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Blogger Christian Flickinger recently brought to our attention a blog post about excess packaging. Many customers share their ideas on how we can enhance the environmental-friendliness of existing packaging while reducing it whenever possible, and we appreciate their interest and insights. That kind of feedback fuels our drive for continuous improvement.

Shipments can originate from multiple sources, such as Dell factories, software & peripheral partners or value-added resellers, so we’re working to implement a single, comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Standards for space-efficient packaging
  • Regular reviews to confirm that the standards are being followed
  • Additional training for employees involved in packing and shipping, and
  • Consolidated shipping of equipment, software, documentation and other peripheral items whenever possible.

We hope to have this fully implemented in the U.S. by May, and globally shortly thereafter. Beyond that, we’re looking to do more.

We continue to explore:

  • Giving customers the option to exclude all manuals and CDs, or to receive one set for multiple systems
  • Packaging alternatives, which could include both packaging materials and design

In FY2006, we saved more than 24,000 tons of packaging material through reduction and elimination of corrugated, plastic foam and wood materials. Our Multipack program for server customers (announced last year) can eliminate up to half of the packaging materials and waste resulting during a typical installation.

We’re committed to becoming the “greenest” technology company on the planet and packaging is an important part of this. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can work together toward going forward.

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5 thoughts on “A “Green” Approach to Packaging

  1. The standards of packaging are a great deal dependant on the methods and means of transportation as well as the manner in which packages are handled.In a country, like India, where in some cases transportation is primitive (use of hand carts or push carts) and handling by ill-educated people who can not understand the international symbols for transportation, a lot of effort has to be put into evolving the correct packaging materials and methods.Tests to develop correct packaging are a must in India and manufacturers must be aware and make use of these tests.Damages during transportation is very common in India and has to be looked into very carefully.

  2. Thank you so much!! this is absolutely wonderful to hear!! Mother Earth needs to be taken care of like she has taken care of us.

    i think what you are doing is beautiful and should be awarded.


  3. This is very encouraging. When companies listen to the little voices, and make strides to make a difference based on those voices, they are making an impact.

     Thank you 🙂

  4. How is this coming along, Dell?  I see no real progress so far.  It is still almost impossible to buy a Dell machine without keyboard, mouse, bundled software, extra packaging and other 'free' stuff.

    This is the second comment I've left. The first was ignored.

  5. Barney:


    Sorry about the delay in responding to you. Back in December 2008, we really started making improvements in our global packaging. Take a look at this post and video: http://bit.ly/NA9EA




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