vehicle to get in touch with individuals so you have to direct them to the forum… Is it worth to operate to parallel channels?

    2. There have been many comments about the inefficiencies of phone calls and having customers WAIT for the call from Dell. It looks like you don’t listen to those. You still press on with the phone approach and also you can’t provide time-window for the calls making customers even more frustrated. In my mind you should at least commit to a time window and tell customers to call you after it expired to avoid lost contacts.

    3. By posting here and asking people to register on the forum about cancelled orders indicates that you have no idea how many orders have been cancelled and who are those customers. You expect customers to come here find the "clue", register to get the call. This is very weak in my mind. I’m sure you can find a way to identify all cancelled orders and resolve them or at least contact the customers proactively.

    All in all it appears to be more a rushed solution with many weakness that is just going to cause even further complications. You seriously need to re-think your problem solving methodology…

  2. Why would Dell cancel orders automatically without people requesting it?

    Very POOR customer service in my opinion

  3. "StuckInARut", too bad, i was just on the phone will my sales rep. "its going to be 55 days maximum, untill your PC arrives" My faith is still on the edge of a cliff.

  4. Max Power, my faith is being restored in that at least they are trying to correct the problem. Sure they could be more forthcoming regarding the issues at the root of the delays, let’s just be sure that we in some small way, acknowledge the baby steps being taken. Sure there is room for improvement and while we all wish that it would happen over night, it won’t.

  5. If Dell REALLY wanted to fix the problem they would tell us the TRUTH for the XPS shipping delays (not these half truths/lies), and offer us some REAL compensation. Giving us a "FREE Upgrade" to a Conroe is not an upgrade, when it costs as much or less than the Pentium D, and we’re getting them 50+ days later.

    C’mon Dell. How about taking care of your customers?

  6. OhPlease said:

    If Dell REALLY wanted to fix the problem they would tell us the TRUTH for the XPS shipping delays (not these half truths/lies), and offer us some REAL compensation. Giving us a "FREE Upgrade" to a Conroe is not an upgrade, when it costs as much or less than the Pentium D, and we’re getting them 50+ days later.

    C’mon Dell. How about taking care of your customers?


    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS…If I don’t get an XPS700 with a conroe in it shipped by 8-8 (my original XPS600 order was 6-10, I hate you DELL for doing that too me) then I will cancel my order and buy the parts myself from Best Buy. Lame…

  7. Here is a real kicker for ya.  I just found out my order shipped, with a pentium D.  Even thou I have been waiting 2 months like everyone else, since I ordered thru dell Business I don’t get the upgrade. 

  8. I’m still hanging in. Just called Customer Care yesterday and all I could get anyone to say was that my order was now in production. The rep I talked to had no idea what I was talking about with the XPS700 and had nothing at all to say about chip upgrades or gift certificates. The only other thing she would say is that production usually takes 7 to 10 days. Somehow I don’t trust that answer is an informed one at least as far as the XPS700 is concerned.

    A question – my order is from Canada. Are we going be offered the chip upgrade or gift certificate? If so, when? Is my computer really in production? Are orders going to Canada keeping their place in the line according to date purchased? I don’t really care about the chip issue – I just want my computer before this one bites the dust.

    I ordered from Dell because of past experience … never even looked anywhere else. But I’m not impressed with the lack of info the "customer care" people have …. I’ve worked in a call center and I know how things go in one, but I really wish you guys would keep those poor people on the end of the phones as informed as you possibly can – it’s really hurting your image.

  9. The frontline reps need to be educated regarding this matter. Some don’t know and some does not seem to care. What’s ironic is that of Dell giving firsthand info, it’s the customer’s whose doing the job of the Communications department.

  10. Hi Rob, Please send a comment with your order # and e-mail.  I won’t publish, but I’ll get it over to the folks who can help.

  11. It might be a good idea to update the blog post… The instructions in the forums post changed.

    This shows a lack of communication within Dell. Did Chris not contact the admin of this blog? Don’t you ever go back and double check your hyperlinks every once and a while???

  12. T3rayon, thanks for your feedback.  The short answer is you are correct—in it’s current state, one2one doesn’t support personal profiles.  I am in the process of adding an e-mail field (optional, not published) to the one2one comments section.  Ultimately, we’d like to offer a unified login process for both.  In this case, referring people to the Dell Community Forum made sense because it offers a much better way to centralize user information quickly.   Agree that it’s not perfect.  The Dell Community Forum and the Dell blog serve two different purposes.  Sure there will be some overlap, but in general, the Dell Community Forum is a place for detailed threaded discussions within the community on products and usage; one2one is a place for Dell bloggers to share ideas on a range of topics with its readers.  Regarding the callback process, a phone conversation is the most efficient way to handle all the order changes (and confirmations we need from you) that go along with the upgrade.  It also allows the reps to answer specific questions with each customer directly. 

  13. Cancelled  my order this morning. For several reasons:1. dell customer support on hold for almost an hour and then hung up on me when I stated that I felt they were not being honest with me about the delays. 2.The core duo is being installed because the pent. d is to slow and not because they are trying to keep my business. 3.called number to cancel my order and the man on the other end was extremely rude when I said I wanted to cancel my order.( I might of not cancelled if they would of offered me some sort of discount or upgrade outside of the duo core).I am planning on reordering the xps 700 in a few months if dell gets there act together and they pull their company out of the gutter.

    The whole outsourcing customer service was a huge mistake,those people on the other side of the planet do not care.Dell customer service used to be the best.What happened?Time for new management?

    I have been buying Dell for many Years and I sure hope that they pull it together, or I will have to shop else where.

    Is this the future of American Companies? I sure hope not.

                                                A Sad Day Indeed!

  14. Several of you have commented on either a) not getting a callback or b) having your order cancelled. Many of you have contacted me directly. To ensure that we handle each one2one reader request, here’s what I need you to do.

    Following these explicit instructions will ensure that we get your information over to the callback team as efficiently as possible.

    Send an email with a Subject Line of “My XPS 700 Callback Information” to the Customer Advocate e-mail inbox.

    Please include all of the following information in your e-mail:

    •   First Name
    •   Last Name
    •   Order#
    •   Customer#
    •   Best phone #
    •   Current e-mail address

    Many of you complained that we should have this information, and we do. However, this is all about centralizing the information. The faster we can do that, the faster we can get you taken care of. Thanks for your cooperation and your continued patience. Know there are additional questions—for right now, we’d like to stay focused on upgrade callbacks and getting cancellations taken care of. Many members of the Dell team are committed to shipping the configuration you want as quickly as we can.

    For those asking why we don’t email instead of calling back: a phone conversation is the most efficient way to handle all the order changes (and confirmations we need from you) that go along with the upgrade. It also allows the reps to answer specific questions with each customer directly.

    Several of you have asked about whether XPS 700 customers who purchased through either Dell’s Small Business site or via their company’s Employee Purchase Program are eligible for the upgrade offer or other option. Yes, you are.

    Apologize to international customers—still finalizing some things. Will share more details as soon as I have them.

  15. I look forward to seeing some info for UK customers. I’ve been in the queue for some six weeks now and its becoming a painful experience.

  16. My order is delayed, and I got a cryptic email that mentioned graphics card and chassis delays, including "Dell is currently working to remedy this situation. There has been a delay in receiving parts, and the systems are not currently available." I made a few simple requests about getting a new invoice as I had to change my shipping address (two months does not place me in the same state). The dell rep said he was all too happy to oblige! "I understand that you have moved to the shipping address that is Cambridge, MA and you would like to receive the invoice copy for tax purpose. I will certainly assist you regarding your concern." Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet and it’s over a week later. Deciding to finally do a google search to see if anyone knew what the fuss was about, I found this blog.  It’s a good thing I did as the rep didn’t even mention the upgrade/gift card solution.

    I tried calling in, go through to customer service, which transfered me to order modification, who put me on hold for half an hour only to have "Jim" tell me no knew information and who offered to transfer me to sales. Enough is enough. Surely as the largest OEM producer of personal computers with an enormous customer base, Dell has developed wonderful in-house tools to handle any potential problems (a ticketing system? centralized databases of customer information that any CS/Sales Agent can bring up and modify immediately? a great interface that makes all this painless for the Representative and the Customer?) . Unfortunately it appears that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.  Perhaps you could hire some new software  development engineers to build you an efficient system from scratch (the way it appears to me, this will save you customers and money).

    This being said, I’ve always been a fan of Dell hardware and have purchase-ordered dozens of computers for corporate and personal use in the last year alone (the latest being what was going to be, and hopefully will be a slick new XPS 700). I’ll tolerate problems with suppliers but not being treated poorly or kept in the dark because of it. As my ABU Customer Care Representative has in his email sig, "YOUR  SATISFACTION IS OUR   SUCCESS " [sic] Don’t let me down.

  17. It’s been 2 days since I emailed [email protected] about my Dell XPS 700 order that I placed on July 4 and I haven’t gotten any calls.

    It’s very frustating talking to Dell customer care/sales about the order. They have nothing to say about chip upgrades or gift certificates as mentioned by others on this blog.

    So, my question is who the heck should I call about my order?

  18. Not long till its 7 days since it was stated some info for international customers would be posted. Still waiting for some movement on my UK order.

  19. To Dell Canada customers and EMEA customers: One of the main questions I’ve been getting in e-mails and one2one comments is this: Are non-U.S customers eligible for the Core 2 upgrade option? The answer is yes.

    If you’d rather keep the Pentium D-based system you originally ordered, you will may get your system sooner, and will be entitled to a special offer from Dell.  These will vary by region.  Your callback agent will have the details.

    To all XPS 700 customers, I ask for your patience—please wait for a call from a callback rep. Calling into your local Sales or Customer Care queue will not expedite the process.

  20. I think patience is running a little dry with XPS 700 customers at the moment. 2 weeks till the estimated delivery date of my system, should I expect to take delivery? I’m not holding my breath…..

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